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The Vintage Motor Cycle

December 2015

Issue 658

Magnificently unrestored Old Father Brazendale, looking cool in shades, gets a leg over his magnificently unrestored 1914 23/4 hp Douglas. Full story: Page 58


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The Official Journal of the Vintage Motor Cycle Club

A selection of the machines which took part in the Triumph ‘Model H’ Centenary weekend. More pictures – Page 48


No. 658: December 2015


Published by The Vintage Motor Cycle Club Ltd, Allen House, Wetmore Road, Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 1TR, and issued free to members. T: 01283 540557 F: 01283 510547 E: W: Webshop:

Please address general enquiries to the club office, Monday to Thursday 9am - 5.30pm; Friday 9am - 4pm PRESIDENT Tim Penn - 01444 232035 CHAIRMAN Pat Robotham - 01889 500479 (5pm - 8pm only please) GENERAL MANAGER Giles Willison - ACCOUNTANT Jane Farnsworth - EDITOR David Davies - c/o Allen House GENERAL ADMIN/EDITORIAL Pam Goodfellow - 01283 495100 ADVERTISING/BOOKKEEPER/DIRECT DEBITS Jo Dunhill - 01283 495103 RETAIL ADMIN & RETURNS Joanne Delaney - 01283 540557 RETAIL/IT ADMIN Ian Botham - OFFICE/ADMIN/SMALL ADS Sara Smith - LIBRARY TEAM Vicky Frost, Michelle McGeachy and Peter Bennett - SPECIALIST PRODUCTS (BRAKE BLOCKS/TYRES ETC) Peter Bennett - Wednesday and Thursday only 9.00am - 5.30pm RETAIL OPERATIONS/TRANSFERS Alan Jones - 01283 495107 DIRECTOR SUPPORT REMIT FOR ALLEN HOUSE member_club_officials.aspx MEMBERS’ DISCOUNT INSURANCE Footman James Insurance Brokers 0333 207 6069 Full details of all the Club’s Directors & Officers can be found on the Club’s website _officials.aspx

DeMob Run picture special – Page 50

From the Centre Section notes Diary Correspondence Bonhams Auction Smallads

02 08 25 34 56 85

One machine, one family, three generations – Page 73

‘Big John’ Surtees brought some of his motor cycles to the 31st International West Kent Run. The name Big John came from the nickname given to him by his Italian fans, to whom he was always ‘Il Grande John’. See page 61 for the story and another picture Maurice Chandler from Stirling on his 250cc 1939 Red Panther starts the climb up Bilton Bank, near Alnmouth Station on the Bamburgh Run. Photo by Dave Angles. Report & pictures: Page 44. The Vintage Motor Cycle Club, whose members are united by their common appreciation of the engineering skill and vision of those who built the pioneer machines, has ensured that such machines are not preserved as lifeless exhibits in a museum, but are brought to life on frequent occasions in order that a new generation can marvel at the handiwork of the pioneers, and an older generation can once again view with nostalgia the machines they rode in days gone by.

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Allen House News

CURRENT VMCC MEMBERSHIP: 15,305 JOURNAL SUMBISSION DEADLINES January 2016 Deadline – Wednesday 02/12/15. February 2016 Deadline – Friday 01/01/16. THANK YOU I would like to thank all the Club volunteers and Sections who have over the year generously given their time and who have loaned their machines to exhibit at shows and training days, it really is very much appreciated. VMCC HQ CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR INFORMATION Please note that the office will close at 5.30pm on Wednesday 23rd December and will reopen on Monday 4th January. The office will close at 12.30pm on Friday 18th December for the office Christmas meal. JOURNAL ARTICLES In our Club many of our members have a wealth of valuable motor cycling and engineering experience gained over many years. We require more technical articles and good-quality photographs to publish in the Journal; it would be good to share your knowledge and technical information with other members. The articles can be on ‘how to’ spray paint, rewire your bike, check for electrical faults, or any other subject. Sharing the knowledge will be appreciated for members wishing to learn the techniques. Please submit any suitable articles and photographs to Pam. The e-mail address to send them to is . RETAIL ORDER DEADLINE The last day for second class post to receive those retail

President’s progress

May I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and judging by various reports the Club is moving in the right direction for the future. I would like to thank the Isle of Wight Section for a superb Scurry. There were more ex-Presidents there than you could shake a stick at. It really was an excellent event, even if the weather conspired against us on the last two days. It was then off to the Stafford Show, where I was pleased to meet a lot of members and watch a lot of people work hard to promote the Club. I was lucky enough to get into Bonham’s Auction and was there when some of the American Collection were going under the hammer for telephone numbers. The following weekend was to help celebrate 50 years of the Warwickshire Section, and I was pleased to present Certificates to three of the inaugural members who started the Section. We were even entertained by Dave McMahon, regaling us with stories of his early motor

2 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

items ordered for presents or parts ordered for fettling your bikes over the Festive season is Thursday 17th December and first class is Monday 21st December. Although we will continue to dispatch products after these dates, there can be no guarantee of pre-Christmas delivery – so please get your orders in as early as possible to avoid the final Festive postal rush. CASWELL PRODUCTS We have negotiated a deal with UK-based Caswell Products to enable VMCC members to receive a 10% discount off orders placed with the company. Caswell are suppliers and manufactures of many restoration and renovation products such as petrol tank sealant, electroplating items, paints and coatings and many more products. Currently orders are via their website, and shortly there will be the facility to order from the Club website. Members wanting to take advantage of this discount should visit the Caswell website, order the products required, tick the box to indicate you are a VMCC member, and enter your membership number. This will be checked and verified to ensure the discount is applied for VMCC members only. DATE CORRECTION Please note that the correct date for the VMCC/BHR Celebration Event at Cadwell Park is June 24th – 26th 2016, and not as stated in the November Journal. 70TH ANNIVERSARY BATON RELAY After many ideas, the final arrangements for the 70th Anniversary Baton Relay are taking place. This is all about members and sections being part of the Relay cycling days. We were fortunately able to stop him before he was well into his stride. Dave is one of many members who have put in a lot of time and effort into the VMCC, and he has reaped the benefits, as have other people. There are many of you out there who gain a lot of enjoyment from the Club; perhaps it’s time for you to consider putting yourself forward, be it at Section level or above, because we need people to run the Club for the future. Make it a New Year’s Resolution to volunteer to do something. If you are not sure how to go about it, please ask myself or fellow Directors or your local Section’s Officers. My best wishes to you all. Tim Penn

during the early part of the motor cycling season whilst celebrating this historic event and gaining publicity for the Club. The Baton Relay will commence at the 2016 AGM in Gaydon on 3rd April, with the newly-elected President handing over the 70th Anniversary Baton to riding members who will be attending from the local Section to commence the Baton Relay throughout the UK. The route is being prepared by Area Representatives and Sections covering many parts of the country. Towards the end of the relay members will have the opportunity to attend the VMCC/BHR Celebration Event starting on Friday 24th June – Sunday 26th June at Cadwell Park – further details will be available over the coming months. After the event at Cadwell Park the Baton Relay will continue to Allen House and end there. Following the end of the relay the Baton will be available for other Section events or 70th celebrations to enable members to participate in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Club. The Baton was very kindly made by Rod Hann, and a log will accompany the Baton recording details of the route and Sections participation. This is an opportunity for members to join in at the various points along the route which the Sections are organising, for Sections to meet and also gain publicity for the Club and encourage others to join in making the 70th Anniversary Baton Relay something special. Any members, and those from Non-Territorial Sections, are welcome to join the route with any local Section during the relay either for part of the route or at a meeting point. Many thanks to all the Area Representatives, Sections and


Another year – and we live in interesting times. The salt has appeared, and that signifies for many of you the end of motor cycling until the spring. Time to retreat to the shed/garage/ pig sty/front room and to throw spanners around in an attempt to catch up on all that maintenance work – or to continue with that re-build that still lurks on your workshop bench. You have haunted the ‘jumbles throughout the summer and have ‘invested’ heavily in what seemed to be a good idea at the time, but has it failed to live up to expectations? Nevertheless, you must persevere and keep on looking. Looking back and reflecting on 2015, it is fair to say that the ‘traditional’ events were well organised, successful and well patronised – and the majority of them escaped the worst of the weather which has had an adverse effect on the activities of many sections. ‘Niche’ events are gaining in popularity – events catering for machines of low power, veterans and other easily-defined categories are being organised in many parts of the country. Despite

Allen House who are preparing the route plan and details, and especially BHR for the special VMCC / BHR Celebration three-day event at Cadwell Park. Further details will be available from your local Section and the website in coming months. YEAR END ACCOUNTS The statutory and Members accounts will be available on application from the office on January 25th 2016. They will also be available electronically by emailing Jane Farnsworth ( or, if a hard copy is required, please send an A4 SAE with your request. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The 2016 AGM will take place at The Heritage Motor Centre, Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwickshire. CV35 0BJ on the 3rd April 2016 at 11am. NOMINATIONS FOR AWARDS A final reminder for you to nominate your fellow members for an award as listed in the Journal which is presented at the AGM. Nominations may be made by individuals or Sections and should be made in writing or by email to before Monday 11th January 2016. MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE VACANCIES There are vacancies for both Directors and Area Representatives to serve on the Management Committee as detailed in the Journal, nomination forms are available from Allen House. The closing date to receive these is 5.30pm Monday 11th January 2016. This is an opportunity for members to become involved in the management and representation of the club.

the strength of the pound, it seems that the increased costs and the lack of choice of ferry services have deterred many from sampling events in foreign climes. In spite of a bullish auction scene, the economy remains depressed, and this is reflected in the level of interest in shows and ‘jumbles – as well as the levels of support for many runs – which, when combined with the adverse weather, must have been dispiriting for many organisers. Could this be a factor in the continuing difficulties in recruiting Section Officials, National Area Reps and Directors of the Club? Pause to think for a moment and to remember the words of J.F. Kennedy (paraphrased just a little): “Think of what can I do for my Club – not what can the Club do for me” This question can be applied to activities within the Club at all levels. Not only are there opportunities to serve your Club at a national level – see the advertisements in the Journal – but almost every section will welcome ‘new blood’ on to its committee. David Davies

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 3

You still have time to purchase your raffle tickets for both raffles with the chance of winning the 1958 Ariel Huntmaster with the members’-only raffle tickets – see the November issue of Real Classic, as it contains a comprehensive write-up on the bike pictured right. There are also the other two bikes to be won, in the form of the Royal Enfield Constellation 700cc and the Honda CD 200, whose former owner was James May – ex-Top Gear fame. Tickets can be purchased over the phone from HQ. The draws will take place at Allen House on Friday 18th December 2015.

Tally-Ho to test the members’-only raffle-prize Huntmaster

For my first foray as a member of the raffle bike test team, Giles asked if I would take the current members’ raffle machine away for a few days and give it some exercise around the leafy Staffordshire lanes – most of the leaves by now being wet, slippery and on the ground, of course. First impression? This is a heavy old beast but fortunately one which rolls on and off its stand with ease; almost too much ease in fact, and I had to take care to keep an eye on my inquisitive eldest grandson who is always ready to test the seating arrangement on ‘Pop’s’ bikes. Second impression was what an easy starter it is. Even having stood in the VMCC garage for several weeks, the bike started first prod - and it was only a prod, more to see how loose the engine was really. I didn’t expect it to go! On the road The Ariel behaved well, the 650 engine being more than capable of moving it along with adequate if not neck-wrenching acceleration. The bike will pull away quite smoothly in top from about 20mph, and it didn’t make too much fuss over some of the local hills which, whilst not long, can be quite steep. In spite of the weight, the brakes brought the machine smoothly to a stop (provided one took care and avoided the aforementioned leaves). The four-speed Burman ’box gives a pleasantly sure-

footed gear change, and in town the reasonably light clutch made it as pleasant as town riding ever can be. Third gear is a little noisy, but all gears engage without too much ‘graunch’. The Tester reporting in Motorcycling in 1957 took his mount to a reported 97 mph. I reckon I could have done something close with this one, but respect is the order of the day with these old machines (especially somebody else’s) and although we didn’t attempt any really fast running a steady 65 to 70 mph for several miles along the A38 was effortlessly achieved. I didn’t take the bike out at night so cannot tell you how efficient the lighting is, but all the electrics appear to work as they should. Our man in 1957 described the Huntmaster as a ‘typical current British motorcycle of versatile character, possessing swiftness of the first order plus remarkable docility’. I think he summed it up very well. So would I buy one of these? Well, to be honest it’s a bit sophisticated for my taste – all that modern automatic advance / retard and so on. That said, one mod con I might have liked was a rear view mirror, especially in town. Anyway, if you like big twins, I’d say it’s definitely worth buying a ticket – or even a book or two in order to win this Selly Oak flagship. And, as I found out, I could squeeze it into the garage if I had to – just! Steve Bullock



4 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

Chairman’s chat

At last we now have a fully operating electronic version of the journal that is up on the website and can be downloaded, searched and the type size altered at will by the reader. It is our hope that at least 1,000 members will opt to use this format this coming year, and that that number will grow year-on-year so that eventually the paper version of the journal will disappear when no-one wants it, and along with it will go all of its inherent costs of postage etc to the club. This may take ten years or twenty, but it will eventually happen. Be patient with the server as large increases in traffic may give it a problem, a solution to which is being sought. We need to maintain adequate communication with the membership and the best, fastest and cheapest way is and will be via the website. For non-web active members hopefully Section colleagues will make the necessary information available so that proper communications can be maintained. This is the approach we are taking to getting feedback from the members on the proposed new Articles etc that will eventually come to this year’s AGM having been properly discussed by both the members and the Management Committee. I know that some Sections have already made comments back to Allen House so the discussions have started, and we will try to wind them up by Christmas to give us a decent period to produce a definitive set for the AGM. I note with interest a number of letters concerning proposed changes to the membership of the Management Committee concerning the role of Area Reps. I will make a few comments concerning what has been said. The basic poles of the argument are that too big a committee is too unwieldy and difficult to run or chair, and gets in the way of business decision-making. Set against this is some sort of view that to reduce the number to a small group would be undemocratic and liable to abuse by the few. My view on these two opposed positions is that neither is the case. Firstly I have no problem, as chair, in running a Committee of twenty people. Not everyone would agree,

but so long as the meeting is properly organised, with appropriate papers pre-tabled and the agenda is stuck to with no waffle, then it is not too bad and you do get a range of views into the mix. I also have no problem with observers, and even letting them have a say at times. This latter habit of mine has been one of great irritation to some longer-standing Committee Members, but I make no apology, as if someone takes the trouble to come and observe, the least we can do is ask them what they think, an extra idea here and there never hurt any decisionmaking process. I do however know that some feel that too big a committee is an obstacle to clear decision-making, which after all is the primary purpose of the Management Committee. I also know that a large Committee is no guarantee against wrong-headed decision making, or corrupt practice. If people want to behave badly or stupidly it will happen regardless of the size of Committee, if that committee is not run properly. So for me numbers is not the issue. What I believe is the issue, and this has still not been fully addressed, are the relationships between, I don’t mean personal relationships and attitudes either now or in the past, but the authorities and roles of these different groups in respect to each group: 1. The Members and the Directors 2. The Directors and Allen House staff 3. Allen House and the Membership Behind these issues is the fundamental issue of what the club represents to the membership, and what it will be representing to the membership in the next twenty years or so. This is not an issue for Directors alone, so we, the Membership, now need to start thinking about it and discussing it. Oh yes; did I mention that we are in need of some people to put their names forward for election? Have a look at Page 6 for more details. Pat Robotham

Disclaimer Articles in this Journal are on an ‘as is’ basis and the Vintage Motor Cycle Club Limited makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to the contents and disclaims all such representations and warranties. In addition, the Vintage Motor Cycle Club Limited makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy, completeness, or suitability for any purpose of the information and related graphics published in this Journal. Whilst every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information it may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. All liability of the Vintage Motor Cycle Club Limited howsoever arising for any such inaccuracies or errors is expressly excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. Neither the Vintage Motor Cycle Club Limited nor any of its directors, employees or other representatives will be liable for loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the use of this Journal. This is a comprehensive limitation of liability that applies to all damages of any kind, including (without limitation) compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property and claims of third parties. Notwithstanding the foregoing, none of the exclusions and limitations in this clause are intended to limit any rights you may have as a consumer under local law or other statutory rights which may not be excluded nor in any way to exclude or limit the Vintage Motor Cycle Club Limited’s liability to you for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence or that of our employees or agents. All rights reserved. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study, research, criticism or review, as permitted under the terms of the Copyright Design and Patents Act 1988 in Great Britain, no part of this magazine may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, electrical, chemical, mechanical or optical, including photo-copying, recording or by any other means, or placed in any information storage or retrieval system, without the written permission of the Vintage Motor Cycle Club Limited.

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I am pleased to report that arrangements have been made with Arosa Camping and Caravanning Park for us to return for next year’s event. The agreed dates are FRIDAY 24th JUNE 2016 to FRIDAY 1st JULY 2016 inclusive. Arosa is situated in the village of Seamer five miles to the south west of Scarborough which gives ready access to quiet roads suited to our riding. The village also has a pub, restaurant and chip shop, also a supermarket incorporating a Post Office; a bus service serves surrounding areas as far afield as York. Arosa's club house has a licensed bar and serves breakfasts and evening meals, there is also a 'Chuck Wagon' in our camping field. Other facilities include modern shower and toilet blocks and a launderette with a drying room. Many of this years’ participants have remarked that the Arosa staff are so friendly and helpful added to the family atmosphere of the site that the event should be renamed VMCC Scarborough Social Week! The format will however follow previous years with daily ride outs and evening activities. Arosa are clearing an area for trailer

parking which will liberate space on the camping field for more pitches plus some hard standing more suited to camper vans. They are also increasing the number of electrical hook ups available to us to 40. Camping pitches will be allocated strictly in the sequence that completed entry forms, with remittance, are received at Allen House. The fairest method of allocating electrical hook ups is by ballot. Entry forms will carry a tick box for you to express your wish to have this facility. The ballot will be drawn immediately entries close. Entry forms can be downloaded from the web by visiting after THURSDAY 14th January 2016, alternatively they may be obtained by sending a large SAE marked 'Scarborough' to Allen House in good time to be returned in Tuesday 12th January 2016 post. Should you require any further explanation you may try phoning me at home on 01283 820563. Good Riding Pat Davy

NOMINATIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR MEMBERS TO FILL THE FOLLOWING VACANCIES ON THE VMCC MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE THREE COMMITTEE MEMBERS to serve as Directors of the Company and work with the Club’s Officers in the management of the Club for a period of two years. FIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS to serve as Area Representatives for North West, South East, South West, North Midlands and Anglian region’s for a period of two years. TWO COMMITTEE MEMBERS to serve as Area Representatives for North East and Overseas Region’s for a period of one year. Voting for Directors will be open to all members of the Club and any member may be nominated. Area Reps will be nominated and voted for on a regional basis. NOMINATION FORMS (with more details) ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE VMCC OFFICE, ALLEN HOUSE, WETMORE ROAD, BURTON ON TRENT, STAFFORDSHIRE, DE14 1TR. Telephone 01283 540557 email: NOMINATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED IN THE CLUB OFFICE BY 5.30PM, MONDAY 11TH JANUARY 2016 6 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015


The Dreadnought Trophy:

Presented for an outstanding effort on a veteran or vintage machine.

