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The Vintage Motor Cycle

May 2016 Issue 663

And the new President is Rodney Hann.


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The Official Journal of the Vintage Motor Cycle Club

Overall winner of the Scottish Motorcycle Show was Robert Grant from Blairgowrie with his 1948 BSA B31, which was ridden from the hall after the show. Picture: Norrie Russell. More on page 43.

No. 663: May 2016


Published by The Vintage Motor Cycle Club Ltd, Allen House, Wetmore Road, Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 1TR, and issued free to members. T: 01283 540557 F: 01283 510547 E: hq@vmcc.net W: www.vmcc.net Webshop: www.vmccshop.com

Please address general enquiries to the club office, Monday to Thursday 9am - 5.30pm; Friday 9am - 4pm PRESIDENT Rod Hann - president@vmcc.net 01935 872528 (Call before 8pm, please) CHAIRMAN Peter Miller - chairman@vmcc.net 01258 721356 (Call before 8pm please) GENERAL MANAGER Giles Willison - gileswillison@vmcc.net ACCOUNTANT Jane Farnsworth - JaneFarnsworth@vmcc.net EDITOR David Davies - c/o Allen House GENERAL ADMIN/EDITORIAL Pam Goodfellow - general@vmcc.net 01283 495100 ADVERTISING/BOOKKEEPER/DIRECT DEBITS Jo Dunhill - adverts@vmcc.net 01283 495103 RETAIL ADMIN & RETURNS Joanne Delaney - events@vmcc.net 01283 540557 RETAIL/IT ADMIN Ian Botham - ianbotham@vmcc.net OFFICE/ADMIN/SMALL ADS Sara Smith - members@vmcc.net LIBRARY TEAM Vicky Frost, Michelle McGeachy and Peter Bennett - library@vmcc.net SPECIALIST PRODUCTS (BRAKE BLOCKS/TYRES ETC) Peter Bennett - brakes@vmcc.net Wednesday and Thursday only 9.00am - 5.30pm RETAIL OPERATIONS/TRANSFERS Alan Jones - transfers@vmcc.net 01283 495107 DIRECTOR SUPPORT REMIT FOR ALLEN HOUSE www.vmcc.net/membersarea/ member_club_officials.aspx MEMBERS’ DISCOUNT INSURANCE Footman James Insurance Brokers www.footmanjames.co.uk 0333 207 6069 Full details of all the Club’s Directors & Officers can be found on the Club’s website www.vmcc.net/membersarea/member_club _officials.aspx


Col. Mike Robinson on his1912 499cc Rudge Multi during the 77th Pioneer Run – see page 48

AGM Awards 4 Section notes 8 Scottish Notes 23 Diary 24 Something for the weekend? 56 The Baton Run begins 100

Important information from the Clerk of the Course – Page 62

Ready for a ride in pre-WW2 Germany. Lots more detail in our centre spread picture

The style of this picture is something we’re all familiar with – but the start line holds a surprise. See page 46 The Vintage Motor Cycle Club, whose members are united by their common appreciation of the engineering skill and vision of those who built the pioneer machines, has ensured that such machines are not preserved as lifeless exhibits in a museum, but are brought to life on frequent occasions in order that a new generation can marvel at the handiwork of the pioneers, and an older generation can once again view with nostalgia the machines they rode in days gone by.

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Allen House News

JOURNAL SUBMISSION DEADLINES. June 2016 Deadline – Sunday 1st May 2016. July 2016 Deadline – Wednesday 1st June 2016. CURRENT VMCC MEMBERSHIP: 15,289 THANK YOU Alan Jones, a well-known member of the Team and figure at shows and in the classic motor cycling world has decided to retire on May 6th after spending many years working for the Club in the transfer and retail section. Alan’s knowledge, friendly personality and singing of his favourite songs will be missed; we wish Alan a very happy retirement. Please accept our thanks from all at Allen House to the Committee Members who stepped down at the AGM for their help and support during their term of office, and welcome the newly-appointed Committee Members. We would also like thank all the members who attended the AGM for the way in which the meeting was conducted with respect and dignity, taking time to share their thoughts and listen to the agenda on the day. Many congratulations to the award winners and to all for sending their nominations to us, it would be nice to see more members being recognised and nominated for the awards at the next AGM. THE NATIONWIDE FOUNDERS RELAY RALLY There has been a mix up with one of the check points on the Relay Rally. There will not be a presence by the South Dorset section at Walford Mill Crafts, Wimborne during this event. Ref No: 57 on the blue sheet you received with your April journal. 70th ANNIVERSARY BATON RELAY RALLY The 70th Anniversary Baton Relay Rally has now begun, having been seen off at lunchtime from the AGM at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon, Banbury on 3rd April. Many thanks to all who have helped organise this event, and to the Sections for ensuring the baton is taken around the country. This is a great opportunity to promote the Club and sponsors of the event, Footman James and Bonhams celebrate the 70th year since it started whilst also potentially attracting new members to our Club, something that is vital to our success. We have previously requested that any photos or articles that we can use for the Journal and for press releases be sent back to Allen House, it would be appreciated that if you are submitting articles to the local press that you could drop us a copy prior to publication to enable us

2 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

as a Club to ensure all information is consistent. CADWELL PARK THREE-DAY EVENT: BHR AND VMCC Towards the end of the 70th Anniversary Baton Relay Rally there is the three day joint celebration over the weekend of June 24th – 26th June at Cadwell Park in conjunction with British Historic Racing and VMCC with a host of activities to participate in or enjoy watching the racing, parading or wandering around the different Club stands. Entry forms are available from Allen House 01283 540557, email hq@vmcc.net or down load them from vmcc.net or britishhistoricracingclub.co.uk . VMCC SCARBOROUGH SOCIAL WEEK FRIDAY 24th JUNE to FRIDAY 1ST JULY 2016 There are still places left to attend this event at Arosa Caravan and Camping Park, Ratten Row. Seamer, near Scarborough. Pat Davy, supported by the East Yorkshire Section, has organised a full week of activities including a hog roast and a run out to The Breighton Aero Museum and a Heartbeat Run. The caravan and camping site hosts all facilities, bar, shower, toilets, laundry, drying room, small shop and food on site. Local to the campsite are several pubs and restaurants, a post office and a supermarket. More details and application forms are available from Allen House and are also on the website. FOOTMAN JAMES NEWSLETTER A reminder that Sections can make use of promoting any events through the Footman James e-newsletter. It is distributed on a fortnightly basis and currently goes out to a database of 75,000 people, which is continuously growing. This database only contains people who either own or have an interest in classic vehicles, meaning that they are a very engaged audience. Footman James have a very healthy open rate and click through rate on all of their newsletters, with content regularly being shared on people’s personal social media accounts. This means that any content featured in their newsletter is going out to a large, highly engaged audience.’ Footman James are happy to include any Section special events and or anniversaries and promote these on your behalf, please send the details to charlotte.moseley@footmanjames.co.uk. If you wish to proof the content prior to publication please request a copy for your approval. Giles Willison General Manager VMCC

President’s progress

As the newly-installed President of the VMCC I thought my first ‘Progress’ should be by way of introduction, as many members would not know me, nor have seen me, nor even have heard of me. My name is Rodney Hann. I am retired and live in Dorset. I have always been a keen motor cyclist, as have my older brother, father and grandfather before me. Like many others, I was invited along to a local event and liked what I saw, and so I joined this club 42 years ago. At Section level I have undertaken duties as Committee Member, Treasurer, Secretary and Chairman. Eight years ago I became the South West Area Representative. My interests cover all aspects of motor cycling, and of any age of machine, but my biggest passion is for those

machines made before 1931. I am lucky enough to own a selection of flat tank machines, most of which have come to me as boxes of bits as I enjoy the restoration process as well. Early in my VMCC career I enjoyed watching these older machines in use and for my Section I started one of the first events catering solely for these early machines. I still organise this same event some 37 years later. I am extremely proud and honoured to be given the chance to be President. I hope to meet many members, and see different places, as I go about my travels. I shall be doing my utmost to promote our splendid club at every opportunity. I look forward to the challenge ahead. Rod Hann

I am writing this in haste having just returned from the Club’s AGM and in the hope that I might persuade the Editor to relax his deadline for the May Journal. The meeting proceeded smoothly under the firm guidance of our retiring Chairman, Pat Robotham. Pat has provided sound guidance to the Club during his period of office as Chairman and has done much to stabilise the Club both financially and in respect of membership satisfaction; his period in office has set the Club on the road to recovery after several difficult years. Pat will be a difficult act to follow and I accept it will be a challenge. Three Directors were appointed at the AGM. We were pleased to welcome John Donaldson, who was previously Area Rep for the South East, Rob Reaney and Brian Southam. Brian was an outgoing Director, responsible for ‘retail’ during the past year and was up for re-election. It was immediately apparent at the Management Committee meeting held following the AGM that we had a sound and enthusiastic team of Directors who were dedicated to the development and wellbeing of the Club. Under the rules of the Club, Directors are responsible for the selection of the Club’s Chairman, and I was very pleased to be appointed. As Pat remarked in the Journal in his final piece as Chairman: “The Club still has to remain focussed around its financial position, which although sound is still fragile.” I agree with this, and the emphasis during my period of Chairmanship will be to remove the financial fragility whilst, hopefully, extending the enjoyment to be gained from Club membership. John Donaldson was elected as the Club’s new Vice-Chairman. Finally I would like to comment on the voting at the AGM. The resolution for acceptance of the 2015 Annual Report,

including the Chairman’s report, Auditor’s report, Accountant’s report and financial statement received a 99% approval – demonstration, if demonstration was required, that the Club’s Management Team has regained the confidence of the Membership. The Articles and Byelaws also received approval, and are now the rules under which the Club operates. I have to confess to a sense of relief when the resolution calling for their acceptance was passed by 87%, comfortably above the necessary 75% voting hurdle. I was confident they represented a sound basis for the management of the Club, but had we convinced the Membership that this was the case? After a year during which considerable effort had been expended by numerous members, we are finally in a position to move forward. It is much more satisfying to work wholly towards the furtherance of the Club than to expend effort simply to ensure we are legally compliant. For the same reason I confess to a similar sense of relief that the resolutions from South Wales Section, supported by West Kent and East Dorset Sections were not passed; the support being 30% and 26% respectively. I believe both resolutions were based upon the mistaken belief that the Membership would in future be divorced from the decision-making. In fact the wishes of the Membership remain paramount, and I hope this will become apparent during the coming months. Although the Club is a Limited Company and a business, it exists primarily to operate as a user club and to satisfy the requirements of the Membership. I believe this will be facilitated by the new management structure. Please give the new proposals a fair trial and work together, with the Management Team, to move the Club forward. Peter Miller

Chairman’s chat

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2016 looks like being a very bumpy year – especially if you live north of the border. The newsletter of that excellent organisation MAG informs us that Perth and Kinross Council have redefined the pot-hole. It has to be at least 60mm (2.4 inches) deep to qualify and to warrant any remedial action. I can see other local authorities eagerly seizing on this wheeze to save money. Sunday 3rd April dawned dull, misty and with light rain. The weather improved as the day wore on and I am reliably informed that the Stickney autojumble provided a good day’s sport and enjoyed a warm and sunny day. However, I was at the AGM. It was gratifying to see a well-filled hall and to witness a more temperate meeting than had become the norm for AGMs. There is still an ‘atmosphere’ in the hall which suggests that not all is well. Progress is continuing to be made in stabilising the club’s finances and it is to be hoped that the new structure of management of the club as defined in the new articles will accelerate the rate of progress towards solvency.

David Davies

AGM presentations

The Harry Mack Trophy for an outstanding achievement on a sidecar outfit was won by Fred Smith Junior.

BHR BHR DATES DATES FOR FOR 2016 2016 l May 21 & 22: Darley Moor l June 24, 25 & 26: Cadwell Park Three-day special to mark BHR’s 50th and VMCC 70th Anniversary l July 16 & 17: Lydden Hill l August 28 & 29: Mallory Park l September 24 & 25: Cadwell Park Alastair Alexander, Area Rep. for Scotland, was presented with the Editor’s Cup by David Davies.

4 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

The John Griffith Salver for outstanding achievements within the Club was awared to Harry Wiles and his late wife Fran. The E.E. Thompson Award for outstanding efforts in promoting of organising Club activities was won by Gerry Daine

The President’s Award was won by outgoing Chairman Pat Rowbotham.

The Syd Plevin Trophy for a VMCC member for outstanding work within a section of the Club was awarded to Dave Boon.

Tim gave his wife Tricia a bouquet on behalf of the club for her forbearance over the last two years.

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6 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

BOUND VOLUMES OF ‘MOTORCYCLING’ MAY SEALED BID AUCTION – CLOSING DATE 27th May 2016 Bids should be sent to Giles Willison at Allen House

Nov 1935 – Apr 1936 No Adverts Reserve £150 May 1936 – Oct 1936 No Adverts Reserve £150 May 1937 – Oct 1937 No Adverts Reserve £150 Jan 1946 – Jun 1946 Including Adverts Reserve £120 Jan 1946 – Dec 1946 No Adverts Reserve £120 Jan 1947 – Jun 1947 Including Adverts Reserve £120 Jan 1947 – Dec 1947 No Adverts Reserve £120# Jan 1948 – Dec 1948 No Adverts Reserve £120 Nov 1954 – Apr 1955 No Adverts Reserve £120 Jan 1956 – June 1956 Including Adverts Reserve £120* Jul 1956 – Dec 1956 Including Adverts Reserve £120

Disclaimer Articles in this Journal are on an ‘as is’ basis and the Vintage Motor Cycle Club Limited makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to the contents and disclaims all such representations and warranties. In addition, the Vintage Motor Cycle Club Limited makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy, completeness, or suitability for any purpose of the information and related graphics published in this Journal. Whilst every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information it may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. All liability of the Vintage Motor Cycle Club Limited howsoever arising for any such inaccuracies or errors is expressly excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. Neither the Vintage Motor Cycle Club Limited nor any of its directors, employees or other representatives will be liable for loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the use of this Journal. This is a comprehensive limitation of liability that applies to all damages of any kind, including (without limitation) compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property and claims of third parties. Notwithstanding the foregoing, none of the exclusions and limitations in this clause are intended to limit any rights you may have as a consumer under local law or other statutory rights which may not be excluded nor in any way to exclude or limit the Vintage Motor Cycle Club Limited’s liability to you for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence or that of our employees or agents. All rights reserved. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study, research, criticism or review, as permitted under the terms of the Copyright Design and Patents Act 1988 in Great Britain, no part of this magazine may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, electrical, chemical, mechanical or optical, including photo-copying, recording or by any other means, or placed in any information storage or retrieval system, without the written permission of the Vintage Motor Cycle Club Limited.

# Note: The following issues are missing from this Volume: 30 Jan, 13, 20, 27 Feb, 31 Jul * Note: The following issues are missing from this Volume: 16 Feb to end March (Printers’ Strike)


An event that provides the maximum enjoyment with the minimum amount of rules and complete flexibility so you can enter as many days as you wish, ride at your own pace and enjoy the evening entertainment or do your own thing. Route sheets are issued and the mileage will be about 100 miles per day. Lunch stops and visits to place of interest are pre-arranged, and the routes are over the most scenic roads in Yorkshire. Entry forms can be obtained from Allen House or downloaded from the VMCC website, but hurry, 100 entries were reached two months ago, and we are approaching the limit. If you want to know more contact Pat Davy 01283 820563 The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 7

Section notes Area Representatives Anglian (ANG) Gary Sleeman, 105 Ledbury Road, Peterborough, Cambs, PE3 9RA 01733 770241 gary.sleeman@gmail.com North East (NE) Vacant North Midlands (NM) Vacant North West (NW) Vacant Scotland (SCO) Alastair Alexander, Hall Green, 69 Ravelston Dykes, Edinburgh EH12 6HA. 0131 2616188 email: awalexander@talktalk.net South West (SW) Michael Downes 01395 489744 mickeydownes1@hotmail.co.uk

ANGLIAN (ANG) Roger Newark 01354 741099 shutterbug43@btinternet.com www.vmcc-anglian.org.uk At our March club night we had a return visit from ex BSA man, Mick Martin. On this occasion he told us the story of the MickMar project, which he was behind, following the collapse of BSA. Essentially, the idea was to manufacture an off road two stroke engine/gearbox, which could be used in various frames from other manufacturers. This was a little publicised chapter of the British motorcycle industry, and had a promising future. Various factors, which Mick highlighted, conspired to cause the project to come to a close after a few years. AULD REEKIE EDINBURGH (SCO) George Plumb 0131 3333336 growanleaj@btinternet.com www.edinburghvmcc.weebly.com Geoff Brazendale joined us once more to entertain us with his excellent talk on “The Sidecar” and the early history and invention was quite a revelation to many of us. There was much banter as usual, especially during the slide show which contained images of some early unusual three wheelers and a very enjoyable evening was had by all. The Demob Run is imminent (15th May) and the following evening at our club night, Tom Norman will

8 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

South East (SE) Tim Penn, 01444 232035 tpenn@tpenn.plus.com South Midlands (SM) Bob Fisher, 23 The Lennards, South Cerney, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 5UX. 01285 860130, 07850 442750 email: bob.fisher2@virgin.net South Wales (WAL) Jim Codd, 7 Church Close, New Road, Belgelly, Kilgetty, Pembrokeshire SA68 0YP. 01834 813173 email: dcodd@btconnect.com Overseas Clubs Liaison & Affiliation Officer Eric Londesbrough. 01325 721463 email: eric.lon@btopenworld.com Section secretaries Please include your name, phone number, email and web site address so members can contact you. Word count per section is 150, (or just 100 with a picture) deliver an illustrated talk on “The Beamish Trophy Trial”, which should be good. The photo shows Geoff with some of the gang and guests.

BANBURY (SM) John Harris 01295 721282 johnandvi4853@yahoo.co.uk The section has enjoyed the first few rides of the year with some testing conditions, from snow and ice to peasoup fog. We hope now spring has sprung the weather will be kinder. The next run clashes with The AGM so we will see if the turnout will be affected. The next club night is the 13th April which is a talk by Paddy Tyson about Overland magazine and motor cycle touring.

BEDFORDSHIRE (SM) Bryan Marsh 01525 877585 bryan.marsh@btinternet.comwww.vmccbeds.co.uk History was made in Shefford in March when, shock horror, Anglian Section didn’t win our Intersection Quiz; Chiltern did – well done those chaps, a well fought battle. Despite murmurings that Will Curry's questions were perhaps proving just a little too devious for some; the results showed that, just like a good motorcycle trial, every question had been ‘cleaned’ by at least one team. Don McKeand is doing a star turn double act in May – at club night he'll be recounting tales of rallying in far off Finland, then the following Thursday he’ll be leading another popular midweek run. Just a few days before that we’ll be having our annual visit to the Velo Fellows, on the evening of Mon 16th. They’ve moved shop to the Cross Keys on the High Street in Cranfield where some gourmet snacks will be laid on. Let’s try to fill the car park with bikes. BERKSHIRE (SM) Malcolm White 01344 642866 info@berkshire-vmcc.org.uk www.berkshire-vmcc.org.uk There was a good gathering of approximately 20 members and partners at The Jack O’Newbury in Binfield for the March mid-week lunch meeting. This year the weather wasn’t suitable enough to tempt anyone out on two wheels, but the food and company were good and there was much talk about bikes and riding and looking forward to the warmer weather, in order to make the most of them. The Bring and Buy Book sale formed the substance of this month’s club night. Sadly, it seems that we (collectively) are struggling to find those gems of the written word that seemed to be plentiful across the auction table in years gone by. Leaving us with piles of pre-owned magazines, that I for one hardly ever managed to read in the first place. Nevertheless, these kind donations raised some funds for the section and for which we are thankful. BLACKPOOL AND DISTRICT (NW) Jeff Chambers 01772 673711 jeff.chambers1@yahoo.com www.vmccblackpoolanddistrict.co.uk Well, March’s meeting was a bit of a disaster as Anne very kindly had put together a presentation on her trip with the “Tall Ships”, having transferred the slide show onto a brand new laptop she brought it along to the meeting, however, all our leads with our projector would not fit the new laptop! Isn’t new technology great!! All was not lost we now have the correct lead and she has kindly volunteered to present to the next wet meeting, and what with our current run of weather that means probably any

of the next few months! Wet weather jokes aside, by the time you read this we hope to be in better weather with the hour going on which means bike nights at Stalmine. Here’s to a great riding season. BOURNEMOUTH AND NEW FOREST (SW) David Bowmer 01202 388404 dj.bowmer@ntlworld.com Winter is over, spring has sprung and everyone seems ready for the new season. The first two runs of the year were very well attended and went swimmingly. Bernie’s Shakedown run took us out to The Gun at Keyhaven where we met up with a few of the Stonehenge section. We returned the favour a few weeks later by meeting them again at Mudeford Quay after their meeting at Poole Quay. Ian’s Good Friday run took us along the coast of the New Forest, through Keyhaven, Lymington, Beaulieu and Lepe to Exbury Gardens. Our next run is Pete’s Spring Run on 15th May from the Carpenters but anyone who likes to get out between runs can meet up with the diehards who meet at Mudeford Quay on a Monday or ride to Poole Quay or the alternative ‘Not Poole Quay’ on Tuesdays. BRISTOL (SW) Simon Bending 01179 652503 sbendings@yahoo.co.uk www.bristolvmcc.com Members will know by now of the passing of Wally Flew. Wally was a founder member of the Bristol Section in 1961 and a Past President of the Club (1982-1984). In his riding days Wally was a riders rider, campaigning his machines home and abroad often accompanied by Joan. The skittles evening was OK but management changes at the venue caused a few problems so we may be seeking another venue, suggestions on a postcard please to the Chairman! Lots on this month, the Relay Rally may have already happened but our main event, the South West Coast Run, is on the 8th so still time for a late entry or enter on the day. The Baton Rally is also this month and a lunchtime meet at Gurney Slade. Finally an early reminder that the Ray Cordy Memorial Run is on the 29th, see diary for details of this and other events. BRITISH HISTORIC RACING (NM) Gerry Daine 01472 697953/07592 007686 gerry.daine@ntlworld.com March 18th was our pre season test day at Mallory Park. The weather was dry and the entry excellent, the practice went well with no major incidents. When you read this we will have had our first race meeting of the year, again at Mallory on the 9/10th April and will be gearing up for our second race meeting at Darley Moor on 21/22nd, so

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 9

come along and enjoy the racing. The 50th BHR/70th VMCC anniversary meeting at Cadwell is coming together quite well. If anyone out there is available to help set up and marshal the paddock please contact me. The weekend is the 24/25/26th of June. BROOKLANDS (SE) Richard Huckle 07853 204018 richard.huckle@ntlworld.com www.facebook.com/brookvmcc We are now entering a very active period for the section, you can come along and meet us at the Southern Classic Bike show at Kempton Park on 21st May where, not only are you guaranteed a warm welcome and a chat, you can also place your order for section casual clothing (as modelled) . There remain a few places for our weekend run, 10-12th June, for final booking opportunities contact us for a form and availability. Our first social evening of the season on 3rd May, see section events for details of this and our other events.

Brooklands section members join the Surrey and Sussex Good Friday run. BURTON AND DISTRICT (NM) Vic Carrington-Porter 01283 619489 viccp100@talktalk.net On the March club night Tony Harris gave us a very interesting talk on his racing experience. Starting with a Triumph 500 twin and working his way up to the more modern bikes, actionably going back to the classics as he said he found it a far more relaxing form of racing. This was followed up on 22nd March with the cheese night when forty-two people enjoyed trying a great selection of different types of cheese, held down with a nice pint or glass of wine. The raffle on the night raised £92 towards this year’s charity.

10 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

CENTRAL SCOTTISH (SCO) Bill Coburn 01382 811081 bill.coburn@btinternet.com It was almost another standing room only night at the March meeting of the Section. We had along Ron Fleming from Cardenden in Fife to give us a talk on the Rudge motorcycle. Ron has been a friend and member of the Section for many years, him and his brothers coming to the Scottish National Assembly many times. Ron’s knowledge of the Rudge has been gathered over many years, both its development history, and racing history. He talked about various models, but at the end of the night all the audience definitely knew that Ron’s favourite was the one and only-RUDGE MULTI. Thanks for a great night, Ron. CHESHIRE AND NORTH WALES (NW) Graham Gotts 0151 6786216 grahamgottsvmcc@gmail.com Busy month, April! - Sunday,10th, we pub-lunched in Llanwchllyn; at Club Night; 19th, we sailed the Seven Seas with Jeff Meehan (all dried out now?); 2 days later, we sent a team to the CCats’ quiz, and, by Sunday, 1st May, we’ll have checked-in F.R. Rallyers at Llangollen Motor Museum. After that, on Saturday, 7th May, around 4pm, we’ll collect the ‘70th Anniversary Baton’ at The Plough, Christleton and, on Sunday, 8th, we handover, around 2pm, to Snowdonia/Eryri at the station, Betws-yCoed. On 15th May, we’re invited by Bob Moon on his ‘Berwyn Run’; r/v at Bishop Heber School, Malpas around 10.45 am. At Club Night, 17th May, Alex Graham explains what makes his ‘Special’, well - special! (Need some bike ‘movers and brakers’ that night!) Then, on Sunday, 5th June, it’s the Annual Llangollen Gathering at the Motor Museum; a bike show, ride-outs, nattering, and our legendary ‘KW’ BBQ! Yippee! CHESHIRE CATS (NW) Stephen Herbert 01606 888972 stephen_herbert@btopenworld.com www.vmcccheshirecats.co.uk Sadly, Peter Mills left us in February. We marked his passing with an eight-bike funeral escort and a £100 donation to St Lukes’ Hospice. We’ll all miss him. Richard provided a film show at our March Club night which was entertaining from both a technical and historical viewpoint! There may be more of these coming up… Our first ride out was Wistanstow Show, near Craven Arms, meeting

C&NW en route. 15 bikes in total, and a good time was had by all. The photo shows a couple of dodgy characters planning the return route!

CORNWALL (SW) Lesley Clayton 01872 572207 lclayton56@btinternet.com www.cornwallsectionvmcc.co.uk

March’s Wrinkly run was rained off so hopefully will be re arranged for another time, section members filled the pubs back room for mugs of tea and bacon rolls instead. Looking into May the Founders Relay Rally checkpoint is at the Black Cat; Lye Green HP5 3LF on the 1st, fuel is available within a mile of the pub. Derek is busy planning the evening run for Wednesday the 4th; I am reliably informed it will be going to the Cross Keys in Missenden HP16 0AJ. On the 11th Rod will be leading us on a longer run than usual so fill your tanks before we leave, he is trying a different venue to last year, we will be going to the Victoria Arms in Old Marsden OX3 0QA.

East Taphouse club night enjoyed an informative talk and demonstration by Andy, The Chain Man, who travelled from Worcestershire and donated a prize for a future raffle. The West Cornwall Run, led by George Pengelly, on a dry but cold day, saw about 40 members enjoy an excellent ride. Truro club night held a Bring and Buy Sale where Pete Smith volunteered to act as auctioneer and tried exceedingly hard to extract money from members for some interesting items. Peter Old whizzed down to Brighton in the Pioneer Run on his BSA whilst Pat Clancy galloped to the top of Hartland Quay Hill Climb on his special Velocette. Sadly Cornwall Section lost a very talented, true gentleman on the 2nd March, aged 93. The section sends condolences to Brian, Geoff and their families.

CLYDE VALLEY (SCO) Tim Ryan 07714 505386 timryan750@gmail.com www.clydevalleyvmcc.co.uk

COTSWOLD (SM) Chris Day chrisday1947@blueyonder.co.uk www.vmcc-cotswold.org/

On March 8th we had our annual Bring and Buy sale when members had the opportunity to offload some junk, maybe buy some more junk and donate some stuff to be auctioned off for section funds. Then we contributed to the stand at the MCN Motorcycle show, Ingliston, along with the other Scottish sections. It was good of Tim Penn, Giles Willison and Ian Botham to come to the show, bringing the raffle bikes and helping out with the stand. Thanks to all for their efforts, especially Garry Simpson for sterling work with raffle ticket sales.

Sunday 13th March dawned bright and sunny after all the rain that preceded it, so what better than A Winter Wandering to the attractive village of Miserden high in the Cotswold . This idea bettered only by the attraction of one of our section's favourite pubs The Carpenter's Arms shown in the background in the photo. Moving on we had a very interesting talk by Dave Minton on March 16th when he recounted some tales of his earlier days of exciting motorcycling including tales about an excursion into the Arctic Circle. The remainder of March being taken up with Club Nights.

CHILTERN (ANG) Phil Barfield 01442 824143 phil.barfield@virgin.net

Miserden Village Centre adorned with bikes CYCLEMOTOR (SE) Alan Hummerstone 01494 532172 alan@magic-wheelers.org.uk www.magic-wheelers.org.uk Thanks to Frank Cropp for the delightful Wansdyke run and to Philippa for the spectacular Welsh run. This month we have the section’s stand at “H” café for the relay rally on the 1st, and we have the May Bug Buzz on the 2nd, the Nasty run on 8th, and the Postcombe on the 15th. Next month we will be at Brooklands for the Baton rally on 2nd June, and we have the Greenway on 5th, the camping

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 11

week end 10th-12th, and Box Hill on 22nd. For Brooklands on 2nd June we will be taking the Baton up the test hill. The section has use of the hill during the lunch break for under 100cc, and veterans. We also have a spot for displaying bikes, should be a great day, details and regs from Lorraine on 0118 973 0712.

Baton Relay. We will leave Morrisons in Tiverton at 9.30am and ride to Red Post to deliver the Baton to Cornwall section between 11.00 and 11.30am. The baton is to be delivered to Tiverton from Somerset on May 23rd. DORSET (SW) Ken Druce 01258 452977 077 42525262 kenneth.druce@homecall.co.uk

DARTMOOR (SW) John Osmond 01803 527469 osmondstujais@sky.com www.vmccdartmoor.com

Due to work getting in the way of life, I missed Rod’s Winter run on the 6th March and also club night on the 9th. The guest speaker on club night was Sally Cadec, who gave a talk on the work of SAFFA and the work they do to help Servicemen, ex-servicemen (both Regular and Reserves) and their families in times of need, and providing this service for over 130 years. The next club night on the 11th May is Gabby’s evening run, so let’s hope for some dry weather to match the longer hours of daylight. (Remember I am writing this in March shortly after the clocks went forward) The 15th is Bob’s Weymouth Run which everyone enjoyed last year with a good variation of bikes, and then something a bit new, the VMCC Baton Relay on the 29th.

The Spitfire simulator arranged for club night in March was unfortunately grounded; instead the members enjoyed a taxing quiz arranged by a committee member. Our Sunday ride was held in good spring weather, it was nice to enjoy the open road on a classic machine in dry weather, in good company. Our Sunday ride for May will be the “Dartmoor” run on 22nd May, meet at Seven Stars, Totnes 10-10.30am (Chris Coote 07899 993902). The evening ride is on the 12th May meet at Totnes Plains 6.00 pm for 6.30 pm (John Osmond 01803 527469). This will take the place of the club night unless weather too bad for ride. The BMAD Festival 29th April-1st May and Founders day rally point on Paignton sea front. For further information on club activities visit our web site at VMCC Dartmoor or contact the secretary on 01803 527469.

EAST DEVON (SW) Robin Clow 01404 549862 bob341rc@outlook.com We had a very pleasant ride up to the north coast in March, not very well attended but not surprising considering the chill. The diversion on the route back was interesting with mud and central grasses. I was relieved that someone recognised a place name on a signpost because I hadn’t a clue where we were. A busy month this month with in addition to our normal events we will have had the Relay Rally followed by the Baton Relay which unfortunately is on the same day as an annual bike gathering at Finch Foundry. Not a VMCC event but well worth a visit if you have not been before. I will have to wind the bike up a bit to make that one but hope to see some of you at one or the other or both.

DEVON (SW) Chris Wood 01237 472855 cjwood10@hotmail.com This year May is going to be very busy. We have the Relay Rally on the 1st. You have the details already. Our big day is the Scrumpy Run on the 8th. The static display before the ride is as usual on the Old Pavilion site at Ilfracombe. Please arrive after 9.30am for moving of at 11am. Now that we have only seven on the committee we will be short of marshals on the day. If you can help out with setting-up and marshalling before leaving on the run we would be most grateful for the help. Please see any committee member. We also have on May the 24th the

The Pennine Way Weekend Run 9th &10th July 2016

Pennine Section’s biennial 250 mile weekend run from Edale Derbyshire to Greenhead north of Hadrian’s Wall stopping overnight a Hawes in North Yorkshire. Please visit www.penninevmcc.org.uk and go to the events tab to see a longer description, entry form, accommodation list, photographs and video. Contact Keith Mellor 01706 379105 or Geoff Green 0161 654 8159. Join around 100 riders for a spectacular ride along the backbone of England.  12 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

EAST HERTS (ANG) Colin Morris 01923 671441 This month we are all looking forward to spring and getting out on our bikes again. We had a good turnout on Club night for Richard Rosenthal's presentation, ably assisted by son Peter. They bought along a unique OEC, the steering geometry of which appears completely illogical! As usual, Richard gave us a very interesting evening’s entertainment on our favourite subject--thankyou very much, and please come again. We didn't seem to have many Section Members in the Pioneer Run this year. Sadly, Don Williamson on his Williamson (that's not a misprint) retired at halfway with clutch problems, but Richard Martin, Bill Mills and Dave Dawson all had successful rides, Dave achieving his first Pioneer finish on my faithful old Douglas. Our Resident Auctioneer, Glyn Chambers, also finished his fifty fourth Pioneer Run! We had fourteen attendees at the last monthly Luncheon--- Next month sees the start of this seasons Wrinkly Runs! EAST LANCS (NW) Graham Daniels 07952 348339 grahamdaniels9@hotmail.com www.vmcceastlancs.co.uk Twenty-two members and guests attended the annual presentation. The trophies and prizes were awarded to their recipients in double quick time, so that we could get on with the serious business of the raffle. A total of one hundred and four pounds were raised for the NWAA and no-one went away empty-handed. Many thanks to all who donated prizes; we couldn’t do it without you. Chairman Dave has returned from his travels down under and he attended a meeting where two brothers aged 99 and 90 gave a talk and demonstration of an MMC machine dated from 1898, which they had recently restored complete with its De Dion engine. EAST SUSSEX (SE) John Crawt 01825 890499 secretary@vmcc-eastsussex.co.uk www.vmcc-eastsussex.co.uk By the time you read these notes we will have already had three runs plus the Snow-Mann Test Day which hopefully this year we will have had some dry weather. 3 rides in May, 18 May Evening Lightweight Run, 25 May Fish & Chip Run and 29 May Rob's Ride Out. Our section’s checking in point for the Founders Relay Rally will be at Bexhill adjacent to The Sunbeam's Club IXION CAVALCADE event. Here's hoping for some nice dry and warm weather to swell the ranks for the runs that have been organised.

