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Vintaj D. I. Y. Basics Raku Patina Effect You’ll need: Waterlily Ribbon Slide

Watch video of this technique.



Vitnaj PatinaVictorian Gold Antique Copper Amethyst Cobalt Rust Ruby Vintaj Glaze Paint brush Water Paper Towel Metal Reliefing Block

Shake bottles well. Use a flat tip paint brush to apply rust, ruby, amethyst and cobalt patina equally quartered on the waterlily ribbon slide.

While the patina is still slightly wet, use the dark gray side of a Reliefing Block to highlight the raised areas of the ribbon slide. Allow to dry completely.


Craft Sheet

Shake bottles well. Mix 1 part victorian gold and antique copper patinas to 3 parts glaze on a non-stick craft sheet. Use a flat tip paint brush to apply glaze mixture over patina’d surface. Use a paper towel blot any areas with excess patina.

Create a beautiful piece!

Raku Patina Effect