The Harry Knight Trophy:

Presented for the best performance of the year on a veteran machine.

The Harry Mack Trophy:

Presented for an outstanding achievement on a sidecar outfit.

The John Griffith Salver:

Presented for outstanding activities within the Club.

The E. E. Thompson Award:

Presented for outstanding efforts in promoting or organising Club activities.

The H. O. Burton Award:

Presented for an outstanding riding performance by a Club member using a post 1930 machine.

The Bob Currie Memorial Award:

The Daphne Hedington Dent Memorial Trophy: The Syd Plevin Trophy:

The Footman James Spirit of the Club Award:

Presented to one who, in the opinion of his peers, has made a significant contribution to the world of motorcycling “in the Bob Currie tradition”. For this award a citation is required. Presented to a VMCC member under the age of 25 years who consistently rides in Club events. Presented to a VMCC member for outstanding work within a section of the Club. Presented to a member who, in the opinion of his peers, operates and helps in the background who would in some cases go unrecognised for all their efforts in helping the club.


The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 7

Section notes Area Representatives Anglian (ANG) Bob Forster, 2 Harbord Road, Frettenham, Norwich, Norfolk NR12 7ND. 01603 737540 email: North East (NE) VACANT North Midlands (NM) Pat Davy, Arnwood, Coton in the Clay, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 5GY. 01283 820563 email: North West (NW) Robert Mayer, 9 Millfields, Beckermet, Cumbria, CA21 2YY, 01946 841876 email: Scotland (SCO) Alastair Alexander, Hall Green, 69 Ravelston Dykes, Edinburgh EH12 6HA. 0131 2616188 email: South East (SE) John Donaldson, 01273 493050 email: ANGLIAN (ANG) Roger Newark 01354 741099 I was away when the 1930s Run took place, but Stuart Bennett wore his roving reporter’s trilby, and reported that the event had tea and excellent cakes with an interesting lunch venue at former USAAF Station 485, now used as a flying club, named Andrews Field, in honour of General Frank Andrews, station commander, killed in action May 1943. One of the B26 Marauder medium bombers, ‘Flak Bait’, survived 202 combat missions, the only US bomber in combat over Europe to pass 200 . In 42/43 it was impossible for a US bomber crew to survive more than 25 missions! At the Section AGM in October, your committee said they were willing to stand for a further year. At the December club night, Gordon Parker will be talking about his single seat car racing. AULD REEKIE EDINBURGH (SCO) George Plumb 0131 3333336 We held our AGM in October and had a fairly good

8 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

South Midlands (SM) Bob Fisher, 23 The Lennards, South Cerney, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 5UX. 01285 860130, 07850 442750 email: South Wales (WAL) Jim Codd, 7 Church Close, New Road, Belgelly, Kilgetty, Pembrokeshire SA68 0YP. 01834 813173 email: South West (SW) Rodney Hann, Greylands, Leigh, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 6HL. 01935 872528 email: Overseas VACANT Overseas Clubs Liaison & Affiliation Officer Eric Londesbrough. 01325 721463 email: Section secretaries Please include your name, phone number, email and web site address so members can contact you. Word count per section is 150, (or just 100 with a picture) turnout for what turned out to be a very agreeable and harmonious meeting. The business was dealt with in good time, there was much constructive conversation regarding the events the section organises and the status quo remains with the Office Bearers. The section has had a successful year and we look forward to the next with the anticipation of a good series of talks over the winter and the confidence that plans are well in hand for our events in 2016. Our Christmas Carvery on 21st December is next on the agenda and due to a change of ownership at the Ratho Park we are required to give firm numbers, menu choice and a non refundable deposit on the date it’s booked – changed days! If you plan to come along, please get in touch as soon as possible. BANBURY (SM) John Harris 01295 721282 Hi, I am the new Secretary for the Banbury Section. After our AGM in October we have a new Committee, may I thank all the previous Committee Members for their stalwart service to the section. As you will be reading this in December may I on behalf of the committee wish you

all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It is with sadness that one of my first duties as secretary is to record the passing of one of our members, John Quincey, who has been with the section for a good many years. Due to a knee op earlier in the year I have not attended many runs but as I write this missive there are two more for this year, let’s hope weather stays kind. As reported by my predecessor the runs have been well attended and I think enjoyed by most. BEDFORDSHIRE (SM) Bryan Marsh 01525 877585 Dave’s Autumn Gold Run is always fun. Apparently things started to go awry at the very first turn on the route sheet when some of the 23 riders merrily headed off towards oblivion. Nigel’s Sunbeam running out of sparks proved another blow to those relying on his map-reading skills. Leafy lanes and sleepy villages were a breeze but a roundabout split opinions; some went one way, some the other, and possibly others are still there to this day. The lunchtime stop at Dunstable Downs proved elusive for some with others, as Eric Morecambe might have said, having taken all the right turns, but not necessarily in the right order. My October talk on the Sharpenhoe hillclimbs seemed to go down quite well (I’ve got three more bookings). Chris Illman is promising to bring lots of Hoppy’s stuff to the December auction so bring plenty of cash. Xmas grub as usual. BERKSHIRE Malcolm White 01344 642866 Vic Blake kindly organised a visit to the Brooklands Centre for a super tour of all the facilities by Michael Sands, who proved to be extremely knowledgeable and entertaining in his briefing on all aspects of museum displays. Most of the team were in awe of the recently opened Stratosphere Chamber. The scale of the engineering was just staggering for something that was designed by Barnes Wallis for Vickers-Armstrong’s R&D Department and built in 1947 to test aircraft components under the environmental conditions experienced at 70,000 feet; the height at which Wallis’ designs for new supersonic aeroplanes would fly. The annual hardware Bring and Buy took place during the month and as usual there was an incredible range of hardware ranging from some worn out files to a child’s sidecar chassis! Many thanks to Doug Ellis who worked his magic to extract some monies from the audience to bolster the section funds.

BLACKPOOL & DISTRICT (NW) Jeff Chambers 01772 673711 Another year gone, another AGM. Well once again you are stuck with us; the Committee. The AGM was well attended but quite uneventful, the high point was Jeff’s wife Cath being awarded the “Graham Jackson Trophy” for 2015/16 unanimously voted by the members for all the cheerful brews, cakes and butties provided at various events through the year. By the time you read this we will hopefully have produced the events calendar for next year, a couple of things to note, December we are having an indoor garage sale, (time to exchange one load of junk for another!) in January we have the Christmas Hot Pot, numbers to Jeff when you can please, February a talk by Dave Norcott on classic speedway and grasstrack and for March Anne has kindly agreed to give us a presentation on her trip with the Tall Ships, so hopefully something for everyone! BOURNEMOUTH & NEW FOREST (SW) David Bowmer 01202 388404 After some confusion about date, venue and time (thanks Bernie!) a small group enjoyed what was described as a ‘cracking trip through the Forest on roads many of us had not travelled along before, to The Jolly Sailor at Howlett Creek on the shores of the Solent. Thanks to Slippery (Geoff Welham) for organising what was truly the highlight of the month - a presentation by Don and Derek Rickman, the Rickman Brothers, who came along to talk to us about their days in the motor cycle business; at one point they were the largest motor cycle manufacturer in the UK. As well as a brilliant presentation they brought along three of their superb Metisse (apparently that is French for ‘a women of mixed ancestry’) motor cycles and a 1905 Ariel they had restored. The section Christmas dinner is on the 4th December. BRISTOL (SW) Simon Bending 01179 652503 Most will know by now of Keith Nowells passing in October after a long illness. Keith was from a motorcycling family, where the Douglas marque featured constantly throughout the years, and enjoyed trail riding on his faithful DT175 Yamaha. The Dinner and Awards Evening was a great success and the format will be repeated next year. Frank Cropp won the hotly contested

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 9

quiz night by one point from more or less everyone else, his prize being the organisation of the next one. Around eight members enjoyed the Autumn Leaves run around South Gloucestershire and the Forest of Dean courtesy of our West Wiltshire section chums. Dave Brazill didn’t break down, you’ll be thrilled to hear, but he did... well, you can ask him yourself what he did! Finally, don’t forget the Boxing Day meet at Whitminster and New Year’s Day meet at Avon Valley Railway (Bitton Station). BRITISH HISTORIC RACING (NM) Gerry Daine 01472 697953/07592 007686 When you read this we will have had our AGM on the 22nd November of which I will report on in the January notes. Our next main events are the Newark Show on the 9/10th January and the Awards Dinner/Dance which is to be held at the Village Hotel, Chilwell, Nottingham on the 13th February 2016, anyone wishing to attend should contact Diane Whithouse on 01246 435653. Sue Whittaker is in charge of our show stand at Newark, and any racing members who would be able to put their bikes on the stand should contact Sue. I am sure she will be pleased to hear from you at BROOKLANDS (SE) Richard Huckle 07853 204018 Our winter programme is now in full swing, 22 enthusiasts braved the fog for an enjoyable ride to Tilford on 1st November, see picture. For December we have: Winter Wandering on 6th to be led by a new volunteer. Our social on 15th will be Quiz night and the traditional Boxing Day gathering at William IV Albury. The details of our Annual dinner on 6th Feb will shortly be available and planning for our weekend run on 10-12th June to Wales is well under way, full details and booking opportunities coming soon. Section photographer Fil Foto captures the autumn mood with this Norton on our November run.

10 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

BURTON & DISTRICT (NW) Vic Carrington-Porter 01283 619489 A good turnout for the Tramps Supper on October 27th. I was awarded, for my feeble effort, the prize for best tramp being only one of two that dressed the part. Ann Davy deservingly took the award for best lady tramp. Still the food was good and I think everybody had a good time. The raffle on the night made £114 towards this year’s charity. On November 1st we had our Autumn Mist runs which actually started with a mist this year. This didn’t put off our members as 22 turned up for the run. This was led by Ian Marcer who led us through the mist around the Leicestershire lanes being very careful of the autumn leaves finishing up at Quorn railway station. Here we enjoyed tea and cake. By now the sun was shining and we made our way back. A great ride despite the mist. CENTRAL LANCS (NW) Adrian Such 07534 278388 Our October meeting was our AGM, all officials stood down, and all were re-elected. A good attendance and discussion took place about the way forward with our section for next year. We've got a few guest speakers lined up over the winter months, our December meet will be our Christmas meal along with a quiz hosted by one of our members. This will be on the first Tuesday in December. I think on the whole we've had a good riding year and attended a lot of events run by ourselves and other local sections. Thanks to all concerned for your efforts through the year, it is appreciated. Dates for the New Year will be listed in the monthly diary and on our website. I hope you all have a Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you at events in the New Year. CENTRAL SCOTTISH (SCO) Bill Coburn 01382 811081 In October we had a good turnout for our AGM. There were four positions to be filled due to previous members of the Committee stepping down; many thanks go to them for the service they gave during their time in office. Three of the vacancies have been filled; hopefully the fourth will be filled by the time you read this. The Secretary in his report thanked and praised the members who had worked to make our Spring Autojumble/Bike Show and the Scottish National Assembly in August such a success. But he also said that more helpers are needed at both events, which would be putting something back into the Section. The Section all the best to all VMCC members for 2016.

CHESHIRE & NORTH WALES (NW) Graham Gotts 0151 6786216 We had a good turnout for Sam’s End of Season lunch at Trevor – 18 diners and 14 machines in all. Good weather helped, as the photo and caption by Peter Joyce below shows. We also had an exhilarating run back, led by DBK. We enjoyed the illustrated talk (plus sounds) on Chinese Railways presented by Geoff Coward at November’s Club Night. We will be anticipating the entertainment lined-up for the Christmas ‘do’ Club Night on Tuesday, 15th December. On a sad note, we heard of the loss of long time VMCC member Harry Pritchard on 16th October.

CHESHIRE CATS (NW) Stephen Herbert 01606 888972 Our Christmas Meal is on 17th December at Oaklands Hotel, Weaverham (near Northwich). This will take place instead of our normal Club night. If you’re reading this and haven’t booked for the meal, you can still come along and have a drink and a chat. There should be room! If you’re not sure where this is, call Paul or me for directions. DON’T GO TO THE RUGBY CLUB! No riding events this month – it’s that time of the year! Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year, looking forward to a full programme of events in 2016, starting with AGM in January (possibly to coincide with our famous parts auction; watch this space!) CLYDE VALLEY (SCO) Tim Ryan 07714 505386 The Early Motor Bicycle Ride, Scotland's first Veteran event, was a runaway success. 24 entrants on veteran machines, accompanied by many others on later bikes, enjoyed a sunny day's run around Stirlingshire, ending up at Stronachlachar where a trip on a steamboat could be had. Thanks are due to John McMillan for organising this.

Later in the month we had our Autumn meet at Happendon for a bit of lunch. Another nice day albeit cooler.

CORNWALL Lesley Clayton 01872 572207 The AGM took place at East Taphouse venue, welcomed our Area Rep Rodney Hann and his wife Carol and saw Celia Hore and Roger Fogg voted back in as Chairperson and Vice Chair. A vote of thanks was given to Mary Dingley who stood down as Secretary and was replaced by Lesley Clayton. George Pengelly led an excellent Roseland Run with 34 riders enjoying the Roseland Peninsula in beautiful October weather. Our 2016 Calendar of Events will be distributed to all members soon, along with a questionnaire seeking what members would like from their Section. Anyone wishing to attend the Christmas Lunch on 13th December needs to contact Graham Walkey to book. Mince pies will be available at both East Taphouse and Truro club nights to aid the Christmas Greetings to all. COTSWOLD Chris Day Now that the Season of Goodwill is upon us, can I be excused for making a plea to Cotswold Section members. We need you, as Uncle Sam may have said to his fellow countrymen, to help in the running and organising of The Felix Burke Cotswold Road Trial for 2016. If anybody would like to assist please see any committee member. On a lighter note don’t forget the December agenda where we have a guest speaker on the 2nd, Jim Rendell talking about ‘The Mighty Typhoon’ and then later on the 16th we have the Christmas Party to look forward to. Then we have the Winter Wandering on the 20th at The Greyhound Littledean and of course the Boxing Day gathering at The Watersmeet Hotel at Hartpury on the 26th. All that remains now is to wish all members a very happy Christmas and New Year.

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CYCLEMOTOR Alan Hummerstone 01494 532172 The Hundred Mile run was once again a great success. The weather was kind to us, and the village of Quainton was treated to the blue haze pageant for the day. Thanks to Laurie Erwood, and John Perry who were the gallant organisers, and to Quainton memorial hall folk for making us so welcome. Thanks are also due to David and |Joyce Hughes who originally worked out the super route. The New Year’s Day run will be at the Toby Inn at Hilsea again, let’s Derek Critcher on section’s Cyclemaster. hope for less wind.

DORSET (SW) Ken Druce 01258 452977; 077 42525262


DARTMOOR (SW) John Osmond 01803 527469 The month began with the sections AGM it was reported that the sections activities had grown since its beginning. The existing committee were re-elected. At the AGM it was agreed to purchase a gazebo for use at summer events. The 2016 calendar is being produced and will include a greater number of evening rides in the summer month if any member has ideas the committee will welcome suggestions. The end of season ride over Dartmoor was well supported in good weather. A date has been set for the annual dinner for the 11th February 2016 to be held at the Tally-Ho Inn, all members and wives interested contact the secretary. The club night on 10th December will have a speaker details found on web site. Details for the Founders’ Day Rally and Baton run are being worked out and will be circulated when finalised. DEVON (SW) Chris Wood 01237 472855 The Autumn Run took place on a fine end of summer day. Thanks are due to Mike K for an interesting and varied route to a lunch stop at Red Post and an end of run ice

12 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

cream on Torrington Common. There is still time to book for the Section Lunch on Saturday December the 5th, not as I wrote in last month’s notes the 6th. Phone Keith on 01884257942 for booking and details. Club night on December 17th we are having a natter with mince pies and cream. After the success of last year, we are again having a New Year lunch at the Welcome Fryer, South Molton. No need to book. Ride your bike or bring the family. This is on January 3rd at 12.30.