EAST YORKSHIRE (NE) Dennis Cooney 01430 421074 denniscooney.mc@btinternet.com www.holdorf.karoo.net/ Glen Bradley's Newport run, first of the 2016 season attracted 27 entries After high winds and heavy rain on Saturday, Sunday gave way too blue sky, although very cold, no rain. One thing that we are experiencing of late is trouble with our lunch/starting places. Pubs are closing their doors or wanting a fixed number of riders to pre order a meal. Chairman Harry was faced with this predicament as his lunch/starting pub at Etton closed its doors without notice. A complete change of venue and route was needed. If you were inconvenienced the section apologises. Always check the East Yorkshire web site or contact the organiser for the latest information. Chairman Harry's next run is from Rise. The Betty Fisher run, Rise, is in the heart of Holderness with excellent motor cycling roads and is suitable for all classes of VMCC machines. ESSEX (ANG) Terry Windsor 01206 384764 terrycwindsor@btinternet.com www.vmcc-essex.co.uk The March club night was the annual Bring and Buy with spirited bidding by some parties and the old bike bits were re-distributed to new owners. The evening raised some £83 for the coffers. Thanks to Pauline and Gill for organising the payment of cash and strong arming the buyers. The first run of the year was led by John Allen some 17 bikes took part with a coffee stop at Mistley followed by a lunch stop at Walton. The weather was kind as this part of the county can be a bit windy near the North Sea. May is a full month with three runs including the Eric Hodkinson memorial run on the 22nd from Brock hill nursery, Brock hill, Wickford. FLAT TANK (SM) Dr. Reg Eyre 01242 870375 (Before 9.00pm please) reg.eyre@tesco.net March club night was the St Patrick’s Night Inter Section Quiz. Last year a Bristol Section team won, but as the winning team were also members of the Flat Tank Section it was agreed to hold this year’s event at our March club night. A good quiz by Frank Cropp and a lovely light buffet put on by Ginnie; altogether a successful evening. The Flat Tank Section team were victorious so it will again be at Thornbury RFC next March. Prepare your teams. Next club night, May 26th, is Vintage Cotton Motor Cycles by Paul Powell. Our best wishes to Ian Young; Ian cannot drive now so please offer him a lift to any event you are attending, we need his knowledge and company. Get your entry in now for the Flat Tank

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 13

Weekend, 24-26 June. Regs from Dennis Beale 01452 750424, dennis@beale788.orangehome.co.uk GLASGOW GROUP (SCO) Gordon Mowat 07931561898 rustynuts@talktalk.net April has just whizzed past, full reports will follow on our pip-squeak adventure with a big thanks to John Shaw for his input and hard work. Good to see more bikes appearing at get togethers. On 1st May we have a rally checkpoint at Belahouston Park. Helpers needed and look forward to seeing some rider visitors. The following Sunday the 8, we have the fun Run round Bute. Any VMCC member welcome, join us at Wemyss Bay ferry at 10.15. Other Scottish section events worth supporting in May, the Tiddler’s Tootle and the Demob Run. Get involved, ride your bikes. GOODWOOD (SE) Maureen Street 01903 742979 goodwoodvmcc@aol.com At March Club Night member Richard Johns gave the section another interesting talk; this time on the rebuilding of a 1922 Ariel V Twin which came as a basket case. Most bits were alright but many had greatly deteriorated and were in a very poor condition. Richard used his engineering skills to fabricate a front hub among other parts. The finished machine looked excellent. Social Secretary, Brian Kennedy, gave the members a talk on his 1930 Rudge Whitworth Ulster which had also been a basket case, spending about 40 years of its life in a back garden in bits and pieces. May club evening expected to be a Noggin 'n' Natter, hopefully with some interesting bikes to mull over. Baton handover runs are being organised for 6th June to pick up from South Hants and 7th June to hand over to Surrey & Sussex Section. GWENT (WAL) John Sharman 01874 730753 Due to your scribe’s ongoing decrepitude, he forgot to mention in last month’s notes that Richard Williams is the recipient of our clubman of the year trophy, so a big well done to him. Club night on the 15th we were treated to a very excellent presentation on pre-war racing legend Jimmy Simson, his early life then as a works rider for Norton, a most remarkable man, thanks to Geoff Harris for a most entertaining evening. Don’t forget our rescheduled quiz night to be held on Tuesday 17th May at the Rising Sun, 8pm start. Also our Crossborders run will be held on Sunday 22nd May, meet at Abergavenny bus station, 10 am start, more info from Scott on 07975 569879. See you there.

14 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

HEREFORDSHIRE (WAL) Geoff McGladdery 07588 559698 geoffmac@globalnet.co.uk More than 20 members and friends enjoyed a fascinating evening with renowned local motor-cycle historian Derek Foxton at the Bunch of Carrots. Derek gave us a detailed tour through the dawn of motorcycling, showing pictures of many of his own rare machines. There was a strong Herefordshire theme running through the evening giving members a chance to share their own reminiscences. We were delighted to be joined by friends from the Gwent and Worcester sections. If you are interested in the trail riding trip to the Peak District, you need to let us know as a firm booking will need to be made in early June. We published our first section newsletter in March and we now have a Facebook page – VMCC Herefordshire section. Thanks to those who are using it. We are still looking for someone who could start a Twitter account for the section. IPSWICH AND SUFFOLK (ANG) Trevor Dickings 01473 217215 maryandtink@live.co.uk www.ipswich-vmcc.co.uk The lunch at the railway was a new venue this year and all went well, with no complaints. As the riding season started on Good Friday with 26 riders and the best weather you could wish for, Thanks to Roger for organising and leading this one. Tuesday evening runs are now in full swing remember we leave at 7pm prompt from Rushmere. Camping weekend 4th to 9th August the forms are on the web site or see Trevor. If you are willing to help let me know, do not forget the Relay Rally on the 1st May we have two checkpoints, and Town run on 8th May start at Woodbridge 10.30am, Also 28th May the section will be 50 years old and we have a run and lunch leaving Rushmere at 10.30. IRONMASTERS (NM) Alan Richardson 01785 841257 aj.richardson@rocketmail.com One of the themes at March Club Night was catching up on each other’s projects. Mike having acquired a 750cc Suzuki has been re-commissioning this to accompany his Guzzi. Colin has virtually completed his BSA C15 and has now started work on not one, but two LE Velocettes. Having owned single cylinder Velocettes for 48 years, the flat twins look very complicated to me! Regrettably Easter Sunday clashed with the first Club run of 2016 and only had two riders who nevertheless had an enjoyable outing. Dates for May are 16th Club Night, 22nd Tiddler’s Tour Redhill Cafe A5 10 30 am.

ISLE OF MAN (NW) Gary Corlett 07624 496672 www.vmcciom.org This year’s Annual Handicap Trial was held at a very sunny Ballagarraghyn. The trial is designed to favour both older bike and riders. Best in VMCC Members class was Andy Sykes with 41 marks, 9 marks lost with a handicap of 32. Kevin Whiteway was awarded 2nd place, and Shaun Huxley received 3rd place. At our recent AGM there were no surprises when the committee and usual officials were all re-elected on block. We were delighted to welcome Colin Seeley for an evening, with all tickets sale proceeds going to Colin’s Charity. We had a tremendous turn out, and all thoroughly enjoyed hearing stories about sidecars and racing in years gone bye! ISLE OF WIGHT (SE) Reg Glading 01983 730321 gladingreg@gmail.com Our first lunch run of the year was too wet for ’bikes. Three turned up by car. The Chairman’s dinner was excellent, well attended and included musical entertainment, enjoyed by all, many thanks Keith. Guest Peter Sparkes presented a fascinating Magic Lantern show of early days of motorcycling & aviation, brilliant, thanks Peter. Wayne Pritchett gave us a slide show on Newport Pubs Past & Present, sad that so few survive, thanks Wayne. Let’s hope the weather is better for our riding events this month. Sammy Miller Autojumble on the first May. Lunch Run on the 3rd. Club Night Run on the 24th. 75th. Anniversary Baton Relay, joining with Bournemouth & N. F. sections on the 29th. See diary for details. KINGS LYNN (ANG) Paul Fletcher 01842 878661 home 07875 694842 paul@fes1hq.plus.com www.vmcckingslynn.co.uk The largest attendance for quite awhile turned up to enjoy George Keebles quiz on March Club Night which must have taken a lot of time putting it all together with the digital photos and the questions that George had compiled. Although there was a tie for first place everyone was a winner so a big thank you George from us all. The serious part of the meeting was to discuss about moving to a new venue for our monthly Club Nights as the last meeting at Methwold will be in April. After the options were given it was agreed unanimously to move to Northwold Sports and Social Club. The first meeting at Northwold will be May Club Night. The new venue is easy to find situated just off the A134 taking the road opposite Bull Dog Barns Antiques and right fork into Hovell Lane in 300 yards on the right.

LAKELAND (NW) Colin Steer 017687 74536 colinsteer@vmcclakeland.co.uk www.vmcclakeland.co.uk Well, well, we’ve already been blessed with some decent riding weather early in March and the Spring Run on 19th. March was no exception. An excellent turn-out of 37 entrants enjoyed a brisk run through the Lakeland countryside and then enjoyed some good food and crack at the new venue of The Red Lion, at Lowick. Looking forward to May, we have the Founders Relay rally with six checkpoints dotted around the county, “Pops” Bacon Butty Run, The West Valleys Run and of course the ever popular Back Green Rally at the month end. Following my appeal for volunteers (in the recent Section Newsletter), we’ve received one offer of help with event recovery but still need more, so please step forward if you are able to help. Also, if you are on the “no contact” list but would like a copy of our Section Newsletter, just ask. MANCHESTER AND HIGH PEAK (NW) Barry Howard 01625 630016 The trial on 6th March was an on/off affair right up to the last minute owing to snow but after resting a couple of sections it went ahead and a very successful and enjoyable event it turned to be. The first Four Seasons run took place in excellent weather and Peter and Andy devised a nice easy route without any muddy lanes to negotiate of about 45 miles, we had a good turnout of about 28 riders who all reported enjoying the years first run, North Staffs again taking the awards! Don’t forget the Phil Barton Memorial run on 12th June from Moat House Farm, Astbury, always an entertaining and deserving event organised by Phil’s family and all the proceeds going to The Heart Foundation. As I write these notes it is our AGM tonight so next month I will hopefully have some news on the new Chairman and committee members. MEN OF KENT (SE) Richard Barsby 01227 793881 07989 352990 richardbarsby61@tiscali.co.uk The 16th March saw Derek and Val Bird organise a cracking quiz night in Dunkirk Village hall. Upwards of 20 members of the section enjoyed the evening, with a diverse selection of questions to baffle even the most enthusiastic quizzer and they weren’t all about motor cycles either. Thanks to both. The Pioneer Run is always well patronised by the Men of Kent Section. Some take part in the run, whilst others ride out to view the participants chuffing by. Malcolm Folwell and Barry Rapley lead a joint club run (BSA/Ariel/VMCC) down to

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 15

Brighton to watch the intrepid veterans and their bikes trundle over the finish, ha! ha! A cold, but excellent day. The Ashford show proved a great success for the section, despite the windy conditions and closed roads. Many of us won accolades for the machines on display, including, Richard Mummery and Nick Pearce. Well-done chaps. MIDLAND (NM) Bob Badland 07825 840677 badbobland@hotmail.com www.midlandsvmcc.com www.facebook.com/vmccmidlands May brings warmer weather and longer days so our Remembrance Evening Run on Wednesday 4th will hopefully see a good turnout of Riders enjoying an early evening spin. At the other end of the day – on Sunday 22nd May there’s our annual Maurice Somerville Breakfast Run. As ever this starts from Meriden Motorcycles Workshops in Walsh Lane, Meriden. A great ride out with a hearty breakfast to look forward to at the end. On Club Night 18th May we have a visit from John Bradshaw a prolific author and story teller. John will be giving an in depth illustrated account of the events involving British Nationals attending the International Six Day trial in Austria in 1939. Austria was occupied at that time by Hitler’s troops and just prior to the outbreak of WWII. This will be an interesting and informative narrative giving an insight into the mood of the times. MID LINCS (NE) Peter Gunnee 01652 657169 p.gunnee@talktalk.net www.midlincsvmcc.co.uk Our March club night featured Roly Mettam, who talked about his exploits with sidecar racing, a lively discussion kept the section entertained for the evening. A late reminder for the Pre 40’s Run, this starts at the Cattle Market, Horncastle, LN9 6EF at 10am. An easy run for earlier motor cycles, all eligible machines are welcome. All details are on the national and section web sites. NORTHAMPTON (ANG) Paul Braddock 01604 719104 07900 357018 paul.braddock@ymail.com Isn’t the year moving on quickly? Here we are in May; there are five runs this month. Starting us off we have the Founders Relay Rally on May 1, then we have The Penny Farthing run on the 8th , moving on we have The Surprise Run on the 15th followed on the 22nd by the ‘I only went out for a box of matches’ run and finally the Girder Fork run on the 29th! So plenty to keep us going. Full details

16 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

in the section calendar or on the internet. For those unable to attend monthly club nights and struggling to know what’s on. If you would like to receive the ‘what’s on’ news sheet then contact Mr R Stone on 01604 768069, who will, on receipt of a stamped addressed envelope, send you one by traditional means. That’s it for this month, have a great and safe months riding. NORTH BIRMINGHAM (NM) David Spencer 01746 762957 davidjspencer@btinternet.com www.vmcc-nbs.co.uk There was a huge attendance at Colin Lloyd’s funeral on 14th March. A sad loss. Club Night at The Round Oak on the 4th May will have a talk from Central Wheels, and the one on 1st June will be a Fish and Chip Supper Evening. The Round Oak have offered us a small discount on their usual price, and would be grateful for a clue on likely numbers, so please let me know either at May club night or directly if you plan to come. 6th July will be our Ride a Bike and Concours evening, again at the Round Oak, from 6.30pm. In May we have social runs on the 8th and 22nd (more details in Diary) and we also plan to join the Worcestershire section for their Thursday midweek Hundred House Run on the 19th, 9.30 for 10 departure from The Hundred House at Great Witley. NORTH COTSWOLD (SM) Chris Delaney 01789 262076 chrisdelaney650@gmail.com www.northcotswoldvmcc.com At the time of writing the outcome of the AGM vote on the new Articles of Association is still unknown. Will the Directors be given the mandate to continue the reforms or will the Club enter another period of turmoil? The season kicked off with my Blossom Run with a good turnout on a fine day enjoyed by all, as was the Hallard’s lunch. Good to see our retired secretary John Stirman back on two wheels after recent illness. On 1st May we will have a Relay Rally Checkpoint outside the Lygon Arms Hotel, Chipping Campden. On 11th May Bob Ashwin will lead a special run to Cleobury Mortimer to meet up with Shropshire section to receive the 70th Anniversary Baton. On Thursday 12th this will be passed to South Cotswold section during Peter Boonham’s Wrinkly run. Don’t forget Club Night is a week later for May, on Tuesday 10th. NORTH EAST (NE) Neil Wyatt 01904 765107 neil.wyatt@virgin.net nevmcc.notes@googlemail.com http://nesn.byethost16.com/ A decent turnout for our annual auction on Sunday 27th March, seeing ex President, Dennis taking centre stage as

usual, Alan keeping Dennis supplied with items for sale and Jim doing the running. The refreshments supplied by our catering executives, Martyn and Mick were the usual top class tucker and made the journey all the more worthwhile. By the time you read these notes the twice annual relay rally will be upon us and once again our section will host two excellent checkpoints at Pateley Bridge to the West and Alne, off the A19. Thanks once again, Tony and Jim.

NORTHERN IRELAND (SM) Robert Bryson 028 90629257 rab_bryson@yahoo.co.uk Many thanks to David, Joan, Esler, Seamus, Eamonn and anyone else involved with our Mike Hailwood commemoration last month. See David’s article and pictures elsewhere in the magazine. Please visit our section website, follow the links, and get your entries in for the Fermanagh, Antrim coast and Kindom of Mourne weekends. Visit vmccni.wordpress.com. Time is short! NORTHUMBRIAN (NE) Hilary Dixon 0191 4165017 hilary.dixon@northumbria.ac.uk

Neil Wyatt at the Wanganui Rally, NZ in March. NORTH STAFFS (NM) Kate Wain 07561 530136 kateguy@googlemail.com www.northstaffsvmcc.webs.com Our March club night hosted the Bring’n’Buy/Auction, Uncle Geoff, the Master of Ceremonies. A good turnout made for lively banter and bids for what can best be described as an eclectic selection of lots. Your scribe went home with a couple of books (one of which promised to turn me into the perfect wife!), and a motorcycle shaped pizza cutter. The Lot arousing the most interest was a yellow tool box, which contained no tools, only copies of ‘Fifty Shades’ and same, only greyer! Am not revealing the identity of the winning bidder! Moving swiftly on, Wistanstow had a good turnout, the sun appeared... Come on, there’s plenty to look forward to, details on the website and in the journal, let’s get riding! Carpe Diem. NORTH WEST (NW) Ken Jones 07961 446971 ken.linda.jones@gmail.com www.vmccnorthwest.co.uk Into May already and the weather has turned in favour if riding. The section had a great turnout at the newly relocated Leisure Lakes Steam and Vintage Rally over 30 bikes on show on both Saturday and Sunday. This month we have the VMCC Relay Rally, with our check point at Colin’s Farm in Thornton, the Holmeswood run and our coach trip to the Coventry Motor Museum organised by Kelvin Prosser. Details of all our other activities can be found on our website. www.vmccnorthwestsection.co.uk and on VMCC.net. The section mobile phone number is 07734 743314.

As everyone enjoyed the February Film Show so much, we held a follow up event in March (although minus ice cream!) to view the second half of “Twice upon a Caravan” – thanks again to our master of ceremonies Pete Bagnall who ensured the smooth operation of the technical apparatus. Now that we are enjoying lighter evenings, we will be arranging some mid-week socials and evening runs – details at club nights or on the Northumbrian forum page. Don’t forget the Rookhope Ryde on the 15 May – Pete has promised sunshine for the whole day! Then looking forward, we have the Breakfast Meet on 26 June, followed very quickly by the Northumbrian Gathering 13 July – hope to see lots more people there for our Saturday Presentation Dinner at a brand new venue in our own private marquee. NORWICH AND DISTRICT (ANG) Tony Durier 01603 713850 tony@vmccnorwich.co.uk www.vmccnorwich.co.uk We were contacted by a family in Marlingford who wished to clear their late grandfather’s workshop. Bob our Chairman and myself assisted with this and many of our Section members benefited with machines and tools, a percentage of the sales value being put to our Section’s funds. Surplus motorcycle parts together with a massive blowlamp dated 1941 were donated to the Norfolk Motor Cycle Museum. The Section was eagerly awaiting the start of our running season with the Shakedown Run on Easter Monday. Storm Katie messed this up good and proper. The strong winds and driving rain and hail made driving on four wheels difficult let alone two wheels; however three intrepid riders braved the weather whilst a number of other members used their cars. The award for the most desirable machine going to Ray with his 1926 BSA Super Sport.

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 17

NOTTS AND DERBY (NM) Clive Russell 01335 390369 zrussell2@googlemail.com www.nottsandderbyvmcc.talktalk.net Our social season concluded with another enjoyable skittles match at Long Eaton. Derek contrived to overcome the oval balls and sloping pitch to achieve supremacy on the evening. The new format of winter rides to a named destination has proved successful with riders adopting their own routes on the day. Barry and Graham subsequently led conventional rides, and we have the perennial breakfast Run, led by Chairman John, in immediate prospect with three other rides scheduled, followed by the Section's checkpoint at Ambergate for the Relay Rally. The new system for entering the dates of events in the journal is operational, but may I again remind everyone that it is essential for secretaries to have full information on all activities in time to get it into the journal, e.g. by the end of March for the May journal. Non compliance will invalidate the Club's insurance. OXFORD (SM) Peter Ryman 01235 200367 alphacancaris@hotmail.co.uk Our middle of the month club night was one to remember as Cliff Jones had his racing BSA Bantam on show and gave us a talk on the history of his machine which included his many antics in the 3 legged land to include almost receiving the birch after a considerable amounts of ale, over 40 members where present for what turned out to be a grand evening. With thanks to Cliff.

PENNINE (NW) Geoff Green 0161 654 8159 secretary@penninevmcc.org.uk www.penninevmcc.org.uk In March we had our annual quiz hosted by Graham. Extra interest was introduced this time with a parts identification round, but it made no difference, Keith Wilde’s team won again. Thanks Graham. This month we get into gear starting with the Founder’s Relay Rally on the 1st May. Free entry to the site will be paid by the section for visiting riders displaying the rally plaque. Bikes for the display will be appreciated. Our contribution

18 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

to the Baton Relay will involve us collecting it from East Lancs at Owd Bett’s pub on Edenfield Rd, Rochdale, on the 3rd at noon and delivering it to North West the following day at Rivington Great (lower) Barn, also at noon. On the 15th our North Lancashire Run will start from the Kingsway Hotel at 10.30am and we will have our lunch stop at the picturesque village of Waddington in the Ribble Valley. REIVERS (NE) Simon Hadden 01665 570023 hadden101@btinternet.com www.vmccreivers.co.uk Amongst the events coming up are the “Around the Marches” Run (Sun May 14th), the Edinburgh Night Run (which really does run through the night 10pm – 7am, Sun May 29th –30th) and the Reivers Rally, starting on Friday June 3rd for a whole week of runs. Club Nights are on Wed. May 11th and Wed. June 8th (when there is a Barbecue). There’s even more than this – just see the Events Calendar on the website. We also need lots of photographs of the Bamburgh Run on June 12th, so if you have a camera and will travel, let me know!

Photo by Chris Maughan, shows some hardy Reivers at the “Barn at Beal” near Lindisfarne on Thursday 23rd March. SHEFFIELD AND SOUTH YORKSHIRE (NE) David Sellars 01302 881968 david.sellars@sky.com Thanks this month go to Ken Shemwell and Mike Wild. Ken organised a trip for the section to Coventry Transport Museum and most of the section went with some friends and all had a very interesting day both in and out of the Museum. Mike gave us a very interesting talk at our March’s meeting about his exploits during his apprenticeship at Rolls Royce and some of the troubles he has had with his 1934 Rolls Royce car.

SHROPSHIRE (NM) Derek Trow 01686 670626 derek.trow@talk21.com www.shropshirevmcc.co.uk March Club Night was a talk on the things you didn’t know about Titanic by Mike Watkins. His interest began when he found out that his great uncle was a steward on the ship, he was also one of the persons who did not survive. The talk was accompanied by a slide show. One of the pictures of the Titanic was put in front of a modern cruiser which made the Titanic look like a tug boat. We had an insight into how the Titanic came about, the docks, the building of it, boilers, also her weight, how much coal etc was used, as well as how much the personnel earned. The Spring Run on May 17th starts from the Pound Inn, Leebotwood at 10.30am it’s around 60 miles. June Club Night is Fish & Chips at HQ, it is essential that you book with the scribe. SNOWDONIA/ERYRI (WAL) John Evans 01286 872599 johnsteff@hotmail.co.uk The Baton Relay will be the 8th for pick up and the 9th for handover, details from me, keep in touch. Later this month is the Anglesey Vintage rally. You can now see our planned events on the Website. Beiciwch yn ofalus, safe riding.

March AGM and we agreed to again give £800 to the County Air Ambulance Trust. Afterwards, Alan Freke gave a very well received talk about FA Simpson. All 2016 events are now on the VMCC database and under ‘VMCC Sections’ there is a link to our new website, created by Dave Carroll, which can also be found at https://sites.google.com/site/vmccsc/. The 1 May Founder’s Relay checkpoint is at the Forge at Whitminster. On 8th May, we have a run to Tintern Abbey. For the Club’s 70th Anniversary, A run will depart from Stonehouse at 10.00 on 12 May to the Mill Inn at Withington to collect the Baton from Cotswold Section, and another run from Stonehouse on 13 May will hand it to Worcestershire & Herefordshire Sections at the Duke of York Inn at Berrow. Finally, best wishes to Ian Young from all his many friends in the Section. SOUTH DORSET (SW) Anne Frisby 01305 853551 af@annefrisby.free-online.co.uk The AGM was held at the last monthly meeting. Needless to say the current officers were re-elected unopposed. New member Peter from Corfe Castle was welcomed and details of the Lawrence run were finalised. This month’s photo features June and Brian, who took part in last year’s Lawrence run on their Harley.

SOMERSET (SW) Pete Newman 01934 813638 pc.newman@mypostoffice.co.uk www.vmccsomersetsection.co.uk Our Autojumble has ran for over 30 continuous years at the Bath and West Showground. Lots of happy stallholders and buyers. Once again plenty of good spares and machines for sale. Our thanks to Carl, who has run the Autojumble for the past few events. He is now standing down. We are fortunate that Dave Atterbury has agreed to take over. Without him offering his services the event would probably cease. We do still need plenty of help on the Friday and Saturday. The Spring Run from Nether Stowey Fire Station attracted over 35 riders. A change of direction this time, calling at Langport for coffee before returning to The Cottage for lunch. Thanks to Kevin for organising. On Sunday 22nd May, meet 11am at Old Down Inn, Emborough to collect the Baton from West Wilts Section. The following day we take the Baton to Tiverton for handover. SOUTH COTSWOLD (SM) Jeremy Retford 01666 577883 jeremy.retford@tiscali.co.uk https://sites.google.com/site/vmccsc/ The Current committee was re-elected unopposed at the

SOUTH DURHAM (NE) David Porteous 01325 358308 david.porteous@sky.com www.vmccsouthdurham.co.uk At our club night in March we enjoyed the annual domino competition, thanks to Dave Headon. Roy Sturgeon organised the championship trial for 28 riders at Gilling. The spring weather led us to hasten our machine preparation in anticipation of a number of events in May: especially the 40th Anniversary Quaker Run to Reeth on 22nd and the Touring week with daily rides from 19th to

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 19

25th coordinated by Brian Smith. We look forward to seeing you.

night bring-a-bike on 18th and Brian's Out West run on the 22nd, 10.30am at Stibbington Diner. SOUTH WALES (WAL) Geoff Harris 02920 883228 G.hmharris@tiscali.co.uk www.southwalessectionvmcc.co.uk

SOUTH HANTS (SE) Robert Hill 02392 460014 robertbtsc@live.co.uk The March meeting was a great success with a very long and engaging talk about the Lavett Motor Car and the four wheeled BSA car. At our May meeting (Monday 2nd May) we will have Alan Wallbank talking about the old Burnetts Motorcycle Dealer in Portsmouth. Alan has produced a video about the history and workings of the old shop. This should be a very interesting meeting about a local dealership. A change of venue for the start of our Raleigh Run on the 8th May we are now starting at the Alresford Railway Station Car Park (Watercress line) at 10.30 a.m. Evening runs will be running through out June although at present we still do not have a leader or destination for the 9th June's run. This may be cancelled at short notice. SOUTH LINCS AND PETERBOROUGH (ANG) Jonathan Jones 01733 222367 janda.salix@hotmail.co.uk www.vmcc-slandp.co.uk March came in at the Red Lion with a lively Bring and Buy where among goodies on offer was a handful of early VMCC Journals. One carried a report on veteran auctioneer Bob's performance at a similar event in the '70s. Give that man a long-service medal. It was such a pleasure to wander among freshly-fettled motorcycles at the start of Gary's Daffodil Run the following Sunday that riders seemed reluctant to leave. Dry roads, warm sunshine and a trouble free ride preceded a splendid lunch at The Crown, Great Casterton. Last to leave by a whisker was Bob Mac's CZ, whose recently rebuilt engine needed spanner encouragement to take him home. Coming events in May: Relay Rally on 1st, Nene Valley Railway; Peter's Wrinkly Run on 11th, 10.30am at the Red Lion; Club

20 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

Happy days, the first of the years section runs took place on the 20th March. 25 people attended on a bright and warm day. Rob James led a tour of the motorcycle café’s, first to the Steel Horse on the Abergavenny to Raglan road and then onto the Owl’s Nest in Llandovery. May is a busy month for the section with the Relay Rally on the 1st, Bring and Buy at the club house on the 9th, Baton Relay Rally on the 19th and the Mid Week Evening Run to the Victoria Inn Siginstone on the 25th. Something for everyone, please come and join us, you will be most welcome. Full details of all the runs and events are on the section website. SPRINT (SE) www.vmccsprint.co.uk info@vmccsprint.co.uk Find us on facebook We’ve just received (as of end March) information from the organisers of the Ramsgate Sprint Revival that the 2016 event scheduled for Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th August has had to unfortunately be cancelled due to circumstances beyond their control. Such a shame, as those who attended as competitors and spectators in 2015 gave the event a huge thumbs up. STIRLING CASTLE (SCO) David Brown 01786 870345 info@stirlingcastlevmcc.co.uk www.stirlingcastlevmcc.co.uk Monday 14th. The largest turn out, 37, since I started attending meetings, heard Gordon May give a very enjoyable and indeed intriguing talk about his journey to India on his trusty Royal Enfield Bullet. He started by showing the immaculate preparation that had to be done for such a long and arduous journey, and yet he managed to attract help required to make the trip virtually unscathed. Gordon McLean announced that the S&T entries were coming in quite briskly anyone wishing to enter must see Dougie Cowie as soon as possible. Having had Maurice's run to Mohr 84, Davie & John's Spring run the Relay & Baton rallies, The Chairman's Run to Bute takes place on 13th May, anybody interested, contact Gordon McLean For the Tiddler’s Tootle on 22nd May contact Jim Leddy. Peter Oram, Ian Thomson, and George Millar exhibited bikes at the Bike Show, well done lads.

STONEHENGE (SW) Keith Starks 01202 605112 keith-starks@tiscali.co.uk www.shenge.freeserve.co.uk Plenty on this month, beginning with the Relay Rally on the 1st, Volunteers required to man Old Sarum checkpoint. John & Olives Midweek Run from Landford takes place on the 4th shortly followed by the Static Show at Breamore House and Countryside Museum on the 8th. For club night on the 18th, we have a talk by Pete Leach entitled London - Beijing, Confessions of a white van man. The Whitsun Run will again take place from Drusilla’s Inn, Horton on Whit Sunday the 29th. We end the month with the Baton Relay Rally when we will receive the baton from Wessex V & V section and will relay it to Swindon Moonraker section on the 31st. Final details and arrangements will be announced at club night. SURREY AND SUSSEX (SE) Brian Robins 01293 537598 brian.robins@atmlcs.com Simon led our Day Run with lunch on Madeira Drive, Brighton, a dry but blustery day!! Our quiz night was well attended and certainly tested the ‘little grey cells’ of some of our members, my thanks to Jeni and Simon and well done to Olly, Chris and John for winning the quiz. A number of the section members were out to cheer on the riders in the Pioneer Run, a dry run down to Brighton, well done to all the riders especially those from our section. Our Good Friday Run was blessed with perfect weather with over 70 riders enjoying an excellent event again organised by Nigel and Alan with help from their better halves! There were a couple of breakdowns, Grahams AJS again seized up a wheel, the back one this time, but I am sure the bike will be back on the road soon. SWANSEA AND DISTRICT (WAL) Barry Fox 01792 851541 barrygfox@hotmail.com Nothing much to report on activities but best wishes go to club stalwart Keith Nash for a speedy recovery. Next meetings are at Morriston Rugby Club on 10th May and 14th June. SWINDON MOONRAKER (SM) Julie Goodwin 01793 539207 07887 517906 jugood@talktalk.net Our quiz on the 15th March a very interesting evening, congratulations to the winners also thanks to Keith for his effort. On Saturday 19th May 30 of us enjoyed a hot buffet at The Woodshaw Inn a great buffet I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Not a lot going on at the moment just waiting for warmer weather to get on our bikes. Don't

forget Relay Rally on the 1st May all details on the Portal. Also Navigational trial on 8th May entries are very slow in coming in. Anyone who won trophies last year could they return them to our Trophy Secretary Mr F. Sheppard. TAVERNERS LEICESTER (NM) Peter Monk 07837 907908 www.thetaverners.com www.tavernerstrials.org.uk Peter.Monk@snapon.com March proved to give Roger and Tony a wet weather challenge putting on this month’s trial but yet again they put together a great event and on the day even arranged for the sun to come out, taking marks off most riders. We also had the sad news that we lost one of our regular trials riders – Martin Hazlewood who will be sadly missed, he had ridden in our events for a number of years and was a great character in off road and on road events. Lots of planning is going on for our 50th anniversary Founders Day Rally in July and we would welcome any volunteers to help us with this, why not take a look at our calendar on The Taverners website and pop along to one of our meetings to have a chat you will be made most welcome. TOURING (ANG) Paul Fletcher 01842 878661 07875 694842 paul@fes1hq.plus.com Our touring season started at Easter and we set off for Copthorne after Mick Beer was assured the field at the SCHVPT would be OK for camping but someone must have upset the weather gods as they turned the taps on full on Thursday. The early arrivals were OK but for those arriving in the afternoon assistance was needed to tow them onto the field. Friday was bright and sunny for the Good Friday Run, Saturday cooler but stayed dry and Sunday we got away with a couple of showers so we did enjoy three days riding before Storm Kate arrived during the early hours of Monday morning keeping everyone awake. With roads closed everywhere Monday’s run was cancelled, which was a shame as Mick had decided this was to be the last weekend at Copthorne he would organise. Thank you Mick, Sarah and Team for all you did for us. WAKEFIELD AND WEST YORKSHIRE (NE) Neil Lewis 0773 014 6637 neil.r.lewis@btinternet.com March saw the return from New Zealand of one of our members, ready for a spring and summer of motorcycling, this will have started with our leg of the Baton Rally for which we are hoping for spring sunshine rather than spring snow. Our March meeting was well attend but we were unfortunately let down by the planned speaker – apologies to those that attended in the expectation of

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learning how to repair saddlery. We are looking forward to our summer runs and the opportunity to bring our bikes to monthly meetings. This might encourage the committee to start awarding silverware again. I would ask members who are on the internet to confirm with me by e-mail there e-mail address so I can send local updates. WARWICKSHIRE (SM) Helen Parker 01926 429310 Dave Mc once again was our auctioneer for our Bring and Buy and managed to raise £139 for club funds. Due to the lack of support and cost involved it has been decided not to hold the Skittles and Buffet Night at our December meeting. Various ideas are being looked at for an alternative function. April sees the start of our runs for the year with Martyn’s Spring Run being the first event followed by Graham's first Wrinklies Run of the season. We are hoping for lots of support on the runs this summer so get those machines out on the road. WESSEX VETERAN AND VINTAGE (SW) Peter Hallowes 01258 472500 Our last Club Night was down on numbers due mainly to an extremely debilitating cold generously shared between members. The talk about the early days of the Royal Mail was colourful and noisy. We learned what a cock-horse was, the origins of ‘Hobson’s Choice’ and coaching horn signals, which might be useful when choosing a side to overtake. Don’t forget to visit the Shillingstone Railway Project on the relay rally, 1st May. Next Club Night will be Frank’s table-top trial on 9th May and, on May 22 will be a run and picnic from Woodhenge at Durrington, north of Amesbury on the A345. Remember Frank’s Run, the Mercian Incursion, on 13th June. WEST KENT (SE) Ron Wright 01622 812771 betron.wright@gmail.com http://wkvmcc.weebly.com Oast House entry forms are still available from myself if you haven’t already entered for the run on 15th May. You can still enter on the day for £5. The start venue is West Malling High Street car park and the event comprises morning and afternoon routes using route cards. Class awards will be presented at the finish. Special thanks are due to Carl Rich who led the March Wrinkly Run and battled against the elements to complete a slightly shorter than planned run. Thanks also to Ian Thompson who gave the very interesting talk on Bletchley Park at the Woodman at the end of March it was much appreciated and £85 was collected for ABF the Soldiers charity that he supports.