Firstly I would like to thank, on behalf of the section, Peter Hallowes, who has done a sterling job as Section Scribe, and will be a hard act to follow. As Peter predicted the Winter run from Bradford’s Yard in Sherborne was well attended with 34 bikes and no breakdowns, although William put his girder forked Norton to the test by travelling the 10 miles to the start with the oil tank turned off. The weather was overcast but the roads were dry and thanks to Roger Gillard for an enjoyable route. The club night talk was given by Mike Spencer about a charity walk he did in Vietnam. Stonehenge Section Winter run on the 25th was well supported, some from the Dorset section. Note for December, Club Night on the 9th and Rod’s Christmas Run on the 13th. Merry Christmas! EAST DEVON (SW) Robin Clow 01404 549862 Another month where we managed to fit in all our events. Our AGM in October went well, with a number of points being raised requiring further consideration. Hopefully these were resolved in November. We will continue with monthly events, but with the crowded calendar pay more attention to what is happening in other local sections. The October ride brought out a total of sixteen bikes with support from Somerset and Dorset, and just to prove a point we all arrived at the destination together. There is no breakfast meet this month as it falls on Boxing Day, instead there is a ride to Exmouth Sea front organised by Exeter British Motorcycle Club with bikes of all ages and makes welcome. Just turn up. The January breakfast meet is at the A35 Pit Stop Gammons Hill, Kilmington. EAST HERTS (ANG) Colin Morris 01923 671441 This month’s news is overshadowed by the death of our Section President, Don Warren. A full obituary should appear elsewhere in this issue. It’s been a quiet month,

Club Night being a rather poorly-attended noggin and natter with some interesting discussion. The last Wrinkly Run of the year started in pouring rain and finished in brilliant sunshine with only five brave souls taking part! By the time you read this we shall have had our annual Auction and sampled our new monthly luncheon venue, and be looking forward to our Christmas Buffet on 15th December at Broadlakes Lodge, which we shall again be sharing with our friends from the London Section of The Scott Owners Club. East Herts Section wishes a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to all the ever helpful Staff at Allen House and all the other Sections in the VMCC. EAST SUSSEX (SE) John Crawt 01825 890499 Richard Lanney chose a bright sunny start for the 16 section members plus two guests from Kent. Everybody set off apart from a lonely Velocette. The midway stop was at the Fish Farm at Hawkhurst. Suitably refreshed and in bright sunlight (due to a shower before the break) some of us followed Richard for a further ride ending up at Rye Quay. The AGM saw some changes Steve Marks as Chairman, Rob Mills as Treasurer and Andy Marks as Competition Secretary. Many thanks to Phil, Dolly and Keith for all their time and devotion to their respective positions and keeping the section on the road. Club night on the 27th saw the beginning of entertainment evenings starting with Vic Laidlaw’s Quiz, Stan has arranged the Annual Dinner at The Langham Hotel, Eastbourne for Saturday 20th February. All sections are invited. EAST YORKSHIRE (NE) Dennis Cooney 01430 421074 Chairman Harry reported an excellent turnout of 52 riders to our final event of 2015, a change of venue for this event in 2016 will be Bishop Burton College. The section AGM is also over with no change. Why change a successful team? President, John F Taylor. Chairman, Harry Holdorf. Minutes Secretary, John Thompson. Treasurer, Glen Bradley. Our 2016 Events Calendar is now finalised with the exciting additions of the 70th Anniversary BHR/VMCC Cadwell Park celebration. (Under one hour’s ride from the Humber Bridge for our members.) The round Britain baton run in which we hope to have some involvement. Not forgetting the very popular Founder Allen’s Relay Rally. Don’t forget the annual dinner, only £11. This is because of a very generous subsidy from section funds. See Diary. Best wishes and

good health for 2016 to all at Allen House, also to our many friends within the club. ESSEX (ANG) Terry Windsor 01206 384764 The last two runs of the season took place in October with the Wrinkly run from Rayne Station led by Gill Scatcherd and the annual Huffer run from Norton Heath led by Dick Hobart. October’s club night was our annual Old Grey Matter Test arranged by Mark and Ray Spearman. The quiz was perfectly run despite Ray’s inability to pronounce Scottish and the round of applause given to the wrong team. Fun was had by all, and thanks Ray and Mark. We have raised £300 for our charity which was again the Essex Air Ambulance. December club night is the Yuletide festivities on December the 9th and the season starts again with our traditional New Year’s Day run from Writtle Green at 10.30. Weather permitting. A happy Christmas to all and a safe and happy New Year. FLAT TANK (SM) Dr. Reg Eyre 01242 870375 (Before 9.00pm please) Our November meeting was the annual ‘Bring and Buy’ event, which took place immediately after the AGM. Hopefully, we will have elected our three main officers – (written in October!) – and Duncan’s Chinese take-aways will have sold to raise funds for next year’s programme. We wish all flat tank riders, and their machines, a jolly New Year’s ride to a local hostelry, and for many rides next year. GOODWOOD (SE) Maureen Street 01903 742979 The Pumpkin Run in October had a very good turnout with members from Brooklands, South Hampshire and Surrey and Sussex Sections. The weather was dry and bright from the start at Amberley Working Museum around the lanes of Sussex and return to Amberley for lunch. Thanks Brian; another good run. October’s Bring and Buy was poorly supported and we are likely to put this activity on the shelf next year. No runs now until Norman Broadbridge on 3rd April 2016. Surrey and Sussex Boxing Day and New Year’s Day runs will no doubt be supported by a number of our members, weather permitting. Looking forward to the section Christmas Dinner on the 12th. Ideas for speakers welcome from section members.

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 13

GRASSTRACK & SPEEDWAY (SM) Stuart Towner 020 83976599 Ivor Thomas Memorial Meeting. Winner of Ivor Thomas Rider of the Day, Jamie Etherington. Winner of Malcolm Simmons Trophy, Garry O’Hare. 250cc/350cc Classic 1st Chris Mackett, 2nd Tim Mount, 3rd Brian Winch. Vintage/Post Vintage 1st Brian Bassett, 2nd Tim Mount, 3rd Stu Towner. 500cc Upright 4-Valve 1st Gary O’Hare, joint-2nd Mark Cousins and Syd Sherman. Juniors 1st Freddie Fox-Barren, 2nd Reese Sharp, joint-3rd Ashton Vale and Jamie Etherington. Post-war 1st Chris Mackett, 2nd Tim Mount. 500cc Upright 2-valve 1st Graham Knowler, 2nd David Harvey, 3rd Steve Cook. Wishing you all a Happy Humbug and competitive 2016.

Chris Mackett 68 and Tim Mount 4 GWENT (WAL) John Sharman 01874 730753 Ah! there you are, now that were in the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, it must be time for the Des James run, this year’s event was a resounding success with no less than 26 bikes and 1 Lomax taking part, we welcomed Di and Bruce Grant from Barry with their rare Triumph 3HW and of course our usual friends from neighbouring sections. It’s all down to Mark for putting the work in. Meanwhile, our AGM was uneventful with no changes; well, there’s a surprise! Anyway, our Christmas meal will be on Tuesday 15th of this month, ring Mark on 07870 535933 to book your place. See ya. IRONMASTERS (NM) Alan Richardson 01785 841257 For a small Section it was good to see 15 faces at October Club Night, including BSA man Mike paying us a second visit. In addition to the usual nattering topics, we did some fine tuning to our provisional 2016 events calendar. Many

14 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

thanks to Derek (Shropshire Section) for kindly informing us of some prospective guest speakers. The final Ironmasters Section run of 2015, led by Chairman (No Lanes) Phil was a 30-mile trip with a finish at Sleap Airfield Café. Apart from Colin’s misplaced oil tank cap and Mike’s fuel supply hitch, (due to an empty tank), it was a tidy run. Brian and Pete from the Midland Section joined 10 of our mob, so there was a diverse range of machines. Only two had the same maker’s name. Remember mince pies and cream at Quiz Night on December 20th. Season’s greetings to all. ISLE OF MAN (NW) Ken Blackburn 01624 673590 October notes mysteriously disappeared. Dudley Robinson’s run and BBQ back in August was well supported with Kevin Moore’s Morini winning best bike bottle, grateful thanks are due to Dudley. Steve Price’s run finishing at Sulby for refreshments brought out another large entry, whilst Jurby Test Day in October attracted over 60 participants. Club night speaker Phil Drowley entertained a packed house with an illustrated talk on his incredible achievement climbing to the top of Mount Everest. Next club night brings us down to earth for our Bring and Buy at Knock Froy 10th December. Top three in the Billown Glen Trial were Sammy Ball, Kevin Whiteway and Shaun Huxley. Next trial is the pie and cake event Knock Froy 20th, followed by the Christmas hangover run 11.30am St Johns 28th. Our dinner and prize presentation takes place at the Sefton Hotel 7.30pm 2nd January. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. ISLE OF WIGHT (SE) Reg Glading 01983 730321 Happy to report that the Scurry went well, Ron Wallis the organiser and champion of the event will be making an event summary separately. Guest speaker Andy Brown treated a well attended October club night to an excellent talk on his 1902 Clement-Garrard, as well as the machine itself Andy displayed a dismantled engine, patterns and castings that he has made to keep this pioneer machine running, a fascinating evening, thanks Andy. Our section quiz team enjoyed the hospitality and challenge at the Stonehenge quiz night. Our Section AGM was held on the second October club night, a well attended slick meeting saw the same officers and committee re instated. Ron is planning his Christmas Pudding Run on Sunday 6th (see diary for details). Christmas Quiz and buffet (15th Dec). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

KINGS LYNN (ANG) Paul Fletcher 01842 878661 home 07875 694842 25 machines from as far afield as Lincolnshire, Essex, and West Sussex arrived at Methwold for the Pre 31 Run before setting off for a gentle tour around the local lanes in glorious sunshine, stopping for lunch at The Windmill at Great Cressingham after 34 miles and returning 31 miles later. The Brandon Shield was awarded to Jonathon and Angie Jones 1915 Royal Enfield Outfit judged the Most Desirable Machine. The Suffolk Shield for the Oldest Machine Andy Cook 1913 Triumph and Traveller`s Shield Simon Hollingsworth 1929 Norton riding from Lavenham in Suffolk. The Hallowe’en Run was also blessed with a perfect day as 32 riders arrived at Dudley Grooms before enjoying an excellent ride, first class lunch stop at Stonham Barns and loads of homemade cake, our thanks go to Dudley and family. The AGM went off well, but new blood is required before the oldies fall off their perches. LAKELAND (NW) Colin Steer 017687 74536 The annual pilgrimage to the Greyhound Hotel in Shap was once again well attended by riders from all corners of the county, but the club night was poorly attended. In between, the committee met to draft out our 2016 calendar. Although there will be no national calendar of events, we will prepare a full section calendar and welcome the opportunity to adapt, change, or add events to the national website, or as published in the journal Diary. Suggestions for guest speakers/activities on club nights are welcome, and for nights where we have no speaker then we will have a bike-related film night.

MANCHESTER & HIGH PEAK (NW) Barry Howard 01625 630016 Phil and Tony’s run had an excellent turn out of riders for their annual run from The Barn Owl for a 55-mile ride round the Cheshire lanes of Acton Bridge, Frodsham and Delemere Forest on a fine dry day which everyone enjoyed. The trial at Mow Cop had one of the largest turn outs of riders for some time with 53 eager participants for another fine event. Club night on 29th October featured one of Kevin’s quizzes with the winners receiving the statutory packet of Polo Mints! A discussion was held with the members about the Xmas party/club night regarding format and food, it was agreed that we should have a buffet with mince pies, brandy butter and cream also Cath Drabbles famous raffle and a seasonal quiz courtesy of Kevin. I will be taking orders for the after Xmas dinner at the Lamb Inn Chinley up to 14th December. MEN OF KENT (SE) Richard Barsby 01227 793881 / 07989 352990 Our Girder Fork Run went down a treat this year, Nick Pearce took over the organisation, and a jolly good job he did too. We had a nice sunny day to begin at the usual venue of Dunkirk village hall. A lovely run took us through the countryside to Elham for lunch. Then a considerate route back to Dunkirk for tea and cake, thanks to Amanda and Karen for their sterling work. Our AGM was well attended, always a good sign of a healthy section. All went smoothly with the committee being reelected for yet another year and some excellent input from the floor, especially for future runs, well-done folks. I’m told the October meeting at Ofham was busy as usual. Yours truly couldn’t be there this year. A few of us had ventured over to the Eiffel region of Germany, where season of mists was an understatement, fun though. MIDLAND (NW) Bob Badland 07825 840677

Dave and Mary Stewart on the South Lakes Mountain Weekend.

The Midland Section sends the very best of the Season’s Greetings to our Colleagues, Members and Friends. On Club Night, Wednesday 16th December 2015 we will again be celebrating Christmas with a slap up Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings – including Christmas pudding, paper hats and crackers. The restaurant will be garlanded with Christmas decorations and lights. Our thanks go to the National Motorcycle Museum Management for their help, support and generosity

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 15

received throughout the year. Our Guest of Honour will be that great Gentleman of the Motor Cycle world Ivan Rhodes. Tickets for the dinner went on sale in October and all 90 were sold within three weeks. Thank you all for your support. Regulations are now available for the 51st Coventry to Brighton Run on the 9th April 2016, and already we have over 50 places confirmed. Contact Bob Badland if you wish to join in this fun weekend. MID LINCS (NE) Peter Gunnee 01652 657169 The closing of the year finds us concentrating on club evenings, unfortunately we were let down by our speaker for October, leaving us to have an impromptu noggin and natter. Plans for 2016 are being completed, cards should be available soon. An early prompt for your diary, we are holding a Social Evening (with meal) at the Shires on the 5th February 2016, see the committee for a ticket. Season’s greetings to all our members. Hope to see you on Boxing Day at Market Rasen. NORTH BIRMINGHAM (NM) David Spencer 01746 762957 We had one October Run, my Autumn Run. For a change we went east from Kinver to the Wythall Transport Museum (mostly buses) where an Event Day was on and we were granted complementary entry. That and the lovely autumn day combined to attract our largest turnout of the year with 28 riders. The 2nd December Club Night will feature a talk from John Young about attending the Krystall Rally in Norway in winter. From John’s previous talks I know we can be sure of an interesting evening, well worth coming. There are no Runs in December; the next is on New Year’s Day, details in the Diary Section. Finally for this year, a sincere thank you to our Run Organisers. The Section is very fortunate to have 14 different organisers or organising teams sharing the burden so we invariably get interesting new routes, nice stops and good route sheets. NORTH EAST (NE) Neil Wyatt 01904 765107 The Section meeting at the Coronation hall on 25th October was well attended. Two dates for the 2016 diary: The Annual lunch will take place on 13th March from 12 noon at the Healds Hall and The Golden Era Run, for pre1931 motor cycles and three-wheelers will start from the

16 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

usual Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington on 24th July. Aspen Ethanol-free fuel is available from selected garden machinery stores, a cheaper option would be an E0 fuel called Optima, delivered in bulk from the Anglo American Oil Company. There may be a talk on E0 fuels at a later Section meeting, but about time the censorship on this very important matter ended in the journal. The meeting concluded with a talk by Tony and David from the Sheffield Section regarding the management regime at HQ. Merry Christmas to all and happy riding in 2016. NORTH STAFFS (NM) Kate Wain 07561 530136 Loads of us enjoyed the Lemmings run, so much so that we all contrived to arrive at Wetton from different directions! Coming up we have a film show at Moorville on November 12th, and on December 10th, a Mystery Christmas Quiz, to include questions about motorbikes! Your scribe pens these notes whilst relaxing in a hot bath, after a spectacular Nearly Guy Fawkes Run. The Peak District on the finest of November days, truly an ‘embarrassment of riches’, thank you, Graham. Finally, don’t forget our Hangover Run, Leek Market Square, New Years Day 12 noon... Carpe Diem!

NORTHUMBRIAN (NE) Hilary Dixon 0191 4165017 Thanks to Andreas and hangers-on for organising the Colonial Run on 4 October. There was a good turnout, good weather and no business for Thunderbird 2. At the end of October, about 20 people attended an informative talk held at the Club Night by Stuart and Phil, who are representatives of the Royal Purple Oil Company. Dates have been agreed for our Winter indoor events – there will be a Quiz Night on 25 January, followed by a Film Night on 22 February and the White Elephant Sale will be later in the year on the 25th April. Details of all our events are published on the Section web page. Don’t forget it is the Section Xmas Bun Fight on the 21 December; hope to see you all there. Wishing you all the very best for Xmas and the New Year. NORWICH & DISTRICT (ANG) Tony Durier 01603 713850 We held our Broadland Run on 4th October, 13 riders and two passengers set off from Postwick passing through Reedham, Acle and Runham then making their way to The Lion at Thurne for lunch. Sid the landlord made us most welcome and had coned off an area for the bikes to be displayed. The afternoon route took us to Potter Heigham, Tunstead, Coltishall then passing through Salhouse before Finishing at Brundall. The final run of our season was the Museum Run, 22 riders and two passengers set out from Frettenham on a rather wet day passing through Brampton, Aylsham, Blickling and Horsham before arriving at the Newton St. Faith’s Aviation Museum. Of particular interest was the tour of the Vulcan Bomber by an ex-crew member. Our thanks go to all the Section members who arranged these events. NOTTS & DERBY (NW) Clive Russell 01335 390369 The concluding full day ride of the season, led by Graham Bower on 1 November, was blessed by exceptional weather, and an attendance of about twenty machines to match. Thus far I have details of the afternoon itinerary only as I was unable to be present, and this was in the familiar zone of the Dove and Manifold valleys, south eastwards to finish near Cromford. We have two concluding half-day rides scheduled, as I write this, and then we are into the social season at Ockbrook, managed as always, by Pat, our organiser par excellence. Reflections on the riding season include the appearance

of more machines of foreign manufacture and in excess of 650cc with 12-volt electrics and modern equipment, now permissible under the rolling 25-year rule. Opinions vary regarding this trend, but traditional British machines have increased greatly in value, as we are all aware. OXFORD (SM) Peter Ryman 01235 200367 Baz Winter’s long run was in a southerly direction across country halting at the Army Flying Museum at Middle Wallop for coffee, then on again till we arrived at the New Forest with a ride through it. Then onwards still to New Milton to Sammy Millers Motorcycle Museum where a well-earned rest was taken and lunch. After a good look round we were invited into Sammy’s workshop and given a talk by the man himself. Then steady back to our homes up country. Barry Whitehead’s run, almost the last this year, was a bit damp for a run around numerous Cotswolds villages too many to remember, coffee and lunch was enjoyed at the Windrush Inn near Witney. A good run by 18 lads and 50-odd miles ridden. We Oxford lads ride all year round in any weather our section motto reads ‘Ridden Not Hidden’. Seasons greetings to all. PENNINE (NW) Geoff Green 0161 654 8159 In October our Autumn run was well supported with an increasing contingent coming over from Yorkshire - it’s possibly a combination of the run and the potato pie that brings everyone in to our end of season event. The usual route was varied this time to include Church Lane in Hebden Bridge, allowing everyone to tick off one from the editor’s list of Yorkshire hills. At club night we had a talk by DOT trials ace Eric Adcock supported by many of his archive photographs. We also managed to squeeze Jim’s Flying Day into a calm interval in the weather when a group of us experienced a trip in a microlight. £350 was raised local charities including generous donations from others who chipped-in on condition that their names were not put on the flying list! This month we have an illustrated talk on a motor cycle ride across Russia. REIVERS (NE) Simon Hadden 01665 570023 Firstly an important message about the Xmas Dinner (December Club Night) on Wednesday 9th December. Could any member who normally attends club nights, but missed the November meeting and intends coming to the

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 17

Christmas Dinner, please get in touch with Alan Holdsworth as soon as possible on 01670 715 668. Now back to the normal report. The final organised run of the year (October) took a group of 15 riders to the Solway Aircraft Museum near Brampton. The Annual Meeting took place in October and Dave Harrison took over as Chairman from Ian Reavley. We’re now planning events for 2016. The dates of the Reivers Rally and Bamburgh Run are now confirmed – see advert elsewhere in this issue. See the website for dates of other events in 2016. Club nights up to March 2016 are already listed there, and the full programme will be available by the end of December. SHEFFIELD & S YORKSHIRE (NE) David Sellars 01302 881968 Thanks go to Ken Shemwell for organising a visit by the ‘White Knights’ at our October’s meeting, they gave an interesting and informative talk about their work travelling about the country delivering anything medically which needs transporting quickly. Thanks also to Charles Silk and Mike Wild for organising and showing some of our members around his house and museum and then going onto Crompton Mill. Note: Whortley Forge is having an Xmas open day on the 6th December anyone who wants a ride out or wants to see model railways being operated or how original wrought iron was made will be welcome. Note also that our AGM will be at the December meeting. SHROPSHIRE (NM) Derek Trow 01686 670626 September club night speaker was author and publisher John Bradshaw. He gave us a talk on the 1939 ISDT in Austria run by the Nazis. The talk was accompanied by photographs before a film of the NSU team at the trial. He was accompanied by his friend/secretary transcriber, like John she was very nice to talk to. The talk was very interesting and he has learnt a lot more about it through various people getting in touch about the trial and the implications of the British people who either rode, helped or spectated, who sadly had to head for home as we were about to declare war against the Nazis. John is well worth booking for your club nights. There is no Club Night in December. 42 members/friends signed up to the Ribble Steam Railway and British Commerical Transport Museum Trip on 31st October. Merry Christmas to all Members.

18 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

SNOWDONIA/ERYRI (WAL) John Evans 01286 872599 Our Christmas dinner is on the 9th December, if you have not booked contact me quickly or you will miss the festive feast. On the 1st of October we had a club run with 11 members present down to Barmouth for fish and chips on the prom, and then on to Dolgellau via the mountain road from Arthog, plenty of gates and scary hairpin bends! Merry Christmas/Nadolig Llawen. Beiciwch yn ofalus, safe riding. SOMERSET (SW) Pete Newman 01934 813638 We had an interesting talk at Club Night by Dick Sheppard on his career as a stunt rider. A good speaker with incredible memory for someone in their eighties. Our Cornish Weekend was based in the West Looe area instead of St Ives this year, which opened up new areas for the ride outs. Fine for a couple of days, but unfortunately the rain eventually arrived. Dave got lost, but he tells us he was looking at new routes for next year! 23 riders enjoyed the Autumn Leaves Run in good weather. A nice selection of machines from a twenties outfit to an eighties BMW. We returned to The New Manor Farm Shop for an excellent Sunday lunch. December Club Night is a charity Bring & Buy. Please bring useful items. Christmas Run and Lunch is on the 6th. See separate article on Henry Body’s last sprint. SOUTH COTSWOLD (SM) Jeremy Retford 01666 577883 Our Christmas meal is at the Anchor Inn at Epney on Friday 4th Dec, at 7.30 for 8.00. Cost is £20 for three courses, which includes a small donation to the Air Ambulance. To last minute book, please speak to John Oliver on 01452 729939. Please bring along a tempting raffle prize as proceeds also go to the Air Ambulance. The 2016 Section programme should be ready for distribution at the meal too. The Boxing Day lunchtime meet is at the Whitminster Inn, Whitminster, which is on the A38 near the A419 and M5 J13 intersections. The New Year’s Day lunchtime meet will be at the Carpenter’s Arms at Miserden, as the Daneway is out of action (hopefully temporarily). Please spread the word about this change. At the 5 Jan Club night, Ian Young will present another word association challenge to test your knowledge of all things motor cycle. Merry Christmas.

SOUTH DORSET (SW) Anne Frisby 01305 853551 A number of our members took part in the October Velocette Bob Foster Run, a 93-mile route through the lanes of West Dorset with lunch at Burton Bradstock and tea at Crossways village hall. Around 100 bikes took part and Nick Frisby received the ‘best non-Velo’ award. We also held an impromptu run on 18th October to the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance base at Henstridge, where a cheque was presented to the crew (above). Two dozen bikes and five pillion passengers listened to crew members chatting about their work and demonstrating the equipment. SOUTH DURHAM (NE) David Porteous 01325 358308 Thanks to Peter and Gordon from the Scarborough and District motor club for organising the championship trial at Low North Camp, when 20 riders tackled some interesting hazards. On a sunny October day, 27 entrants competed in the Anniversary run over the moors with lunch taken at Thornton le Dale. Thanks go to Mike Carruthers for his organisation and marshals Linda and Dave. Some of us viewed the Scott Trial on another mild dry day, won by long time campaigner Ian Austermuhle. AGM is on 3rd December when we are seeking to elect a Chairman and Vice Chairman. December 9th is the 40th anniversary of the section and we hope you can meet us at midday at Sadberge to commemorate the occasion. Tickets are available for the Christmas Party 17th and Awards Evening at Walworth Castle on 9th January. Happy Christmas. SOUTH HANTS (SE) Robert Hill 02392 460014 At the October monthly meeting we discussed the

calendar for 2016. The general opinion was that we have too many evening runs and not enough day events. The committee have produced a revised program which will start the year on Thursday 14th April with a day event and the next 3 Thursdays will all be day events. The evening runs will start from Thursday 12th May. Each month after this will feature one day event in place of an evening run. All evening runs will stop on the 11th August and be replaced by two more Thursday day events. More volunteers are required to lead the runs. Please come forward with your ideas of destinations. December’s meeting is on Monday 7th December (PARTY TIME) and January is on Monday 4th all at the Hill Park Working Men’s Club in Fareham at 8.00 p.m. SOUTH LINCS & PETERBOROUGH (ANG) Jonathan Jones 01733 222367 A typically entertaining Bring-and-Buy sale marked October club night, with auctioneer Bob Johnson in customary no-nonsense form, taking members’ back-chat as a bid. Such diverse items as pistons and plant pots, books and bifurcated rivets changed hands to provide a useful lift to section funds. Fine weather on October 25th brought a record turnout of 32 for Brian’s Autumn Leaves event, with some spectacular colourscapes as we wound towards the lunch stop at Riseley, Bedfordshire. That is the last run before winter sends many of us back to our sheds. Still to come our Review of the Year and buffet at The Red Lion, West Deeping, December 16th at 8pm, and for the real lunatics among us the Chilly Willie run on December 27th. If your two wheels are frozen you are welcome to lunch with the group on four. Details from Gary on 01733 770241. SOUTH WALES (WAL) Geoff Harris 02920 883228 The Historic Tour followed the theme of The Pilgrims Route from Llan Dewi Nant Honddu (Llantony) to the

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 19

Skirid Inn. With over 30 members, we first called at the incredible church of CwmIou (Cwmyoy) where we marvelled at this twisted structure. From there to Llantony, which is one of the most important and beautiful medieval religious locations in Wales. We looked in detail at the church of Saint David and the Augustinian Priory of Llantony Prima, taking lunch in the hotel which uses the former Priors cellar as its dining room. We finished at the Skirrid Inn, one of the oldest pubs in Britain where courts were held and the condemned hanged over the staircase. We had a more friendly welcome. The following Monday the charity auction raised almost £400 for the Wales Air Ambulance. Congratulations to all. STIRLING CASTLE (SCO) David Brown 01786 870345 The "Kirkham's Last Stand" of 2015 attracted 39 bikes of all shapes and sizes, Good to "Big Ronnies" Super Rocket fully restored and sparkling I hope this sent Pat and Jim away on their winter break quite happy. A good representation of our section attended the Highland Section run at Thornhill to witness an amazing display of older generation of bikes and riders. At October’s meeting 32 members including three new faces were welcomed to hear Jim Leddy give a very interesting talk about the history of our section’s trophies. Well done, Jim. In committee business Gordon McLean announced that the Chairmanship Run this year is to Cumbrae. After some other business, two trophies were awarded voted by members. The Joe Potts went to Gordon MacLean and The Ryder Cup to Peter Oram. Alistair Alexander thanked the section members who attended the run organised by the Highland Section. STONEHENGE (SW) Keith Starks 01202 605112 As another year draws to a close it brings us once again to our annual quiz at this month’s club night. Once again there is another great prize for the winner, you will have the honour of compiling and setting the questions for next year’s quiz! As in previous years contributions of victuals for the buffet following the quiz will be most appreciated. Your committee are currently compiling the programme for next year and would welcome any ideas or suggestions that you may have for club nights regarding guest speakers or for the social/ride-in evenings. Finally I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year for 2016 and thank you for your support over the last year.

20 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

SURREY & SUSSEX (SE) Brian Robins 01293 537598 October was a busy month, two well-attended Day Runs (12 and 18 bikes respectively), both blessed with reasonable weather, a very successful Bring n Buy Sale and our Practice Trial which was held in perfect conditions and we were able to make a contribution to the NSPCC, my thanks to all those who helped make these events possible especially Avril and Ian for the use of their land for the Trial. One of our long-standing members Geoff Kent has decided to retire from motorcycling at the tender age of 84. Geoff has been keen supporter of the section, even though he lived 25 miles away from our normal meeting place. I am sure Geoff will come along to our non-riding events and continue to support the section. Our section dinner will be on 6th February 2016. SWANSEA & DISTRICT (WAL) Barry Fox 01792 851541 Early November and it was off to ride in the WSW Charity ride organised by Alan and Rhian Thomas from their home in Ammanford. They are also assisted by all the family, including recently-arrived young Barnaby. Thanks to everyone from our Section for the food and hospitality, the route was very good and the weather was truly excellent as it was the hottest November day in Wales ever. Next meetings at Morriston Rugby Club off Chemical Road, 8th December with the Christmas Dinner on the 15th December, also at the Rugby Club. The January meeting is on the 12th. SWINDON MOONRAKER (SM) Julie Goodwin 01793 539207 / 07887 517906 Hi everyone! Not a lot going on this part of the year. On October 6th we had a picture quiz by Fred Sheppard and Ivy. Thanks for this a very interesting evening. By the time you all read this we will have had our yearly skittles match with The Swindon and District Motor Cycle Club (Let’s try and win the Shield back). The Swindon Section wishes you all a very Happy Xmas and a good New Year. TAVERNERS LEICESTER (NM) Peter Monk 07837 907908 October held our second trial of the season with not a lot of mud to be found, I’m sure that will come. Unfortunately the weather was not so pleasant for the

October wrinkly run and I think Roger was grateful no one turned up so he didn’t have to get wet! Last club night held our charity auction night with a huge amount of items donated by the generous stallholders at our Founders Day show along with items donated by club members, with forty plus willing club members all mesmerised by our resident auctioneer Stan and product demonstrator Roger as they managed to make even the tackiest item seem like a bargain! Lots of funds extracted to go to Macmillan Nurses this year. A date for your diary next year our 60th Taverner’s Road Trial will be on the 4th September and will possibly be a two-day event. TOURING (ANG) Paul Fletcher 01842 878661 / 07875 694842 As I write these notes our touring season has come to an end once more but a few of you did enjoy a weekend in Norfolk in October and witnessed one of nature’s wonders at the RSPB Snettisham reserve as we watched a murmuration of Knot on the Wash mud flats near Kings Lynn as the high tide came in, thousands of birds, an unbelievable sight to see, Mick Beer will still be murmurating about it at Easter. We enjoyed the Kings Lynn Pre-31 Run before it was time to put the caravans away for winter. Dave and Stella finally decided to return to Northumberland after an epic tour of Cornwall, Wales and the Isle of Wight, surely our most-travelled members this year. Sadly the last get together was for Leo Yuill’s funeral, our sincere condolences go to Gill and family, Leo was a true gentleman and lifetime motorcyclist. WAKEFELD & W YORKSHIRE (SM) Neil Lewis 0773 014 6637 The recent section meeting discussed our events for 2016 and deciding on the location of the section’s check point for the Founder’s Day Relay. We then played a game of “guess the tool in a bag” this was a valve seater. Turning the handle saw the wooden shaft turn clockwise and then counter-clockwise, all the while the handle rotated clockwise. We look forward to the Chairman’s report at the next meeting on its effectiveness when working on his Triumph Tiger. We ended by wishing bon voyage to one of the members who is going to New Zealand.

WARWICKSHIRE (SM) Helen Parker 01926 429310 Our Autumn run was once again held on a lovely morning along Warwickshire's leafy lanes thanks to Alan for organising this. Dave Mc. worked hard at the Bring and Buy night and £190 was made. Simon had arranged a meet at The Antelope, Lighthorne and this proved a popular venue. The President and his wife joined us for the main event of the year the section’s 50th anniversary meal. For those attending we had a lovely meal. A presentation was made to Stan Bayliss, Dave Mc, and Martyn Bayliss as the three remaining members from the inaugural meeting, and this was followed by a short amusing talk by Dave Mc. Those who stayed overnight were given a hearty breakfast before leaving. WESSEX VETERAN & VINTAGE (SW) Peter Hallowes 01258 472500 Club Night was last month’s only activity; a fascinating talk about pioneer aircraft and the airstrip alongside the A303 at Stonehenge. Members of the section are out and about on more modern machinery with neighbouring sections. I wonder if we should, perhaps, try some winter runs. If you are interested, have a word with the committee. There may be a chance, if you are quick, to join the Christmas Dinner on 14th December on our normal Club Night. Contact Denise Lydford on 01747 852136.The AGM is not far away now on 11th January 2016. Please come and air your views. In the mean time, a happy Christmas and New Year. WEST KENT (SE) Ron Wright 01622 812771 The Committee is concerned with the reduced number of members taking part in our social runs/attending Club nights. If we are doing something wrong, please tell us so that we can address the situation. Newer members may be unaware that the section has bound copies of Motorcycling and The Motor Cycle that you can borrow. Contact me for details. The Pied Bull party night is on the 10th and will provide you with a buffet and chance of a raffle prize for the princely sum of £2.00 and you’ll be able to pick up next year’s events card. You may also email me for a soft copy. This year’s Boxing Day Run will start from Wrotham Hill car park. The 2015 dinner/dance will be on February 13th. Good food and dancing to Band of Gold. Jane Smith, 01474 852960, will be taking reservations. I wish you all seasonal greetings and safe riding.

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 21

WEST SOUTH WALES (WAL) Barry Palmer 01558 668579 Before we start, may I on behalf of the W.S.W. section wish all readers, greetings for the Christmas season. Our E.J.W. Run went off very well with a lovely ride, on good roads and with fine weather to the Mid Wales Classic Bike show, near Rhyadar. The AGM had no real surprises. Jim, who has been our Treasurer since time immemorial, has stepped down and Allan, our Secretary has now taken on dual roles. The rest of the Committee were re-elected for another term. Extra date for the diary 14th December, social evening quiz, and Christmas raffle, mince pies and sausage rolls. WEST WILTSHIRE (SM) Tony Kay 01380 722288 The Section AGM on 22nd October was well attended and returned Bill Little as Chairman, Simon Nuttall as Treasurer and Bob Fisher as Social Secretary. Peter Fielding retired after a successful eight years tenure as

22 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

Secretary. A vote of thanks was unanimously supported for Peter’s work. I was elected as Peter’s replacement; a hard act to follow. Dave Brierley was the well-deserving winner of Rider of the Year Award. We had a wellsupported mid week winter wandering with 17 members meeting at the Ivy, Heddington on 15th October. A new route for the annual New Forest run was well received from the 14 riders taking part. Happy New Year to all. We have a full calendar lined up; let’s hope for some cracking riding weather in 2016. WORCESTERSHIRE (WAL) John Porter 01386 553329 at the Hundred House The section was well-represented at the Malvern Classic Motorcycle Show on October 25th. Two members received awards for their machines and the section was runner up for the best club stand award. No runs planned for December but we have two midday meets, the Cob House, Wichenford on the 13th and the usual Boxing Day Meet at the New Inn, Shrawley. (Note – the pub is due to change hands shortly, so please be sure to check beforehand). December’s club night on the 14th will be our usual Christmas event with buffet at The Bell.

A Valiant cornered by MVs and Ducatis at the 2015 Scottish Tiddler Tootle. Members should recall that the April Journal included a draft Development Plan for Scotland. It was the outcome of the Survey of the entire Scottish membership carried out last year. The draft called for comments, constructive criticism and general feedback from members and thank you to those who took the time to get in contact. I now consider the Plan to be finalised and agreed and will be working with you to deliver the recommendations. One of these was more promotion of the Club both within the membership and vitally to external parties. The Journal is our prime internal vehicle for promotion, and November’s edition was full of articles and photos of Scottish activity. A number of you have been making the effort to get your/our message across, and there is no doubt that it is helping our cause in Scotland and that the membership in the rest of the UK and overseas know that Scotland is a hot bed of activity. A lot of the reporting is on events that have taken place, which is all well and good, but my suggestion is that we should increasingly be moving to reporting activity in advance to generate interest rather than to relate the past. I hope that you will have noticed more effort going into getting articles in the motor cycle press. For my part, I am trying to get something out on a monthly basis, as long as there is something to say, and Allen House is helping by

Scottish notes

distributing these press releases to their media contacts. A number of Scottish Sections have also been active in this regard and it is all helping to raise our profile. We are getting close to the next MCN Scottish Motorcycle Show at Ingliston in early March. It is a perfect shop window for the Club in Scotland and we should be there as VMCC Scotland. There is no charge for stand space. At present we have Auld Reekie Edinburgh and Central Scottish Sections and now the new Glasgow Group indicating a desire to be involved. HQ staff will be coming up with the raffle bikes so collectively we have a great opportunity and message to get across to appeal to existing and attract new members. We are now at the stage where integrating our Sections under the umbrella of the VMCC, as a whole, seems to be the way forward and I will be trying to persuade the Sections involved to go down that route for the forthcoming Show. The February Haggis Gathering at Lanark is a magnet for enthusiasts as we start to thaw out after the winter. Central Scottish and Clyde Valley have been exhibiting and flying the flag for the Club at previous shows. The emergence of the new Glasgow Group suggests that the time might be right for a collective presence by taking a joint stand in February 2016. All the best for Xmas and the New Year. Alastair Alexander

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1946-2016 70th Anniversary


ble are availa Calendars r by phone, eo to buy onlin .50. Members’ 5 £ 4 2 C S ith this Code included w copies are ’s Journal month

Allen House, W Wetmore etmore Road, Trent, rent, Burton upon T Staffordshire DE14 1TR Telephone: Telephone: 01283 540557 Facsimile: F acsimile: 01283 510547 E-Mail: E -Mail: Non-Territorial A NonTerritorial Club affiliated to the A.C.U., M.A.G., A.C.U., M.A.G ., A.M.C.A., member of the F.B.H.V F.B.H.V.C. F.B

The VMCC Inaugural Meeting at Hogs Hogs Back (L. to R.) Lt-Cmdr. Lt-Cmdr. FF.. A. McNab McNab,, C C.. S. Burne Burney, y, J. A. Whale Whaleyy and his 1927 Sunbeam, J. J. Hall and C. C. E. Allen, B.E.M.