22 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

WEST SOUTH WALES (WAL) Barry Palmer 01558 668579 britie.motorcycles@btinternet.com www.westsouthwalesvmcc.co.uk The Pendine "ride in" was quite well supported, thanks to ROY T for that. Despite the mild winter, this spring has been cold down here. May will be a busy month for the section, what with the Founders relay run and the Baton Run and in between the two we have the PRE-31 run (tel 01834813173) and the Classic Run on the 8th (Tel 07796293468).Then on the 27th to 29th we have the WELSH/IRISH weekend, back at WOODENBRIDGE in the vale of Avoca, Eire. Regs are now on the sections website for the 61st SAUNDERSFOOT RUN. WEST WILTSHIRE (SM) Tony Kay 01380 722288 vmccwestwilts@gmail.com A quiet month before the riding season gets under way with Peter Tyler’s run to Compton Abbas airfield on 7 April. We had two Winter Wanderings during the month, the first one was to the Woodbridge Inn at North Newton where over twenty members attended to celebrate Mothering Sunday, and the second to the Fox and Hounds in Colerne where again over twenty members met. The weather for the Colerne meet was warm and sunny and virtually every attendee arrived riding their bikes and filled the pub car park. A few members had a run over routes on Salisbury Plain on 20th led by Peter and although it was quite cold we managed to find some new routes and finished miles from where we thought we were but it gave an idea for a future club run. WORCESTERSHIRE (WAL) John Porter 01386 553329 john.porter2@homecall.co.uk www.vmccworcs.co.uk The section AGM was held in March and was completed in a record short time. The committee and all officers remain unchanged for the next year; there were unfortunately no volunteers for the post of social secretary. Brilliant weather on Good Friday brought out a record 25 riders for our annual run, last year with a poor forecast we had only four. We will have our usual checkpoint at Bringsty for the Founders Relay Rally; we look forward to welcoming other members from far and wide on that day. May Midweek Run will start from the Hundred House at Great Witley and will be a joint effort with our friends in the North Birmingham section. The June midweek Run will be in the direction of the Cotswolds on Howard Williams’ route. Please note that the visit to John Hancocks’ museum on the 20th June has been cancelled as the farm and the collection has been sold.

Scottish Notes

The VMCC Stand at the Scottish Motorcycle Show at Ingliston in mid-March was highly successful. Central Scottish Section had a great collection of bikes and their members were prominent in winning a number of awards. Auld Reekie Edinburgh merged its stand with Clyde Valley and the Glasgow Group and in an expanded space from last year accommodated the two raffle bikes brought up by HQ. Collectively, we exhibited under the banner of the VMCC, rather than as individual Sections, aimed at exploiting the powerful name that the VMCC represents to show attendees. Twelve new members were signed up and £707 of raffle tickets were sold and very valuable lessons learnt about how to present and promote the Club at events. Notable amongst these lessons was the interest shown by younger enthusiasts in Susan MacIver’s Yamaha XT500. Other Sections’ members also exhibited bikes and among them Stirling Castle’s Ian Thomson with his BSA Gold Star and Peter Oram with his Scott on the Scott Stand. The President, Tim Penn attended and was asked to judge the prewar classes which got him introduced to a wide audience around the Show. Our thanks go to Tim, Giles Willison and Ian Botham for coming up to the Show and for bringing the raffle bikes which gave a strong focal point to the Stand. Thinking caps on please over the riding season about plans for next year and I will be contacting all of the Sections to learn what they want to do for the 2017 Show. The Founder’s Relay is on 1 May and it is great to see Highland Section with a Checkpoint (Number 31) and North East Scottish Section (43) hosted by Andy Loosemore and Tony Mortishire, respectively. Please give them your support along with the other five Checkpoints in Scotland. The North East Scottish Section is organising an Interclub Run and BBQ on the 2 July. I remember the Section being very active in the early 1980s including the establishment of the Cairn ‘o’ Mount Rally and more recently with the Plus One. It would be good to see it flourish again not least to give members in the rest of Scotland

Picture: Norrie Russell

the chance to ride round some fantastic roads in Aberdeenshire and Kincardine (Contact Jacqui Watson on 01888 544710 or email gorgeousbikerchick@gmail.com). Entries for the Tiddler Tootle are rolling in and might be higher than last year’s 69. Interestingly, a local wheel builder reported that his workshop was full of wheels for tiddlers so the Club has had a major influence on enthusiasts’ actions. There is still time to enter the Demob Run (pre-1950) on 15 May which starts from Powmill (Contact George Plumb on 01313333336 or growanleaj@btinternet.com). Clyde Valley has their Rock & Roll Run on 18 June starting at Overton Farm, Rosebank. They are also hosting Roger Moss who is giving a talk on Scott motorcycles on 10 May. Roger is the foremost expert on Scott motorcycles and his tuned Scotts have been in a class of their own on the race tracks. Alastair Alexander, Area Rep. for Scotland

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1st West S Wales

Unless otherwise stated, there are no costs and no restrictions on attendance at events in these listings

Founders relay rally. 8am. Main car park, Llandovery, A40 also at Propeller Cafe, Withybush Airport, Haverfordwest. Geoff Lewis, Jim Codd, 01437 764956, 01834 813173 www.westsouthwalesvmcc.co.uk Oxford Relay Rally. 8.30am. Duke of Marlborough Inn, Woodstock. This is the location of the Oxford section checkpoint. The inn is on the A44 north of Woodstock on the left; fuel, food, and toilets available. Dave Webster 01865 452232 £1. Headquarters VMCC Relay Rally. 9.30am. Shillingstone Railway Project. Vintage Club eligible motorcycles. Ian Clarke 01202 824772 East Yorkshire Relay Rally. 9:30am. Fimber Roundabout Tea Pot Cafe. B. Thompson 01482 831406 Bristol Relay Rally Control. All day. Begbrook Community Centre, Frenchay Park Road, Bristol, BS16 1HY Eligible machines. Simon Bending 01179 652503 sbendings@yahoo.co.uk Snowdonia/Eryri Relay rally. 10am. Caffi Eric Cafe, Tremadog. 25-year rule. John Evans 01286 872599 johnsteff@hotmail.co.uk Gwent Relay Rally. 9am. ATS Euromaster, Abergavenny, NP7 5HF. Any motor cycle/three wheeler. 25-year rule. Mark Hillier 01873 811541/ 07870 535 933 markhillier61@icloud.com South Hants Founders Day Relay Rally. 9am. Brickmakers Pub, Swanmore. Pre 1970 machines. Russell Daysh 01329 311331 robertbtsc@live.co.uk Pennine Founder’s Relay Rally. 10am. The Ellenroad Steam Museum, Milnrow OL164LG. Geoff Green 01616 548159 secretary@penninevmcc.org.uk www.penninevmcc.org.uk Head Office Founder’s Relay Rally. 9am. Swaffham. Paul Fletcher 01842 878661 or 07875694842 paul@fes1hq.plus.com VMCC Kings Lynn Cyclemotor Founder’s Relay Rally Checkpoint. 9am. H’s Cafe, Oxford Road, Dorchester on Thames, OX10 7LY Lorraine 07703 623613 www.magic-wheelers.org.uk Cheshire Cats Founder’s Day Relay Rally. 10am. J&S Motorcycle MegaStore, Chester Road, Oakmere, Northwich, CW8 2HB (CW8 2HG Sat-Nav) 25-year rule. Bernie Horrigan 07747 859831 stephen_herbert@btopenworld.com vmccCheshireCats.co.uk Head Office Relay Rally. Checkpoint open from 9am to 5pm. Checkpoint at Shillingstone Railway Project DT11 0SA. Ian Clarke 01202 824772 ianclarke135@me.com Berkshire Founder’s Day Rally Point. 9am to 4pm. Britwells Cafe (Holiday Inn) Padworth Lane, Bath Road, Reading RG7 5HT. Malcolm White 01344 642866 info@berkshire-vmcc.org.uk www.berkshire-vmcc.org.uk Warwickshire Relay Rally. 10am. Kenilworth RFC. Helen Parker 01926 429310 frankparker@talktalk.net Stonehenge Relay Rally. 8am - 4pm. Old Sarum Airfield, Salisbury SP4 6DZ. Details Committee Northwest Founder’s Rally. 9am. Colin Hornby’s Farm, L29 5XB. Colin Hornby 0151 924 9746 ken.linda.jones@googlemail.com www.vmccnorthwestsection.co.uk Cornwall Founder’s Relay Rally. 9am. Various. Stan Weston 01872 510478 Surrey & Sussex Founder’s Day Relay Run. 9am. SCHVPT Centre, East Hill Lane, off Effingham Road, Copthorne RH10 3HZ. Brian Robins 01293 537598 brian.robins@atmlcs.com South Dorset Sunday lunch Run. 10.30am Top of Town, Dorchester, DT1 1RN. Nick Frisby 01305 853551 af@annefrisby.free-online.co.uk £2 North Cotswold Relay Rally. 9.30am. The Square Chipping Campden. Chris Delaney 01789 262076 chrisdelaney650@gmail.com www.northcotswoldvmcc.com £1. East Lancs Founder’s Relay Rally. 9am - 4pm. Bancroft Mill, Gillians Lane, Barnoldswick.BB18 5QR Graham Daniels 07952 348339 grahamdaniels9@hotmail.com M&HP Founder’s day relay rally. 9-30am. Navigation Inn, Brookside, Buxworth, SK23 7NE. 01663 732072 25-year rule only. Barry Howard/ Barry Cook 01625 630016 01663 750827 howardranch@hotmail.co.uk S Lincs Founder's Relay Rally, Checkpoint. 9am to 4.30pm. Nene Valley Railway, Old North Road,

24 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

& Peterboro

Stibbington, PE8 6LR. Gary Sleeman 01733 770241 gary.sleeman@ntlworld.com www.vmcc-slandp.co.uk Banbury Relay Rally. 9am. White Horse, Stratford Road, Wroxton OX14 6PZ. VMCC members Dave Buckingham david.buckingham@mypostoffice.co.uk Somerset Relay Rally. 9am. Burcott Mill. Vehicles over 25 years. Mike Chipperfield 01749 679371 Brooklands National Relay Rally Checkpoint. 10am. Tillings Cornerhouse café. Dorking Road, Newlands Corner, Guildford GU4 8SE. Rally Rules Richard Huckle 0785 3204018 richard.huckle@ntlworld.com www.tillingscafe.co.uk South Cotswold Founder’s Relay Rally Checkpoint. 9.30am. The Forge Inn at Whitminster GL2 7PF. John Oliver 01452 729939 or 07968302435 johno1348@gmail.com Dartmoor BMAD Festival & Founder’s Day Checkpoint. 9am. The Green, Paignton Sea Front, Devon, TQ3 2NN. John Osmond 01803 527469. http://vmccdartmoor.com Central Lancs Founder’s Relay Rally. 9.30am - 4pm. 64 Pope Lane, Penwortham, Preston PR1 9BB Steve Parker 07545 019941 Central Lancs VMCC Cotswold Relay Rally. 9am. The Jet Age Museum, Cheltenham Road East, Gloucester, GL2 9QL (SO 881 219) Dave Pritchard, KOBI 01452 618248 dave@pritchard56.freeserve.co.uk www.jetagemuseum.org Cheshire Founder’s Relay Rally. 9.30am onwards. Llangollen Motor Nuseum, LL20 8EE. Sam Senior & N Wales 0151 645 1003 Taverners Relay Rally. 10am. Great Central Railway, Quorn, LE12 8AW. Kev Alexander 07713 908407 gautrek@ntlworld.com www.thetaverners.co.uk Moonraker Founder’s Relay Rally. 9am. 25-year rule. Mrs J Goodwin 01793 539207 jugood@talktalk.net Lakeland Founder’s Relay Rally. 9am. Any checkpoint. Colin Steer 017687 74536 colinsteer@vmcclakeland.co.uk West Kent Founder’s Relay Rally. 9am. Gamecock Pavilion, London Road, West Kingsdown. 25-year rule Ron Wright 07761 005995 betron.wright@gmail.com 2nd Northumbrian Club Night. 8pm. Birtley R.A.O.B, Birtley Lane, Birtley, Chester le Street DH3 1AP. Pete Bagnall 07968 646357 petebagnall44@hotmail.com www.northumbrianvmcc.co.uk/index.html 50p Men of Kent Section gathering. Velocette Owners Club open day. 10am. Village Hall, Hamstreet, Kent. Richard Barsby 01227 793881 richardbarsby61@tiscali.co.uk Gwent Abergavenny Toy Fair. 9.30am. Abergavenny Town Hall NP7 5HD. Any motor cycle/ three wheelers and cars. Henri Collings 01873 831 946 markhillier61@icloud.com VMCC ltd South Hants Club Night. 7.30 for 8.00. Hill Park WMC. Robert Hill 02392 460014 robertbtsc@live.co.uk £1 Cyclemotor May Bug Buzz. 10.30am. The Swan, Radcott Bridge, OX18 2SX. Preferably low powered, low capacity or veteran machines. Alan 01494 532172 www.magic-wheelers.org.uk 3rd Ips & Suffolk Evening Run. 7pm. Ruchmere. T Dickings 01473 217215 South Cotswold Club Night. 7pm. The Kings Head, Kings Stanley. Jeremy Retford 01666 577883 jeremyretford@btinternet.com Central Lancs Bike night. 7pm. Bowling Green pub, Charnock Richard, Adrian Such 07534 278388 adie851@hotmail.co.uk Brooklands Social Meet Up. 8pm. The Cricketers, The Green, Pirbright, Woking GU24 0LP Richard Huckle 0785 3204018 richard.huckle@ntlworld.com 3rd & 4th Pennine Anniversary Baton Relay. noon. Owd Betts, Edenfield Rd, Rochdale OL12 7TY. Geoff Green 01616 548159 secretary@penninevmcc.org.uk www.penninevmcc.org.uk 4th Stonehenge Midweek Run. 2pm. Wyevale Garden Centre (Golden Acres) Southampton Road, Landford Wiltshire SP5 2BE. John & Olive Guy. 02380 694111 £2 Dorset Lunch Meet. Riverside Cafe, West Stour, Dorset SP8 5RJ Rod Hann 01935 872528 Cotswold Mid-Week Social Run. 1pm. The Pilot Inn, Sellars Road, Hardwicke, Gloucester, GL2 4QD (SO 797 135). Nigel Tustin 01242 518310. nige-bsa@hotmail.co.uk www.vmcc-cotswold.org West Kent Wrinkly Run. 10.30am. Hever Village Hall car park. Any machine over 25 years of age. Ron Wright

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07761 005995 betron.wright@gmail.com Chris Elliott Evening Ride Out. 7pm. The Boat Inn Catherine de Barnes B91 2TJ. 25-year VMCC Rolling Rule. Bob Badland 07825 840677 badbobland@hotmail.com www.midlandsvmcc.com £1. Cotswold Mid Week Social Run and Mid Week Rally. 12midday or 7pm. The Pilot Inn, Sellars Road, Hardwicke, Gloucester. (SO 797 135). Nigel Tustin. 01242 518310. nige-bsa@hotmail.com www.vmcc-cotswold.org Cotswold Mid-Week Rally. 7pm. The Pilot Inn, Sellars Road, Hardwicke, Gloucester, GL2 4QD (SO 797 135) Roy Plowman 01242 577008 roy@plowman.freeserve.co.uk www.vmcc-cotswold.org Chiltern Evening Run. 7 for 7.30pm. The Black Cat, Lycrome Road, Lye Green, Chesham, HP5 3LF 25-year rule applies. Phil Barfield. 01442 824143 multiman500@virginmedia.com www.chilternvmcc.co.uk £2. Surrey & Sussex Day Run. 10.15am. Pennyhill Farmshop, Edenbridge Rd, Hartfield TN7 4JJ. Mick Adams 01892 527128 mick500@outlook.com 5th Somerset Club Night. 8pm. Cossington Village Hall, TA7 8LH. All members and guests. Ruth Pope 01458 251174 Notts & Derby Natter Night. 8pm. Royal Oak Ockbrook. John 01623 861474 South Hants Day Run Swanage. 10 for 10.30pm Basungwell St Car Park, Bishop Waltham, pre '70. Dave Bettridge 02380 464822 robertbtsc@live.co.uk £1. M&HP 70th Anniversary Baton rally. 10.30 for 11am. Poynton WMC, Park lane, Poynton, SK12 1RG. 25-year rule. Barry Howard/Barry Cook 01625 630016 01663 750827 howardranch@hotmail.co.uk West Wilts Midweek Run. 10am. Acton Turville, GL9 1HL. Mike Davis 01225 811986 mica40@tiscali.co.uk £1. 7th M&HP 70th Anniversary rally. 9 for 9-30am. Poynton WMC, Park lane, Poynton. SK12 1RG. 25-year rule. Barry Howard Barry Cook. 01625 630016 01663 750827 howardranch@hotmail.co.uk Lakeland Pop’s Bacon Butty Run. 10.30am. Crosthwaite Church, Keswick. Pops Hinde 016973 71416 bands.hinde@btinternet.com 7th & 8th Reivers The Bunk Off. Jon Hill 01670 590 688 rjonhill@yahoo.co.uk www.vmccreivers.co.uk £15 Cheshire 70th Anniversary Baton Relay. Approx. 4pm. The Plough Inn, Christleton, near Chester, CH3 7PT & North Wales Dave Kay 0151 334 6187 Davank1@ntlworld.com 8th North Cotswold Bluebell Run. 10am. The Square Chipping Campden. Andy Geden 01608 663963 andy.geden@btinternet.com www.northcotswoldvmcc.com £1 Snowdonia/Eryri Baton Relay. 11am. Capel Curig, Siabod Cafe. 25-year rule. John Evans 01286 872599 johnsteff@hotmail.co.uk Burton & Dist Burton Parade. 10:30am. Marston’s Sports and Social Club. Pre-1991. Ann Davy 01283 820563 p.davy750@btinternet.com www.burtonsectionandclassics.co.uk £12 Members Memorial Run. 10.30am. Village Hall car park, Ide Hill. Any machine over 25 years of age West Kent Ron Wright 07761 005995 betron.wright@gmail.com North East The Wetherby Run. 11am. County Mowers, Sandbeck Lane, Wetherby. Anthony Head 01423 712072 anthonyhead901@btinternet.com £3 Northwest Holmeswood Run.10am. Warren Law 07787 527042 www.vmccnorthwestsection.co.uk South Cotswold Sunday Informal Run to Tintern Abbey. 10am. Stonehouse Car Park. Jeremy Retford 01666 577883 jeremyretford@btinternet.com Devon The Scumpy Run. 11am. Ilfracombe Seafront. 25 years and over only. Chris Wood 01237 472855 cjwood10@hotmail.com £7.50. Banbury Museum Run. 9.30am. Horse Fair Banbury OX16 0AN. Don Barker 01869 388497 Cotswold Summer Meeting. 7pm. The Duke of York Inn, Berrow, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR13 6JQ (SO 782 354). Peter Kent 01452 610375 b44mike@yahoo.co.uk www.vmcc-cotswold.org West S Wales Pre-31 and Girder fork run. 10.30am. Jim & Joyce Codd 01834 813173 www.westsouthwalesvmcc.co.uk Ips & Suffolk Town Run. 10.30am. Rushmere. T Dickings 01473 217215 Cyclemotor The Nasty Run. 10.30am. The Rising Sun, Halls Green, Weston. SG4 7DR. Preferably low powered, low capacity, veteran. Chris 07950 903794 www.magic-wheelers.org.uk Midland

26 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

B’pool & Dist

Lakeland Motor Museum Run. 10am. Knott End On Sea - Cafe - FY6 0EA. Jeff Chambers 01772 673711 jeff.chambers1@yahoo.com £1 Mid-Lincs Pre 40’s Run. 10am. The Cattle Market, South Street, Horncastle, LN9 6EF Stewart Parker 01652 657603 stewart@midlincsvmcc.co.uk midlincsvmcc.co.uk £6 Isle of Man Bob Thomas Memorial Road Run. 2pm. TT Grandstand. Gary Corlett 07624 496672 ghcorlett@manx.net www.vmcciom.org South Hants Raleigh Run. 10 for 10.30pm. Watercress Railway Car Park Alresford. pre '70. Dave Tanner 01329 827262 robertbtsc@live.co.uk £1 Moonraker Navigational Trial. 9am. 25-year rule. Mrs Julie Goodwin 01793 539207jugood@talktalk.net £10. Taverners 2-Stroke Run. 10am. Wymondham Windmill, LE14 2BU. Roger Monk 01509 412662 pmonk83@yahoo.com www.thetaverners.co.uk Anglian The John Abraham Veteran & Vintage Memorial Run. 10 for 10.30am. Fulbourn Institute Sports & Social Club, Home End, Fulbourn, Cambridge, CB21 5BS. Veteran and Vintage machines only Roger Newark 01354 741099 shutterbug43@btinternet.com £5 N Birmingham Girder Fork Run10 for 10.30am start. To be confirmed, see NBS website or contact organiser Martyn Round 0121 5501547 davidjspencer@btinternet.com www.vmcc-nbs.co.uk Worcestershire Girder Fork Run/Cotswold meeting 9.30 for 10am. Bell Inn, Lower Broadheath, Worcester, WR2 6QG. John Porter 01386 553329 Notts & Derby Robin Hood Run. 10.30am. Layby M1 J27 east side of motorway. Bruce 01773 689297 West S Wales Classic run. 10.30am. David Evans & Graham Beasley 07796 293468 www.westsouthwalesvmcc.co.uk Northampton Penny Faring Run. 10.30am. Priory, Wilby, NN8 2LF. Geoffrey Drage 01604 811375 david.r.mead@btinternet.com Bristol South West Coast Run. 11am. Failand Village Hall, Failand, Bristol BS8 3UN. VMCC eligible motor cycles, pfre-1960 cars. Paul Flowers 01179 495214, 07855 061513 paul.flowers@hotmail.com £8. Stonehenge Static Display. 11am. Breamore House Countryside Museum, Breamore, Hampshire SP6 2DF Brian Jeffery 01202 824086 Warwickshire Warwickshire Wander. 11am. Hatton Lay by. Up to 250cc. 25yrs or older. John Heywood 01926 408074 Moonraker The Navigational Run. 9am. 2-year rule. Mrs Goodwin 01793 539207 jugood@talktalk.net £10 9th Wessex Club Night. 8pm. The Kings Arms Inn, East Stour Common, Dorset, SP8 5NB. Frank Cropp Vet & Vintage 01225 708743 Northumbrian Club Night. 8pm. Birtley R.A.O.B, Birtley Ln, Birtley, Chester le Street DH3 1AP Pete Bagnall 07968 646357 petebagnall44@hotmail.com www.northumbrianvmcc.co.uk/index.html 50p Stirling Castle Club Night. 7.45pm. Woodside Hotel Doune. David Brown 01786 870345 janettemcbrown@icloud.com www.stirlingcastlevmcc.co.uk Men of Kent Club Night. 8pm. Wagon and Horses Pub, Charing, Kent. TN27 0NR. Richard Barsby 07989 352990

Snowdonia/Eryri Baton Relay. 10.30am. Capel Curig, Siabod Cafe 25-year rule. John Evans 01286 872599 johnsteff@hotmail.co.uk South Wales Bring & Buy. 7.30pm. Llanharry WMC. Howard Jayne howard.jayne@talktalk.net www.southwalessectionvmcc.co.uk Wessex Club night. 8pm. The Kings Arms Inn, East Stour Common SP8 5NB. Frank Cropp 01225 708743 Vet &Vintage Worcestershire Bring a Bike Night. 7.30 for 8pm. Bell Inn, Lower Broadheath, Worcester, WR2 6QG. John Porter 01386 553329 10th Ips & Suffolk Evening Run. 7pm. Rushmere. T Dickings 01473 217215 South Cotswold Tuesday Evening Pub Meet. 7.30pm. Pier View Inn at Sharpness. Jeremy Retford. 01666 577883 jeremyretford@btinternet.com Clyde Valley Club Meeting. 7.30pm. Dalserf Church. Tim Ryan07714 505386 timryan750@gmail.com Anglian Club Night. 7.30pm. Fulbourn Institute Sports & Social Club, Home End, Fulbourn, Cambridge, CB21 5BS. Roger Newark 01354 741099 shutterbug43@btinternet.com £2.

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 27

Burton & Dist

Club Night. 8pm. Marston’s Sports and Social Club. Vic Carrington-Porter 01283 619489 viccp100@talktalk.net www.burtonsectionandclassics.co.uk £1. Surrey & Sussex Evening Run. 7.15pm. Copthorne Social Club Copthorne Bank Copthorne Crawley RH10 3RE Brian Robins 01293 537598 brian.robins@atmlcs.com £1. East Devon Lunch Meet. 1pm. Aviator Cafe. Dunkerswell Airfield. Robin Clow 07774 694833 Pennine Section AGM. 8.30pm. Kingsway Hotel, Kingsway, Rochdale OL16 5HS. Geoff Green 0161 654 8159 secretary@penninevmcc.org.uk www.penninevmcc.org.uk £1. East Devon Club Night. 8pm. Honiton Youth Football Club. Mountbatten Park EX14 1AR. Robin Clow 07774 694833 North Cotswold Club Night. 8pm. Chris Delaney 01789 262076 chrisdelaney650@gmail.com www.northcotswoldvmcc.com 11th Reivers Club Night. 8pm. Ashington Rugby Club, NE63 8TP. Simon Hadden 01665 570 023 hadden101@btinternet.comwww.vmccreivers.co.uk 50p East Sussex Club Night. 7.30pm. Brian’s Barn, Ashburnham TN33 9NX. Section Secretary secretary@vmcc-eastsussex.co.uk www.vmcc-eastsussex.co.uk £1. Dorset Club Night Evening Run. 7pm. The Halsey Arms, Pulham, Dorchester, Dorset DT2 7DZ Gabby Hunt 01963 250184 £3. North Cotswold Baton Pick Up Run. 10am. The Square Chipping Campden. Bob Ashwin 01386 870648 bobashwin@btinternet.com www.northcotswoldvmcc.com Berkshire Mid-week Run. 10.30am. Please refer to website. Malcolm White 01344 642866 info@berkshire-vmcc.org.uk www.berkshire-vmcc.org.uk Snowdonia/Eryri Club night. 7.30pm. Snowdonia Inn, Waunfawr. John Evans 01286 872599 johnsteff@hotmail.co.uk Chiltern Wrinkly Run. 10.30 for 11am departure. Black Cat, Lycrome Road, Lye Green, Chesham, HP5 3LF 25-year rule applies. Phil Barfield 01442 824143 multiman500@virginmedia.com www.chilternvmcc.co.uk £2. Banbury Club Night: Winstons Toy Shop. 8pm. Banbury Cricket Club, White Post Road, Bodicote, OX15 4BN. Members and guests. John Harris 01295 721282 M&HP Evening run. 7 for 7.15pm. Poynton WMC, Park Lane, Poynton. SK12 1RG. Barry Howard Barry Cook. 01625 630016 01663 750827 howardranch@hotmail.co.uk Cotswold Mid Week Rally . 7pm. The Gardeners Arms Inn, Beckford Road, Alderton, Tewkesbury. (SO 999 333). Nigel Tustin 01242 518310 nige-bsa@hotmail.com www.vmcc-cotswold.org Essex Club night and first bike run. 7pm. Ship and Anchor High Street Maldon CM9 5BX Bill Cullen 07946 527599 projectpa34@mail.com Bristol Noggin & Natter. 8pm. Begbrook Community Centre, Frenchay Park Road, Bristol, BS16 1HY Simon Bending 01179 652503 sbendings@yahoo.co.uk S. Lincs May Wrinkly Run. 10.30am. Red Lion, 48 King Street, West Deeping, Lincolnshire, PE6 9HP & Peterboro Peter Gilbert 01733 770241gary.sleeman@ntlworld.com www.vmcc-slandp.co.uk £2. Warwickshire Club Night. 8pm. Kenilworth RFC. Helen Parker 01926 429310 frankparker@talktalk.net Cotswold Mid-Week Rally. 7pm. The Gardeners Arms Inn, Beckford Road, Alkderton, Tewkesbury, GL20 8NL (SO 999 333). Roy Plowman 01242 577008 roy@plowman.freeserve.co.uk www.gardenersarms.biz Northwest Club Night. 8pm. The Barons Burscough. Secretary 07961 446971ken.linda.jones@googlemail.com www.vmccnorthwestsection.co.uk 12th Dartmoor Early Evening Ride. 6pm for 6.30pm start. The Royal Seven Stars Hotel, The Plains, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5DD. John Osmond 01803 527469 http://vmccdartmoor.com South Cotswold 70th Anniversary Baton Rally - Baton collection. 10am. Stonehouse Car Park. Jeremy Retford 01666 577883 Jeremyretford@btinternet.com Reivers Thursday Ride Out. 10 for 10.30am. Recruitment event. Dave Angles 01670 366 308 dave.angles@yahoo.co.uk www.vmccreivers.co.uk Bedfordshire Evening Meeting - Motorcycle Rallies in Finland. 8pm for 8.30pm. Shefford Memorial Hall, 10 Hitchin Rd, Shefford, Beds. SG17 5JA. Don McKeand 01525 720629

28 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

Oxford South Hants

Social run. 10am. Milletts Farm. Roger Laban. 01993 704482 £1. First Evening Run. 7.30pm. Buriton Pond Car Park. Pre-70 machines. Dave Tanner 01329 827262 robertbtsc@live.co.uk £1. West Wilts Section Meeting. 8pm. Chippenham Rugby Club. Tony Kay 01380 722288 tonyak69@yahoo.com Cornwall East Taphouse Club Night, BBQ. 7pm. Blisland. Len Dingley 01208 850013 North Cotswold Wrinkly Run. 10am. Evesham. Peter Boonham 01386 765765 peterboonham733@btinternet.com www.northcotswoldvmcc.com £1. Taverners Noggin & Natter. 8pm. Ratby SPorts Club, Ratby, LE6 0LE. Kev Alexander 07713 908407 gautrek@ntlworld.com www.thetaverners.co.uk Isle of Man Club Night. 8pm. Knock Froy, Santon. Gary Corlett. 07624 496672 ghcorlett@manx.net www.vmcciom.org West Kent Come on a bike night, 8pm. Pied Bull, Farningham DA4 0DG. Any machine over 25 years of age Ron Wright 07761 005995 betron.wright@gmail.com 13th South Cotswold 70th Anniversary Baton rally - Baton Delivery. 10am. Stonehouse car park. Jeremy Retford 01666 577883 Jeremyretford@btinternet.com Worcestershire Baton Rally. Noon. Duke of York, Berrow. John Porter 01386 553329 Goodwood Wrinkl’s Run. 10.30am. Petworth Town Car Park, off Market Sq. Petworth, GU28 0AP Maureen Street 01903 742979 goodwoodvmcc@aol.com 13th-15th Stirling Castle Chairman’s Run. 10am. From home. Gordon MacLean 01786 813747 gordon-maclean@yahoo.com www.stirlingcastlevmcc.co.uk 14th Reivers Around the Marches. Dick Howland 01434 270 124 www.vmccreivers.co.uk Isle of Man The Geoff Cannell Memorial Trial. 1.30pm. Bimson’s Field, St George's Bridge. Shaun Seal 07624 485133 sseal@manx.net www.vmcciom.org £10. Worcestershire Baton Rally. Noon. Farmers Arms, Birtsmorton. John Porter 01386 553329 Cotswold The Baton Relay. Noon. The Farmers Arms, Birts Street, Birtsmorton, Malvern. Fred Smith 01684 294401 smith@sfrederick9.orangehome.co.uk www.vmcc-cotswold.org 14th-16th Notts & Derby Yorkshire Run. 10am. Grindleford Cafe. VMCC eligible machines. John. 01159730067 15th Auld Reekie Scottish Demob Run. 10am. Powmill Milk Bar, Rumbling Bridge, Fife, KY130QG. Motor cycles and three wheelers up to 1950. George Plumb. 0131 333 3336 growanleaj@btinternet.com £2. Northampton Surprise Run. 10.30am. Jack’s Hill Cafe, Towcester NN12 7QD. Ewan McKenzie. 01908 564215 david.r.mead @btinternet.com www.vmcc.net Cheshire Cats Bob’s Berwyn Run. 10am. Leigh Arms, Acton Bridge. Bob Moon 01925 601734 robert.moon93@ntlworld.com vmccCheshireCats.co.uk East Yorkshire The Betty Fisher Run. 10.30am. Brt-Bet Farm. Rise. HU11 5BS. H.Holdorf. 01482 862209 £2. Norwich & Dist Bow Street Run. 10 for 10.30am. ‘Rosewood’, Bow Street, Great Ellingham, Norfolk, NR17 1JA. Peter Thacker 01953 454745 www.vmccnorwich.co.uk £4. Kings Lynn Old Airfields Run. 10.30am. Swaffham Market Place, PE37 3AB. Malcolm Rolph 01842 811077 malcolrolph@talktalk.net VMCC Kings Lynn£3. Taverners Kev’s Sunday Run. 10.30am. The Royal Oak, Kirby Muxloe, LE9 2AN. Kev Alexander 07713 908407 gautrek@ntlworld.com www.the taverners.co.uk Cotswold 26th Cotswold Signpost Rally. AV8 Cafe, Cotswold Airport, Cirencester, GL76BA (ST 961 968) 01285 651230 www.vmcc-cotswold.org West Kent Godwin’s Oast House Run. 10.30am. West Malling High Street car park. Any machine over 25 years of age. Ron Wright 07761 005995 betron.wright@gmail.com £5. B’mouth Spring Run. 10.30am. Carpenters Arms, Bransgore. Pete Rutins 01425 673407 & New Forest Cornwall Coast to Coast Run. 10.30am. Chiverton Cross, Blackwater,TR4 8HS. Basil Stocker 01736 850384 Northumbrian Rookhope Ryde. 10am. Wylam Country Park , Main Rd, Wylam. NE41 8DZ. VMCC 25-year rule Pete Bagnall 07968 646357 petebagnall44@hotmail.com www.northumbrianvmcc.co.uk/index.html £3.50