Contact Allen House 01283 540557 or visit 24 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015



1st Central Lancs Swindon Moonraker North Cotswold South Cotswold North Cotswold Swindon Moonraker East Lancs Ipswich & Suffolk East Devon East Herts East Lancs 2nd Chiltern North East

7:30pm Xmas meal, Bowling Green, Charnock Richard. Adrian Such 07534 278388 Skittles with Swindon & District. 01793 539207 Club Night, speaker John Putley. Chris Delaney 01789 262076 Club night at the Kings Head at Kings Stanley. Jeremy Retford 01666 577883 Club Night 8pm The Lygon Arms, Chipping Campden. Chris Delaney 01789 262076 Skittles Night with Swindon & District, Grange Drive Bowls Club Business Meeting, Victoria Hotel, St. Johns Street, Great Harwood, BB6 7EP, 8pm Ladies night, 8pm, Rushmere ClubNight,Skittles and Snacks, 2000 Honiton Youth Football Club. Pub Night, Woodman PH, Wild Hill, 8.00pm Business Meeting, Victoria Hotel, St. John’s Street, Great Harwood, BB6 7EP, 8.00pm Quiz Night, The White Hill Centre Chesham. See Section Notes Christmas Dinner, Millstones Restaurant, A59 West of Harrogate. Dennis Buckle 01132 589872 Cotswold Guest speaker, Jim Rendell, ‘The Mighty Typhoon’, Churchdown Club, Church Road, Churchdown. 01242 574599 West Kent Wrinkly Run. Start 10.30 from Kemsing High St car park. Surrey & Sussex Day Run - Start at The Chalet Café (South of Cowfold A281) 10.00am. Brian Robins 01293 537598 Berkshire Mid-week Lunch Meeting at the Bull Inn, Arborfield. Pre-booking required. Bill Barnes - 3rd Notts & Derby Video/Natter West Wilts Section Dinner & Prizegiving. Royal Ship, Luckington. Tickets and info from Mike Davis 01225 811986 Somerset Club Night. Bring and Buy South Durham Club Night, AGM, Middleton St George. 8pm Notts & Derby Video/Natter Night, Royal Oak, Ockbrook 4th South Cotswold Section Christmas meal. The Anchor Inn at Epney, 7.30pm for 8.00. John Oliver 01452 729939 B’mouth & New Forest Christmas Dinner, 7.30pm, Walkford. Tony Townsend, 01425 612458 5th North Cotswold Christmas Dinner. Andy Barnett 01386 881145 East Sussex Saturday Run to Brede Pumping Station, HQ, 10.00am. Section Secretary 01825 890499 North Cotswold Christmas Dinner, The Lygon Arms, Chipping Campden. Andy Barnett 01386 881145 Devon Christmas Lunch, Tiverton Hotel, 12.00 for 12.30pm. Chris Wood 01237 472855 6th Taverners Leicester Earls Shilton Trials Club, Potters Marston, Leics, grid ref: SP 4896 9679, Mill Lane, Off Pingle Lane north of M69 bridge. Mark McEvoy 01858 434197 email Manchester & Off-road trial, Pott Shrigley, 10-30 for 11-00am start. John Drabble 01625 575479, High Peak Barry Howard 01625 630016, Stuart Coales 01260 252305 West Wilts Winter Wandering, Quarrymans Arms, Box - 12 noon East Yorkshire Club Night, Tiger Inn, Lairgate, Beverely, 8.00pm. H. Holdorf 01482 862209 Somerset Christmas Run and Lunch. Cossington Village Hall. 10-30 for 11am. Ruth Pope 01458 251174, Harry Rayner 01278 456021 South Durham 40th Anniversary Social Run. Brian Smith 01325286623 West Kent Social Run. West Malling High St car park to the Black Horse, Stansted. Start 10.30 am. Northampton Winter Woolies Run, 11am, The Bull Harpole, Martin Laudon Men of Kent Winter Wandering, details to be arranged. Frank Mitchell. tel 07837 918087

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Isle of Wight Brooklands 7th 8th

Burton and District Northumbrian South Hants

South Wales Anglian Burton and District Pennine


East Devon Clyde Valley East Sussex Snowdonia/Eryri Chiltern Essex North East Dorset Reivers Northwest Cotswold Warwickshire

Banbury South Durham 10th Dartmoor Manchester and High Peak Anglian Isle of Man Bedfordshire West Kent Cornwall

Taverners Leicester

North Staffs West Wilts 11th North Staffs 12th Berkshire Notts and Derby 13th South Cotswold Dorset Cornwall

Informal Breakfast Meeting, Louis Tearooms, Kit Hill, PL17 8 AX from 10-11.30am Len Dingley, 01208 850013 Ron’s Xmas Pudding Run, meet Coppins Bridge car park, 10.00am Winter Wandering, Newlands Corner, A25 Guildford GU4 8SE 11am depart. Richard Huckle 07853 204018 Frostbite run 9.30 am Marston’s. Ian Marcer 07944 685917 Northumbrian Club Night, RAOB Club, Birtley, 8.00 pm Christmas Party Meeting, Hill Park Working Mens Club, 72 Highlands Road, Fareham 8 p.m. Robert Hill 02392 460014 Xmas Dinner Club Night, Fulbourn Centre, CB21 5BS Beer and Skittles Night. 8pm, Burton Bridge Inn & Brewery. Vic Carrington-Porter 01283 619489 Christmas Social, Kingsway Hotel, Rochdale, OL165HS 8.30pm. Geoff Green 0161 654 8159 Lunch Meet, 1300 Aviator Café, Dunkerswell Christmas meeting , Dalserf. Tim Ryan 07714505386 Club Night, 7.30 for 8.00pm. Section Secretary 01825 890499 Christmas Dinner Waunfawr. 01286872599 Coffee Morning The Black Cat, Lye Green, Chesham. See Section Notes Yuletide Festivities: Ship and Anchor Dyneley Arms, Otley Road, Pool, West Yorkshire, from 12 noon. Club Night, Social Evening, Halsey Arms. Ray Dickinson 01747 228837 Xmas Club Night. Ashington Rugby Club, NE63 8TP. 19.30 for 20.00 Featuring food, fripperies and the World’s Worst Ventriloquist - what more can one want? Simon Hadden 01665 570 023 Club Meeting 8PM at The Barons, Burscough. Sec 07961 446971 Club Night, Churchdown Club, Church Road, Churchdown. Club Night Christmas Skittles and Buffet night. TICKET ONLY. Helen Parker 01926 429310. Club Night, Cricket Club Banbury. Moira Byast- The Ghost of Christmas Past 40th Anniversary meeting. Sadberge 12 noon. David Porteous 07706992855 CLUB NIGHT, 8.00pm Royal Seven Stars, Totnes, TQ9 5DD Xmas party/club night, Poynton Workmens club 8pm. Barry Cook, 01663 750827, Barry Howard 01625 630016 Anglian Section Xmas Dinner at Fulbourn Centre, CB21 5BS. Drew Down, 01480 462756 Club Night, Bring and Buy, Knock Froy, 8pm. Ken Blackburn 01624 673590 Xmas ‘do’ & charity auction, Shefford Memorial Hall, 8 for 8.30pm Party Night at the Pied Bull, Farningham. Start 8pm East Taphouse Club Night, Community Hall, East Taphouse, PL14 4TA. 7.30 for 8pm. Mince Pie evening! Celia Hore, 01208 73571 Christmas Party, quiz & seasonal food, Ratby sports & social club. Kev Alexander 07713 908407 Moorville Hall 8.15pm, Film Show Section Meeting, Chippenham Rugby Club Club Night, 8.15pm, Moorville Hall Christmas Dinner at the Fox & Hounds, Theale. Pre-booking required. Bill Barnes Half-Day Run, 11am, Limes Cafe, Bilsthorpe A614. Gordon 01773 788710 Sunday lunchtime informal meet at the Hunter's Hall at Kingscote, 12.00 onwards Jeremy Retford 01666 577883 Christmas Run and Dinner, 11.00am, Leigh Village Hall. Rod Hann 01935 872528 Christmas Lunch, Newquay, 12.30pm. Booking required. Graham Walkey, 01726 64493

26 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

Worcestershire 14th West South Wales Stirling Castle Northumbrian Men of Kent Surrey & Sussex

Wessex Veteran & Vintage Worcestershire

15th Swindon Moonraker Goodwood Cheshire & North Wales Ipswich & Suffolk Isle of Wight Brooklands East Herts East Lancs

16th Norwich & District

Chiltern S. Lincs & Peterbro’ Cotswold Cornwall Bedfordshire

Stonehenge 17th Cheshire Cats Devon

West Wilts Notts and Derby South Durham 18th Cornwall 20th East Yorkshire Isle of Man Cotswold East Devon Cornwall


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Midday meet at the Cob House, Wichenford. John Porter 01386 553329 Social Evening at New Cross Inn. Mince pies/sausage rolls/quiz and raffle Christmas Function Northumbrian Club Night, RAOB Club, Birtley, 8pm Christmas social evening, 8pm Wagon and Horse Pub, TN27 0NR. Frank Mitchell, 07837 918087 Films and DVD on the Big Screen - Copthorne Social Club - 7.30pm. Brian Robins 01293.537598 Christmas Dinner, The Kings Arms, East Stour. Denise Lydford 01747 852136

Christmas event, Bell Inn, Lower Broadheath, Worcester, 7.30 for 8pm start. John Porter 01386 553329 Mince Pie Evening Club Night, The Maypole Inn, Yapton, 8.00pm - Noggin’n’Natter. Maureen Street 01903 742979 Club Night at the Motor Boat Club, Sandy Lane, Chester, CH3 5UL Christmas ‘do’. Graham Gotts 0151 678 6216 Club night, 8pm, Rushmere Xmas Quiz & Buffet, Ventnor CC, 7.30 for 8.00pm, tickets £2.00 from Ron or Reg Club Night, Members Bar, Brooklands Museum, Weybridge, KT13 0QN, 8pm. Richard Huckle 07853 204018 Christmas Buffet, Broadlakes Lodge, London Colney, 8pm Chairman’s Mince Pie Night, Victoria Hotel, St John’s St, Great Harwood, BB6 7EP, 8pm Club Night and AGM, Postwick Village Hall, Ferry Lane, Postwick, Norwich, NR13 5HL, 8pm. Pub Night The Black Cat, Lye Green, Chesham. See Section Notes Review of the Year and Presentation Night at The Red Lion, West Deeping from 8pm. Gary Sleeman 01733 770241 Christmas Party, Churchdown Club, Church Road, Churchdown. Informal lunch meet, Blast Cafe, Bodmin. 12 noon. Roger Hore, 01208 73571 Midweek Lunch, Toby Inn, 403 Goldington Road, Bedford , approx. 12.15p. Roger 01582 534711 Club Night Christmas Eats & Quiz. 8pm Club House Woodfalls. Details Committee Christmas Meal & Club night. 7 for 8pm Oaklands Hotel, Weaverham, CW8 2SU. NOT AT RUGBY CLUB! Stephen Herbert 01606 888972 Club Night, Town Arms, S Molton, Natter and Mince Pies 7.30pm Chris Wood 01237 472855 Winter Wandering Westbrook Inn, Westbrook Party Night, Royal Oak, Ockbrook Club Night, Middleton St George, 8pm, Christmas Party Truro Club Night, Truro Cricket Club, Malpas, Truro, TR1 1SG. 7.30 for 8.00pm. Mince Pies! Roger Fogg, 01726 67198 Annual Dinner, Haven Arms, Hedon, HU12 8HH, tickets £11. More information and bookings: Dennis Johnson 01964 623401 Trial ‘pie and cake’, Knock Froy, 1.30pm. Shaun Seal 01624 834855 Winter Wandering, The Greyhound Inn, Littledean, Cinderford. (SO 687 142) Sunday Ride. Brian Chidgey 01392 421384 End of Year Run, MCB Lanivet, Bacon Buttie Run, 10.30am. Peter Old, 01208 831935 Quiz Night, Sire John Bayley Club, 2000 Club Night with Pie and Pea and Christmas Cheer, Reindeer Inn, 204 Old Road, Overton, nr Middletown Noggin and Natter

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Northumbrian Section XMAS Bun Fight, RAOB Club, Birtley, 8pm Committee Meeting, Churchdown Club, Church Road, Churchdown. Noggin’n’Natter, The Sportsman, Amberley, 8pm. Maureen Street 01903 742979 Evening Natter at the Ash Tree Inn, 7.30pm onwards Club Night, Churchdown Club, Church Road, Churchdown. 09:00- 12:00hrs, bike meet, Parbold Hill. Adrian Such 07534 278388 Boxing Day Run, 10.30am, Market Square, Market Rasen, Lincs. Shake off the Xmas excess! P Gunnee 01652 657169 Parbold Hill Frostbite Ride 10am at the Farmers Arms then Ride to The Barons Sec 07961 446971 Boxing Day Run to The Plough, Plumpton Green, Boship Roundabout, at 11.30am Boxing Day Run to the Plough at Plumpton BN7 3DF. Start at Copthorne Social Club at 10.45. Brian Robins 01293.537598 Boxing Day Gathering,The Watersmeet Hotel, Hartpury, Gloucester. (SO 798 259) Boxing Day Ride, 10.30 Exmouth Sea Front. Peter Baker 01395224535 Boxing Day Gathering. Meet at The Green Man at Methwold Hythe 10 for 10.30am for the Run and noon for buffet afterwards. All welcome. Paul Fletcher 01842 878661 home 07875694842 mobile e mail or see Section Website or facebook page for further details. Boxing Day Run 10 for 10.30am start St Nicholas Park Kenilworth. Please DO NOT arrive at the pub before 12 noon. Bob Taylor 02476 503712. Boxing Day Run. Chris Thomas 07974 373987 Boxing Day Meet, New Inn, Shrawley, midday. John Porter 01386 553329 Boxing Day Meet, Whitminster Inn, A38 Boxing Day run, meet 10.30am McDonalds, Chestfield, Whitstable, Kent. Frank Mitchell, 07837 918087 Boxing Day Run start 10.30 from Wrotham Hill car park going to Pied Bull, Farningham. Boxing Day Run, 11:00am Victoria Park, London Rd, Leicester. Roger Monk 01509 412662 Boxing Day informal gathering, Musgrave Arms, Shillington, late morning. Will 01582 882122 Boxing Day gathering, William IV, Little London, Albury, GU5 9DG, noon. Richard Huckle 07853 204019 Boxing Day Meeting, Sarrat Common, 11am Boxing Day Meet, Whitminster Inn A38, noon. Simon 01179 652503 Social Run to High Force Hotel. Brian Smith 01325 286623 Boxing Day Meet at the Whitminster Inn, Whitminster (on A38). From 12 noon onwards. All welcome. Jeremy Retford 01666 577884 Ron Amey Boxing Day Trial, 2 pm, Rockley Copse, Besselsleigh, just outside Oxford on A420 - will be signposted. Regs and enquiries to Mince Pie Run, The Woodshaw Inn, 11.30-2.30. 01793 539207 End of Year Run, 10.30 Lanivet. Peter Old 01208 831935, Christmas Cracker Run 11am Hunsbury Country Park. Dave Mead Chilly Willie Run, 10.30am at Stibbington Diner. Gary Sleeman 01733 770241 Ashley’s Run, Pecking Mill Inn, Evercreech. BA4 6PG. 10-30 for 11am. Dave Boon. 01749 672672 Horse Fair Banbury, Follow the Leader. TBA Ride/drive out to Lamb Inn Chinley for Xmas dinner, 11-30 for 12-00 noon. Barry Cook, 01663-750827, Barry Howard 01625-630016 Christmas Hangover Run, St Johns, 11.30am. Ken Blackburn 01624 673590 Practice Trial. Roy Sturgeon 01325260937 Northumbrian Club Night, RAOB Club, Birtley, 8pm

28 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

29th Northwest Berkshire

No Meeting Club Night Social with wives & partners. Malcolm White, info@berkshire


Hangover Run, Social Run to refreshment stop, Leek Market Place, 12 noon. Geoff Davies 01782 550005 New Year Run 2016 New Years Day run Writtle Green 10.30 for 11.00. Roger Gulliver 01621 892606 New Years Day Run to Surrey Oaks, Newdigate RH5 5DZ - Start at Copthorne Social Club at 11.00. Brian Robins 01293.537598 New Year’s Run from Streeters Carpet Shop Sturminster Newton 10:45am. Gabby Hunt 01963 250184 11.00 for 11.30 from The Round Oak at Wombourne, WV5 8BU (an hour later than our usual time) for a short route from and back to the Round Oak or from 12.00 for a social gathering. David Spencer 01746 762957 New Year’s Day Run, same time, venue and instructions as Boxing Day Run. Bob Taylor 02476 503712. Meet at Vintage Gathering, Market Centre, North Petherton. TA6 6DF. 10am New Year’s Day Get Together. Les Thomas 01646 651384 New Year’s Day run, 10:30am. The Toby Inn, Hilsea, Portsmouth, PO3 5HS. Peter 02392 321722 Meet Cotswold section Carpenters Arms. Misterton New Year’s Day meeting, 11am at the Smarden Bell PH, Smarden, Kent TN27 0NR Frank Mitchell, tel. 07837 918087 New Year’s Day Run, 10.30 from Borough Green Stn going to Pied Bull, Franingham. New Year’s Day Run, 10.30am British Legion Christchurch. Ian Barr, 01425 610427 New Year’s Day gathering, The Carpenters Arms, Miserden, near Cirencester (SO 937 088) New Year’s Day Meeting, venue TBA New Year’s Day meeting at the Cherry Tree, Steventon from midday Hangover Run. 12 noon Leek Market Square. Run to Wetton Mill, weather permitting. Geoff Davies 01782 550005 New Year’s Day Meet, Avon Valley Railway (Bitton Station), noon. Simon 01179 652503 Informal lunchtime meet at the Carpenter's Arms Miserden. Jeremy Retford 01666 577884 Dinner and Prize Presentation, Sefton, 7.30pm. Tony East 01624 878242 Sporting Trial, Riley’s Railway, Marefield, Leics, grid ref: SK 7412 0820, 1.5m off B6047 north of A47, observers needed. Mark McEvoy 01858 434197 email Club Night, Tiger Inn, Lairgate, Beverely, 8pm. H. Holdorf 01482 862209 Christmas Section Meeting: Coronation Hall, Boroughbridge, 2pm. New Year Lunch, The Welcome Fryer, S Molton. 12.30pm. Chris Wood 01237 472855 Informal Breakfast Meet at Louis Tearooms, Kit Hill, PL17 8AX from 10-11.30am Len Dingley, 01208 850013 Winter Wandering, Newlands Corner A25 Guildford GU4 8SE 11am depart. Richard Huckle 07853 204018 Monthly Meeting Hill Park Working Mens Club, 72 Highlands Road, Fareham 8pm. Robert Hill 02392 460014 Club night, Plough and Harrow PH, Bridge, near Canterbury, Kent. CT4 5LA. Dickie Barsby, tel. 07989 352990 Northumbrian Club Night, RAOB Club, Birtley, 8pm Club Night 2000 Honiton Youth Football Club. Pub Night, Woodman PH, Wild Hill, 8pm


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Club night at the Kings Head at Kings Stanley, word association challenge, with Ian Young. Jeremy Retford 01666 577883 Business Meeting, Victoria Hotel, St. John’s Street, Great Harwood, BB6 7EP, 8pm Club Night, Churchdown Club, Church Road, Churchdown. 10.00am, January Jaunt, ‘H’ Cafe, leader Vince Ellis Club Night. Film Show. Natter Night Royal Oak Ockbrook Section Meeting, Chippenham Rugby Club Annual Dinner 7pm for 7.30 Royal Oak, Ockbrook Presentation Night Walworth Castle. Brian Smith 01325286623 Winter Run from Dikes Supermarket Stalbridge 11am. Bob Hoare 01963 364618 Off road trial Pott Shrigley, 10-30 for 11am start. John Drabble 01625 575479, Barry Howard 01625 630016, Stuart Coales 01260 252305 Sunday lunchtime informal meet at the Beacon at Haresfield 12.00 onwards. Jeremy Retford 01666 577884 Section AGM, Copthorne Social Club at 7.30pm. Brian Robins 01293 537598 AGM and Quiz, The Kings Arms, East StourIan Clarke 01202 824772

Club night, Bell Inn, Lower Broadheath, Worcester, 7.30 for 8pm start. John Porter 01386 553329 Northumbrian Club Night, RAOB Club, Birtley, 8.00 pm Club Night Club Night, Fulbourn Centre, CB21 5BS (Pie and Chips Evening) Lunch. Meet 1300 Aviator Café, Dunkerswell Club Meeting. Tim Ryan 07714505386 Talk on motor cycle ride across Russia, 8.30pm Kingsway Hotel Rochdale OL165HS Geoff Green 0161 654 8159 Slide Night, Wednesday, 8.00pm, Marston's Club Night, 7.30 for 8.00pm Club Night Waunfawr 01286 872599 Club Night Chat & Discussion Evening with Peter Miller. Ray Dickinson 01747 228837 Club Night AGM. Helen Parker 01926 429310. Club Night. Ashington Rugby Club, NE63 8TP. 19.30 for 20.00 Nicola Day (Fusiliers Museum of Northumberland), Northumberland Fusiliers Past and Present. Simon Hadden 01665 570 023 Mid-week Lunch Meeting (see website for further details). Malcolm White Dyneley Arms, Otley Road, Pool, West Yorkshire From 12 Noon. Auction of Motorcycle books and Ephemera, Churchdown Club, Church Road, Churchdown. 01452 840489 East Taphouse Club Night, Community Hall, East Taphouse, PL14 4TA. 7.30 for 8pm. Celia Hore, 01208 73571 Noggin & Natter 8pm at the Pied Bull, Farningham. Noggin & Natter, Ratby sports & social club. Kev Alexander 07713 908407 Biker Down (what to do in an accident), Shefford Memorial Hall, 8.00 for 8.30pm Ivor Rhodes 07719 552241 Moorville Hall 8.15pm, Section AGM Club Night Middleton St George 8pm

06/12/2015 Taverners Leicester, Sporting Trial, Earl Shilton

03/01/2016 Taverners Leicester, Sporting Trial, Riley’s Railway

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Mark McEvoy 07973 142440 email Mark McEvoy (as above)

Visit the heart of Ireland in 2016 IVVMCC

Golden Vale Pre-65 Run 10-12th. June in Ireland's beautiful Co.Tipperary 

Scenic countryside and quiet roads

Half price entry for newcomers

Timed and informal runs

Fun and friendship

A warm Irish welcome

For entry form and details: Ph. Bruce at +00353 87 237 9932 or email

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The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 33

Correspondence That photograph - 1

In response to your October Journal musings, Ormonde Gurr was once quite a prominent VMCC member, who thought nothing of riding over for events in Holland (which is where I probably first met him) on his immaculate Norton Model 18. This is the machine featured in one of the Titch Allen series of Vintage Motor cycle Tests (and, I believe, the machine he said he most coveted!) Edward Lewis was also a visitor to Holland once or twice in those days: his background was in shoe-making, I believe, in Northamptonshire. I think he emigrated to Spain at a later date. ‘Those days’ would have been in the late seventies, as I remember. Ormonde and Edward both took part in the Zuiderzee Rit one year, the annual two-day ride round what is now the Ijsselmeer, quite late in the year. George Larkin was also a prominent VMCC member, although I never met him. It seems that the three of them were engaged in a Charity Run at the time of their interview in Kettering. ‘Gloucester to Edinburgh and Back’ isn’t peanuts in my reckoning: I hope they found it worthwhile. Hope these lines are of some interest to our members. Paul Button

That photograph - 2

Re your Kettering question in October Journal, I recognise these as the Mayor and Mayoress of Banbury. I took the Mayor himself round town in my Camshaft Ajay Sidecar outfit when I was Club President at around that time. The gentlemen in the middle is Edward Lewis, a Shoe Maker from Nottingham who patented a special shoe design with a rounded heel for motorists, he being a racing car driver and member of the British Racing Drivers Club – BRDC. He, along with his wife Marjorie, lives in retirement in Menorca. The gentleman of the cloth I think would be the Rev Bob Torrens, who usually rode a Scott. The Norton is registered in Warwickshire whilst the long stroke ’Beam with BX is Carmarthen. The others chap’s face rings a bell but I cannot put a name on him. Keep the flag flying. Ivan Rhodes

Terry Hart’s Vincent - 1

Re page 67 of the new-look Journal for October 2015, ‘Terry Hart, the Solvol Autosol man’: I remember seeing Terry's glittering Vincent regularly, parked in Darlington Road, just off Knights Hill in West Norwood,

34 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

immediately up from the Tech College. It was common knowledge that Terry worked in a local chromium plating establishment, which explains most of it. This would have been in the very late fifties, when I was sweating on Alevel GCEs at the College! I imagine that Solvol became aware of Terry's machine, and decided to sponsor him, rather than that Terry was one of their big customers... But I have no idea of the further history of Terry or his Vincent, alas. Congrats on the bright new look and style of the Journal: I hope that my reaction to it is typical of many! Paul Button

Terry Hart’s Vincent - 2

Brooklands 1967, above, taken by myself. Regarding the Terry Hart Vincent question, a member of Vincent Club South London section had his Vincent. I remember it being very tatty in around 1966. Alan Cross

How old does it look?

The intention of my original letter was to provoke a reasoned discussion about how we see the future of our club. It certainly was not in any way a criticism of the club, I think we have had enough of that lately. It certainly wasn’t my intention to reduce Mr Blanchard to the depths of despair. I was trying to be realistic, yes, you could ride a Fireblade around all day in third gear, but that is neither likely nor desirable, especially not for the rider. The indisputable fact is, that as more modern machinery has become eligible, and then the age profile of the machines used in open VMCC events has changed accordingly. If you put forward the argument that riders of GSXR 1000 Suzuki wouldn’t join the Club, then the same argument could have been made 46 years ago when the Trident and Rocket 3 were introduced. Applying the

25-year rule then, the newest eligible machine would have been manufactured in 1944. The point I made in my original letter was that the general public's perception of our club would likely change if modern-looking bikes were eligible. As to the accusation of prejudice, I wouldn’t have bought a Honda if I was prejudiced against Japanese motor cycles. Mr Blanchard in the first part of his letter proposes that bikes of any age could all ride together, then informs us in the second part that his section runs special events for pre-30s machines and for girder forks. Perhaps the answer is to amalgamate with the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club, administration and headquarters costs could be shared. There is a natural divide of influence in the late sixties and early seventies, people could affiliate to both clubs if they owned bikes of both eras; I’m sure it is worth thinking about. I cannot understand why these sort of topics cannot be discussed in a calm rational manner within the club without people becoming so defensive, after all they will in the future define what sort of club the VMCC becomes and how far away from the founder’s perception it moves. Hugh Dickson

The Irish Rally

In his report on the Irish Rally (November issue) Juris Ramba mentioned the fact that there was a certain minimum speed below which serious rain (in Ireland? Surely not!) caused belt slip. That reminded me of an event a few years ago. I have ridden my Francis-Barnett Autocycle in the Cyclemotor Section’s 100-mile run for umpteen years and being the friendly crowd they are, lowpowered and early machines are allowed to take part. My friend, Derek Fox, had just got hold of a BRS Norton and decided that this event would be an ideal first test for it. As it has no clutch, no gears and very little braking the plan was that as I knew the route I would ride ahead, stopping at every junction to indicate whether it was safe to make the turn. I then had to pass him before the next junction to repeat the exercise. We started the first of three laps in dry weather and with the Norton on little more than a tick over the autocycle could just about cope, but later the heavens opened and catching the Norton became easier because water thrown up by the front tyre was directed straight at the engine pulley, so once speed had been reduced it was not possible to accelerate due to belt slip. We soon found that if I rode beside him and gave him a bit of a push then my effort and the small amount of grip he could get soon got us up to the critical speed at which the water was centrifuged off both the pulley and the belt and grip returned, as Juris has observed. The interesting thing is that anybody seeing us pass would have thought that the Norton was pulling the autocycle along, whereas in fact the opposite was the case. No

wonder Francis-Barnett called their autocycles Powerbikes! As a matter of interest we now do the event in the opposite direction as an anti-clockwise loop is predominantly a series of left turns, which is much better than turning right, across the traffic, especially at T junctions. Mike Jackson

Observations concerning the November Journal

The November issue, No. 657, carried a picture on page 3 of a tasty (now now, boys, calm down!) Ariel FH 'Huntmaster', headed “The members-only raffle machine". When you next have a machine to raffle, perhaps you could head the advice with, "The raffle machine for Members only resident in the UK" so that UK members have no fear of any of the Club's foreign members from winning it. Foreign resident members are excluded from taking part. One or two slip-ups to note - Allan Johnson, from Canada, writing about 'air-head' Bee Ems ('BMW Airheads' - page 72), told us that Max Friz's main interest was his developing of an engine of, and I quote, "33,000 cc ohc inline 6 cylinder, 310 hp . . ." Maybe we could be told what the correct cubic capacity of this engine was. I always understood that the motorcycle engines produced in Munich, in-line flat 'fore and aft' twins, were pretty faithful copies of the war-time Douglas engine, which, to produce the model R 32 in 1923, BMW turned through 90 degrees, creating the horizontally opposed twin perhaps they were forced into this bit of engineering as they wanted to add a 'proper' gearbox, and the logical place was where they placed it, finally leading power to the rear wheel via shaft drive. Allan Johnson could have added that the Second World War R75 BMW with the potential of side-car wheel drive, was in fact a Zundapp design, but Herr Hitler insisted on his favoured company, BMW, on being given the chance to produce outfits with the Zundapp transmission system. BMW produced 18,000 of these devices - one wonders how many Zundapp produced during that war. I expected the writer to mention the superb cars with the 700cc boxer engine in the tail: there was a saloon four-seater, a coupe for two and a drop-head model. These were almost out of production when Britain produced the Triumph Herald, which came from the same pencil as the small BMW car's designer, and the Coventry cars were almost exactly the same looking, but larger. I read of a car racer in the USA who failed to win races with his BMW 700 coupe, so the following winter removed the engine and fitted a four-cylinder Porsche air-cooled boxer unit. He still didn't win races, so the following winter he shoe-horned in a Chevrolet 'Corvair' sixcylinder air-cooled boxer engine, but still didn't win any

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 35

races! A very interesting article from Allan Johnson, nonetheless. There were many pages devoted to the Model H Triumph - one of those from Roger Fogg (‘around the scrap-heap of a First World War workshop') advised us that the Gallipoli campaign in the First World War ended in 1815, which year was that of the Battle of Waterloo. The comments made by David Frank about the Model H Triumph exposed a great deal of interesting political history. Then there was the wonderful story of going round Britain on a BSA Bantam (starting on page 78). As everyone knows, the Bantam was a reversed-drawing copy of the pre-war DKW. Just as the BSA post-war produced Sunbeam S7 and S8 were packed with details cribbed from a pre-war BMW design. Royal Enfield also produced very good copies of the DKW two-strokes - I think all their post-war two-strokes were all DKW based until the Villers twin 250cc model. I'm reminded of these German designs after reading David Frank's exposure of the German ownership of companies active in the UK during the First World War. The "Road Safety Assets" presented by Dave Blanchard all seemed to be aimed at car-drivers rather than OUR (motor cycling) safety, but of course, if car drivers behaved themselves it would make OUR safety better. I'm sure the VMCC could easily afford to sponsor someone wanting a subject for a Ph.D. on 'safety on the road' by concentrating on road traffic accidents involving motor cyclists and other vehicles, and cyclists and other traffic, studying injuries and deaths of riders wearing white or hi-visibility helmets compared to those wearing black, and even matt-black helmets. I'm surprised that the much talked about 'Health and Safety' lobby has not outlawed black helmets already. And I can't see the EU doing anything about this, so when it comes to your referendum... And one comment about the 'look' of the Vintage Motor Cycle. I do wish that paragraphs were provided with indented first lines, which would make it clear when a new paragraph was starting. Looking down the left-hand margin makes me feel that this indeed is going to be heavy going... I'm not asking for a half-line separating paragraphs, as that would use up limited space, which is no doubt what I'm doing now! David Bullivant, Finland

To bodge or not to bodge?

Aye, that was verily the question that confronted me, complete with plenty of notional slings and arrows etc., when the (very internal) gear-pedal return spring in my small Guzzi vee-twin broke on the eve of this year's Saundersfoot celebrations. The immediate answer was yes, because there was no

36 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

realistic alternative. A bodge that employed a heavy rubber-band (of the type used to connect tents to their pegs) and a bit of coat hanger wire (aah! The Bodger's Boon!) provided a better-than-nothing solution, though not much better…a Proto Bodge, if you will. Research into the situation after the Saundersfoot series of events (all of them rather splendid, by the way) seemed to indicate that my entire machine had been assembled with this return spring as its foundation stone/coremember/fundamental component. Are you following me? To replace the spring with a new one (worth 50P but costing £8, incidentally) was going to involve the complete stripping and then the total reassembly of the whole issue, just to sandwich the three-minute insertion of the new bit. Seldom in the field of human bodging was there a stronger motivation to devise an alternative solution…a Definitive Bodge, no less. • Can do? (Sort of). • Was done! (Sort of). • Here’s how: (Sort of). Disregarding the Proto Bodge above, the Mark I effort used a pair of tension springs set end-to-end, strung between the LH Inlet Elbow and the Lower Frame Member, and meeting each other inside a short tube that was attached to the end of the gear-pedal, with guess what? A piece of coat hanger wire! Performance: The essential central location of the pedal was not positive enough. Mark II employed a fairly hefty spring, running horizontally from the front of the gear-pedal to a forward anchorage.

Coat hanger wire? I'm sure there was some of it in there somewhere. Performance: The action was far too heavy, in both directions, for comfortable gear changing. Mark III was set to address the shortcomings of Marks I and II, but (a) it developed into something altogether too elaborate (see illustration, facing page), (b) its action was still on the heavy side, and (c) it didn't qualify for the appellation bodge because it used no coat hanger wire at all. However, it will do until the Dark Months set in, and I'll have the time to tear it all apart. In the light of the foregoing, I hope you will understand my reticence to sign off with my real name, and will excuse me hiding behind the nom-de-bodge... Total Bun-up

Bodge of the month?

Have you ever had a throttle-cable break? I can imagine in the present era of electronics and black boxes that modern motor cycle throttles are operated with fly-bywire systems, but there was a time when they were worked by actual Bowden Cables, and that they actually sometimes broke. Usually it was the inner cable that failed, near the twist grip end, where the cable had to do most of its bending. What to do in this happenstance, if one wasn't kitted out with a spare cable, and one's mobile phone battery was too flat to call for assistance from Footie James or similar? Chances were that a bit of the inner cable would remain protruding from the outer. Instruction 1: Loosen the handlebar-clamping screws of the twist grip. Instruction 2: Insert the inner-cable end between the halves of the clamp. Instruction 3: Retighten the screws. The throttle can now be operated, after a fashion, by pushing on the end of the outer cable. Total Bun-up

A reply to Kim Allen

As the spokesperson of the ad hoc group set up at the request of the Chairman after the 2015 AGM, I feel that the letter from Kim Allen and the Past Presidents raises several very important points. They are certainly correct in their assertion that the governance of the Club will change dramatically, but will it be a change for the better? The case for maintaining the status quo cannot be made from a position of strength based upon Kim’s period in office as Chairman given the previous parlous state of the Club’s finances, the disconnect between Members and the Management Committee, falling membership and the obvious discontent voiced so often via the Journal. It is no coincidence that the appalling losses of the recent years

have been turned round since he stood down. I understand that although the Financial Year 2014/15 will show a loss, the Club is now operating in the black on a month-by-month basis. Even if it was not obvious to Kim’s group, many others agreed that being ‘led by a business-style Board of Directors’ is certainly preferable to the chaotic situation of a Management Committee of more than twenty! The Governance review document which is available on the Club’s website notes that multi-national companies operate with a board of only a few members. They are operating commercially and it is time we did the same. The point regarding ‘Pre-selection’ is not well made by Kim. I understand the demands on Directors who have the shared responsibilities that are required to run the Club and the qualities that this implies. Taking myself as an example of a Member who is passionate about the future of the Club but cannot offer any of the requisite skills as a Director, it is obvious that amateurish enthusiasm is not enough, and whilst I can see that and would therefore not offer myself for the post, if we look historically at previous directors it did not stop them! Kim makes play of the fact that the group helping to prepare the Articles had requested anonymity. The reason for this was quite simple; one of the first Members of the group I approached did not wish to be criticised for offering their advice and assistance to the Club. In order to procure their assistance with forming a composite set of documents that reflected opinion from different Members I offered anonymity. Having done so it was then necessary to apply this to all ten members of the group to prevent guessing games as to whom that individual was. Importantly, Peter Miller, the Director responsible for preparing the new Articles, knows the identity of the persons involved and was prepared to respect their wishes. All the persons concerned in preparing the revised Articles have the experience required to draw up a management structure for the future wellbeing and prosperity of the Club. In regard to the revised role of the Area Reps, Kim does not state the true facts. The proposed Bye-laws recognise that the Area Reps should retain their contact with the Board through having the President plus an elected representative, chosen from amongst their number, attend Board meetings. Furthermore they will be expected to continue attending Board meetings to discuss specific issues, such as the 70th Anniversary. They will also be able to call meetings of all Area Reps to discuss issues of common concern. In the event of a conflict of interest between the Membership or Area Reps and the Board, the Area Reps are to be given special powers to demand a meeting with the Board to resolve matters of concern and, should these not be resolved, to call an EGM. The Area Reps will also form a key role in the proxy

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 37

voting system by representing those Members in their Area who are not able to attend the Club’s General Meetings. Furthermore the proposals recognise that the Area Reps should also maintain their current role of coordinating activities at the Section level and continue to provide a communication link between the membership and headquarters. In short, the current proposals represent an expansion rather than a diminution of the role of the Area Reps. In summary Kim, you had your chance to run the Club and did so in a divisive and profligate manner. It is now time to allow others to pick up the pieces and manage the Club on a sound business basis. Is it too much to ask that they should be allowed to do so without your interference? Jeff Meehan

Excessive attendance?