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 29



East Devon Bedfordshire Isle of Man


16th B’mouth & New Forest Wakefield & West Yorks South Dorset

Northumbrian Bedfordshire Reivers

17th Brooklands

The North Lancashire Run. 10.30am. Kingsway Hotel, Kingsway, Rochdale OL16 5HS. Geoff Green 0161 654 8159 secretary@penninevmcc.org.uk www.penninevmcc.org.uk £3. West Valleys Run. 10.30am. Springfield, Greysouthen, Cumbria, CA13 0UW. John Trafford 01900 825203 john.trafford38@gmail.com West Bay Ride. 10.30am. Smileys Cafe picnic area EX14 1BQ. Peter Dear 01297 678564 £2. Arthur King Memorial Run. 10.30am. Shefford Memorial Hall, 10 Hitchin Rd, Shefford. SG17 5JA Veteran, Vintage & Post-Vintage and any bike with girder forks. Pre-entry (by 7th May) Roger King 01582 534711; 07950 921385 r.king8@ntlworld.com £13. Test Day at Jurby Aerodrome. 10.30am. Jurby Aerodrome. Members Only, 25-year rule applies Gary Corlett 07624 496672 ghcorlett@manx.net www.vmcciom.org The Postcombe Run. 10.30am. England’s Rose PH, Postcombe.OX9 7DP. Preferably low powered, low capacity, veteran machines. Alan 01494 532172 www.magic-wheelers.org.uk

Bring a Bike Night. 7.30pm. Walkford Hotel,BH23 5QF. Dave Bowmer 01202 388404 dj.bowmer@ntlworld.com Club night. 8pm. Reindeer Inn, 204 Old Road, Overton, nr Middlestown, WF4 4RL. Neil Lewis 0773 014 6637 neil.r.lewis@btinternet.com Weymouth Week Monday Run. 10.30am. Bagwell Farm Chickerell, Weymouth DT3 4EA 25 years and older. Rod Hann 01935 872528 rodhann@hotmail.co.uk Club Night including Business Meeting. 8pm. Birtley R.A.O.B, Birtley Ln, Birtley, Chester le Street DH3 1AP. Pete Bagnall 07968 646357 petebagnall44@hotmail.com www.northumbrianvmcc.co.uk/index.html 50p Ride out to Velocette Owners Club. 8pm. Brent Fielder 07754 146605 Reivers Scottish 1000. 9am. Longframlington. Dave Spencer / Mike Coxon 01670 787 546 07919 666 818 Dave.Spencer@gmx.co.uk coxonm1@yahoo.co.uk www.vmccreivers.co.uk

Ride a Bike Night. 7.30pm. Hand and Spear, Old Heath Road, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8TX Richard Huckle 0785 3204018 richard.huckle@ntlworld.com £1. Gwent Club Night / Nog And Natter. 7.30pm. The Rising Sun Pandy NP7 8DL. Mark Hillier 01873 811541 07870 535 933 markhillier61@icloud.com Ips & Suffolk Evening Run. 7pm. Rushmere.T Dickings 01473 217215 East Lancs Ernie’s Bowland Run. 7pm. Victoria Hotel, St Johns Street, Great Harwood. BB6 7EP Graham Daniels 07952 348339 grahamdaniels9@hotmail.com £2. Goodwood Club Night. 8pm. Maypole Inn, Yapton Lane, Yapton, Nr Arundel, BN18 0DP. Maureen Street 01903 742979 goodwoodvmcc@aol.com South Cotswold Tuesday Evening Pub Meet . 7.30pm. The Tunnel House Inn, near Coates Jeremy Retford 01666 577883 Jeremyretford@btinternet.com Cheshire Club Night and talk. 7.30 for 8pm. The Motor Boat Club, Sandy Lane, Chester, CH3 5UL & North Wales Graham Gotts 0151 6786216 grahamgottsvmcc@gmail.com £2. Surrey & Sussex Fish’n’Chip Run. 7pm. The Motorcycle Workshop,Unit 3, London Rd., Bolney, West Sussex, RH17 5PY. Brian Robins 01293 537598 brian.robins@atmlcs.com £1. South Dorset Weymouth Week Tuesday Run. 10.30am. Bagwell Farm Chickerell, Weymouth DT3 4EA 25 years and older. Rod Hann 01935 872528 rodhann@hotmail.co.uk 18th Devon Ray’s Ramble. 11am. The Log Cabin, Knowstone, S Molton, EX36 4RZ. Chris Wood. 01237 472855 cjwood10@hotmail.com Cotswold Mid Week Rally. 7pm. The Lowerlode Inn, Forthampton, Gloucester (SO878 317). Nigel Tustin 01242 518310. nige-bsa@hotmail.comwww.vmcc-cotswold.org Stonehenge Club Night. 8pm. Club House. Redlynch Sports & Social Club, Woodfalls. SP5 2LN. Details Committee (Keith Starks) 01202 605112 Chiltern Pub Night. 8pm.The Black Cat, Lycrome Road, Lye Green, Chesham, HP5 3LF. Phil Barfield 01442 824143 multiman500@virginmedia.com www.chilternvmcc.co.uk Midland Club Night: Speaker John Bradshaw. 8pm. National Motorcycle Museum Bickenhill Birmingham B92 0EJ. Bob Badland 0782 584 0677 badbobland@hotmail.com www.midlandsvmcc.com

30 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

Oxford South Lincs & Peterborough Cotswold

Club night. 7.30pm. Littlemoor British Legion clubhouse. Dave Webster 01865 452232 £1. May Club Night - Bring a bike. 8pm. Red Lion, 48 King Street, West Deeping, Lincolnshire, PE6 9HP. Brian Fosh 01832 273390 gary.sleeman@ntlworld.com www.vmcc-slandp.co.uk Mid-Week Rally. 7pm. The Lower Lode Inn, Forthampton, Gloucester, GL19 4RE (SO 878 317) Roy Plowman 01242 577008 roy@plowman.freeserve.co.uk www.lowerlodeinn.co.uk Kings Lynn Ride a bike night, 7pm. The Green Man PH at Methwold Hythe. Paul Fletcher 01842 878661 or mobile 07875694842 paul@fes1hq.plus.com VMCC Kings Lynn Mid-Lincs Section Club Night. 7.30 for 8pm. The Shires, Gainsthorpe, Lincs. Peter Gunnee 01652 657169 midlincsvmcc.co.uk midlincsvmcc.co.uk £2. Norwich & Dist Club Night. 8pm. Postwick Village Hall, Ferry Lane, Postwick, Norwich, NR13 5HL. Tony Durier 01603 713850 tony@vmccnorwich.co.uk www.vmccnorwich.co.uk £1. Cornwall Informal Meet. Noon. Quintrell Inn, Quintrell Downs, TR8 4LA. Roger Hore 01208 73571 South Dorset Weymouth Week Wednesday Run. 10.30am. Bagwell Farm Chickerell, Weymouth DT3 4EA 25 years and older. Rod Hann. 01935 872528 rodhann@hotmail.co.uk 19th South Hants Day Run five. 10 for 10.30am. West Meon Hut Public House. Pre '70. Robert Hill 02392 460014 robertbtsc@live.co.uk £1. Somerset Evening Meet. 7.30pm. Sedgemoor Inn, Westonzoyland. Vehicles over 25 years. Bryan Pope 01458 251174 South Dorset Weymouth Week Thursday Run. 10.30am. Bagwell Farm Chickerell, Weymouth DT3 4EA 25 years and older. Rod Hann 01935 872528 rodhann@hotmail.co.uk Worcestershire Run from Hundred House. 9.30 for 10am. Hundred House, Great Witley. Bill Danks 01562 67103 Goodwood Evening Run. 7.30pm. The Sportsman Inn, Rackham Road, Amberley, BN18 9NR. Maureen Street 01903 742979 goodwoodvmcc@aol.com Bedfordshire Midweek Run - Bedfordshire. 10 for 10.30am. Shefford Memorial Hall, 10 Hitchin Rd, Shefford, SG17 5JA. Don McKeand 01525 720629. £2. Notts & Derby Barrie’s Chip Shop Run. 7.30pm. Ripley Market Place. Barrie. 01773 741908 Cheshire Cats Clubnight. 8pm. Winnington Park RFC, Burrows Hill, Northwich. Stephen Herbert 01606 888972 stephen_herbert@btopenworld.com vmccCheshireCats.co.uk West Wilts Mid Week Wandering. Noon. Rose and Crown, Tilshead. Colin Smith 07778 281332 colin.smith1951@btinternet.com 19th - 25th South Durham May Touring Week. 9.30am, Hurworth Grange, 41 Hurworth Road, Hurworth Place, Darlington DL2 2BN. Brian Smith 01325 286623 www.vmccsouthdurham.co.uk 20th South Dorset Weymouth Week Friday Run. 10.30M. Bagwell Farm Chickerell, Weymouth DT3 4EA 25 years and older. Rod Hann 01935 872528 rodhann@hotmail.co.uk Bristol Baton Rally Handover. Noon. The Boars Head PH, Main Road, Aust BS35 4AX. Simon Bending 01179 652503 sbendings@yahoo.co.uk West Kent Fish & Chips Run. 7.30pm. Eynsford lay-by south of railway bridge on A225. Any machine over 25 years of age. Ron Wright. 07761 005995. betron.wright@gmail.com 21st Dorset Breakfast Meet. 10am. Riverside Cafe, West Stour, Dorset SP8 5RJ. Rod Hann. 01935 872528 Brooklands Southern Clasic Bike Show and Jumble. 10am. Kempton Park TW16 5AQ. Richard Huckle 0785 3204018 richard.huckle@ntlworld.com. www.egp-enterprises.co.uk/southern-classic-show.html £7. Bristol Baton Rally Handover. Noon. The Barge Inn, Seend Cleeve, Melksham SN12 6QB. Simon Bending 01179 652503 sbendings@yahoo.co.uk South Durham Quaker Weekend. 10am. Cricket Club, Middleton St George. 25-year rule. David Porteous 07706 992855 david.porteous@sky.com www.vmccsouthdurham.co.uk West Wilts Baton Relay. Noon. Barge Inn, Seend. Tony Kay 01380 722288 tonyak69@yahoo.com 22nd Oxford Social run. 10am. H.Cafe Berinsfeild. Robb Harris 01865 730109. £1. Essex Eric Hodkinson Memorial Run. 9.30 for 10am start. Brock Hill Nursery, Brock Hill, Wickford Pre 1940 & Post 1940. Andy Cook 07967478555 0796 7478555 vmcc-essex.co.uk £0.00

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Central Lancs Dartmoor

North East

South Lincs & Peterborough Norwich & Dist Wessex Veteran & Vintage Anglian


Banbury N Birmingham

West Wilts


Clyde Valley & Stirling Castle Midland North Cotswold

Ironmasters East Lancs


Northampton South Dorset

23rd Northumbrian 24th Taverners

Flat tank and Girder Fork run. 10.30am. Goosnargh village green PR3 2BH. 21st anniversary special to include tele -rigid machines. Scott Hodges. 07813 608891 £5. Club Ride-Dartmoor Run. 10am. The Royal Seven Stars Hotel. The Plains, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5DD Chris Coote 07899 993 902 http://vmccdartmoor.com The Coronation Run. 11am. Coronation Hall, Boroughbridge. Anthony Head 01423 712072 anthonyhead901@btinternet.com £3. Out West Run. 10.30am. Stibbington Diner, 2 Old North Road, Stibbington, Peterborough PE8 6LR. Brian Fosh 01832 273390 gary.sleeman@ntlworld.com www.vmcc-slandp.co.uk £2. The Suffolk 100 . 10 for10:30am. The 100th Bomb Group Memorial Museum, Common Road, Dickleburgh, Diss, IP21 4PH. Pre-31 machines. Peter Bennett/Nick Farthing. 01508 531775 570143 peter@arthouse-design.co.uk www.vmccnorwich.co.uk £10. Run and Picnic. 11am. Pre-1931 motor cycles only. Ian Clarke Bette Barber 01202 824772 0722 330453. ianclarke135@me.com £3 Hougton Mill Run. 10.30am. Huntingdon Garden Centre, Banks End, Wyton, Huntingdon, PE28 2AA VMCC eligible only. Mike Hobbs 01480 880217 mike.h.h.hobbs@btinternet.com £5. Owen Tyler Cup Run. 10.30am. Hurst Village Halls School Road Hurst Berkshire RG10 0DR Malcolm White 01344 642866 info@berkshire-vmcc.org.uk www.berkshire-vmcc.org.uk £6. Whitsun Wanderer. 9.30am. Horse Fair Banbury. OX16 0AN. Simon Clarke sfc.clarke@gmail.com The Long Mynd Run. 10for 10.30am start. Tony’s Diner, Quatford, Bridgnorth, WV15 6QL Ron Higgins 01746 764188 davidjspencer@btinternet.com www.vmcc-nbs.co.uk Baton Relay. 10.30am. Subway Cafe, 84 Beanacre Rd, Melksham, Wiltshire SN12 8AU Tony Kay 01380 722288 tonyak69@yahoo.com The Cross Boarders Run. 10am. Abergavenny Bus Station NP7 5HP. Scott Headington 07975 569879 markhillier61@icloud.com Scottish Tiddler's Tootle. 10.30am. Woodside Hotel, Doune. FK16 6AB. Machines up to 250cc. Don Riley (tel) & Jim Leddy (e-mail) 01698 854390 jjleddy2@gmail.com The Somerville Breakfast Ride Out. 9.30am. Meriden Motorcycles, Marsh Lane, Meriden, 25-year VMCC Rolling Rule. Bob Badland. 07825 840677 badbobland@hotmail.com www.midlandsvmcc.com £1. Social Run. 10am. The Square Chipping Campden. Andy Barnett 01386 881145 tigerville750@gmail.com www.northcotswoldvmcc.com £1. Tiddlers Tour. 10.30am. Redhill café layby A5. Alan Richardson. 01785 841257 Cravendale Run. 10.30am. Bancroft Mill, Gillians Lane, Barnoldswick.BB18 5QR. Graeme Bretherton 01772 716076 £2. Social Event. Noon. The Friendly Inn. Frankton. CV23 9NY Frank Parker. 01926 429310 frankparker@talktalk.net Box of Match Run. 10.30am Yeomann Wooton. NN74 4QU. David Hibbert. 01604 766480 davidhibbert007@btinternet.com www.vmcc.net Canal Run. 10am. Top of Town Dorchester DT1 1RN. Nick Frisby 01305 853551 af@annefrisby.free-online.co.uk £2. Club Night. 8pm. Birtley R.A.O.B, Birtley Ln, Birtley, Chester le Street DH3 1AP. Pete Bagnall 07968 646357 petebagnall44@hotmail.com www.northumbrianvmcc.co.uk/index.html 50p

Tuesday ‘John Thompson’ Run. 7.30pm. County Hall, Glenfield, LE3 8RA. Roger Monk 01509 412662 pmonk83@yahoo.com www.thetaverners.co.uk South Cotswold Tuesday Evening Pub Meet . 6.30 for 7pm. The Anchor Inn at Thornbury. Jeremy Retford 01666 577883 Jeremyretford@btinternet.com Burton & Dist Inter-section and Classic Gathering. 7pm. Marston’s Sports and Social Club. Vic Carrington-Porter 01283 619489 viccp100@talktalk.net www.burtonsectionandclassics.co.uk Surrey & Sussex Evening Run. 7.15pm. Copthorne Social Club Copthorne Bank Copthorne Crawley RH10 3RE Brian Robins 01293 537598 brian.robins@atmlcs.com £1. Goodwood Noggin’n’Natter. 8pm. The Sportsman Inn, Rackham Road, Amberley, BN18 9NR. Maureen Street 01903 742979 goodwoodvmcc@aol.com

32 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

Ips & Suffolk 24th & 25th Cornwall Cotswold 25th Essex Clyde Valley South Wales Cotswold



South Dorset Men of Kent

Evening Run. 7pm. Rushmere. T Dickings 01473 217215

70th Baton Rally in Cornwall. 8.30am. Red Post. Celia Hore 01208 73571 Committee Meeting. 7.30pm. Churchdown Club, Church Road, Churchdown. Chris Day 01452 854341 chrisday1947@blueyonder.co.uk www.vmcc-cotswold.org

Evening Run. 7pm. Writtle Green Nr Chelmsford. John Beckinsale. 01268 763805 vmcc-essex.co.uk Grumpy Old Men. Noon. Crawford Truckstop (Heathergyll Hotel). Paul Rickards 01555 870329 paul.rickards@virgin.net www.clydevalleyvmcc.co.uk Mid week evening run. 7pm. Victoria Inn, Sigingstone. Howard Jayne howard.jayne@talktalk.net www.southwalessectionvmcc.co.uk Club Night and Barbecue. 7pm. The Haw Bridge Inn, Haw Bridge, Tirley, Gloucester, GL19 4HJ (SO 845 278). Graham Rowcliffe. 01793 886967 info@rowcliffeplantsales.com www.vmcc-cotswold.org Talk on Speedway. 8pm. Begbrook Community Centre, Frenchay Park Road, Bristol, BS16 1HY Simon Bending 01179 652503. sbendings@yahoo.co.uk Club Night and BBQ. 7pm. Haw Bridge Inn, Haw bridge, Tirley, Gloucestershire. (SO 845 278) Chris Day 01452 854341 chrisday1947@blueyonder.co.uk www.vmcc-cotswold.org Club night. 7.30pm. Spitfire Club, Crossways DT2 8TP. Nick Frisby 01305 853551 af@annefrisby.free-online.co.uk Bike night meeting. 8pm. Red Lion Pub, Baddlesmere near Faversham, Kent. ME13 0NX. Frank Mitchell 07837 918087

26th North Cotswold Wrinkly Run. 10am. Norton Lindsay. Graham Hallard 01926 842029 hallarainbow@hotmail.com www.northcotswoldvmcc.com £1. West Wilts Section Meeting. 8pm. Chippenham Rugby Club. Tony Kay 01380 722288 tonyak69@yahoo.com Flat Tank Cotton Motorcycles to 1931. 8pm. Thornbury Rugby Football Club, BS35 1LG. Dr Reg Eyre 01242 870375 reg.eyre@tesco.net £2. Bristol Lunchtime Meet. Noon onwards.The George Inn, Gurney Slade BA3 4TQ. Simon Bending 01179 652503 sbendings@yahoo.co.uk Oxford Social run. 10am. Milletts Farm. Alan Whitington 01235 832145 £1. Notts & Derby Evening Run. 7.30pm. A52/A38 Roundabout Derby (NW Corner) Mick Leach. 01283 815487 Taverners Evening Run. 7.30pm. McDonalds, Thurmaston, LE4 8GP. Roger Monk 01509 412662 pmonk83@yahoo.com www.thetaverners.co.uk South Hants Evening Run. 7.30pm. Roundabout Portsdown Hill Car Park. Pre-70 machines. Pete Rimmer robertbtsc@live.co.uk £1. Lakeland Club Night: Paul Foster Photos by Pops Hinde. 7.30 pm for 8pm. Keswick Rugby Club, CA12 5EG Colin Steer 017687 74536 colinsteer@vmcclakeland.co.uk M&HP Club/machine night. 8pm. Poynton WMC, Park lane, Poynton. SK12 1RG. Barry Howard/Barry Cook 01625 630016 01663 750827 howardranch@hotmail.co.uk Warwickshire Wrinklies Run. 10am. Rainbow Cottage. Norton Linsey. Graham Hallard 01926 842029 27th Cornwall Truro Club Night. 7.30pm for 8pm. Truro Cricket Club, Malpas Road, Truro, TR1 1SG Roger Fogg 01726 67198 27th-29th West S. Wales Welsh/Irish weekend (Ireland). 9am. Fishguard. Les Thomas 01646 651384 www.westsouthwalesvmcc.co.uk 28th Clyde Valley Clyde Valley Barbeque. 2pm. John Harper’s smallholding, 11 Cathburn Road, Morningside, Newmains ML2 9QL. John Harper 01698 383214 john@cathburn.com www.clydevalleyvmcc.co.uk 28th-29th Lakeland Back Green Rally. 1.30pm. Back Green, Hesket Newmarket, Cumbria. Pre-1960. Paul Richardson 016974 78037 walter.hnm@btinternet.com £7.

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 33

Ips & Suffolk South Dorset

Stirling Castle

East Devon 29th Isle of Wight Banbury

South Dorset South Hants

29th B’pool & Dist West Kent

Northampton Somerset

B’mouth & New Forest Bristol



29th - 30th Gwent


50-year anniversary/ 10.30am. Rushmere. T Dickings 01473 217215 Baton Run. 10.30pm. Top of Town Dorchester DT1 1RN. Nick Frisby 01305 853551 af@annefrisby.free-online.co.uk Blackford Games. Noon, approx. Games field Blackford. David Brown 01786 870345 janettemcbrown@icloud.com www.stirlingcastlevmcc.co.uk Breakfast meet. 10am. A35 Pit Stop Cafe. Gammons Hill. Robin Clow 07774 694833

(with Bournemouth & New Forest). Baton Relay. 8am. Yarmouth Ferry Terminal. Any VMCC eligible machine. Ron Wallis 01983 752861 ron.wallis10@gmail.com A Grand Day Out. 7am. Horse Fair, Banbury, OX16 0AN. Members and guests. Alan Yeomans afyeomans@btinternet.com Baton Run. 10.30am. Top of Town Dorchester. Nick Frisby 01305 853551 af@annefrisby.free-online.co.uk Ted Craven Run. 10 for 10.30. Wickham Square. Pre '70. Dave Tanner 01329 827262 robertbtsc@live.co.uk £1.

Dunsop Bridge Run. 10am. Knott End On Sea, Cafe, FY6 0EA. Jeff Chambers 01772 673711 jeff.chambers1@yahoo.com £1. Social Run. 10.30am. Kemsing High Street car park. Any machine over 25 years of age. Ron Wright 07761 005995 betron.wright@gmail.com Girder fork run. 10.30am. Sywell Airport, Northampton. NN6 OBU. John Bulmer 07850 909340 david.mead@btinternet.com All Day Breakfast Run. 7.30am. Spaxton Village Hall. Nr Bridgwater. Machines over 25 years Phil Ham 01278 671626 Baton Run. 10.30 for 11am. Carpenters Arms, Bransgore. Dave Bowmer 01202 388404 dj.bowmer@ntlworld.com Ray Cordy Memorial Run. 10.30am. Avon Valley Railway, Bitton BS30 6HD. VMCC eligible machines. John Beddis 01454 886506 Mob. 07551 945665 jcbeddis11@blueyonder.co.uk £6. Whitsun Run. 11am. Drusilla’s Inn Wigbeth Horton Dorset BH21 7JH. Keith Starks 01202 605112 keith-starks@tiscali.co.uk £2. South Devon Railway, Buckfastleigh. 10am-noon. South Devon Railway, Buckfastleigh Station, TQ11 0DZ. John Osmond 01803 527469 http://vmccdartmoor.com

Abergavenny Steam, Veteran & Vintage Rally. 9:30am. Bailey Park Abergavenny NP7 5PR Any vehicle over 25 years of age. Henri Collings 01873 831946 markhillier61@icloud.com www.abergavennysteamrally.co.uk/index.php Edinburgh Night run. Wideopen Services. Dave Spencer 01670 787 546 Dave.Spencer@gmx.co.uk www.vmccreivers.co.uk £10.

29th - 5th June West Wilts Section Holiday. 4pm. Derwent Manor Hotel. Allenford DH8 9BD. Bob Fisher 01285 860130 bob.fisher2@virgin.net £400. 30th Northwest Club Social Meeting. 8pm. The Barons Burscough. Secretary 07961 446971 ken.linda.jones@googlemail.com www.vmccnorthwestsection.co.uk Northumbrian Club Night. 8pm. Birtley R.A.O.B, Birtley Ln, Birtley, Chester le Street DH3 1AP. Pete Bagnall 07968 646357 petebagnall44@hotmail.com www.northumbrianvmcc.co.uk/index.html 50p. 30th - 4th June Northampton Rhayader Week. 8.30am. Weedon NN74QQ. Northampton Section members only. Richard Stone, 01604 768069 richardstoe47@hotmail.co.uk VMCC.NET 31st Ips & Suffolk Evening Run. 7pm. T Dickings 01473 217215 South Cotswold Tuesday Evening Pub Meet . From 7.30pm. The Carpenter's Arms at Miserden. Jeremy Retford 01666 577883 Jeremyretford@btinternet.com Kings Lynn Club Night and Evening Run. 7pm for the run; 8pm for Club Night. The Social Club Methwold

34 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

West Kent


Norfolk. Paul Fletcher 01842 878661 or mobile 07875694842 paul@fes1hq.plus.com VMCC Kings Lynn Visit from local sections. 8pm. The Woodman, Goathurst Common TN14 6BU. Ron Wright 07761 005995 betron.wright@gmail.com

1st Cotswold

Mid-Week Rally. 7pm. Butchers Arms Inn, Oakridge Lynch, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL6 7NZ (SO 917 038). Roy Plowman West Kent Wrinkly Run. 10.30am. Teston bridge country park. Ron Wright. 07761 005995 N. Birmingham Fish and Chip Evening. 7.30 for 8pm. The Round Oak Inn, 100 Ounsdale Road, Wombourne, WV5 8BU. David Spencer 01746 762957 Moonraker Baton Rally. To be arranged with Oxford Section Mrs J Goodwin Secretary. 01793 539207 25-year rule applies Chiltern Evening Run 7 for 7.30pm. The Black Cat, Lycrome Road, Lye Green, Chesham, HP5 3LF Phil Barfield 01442 824143 £2. 25 year rule applies Surrey & Sussex Day Run. 10am The Chalet Transport Cafe Henfield Road,Cowfold, RH13 8DU Brian Robins. 01293 537598. £1 Midland Queens Head Evening Run. 7pm. Boat Inn. Catherine De Barnes, B91 2TJ. Bob Badland 07970 416021. £1. 25 year rule applies North East Evening Run. 7pm. Hare and Hounds, Stutton, North Yorkshire. Terry Parsons 01937 819469 £3 Lakeland Manor Hotel Ride-In. 11am. Manor Hotel, Oxen Park, Cumbria. John Silcock. 01229 861264 Essex Wrinkly Run. 10 for 10:30am start. Battlesbridge, Maltings Rd LAYBY. SatNav SS117RF Mark Wilson. 01702 512010 Cotswold Mid-Week Social Run. 1pm. Butchers Arms Inn, Oakridge Lynch, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL6 7NZ (SO 917 038). Nigel Tustin 01242 518310 East Sussex Chris Pile’s Wrinkly Run 1. 10:30am. Section HQ, Brian’s Barn (next to the Ash), Ashburnham, TN33 9NX Chris Pile 01435 864043 Dorset Lunch Meet. 12 noon. Riverside Cafe, West Stour, Dorset SP8 5RJ. Rod Hann 01935 872528 Bristol Fish and Chip Run. 7pm. The Fox & Hounds, Acton Turville, GL9 1HW John Dodimead 01179 372949 2nd South Hants Evening Run 7.30 pm. Basungwell St Car Park Bishop Waltham. David Thew 02380 463534 Somerset Club Night and Short Run 6-30pm. Cossington Village Hall. Percy Whellock 01823 282133 Machines over 25 years Cyclemotor Baton Rally Brooklands test hill challenge. On site before 10am. Brooklands Museum, Brooklands Road, Weybridge, Surrey. KT13 0QN Lorraine Carter. 0118 9730712, 07703623613. £11 Up to 100cc, or veteran machines,.25 year rule applies South Cotswold Gordon’s Informal Weekday Run. 10am. Stonehouse Car Park. Jeremy Retford 01666 577883 W South Wales Wrinkles Run. 10am. Telephone Barrie and Angie 01558 668579 North Staffs Kate’s Evening Run. 7pm. Leek Market Place. Kate Wain 07561 530136 £1 Notts & Derby Bring a Bike Night. 8pm. Royal Oak Ockbrook. John. 01623 861474 3rd Men of Kent Sittingbourne International touring weekend. 10am. Sharsted Sports Club, Newnham, near Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 0NB Frank Mitchell 07837 918087 4th Berkshire Chairman’s Ride In, BBQ & Baton Exchange. 11am. Hurst Village Halls School Road Hurst Berkshire RG10 0DR. Malcolm White. 01344 642866 Chiltern Summer Baton Run. 10.30 for 11am departure. Great Missendan Car Park, Great Missenden, Bucks Phil Barfield. 01442 824143. £2. Girder Forks 5th East Yorkshire Summer Saunter. 10:30am Fimber Roundabout. A. Frankish.01482 658903 £2 North Staffs The Ice Cream Run. 10.30am. Leek Market Place Dave Sproson. 01782 771576. £1 Worcestershire Welsh Lakes Run. 9.30 for 10am. Market Square, Bromyard. Pete Howells 01886 853293

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 35

Men of Kent

61st Sittingbourne Run. 9am. Sharsted Sports Club, Newnham, near Sittingbourne, Kent. ME9 0NB Frank Mitchell 07837 918087. All VMCC eligible motorcycles Cheshire The Llangollen Gathering. 10am. Llangollen Motor Museum, LL20 8EE Dave Kay 0151 334 6187 & N Wales £3.00 Taverners 2 Stroke Run, 10am. Lady Jane, Whitwick, LE67 5PH. Roger Monk 01509 412662 Moonraker Dave’s Sunday Run. 10 for10.30am. Rat Trap, Stratton, Nr Swindon. Mrs J Goodwin 01793 539207 £1 25-year rule applies Oxford Club run. 10am H cafe Berrinsfeild, Dave Clarke 01865 452232 £1 Cornwall Land’s End Run. 9am. Bodmin and Wenford Steam Railway, Bodmin, PL31 1AG Gilbert Dingle / Stan Weston 01208 863325 / 01872 510478 Brooklands 70th Anniversary Baton Handover. 12 noon. Brooklands Museum. Richard Huckle 0785 3204018 £11 Stonehenge Landford Run. 11am. Wyevale Garden Centre ( Golden Acres) Southampton Road, Landford, Wiltshire SP5 2BE. John & Olive Guy 02380 694111. £2. Girder Fork and/or Rigid Bikes only Norwich & Dist Round Norfolk Run. 7:30 for 8:30am. The Gull Inn, Loddon Road, Norwich, NR14 7PL. Bob and Cynthia Forster. 01603 737540. £6. Rider age and machine age required for awards calculations. Northampton Earls Barton Trans Ruyn. 10.30am. Billing Garden Centre, NN39EX. Bob Whtman 01604 811747 Somerset Girder Fork and Rigid Frame Run. 10-30am for 11am. Old Down Inn, Emborough. BA3 4SA Colin Bentham 01761 241516. Girder fork and rigid frame machines Notts & Derby Vale of Belvoir Run. 10am. Pidcock BMW Long Eaton. Graham. 07745 888938 Blackpool & Dist Chairman's Bacon Butty Run. 10am Graham Jacksons Farm - Whiteacres, Shard Lane, Hambleton FY6 9BX Jeff Chambers 01772 673711 £1 Kings Lynn Summer Run. 10.30am. Swaffham Market Place. Graham Lovesay. 01553 828184 £3 N Cotswold Breakfast Run. 9am. Pillerton Priors Layby. Mike Legg 01608 663898 £1 Warwickshire Kenilworth Run 10 for 10.30am start. Hatton lay-by. Malcolm Griffin 01926 497475 Bikes 25yrs or older South Wales Seaside Run. 10am. Conservative Club, Stanwell Road, Penarth. John Lewis £8 Club eligible machines and invited classic cars Cyclemotor The Greenway Run. 10.30am. The Stratton Arms, Turweston.NN13 5JX David and Joyce 01280 848233 Preferably low powered/low capacity/veteran Cornwall Land’s End Run. 9 for 9.30am. Bodmin and Wenford Steam Railway, Bodmin, PL31 1 AG Stan Weston 01872 510478 6th South Wales Bring a bike night. 7:30pm. Llanharry Working Mens Club. Howard Jayne South Hants Monthly Meeting. 7.30 for 8pm. Hill Park Working Mens Club. Robert Hill 02392 460014 Worcestershire Pub night. 7.30pm. Defford Arms, Defford. John Porter 01386 553329 Goodwood Baton Relay Run - Collect 10.30am Whiteways Lodge Car Park, Top Bury Hill, junction of A29/A284/B2139, West Sussex BN18 9FD. Maureen Street 01903 742979 Northumbrian Club Night. 8pm. Birtley R.A.O.B, Birtley Ln, Birtley, Chester le Street DH3 1AP Pete Bagnall 07968 646357 50p. Men of Kent Club Night. 8pm. Sharsted Sports Club, Newnham, near Sittingbourne, Kent. ME9 0NB Frank Mitchell 07837 918087 7th Brooklands Social Meeting. 8pm. The Cricketers PH, The Green, Pirbright, Woking GU24 0LP Richard Huckle 07853 204018 East Devon Club Night. 8pm. Honiton Youth Football Club. Mountbatten Park EX14 1AR. Bob Clow 07774 694833 North Cotswold Club Night. 8pm. Lygon Arms Chipping Campden. Chris Delaney. 01789 262076 Goodwood Baton Relay Run - Deliver 10.30am. Goodwood Motor Circuit, Chichester, West Sussex, PO18 0PH Airfield cafe. John Taylor 01903 892314 Ips & Suffolk Evening Run. 7pm. Rushmere. T Dickings 01473 217215 East Lancs Business meeting. 8pm. Victoria Hotel, St Johns Street, Great Harwood. BB6 7EP Graham Daniels 07952 348339