I read with interest the letter from the former Chairman of the management committee and the four past Presidents in response to Geoff Brazendale's letter in the October Journal. Under the present articles we have 6 elected Directors, 11 Area Reps, the Editor, President, General Manager and Accountant all eligible to attend committee meetings. A ‘full house’ would mean a meeting consisting of no less than 21 people plus, these days, around two ‘observers’! How on earth can effective meetings be held with so many in attendance? As Kim well knows, the legal responsibility for the Club lies only with the six elected Directors. The proposed articles that the six elected Directors alone make the decisions, having taken consideration of the views of the members via their Area Reps makes perfect sense to me. The fact that decision-making to date has been done by up to 21 people didn’t prevent the excesses that took us into the lossmaking position we’ve been in for the past few years. Come to think of it, all the signatories on Kim’s letter were on the management committee when the substantial losses were made... Leaving decision making to the elected directors will hopefully prevent a similar situation from re-occurring. Ian Clarke

Further thoughts

After the flurry of contentious letters and commentary regarding the state of the club, I am pleased with the calmer tone that has now arrived. I wish the current committee the best in their efforts to right the floundering ship. Regarding previous comments, it may be the case that some committee members have had notions of brave new worlds and radical change, but many are simply doing their bit for the club that they have been members of for many years. They then all have to deal with the processes and inevitable compromises of managing a

38 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

large club with a very wide range of membership attitudes, some perhaps incompatible. You certainly can’t please all of the people all of the time. As many have said before, I suspect the majority of the members are like me in that they are glad to belong, enjoy the events they can attend, ignore those of little interest and are grateful for the efforts put in by staff and volunteers. They have perhaps neither the time nor the inclination to become committee members and the appearance of personalised attacks on committee members, staff or volunteers is unnecessary and unlikely to increase the number of good-hearted folk wishing to raise their heads above the parapet. Along with most, I do not whinge about being “excluded” from events of a different era to my bikes. I do think if you wish to change the way the club works you need to get involved but you will be dealing with members of all stripes. “Comic” wind-ups of other members are not really funny if they are working for the club in good faith and in trying circumstances. It’s just cheap sniping from the side-lines. From my position of ignorance I might well agree with some of the decisions made by the club over the years and disagree heartily over others (and hindsight is a wonderful thing) but I do not pretend to any expertise over the inner workings at head office. I would have to attend meetings, go over the annual reports with a fine tooth comb and/or become a committee member to do so. Perhaps I should care more than I do. I don’t need to belong to a club to enjoy motor cycling, but all those I have been or am a member of have proved well worth while, not least because I have made some good friends through them. The rise in value of our old machines and its effect on the movement’s future is a concern. In my mid 20’s my first Brit bike was affordable on a low income. It no longer is. My income has not risen to any great heights and as much as I have frittered it away on racing, I do have a roof over my head and food on the table. I cannot see how many potential young members will be buying old British iron at current prices. There has been a level of inflation in some or even many of them that seems comparable and is certainly related to our current housing market / crisis. A continental friend looking for a nice bike project was astonished at the potential outlay for a bike (and houses) here. “In my day” the vintage / classic market was beginning to boom with many old wrecks being found, dragged out of sheds and rescued, but now 30 years later there is inevitably a limited supply of affordable restorable and a much larger market of tidy restored and useable machines - at a price. Although some have always been well out of the reach of the average club member, an increasing number have also become investments for enthusiasts or just plain investors looking for a profit, to be bought & sold as such. Our recent banking and savings

crisis has encouraged this savings / investment diversification, and some will have profited from it, arguably to our detriment. Now, unless you strike lucky or are happy with an underpowered, unglamorous moped, a Japanese or possibly eastern European bike is probably the only option for those on a tight budget. You can get a very capable old Japanese machine for a reasonable cost but his problem of Japanese spares unavailability is another issue! It seems that we have crested the wave of British or European Vintage motor cycle expansion; the market has changed, the founders are elderly or gone, the 60’s rockers now at retirement age are contemplating the difficulties of kick starting their Gold Stars at 75, and what they will do with the beast when they can no longer get their leg over.. Who can blame them for getting the best price (providing there is a buyer) when many will have lavished hours of time and plenty of money keeping their bikes tip top. The young enthusiast cannot afford and has little connection with these machines of someone else’s youth, other than reading about their glamour in the numerous mags and perhaps promising themselves that one day…. There will always be exceptions; middle-aged riders looking for a taste of old-world motor cycling, the children of enthusiasts, budding mechanics and engineers etc. and those lucky enough to inherit a nice old Sunbeam or such and are prepared to learn the ropes. I could leave my bikes to my nephews but they are only vaguely interested and prefer their nice dry cars. So at some (I hope) distant point in the now not so far distant future the bikes will likely be sold to help fund my old age. I hope there will be buyers and I get a decent price for them because my projected pension is laughable! Regarding the recent comments on the Dremel, I have a cheap DIY superstore version with many tool-bits. It’s been very handy for a number of tricky tasks but I wish I had bought the real thing with proper spares back-up as replacement chucks are unavailable for mine, and Dremel ones don’t fit it. The Pilgrim pump article was excellent. Despite often cropping up in comments or articles they have been an item of mystery to me, never having had a bike with such refined technology... I now feel well educated. Thankyou. Robin Stokes

The Golden Era Run

I was delighted to read the generous reports of the Golden Era Run in October's Journal (pp 48-9). However I must point out that Dennis Cooney was rather more than generous in giving me all the credit for getting it going in the first place. It was very much a team effort between Ian Jennings and me, backed up by several NE Section members. I am very happy with the way the event has remained

popular, showing that there is indeed support for runs tailored towards the needs of the earliest machines. Now, after seven years, the organisation is passing on to a fresh, and yes, younger team which is pledged to continue with the same philosophy. The eighth Golden Era Run is scheduled for Sunday July 24 next year, and all pre-’31 bikes and three wheelers will be welcome. Noel Whittall

The 25-year rule

Good to see Dave Blanchard’s view on the 25-year rule. Since it was introduced, there have been fears of an invasion of ‘modern’ ’bikes. It has never happened. As I pointed out a while ago, 64 out of 100 ’bikes in the Burton Parade were 50 years old or older. The West Kent International is GREAT. The problem of fast ’bikes is solved by the ‘drop-off’ system. You can go as fast as you like, but you will have to stop and signal more often. Chris Harper

The Journal

Congratulations on the new look journal. You’ve brightened our reading up. The contents are always first class and I always look forward to receiving it in ’Ull. John Taylor


Reading John’s book brought back a lot of memories for me. I passed my test at Canterbury on my New Imperial, 500cc hand change, 1937 motorcycle bought for £32, I was £7 short and had to chop up fire wood in bundles to pay my father back to sell in the family shop. I became interested in road racing and used to do the 54 miles to Brands Hatch from Folkestone and watch the races, your 250cc NSU and 350 and 500cc Nortons were dominant in most of the races we watched. The New Imp had to go and I bought a 500cc Triumph from local dealer Jock Hitchcock which had come out of the back door from the Triumph race shop. Jack Keel rode for Jock, and the bike went round corners like a camel, that’s why Jock sold it to me, a greenhorn racer to be. Now I had to get to Brand’s Hatch so I bought a 1933 Austin 7, made a trailer and used the three nuts that held the spare wheel at the back of the body, and made a bracket and put in a bolt, no ball joint here. Wednesday was practice day and for 10 bob (50p) had use of the track all day. My first race was in August 1956, the rev counter packed up and I didn’t want to exceed my rev limit of 7,800 rpm, so finished mid field. I also raced at Crystal Palace, and had a 6th place, then Brand’s again at Easter 1957 finishing 4th. My best result at Brand’s was 4th from a start at 14th, it had twin 10TT 9 carbs and it wasn’t a good starter. Jack Keel rode the bike for Jock Hitchcock, and they had the same trouble. I worked my way up to 3rd, didn’t look behind

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 39

and Derek Minter piped me by half a wheel to 4th place. Tom Arter had supplied the G45 bike Derek used, and Tom promised me a ride on the G45 at the Brand’s meeting in September. I entered the 27th July meeting and was lying mid field when coming out of Clearways on the straight, the frame broke and threw me off the bike. I was taken to West Hill Hospital in Dartford with a fractured pelvis, broken leg, pleurisy, pneumonia and broken ribs. After four months I came home and in our garage was a wreck of a motorcycle which I rebuilt as a moto cross, grass track bike with parts from Hitchcock’s and have cups when what I needed was cash to fund my bikes. I was doing a deal with Wincheap Carpets of Canterbury to buy Derek Minter’s (old) 500cc Manx Norton of 1956, which was now out of my budget. My parents were against all forms of motor cycles because I have one eye, (I lost the sight at five years old) so gave no help with any cash. I had contacted Charlie Laws of the Bermondsey motor cycle club to join the club and help me to find a job locally in South London, and somewhere to live, now on hold. In 1959 and 1960, I rode a 250cc Norman Sports twin with a mate who worked at the factory at the 500 mile endurance race at Thruxton and was just beaten to second place for the 250 class by an Italian Aeromachie sports bike. In 1960 we were taken out by Dave Degans with Sammy Miller as co-driver on the Ariel leader. It’s been a pleasure to bring some of my exploits back from my memory bank. I am now 79 years old and had an

accident in July 2011 when a caravan driver cut a corner and nearly killed me, saved by the Kent Air ambulance and the Royal London Hospital. John Punnett

With apologies to Masefield

Our article about Dispatch riders reminded me of Corporal S.G. Watts’ poem, written in Italy in 1943. Messengers (with apologies to John Masefield) Mercury of winged feet, from starlight heaven, Gliding down to earth past the mountains of the moon, With a satchel of star-dust, Sybil songs, Odysseys, Rainbows, moonbeams, and an Empire’s doom.

Courier of Richelieu, from sleeping Paris, Galloping to Toulon down deserted poplar isles, With a packet of dossiers, death warrants, love sonnets, Billets-doux, flatteries, and poison phials. Weary British Don-R with dust-stained motor-bike, Jolting over pot-holes in the heat of the day, With a panniers of documents, messages, acquittance rolls, Indents, orders and remittances of pay.” Mr B Scholes

The Tailwind

Thanks for all the effort you put into the magazine, and thank you for including my ‘Tailwind’ cyclemotor in the September edition. Mine was actually made by John Latta’s friend Reginald Bury and was originally registered as a ‘Bury’ in 1949. For a mere 29 cc it goes quite well, but it feels rather frenetic at high revs! I actually found the engine (minus ancillaries) at the Founder’s Day autojumble a few years ago, skulking under a table in a plastic washing-up bowl. I was very interested to see the photograph of the Dreadnought in this last issue. Any chance of more pictures and a brief write-up? Also, could I ask that those members who very kindly contribute photographs try to capture the machine rather than the rider in order to spare the sensibilities of those of a nervous disposition? Derek Langdon

Re: Microns

Jeff Waller’s enquiry reminded me that in the 1960’s the engineering firm I worked for started to use this measurement. It was required for power steering components that we were experimenting with at the time, but our own engineers had grave misgivings that work to accuracy such as this could ever be achieved with the antiquated machinery that we had at that time. However, a tie-up was instigated with a company called ‘Adwest’ and a prototype power-assisted steering was installed into a Triumph 2000. This car was then

40 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

subjected to a rigorous test programme where we took it in turns after work to get in as many miles as possible as a proving exercise. One chap even went from Hertfordshire to Dorset for a fishing trip and then back home all in the same evening with the firm picking up the tab! I once parked up next to another Triumph 2000, started the engine and spun the steering wheel from one lock to the other and then enquired “Doesn’t yours do that?” We were given a special spanner so that if the system failed in any way you could drain out the fluid and revert to manual steering, but generally, all went well and it was soon to be put into production. Hard to remember the old system nowadays, when power steering is the norm, but I am still mindful of the several tons of loading that is still put on to the components when the steering is used with the vehicle stationary. Arthur Pentney

Articles in the magazine

As someone who, over many years, has sent and had on a number of occasions reports and articles printed. Even reports of other clubs events. The Italian Ariel Owners Club. The French AJS and Matchless Club. The Irish Veteran and Vintage Motorcycle Club. Yes! and the Sunbeam Club. Many VMCC members are also members

of other clubs and enjoying reading reports about them, because they just like old motor cycles. Why should we be denied the opportunity to read what other members get up to throughout the year? Do we stop reporting on events that some members are fortunate to take part in, in other parts of the Globe, also Europe? The Sunbeam Club Pioneer Run, how could you not include your excellent annual report of this fine event? The Wold’s Run From East Kirkby, Lincolnshire. A non-club event in which many VMCC members take part in raises much-needed funds for charity, also good publicity for motor cyclist of old machines or new. The many county and village show that members attend creating a special interest for the public, again good publicity. I could go on. If the events and motor cycles are within the VMCC rules, I will continue to send the Editor my spiel. As the Editor said, get your pen out and let us all know what you get up to with your steed. But please let the Editor give us the variety that we can read about in this excellent journal of ours. A word about the quality and contents of the journal: in my humble opinion over the years it has gone from strength to strength. The quality of the photographs and print are of excellent quality. Thank you David for your expertise, I and many others will continue to look forward to our journal arriving monthly. Dennis Cooney

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 41

A VMCC Training Day Gift Voucher makes an ideal Christmas present. The perfect Vintage Motorcycle experience. 42 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

Happenings Baydale Run

We had 14 entrants for this year’s Baydale Run, which started from Middleton St. George cricket club on a fine sunny day – planned, of course. After the first questions were asked and attempts at answers were given the band of riders departed for the morning stop, some 27 miles away, at Tweddle Animal Farm near Hartlepool, for more questions, refreshments in the cafe and a look around the farm and its population of very friendly animals – including an alpaca. After a break of about an hour we were back on the road to the lunch stop at Castle Eden by Results way of Durham for a very good Sunday lunch. Post 1960: Les Dawson, 1971 Triumph Questions on arrival and departure from the Post-war: Michael Laidl er, 1956 BSA A family group: John lunch stop would now determine the awards Vintage: Martin Peacock, 1922 AJS Robinson, 1913 BSA, for this event and award points towards the 1st Overall: Brian Smith, 1926 AJS Alex Robinson, 1975 Northern Road Run Championship (the GEM 2nd Overall: Kelvin McN ish, 1959 BMW Honda and Charlie Trophy). 3rd Overall: John Robinson, 1913 BSA and Frankie Robinson. After lunch, our route through the lanes of County Durham took us to the refreshment stop at The Talbot at Bishopton where the results were announced Honda CB125 – not bad as previously she has only done (see panel, right) a CBT on a scooter and only 20 miles on this ‘bike with Congratulations to all the winners and to all who have clutch and gears! Also getting seven marks out of the 15 taken part, thanks to my mam Kath and Aunt Maureen on the questions! She must have been paying attention all for asking all the questions and a special mention for my these years after all? wife, Alex, riding in her first VMCC event on her 1975 John Robinson Ted Draper, one of our section members, brandishes his first prize award received for his 1924 Model D 800cc V-twin A.J.S. at the Copdock Show. Neville Heath

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 43

Busy on the Bamburgh Run On a cold winter’s day Mike Coxon and I met up in a cosy Northumbrian teashop to develop Mike’s idea for a special run for older machines through the local countryside organised by the Reivers Section. Whether it was the effects of the patisserie or Mike’s enthusiasm, I’m not sure, but such an event sounded like a jolly good idea. There are some splendid lanes along the Northumbrian coast – generally level and quiet with some attractive scenery to see along the way. So we emerged into the cold winter air, with a new event to organise. Plenty of head scratching and discussion over the next few weeks led us to choose Bamburgh Castle as a start and finish point. This is a massive edifice, dominating the seaside village of Bamburgh, with an inner courtyard where the bikes could be displayed to good effect. A route was chosen and a programme created. Loads of other items had to be addressed. Advertising, number cards, cakes, gazebo, tables and breakdown van – the list grew ever larger! Finally Sunday 14th June dawned and we were running. 32 machines were entered, with riders choosing an 80 mile route or a 60 mile route. A lunch stop at the Fishing Boat Inn at Boulmer

Right: This depicts the scene at the start of the run, with the machines on display inside Bamburgh Castle, located on the dunes, high above the North Sea. Above: The quality testing to which the refreshments are subjected prior to the event. 44 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

featured in both routes and provided a comfortable venue where much nattering took place. By mid-afternoon everyone had returned to Bamburgh – no breakdowns (but one puncture repair) en-route. The 2016 event takes place on Sunday June 12th. Whilst we cannot guarantee wonderful summer weather, we can assure participants of a cheerful atmosphere with plenty of tea and cake at the start and a generous lunch stop! The routes are pretty too! Simon Hadden

Main picture: Noel Whittall on his Triumph in Bamburgh Village. Inset: Mike Coxon (middle) and Bob Rodgers checking in the participants whilst Sylvia Coxon ensures a good supply of tea and coffee is to hand.

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 45

Sammy Miller Museum Trust Bashley Cross Roads, New Milton Hampshire BH25 5SZ

Phone 01425620777/ 01425 616644 Email


Unfinished projects and rare motor cyles any condition for cash Also restoration undertaken at affordable prices

Come to Ireland in 2016 20th IVVMCC Slievenamon Pre-1931 Rally

12th. to 15th. May in Ireland's beautiful County Kilkenny.  Half price entry for newcomers  Timed and informal runs  Dinner and social events  A warm Irish welcome For entry form and details: Ph. Sean Whyte at +3531-8313371 or email

46 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 47

Celebrating 100 years of the Triumph Model H

Above: Frank Bayman’s 1922 machine, SV 4224, heads the line-up

Right: A nice photograph of Peter Fogg’s 1923 machine, SV 8486

Left: Warren Law, of Southport, aboard his 1923 ‘H’

Below: The ‘H’ ridden by Don Higham of Walsall was produced in 1919

48 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

Above left: Ron Stenhouse of Leicestershire stands beside his 1920 model

Above right: DU 8204, in the hands of Tim Walker of Huddersfield, is a 1915 model Below: SV 4286, ridden by Ian Johnson of Southminster, is a 1919 machine

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 49

DeMob runners with the 1939 Brough Superior of Mark Aitken and the 1914 Model 7 James of Alastair Alexander. More pictures overleaf.

50 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 51

Mixed weather on the DeMob run This picture: Maurice Clark on a 1947 Mk2 KSS

Below: 77: Bob Swan, 1938 Speed Twin 78: Jimmy Steel, 1922 Sunbeam ‘Touring’ 91: Bill Dunlop, 1931 Velocette 92: Bill Craig, 1937 Sunbeam ‘light solo’ Below right: Alastair Andrews, 1914 James

52 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

Main picture: Malcolm Kervell’s 1939 MAC

Above, from left: The instrumentation of Bob Swan’s 1938 ‘Speed Twin’ and two views of Mark Aitken’s 1939 Brough

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 53

Main picture: Dave and Stella Spencer aboard their 1935 Triumph 5/5, followed by Denny Chappell on his 1943 Triumph 3HW and with Gordon Johnson’s 1950 ‘Star Twin’ in hot pursuit.