36 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

S Cotswold 8th Bristol

Club Night. 7pm. The Kings Head, Kings Stanley.Jeremy Retford 01666 577883

Ride a Bike Night. 8pm. Begbrook Community Centre, Frenchay Park Road, Bristol, BS16 1HY Simon Bending 01179 652503 Chiltern Wrinkly Run. 10.30 for 11am departure. The Black Cat, Lycrome Road, Lye Green, Chesham, HP5 3LF, Phil Barfield 01442 824143 £2. 25 year rule applies Snowdonia/Eryri Clubnight, bring your bike.7.30pm Snowdonia Inn, Waunfawr. John Evans 01286 872599 Banbury Bring A Bike Night. 7pm. Horse Fair Banbury. OX16 0AN Dave Curtiss / Mick Dale Essex Ride a Bike night and Run. 7 for 7.30pm. Ship & Anchor Maldon. Peter Williams 01268 767293 Warwickshire Club Night. 8pm. Kenilworth RFC. Helen Parker 01926 429310 M&HP Evening run. 7-15 for 7-30pm. Poynton Workmens Park lane Poynton. SK12 1RG Barry Howard 01625 630016 S Lincs & P’bro Evening Fish and Chips Run. 6.45pm. Red Lion, 48 King Street, West Deeping, Lincolnshire, PE6 9HP. Gary Sleeman 01733 770241 £2 Reivers Club Night. 8pm. Ashington Rugby Club, NE63 8TP. Simon Hadden 01665 570 023 50p Cotswold Mid-Week Rally. 7pm. The Kings Head House, Bath Road, Eastington, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, GL10 3AA (SO 774 053) Roy Plowman 01242 577008 Kings Lynn Inter-Section Meeting with Anglian Section. Meet for 12 noon. The Five Miles from Anywhere PH at Upware nr Ely. Paul Fletcher 01842 878661 or mobile 07875694842 9th Dartmoor Early Evening Ride. 6pm for 6.30pm start The Royal Seven Stars Hotel, The Plains, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5DD. Alan Langmaid 01803 863296 Cornwall East Taphouse Club Night. 7.30pm for 8pm. East Taphouse Community Hall, East Taphouse, PL14 4TA Celia Hore 01208 73571 North Staffs Wild Boar Run. 7pm. Leek Market Place. Bill Champion 01625 611743 £1 Bristol Run to Haynes Motor Museum. 10am Avon Valley Railway, Bitton BS30 6HD. Alan Burton 07774 923721 North Cotswold Wrinkly Run. 10am. Shipston on Stour. Fred Simmons 01608 663975 £1 West Kent Members’ Choice Concours. 8pm. Pied Bull, Farningham DA4 0DG. Ron Wright 07761 005995 Cheshire & N Wales Machine Night 6.30pm. The Bridge Inn, Pontblyddyn, Near Mold. Derek Burns 01978 761453 Bedfordshire Ride a Bike to Shefford - Evening Gathering. 8pm for 8.30pm. Shefford Memorial Hall, 10 Hitchin Rd, Shefford, Beds. SG17 5JA Brent Fielder 07754 146605 Oxford Social run. 10am.Turnpike Yarnton. Maurice Belcher 01865 247823 £1 West Wilts Section Meeting - chat night. 8pm. Chippenham Rugby Club Tony Kay 01380 722288 Taverners Evening Run. 7:30pm. Wistow garden centre, LE8 0QF. Roger Monk 01509 412662 10th Cyclemotor Camping weekend. From Lunchtime Friday. Peacehaven Farm, Ickford, Bucks HP18 9JE Alan Hummerstone 01494 532172 No restrictions, but most suitable for low power Brooklands Weekend Run. 8.30am. Hogs Back Cafe , A31, Seale, Farnham GU10 1HQ Richard Huckle 0785 3204018 £135 Men of Kent 70th Anniversary Baton Relay. 12.30pm. Kent £ East Sussex Steam Railway Cafe, Tenterden. TN30 6HE. Richard Barsby 07989 352990 11th Taverners BBQ Trial, 2pm. Vickers Farm, Marefield, LE7 9LE. Roger Monk 01509 412662 Notts & Derby Limestone Peak Run, 2.30pm. Lay-by A515. 1m near Ashbourne. Clive. 12th Pennine The Four Counties Run. 10.30am. Kingsway Hotel, Kingsway, Rochdale OL16 5HS Geoff Green 01616 548159 £3 M&HP Phil Barton Memorial Run. 10.30 for11am. Moat House Farm, Peel lane, Astbury, Congleton, CW12 4RJ Barry Howard/Cath Barton 01625 630016/07834 118320 W South Wales Pembroke Run. 10am. Jeff and Joan 01437 764956 N Birmingham Julian’s Excursion. 10 for 10.30am start. Cosford Railway Station car park Julian Edwards 01562 883224 Goodwood Goodwood Run 10.30am. Goodwood Horse Race Course, Selhurstpark Road, Goodwood, Chichester, West Sussex PO16 0PS John Turrell 01903 892411 or 01903 742979

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West Kent Burton & Dist

Social Run. 10.30 am. Wrotham Hill car park. Ron Wright. Any machine over 25 years of age Singles & over 60s. 8.30am. Marston’s Sports and Social Club. Lee Stretton 01283 217932 Pre-55 multi cylinder; 25 year rule applies East Sussex Cuckmere Run. 10:30am prompt. Section HQ, Brian’s Barn (next to the Ash Tree Inn), Ashburnham, TN33 9NX Andy Marks 01323 849199 Worcestershire Source of the Teme Run. 9.30 for 10am. Bell Inn, Lower Broadheath, Worcester. John Porter 01386 553329 Reivers The Bamburgh Run. 10am. Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland, NE69 7DF. Mike Coxon 07919 666818. £10. Any pre-1930. Post-1930 with girder fork North Cotswold Girder/Rigid Run plus Classic Vehicle Clubs Day at Toddington Railway Station. 10am. The Square Chipping Campden. Bob Ashwin 01386 870648. £1. All over-25 vehicles welcome Isle of Man Harold Rowell Memorial Road Run. 2pm. TT Grandstand. Gary Corlett Dorset Purbeck Run. 11am. Botany Bay Inn, Winterbourne Zelston, Dorset BH20 7DL. Tony Morpeth 01300 342058 £3 East Lancs Museum Run. 10.30am. Judge Walmsley car park, Whalley. BB7 9NT. Graeme Bretherton 01772 716076 £2 West Kent Early starter run. 7.30am. Polhill lay-by on A224 near Halstead, Kent. Ron Wright 07761 005995 Any machine over 25 years of age M&HP Phil Barton memorial run. 10.30 for11.00am. Moat House Farm, Peel lane, Astbury, Congleton. CW12 4RJ Barry Howard/Cath Barton 01625 630016 07834 118320 Northampton The Sunshine Run. 10am. Super Sausage Potterspury NN127QD Richard Stone 01604 768069 Wessex Mercian Incursion Run. 10.30 for 11am The Pear Tree Inn, Whitley SN12 8QX Vet & Vintage Frank Cropp 01225 708743 £3 Pre-1931 machines only North East High Trees Run. 10 for 10.30am. High Trees Garden Centre, Horsforth, Leeds. Dave Town 01274 565951 £3 Gwent The Girder Fork Run. 10am. Abergavenny Bus Station NP7 5HP. John Sharman 01874 730753 Ips & Suffolk Baton Relay Run. 10am. Rushmere. T Dickings 01473 217215 Cotswold Historic Vehicle Day. 10am. Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Steam Railway, Toddington Station GL54 5DT (SO 050 324) Graham Rowcliffe 01793 886967 Devon Ron Ley Run. 11am. Quince Honey Farm, North St. S Molton, EX36 3AZ. Chris Wood 01237 472855 £2 Moonraker Keith/Fred Social Run. 10 for 10.30am. Rat Trap Stratton Nr Swindon. Mrs J Goodwin 01793 539207 £1 25 year rule Warwickshire Breakfast Run. 6-30am for 7am start. A429/M40 lay by. Harry Wiles 01788-334617 Bikes 25yrs or older Anglian Fenland Gallop. 10.30am. Green Welly Cafe, Chatteris, PE16 6UA. A141 j/w A142 Roger Newark 01354 741099 £5 Open to any VMCC eligible machine S Cotswold The Elver Run. 10am. Stonehouse Car Park. Jeremy Retford 01666 577883. VMCC eligible machines only please. 13th Worcestershire Bring a Bike night. 7.30pm. Bell Inn, Lower Broadheath, Worcester. John Porter 01386 553329 Wessex Club night 8pm. The Kings Arms Inn, East Stour Common SP8 5NB. Ian Clarke 01202 82477 Vet & Vintage Stirling Castle Club Night. 7.45pm. Woodside Hotel Doune. David Brown 01786 870345 14th Burton & Dist Club Night. 8pm. Marston’s Sports and Social Club. Vic Carrington-Porter. 01283 619489 £1 Clyde Valley Chip Shop meeting. 7.30pm. Townhead Cafe, Biggar. Tim Ryan 07714 505386 South Cotswold Tuesday Evening Pub Meet from 6.30pm. The Crown and Sceptre, Horns Rd, Stroud Jeremy Retford 01666 577883 Pennine Machine Night. 7.30 pm. Kingsway Hotel, Kingsway, Rochdale OL16 5HS. Geoff Green 0161 654 8159 Anglian Club Night. 7.30pm. Fulbourn Institute Sports & Social Club, Home End, Fulbourn, Cambridge, CB21 5BS Roger Newark 01354 741099. £2 Ips & Suffolk Evening Run. &pm. Rushmere. T Dickings 01473 217215

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Oxford Poole run. 9am. Steventon village hall. Alan Wittington 01235 832145 £1 Surrey & Sussex Evening Run. 7.15pm. Copthorne Social Club, Copthorne Bank, Copthorne, Crawley RH10 3RE Brian Robins 01293 537598 £1 N Cotswold Fish’n’Chips Night. 7pm John Stirman 01608 686776 £7 East Devon Lunch Meet. From 1.00pm Aviator Cafe. Dunkerswell Airfield. Bob Clow 07774 694833 15th East Sussex Slug Run 7pm. Brian’s Barn, Brownbread Street, Ashburnham TN33 9NX. Dave Masters 01424 211873. Sluggish motorcycles with a 30mph cruisng speed (max) Midland Arrive on a Bike Night Competition. 7.30pm. National Motorcycle Museum, Bickenhill, Birmingham B92 0EJ. Bob Badland. 07970 416021 £1 25-year VMCC Rolling Rule Stonehenge Club Night - Annual Barbecue. 7pm. Breamore House Countryside Museum, Breamore, Hampshire SP6 2DF. Details Committee (Keith Starks) 01202 605112 Norwich & Dist Club Night. 8pm. Postwick Village Hall, Ferry Lane, Postwick, Norwich, NR13 5HL. Tony Durier 01603 713850 £1 Bristol Evening Run 7pm. Chipping Sodbury Clock Tower, High Street, BS37 6AH. Rod Western 07778 704097 VMCC eligible machines West Kent Evening Run. 7.30pm. Polhill lay-by on A224 near Halstead, Kent. Ron Wright 07761 005995 Any machine over 25 years of age Chiltern Pub Night. About 8pm. The Black Cat, Lycrome Road, Lye Green, Chesham, HP5 3LF. Phil Barfield 01442 824143 Cornwall Informal Meet. 12 noon. Quintrell Inn, Quintrell Downs, TR8 4LA. Roger Hore 01208 73571 Dorset Mid-Week Run. 2pm. The Udder Farm Shop, East Stour, Dorset SP8 5LQ. Maurice McGladdery 01963 363020 £3 Norwich & Dist 70th Baton Rally. 12 noon. Postwick Village Hall, Ferry Lane, Postwick, Norwich, NR13 5HL. Bob Forster 01603 737540 Oxford Club night. 7.30pm. Littlemoor British Legion. Dave Webster 01865 452232 £1 Dartmoor Babbacombe Fair. 10am. Babbacombe Downs, Torquay, Devon, TQ1 3LU. Derek French 07747 032659 B’pool & Dist Club Display - Knott End. 5:30pm onwards. Knott End On Sea - Cafe - FY6 0EA. Jeff Chambers 01772 673711 Cotswold Mid-Week Rally 7pm. The Farmers Arms Inn, Birts Street, Birtsmorton, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR13 6AP (SO 790 363) Roy Plowman 01242 577008 S Lincs Evening bike show. 8pm. Red Lion, 48 King Street, West Deeping, Lincolnshire, PE6 9HP & Peterbro Brian Fosh 01832 273390 Herefordshire Trail riding in the Peak District. 12 noon. Bushey Heath Farm, Tideswell Moor, Derbyshire SK17 8JE. Geoff McGladdery. 07588 559698 £50 Ips & Suffolk Baton Relay Run. 10am Rushmere. T Dickings 01473 217215 North East President’s Run. 11am. Sun Inn, Norwood. Terry Parsons 01937 819469 £3 Kings Lynn Ride-a-Bike Night. 7pm. The Stag at West Acre near Swaffham. Paul Fletcher 01842 878661 or mobile 07875 694842 16th Worcestershire Midweek Run. 9.30 for 10am. Bell Inn, Lower Broadheath, Worcester. Howard Williams 01905 355665 Kings Lynn 70th Anniversary Baton Relay Change Over. 1pm meet Norwich; Swaffham Market Place. Paul Fletcher 01842 878661 or mobile 07875 694842 Cheshire Cats Clubnight. 8pm Winnington Park RFC, Burrows Hill, Northwich. Stephen Herbert 01606 888972 West Wilts Mid Week Wandering. 12 noon. Cross Guns. Avoncliff. Colin Smith. 07778 281332 Lakeland Newfield Inn Ride-In. 11.30am. Newfield Inn, Seathwaite, South Lakes. Colin Steer 017687 74536 Somerset Evening Meet. 7pm. Lamb Inn, Spaxton, TA5 1AD. Phil Ham 01278 671626. Machines over 25 South Hants Evening Run. 7.30pm. The Churchilian Car Park, Portsdown Hill. Russell Daysh 01329 311331 S Lincs Pick up 70th Anniversary Baton. 2pm. Esso Services, Eye Green, Peterborough. Jonathan Jones & Peterbro 01733 222367 Bedfordshire Midweek Run - Bedfordshire. 10 for 10.30am. Shefford Memorial Hall, 10 Hitchin Rd, Shefford, SG17 5JA Don McKeand 01525 720629 £2

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Notts & Derby Old & Slow Run. 7.30pm. Ripley Market Place. Jim 0115 9329049. Lower-powered lightweight eligible machines preferred 17th S Lincs Deliver 70th Anniversary Baton to Northants Section. 10am. Stibbington Diner, 2 Old North Road, & Peterbro Stibbington, Peterborough PE8 6LR. Jonathan Jones 01733 222367 18th Northampton Baton Rally. 10.30am. Crossroads Hotel, Weedon NN7 4QH. David Mead 013237 342570 Clyde Valley Rock’n’Roll Run. 10am. Overton Farm, Rosebank A72. Willie Malone 01357 521375 £12 Warwickshire Dunchurch Festival. 11.30am. Dunchurch. Harry Wiles 01788 334617 19th Stirling Castle The Bracken Trundle. 10am. The Brander Lodge Hotel, Bridge of Awe, Argyll, PA35 1HT. Jim and Pat Kirkham 01631 570544 Must be VMCC eligible East Devon Picnic Ride. 10.30am. Smileys Cafe picnic area, EX14 1BQ. Richard Gomm 07775 700535 B’mouth Classic Bike Breakfast Run. 10am for breakfast, 11am for run. Toby Carvery, Lyndhurst Road, & New Forest Christchurch. Geoff Welham 01202 479126 Cornwall North Cornwall Run. 10.30am. Tesco, Wadebridge, PL27 7HW. Bernard Hand 01840 211276 Bedfordshire Baton Relay Run - Banbury to Beds. After Banbury Run. British Motor Museum, Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwickshire, CV35 0BJ. Bryan Marsh 01525 877585 Normal VMCC eligibility Wakefield Chairman’s Run. 10.30am. Squires Café, Newthorpe, Nr Sherburn in Elmet, LS25 5LX & W Yorkshire Rowly Scholey 01924 216190 £3 South Dorset Yeovil Steam Run. 10.30am. Top of Town, Dorchester, DT1 1RN. Ollie Legg 01305 768868 £2 Lakeland The Wilson Arms Ride-In. 11am. The Wilson Arms, Torver, Cumbria. John Silcock 01229 861264 Essex Dave’s Breakfast Run. 8.30 for 9am start. Tesco Car Park, Maldon. Dave Overy 01621 893450 Dartmoor Classic Motorcycles at Cockington Court. 10am. Cockington Court, Cockington, Torquay, Devon, TQ2 6XB. Derek French 07747 032659 20th Northumbrian Club Night including Business Meeting. 8pm. Birtley RAOB, Birtley Ln, Birtley, Chester-le-Street DH3 1AP. Pete Bagnall 07968 646357 50p Auld Reekie Capital CAre Run. 7.15pm The Promenade, South Queensferry. George Plumb 01313 333336 Any machine or three-wheeler over 25 years of age Devon Evening Meet. 7pm. Exeter Inn, Chittlehamholt, EX37 9NS. Chris Wood 01237 472855 Wakefield Ride your bike night. 8pm. Reindeer Inn, 204 Old Road, Overton, nr Middlestown, WF4 4RL. & West Yorks Neil Lewis 0773 014 6637 B’mouth & N. Forest Bring a Bike Night. 7.30pm. Walkford Hotel, BH23 5QF. Dave Bowmer 01202 388404 21st East Herts Motor cycle concours evening. 8pm. Broadlakes Lodge, London Colney, AL2 1DQ Colin Morris 0123 671441 25 year rule S Cotswold Tuesday Evening Pub Meet from 6.30pm. The Fleece Inn at Hillersley. Jeremy Retford 01666 577883 Warwickshire Mick & Frank’s Social evening. 7pm. Bishops Tachbrook S & S club. Frank Parker 01926 429310 South Durham Eric’s Evening Excursion. 6pm. Dalton on Tees. Eric Londesbrough 01325 721463 25-year rule East Lancs Shortest Night Run. 7pm. Victoria Hotel, St Johns Street, Great Harwood, BB6 7EP. David Prismall 01706 217572 £2 Goodwood Club Night - Bring a Bike Night. 8pm. Maypole Inn, Maypole Lane, Yapton, West Sussex BN18 0DP Maureen Street 01903 742979 Northampton Longest Evening Run. 7pm. Six Fields. NN5 5QA. Martin Laundon 01604 586144 Ips & Suffolk Evening Run. 7pm. Rushmere. T Dickings 01473 217215 Brooklands Ride a Bike Night. 7.30pm. Hand and Spear, Old Heath Rd, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8TX Richard Huckle 0785 3204018 £1 Cheshire & N Wales Club Night. 7.30 pm. Chester Fire Station, Chester. Graham Gotts 0151 6786216 £2 22nd Men of Kent Frank’s Midsummer’s Day Run. 10.30am. Brockhill Country Park Cafe, Saltwood, Hythe, Kent. CT21 4HL Frank Mitchell 07837 918087 Stonehenge Evening Ride-In. 6.30pm. Verwood. Brenda Jeffery 01202 824086

40 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

Norwich & Dist Not Quite The Longest Day Evening Run. 7 for 7:30pm. Worlds End Pub, Norwich Road, Mulbarton, Norwich, NR14 8JT. Brian Wood 0777 2118472 £1 Bristol Ride a bike night & Car Park Concours. 8pm. Begbrook Community Centre, Frenchay Park Road, Bristol, BS16 1HY. Simon Bending 01179 652503 VMCC eligible machines Cyclemotor Box Hill Revisited. 10.30am. Newdigate Village Hall, Newdigate, RH5 5DA. Lorraine 0118 9730712, 07703 623613 referably low powered/low capacity/veteran Taverners VMCC Baton Rally. Roger Monk 01509 412662 Cotswold Mid-Week Rally. 7pm. The Seven Tuns Inn, Queen Street, Chedworth, Cheltenham, GL54 4AE (SP 052 119) Roy Plowman West S Wales Midsummer evening run. John Webb 01834 891244 North East Methley Evening Run. 7pm . Methley, W Yorks. Alan Robinson 01977 515441 £3 Local members only Surrey & Sussex Evening Run. 7.15pm. The Green Man, Horsted Keynes, Haywards Heath RH17 7AS. Brian Robins 01293 537598 £1 Bedfordshire Baton Relay Run - Beds to Taveners. 10am prompt departure. Shefford Memorial Hall, 10 Hitchin Rd, Shefford, Beds. SG17 5JA. Don McKeand 01525 720629 Normal VMCC eligibility 23rd Bristol Lunchtime Meet12.00 onwards. The Druids Arms, Stanton Drew, Bristol, BS39 4EJ. Simon Bending 01179 652503 Goodwood Evening Run 7.30pm. Pulborough Railway Station, Station Approach, Pulborough, West Sussex RH20 1AH.Maureen Street 01903 742979 South Hants Evening Run. 7.30 pm. Roundabout Portsdown Hill Car Park. Maurice Hayman 01329 282058 Warwickshire Wrinklies Run. 10am. Rainbow Cottage, Norton Linsey. Graham Hallard 01926 842029 West Wilts Section Meeting. 8pm. Chippenham Rugby Club. Tony Kay 01380 722288 Notts & Derby Evening Run. 7.30pm. Limes Cafe, A614, Bilsthorpe. John 01623 861474 Oxford Social run. 10am. Turnpike Yarnton. Jim Maine 01993 882759 £1 Isle of Man Evening Road Run. 7:30pm. Opp Farmers Arms, St. Johns. Gary Corlett 07624 496672 Lakeland Millstones Cafe Ride-In. 11am. Millstones Cafe, Bootle, Cumbria. John Silcock 01229 861264 North Cotswold Wrinkly Run. 10am. Brailes. John Stirman 01608 686776 £1 24th Flat Tank Section Weekend. 10am. Apple Orchard Farm, Minsterworth, Glos. Dennis Beale 01452 750424 £15. Pre-1931 machines only Head Office Scarborough Touring Week. 9am. Arosa Caravan and Camping Park, Ratten Row, Seamer. Scarborough, YO12 4QB. Pat Davy 01283 540557 £3. See entry form Lakeland Al Fresco Club Night. 6.30pm. The Ship Inn, Sandside, Cumbria. Robert Lemon 01524 761581 Essex Evening Run. 6.30 for 7pm start. Writtle Green, Nr Chelmsford. George Coates 01245 281184 Cornwall Truro Club Night, Ride a bike out. 7pm. Truro Cricket Club, Malpas Road, Truro, TR1 1SG Roger Fogg 01726 67198 N. Ireland Antrim Coast Weekend. 10:30 am for 11am on Sat. and Sun. Half-Way House Hotel, Ballygally, Antrim Coast Rd. Ian MacDougall 02825 822356 £145 25th South Lincs Section ride out to the 70th Anniversary Event at Cadwell Park. 8.30am. Lay-bye in Baston on the & Peterbro A15 Jonathan Jones 01733 222367 Dorset Breakfast meet. 10am. Riverside Cafe, West Stour, Dorset SP8 5RJ. Rod Hann 01935 872528 East Devon Breakfast meet. 10am. A35 Pit Stop Cafe, Gammons Hill. Bob Clow 07774 694833 26th Oxford Club run. 10am. Turnpike Yarnton. Edd Walter 01865 863939 £1 West Wilts Tiddlers and Tortoises run. 10am. Esso Station, London Road. Devizes Tony Kay 01380 722288 £1. Machines up to 250cc South Hants George Hodges Run. 10 for 10.30am Wickham Square, Hampshire. Clive Brown 01329 841920 £2 Herefordshire Herefordshire on the Edge. 8 - 10:30am. Cattle Market Cafe, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 7QQ. Geoff McGladdery 01885 490799 £5 25 years old or more Berkshire Mystery Run. 10.30am. Please see website for details. Malcolm White 01344 642866 East Lancs Burnley Classic Vehicle Show. 10.30am. East Lancs Railway car park, Rawtenstall David Prismall 01706 217572 £3 Classic vehicles. West S Wales Black Mountain road event (WRRTC). 10am. Allan and Rhian 01269 592900

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Breakfast Meet. 9.30am. The Hadrian Hotel, Front Street, Wall NE46 4EE. Tom Houchen 0191 4104296 £5 South Wales Roof of Wales run. 10:30am. Multiplex cinema, Treforest. Geoff Harris South Dorset Midsummer Madness. 10.30am. Bridport By-Pass. J. Morey 01308 423819 £2 Kings Lynn VMCC 70th Anniversary Run to Cadwell Park. Whittington Roundabout and Walpole Cross Keys Paul Fletcher 01842 878661 or mobile 07875 694842 £3 N. Birmingham The Beyond Clun Run. 9.30 for 10am start. Tony’s Diner, Quatford, Bridgnorth, WV15 6QL Stuart Munroe & Brian Jones 01902 380336 Banbury Breakfast Run. 7am. Brackley Market Square. Paul Westbrook 01280 704050 Brooklands Little Switzerland Run. 10am. Hand and Spear PH, Old Heath Rd, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8TX Richard Huckle 0785 3204018 £1 Dartmoor South Devon Railway, Buckfastleigh. 10am-noon.South Devon Railway, Buckfastleigh Station TQ11 0DZ. John Osmond 01803 527469 M&HP Charity off road trial. 10-30 for 11am Old Brickworks, Bakestonedale road, Pott Shrigley. John Drabble/Stuart Coales/Barry Howard. 01625 575479/01260 252305/01625 630016 £12. No monoshocks, watercooled engines or disc brakes. Cotswold Breakfast Run to Dotty’s Old Town Cafe at Swindon. 8am. §M&S BP Filling Station, Barnwood Road, Gloucester, GL4 3HA (SO 855 184). Graham Rowcliffe 01793 886967 Ips & Suffolk Remembrance Run. 10am. Washbrook Service Station. T Dickings 01473 217215 Ironmasters Matts-a-Roaming. 10.30am. Bradford Arms on A5, past Weston Park. Matt Shephard 01952 242004 Stonehenge Cream Tea Run. 2pm. Salisbury, SP2 7JP. Diane Poynting 01722 332996 £2 Cheshire Cats Lymm Transport Festival Ride-in & Display. Alan Herriot. 25-year rule West Kent Pre 30’s run. 10.30am. Shoreham Stn car park. Ron Wright 07761 005995 Any pre-1930 machine Northampton Breakfast Run. 8.30am. Hunsbury Car Park, NN4 9UW. Trevor Pinfold 01604 859215 Devon Girder Fork Run. 11am. The Town Arms, East St. South Molton, EX36 3BU. Chris Wood 01237 472855 £2 27th Surrey & Sussex Castle Hunt. 10am. Start anywhere. Brian Robins 01293 537598 £7.50 28th Burton & Dist Chip shop run. 7pm. Marston’s Sports and Social Club. Brian Slack 01283 544500 Kings Lynn Car Park Concours. 8pm. Northwold Sports & Social Club.Paul Fletcher 01842 878661 or 07875 694842 South Cotswold Tuesday Evening Pub Meet.from 6.30pm. The Cheese Roller’s Inn at Shurdington Jeremy Retford 01666 577883 Ips & Suffolk Evening Run. 7pm. Rushmere. T Dickings 01473 217215 West Kent Car park autojumble. 8pm. Woodman, Goathurst Common TN14 6BU. Ron Wright 07761 005995 Berkshire Car Park Concours. 7.30pm. The Englefield Social Club, The Street, Englefield, RG7 5ER. Malcolm White 01344 642866 Goodwood Noggin’n’Natter. 8pm. Sportsman Inn, Rackham Road, Amberley, BN18 9NR. Maureen Street 01903 742979 29th Norwich & Dist Tiddlers Run. 6.30pm for 7pm. 13 Falcon Road East, Sprowston, Norwich, Norfolk, NR7 8XY. Mike Henry 01603 412217 Up to 250cc Clyde Valley Grumpy Old Men. 12noon. Crawford Truckstop (Heathergyll Hotel). Paul Rickards 01555 870329 South Wales Mid week evening run. 7pm. Railway Inn, Nelson. Howard Jayne Bristol An evening with John Mocket. 7.30pm onward. Begbrook Community Centre, Frenchay Park Road, Bristol, BS16 1HY. Simon Bending 01179 652503 Cotswold Mid-Week Rally. 7pm. Haw Bridge Inn, Haw Bridge, Tirley, GL19 4HJ (SO 845 278) Roy Plowman 01242 577008 Men of Kent Bike night meeting. 8pm. Kings Arms Pub, Elham, Kent. CT4 6TJ. Richard Barsby 07989 352990 Essex Wrinkly Run. 9:30 for 10am start. Tesco Car Park, Maldon. Dave Iszard 01621 892206 30th M&HP Club night. 8pm. Poynton WMC, Park Lane, Poynton, SK12 1RG. Barry Howard 01625 630016 Notts & Derby Evening Run. 7.30pm. A6 layby south of Whatstandwell Br. Bruce 01773 689297 Oxford Fish and chips night. 7.30 pm. North Star Inn Steventon. Alan Wittington 01235 832145 £1 Taverners Evening run. 7:30pm. Rose & Crown, Tilton, LE7 9LF. Roger Monk 01509 412662

42 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

Happenings Show guest of honour Mike Grant tries out the Norton Model 50 for size before buying a raffle ticket. l-r Bill Jeffery, Tim Penn, Alastair Alexander, Jane Plumb, Jimmy Steel and Giles Willison on the Scottish stand.

The Scottish Motorcycle Show

I along with many pals from the local Sections attended and helped out at the Scottish Motorcycle Show, just outside Edinburgh, earlier on in March. It was a huge success with both halls being packed for most of the two days and a fair number of raffle tickets being sold and a few new Kenny Coutts with his 1930 Raleigh and fellow VMCC Scottish Show members being signed up. stand exhibitors. Fair weather certainly helps. As usual I had a camera, and Willie groups of motor cycle enthusiasts with their machines Dalgleish and presented themselves for photographs. his winning Norrie Russell 1921 ABC.

Susan Drummon-McIver astride David Moretun’s 1913 Humber which was first in the Veteran class. l-r Show winners all: Willie Dalgleish (1921 ABC), David Moretun (1913 Humber), Kenny Coutts (1930 Raleigh), Jimmy Steel (1919 Douglas) and Peter White (1916 Triumph Junior).

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Lakeland Section’s first run of the year

On the morning of the 19th of March, the sun was playing hide and seek amongst the clouds peeking out here and there as members of the Lakeland section made their way across the county to meet up at the Red Lion Inn at Lowick for what was to be the first ride of the year for the section. They came along in ones, twos, threes to muster in front of the inn, on machines shiny, grimy, and oily rag condition accompanied by the short tales of their owners recent activities in the shed or garage. The range of bikes was very interesting ranging from popular Velocettes, Triumphs old and newer, Greeves, James, Enfields and Ariels to more modern classics from further afield away from our native shores, BMWs, Hondas, Yamahas and from Italy a newly-painted Moto Guzzi Falcone. The friendly natter and banter slowly subsided and people began to pull on their helmets, fire up their chargers and dab or prod their machine (39 bikes in all) into first gear and then, we were off. We shortly came to a narrow twisting road known locally as Bessie Bank, and right away we had to tackle this with some gumption and as the road climbed up and up we deftly turned to using our riding skills in quick succession, clutch, gear down, throttle, and brake, etc. At the top of the hill we twisted our way across Bandrake Head and along to Oxen Park where we were able to gather a bit of speed through to Colten before later turning left at Tottle Bank, on to Bouth, and then across the Causeway where these lowlands some few months ago were flooded in the bad weather hereabouts. The surrounding marshland still looked very wet and boggy. Jittering around the fields were small bundles of white with tails wagging and little legs wobbling around, small lambs with their mothers close at hand to nudge them about and keep them out of mischief. Mint sauce anyone? We rode onwards crossing over the Haverthwaite and Lakeside Steam Railway where it runs alongside the River Leven to Newby Bridge whereupon we turned left at the Swan Hotel and headed north. Scooting through Lakeside and then past the historic Bobbin Mill at Stott Park, we began to ride through the thick woodlands on the western side of Lake Windermere, taking in intermittent views of

44 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

the Lake to our right and the sound of our bikes reverberating around the trees. The sun was weak but now and then its soft rays brought to life the fading bronze colour of the decaying bracken of last year and highlighted the emerging green shoots of this year’s prospective new growth and dappled amongst them the brilliant yellow of daffodils, spread about like little rugs of gold throughout the woodlands and byways. By now it was obvious that the scenery along this popular run was going to be more interesting than the bikes as with every sweep and curve, brow of hill and depth of Dale, there was something to catch the eye and remind you that you were riding in one of the most wonderful parts of the British Isles on such a splendid day, riding a classic bike. Heaven twice over. Higher up we turned left and began to travel through the roads within the Graythwaite Estate which sprawls across the area and just after Green Hows Tarn we saw the results of the local logging business with lonely tree stumps standing in greyed earth like abandoned tombstones, a reminder of the cull which had not been long felled. Suddenly our view changed as we reached the brow of a Fell, and the vision before us briefly took our breath as we were greeted by such majesty which is the Southern Fells. Coniston, Scafell Pike, and in the distance, Helvellyn sat graciously before us with their streaked snowy tops caressing the clouds and beckoning us closer. We rode through the picturesque Low and High Dale with the Hazel Catkins jangling in the breeze as we buzzed by and sped on past more felled conifers and descended down to peaceful Esthwaite Water where two small boats seemed to be anchored in the calm waters with their occupants quietly fishing and taking in the stillness around them. We nimbly negotiated Hawkshead village and meandered through the narrow roads a while further before turning left at the Outgate Inn and ascending the hill up to Barngates. At the crossroads of the Drunken Duck pub we headed West to meet up with Hawkshead Hill where upon descending the steep road the next vista to meet us was the beauty of Coniston Water with its deep,

placid, cold and yet alluring waters which glistened along its length disappearing into the far distance. As we trundled down the hill nearer to Coniston, I thought I heard the shrill sound of Campbell’s Bluebird building up for another run across the lake, ready to thrill us all again and give us another victorious record, but sadly as we all know, ripples never come back. Coniston was packed and as we rode in we were met by Police vans and blue lights slowing the traffic down to ensure that the Road Race Runners who had just run right around the Lakes 14mile roads were protected. A pit stop for the bikes, a welcomed “Natural break” for the riders and we were off once more on the second leg of this grand ride around Georges neighbourhood and byways. Heading West we negotiated Torver and at the “A593 straight” we had the chance to open the bikes up and let them have a taste of freedom, well for a short while at least as at the end of the straight the road becomes a chicane with a sharp rise and plenty more twists and turns as the road ascends and meanders along Bridge End, Rosthwaite, and Hawthwaite. The road along here although the main route back to the A595, is a challenging one and it does have its own peculiarities, such as sudden narrowing, passing between farm buildings and dry stone walls that jut out when you least expect them to. Along the way we noticed little freckles of pale yellow spattered amongst the grass which were little clumps of wild Primroses dotting the byway. In the distance there was the Duddon Estuary shimmering with the lunchtime sun

reflecting on its waters and the far off silhouette of the southern tip of the Isle of Man just visible to the naked eye. We began to descend from our high road and on the outskirts of Broughton in Furness we joined the main road A595 south through Foxfield (drat, we couldn’t stop at the brewery, which now makes two we have passed today) across Wreaks Causeway which runs alongside the Duddon Mosses National Nature Reserve and the sharp bends just outside Grizebeck where we seamlessly joined the A5092. At this point we then began the long slow climb up to Gawthwaite with more notable views across to the fells surrounding Coniston, and beyond. In the rear view mirror we caught glimpses of the Duddon Estuaries glistening sands and the winding road behind us. The bikes were now able to “open up” as the wide road beckoned us on further and where possible (against the hill), faster. Some of the riders at the back of the bunch with larger engines urged their steeds on and passed those either of a relaxed air or riding smaller bikes and before the crest of the hill at the entrance to Burlington Slate, flipped their bikes through the bends with a roar from each bike as it accelerated through and on towards our final turn back to Lowick. Passing through the quiet lane at Langholme beck we passed a quaint Church before arriving back at the pub. Bikes were lined up on both sides of the road and most of the riders were inside munching on their well-earned lunch. George arrived back slightly later than most, having driven around with

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 45

the pickup/rescue vehicle, which thankfully no-one needed assistance from. George was thanked for a really good ride and many asked him to keep the route the same for next year such was its enjoyment. Looking back on the ride, it was indeed absolutely splendid, a good selection of roads many of which were off the beaten track, different skill levels along with the terrain and road types. There was so much to see and take in and yes, the bikes were fabulous but today they helped us to appreciate something special, to mark the start of the riding season and what a start it is. This year I didn’t see any Buzzards, Kites or Owls, no snow or hail chilled our enthusiasm, the wind was light and the sun shone but even so it was a true reflection of the areas byways, challenges and thrills with incredible views and all put together as a ride around Georges remarkable home area, Thank you George from all that rode that day for a marvellous ride. We can’t wait for next year. Chris Smith, Barrow in Furness Pictures by Janet Smith

46 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

Now there’s an odd start point...

Our contents page shows Pat Clancy, of the Cornwall Section, in full flight aboard his Velocette at the Hartland Quay Hill Climb in North Devon on Sunday 20th March. The start line is, as you can see, in a slightly unusual place! Roger Fogg

The Bristol Show

The 36th Carole Nash Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show at the Royal Bath and West Showground at Shepton Mallet continues to go from strength to strength. This year was no exception, for despite torrential rain huge crowds flocked to this amazing show with over 1,000 machines on display by individual owners and many club stands exhibiting a range from barn finds to superb restorations – there was something for everyone. Charlie Cannon’s undeniably eye-catching 1938 AJS Silver Streak was the well-deserved Best in Show; renowned vintage sprinter Henry Body was awarded the prize for the Most Technical Interest for his 1939 DKW 500cc two-stroke twin. The Body family also gained the award for the Best Unrestored entry with their 1913 foreand-aft twin cylinder Wilkinson outfit that they had ridden in many events including the Durban to Johannesburg run in the 1960s. Among the technically interesting was Roger Newman’s BSA Gold Star special with five-speed BSA gearbox and chain-driven four-valve o.h.c. cylinder head and barrel carved from aluminium billet by the owner and Geoff Stray’s 1,200cc v-twin Panther engine displayed on the Panther Owners’ Club stand. The Dorset Section displayed Chairman Ray Dickinson’s superbly restored 1973 Triumph Adventurer – quite a rare bike as it was one of the last machines to be built at Meriden and certainly one of the last 500cc engines. These beautiful machines were used by the English team to gain second place in the 1973 ISDT in America (we lost by one point). Also of interest to note that Ray was the last Triumph apprentice to be taken on at Meriden. Text and photography by Jonathan Hill

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 47

Sunbeam MCC’s 77th Pioneer Run

Above: ‘Is it better to pedal furiously than to arrive?’ Dave Jolley looks just a little bit pensive on his 1902 Clyde. Below: Riding a Douglas is a serious business, it seems... Peter Bovenizer and the 1914 example.

Full of the joys of spring: Bill Dunlop on the magnificently mature 1907 Rex

48 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

Epsom Downs, Surrey, to Madeira Drive, Brighton This was another spectacular event organised by the Sunbeam MCC, attracting 347 riders of machines all built before 1915. The day started damp and a little cold, but then it always is windy on Epsom Downs. Sharp at 8am the Mayor of Epsom & Ewell, Cllr: Chris Frost, flagged the first rider away. As usual, this was Dave Pittuck with his 1896 Leon Bollee, and he was followed by the rest of class one – a total of 43 machines – at three per minute. Class two, numbers 44 to 89 then followed at four per minute, Class three 90 to 339 plus a few late entries were all away by 9:15am on their way to Madeira Drive Brighton. Unfortunately we do have a few machines that fail or do not even make it to the start, but it is hoped that these will enter again and make the journey to see sun & sea. Awards were presented by the Mayor of the City of Brighton & Hove Cllr: Lynda Hyde who was resplendent in her robes of office, and was assisted by the Mayor of Epsom & Ewell, who as is custom followed the last machine starting down to Brighton. Our sincere thanks to both Mayors for giving their time to attend the event. Thanks go to the superb marshals from VMCC, VCC, AJS & Matchless clubs, the Metropolitan Police Motor Club at Epsom, and of course all Sunbeam MCC members that help. (See also P59) Words Ian McGill; pictures Ian Mijatovice.

Teeth clenched, ears pinned well back: the Rev’d Cowley makes progress on the 1911 P&M.

The awards

The Lt Col ‘Tiny’ Ayers Trophy for the Greatest Combined Age of Rider & machine No 88: Derek Light, 1910 A-C Sociable, total 196 years Runners Up: No 1: Dave Pittuck, 1896 Leon Bollee, total 195 yrs No 23: Don Rickman, 1903 Ariel, total 193 years The Laurie Fenton Trophy for the Greatest Age Difference between Rider & machine No 136: Sam Bewley, 1914 wall Autowheel, age difference 122 years Runners up: No 221: Marie Edmond, 1914 Triumph No 220: Nicola Clarke, 1914 Triumph The Bob Currie Trophy for Meritorious Performance No 77: Chris Wright 1914 Douglas The Classic Motorcycle Trophy for the Best Authentic & Un-Restored machine No 338: Ronald Florens, 1913 Triumph Stuart Halsall ‘at rest’ on the 1911 New Hudson Dutch Horsepower Team Trophy (Generously donated by the Veteran Motoren Club of Holland) A Team of three riders one from each class with the greatest combined age. Class One: No 27: David Dickerson, 1903 Phoenix Class Two: No 80: Boris Falconbridge, 1910 Triumph Class Three No117: Ted Burtonshaw, 1914 BSA Combined total years 564. The German VTV Trophy to the best newcomer (Generously donated by the German VTV Club) No 237: David Chambers, 1913 Triumph The gentleman’s motor cycle - Ken Crawford’s The Brian Verrall Trophy to the best 1914 Sunbeam three-wheeled machine No 53: John Earnshaw , 1912 New Hudson The Ray Newton Trophy to the best V-twin machine No 246: Richard Woodstock, 1913 Rex. (See P 59.) The Wally Lambert Trophy to the best American-built machine No 192: David Bovenizer, 1912 Indian Pioneer Registrar’s Trophy No 23: Don Rickman, 1903 Ariel I have a selection of right hand gloves, a flat cap, three pairs of glasses & a SCAMP motorsport fleece, Effortlessly drifting along the Brighton road all lost on Madeira Drive, any takers please call – Duncan Fish on the 1914 Bradbury 01293 771446

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 49

Ready for a run

This wonderful picture shows members of the Wernigerode Motorsport Club in Germany at a club meeting in 1936 or 1937. Rider 26 is Waldemar Otto, from Wernigerode, on a D Rad made in the Spandau area of Berlin. The Otto family owned a motorcycle shop in Wernigerode for some generations. This and the pictures overleaf belong to Jurgen Pohl, who lives in Wernigerode in the Harz region of Germany. They were sent to John Robinson by his friend Andre Elpel, who he met in the years when Wernigerode was in East Germany.

50 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 51






Gearbox Overhaul Cylinder Heads Rebores & Honing Crank Grinding Dynamic Balancing General Engineering

52 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016





The top picture shows riders at Restaurant Zur Sonne (To the sun), where the club used to meet. First on left is Waldemar Otto, third from left Ulrich Pohl, and fourth from right Herbert Pohl. The picture above shows club members

lined up in front of the town hall in the mid 1930s. Fifth from the left is Ulrich Pohl, who was an entrant in the 1939, 1952, 1953 and 1954 ISDTs. He was later chief engineer for Maico. Below is another shot in the same location.

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 53

VMCC Northern Ireland March meeting

The VMCCNI March Meeting was dedicated to the memory of Mike Hailwood and his nineyear-old daughter Michele on the 35th Anniversary of their deaths in March 1981 in Warwickshire, as a worthwhile and fitting tribute to a much-loved competitor who did so much for the sport. David and Joan efficiently arranged an exhibition of Hailwood memorabilia and film show; the display of memorabilia was extensive, including signed photographs, original paintings, winning trophies and clothing etc., plus four motor cycles. Esler Burke opened the proceedings with a rendition of the ‘TT Hall of Fame’ song bringing it up to date by adding his own final verse, David then outlined Mike’s brilliant racing career. The first DVD was a recording of the 1974 “This is Your Life” with Eamonn Andrews, where relatives, friends and colleagues paid homage to the great man and how he saved the life of Clay Regazzoni in a fire at the 1973 South African Car Grand Prix, subsequently being awarded the George Medal for bravery.

The second DVD was a recording of the BBC Newsnight programme in which John Surtees was interviewed following Mike’s untimely death. The third DVD was a recording of “Champions - Mike Hailwood”, another expose of his career including TT footage and interviews with his wife Pauline. Overall an excellent night, attended by more than members and guests. Kieran Cairns (Chairman); David Crawford


If you have the relevant experience of these marques, or any orther marque which does not have a specialist, and can share your knowledge and give advice to fellow members, please apply to: GILES WILLISON – VMCC LTD, ALLEN HOUSE, WETMORE ROAD, BURTON UPON TRENT, STAFFORDSHIRE, DE14 1TR OR EMAIL: GILESWILLISON@VMCC.NET

54 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 55


Something of a challenge for the weekend?

In 1933 a road test for the new 15 hp Daimler saloon was a 1,000 mile round trip incorporating seven hills – with an average gradient of 1 in 4. And to make it more interesting, the trial was undertaken in January. We are not really interested in the car – a six-cylinder 1800cc saloon with Daimler’s ‘fluid flywheel ‘and preselector gear-box – but in the details of the test. Setting off from the Daimler factory in Coventry at noon on Friday 13th January, the first leg was on the Fosse Way – the A46 – by way of Cheltenham and Stroud to Bath. The route to Taunton then followed the A361 where they picked up the A38 for Exeter, and then the A30 to Bodmin ready to tackle the Remember, no by-passes, no dual first hill – the Blue Hills Mine at St. carriageways and Agnes, near Truro, a distance of 242 miles no motorways. The majority of the from Coventry. Bright and early on test hills would still the Saturday morning be unsurfaced at the car tackled Blue Hills Mine making that time. Is there both a descent and an anyone up for a ascent of the re-enactment? unsurfaced 1 in 3 hill. With the first scalp on their belt, the next targets were all relatively close together in North Devon, so it was the A30 as far as Launceston and then on to the A388 to Barnstaple and the A39 to




56 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

Parracombe – the next challenge on the BlackmoreLynton old road at 1 in 41/2: then followed Beggar’s Roost – on the Blackmore Gate to Brendon road at 1 in 3: Lynmouth on the Lynmouth-Lynton old road at 1 in 41/2: Countesbury on the Lynton to Porlock road at 1 in 41/2 and Porlock on the Porlock-Lynmouth road at 1 in 4. After all that excitement an overnight stop was taken in Bridgewater at the Royal Clarence Hotel, before making another early start for North Wales following the A38 via Bristol and Gloucester, the A40 to Ross and the A49 to Shrewsbury, and then the A458 to Dolgellau via Welshpool for the seventh challenge – Bwlch-YGroes at 1 in 5 on the Dinas Mawddwy-Bala road. Then it was back to Shrewsbury and a blast down the A5 Watlng Street – in a snow storm – to its junction with the A1 at Enfield and then up the Great North Road to Stamford. From Stamford the A47 back to Leicester where the A46 – the Fosse Way – was picked up once more for the run into Coventry with a triumphal arrival back at the Daimler factory at noon on the Monday, having covered almost exactly 1,000 miles. This would be a challenging weekend on a 1933 motor cycle – especially in January... Remember, no by-passes, no dual carriageways or motorways and the majority of the ‘test hills’ would still be unsurfaced at that time. Is there anyone up for a reenactment? • Thanks to Kevin Bennett, Editor of the Journal of the Daimler and Lanchester Owners’ Club for permission to use this material.

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 57


Road Safety Runs Enjoy the scenic northern dales on our Riding Events for machines over 25 years old: Touring Week: 19-25th May 40th Anniversary Quaker Weekend: 21st & 22nd May Chairman’s Run: 24th July Baydale Run: 4th September Anniversary Run: 9th October Information from: David Porteous 07706 992855 david.porteous@sky.com


RALLY WEEK 3rd-10th Setpember 2016

At the Monkey Tree Holiday Park, Newquay TR8 5QR Includes five rideouts covering the coasts and moors of Cornwall.

Arrive Saturday 3rd, Rideouts Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Wednesday is a free day for you to explore at your leisure. Fish & chip supper on Friday night. Entry forms and further information from: Celia Hore, 1 Chapel Cottage, Halgavor Lane, Bodmin, PL31 1BZ tel: 01208 73571 email: hpippadog@aol.com, ml.dingley@btinternet.com or see the Cornwall Section VMCC website

58 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

rs, mbe d nu arly. e t i Lim book e e: so ing dat . Clos ly 2016 u 1st J

The 2016 Kurland Rally JURAS RAMBA

The 2017 Kurland Rally in Latvia is planned to conquer the castles and places of interest in Vidzeme (The Latvian equivalent of Midlands). The rally will be held on 13th — 16th July, 2017 and it will be based at hotel SIGULDA, which is about 55 kilometers from Riga. The total distances covered at the rally are estimated to be approximately 400 kilometres. Every morning the Run will start from Sigulda and will take the riders on a day’s route, visiting castles and palaces to a lunch place at a distant local restaurant. After lunch the participants will take a route back to the base hotel in Sigulda. Rally participants’ vans and trailers will be left at hotel Sigulda for the duration of the event. The routes will visit such beautiful places as SIGULDA, TURAIDA, AINAZI, CESIS, DIKLI, VALMIERA, VALMIERMUIZA, LIGATNE.

There will be a Technical Assistance and Back Up Truck, accompanying the riders on the routes every day. Prize Presentation will be held on Saturday night. Participants will disperse on Sunday morning after breakfast. The rally will be open to riders of motorcycles built before 1979. The Rally Entry and Accommodation Fee will be Euro 400 — in an all-inclusive package. Rally Program, Regulations, Entry and Accommodation Forms will be available on request from Juris Ramba, Entry Secretary by email: ramoto1992@gmail.com in August, 2017. Some information on the Rally will also be published in August on the Rally Website: www.kurlandround.lv The picture shown above is typical of the views you might expect to see en route, but there are also castles, palaces and other places of interest.

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 59

Bargain prices in 1938

This must have been an insert for one of the weeklies in 1938, which gives a good idea of the competitive nature of motor cycle sales at that time as the country was slowly hauling itself out of the depression with the start of re-armament and preparations for possible conflicts Money was still tight, however, and every strategy was employed to generate sales – some of the machines on offer here must be at prices below the cost of manufacture?

60 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 61

The Banbury Run

HARRY WILES, CLERK OF THE COURSE When I went to the AGM I found the roadworks you encountered last year, that should have been finished in February were still ongoing, the dual carriageway outside the museum was almost finished but not open, the traffic island I was told was going to be put in between the M40 and the Museum is now a set of, yet to be commissioned, traffic lights so at this stage I cannot tell you what the road layout is going to be. The road should be finished before the event and the new layout should not cause you too many problems but spare a thought for me as I cannot finalise the routes until they are completed and no one can tell me when that will be. Before you get on site you will notice the name change for the museum, it is now known as the British Motor Museum, it has had a complete makeover on the ground floor with a brand new building to the left of the car park that we use for the auto jumble with a new main entrance opposite that. You will also find the road that goes down to the museum is now two ways although on the day we will still be using it as a down only. Can I also remind you that you cannot wear cameras fixed to your crash helmet, if you want to use one it must be securely fixed to you motorcycle in a way it will not interfere with your steering or vision. This ruling is made by the

62 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

ACU not us and must be strictly adhered to. In the past I have challenged riders of outfits (motorcycle and sidecar) who have come to the start not wearing a crash helmet, and insisting that they do not need to. I can assure you the law is clear, and states that riders and pillion passengers of outfits must wear a crash helmet. I will stop anyone from riding in the event if they are not wearing a crash helmet which incidentally must be worn at all times on the Museum site.

CAMPING Anyone wanting to camp will not be allowed on site until AFTER 4pm on Friday 17th June 2016.

AUTO JUMBLE Please be aware that there are still Auto Jumble pitches available on hardstanding and on grass areas outside the museum. For more details please contact Joanne Delaney on events@vmcc.net or call on 01283 540557.

VOLUNTEERS Thank you to everyone who has offered their help at the Banbury Run this year. We are currently busy working on a schedule, and if you have sent us a form then we will be writing back to you soon with information, times and duties.

The Pioneer Won

All smiles from Richard Woodstock, posing with his 1913 Rex having won the The Ray Newton Trophy to the best V-twin machine in the 77th Pioneer Run – and he is is now looking forward to taking it on the Banbury. But Richard has also sent us some pictures of the same motor cycle on earlier Banbury Runs. See overleaf...

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 63

Rex is still running at Banbury RICHARD WOODSTOCK

In the main photo rider Bob Scarsbrooke on the 1913 Rex 6hp Vee Twin Reg No OE 5118, with passenger Eddie in the Rex ‘Sidette’ sidecar, circumnavigating The Banbury Cross during the 1954 VMCC Banbury Run. He’s seen again three years later in the same event, this time without a passenger (top right). Bob removed the ‘Sidette’ during the 1957 run, following difficulties climbing Sun Rising Hill, and ran the bike as a solo in the 1958 Banbury Run, (above left), after the ‘Sidette’ had been scrapped. The Rex was then dismantled and did not re-emerge until 55 years later for its Centenary, when I restored it to its former glory, entering it in the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Banbury Runs, with Bob, now in his eighties, spectating gleefully from the start line. OE 5118 successfully completed the 2016 Sunbeam Pioneer Run, as you’ll have seen on the previous page and pages 46 and 47, winning the Ray Newton Trophy for The Best Vee Twin, and will be out performing again in this year’s Banbury.

64 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 65

66 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

FBHVC launches this year’s National Historic Vehicle Survey – will you help?

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, of which our club is a member, has announced the launch of the National Historic Vehicle Survey 2016. This important national survey is designed to identify the importance of the historic vehicle movement to the UK economy, and the trends in historic vehicle ownership. The results will be used by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs to support their work on our behalf in representing the movement’s views to Parliament and to ensure we are able to enjoy the use of our vehicles on the roads for many years to come. Members completing the survey can elect for complete anonymity, or may choose to add their email address to the survey to become part of the Federation’s focus group to be consulted from time to time on issues important to the historic

vehicle movement. The Federation has confirmed that no email addresses will be released to third parties. The survey is critical for the preservation of our historic vehicle interests and we are happy to give it our full support. We encourage you to participate by completing the survey. To complete the survey on line please visit the following link: http://tinyurl.com/zy3qyq2 , or https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=1457 71757465 The FBHVC offers its thanks in advance to those taking time to complete the survey.

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 67

A motorcycle with a Daimler connection S MOORE, 2012

As someone who’s been interested in motor engineering for over 50 years, I recently discovered a fascinating story from the early 1930s that involves the rather unlikely combination of the Daimler fluid flywheel, the preselector gearbox and a British motorcycle. The story’s roots go back to 1910 when BSA, failing to break into the car market with their own cars fitted with BSA engines purchased Daimler with BSA shares. Shortly after acquiring Daimler’s highly profitable engineering expertise BSA then launched their own cars fitted with Daimler engines. Daimler traditionally manufactured large expensive cars, but in the early 1930s, probably reflecting financial constraints brought on by the depression, the company broke with tradition and launched a comparatively small car of 15 HP, unimaginatively called the Daimler 15. The new model was fitted with their new fluid flywheel and preselector gearbox so in 1932 BSA once again made the most of things by launching a 10 HP car also fitted with a fluid flywheel and preselector gearbox. Taking the idea one step further they then decided to carry the idea over to a motorcycle, the model being announced in November 1933.

Engineering details of this motorcycle are very hard to track down; there’s no reference to it in Pearson’s BSA - A Practical Guide Covering All Models From 1931 or Phil Irving’s technical publication Motorcycle Engineering, and unfortunately Arthur Judge’s comprehensive 3-volume Modern Motorcycles pre-dates it by only a matter of months. I had a vague idea such a motorcycle had once gone into production, but had no details of it until a few weeks ago when, in what turned out to be a seminal event, I bought a copy of Iliffe’s The Motor Cycle of November 23rd 1933. In it were 4 pages describing the new model, including copies of the original engineering drawings. Bearing in mind the magazine’s readership the description of the fluid flywheel and the gearbox’s operation was perfectly adequate, but understandably the more technical details of the gearbox were excluded because its complexity would have taken up too much space in the magazine; it would probably have turned out to be too technical for the average motorcyclist anyway. To set that to rights I've recorded (possibly for the first time) details of the engine and gearbox modifications and how the designers dealt with the various problems they encountered on the way. I haven’t described how compound epicyclic gears work in great detail because that’s a subject in itself and beyond the scope of this article, although I’ve included a brief description in the appendix. For those who are interested in their operation and how the various ratios are calculated an article on the Daimler gearbox that deals with these matters is available. Contemporary advertising.

68 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

The new motorcycle was based on BSA’s 500cc WT-9 Blue Star. It was designated the WT-16, the model being the FF, which no doubt was a reference to the fluid flywheel. External differences from the Blue Star were primarily a redesigned crankcase to accommodate the fluid flywheel and preselector gearbox, relocation of the crankcase’s integral oil tank to a dedicated tank situated above the gearbox and a revised kickstarter mechanism. However, probably the most obvious differences were the prominance and unusual shape of its primary drive chaincase and, for a company that at the time preferred a separate engine and gearbox installations, its semi-unit construction. The engine’s left-hand flywheel disc (see right) featured an axial extension or ‘overhang’ to which the fluid flywheel’s driving member was fastened, while the driven member ran in the cavity formed by them. A flanged, close-fitting riveted big-end journal was introduced to provide a positive drive to the left-hand flywheel disc (and therefore the fluid flywheel’s driving member) while the right hand side of the big-end journal was secured to the flywheel disc by conventional taper and nut. Pressed on to an extension of the driving member was the engine’s left hand main bearing, its outer race being pressed into the crankcase. Oil leakage past the main bearing into the primary drive chain case was prevented by a seal fitted in a machined recess in the crankcase, while oil sealing between the driving and driven members was achieved by a series of gland packings compressed by a spring-loaded retainer held in place by the engine sprocket. End thrust of the flywheel's driven member was taken by a flanged bushing pressed into the centre of the flywheel disc. The size of the fluid flywheel was necessarily small to keep the crankcase within a manageable size, its oil capacity being approximately 900 ccs. (As a yardstick the capacity of the 2.5 litre DB18 Daimler fluid flywheel is 4500 ccs.) The engine’s cylinder head, cylinder, piston and connecting rod appear to have remained unaltered.

Fluid flywheel

Engine Sprocket Driving member

L/H Flywheel

Driven member

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 69

THE PRIMARY DRIVE The fluid flywheel, being intrinsically shockabsorbing, obviated the usual cushion drive mechanism so the engine sprocket was fitted directly to the driving shaft by a taper fit secured by a large nut locked by a tab washer. Power to the gearbox was transmitted by a conventional chain drive housed in an aluminium casing. With no friction clutch to deal with the gearbox sprocket was fastened directly to the gearbox's input driveshaft in the same manner as the engine sprocket. The primary drive reduction ratio was unusually high at 3:2. The engineering drawings don’t illustrate a key of some sort to provide a positive drive to either of the forementioned sprockets. I find it hard to believe BSA relied solely on taper fits and retaining nuts to transmit the drive so I assume they were ignored for the purposes of the drawing; that would be consistent with the gearbox’s oil pump eccentric woodruff key which was also omitted. THE GEARBOX The gearbox running gear and brake mechanism

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were those used for the 4-speed Daimler 15, but a completely new gearbox housing was made for the motorcycle. The car's four forward and reverse gear, being destined for a motorcycle, obviously didn't need reverse gear so it was deleted, thus killing two birds with one stone by reducing the overall width of the running and brake gear. However, by itself that was insufficient for the limited space afforded by a motorcycle frame so the next step BSA took was to eliminate top gear, thereby converting it to a 3-speed gearbox. Unlike that of a manual gearbox, the preselector top gear is a complex and expensive piece of engineering involving an overhanging 3rd gear annulus and a lengthened input drive shaft to accommodate a set of friction drive clutch plates; a clutch pressure plate; a thrust ring; a clutch plate retaining plate; a set of return springs and guides; 2 helix-ground clutch actuating rings separated by 8 ball bearings and a dedicated ball bearing assembly to support the whole business. In short, it’s bulky and it’s very expensive so by discarding top gear the designers could halve the width of the 3rd gear annulus and reduce the length of the input drive shaft while

making a considerable saving on cost. Top gear (the original third gear) therefore became a reduction gear, thus accounting for the abnormally high primary drive ratio to maintain appropriate overall ratios: 1st 3.840:1 (overall 12.8:1) 2nd 2.200:1 (overall 7.45:1) Top 1.475:1 (overall 4.9:1) Being a completely unknown quantity to the magazine, the illustration on the facing page was printed upside down. This is the corrected version. A further saving in gearbox width was achieved by replacing the car’s output driveshaft spring-loaded felt-type oil seal by a wind-back thread running in a sealing ring secured to the gearbox housing, the ring doubling as the output driveshaft’s support bearing housing. The output driveshaft, also much shorter than that of the car, was splined to accept the secondary drive sprocket which was secured to it by a nut locked by a tab washer. Collectively these modifications were sufficient to allow the running and brake gear to be installed in a new housing compatible with the Blue Star’s engine and frame, while at the same time rendering the

gearbox a much cheaper proposition to manufacture, although it was still expensive. Looking at the input drive end the Daimler 15’s running gear rotates clockwise while the motorcycle version rotates in the opposite direction. Although at first glance this seems an innocuous detail it actually meant the entire brake gear had to be transferred from the right hand side of the running gear to the left to retain the self-wrapping property of the brake bands; however, this modification doesn’t appear to have presented any major problems. Unlike the car’s 1st and 2nd gear sunwheel which was splined to the input driveshaft, the motorcycle’s sunwheel was manufactured as an

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integral part of the shaft. I can see no reason for this beyond it being a cost-cutting measure - the conventional BSA gearboxes of the day used a similar idea. The 6 brake bands, struts, pull rods, self-adjusting mechanisms and interlock system appear to be identical to the car’s gearbox. The oil pump, oil pump drive, baffle and oil distribution system also followed the car’s gearbox practice in which oil is drawn up from the reservoir and pumped through drillings in both driveshafts to the rotating parts. The Daimler practice of relying on accurately machined face-to-face joints for oil sealing without the use of gaskets was followed and lip-type seals were not used; the input driveshaft

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oil seal followed Daimler practice by being thewind-back type. An aluminum gearbox housing was designed to abut a machined facing of the crankcase to which it was fastened by six studs and nuts. As far as gearbox controls were concerned, the preselector lever was fitted to the handlebars (probably taking the place of the clutch lever) and operated the gearbox camshaft through an adjustable Bowden-type control cable. The gear engagement lever took the place of the gear change lever and was splined directly to the bus bar. The bus bar operating mechanism (below) was simplified; reflecting the motor cycle’s comparatively light weight and the need to keep the size of the gearbox within reasonable limits the ‘swinging bucket’ mechanism was discarded, the bus bar spring’s operating rod acting directly on the bus bar. The bus bar spring was compressed into a cylinder closed off at both ends apart from a small aperture in the lower end to allow the operating rod to pass through to the bus bar. When the gear engagement pedal was pressed down by the rider it rotated the bus bar downwards against spring pressure, allowing the strut to engage the bus bar; on releasing the pedal the spring expanded and drove the operating rod upwards, lifting the bus bar and thereby applying the selected gear’s brake bands. Special applications apart, a 1:1 direct drive top gear for British 3- and 4-speed gearboxes from the earliest days up to the 1960s was by far and away the most common practice, so an internal gearbox top gear reduction was rare; possibly it was unique for the time. Another unusual feature was the cross-over drive, in which the input drive is on one side of the gearbox with the output drive on the other. Sunbeam employed the idea before long before WW2 and Vincent-HRD employed it much later; no doubt other manufacturers followed suit, but typically the primary and secondary drives were on the same side of the motorcycle.

THE KICK-STARTER Another rare feature for the time was the kickstarter arrangement (see above). Impractical because of the fluid flywheel, the kickstarter rotated the crankshaft’s right hand (timing side) shaft by means of a quadrant operating a rather convoluted gear train. It was made up of a spur gear driving a compound idler gear which in turn drove a freely-rotating pinion sandwiched between the right hand main bearing and the valve timing pinion, thereby providing an overall stepup ratio of approximately 10:1. The pinion rotated the crankshaft through a spring-loaded one-way clutch’s driven member splined to the shaft. NEXT MONTH Mr Moore’s detailed examination of this revolutionary motor cycle technology concludes with a look into what became of BSA’s most expensive motor cycle, suggesting why we don’t see many on the roads today...

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Read all about it

‘Being there’

An autobiography by arguably the most successful allround international rider in the history of New Zealand motorcycling. Author and publisher: Hugh Anderson MBE Foreword: Stuart Graham

VMCC Order Code B263

Price £27 Softback, 155mm x 230mm, 376 pages, with over 270 photographs and illustrations. Four-times world Grand Prix champion Hugh Anderson has finally published his life story. His autobiography,

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entitled “Being there,” takes the reader inside the mind of one of the most resourceful, brave and analytical riders in the history of grand prix motorcycle racing. Virtually all of the 325 photographs used, have not been previously published. From humble origins as a teenager working on the family dairy farm and later at the local coal mines in New Zealand, to the heights of world domination, he explains in his own words the motivation, racing strategies, psychology of winning, heartache and triumph that helped him deliver Suzuki its first major grand prix successes in the 1960s – and he remains to this day Suzuki’s most successful road racer. We read how, as a 12-year-old, riding his brother’s vintage Douglas, he learns how to control full-lock slides feet up riding around the farm paddock – a skill he later perfected to great advantage when out-braking the opposition on wet and slippery grand prix circuits. Always his ambition to go to the Isle of Man, his journey from New Zealand to Europe, joining the newly emerging Suzuki team to become a grand prix world champion in just four years is simply amazing. He didn’t win once but four times in an era of great danger and a time of huge technical change and experimentation, going on to win 25 grands prix and gaining 47 podium positions, making him at the time of his retirement, the sixth most successful rider in the history of grand prix racing. His career continued, developing Suzuki’s highly successful motocross machines then enjoying three successful motocross seasons in France, gaining over 40 top four positions in international events. After returning to New Zealand at the end of 1969 Hugh won 19 national and North Island motocross championships before retiring in 1973. Then in 1975 he organised the first classic road race event in the world, returning to the track again to become one of the most successful riders in the classic racing scene, riding a 500cc Norton to beat the legendary twice world champion Barry Sheene, also Norton mounted, at 63 years of age. This is a superbly documented, well written and very enjoyable book that is long overdue. Highly recommended. Book reviewed by Jonathan Hill

Surrey and Sussex Section

Castle Hunt Run 27th to 29th June 2016 Social event over three days for any machine over 25 years old. The idea of the event is to visit a number of the castles in the south of England and south Wales, take a photo of your bike outside each castle visited. Start where you like, decide which castles to visit and sort out your own route. Night stops at Bridgewater Somerset and Malvern Worcestershire. A visit to the Morgan factory can be arranged on Wednesday morning. Entry Fee of ÂŁ7.50. Entry form and maps etc from Brian Robins, 42, Langley Lane, Ifield, Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 0NA brian.robins@atmlcs.com 01293 537598

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Correspondence That Douglas: The postscript

I realise you have really heard enough about ‘That Douglas’ and Bill Moore for the time being. However, that story has had a unexpected happy ending. In my previous letter, I appealed for information about the whereabouts of the original registration number of my Douglas. It turned out that our member Mark Garside knew who had the number, and got in touch with Allen House. The office staff lost no time in getting in touch with me. The original number, Y7601, is now where it belongs, on Bill Moore’s Douglas. So, many thanks to Mark and to the Allen House staff. Score: VMCC 1, the forces of perversity 0. Wonderful! Ewart Baldwin

Falling membership

I note with concern that the club continues to lose members, we seem to be down from over 17,000 to the upper 15,000s and wonder if some sort to advertising that has not been used before would be useful to stop the rot. What I was thinking was that over the country there are both our branches and in many cases Museums with vintage motor cycles in them that are visited by people who are at least interested enough to pay to go in. Would it not be a fairly easy thing to do to arrange with those Museums who are agreeable a message thanking the Museum for letting us put an advert for the Club to have a reasonable sized and prominent display telling the visitor about the Club and its works on a national basis and also having a leaflet giving details of the contacts for both national and locally based visitors by giving details of both HQ and local branches and their meeting

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places and times with up to date contact names and addresses that are kept up to date. Any need update the supply of these leaflets to be carried out by one of the branches that will benefit from the new members. Phil Pumphrey

Speedometer help

I endorse Brian Boden’s request for ‘Speedometer help’ (VMCC Journal Page 98 March issue) for I have requested for speedo services, offered in OBM a while ago. Response NIL! OK, the query in that instance was for a Bonniksen and a 1920’s Cowey to rebuild. Perhaps the Bonniksen frightened both concerns off? So, do we have any knowledgeable experts within our membership, OR could members with a particular make of speedometer give us the necessary details? e.g. – Bonniksen, Cowey, Jones, Smiths, Stewart and Watford (any more?) (Yes.

Corbin, Jaeger, ADO for starters - Editor) I can give details of drive, etc for the circa 1924 Watford for a 26”x3” (300x20) tyre size. The requirements of a speedo are not so much on MPH more so on distance travelled. This relates directly to VMCC and other club runs. How can one evaluate “proceed on B 1228 for 61/4 miles, then TL/SP to ‘Little Hampton’ 31/2 miles?” The first issue of MPH can be dealt with. Should you run a speed trap through a village, wheel around, to return and with a broad smile ask “how are we doing?” A polite enquiry will – 8 out of 10 – save you points on your licence. I hope that the above generates a response to forward details, available updates on drive gear boxes – readily available? Further, members who are ‘internet literate’ can find various repro. parts for old motor cycles. I learned the other day that the KLG ML 50 (18mm long reach) sparking plug is available again. These, together with Lodge CB3, were hard to source in the mid-1960’s. The other item being the one-time popular Bowden No 423/425 side pull clutch /front brake lever. This alone would encourage the use of earlier motor cycles in club runs. P.S. Has anyone heard of a speedometer ‘guru’ called “The Bonniksen Boy”? David Frank

A reply to Jonathan Hill

I have just read the “Cautionary Tale” by Jonathan Hill in the April edition of the Journal and wonder if I am alone in thinking what on earth is he on about? Mr Hill apparently purchased an unregistered veteran motorcycle from a “well established dealer of high repute”, using engine and frame number for identity. He then researched Make Registers and the internet and found details of a motor cycle bearing the same frame number and showing a registration number. Then seemingly without checking on the DVLA website to see if the registration is in use, on Sorn etc, proceeds to apply to the DVLA to reclaim that registration number. Later he obtains the name of an owner who he contacts and is apparently surprised when he gets a frosty response from the owner who is not too happy that Mr Hill is trying to falsely claim his motor cycle’s registration number. Mr Hill later

discovers that his “frame number” is actually a part number but seems surprised that the DVLA rejected his application. Mr Hill‘s article then goes into a diatribe against the DVLA, who seem to have acted completely correctly on this matter. He accuses the DVLA of having no interest in old vehicles, seeing us as an obstruction to their activities and then goes on to suggest that the DVLA could “take back” our numbers and sell them as cherished numbers, make us use Q Plates and even destroy machines with duplicated details. What is the basis for his accusations? All that is missing is the plague of locusts and compulsory scrappage scheme. It all sounds like fantasy to me. Now Mr Hill may have been upset over issues around his purchase, and I would have thought the first point of call should be to the dealer for incorrectly describing the machine they sold to him. He may even be embarrassed that his actions will have worried and inconvenienced another veteran owner who may well now have to prove the veracity of his motorcycle to the DVLA. But I personally find his attack on the DVLA totally unwarranted. All the feedback from the FBHVC states that the DVLA is working positively with the classic movement and taking steps to overcome the various issues arising following the closure of the local offices and to continue to provide a good service to us all. We owners of veteran, vintage and classic motorcycles (and cars) need to maintain good relations with the DVLA, who I have always found to be extremely helpful. I don’t think articles such as Mr Hill’s help our cause or deserve space in the club journal. I would also associate myself with the two letters of objection to Mr Kintrea’s very peculiar and to me highly offensive letter in the March journal. Either he is in the wrong club or I am. It seems to me that the Editor could do a little more editing to remove some unwanted contributions and thereby address the space issues complained of in his editorial. John Elliott

Herefordshire on the edge

To help put ourselves back on the map, the newly re-formed Herefordshire Section is running a

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unique event on 26th June called “Herefordshire on the Edge”. It will take riders around the border of one of Britain‘s most scenic, historic but least visited counties and provide an enjoyable, noncompetitive, long distance challenge, designed to test entrants’ riding and navigation skills, taking their machines over a wide range of surfaced roads. Starting in Ross-on-Wye, riders who have registered for the event will have been given details of 24 waypoints beforehand. These will be spaced at roughly 10 mile intervals around the border of Herefordshire. The idea is that they should plan and follow their route to visit as many of these points as they choose. The minimum distance to visit all 24 points will be about 240 miles. Code boards or other easy to locate identifiers will be displayed at each of the 24 points so that proof of passage can be established. Entrants may use any appropriate equipment to plan and follow their route (in other words, Satnavs are allowed). All finishers successfully visiting 4 designated cardinal points plus any other 4 points will receive a ‘bronze’ award. Those visiting the cardinal points plus any 8 others will receive a ‘silver’ and those visiting 18 points, including the cardinal points will receive a ‘gold’. Entrants who manage visit all 24 points, will be able to be very proud of their achievement. We believe that this event will attract riders from all over the UK and enable them to come and appreciate our beautiful county - so we will be advertising “Herefordshire on the Edge” as widely as possible. Through the Journal therefore we would like to invite fellow members to support our Section by entering, volunteering to help out in the planning or running of the event and by telling friends to enter. Cost will be £5 per bike and full details and entry forms can be obtained by contacting event secretary, Geoff McGladdery by post, at 7, the Hopkilns, Bishops Frome WR6 5BP, by phone/text on 07588 559698 or email him at geoffmac@globalnet.co.uk . If you don’t know Herefordshire, come and take part. You will not be disappointed. Roger Bibbings

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Some editorial observations

David Davies comments about diary pages are well made, 18 pages mainly filled by sections telling us about their next monthly meeting is taking place is overkill. I suggest our editor exercises his editorial blue pen. The diary would better used to only list riding events and other one offs. The section notes pages are there to be used by section scribes to promote monthly meetings/ activities. Let’s keep it there, avoid duplication and save some trees.On a final note, it may have been an April fool joke but the page 58 half page on the price of sheep dogs has got to be an editorial glitch... Or was it? Next month an article on the price of beef in Aberdeen. Gordon Mowat

Phil Heath

Those letters from Messrs Parkin and Ryan about Mr Kintrea’s letter; in a word ‘you can’t be serious?’ It’s a pity you didn’t save the original letter until April 1st. What I did appreciate was your ‘always a racer’ caption for FPH. In 1988 I organised a run from Wolverhampton to Stevenage

Roadside repairs

It occurred to me that this photo of my 1921 Ner-a-Car undergoing unscheduled roadside repair on a trip to France last year might make an interesting counterpoint to the normal photos of proud owners and immaculate (and well behaved) machines that normally grace the Journals... “A motorcycle is a bicycle with a pandemonium attachment, and is designed for the especial use of mechanical geniuses, daredevils and lunatics.” — George Fitch, Atlanta Constitution Newspaper, 1916 Andy Pugh

to celebrate the 60th anniversary of HRD becoming Vincent HRD. Four of us, Geoff Preece, Jacqueline Bickerstaff, Phil and I, rode our HRDs from the Halfway House to Cambridge to our overnight stop. The next morning we paid homage to the digs where undergraduate Phillip Vincent had built his first Vincent Special before travelling on to the Vincent Series A Rally at Walkern. The night before, my mate Chris who was riding shotgun on his B Rapide, had had a strong word in my ear. In his opinion I was setting too hot a pace and Phil was struggling to keep up. By agreement the other two on their sidevalves were not trying. The next morning before breakfast we found Phil with his tools out fettling the bike and looking for those missing MPH. Like you said, always a racer. Incidentally we started from the Halfway House because that is where that other racer, HRD, had celebrated his 1925 TT win. Also, given equal mounts, the boot would have decidedly been on the other foot. George Spence (That’s the final word on this - Editor)

Registration marks

I read with some interest the articles by Jonathan Hill and Neil Cairns in the April edition of the VMCC Journal covering the subject of issuing, transferring and duplication of registration marks. I still hold an original Registration document issued on 7th October 1914 to my grandfather Alfred Hamlet Haden who manufactured New Comet motorcycles at his factory in Princip Street Birmingham from 1903 until 1931. Issued by the Birmingham Town Clerk, this document (referred to as ‘copy of entries in register of general identification marks’) has been stamped with the seal of the Birmingham City Police. Although the document is entitled ‘Registration of Motor Car’ it was actually for motorcycles. It specifies what is described as the ‘Index Mark and Description of General Identification Mark’ The registration details are for nine plates - letters ONC- followed by numerals 1-9. It is stated that the background colour shall be sky blue with white letters and figures. The total fee for registration of these nine numbers was £3. Although I guess the

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 79

machines are long gone, I would be interested to hear if anyone knows if any of these registrations are still in use. In 1965 my brother took possession of a new Morgan car as a wedding present from our parents. A few months later he was told that there was a double-decker bus being driven around Birmingham with the same registration as his car. The City Corporation were anxious not to lose what to them was a sequential number and so agreed to pay his cost for new registration and plates. Donald Haden


If I may, I would like to make a few observations on the 2016 AGM, from which I have just returned. Overall, it was a calm orderly and well run affair, with none of the rancour of 2014. Well done everybody, and my thanks to Pat Robotham and his team for all of their hard work in gripping that which needed gripping. I was pleased that the Articles and Bylaws were accepted unaltered, but I was very surprised at the low number of votes cast using the proxy forms. In round terms, about 1100 out of 15300 members took the trouble to vote. A turnout of about 7.2%, which rose to about 8% when we include the 150 or so souls in the room (my estimates). Pitiful really. In the past, I have heard members muttering about a lack of democracy and the need for more referendums on contentious issues, but clearly some do not seem to have cottoned on to the fact that the proxy voting system is, in all but name, a referendum taking place before the event. This year, 8% of the membership has decided which three of the four candidates for the key role of Director got jobs hardly a ringing endorsement for them, or a demonstration of democracy in action. For goodness sake, use your vote next year. One effect of running the AGM in the way that Company law requires is that it risks being seen as boring and ever more detached from the perceived realities of what is, after all, a motorcycle Club. Attendance seemed to me to be well down this year compared to the last two AGMs and I suspect that, if next year’s AGM is run the same way, even fewer will bother to go. While one could argue this means all must be well and that we are happy, and so long as we use their proxy vote it does not matter, I think it

80 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

would be a real shame as this is the only forum in which our Directors have to confront a sea of the faces to whom they are accountable. One solution was suggested at the AGM, which I fully support, and that is to run the day in two parts. One part would be the formal AGM of the VMCC Ltd, led by the Directors, to conduct the business required of us by law. The other part would be the AGM of the Vintage Motorcycle Club, chaired and led by the Area Representatives (with help from interested Sections if desired and appropriate) to discuss issues and ideas relating to the health and activities of the Club. Today, several members cited other Clubs who already do this, such as Rolls Royce Enthusiasts, so we should have something to plagiarise. Please, can we give this a go at the 2017 AGM and publicise it widely? I would suggest that a theme for the day could be how we can grow membership numbers and reduce our average age. These are existential threats to the Club. However, to keep the length of the day reasonable and outputs useful and credible it will be vital to conduct such sessions in a focussed way that stops them descending into anecdotal waffle or irrelevance. Perhaps by splitting the attendees into smaller facilitated groups to discuss ideas and then report back to the full meeting with strategies for wider discussion, agreement and action. If others think this a good idea, and if the Club is prepared to give this a go in 2017, I am prepared to assist. Anybody else? Jeremy Retford (The FBHVC AGMs have used this format for a number of years – the AGM in the morning and a ‘Conference’ in the afternoon after a lunch break which gives members the opportunity to meet and socialise – The aim is to attract greater participation at the AGM proper – Editor)

Founder’s Relay Rally

It will soon be time for the Founder’s Relay Rally - the 20th anniversary – and the 11th running of our founder’s 3rd great idea. I trust that as many sections and members will take part if possible. I will be seeing how many miles and controls I can visit on a very small ‘bike ( a Honda 100cc H100) I am lucky living in the Midlands in that I can usually visit 4 or 5 controls in the day. I realise that

some members may have to travel 50 miles or more just to reach one control. However, Titch’s plan was to see as many old ‘bikes on the roads as possible. My plan is to start from a control some miles away, as starting from your local section often involves chatting to pals and not getting away until 10.30 But however you do it, please support this most important event. Chris Harper


Reading ‘Arry ‘Oldorf’s letter about the ‘sidette’ is a reminder about the Rex Marque pre-1914. It’s all in “The Sidecar” by Old Father Brazendale (plug). Rex was heavily into forecars and thus way ahead in the development of passenger-carrying vehicles. After the sidecar became popular Rex continued to champion their forecars; their intermediate creation being the “Rexette”; virtually a car. Market forces eventually persuaded Rex to manufacture and market their “Sidette” just before WW 1. It was a weatherproof sidecar. As for Mrs Hunter being stopped by the police for her licence (five shillings equals 25 pence) it was a legal requirement to carry your licence when you were riding or driving in the early days – no computers then with ‘Big Brother’ watching you Old Father Brazendale

still losing money is an extravagance which is unnecessary! Most sections produce their own calendars which a readily available if you request a copy. Living on the border with Scotland, I am also kept up-to-date by several of the border sections and many members also use the internet. May I suggest this extensive diary is transferred into the ether so that the journal devotes its pages to more interesting matters? Old Father Brazendale (Still from Carlisle)

The Diary

I totally agree with your sentiments regarding the waste of space afforded to the Diary which now extends for two months in advance! The Diary is taking the Journal over which for a club which is

The Lakeland Weekend: 2nd-3rd July 2016

A very popular Lakeland Section event, this is a round of the Northern Road Run Championship. Based at Keswick Rugby Club, the weekend offers low-cost camping, full clubhouse facilities, a town centre location, great routes and the stunning scenery of the Lakes and Fells. Repeated by popular demand is a Cumbrian BBQ night, at the Rugby Club, on Saturday on, evening at 7pm. Please pre-order the BBQ (£10 each) with your entry. Later or our f n i k The event is open to all eligible machines, and all routes are suitable for flat tankers and boo h Lakes ’ girder forkers as well as later classic machines. Bring your family too: Lots of tourist ‘Sout Weekend in attractions will keep them happy whilst you ride some of the country’s most beautiful routes. Mounta h – 25th 24t mber Septe Contact: Colin Steer 017687 74536 colinsteer@vmcclakeland.co.uk

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CYRIL BUTT It is with regret that I report the passing of Cyril on 21st September 2015, following a motor cycling accident from which he did not recover. Cyril is missed by his wife, family and his fellow riders, many of who rode behind the hearse to the cremation. Cyril was a committee member of the Devon Section, many would ask his advice on motor cycle problems because he had been a motorcyclist all of his adult life. He had his legendary bag on a rack on his bike so if anyone broke down he invariably delved into it to find a part to get them going, whether it be a cable, inner tube, pump, lamp, spark plug (he carried many types) or a spanner. He helped me build my shed from scratch following a design he devised, once built we spent many happy hours working on bikes and laughing at his numerous stories. He was an incredible man who saw a problem as an opportunity to get to know more and invariably came up with a solution that worked. The journey home in the car from our club nights in the winter were always an event as he would tell stories of his past escapades on the bike or life experiences as a carpenter or Royal Engineer. Cyril Butt, Carpenter and Motorcycle enthusiast, 3rd February 1933 – 21st September 2015. Keith Cleeve

WALLY FLEW It was my pleasure and privilege to make the acquaintance of Wally Flew in the Skagen Rally in Denmark in 1971, complete with trade-mark vintage Norton outfit, and devoted wife Joan. (This was a bumper year for the Skagen, with more than a dozen Brits in attendance, including Titch Allen and Felix Burke). My tyre tracks were often to cross Wally's in the following years, at events in Sweden, German, Holland, Belgium and France: Wally was very international. He was also very Bristolian. I was once with him and his mum, and they conversed in Brizzle, the local patois: I couldn't understand a word. He once mentioned (in English) that he was the only soldier who remained sober on VE Day, having had a foretaste of victory - and a skinful - the night before. Just as well, as drunken soldiers began heaving sealed jerrycans of petrol onto a large campfire. Wally averted disaster by shooting holes in the cans, producing huge spurts of flame to wild cheering, but prevented lethal fireball explosions. Some of the rest of his time in khaki in Germany was diligently spent in adopting a Wehrmacht

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BMW and stripping it, and sending it home to Bristol in (freepost) parcels. 158 Station Road, with its Trophy Room upstairs, its workshop that grew to the full length of the "garden", and the fruits of Wally's proficiency as a Home Brewer, became a sort of Mecca for many riders, in particular on the eves of the famous Bristol to Lands End Runs. These arose so: Wally was browsing in a library one day in the early 'seventies, and by chance came across a forgotten bookmark that was actually an original Route Card for a run dating from 1913. Examination of his mapbook indicated that the proscribed route was still largely unchanged. And so the B to L was born! For many years it started authentically at The Full Moon pub in the middle of the city, and terminated in the bar of the Lands End Hotel. It is clear that Wally was one of the all-time greats of the VMCC, a Founder Member of the Bristol Section, and a Past President, but other people can testify to this better than I. Personal tragedy struck Wally in 2001, when a major stroke took out his speech. He was alright on Reception, but Transmission, even writing, was almost impossible. One can only try to imagine his frustration, until that moment a free-thinking, creative and communicative man. His driving licence was confiscated, of course, but with characteristic spirit, he regained it some years later! I well remember the spontaneous cheer that went up as, quite unheralded; he sailed into view with Norton outfit and Joan at the Knockdown Inn one Sunday midday in about 2006. In these years, Joan was ever more his supporting angel, but the strain on her was really too much… There was a final hilarious occasion in Wally's life, his 90th Birthday. Well, it was hilarious for us, the (self) invitees to the well-defined chosen pub in a place called Littleton on Severn. People rolled up from far and wide, greeted each other, and stood around…but there was no Wally. The crowd inevitably gravitated to the bar, and a good party got under way…still no Wally. He was eventually wheeled in, fortunately before closing time, by his carers who had taken him to the wrong pub! The foregoing scarcely scratches the surface of Wally's long and active life, but I will add that he had Common Sense in trumps, a keen sense of humour, and a deeper, more serious side that I think he sometimes chose to conceal. Our thoughts at this sad time are with his son Graham and daughter Carol. Rest in peace, Wally, you've earned it Paul Button

MARTIN HAZLEWOOD Sadly Martin passed away in March of this year after what can only be called 'a very active motor cycling life'. He excelled in both 'modern' & 'vintage' trials with 'The Taverners' over the years, winning many trophies But it didn't end there, he took part in 'scrambles' as they were called back then, as well as 'grass tracking' Martin also entered 'The Scottish Six Day Trial' several times, it took a few attempts but with characteristic grit & determination he managed to complete it fully on his third attempt. Having fancied a go at racing on tarmac Martin built up a competitive 'Greeves' & in 1985 came third in the 250cc vintage road race championship of which he was rightly very proud. He was also an enthusiastic motorcyclist on the roads around his Leicestershire home of Anstey. I remember Martin fondly as a modest & hugely likeable guy who will be sadly missed by his wife Pam & family as well as fellow Taverners. Ron Spinks ALF LAVÉR Alf Lavér has passed away, aged 94. He was one of the leading lights in the Swedish club ever since it was founded, and he joined the board in 1967 when he held the position of klubbmästare (literally: club master). However, Alf’s work within the world of collectors’ vehicles has a longer history. He was involved in establishing Automobilhistoriska Klubben (the Swedish Automobile History Club) in 1950 and was also involved in MG-klubben (now called the M.G. Car Club of Sweden). For many years he was one of the leading figures at the office of Motorhistoriska Riksförbundet (MHRF, the federation of Swedish historic vehicle clubs). Alf Lavér’s significance to the Swedish club Motorcykelhistoriska Klubben (MCHK) can hardly be overstated – he was part of everything! As mentioned, he was the Klubbmästare in 1967, Chairman in 1970–1975, and held the positions of Secretary and Office Manager for many years. From 1976 onwards Alf was the Editor of the club magazine. In 1986 he passed the baton to Olle Ridelius, but he returned to the position in 1994. Alf remained the editor until 2004, when he retired from his editing work and the positions of Secretary and Office Manager. Alf was one of the driving forces in negotiations between the federation of Swedish historic vehicle clubs and the insurance company Folksam when the federation’s insurance was drawn up. At that time no one could have imagined that it would result in 35,000–40,000 insurance policies! This form of insurance has played a major part in the development of the hobby in Sweden.

Through SVEMO (the Swedish motorcycle and snowmobile federation), Sweden is represented in UEM (the European Motorcycle Union), and for a few years starting in 1995 Alf was the first Swedish delegate in his role as a member of the non-sporting committee. There is a lot more to say about Alf Lavér, but to sum up we can say that the Swedish club Motorcykelhistoriska Klubben owes him a big thank you for his outstanding contribution to the vehicle collectors’ hobby.

COLIN LLOYD Colin passed away at home in Stourbridge on 27th February 2016 aged 73. Although he had been ill for the last few years with cancer he maintained a positive outlook and kept himself busy until the last, and that’s how he lived his life. As a boy he was taught to weld by his Dad and in due course went into business welding and fabricating. In terms of interests he wanted to try everything and the list of what he had done would normally be beyond belief, only it was true and he had the photographs to prove it if you asked him. Rock and mountain climbing, including Alpine peaks, Diving, Hang Gliding, Microlights, and ultimately his own aircraft, and not just circuits around Halfpenny Green, but long European trips. Then there was sailing his own boat off the coast of Wales and, after he took early retirement aged 55, in the Mediterranean for eight years, living on a substantial craft. He could repair watches (and Chronometric Speedos!), and no doubt had other talents I’ve left out or that he never mentioned. He was a life-long motor cyclist, on the road and trials riding, and when he came back to England from the Mediterranean he got into old motorcycles, some he restored and others he fettled and improved. And not just one or two – he had a 1926 Triumph Model Q that he campaigned at Banbury and the Levis trial, and among the several others his favourite was a 1956 BSA B33.

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When the end was nigh he was keen to see his bikes sold to the right people so they would continue to be used locally wherever possible, and this became his last project. Oh, and in the last five years he completely restored a grey Massey Ferguson tractor, because he’d always wanted to know more about how they worked. In his later years Colin had become an active member of the North Birmingham Section, organising runs, taking on the role of Treasurer (assisted by his wife Sandra), and willingly helping friends and members with ‘little welding jobs’. My 1929 BSA Sloper would not be on the road now without his considerable help, and I shall think of him every time I ride it. There was a massive attendance at his funeral, standing room only and even then we only just all got in. The cortege was escorted by 15 members on bikes, four of which Colin used to own, and with the B33 in close attendance. Having listened to his life story in the service, most of us were left wondering whether we should have got more done. Colin is survived by his wife Sandra, daughters Tina and Lisa and their wider families. He will be sadly missed by all of us. David Spencer

PHIL SLATER Sadly Phil passed away on the 19th February aged 85. He was a founder member of the North Staffs Section in 1978, but had been riding vintage motorcycles many years before that. Veteran to Classic, Phil rode them all, in the UK and Europe. I first got to know him in 1978, and seeing him riding his older machines encouraged me to go backwards in time on my choice of bikes. He was well known for his bodges and tricks to keep his bikes running and get to the finish. This ranged from stuffing his veteran Triumph’s tyre with grass to get to Brighton, on to binding a split tyre with cable clips to stop the inner tube bursting out. His tales of his travels and escapades entertained us at many a club night natter. The variety of bikes he had owned and ridden would fill a page. In his later years he had a penchant for Italian bikes and cars, travelling to Italy to bring several Moto Guzzi’s and Morini’s back to England, always accompanied by his wife, Vivienne. He never gave up and nothing ever took away his belief that everything would turn out right. Luckily Vivienne has a similar attitude to life. Our thoughts are with Vivienne on her sad loss and the North Staffs section will always remember Phil, a true character. Geoff Davies

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HAROLD WESTLAKE The Cornwall Section of the VMCC was saddened recently on hearing of the death of one of its oldest members. Harold Westlake died on Tuesday 2nd March at the grand old age of 93 years. Harold was born in the village of Burlawn, a couple of miles from the North Cornwall town of Wadebridge. On starting school as an infant he had to walk with other children from the village to the school in Wadebridge. He later moved to the ‘big boys’ school’ in the town. On leaving school he was apprenticed as a turner at the engineering factory of Irons brothers situated near the town where he served for all of his working life only to be interrupted by the dark days of WW2. As an apprentice turner Harold was granted a deferment from his call up to serve his King and Country to complete his apprenticeship. On becoming a fully trained turner the OHMS envelope arrived and Harold served more than the next three years in the REME. Returning to Wadebridge after the war, Harold met and married his wife Phyllis and together they were blessed with two sons, Brian and Geoff. Sadly Phyllis died in 1991. Harold had many interests during his long life being his Chapel and with his two sons they played in the town band, a further interest was helping his son Geoff to restore a large Fowler plough steam engine – a project that took over 20 years to complete. He also marshalled motor trials with his son Geoff taking part in the sport and of course a further major interest was his life-long love of motorcycles. Harold’s first machine was an Ariel 350cc which he bought when he was 17 years old. He joined us in the Cornwall Section some 20 years ago, then riding his blue BSA C15. He became a very active and popular member of the club, always ready to give assistance and advice to ‘One And All.’ As the years went by the BSA kick start became a little hard to operate as Harold had by this time had received two new hip joints so Harold acquired an electric start 125cc Yamaha which suited him much better as he said ‘the kick start was now on the handlebars.’ As Harold had been involved with and owned motorcycles all of his adult life he was a member of the Pioneer Club. Over the years Harold and I, with our cameras at the ready, spent many hours visiting the relics, tors and rivers of Dartmoor and also viewing red deer on Exmoor. Harold was a hive of information, a man with a brilliant memory right up to the end of his long life. He was firstly a good family man, a good club man, loved by all, a real gentleman who will be remembered fondly by all and he was also my special friend. Our condolences go to Brian, Geoff and their families. Mervyn Pearce

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In brief

The magazine

Thank you for a real improvement to the magazine, the new format and content are excellent, keep up the good work, I am really enjoying it. I always pass my magazines on and non members have commented on the improvements. Dave Simmons

A bit of good news

On page 117 of the 153 pages of the Budget statement we have this piece of information: “2.163 VED: classic vehicle exemption. The government will legislate to place the classic vehicle VED exemption on a permanent basis from April 1st 2017 so that from 1st April each year vehicles constructed more than 40 years before the 1st January of that year will automatically be exempt from paying VED (Finance Bill 2016).”

Raleigh vans, anyone?

The library has received a request for information to assist in rebuilding a Raleigh three-wheeled van with a 1934 registration. We have no Marque specialist for these rather unglamorous workhorses, and none are listed on the Club’s machine register, but we have been able to supply cursory information on appearances, bodywork etc. However, it would be extremely helpful to hear from any Club Member who can give us useful information on these vehicles that will expand our rather sparse archive. I do know that during the three years, 1930-1933, that Raleigh catalogued their vans, drastic modifications were made to transmission; steering and various engines were used. We look forward to receiving an avalanche of information. Please contact library@vmcc.net Jeff Nutt


I’m seeking new valves and valve guides for my 1930 and 1931 500 OHV BSA Slopers but so far without success – informed opinion is they are no longer available. I would like to hear from anyone who has knowledge of a successful modification of other valves and guides. My existing valves are stamped 1337-G2 on the stem; dimensions are 3/8" (9.525mm) stem diameter, 315/16" (100.0125mm) length, and 1.759" (44.6786mm) head diameter. Would also like to hear from anyone who has had new valve guides made which are proven ok in use. Contact me on 020 8559 8101 or cbobin@btinternet.com if you can help. Calvin Bobin

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Times gone by

Burton Lane End on the A57 between Lincoln & Saxilby - now ‘Woodcock’s Restaurant’. The Pillion rider is Charlie Meggett - uncle of the legendary Ray Meggett. For many years Burton Lane End was a popular meeting place for picnics – even for swimming in the Fossdyke – and was still a popular meeting spot in the 1960’s. This rider is unknown, but the AJS (a 500cc one?) displays a local number.

Thank you

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I extend my thanks to all who responded to my plea regarding removing one modification and introducing a second to our/my BSA. My request for your thoughts on external electrical oil pumps to oil soak the cam shaft area prior to starting brought forth very interesting and thoughtful replies. If there was a prize it would have to go to Mr Dave Wilcox for his information on the “Accupump” and many thanks for donating such an item for the project. I shall put a large donation into the R.N.L.I. collecting tin on my next visit to the seaside. I should like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the other club members who have helped me (usually by answering ‘damn fool’ questions). Tony Oakes-Phillips

Jack Davies

I am trying to do some research for the Grandson of Jack Davies, who had a shop at the town end of the English Bridge in Shrewsbury. His Grandfather who ran the Motorcycle Shop in the 1920's and 1930's emigrated to Australia due to the recession in the thirties. I have found a sign, which still exists, on the wall of the original shop. He sold Velocettes and several other manufactures including tricycles on which he is reputed to have been the first to drive up the Wrekin, nr Wellington, Shropshire. If anyone has photos, information, write ups etc copies of which would be most appreciated. He also raced motorcycles I don't know what type of races he was entered in. If anyone has any information please contact me 01686 670626 or email me at derek.trow@talk21.com Derek Trow

This came my way recently. Never knew during my years or since that the K&DMCC had been going before the War, not to mention WWI. Anyone recognise anyone’s father or grandfather? Information would be welcome. Jeff Waller

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One ‘For Sale’ and one ‘Exchange or Wanted’ advert free of charge per issue per member. Up to 40 words,including all contact details. Adverts of over 40 words will be charged at the ‘MISCELLANEOUS’ rate of £10.Motor cycles and ThreeWheelers must be over 25 years old. Spares must relate to machines over 25 years old. ITEMS FOR SALE MUST BE PRICED, WORDING SUCH AS ‘OFFERS OVER’, ‘ONO’ AND ‘OFFERS’ WILL NOT BE PRINTED

MISCELLANEOUS A service for members, which allows you to sell any item whatsoever that you believe, may be of interest to other members. These adverts will be charged at £10 each, up to 50 words, including all contact details. N.B.: TO REDUCE COSTS AND ADMINISTRATION, PAYMENT FOR MEMBERS’ ADVERTS MUST ACCOMPANY THE ADVERT. RECEIPTS OR INVOICES WILL NOT BE ISSUED FOR MEMBERS’ ADVERTISEMENTS UNLESS A STAMPED ADDRESSED ENVELOPE IS PROVIDED.

TRADE SMALLS & HOLIDAYS These adverts are charged at £12 for up to 50 words or £18 for up to 100 words per insertion and are open to those who operate on a small scale or as a ‘leisure’ trader.



AERMACCHI/HARLEY 1965, 250cc Sprint H, four stroke, single in good condition £3,300, spares another £600 also Terrot RGST 500cc single, in good condition £4,200. Neil Rogers 01823 618657 (Taunton) AJS 18MS 500cc single, 1954 Jampot model, stainless front wheel, rear carrier, original handbook, used on club runs, owned last 16 years £2,600. Clive Plane 01492 585266 (Llandudno) AJS 350cc, 16ms, 1954, old buff log book, barn stored, original bike £1,950. Fred Alcock 01538 753086 (Staffs) AJS 350cc 1959, alternator model with 12v electrics, used regularly on club events and days out, owned for ten years have kept a service record and an account of work done £2,400. Mick Leach 07905 333735 (near Burton upon Trent) ARIEL Leader, 1960, tidy condition, been stored (in dry) non-runner hence £1,500 or exchange for 1930’s bike (very rough) project or Bantam DI. John Boggis 01978 842668 (Wrexham) ARIEL Leader, 1960 (built 1959), unused for many years, but now road ready, complete respray in beautiful turquoise / cream, windscreen, panniers, rack, owner's manual, V5, £3,000. Patrick Howell 01789 773801 (Warwickshire) ARIEL VH 500cc, Red Hunter, 1951, smart reliable bike, professional engine & magneto rebuild, overhauled gearbox, rear suspension & much more, original valuable

Adverts for your ‘main’ business should be placed as a block advertisement at the appropriate rates.

INVOICES WILL STILL BE ISSUED FOR TRADE SMALLS AND HOLIDAYS For copy deadlaines please see page 2. Adverts may be submitted by Post, Fax or E-mail (not by telephone) to: Adverts, VMCC, Allen House, Wetmore Road, Burton upon Trent, Staffs, DE14 1TR, Fax: 01283 510547. e-mail: adverts@vmcc.net Please pick a KEY word for the first word of your advert ie: AJS, MZ, handlebars, panniers. Also prefixed by – For Sale (Machines, spares/equipment, clothing/publications), exchange, wanted, trade, holidays – NOT a year or model. This helps us to sort in alphabetical order and put in correct classification. Please quote your membership number and, if HAND WRITTEN, write all adverts clearly.


registration, easy starter £3,850. Cedric Clarke 01502 478460 email cedric@waitrose.com (Suffolk) BMW R50, 1955, reg no 36 LMU, 46,832 miles, good condition, some non-original parts, nice looking bike and runs really well £3,250. George Harris 01932 889516 (Middx) BSA A7 Shooting Star, 1956, 500cc twin, stainless rims, good chrome, reconditioned magneto £4,650. Morcom Moyle 01209 215863 (Cornwall) BSA B31, 350cc, 1949, rigid in trials, trim with road gearing, lighting etc, in nice condition, easy starter £3,500. Brendan Walsh mob 07789 903627 (Burton on Trent) BSA C12, needs re-commissioning, engine and gearbox have been rebuilt, paintwork could be improved, needs head-gasket and headlamp glass, distinctive number nontransferrable, V5 is older type, needs a little tlc, no silly offers £1,250. Ed Broadbridge 01582 725729 (Beds) BSA Gold Star 500 DBD34, professionally built in 1996 to original spec from two donor clubman models, using as many parts from them as possible, unused since, photos can be emailed £14,500. Tony Clarke 01438 816420 mob 07776 423610 (Herts) BSA Super Rocket 650cc, completely restored, v5c, just started needs run in, looks brand new £7,000. Yamaha 125cc G, completely restored for racing and a large stock of new spares available £6,500. J Magee mob 07709 174442 (Belfast)

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BSA Super Rocket, 1960, in unrestored condition, mileage on Speedo indicates 15,639, which could be correct when checking old mot, comes with buff log book and current red V5C £7,200. Walter Oliver 01773 744139 (Derbyshire) BSA Thunderbolt, 1971, restored to a very high standard regardless of cost, matching engine and frame numbers, mot until December, tax exempt £4,600. P Gossling 01425 474369 (Hants) BSA 1927 Model E V Twin, 770cc, all restored and looking nice, first year with real brakes, V5 in my name, goes and stops £13,500. Alan Coombe mob 07971 399633 (Devon) CONDOR A580, 1953, very nice and original post war Swiss Military bike, a good unrestored example with correct rare convoy light, leather panniers etc, running well with V5 £5,500. David Thomas 07798 866071 peterpaulmoore@hotmail.co.uk (Middx) COVENTRY Eagle 350cc, OHV 1928, JAP, superb £10,000. Alcyon 1932? 250 OHV, £3,500. KTT MK4 Velocette, £37,000. Francis Barnet 1937, Plover original, does not turn £1,500. Rare racing Neval/Minsk with spares £5,000. Paul Ingham 01524 276261 email paulingham06@btinternet.com (Lancs) EXCELSIOR American X, 1913, 1000cc, V twin, original paint complete and needing only minor adjustment (too big for me now) £29,000. Trevor Brookes 01785 240576 mob 07875 679924 (Stafford) EXCELSIOR Talisman TT1, 1954, black, top class restoration, excellent runner, everything works as it should, useful spares and tools, complete set of documentation including back copies of club newsletter and buff log book £3,950. Chris Jones mob 07768 268854 email cjoneshome@btinternet.com (Scotland) GILERA 175, 1957, part restored and non standard in good condition. British bike but number has been lost so will require re-registering, parts present to complete rebuild, pretty little bike and Moto Giro eligible when finished £1,950. Jane Plumb 0131 333 3336 e-mail growanleaj@btinternet.com (Edinburgh) HONDA CB200, green, 13594 speedo, original 1975 service manual £575. Mr Blagg 0161 763 3699 (Bury) HONDA CB, 250 K4, 1971, Candy Gold, ride or restore £1,350. Kevin Matthews 01302 866081 (Doncaster) HONDA Superdream CB250N, 1980, fully restored, many new parts, powder coated frame, professional re spray in original Honda silver, decals correct for year and colour £2,100. Brian Wright 01704 534970 (Southport) KAWASAKI 1989 550GT Trike, big alloys, recently converted to trike, respray blue, new tyres, battery and serviced, lovely condition, mot Sept, retirement sale £3,995. Mr Hamblet 01782 373715 mob 07800 919274 (Stoke on Trent) MATCHLESS 1926, model M and sidecar in "Matchless

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Grey" £20,000. S Skinner 01934 829657 (Somerset) MATCHLESS 350cc G3LS, 1957, in good general condition, in regular use, reliable, indicators, rear carrier, free tax & mot, £2,500. John Mills 01283 712095 (Swadlincote) MONTESA 1971, Cota 247 trials with V5C and transferable registration number plus spare engine, frame, seat tank unit etc £1,300 the lot. Ian Fairhead 01522 753100 email ian_fairhead@hotmail.com (Lincoln) MOTO GUZZI Falconi Nuovo, 1974, see article in The Classic Motor Cycle of May 2016, the very one! £3,350. Peter Hallowes 01258 472500 (Dorset) NEW HUDSON, 550cc combination, 1932, V5, outfit with swallow body, Noxal chassis, very rare model in near original condition, reluctant sale due to age and health £10,000. Peter Bailey 01635 578479 (Newbury) NORTON Dominator 88, 1960, very good condition, cream/black, enclosed rear chain, valuable registration number, SRM cylinder head £6,000. Norton model 18, 1932, original registration, log book to 1939, lovely restored condition £11,000. Michael Dale 01295 710911 (Banbury) SCOTT 2 Speed Super Squirrel, 1930, excellent condition, original features, runs well, ready for the season ahead, photos available £10,350. Seamus Stuart mob 07768 640701 email seamusstuart@me.com (Lisburn) SUZUKI GS 550L, 1980, mileage 19,522, blue, excellent condition, tax and mot, must be seen lovely to ride £2,000, also, Honda 450, custom, 1982, mileage 44,000, on sorn, good condition, nice to ride, mot till June £1,600. W Crowley mob 07837 067104 (Lancs) TRIUMPH Tiger 90 500cc, 1967, very good condition, new Boyer Ignition, electronic voltage regulator /rectifier, alternator, re-chromed parts, new wheels, nice looking, mot & tax, runs well, starts first kick £4,295. Clive Edridge mob 07894 985891 email tdm2@hotmail.co.uk (North Dorset) TRIUMPH Bonneville 1975, T140V5 speed, engine turns over with good compression, dry stored for many years, sensible modifications; Boyer ignition, oil filter, modern rectifier, centre stand is missing, sorned, good looking bike, loads of potential, £4,500. Graham Smith 01282 710011 (Lancashire) TRIUMPH Q 1926, probably the best available, near concours condition, completed 5 Banburys and 6 Levis trials, overall winner of Levis in 2015, fitted with lighting set, speedometer and wicker top box, totally reliable £9,800. Martyn Griffiths 01384 292704 (West Midlands) TRIUMPH T120, 1959, Thruxton, 10 built by the factory for the Thruxton 500, my race - June 1959, this bike finished 3rd, only seven entered the race £25,000. Roy Coyle 01227 791875 (Whitstable) TRIUMPH TR6, 1972, black, US spec tank and last of

the true 650’s, ready to ride, in very good condition £4,995. David Holland mob 07815 039418 email david@flying-dutchman.co.uk ( Notts) TROJAN mini-motor Robin Hood gents cycle, selling as non runner, not been used for 2 years, with v5 reg 1951,vgc £450.00. Mike Howard 01405 762947 (E Yorks) VELOCETTE MOV 1948, original engine and frame numbers, reconditioned magneto £4,900. R Saxby 01244 381873 (Cheshire) WALL AUTO-WHEEL, 1914, Pioneer Certificate, SORN, with quality period Rudge gents bicycle, hub brakes, lights, period horn, nice saddle etc, basically good order but needs some attention £3,300. Nick Driver 01493 700877 email chinahamilton@btinternet.com (near GT. Yarmouth) YAMAHA 600 SRX Cafe Racer, U.K import, new tyres, chain, battery, genuine 11,000 miles, fully serviced, 1987 with a year’s mot, 50 miles free transportation Maidstone area £1,950. Chas Penfold 01732 844473 (Kent) YAMAHA XJ600 pre diversion model, very good condition, twin exhaust, 6,700 miles, on sorn £850. Gwyn Price 07594 662972 (S.Wales)


ARIEL Leader, alternator cover £6, end cover £10, flywheel/sprocket £10, clutch chain wheel £8, centre £12, front shocks £20, instrument panel £12, headlamp shell £6, petrol cap £4, bulkhead £4, handlebars £8, rear sprocket £10, wheel spindle £4. Colin Flood 01634 843803 (Kent) AVON Super Venom tyres, unused, never mounted, time expired in storage, suitable for show or static display only, 4 of 120/80x16, 1 of 130/80x18 £10.00 each, buyer collects. Royce Creasey email roycecreasey@gmail.com (Bristol) BIKE Trailer (Single), new wheels, mudguards, jockey wheels and ramp, trailer board £195. Mike Barry 01228 675117 (Cumbria) BOLT-ON motorcycle rack, fits on towbar excellent condition, no rust £40.00. Barry Plummer 01162 833376 (Leicester) BRAKE Linings by Ferodo etc from 3” to 9” diameter, massive new stock, please ask, tell me your dia, width, length etc from £4. Ken Shemwell 01709 548673 email ken.shemwell@blueyonder.co.uk (S. Yorks) BSA Bantam Speedometer head, professionally restored, like new £85, BSA Bantam workshop manual, 52 page A4 size, £12, Feridax locking twist grip with key and new rubbers £33, all including postage. Brian Jenkins 01522 536580 (Lincoln) BSA C11 petrol tank needs work, £40. BSA C11 gearbox, £65. WM2 19”x40 hole Dunlop rim, £20. AMC rear

wheel f/w hub, speedo drive, sprocket, back plate £60. MV fibreglass petrol tank for 175cc new / unused £80. Ralph Whitehouse 01582 425136 (Luton) BSA G14, 1934, 998cc side valve, V Twin with 1934 Swallow single adult sidecar, green/chrome petrol tank, black epoxy coated frame/forks, matching engine and frame numbers, recent magneto rebuild, engine re-bored, complete with trailer £16,000. Phil Heneghan 01285 851397 email phil.heneghan@virgin.net (Glouc) BSA/ TRIUMPH 8" back plate and shoes to fit front wheel, good condition £60. Billy Bubb 01789 772297 (Warwicks) BSA 250cc 1925, Girder forks £250. Meo magneto, 1914, 4cylinder £200, both in good condition. D Taylor 01489 78550 (Hants) DELLORTO, SS1 27D (27mm) carburettor, ultrasonically cleaned, new bell mouth and other parts £200, comes with purpose-made threading tap for bell mouth, also cylindrical SS2 float chamber and mounting ring/rubber sleeve, £100, all in very good condition. Fred Pidcock 07707 444121 (Middlesex) DUNLOP Roadrunner tyre for sale, 3.50 x 18, little used £15.00 plus p&p. D. Pearce 01242 584136 (Glos) DYNAMOS, two motorcycle dynamos, larger E3HM type LO smaller is similar offset type with no legible markings, both suitably connected, run as low powered motors so probably in working order £80 each or £150 for both, plus p&p. Alec Jacobs 01454 612018 (Bristol) HONDA CD185 engine, circa mid 1970's, complete including carb, unused, believed to be ok, good condition, turns over, now surplus to requirements, fit to Honda or basis for easy start special £50, buyer collects Bournemouth area. Dennis Hern 01202 603004 (Dorset) INDIAN 741B cylinders x 3 used, new 3x +30, 1x +20 piston ring sets 2x +3 thou, Gudgeon pins £110 or split, BSA A/B series, original dual seat, good condition, slight surface rust on base £55. Roger Monk 01509 412662 (Leics) LUCAS 4 cylinder racing magneto type 4 VR ENM 3319 £1,500. Mick Hemmings 01327 844877 (Northampton) NORTON Front brake plate c/w shoes for C1938 Girder Fork 16H/mod18 models £40 plus postage. TT issues of ‘The Motorcycle Magazine’ Junior/Senior, 1959, £8 pair plus post. Hydraulic motorcycle lift, 1000lbs capacity, excellent order £180. Arthur Pentney 01263 713280 (Norfolk) PISTONS (Genuine Meteor, NOS) complete: Benelli 48cc (40.4, 40.6, 40.8mm); Victoria 48cc (38.2, 38.4mm); Orsello 80cc (48, 48.2, 48.4mm); Biachi Gardena 75cc (46mm); Villiers (59mm) £30 each. Footrest rubbers, various, £4 pair. Horn/dip switches £3.50. Dennis Beale email dennis@beale788.orangehome.co.uk 01452 750424 (Gloucs) RUDGE 1937 Ulster engine frame and gearbox, Rudge

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 91

pattern, alloy wheels, TLS front brake, 110mph potential £11,000. 1932/33 Ulster forks, legs, bridge, M3510x1, £750. Miller D6 Dynamo, 50’s Vincent £160. Race saddle 24”x10”, light, ‘humped’, 1950’s £60. Tim Turner 01304 368277 (Kent) TERRY valve springs, all new - Triumph 350 twin, Enfield 248 o.h.v, 1935-39 and model j 1954-56, Matchless/A.J.S 350/500, B.S.A. 350/500, 1933-36, all £12 per set, also for Enfield 692/736, Twins and Norton 500 twin, £15 per set. D. Earnshaw 01709 873381 (S Yorks) TOOLBOXES, pillion side steel cases with hand stitched leather fronts and straps, 7½” to 9” long x 4½”x 3½” £85. A Greathead 01446 792586 (Wales) TRAILER Moto-Lug single bike trailer, has lighting, little used and easy to store £200. Mike Squance 01392 411838 (Exeter) TRIUMPH Silencers, 1970's, T140 etc, to fit 1 3/8" pipe, new, no damage, £75 pair, postage extra, also, Sunbeam S7/8 kick start quadrant gear, new, £15 postage extra. Geoff Davies email geoffvmcc@hotmail.com 01782 550005 (North Staffs) TRW Engine, 500cc sv carb, primary chaincase’s £550. Terry Nicholls 01792 873536 (Swansea) VILLIERS Brass flywheel for 9E, including 3 coils, new ignition, points, condenser etc £110. Bryan Ling 01235 812495 (Didcot) 1914 JAP 770cc V twin engine, no 46782, it is the 3rd last JAP motor fitted to a Sunbeam in 1914, very good condition £5,000. Howard Burrows (Australia) 03 626 02993 email flattank@bigpond.com (Tasmania)


BSA Bantam by Owen Wright, in very good condition, £10 if collected or £14.30 including p&p. Honda CB 250/400 CB400N, Haynes Owners Workshop Manual, 1978/1984 £5 if collected or £7.50 including p&p. Bill Jones 01207 571922 (Durham) CLASSIC BIKE complete set 1978/9 to 1984 available



ANY AREA IN THE UK 07724 939086 0191 2632368 DECEASED ESTATES 92 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

free of charge, donation requested to West Kent Run's 1916 chosen charity (details provided). Dennis Bates 0208 460 6842 (Bromley) KAWASAKI 900, fours Haynes workshop manual, 1973 onwards £8, Yamaha XS 250,360 & 400 Twins Haynes owners workshop manual £5, large amount of Honda/Suzuki/Yamaha factory showroom brochures from 1991, £4.99 each, all free p&p. Mr E Clarke 01953 607225 email edwingeorgeclarke@hotmail.co.uk (Norfolk) NEWNES Motorcycle repair and upkeep books, published in 1930 in 14 weekly parts, a bit tatty, some pages oily, issue 1 has cover missing, £50. N. Woodington 01865 863621(Oxon) RACING Leathers - one-piece, black, chest 43 inches (108cms), waist 36 inches (92cms), inside leg 27 inches (69), very good condition £100. Peter Harvey 01785 850462 (Stafford)


AJS Gearbox for v-twin, model S3, with Spicer-Hardy shaft primary & chain to rear wheel, complete or damaged gear-box or parts or a 50’s Douglas g-box. I have other prewar AJS parts for exchange. Jari Koivisto 00358405894966 email jrkoivisto@gmail.com (Finland) ANY make or size classic motor cycle wanted from a basket case to one in nice or restored condition, cash waiting. Mark Webb mob 07811 189755 email g3web@tiscali.co.uk (Tamworth) BMW Earles fork machine sought for project, incomplete or rolling chassis, barn find or abandoned bike. Keith Crawley 0151 260 8401 (Liverpool) BRITISH Hub Co, single sided rear hub, speedo drive type, 6” dia brake, 6”width overall (bare), 5 sprocket bolt holes, 40 spoke holes, bare hub acceptable. Pat Davy 01283 820563 email p.davy750@btinternet.com (Staffs) BROUGH Superior 680 genuine period frame sought. Bob Burden 01929 425930 email b.burden@westdorsetweymouth.gov.uk (Dorset) BSA Model K, 1917 restoration, we are looking for a front fork for it, any 1914-1919 BSA model H or K front fork will fit our motorcycle. Valentin Stoynev +35988 7829198 email valentins@abv.bg (Bulgaria) BSA Model L De-Luxe 350ohv, 1925 valve lifter mechanism and parts book or loan to copy, also Early Velocette MK1 KSS or KTT petrol tank, 2:1 Smiths tachometer and square ML magneto. Alastair Alexander 0131 261 6188 mob 07817 086037 (Edinburgh) BSA C15T and BSA C15S genuine parts. Dave Green mob 07714 190997 (Lincs) BSA M24 Gold Star engine, 1938/9, wanted to finish project, prefer complete engine. A Curtis 01886 884668 or 07815 884668 email alancurtis@aol.com (Worcs)

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 93

Wanted Sparkbrook with Villiers Engine Scott 3-speed Super (open-frame type) Please contact Tony Griffiths 01298 872874 email: tony@lathes.co.uk

94 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

CB/CBX 250RS DL Electric Start, 1980 onwards, original condition, good price paid. Martin Wheway 01934 742867 mob 07811 930078 e-mail martinwheway@gmail.com (Somerset) COVENTRY Eagle parts for 1937 Silent Superb, rear stand, chain guard, toolbox, leg shields, rear carrier, headlamp and other parts considered. Matt Powell mob 07806 442693 email mjpowell5@aol.com (Wilts) DUCATI & Laverda brochures, sales sheets, posters, memorabilia and spares sought by private VMCC collector and Italian bike enthusiast, anything considered. Andrew Hunt 01442 891447 email dunsley1@ntlworld.com (Herts) FRAME or parts of a frame and cycle parts suitable for a 500cc ohv Blackburn engine of 1931/1932. John Rice 01200 445444 GILERA 300B mean side silencers, bathtub 350 side stand, MV125 TR rotor, 1955, also, sectioned Engine for my little museum, anything considered but not silly money. Mike Barry 01228 675117 (Cumbria) HARLEY FXR project, anything from a bare frame to an abandoned incomplete non runner / rolling chassis must have clean frame numbers. Graeme Chessum 01509889058 mob 07962810392 (Leics) HONDA Chaly CF70, tidy runner preferred midlands area if possible. Chris Harper 07731 382676 (Lichfield)

HONDA C90 swinging arm or full bike. Mr Blagg 0161 763 6399 (Bury) HONDAMATIC CB400A cylinder head, type HA, complete with valves, cam shaft etc but anything considered. Steve Hodgson 01325 352347 email sghdton@talktalk.net (North East) JAMES 197 complete or running frame, Commando or Cotswold, with V5, 1955. Tim Turner 01304 368277 (Kent) LUCAS KIF magneto wanted to convert to manual end cap. Ken Baker 0161 287 5845 (Manchester) McEVOY motorcycle wanted can already be restored or dismantled for restoration, will happily pay market price for right machine. Peter Lancaster 01273 494266 email peterlancaster25@talktalk.net (W. Sussex) NEW Imperial 1912-1919 wanted by enthusiast, the earlier the better, any genuine machine or boxes of bits considered. Andy Dean 01189 772178 email andy@keephatch.net (Berks) NORTON 16H Toolbox wanted, ex WD or Civvy for rigid girder model, also wanted Motor Cycle Sport Magazine for Dec 1962. Arthur Pentney 01263 713280 (Norfolk) NORTON model 18 open spring embossed rocker cover. Rod Towriss email pigbreath555@gmail.com mob 07745 728284 (Lincs) NORTON 99 or 650cc cylinder wanted, must be good, best price paid. Mick Hemmings 01327 844877 (Northampton) NORTON 1947 350cc Manx No B10 11+++ supplied to Alec Bennett, Southampton. Originally registered EOW 375 in Southampton area in 1950’s, any information very welcome! I live in NZ and visit UK. Alain mob 07952 17 2772 email recycledreading@gmail.com. (New Zealand) PEUGEOT 1961 wanted for BB3 50cc motorbike the three (3) speed left twist grip which operates the gear box via cables as used on many scooters, also contact with racers of 50’s. Lloyd Watson 01209 213386 (Cornwall) PRECISION engine 2½ or 2¾ wanted for a 1914 Torpedo lightweight, I have a 600cc precision for a swap or I will purchase any parts. John Wilton 02392 613490 email trojon24@hotmail.co.uk (Hants) PRE-WAR Triumph Speed Twin wanted by member, any condition. Geoff Keeling 01708 688268 mob 07809 688268 (Essex) PRE-WAR IOM TT/MGP Programmes wanted by Manx collector £65, for good quality 1930`s £100, for good quality 1920`s. Adrian Earnshaw 01624 628973 mob 07624 462442 (IOM) SMITHS Chronometric Speedo, 120mph or 80mph, prefer working order but a non-working one will do. C Wastell mob 07989 355171 email weas795@yahoo.co.uk (Wiltshire)

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 95

STURMEY Archer FW 3 speed "improved" gearbox internals or complete box wanted for 1930 Model 25 Panther (Villiers engined) - now becoming urgent as the bike has an entry in the Banbury run! David Hubbard 01256 321436 thehubbards1954@hotmail.com (Hampshire) TIGER Cub tools/battery box, for an early cub, with lid if possible wanted for a 1955 Tiger Cub, please help this is the only part missing. Derek Yates 01438 352979 email boydel@talktalk.net (Herts) TRIUMPH frame for 1914 veteran Triumph, I don’t mind some repair work if needed, short of frame to complete a bike. Sam Walker 07800 923416 email samwalker40@msn.com (Notts) TRIUMPH Model H, new member wishing to obtain a usable model H for Banbury Run etc, condition not important as long as good runner. Jim French 01162 796767 email fbi@insulate.co.uk (Leics) TRIUMPH rigid frame required also any parts. Colin Flood 01634 843803 (Kent) TRIUMPH 5TRW, any condition considered, based in Bristol but will travel to collect. Rufus Broomfield 01179 406328 (Bristol) TRIUMPH T120 Bonneville to restore, UK model, complete bike with or without old log book/V5 or frame, engine or any parts you may have for the 58/59 650/500 models. Roy Coyle 01227 791875 (Kent)


Unfinished projects and rare motorcycles for our Museum Cash or swaps Also restorations, affordable, rideable, show winning restorations

Estimates given

Sammy Miller Museum Trust 01425 616644 E:museum@sammymiller.co.uk 96 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

TRIUMPH TR6-T120, 1960-1961, outer primary cover. A Robert 01933 355796 (Northants) VETERAN Motorcycle - Triumph, Premier, Douglas or the like, definitely not to be sold on! Oily rag to good condition must be complete and running, cash waiting. Norman Keightley 01480 472268 (Beds)


AVEX TV/DVD player 240/12 volts, cost £289, good condition including a digital antenna, also carrying case, £123, Derek Roberts 01789 720077 (Warwickshire) BIKE LIFT available to IOM Classic TT Manx week 2016, outbound 24 August, returns 31 August, from/to Stratford-on-Avon, share costs. Perry Cottrell mob 07976 530596 (Warwickshire) SINGLE Motorcycle trailer fitted with loading ramp, recent complete refurbishment including new suspension units and new spare tyre, other two tyres good, trailer board included £180. Richard Gilby 01420 85995 (Hants)


AMAC and Amal TT carburettors, single and twin float, Andre dampers, Blackburne OHV O/S Flywheel Engine, Veteran project with 500 OHV JAP ,1948 Triumph T100 panel tank bike, exchange for TT 500cc Raleigh motorcycle or spares. Paul Ingham 015242 76261 (Lancs) DOUGLAS Dragonfly 1957, recent long term vintage display exhibit requiring only light fettling, wishing to exchange for a flat tank motorcycle running or requiring restoration, W.H.Y.? Allan Burt 01828 670328 email burt238@btinternet.com (Perthshire) JAP / BROUGH Superior 11.50 Oil pump for anything Cammy AJS. Howard Burrows 03 626 02993 email flattank@bigpond.com (Australia)


ALL YOUR OIL AND LUBRICATION SUPPLIES. For classic and vintage motorcycles, motorcars, trucks, tractors, boats and workshop machinery. Mail Order service or collect by appointment. Service with a smile from fellow enthusiasts. THE VINTAGE OIL COMPANY - 01283 509562 - vintageoil@aol.co.uk A O SERVICES. Sells the V reg 2a Dynamo Regulator both 6 and 12V in the one unit +/- earth (please specify). Made in Norfolk and with full after sales service £48 sent. Regulator/rectifiers, Boyer Bransden Ignitions, Advice on battery charging faults. Charge indicator BSM in 6V or 12V £22. Alternator wiring kit £33. Dynamo wiring kit £30. Unique Magneto timing unit, precisely finds timing point without dismantling, £35. Magneto Ignition Switch

for twins. £25. Testing of regulator/rectifiers, send with £5 to 35 Griston Rd. Watton, Thetford, IP25 6DN 01953 884681 (any-time) www.aoservices.co.uk Al Osborn AQUA / VAPOUR BLASTING OF ALL ALLOY AND NON FERROUS COMPONENTS. North West based (near Oldham/ Huddersfield), local FREE pick up possible NW, Cheshire, Wirral, Warrington, single items no problem, call Martin 7 days on 07889 853535 Visit Website vapourblastingservices.com. Trade Enquiries Welcome BALL AND ROLLER BEARINGS. Obsolete bearings supplied, reconditioned or manufactured. The Vintage Bearing Company. 17 Studio One. Waterside Court, Burton-on-Trent. DE14 2WQ Tel: 01283 509562, E-mail vintagebearing@aol.com web www.vintagebearings.co.uk BEMW. For competitive prices on restorations, repairs and spares. Spares available for vintage/classic BMW’s from 1935. Chang Jiang CJ750’s, copies of the 1938 BMW R71, from £4230. Some new 1957 models in stock. LH and RH sidecars, plus OHV machines available. Machine tools for the small and home workshop, including Chester Multifunction lathe/mill/drill. Parts made to pattern or drawing. SAE for any product or service or visit our web-site. 2 Forman Street, Derby DE1 1JQ, Tel: 01332 298523, eves and w/ends 01332 824334 or www.bemw.co.uk email johnrlawes@gmail.com Twitter, @BEMWDERBY BMW. UK’s longest-established (since 1962) independent BMW specialist for all your BMW needs (singles and twins 'till 1993). Spares, service, repairs, restorations to the highest standard. Used machines bought and sold. Old BMWs purchased inc. non-runners. Mail order and export welcome. Bob Porecha, 303 Sydenham Road, Sydenham, London SE26 5EW. Tel 0208 659 8860. Fax 0208 659 9198. E-mail bob@porecha.fslife.co.uk Working hours: 9.30am – 3.00pm Monday to Saturday or late by appointment. Due to irregular working hours please phone before calling at the shop. CAMBRIDGESHIRE CLASSIC WORKSHOP. Repairs, servicing, rebuilds, and restoration for all British and European makes. Aqua blasting service, aluminium and stainless welding, brazing etc, machining facilities, road and race tuning and much more. Collection and delivery service available. Tel 01353 886488 or 07506 284460. Website scrclassics.co.uk for more info. CLASSIC BIKE STORAGE. Your choice - from covered dry parking, to air-conditioned and heated pods. 24hr monitored alarm, 24hr CCTV. Secure gated compound. We care about your things. Check your own vehicle remotely via your mobile phone. We also store boats, small aircraft, vintage cars, and other cherished items. Long or short term options. Located near Honiton, Devon. Call Veetopia - 07545 784291

CLASSIC MOTORCYCLE REPAIRS, engine rebuilds and repairs, machining services and parts manufacture. General motorcycle repairs and maintenance undertaken, mechanical and electrical. Re-bushing of worn parts i.e. brake plates and bearing housing. Manufacture one-off’s or batches of components. Full or part engine and gearbox rebuilds. Contact Michael on (01233) 840323. CLASSIC PAINTWORK RESTORATION SERVICES. paintwork, lining, petrol tank repairs and restoration. www.gddesign.co.uk for more information call Glenn 0790 4244567 / 01858 575480 CONTROL CABLES AND DRIVE CABLES made to pattern or drawing for any motor cycle. Workshop services for unusual fittings. Small batches catered for. Loose parts available to order. Carrot Cycles (Lincoln). Unit 2 Monks Way, Lincoln. 01522 595975. info@carrotcycles.co.uk. www.carrotcycles.co.uk CORK CLUTCH SERVICE. Natural cork inserts fitted to your plates or sprockets. Any make or model £14 per plate/sprocket + postage/packing. Mike Chenery, 16 Greengate, Lurgashall, Petworth, Sussex, GU28 9ES, email: mike@corkclutchservices.uk tel: 01428 707538 ROB MITCHELL (Leek, Staffs) Small / medium turning – machining work for worn / reproduction/ new parts, made to your sample or sketch. One off’s or small runs / fabrications etc. Contact Rob on 01538 384239 or e-mail- mitchell.robert@live.co.uk. Avonford, Ball Haye Green, Leek, Staffs, ST13 6AY. TAX RETURNS AND ANNUAL ACCOUNTS for small business, companies & self employed over 20 years’ experience in all areas of accounting, very competitive rates contact Graeme 01509 889058, evenings. VETERAN, VINTAGE OR PRE-WAR motorcycles wanted and for sale. Please check our website www.vinandvet.com - Vintage and Veteran, 17 Studio 1, Waterside Court, Burton on Trent DE14 2WQ. Tel: 01283 509 562 email vinandvet@aol.com VETERAN AND VINTAGE TRIUMPH REPRODUCTION PARTS. Enthusiasts supply handlebars, exhausts, number plates and much more. Early coach built sidecars restored. For further details and list, contact Mike or Anne Lawson at Hinton Motorcycles email: hintonmotorcycles@gmail.com tel: 01258 472262 (evenings) VINTELE PROP STANDS. Period accessory for rigid framed motorcycles, inspired by the EsWay prop stand. Park easily on most surfaces. No heavy lifting. Selection of fittings included. Black powder coated £120.00. Unpainted £110.00. p&p UK £10.00. Contact Mick Hall email: info@vintele.co.uk telephone: 07944 140135 www.vintele.co.uk

The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016 | 97


APARTMENT FOR HOLIDAY RENTAL WITH STUNNING MOUNTAIN VIEWS, ITALY. Visit paradise on two wheels! Enjoy beaches, castles, medieval towns, and shopping. Meet warm friendly local people, sample great food and drink. Immerse yourself in rural tranquillity. Run by VMCC member; discount for members. Contact Stephen at villamaieletta@gmail.com www.facebook.com/VillaMaieletta www.villamaieletta.eu BRITTANY BIKER BREAKS - bed and breakfast exclusively for motorcyclists, in a small hamlet in rural Brittany 30 minutes from St Malo ferry. Delightful accommodation, home cooking and secure garaging and workshop for bikes. Guided tours can be arranged. Kim Rowland e-mail:brittanybikerbreaks@gmail.com website www.brittanybikerbreaks.com tel +33 (0)2 99 45 29 53. BRITTANY MOTORCYCLE HOLIDAY BREAKS. For Bikers run by Bikers. We offer a choice of 3 holiday houses, 2 person log cabin, 6 bed stone cottage and 6 bed wood bungalow. The houses are situated in 20 acres of our own land in a secluded valley setting. An ideal base from which to explore mystical Brittany, taking advantage of the excellent uncongested roads, an opportunity to ride in an unspoilt landscape - from the craggy cliffs along the north coast to the beaches of the south. Guided tours

98 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

arranged. Prices from ÂŁ40 a night. Garages & workshop. Contact Roger NICHOLLS - tel /fax 0033296365480 EMail rogerlinda@countrysideholidaysinfrance.co.uk Website www.countrysideholidaysinfrance.co.uk Follow us on facebook , Countryside Holidays in France. * DISCOUNTS ON BRITTANY FERRIES * HOLIDAY LODGES IN MID WALES owned by member. Ideally suited for motorcycle enthusiasts. Large site with safe, secure hard standing for bikes and trailers, utility / boot room in all, fully equipped workshops for those essential repairs. Wonderful touring roads and scenery (10 miles from Llandrindod Wells, 15 miles from Presteigne). Self catering and provision for grocery supplies to be delivered on your arrival. Excellent rates for members. Also suitable for club and group bookings. See our website: Radnor-revivals.co.uk or telephone 01597 840308 for a brochure and information. LE HAMEL IS A 17C FARMHOUSE WITH 4 LETTING ROOMS offering B&B plus the choice of an evening meal, our rates run from 65 - 90 euro according to season. We also have a 3 Bed 15C Gite with bags of character 350 - 800 euro according to the season. Short breaks welcome. Find us on www.lehamel.co.uk or mail louise@lehamel.co.uk for further info. The Sarthe area offers great riding and driving with ready access to miles of green lanes and Le Mans only 30 -45 minutes away. Phone 0033243340259

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100 |The Vintage Motor Cycle May 2016

Harry Wiles takes charge of the relay baton with members of the Warwickshire Section all ready to escort him off the premises

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