Above: An anonymous Norton Dominator, Dave and Stella Spencer’s 1935 Triumph, Denny Chappell’s 1943 model and (left) Raymond Albeson’s 1932 Rudge ‘Special’

54 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

Main picture: Was 1932 the only year of the ‘purple’ tank panel? This is John Shaw’s 1932 AJS ‘T7’

Below, from left: At the finish, Bill Craig’s 1937 Sunbeam, and the engine room of Mark Aitken’s 1939 Brough

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 55

Bonhams at Stafford

You got two opportunities to terrify your bank manager at this year’s Autumn Show at Stafford. Saturday saw the dispersal of some 60 machines from the collection of the late Tiberio Lonati – a collection of well presented American machines from 1905 to 1984 – and everything in between. As one would expect, the majority of the machines were either Indian or Harley-Davidson, but the rarer and somewhat iconic American manufacturers were also represented. Bonhams are quite accurate with their assessments of sale prices, but every so often a ferocious bidding war will result in some thought-provoking results. The day’s star performer was the 1930 Indian Model 402 ‘Four’ with left-hand sidecar (see facing page). This beautifully presented outfit needed £96,700 to give it a new home. But the bidders’ blood was already up as a 1905 Indian ‘Camelback’ comfortably exceeded its estimate to fall for £40, 250. In fact, the day seemed to be turning into an Indian benefit with a 1914 “Big Twin” making £46,000 (Note: this machine came with an ASI certificate which would make it relatively straightforward to secure a Pioneer Certificate...) A 1915 4hp ‘single’ selling for £17,250 and another 1915 machine – a 682cc “Little Twin” which went down for £23, 000, followed by a 1919 ‘Powerplus ‘ at £24,150. These were all part of the Demon Barber’s warm-up act before the rather oddlooking 1910 Pierce 688cc ‘Four’ which came in at £63,100 – comfortably within the estimated price range. To conclude the afternoon’s entertainment, the penultimate lot was a 1953 Moto Guzzi ‘Motoleggera’ which demonstrated the continuing interest in these tiny beasties by selling well above estimate for £5,175. A good afternoon’s sport.

The catalogue for the Sunday sale gave the lie to those who keep saying that there are no more historic motor cycles to be found. Sadly, as more and more enthusiasts join The Great Majority, collections of machines are still coming under the auctioneer’s gavel to give us the opportunity to bring some remarkable machines back to life – and empty our wallets at the same time. Whilst there was a wide variety of machinery to drool over, the day turned into a sort of Brough frenzy – but there were other gems to take your fancy. At the other end of the scale, Bantams and Tiger Cubs continue to attract the buyers, but the demand for LE Velocettes seemed to be completely sated as none of the examples on offer tore up any trees (or bushes, for that matter...). A mature 1952 Speed Twin comfortably exceeded the estimate by selling for £5,577.50, but a well presented 1964 Villiers engine Royal Enfield ‘Turbo Twin’ seemed like a bargain at £2,242.50. For those of you possessed with vivid imaginations and endless optimism the mortal remains of a 1925 model ‘P’ Triumph at £402.50, a 1921 4hp Douglas at £1,667.50 or a slightly less daunting 1924 211cc Levis at £240 were just the ticket. But we must move on. An unusual 1964 87cc Honda attracted a winning bid of £1,207.50, but bidders were reluctant to prise open their wallets for a 1980 400cc Honda “Hondamatic” once the property of the late Brian Thompson. A respectable-looking machine, it was hammered for £747.50. A fully restored Kawasaki ‘Mach 111’ found a new home for £9,200 and there was keen interest in the 1967 Honda P60 Moped – being sold by James May - the proud (?) new owner having to part with £1,495 to take it home. But the bidders were just biding their time... the first real highlight of the day was the 1971 1,177 cc Munch “Mammoth” which gave the Demon Barber the first real opportunity to exercise his skills. A hush descended on the room as a contest developed between bidders – masterly orchestrated by the auctioneer – to a winning bid of £85,500, which was acknowledged by a round of applause from the hall. This was followed by the 2011 ‘Eva Track’ diesel. Somebody loved This ‘hedge-find’ 1938 Vincent HRD Series A Comet sold for £32,200 it as it needed £9,200 to take

56 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

The 1930 Indian Model 402 combination that sold for £96,700

home what is believed to be the only example in the country. At the other end of the scale of things a 1950 125cc Moto Rumi “Turisimo” sold for £10,350 but a 1960 Rumi “Gentleman” made but £6,670. These were bright spots among the small capacity Italian machines which still hang on the market. A very well-looked after Norton F1 ‘Rotary’ sold for £20,700, and a very tidy hi-spec 1960 Venom made £9,430 with the 1938 supercharged DKW racer coming in at the top of the estimate at £50,600 – an ideal mount for that Boxing Day Run. The next lot was a real piece of history. A nicely rotted down 1932 350cc Rudge which had been ridden into third place in the TT of that year by H.G. Tyrell-Smith. £70,940 was needed to give this piece of motor cycle racing history a new home. This seemed be the stimulus that the audience needed, and the next lot, the 1937 Olympia Show SS100 – complete, but well-used – went for £208,700 and the 1938 Series A ‘Rapide’ made £126,940. For the writer, one of the stars of the day was the ‘hedgefind: a 1938 Series ‘A’ Comet. Very original indeed, having been in a hedge bottom for forty years, this challenging but worthwhile project was fought over to £32,200. Matchess ‘Silver Hawks’ seem to be coming out of the woodwork these days and a complete but mature example sold for £29,900 and a comprehensive kit for the really dedicated enthusiast sold for £16,100. The true worth of Coventry Eagles is now appreciated as the 1925 “Flying Eight” was bid up to £61,970 and the 1931 “Flying 500” made £8,625 - maybe someone bought the pair?

But it was the Gary Ross collection of Brough detritus that everyone (?) was waiting for. Three comprehensively dismantled machines: a 1926 SS100, a 1927 SS100 “Alpine Grand Sport” and a 1931 680 “Black Alpine” made £236,700, £259,100 and £55,200 respectively. The collections of spares also generated a lot of interest with an impressive collection of dead and dying pilgrim pumps needing £2,750 to take them home. New homes were also found for the various Vee-twin engines from the same collection. The next lot to significantly exceed estimates was the two vole-power 1903 Avondale of 239cc. Quoted as the only survivor of the two that were made (and that should tell you something...), the new owner had to part with £18,975 to take it home. Vee-twins do sell well... the 1930 1,096 cc Zenith-JAP was comfortably above estimate to go for £32,775, the delightful ‘oily rag’ condition 1925 6-80 Zenith made £32,200 and a massive-looking and mature 1934 11-50 Brough attracted a winning bid of £93,340. A 1949 BSA B31 looked like a good buy at £2,875 as did a 1953 Model 7 Norton at £4,830. Slowly but surely ‘classic’ BMWs begin to find favour as exemplified by the unmolested and original 1973 R60/5 which sold for £3,680. It is not often that an Excelsior ‘Talisman Twin’ comes before us. The bidders thought so too, and the 1953 example sold for a respectable £4,140. To conclude, for the writer, one of the stars of the day was the 1935 BSA ‘Blue Star’ combination. Unrestored, but with a rich patina, all that was needed was a careful clean and recommissioning and off you go. A real gem for £9,200. An entertaining and educational weekend.

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Dutch Rallies 2015

Following our usual format we arrived at Hengelo Friday 28th August in time for the evening get together, the sun shone; forecast good and all was well with the world. As this was the 50th anniversary of the International Hengelo rally an above average number of entries were expected and in fact nearly 200 started on Saturday. Most entries were Dutch of course but a fair number of Germans, Swiss and Brits were present. The English were in the main represented by the Brough Superior Club who, with their continental counterparts totalled I believe some 17 machines. As most rallies on the continent are timed starting is precise (as are the check points). The route changes from year to year but always seems to combine forest, farmland and pretty villages. The lunch stop on Saturday and Sunday was back at the Hamove clubhouse where adequate supplies of food and drink were provided. Total route was some 100km. Saturday evening is for prize giving, more food and a few speeches. One of the highlights was a Dutchman in full Scottish regalia who arrived on stage driving a Douglas combination and who then proceeded to play the pipes, an excellent performance.

Sunday was basically a repeat of Saturday with a different route and finished in the village square, all this was organised by Robert Kreunen and his team, an excellent effort by all concerned. The following Friday saw us in Goredijk for a somewhat smaller affair on Saturday which took us through the sparsely populated agricultural area of Friesland, again a route of about 100km and well worth the ride. No prizes for the winners, just the satisfaction. Sunday is taken up with another event about 20km away at a village called Boijl, same format, both started and finished at the village hall with food and drink available. For all the events the organisation is faultless, camaraderie great, an interesting selection of machines to drool over, altogether a very pleasant trip. A word of warning to pot collectors, because of the prevalence of timed rallies on the continent they are all experts. You go for the enjoyment of the event. As the VMCC has no overseas rep at present I have arranged to receive the Dutch VMC magazine and will publicize anything I see that may be of interest until an overseas rep. is appointed. Vic Blake

The Scottish Early Motor Cycle Event

Alastair Alexander, left, aboard the Club’s Karslake Dreadnought, crosses the 1777 bridge at the eastern end of Loch Venacher. It must be a long time since this machine was north of Hadrian’s Wall – possibly on a London-Edinburgh or End to End – ridden by Oily himself, or his great friend and associate George Brough? Does anyone know? The event was also the ‘running order’ debut of the excellent ’05 Peugeot of joint event organiser John Macmillan, who had every reason to be proud on the day.

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Ian Fox rode his 1953 Model 100 Panther from Reading, avoiding the motorways. That Vincent is lurking in the background. Inset: Andrew Burt receives his P45 from Federation Chairman David Whale.


Representatives of more than 90 member clubs journeyed to the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club headquarters on a brisk autumnal Saturday morning for the Federation’s AGM and annual conference. After the usual business of an AGM, Chairman David Whale announced the launch of a new survey into just how influential Britain’s historic vehicle movement is. The last time such an undertaking was carried out some four years ago, it was revealed that activities contributed £4.3 BILLION annually to the national economy. Statistics like this are essential when presenting our case to Government. Trade and Skills director Karl Carter confirmed that the new intake of apprentices into Banbury and Bicester Colleges - in addition to the first 11 students who have now started their second year – means that there are now more than 60 youngsters learning the skills which will be needed to plug the gaps in the nation’s classic restoration industry. The new intake will also take advantage of the additional training facilities at North London Garages and Rolls-Royce specialist P & A Wood. Karl added that he is still keen for colleges in other parts of the country to take up the course. Legislation Director Bob Owen told the meeting that he was expecting the DfT to consult on the European Roadworthiness Directive which will replace the existing MOT in 2018. There are several options: Exemption for pre-1960 vehicles, a basic roadworthiness test for historic vehicles – which would, at least, go some way to addressing the Federation’s concerns about the growing number of untested vehicles on the UK’s roads, or, the

option which the Federation thinks is the most likely course of action - a rolling exemption for all vehicles registered as historic – currently 1975. There are on-going dialogue with DVLA with the objectives of resolving current problems and areas of uncertainty in vehicle registrations. The Federation is to work with clubs, specialists and the insurance industry to overcome the prohibitively high cost of product liability insurance cover for newly manufactured spares. The Federation is looking at expanding “Drive–it-Day” to become part of an international drive to incorporate this with FIVA’s “World Motoring Heritage Year” in 2016 which is to be a component of FIVA’s Golden Jubilee and the Federation is looking for more help with its ‘Heritage Open Days’ next year. Heritage Director Keith Gibbins is hoping to expand the concept in other areas than just the south of England. On a lighter note, retiring director Andrew Burt was appointed as an honorary Vice-President of the Federation in recognition to his contributions to the movement- not only in the United Kingdom - but to the movement worldwide for almost 40 years.

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Larking about in Lancashire

103 years ago the Blackburn Motor Cycle Club held its first ‘90-mile Road Trial’, a challenging figure-of-eight route that crossed the narrow, steep and winding carttracks of the Lancashire Fells and Yorkshire Dales to the Ribbleshead Viaduct, and back again. The VMCC revived the run in 1972, using almost all the original, though much improved, roads. To celebrate the centenary of the first event, in 2012 the East Lancs section decided to make it a three-day affair based around a campsite in Clitheroe. September 2015 saw our third attempt at it, with returning guests keen for more of our breathtaking scenery, good food and a friendly welcome. Each year we offer guests a new run so this year, for Friday’s day out, we took advantage of an offer by John Abrams of the North West section to attend an open day at the Leyland Commercial Vehicle Museum. John has a regular spot on BBC Radio Lancashire’s afternoon programme and our invitation was to a live outside broadcast. With about seventy motor cycles of all ages, and likewise their owners, there was every opportunity to promote motor cycling to eager listeners. Broadcaster John ‘Gilly’ Gillmore had no shortage of interviewees, and as a reward we all had free entry to the museum. Saturday’s hundred-mile jaunt took us across the narrow and undulating Trough of Bowland, once the packhorse route that four centuries ago took the Pendle Witches to Lancaster for their notorious trial and subsequent execution. We crossed the Bowland Fells in glorious sunshine and descended towards Morecambe Bay for lunch at a small harbour. The afternoon run was more of the same, through the achingly beautiful scenery of the lonesome northern fells and back to Clitheroe. There is

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Simon Wilson halts by the roadside after the magneto sprocket slipped on its taper. He went on to finish and take the trophy for oldest machine in the event. Below: East Lancs secretary Graham Daniels (left) awards Ken Pell (125cc Honda) with his trophy for the smallest machine to complete the 2015 Blackburn Run, whilst chairman Dave Prismall presents the trophy for the oldest machine to Simon Wilson (1926 BSA).

something magical in motor cycling to the sonorous beat of ancient exhaust booming back from stone walls and gullies, with only sheep and skylarks for company. Sunday was the full Blackburn Run, over 95% of the original 1912 route. Receiver of the trophy for oldest machine to complete the course was Simon Wilson with his 1926 BSA (having rectified slipped timing en route) and Ken Pell took the honours for smallest-capacity machine with his 125cc Honda. 2016 sees the two-hundredth anniversary of the completion of the main line of the Leeds-Liverpool canal and we are already planning a route to include highlights of this significant example of industrial history. You are very welcome to join us! David Prismall

Big John at the IWKR

The 31st International West Kent Run is always held over the first weekend in August. The run is on Saturday and the “public day”, when the machines are displayed is on the following day. We were very lucky, with the assistance of Johnny Holder, to get Big John Surtees to attend on the Sunday with some of his motorcycle collection, including the ‘F’ model Norton, a BMW, a Vincent Grey Flash and of course one of Count Agusta’s magnificent Meccanica Verghera machines. A substantial amount of John’s time is now devoted to the Henry Surtees Foundation, a charity set up in memory of his late son, who was killed in a freak racing accident at Brands Hatch. Its aims include providing support for equipment and facilities to assist people with brain or physical injuries. All the proceeds from the IWKR “public day” have been donated to the HSF. Eric Patterson, Mr Kempton Park Autojumble, also brought along one of his mighty Vincent engine Bonneville record machines (below). The capacity crowd were was appreciative, particularly when the machines were started! The Saturday run again went well, thanks to the team led by Ron Wright. In particular, our “routemaster” George Smith who excelled himself – it is no easy task to find different roads and coffee and lunch stops for over 400 people every year. Two

routes are normally planned, a short 70mile and a long 100-mile. For 2015 we reduced the short to 50 miles in an attempt to attract very early machines. In practice this didn’t work, possibly because this is really Pioneer and Banbury territory. Ever since the event was created by Alan Abrahams and Alex Brett, the core entry has always been 50’s and 60’s BSAs and Triumphs. About 20% of the entry comes from overseas, mainly from Holland and France. Of special note this year were visitors from Norway - Tore Kydland, riding a 1960’s 175cc Tempo and from the Czech Republic - Veroslav Havelka on a 1949 125cc CZ. The latter was re-living a visit first made in 1991 when the event was based at Avery Hill in Eltham. For an excellent video of the 2015 event, produced by Edwin Clarke, see the website On-line entry for the 32nd event, which will be held from 4th – 8th August, will be opened on 1st January 2016, be quick it filled up in under two weeks in 2015! Keith Gibbins

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A Tribute to Henry Body

On Sunday 4th October at Westonzoyland Airfield, the National Sprint Association held their quarter-mile twinlane British Championship event. This was the last day of competitive racing for Henry Body on his 1928 Flat tank Douglas. Before racing commenced Henry attended the riders briefing, where he was presented with a special silver cup inscribed: ‘In appreciation of a competitive spirit, and service to the club’. There was a good crowd in attendance to watch the day’s sprinting. In the Vintage Class unlimited, Henry won on the Douglas with a recorded time of 12.31secs (terminal

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speed 104 mph). He also set a new track record in the 250cc Vintage class, on a Jap engine machine with a time of 15.14 secs (terminal speed 83 mph). It was a sad day for us all, Henry now in his eighties announced his retirement from all sporting events. He began his career in the fifties competing in trials, scrambles and grass track racing before he switched to sprinting 30 years ago. A new Auto Cycle Union ruling comes into force next January, in which any competitor in any section of the sport must undergo a medical examination when they reach 69 years of age. This has forced his decision to retire. Henry is a local legend, but will no doubt be still involved with motor cycles in one way or another. Peter Newman

The 2015 Catterick Hill Climb

Although the weather wasn’t on our side, there was a good turnout at the annual Catterick Hill Climb. A full programme of nearly 70 riders on two and three wheeled machines from 1920s to 1972 took part, and some good times were recorded. This event is always well supported and has a good selection of machines, some specially built for hill climbs and sprints. Our thanks go to the organisers and marshals from the Middlesbrough and District Motor Club, and Catterick Camp for allowing the event to take place. Let’s keep the sprint and hill climb scene growing, see you next year! John Mundey

Full results

Class Up to 250cc pre-war Up to 250cc post-war Up to 350cc pre-war Up to 350cc post-war Up to 500cc pre-war Up to 500cc post-war Up to 750cc pre-war Up to 750cc post-war Over 750cc pre-war Over 750cc post-war Three-wheelers Sidecars Road going machines Fastest British two stroke Fastest time of the day

Entrant Time (Secs) Stuart Cains (Velocette) 43.75 Charles Davis (Ducati) 37.37 Keith Riley (Velocette) 41.88 Andrew Heckle (Honda) 40.53 Ken Crawford (Rudge) 45.78 Andrew Fayer (Honda) 37.12 Johan van der Pierre (Sarolea) 45.35 Oliver Presswood (Velocette) 38.50 Ken Crawford (Brough Superior) 52.20 Andy Nicholson (Norton Weslake) 38.29 Sid Ormrod (Berkley) 36.05 Tony Banister (Triumph) 41.53 Dave Hedon (unknown) 43.70 Tony Webb (Greeves) 38.64 Mike Kemp (Norton) 35.82

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Western Region Road Trials Championship 2015

As coordinator for the WRRTC, I declare the overall results for the 2015 season to be: Class First Second Third Veteran Bob Ashwin(48) Duncan Fish(10)* Colin Bentham(10) David Jolley(10) Vintage John Webb(71.5) Andrew MacDonald(31)** Paul Button(31) Post Vintage Reg Eyre(59.5) John Booth(20) Richard Hobart(19) Post War Peter Fielding(50) Nigel Percy(34.5) Dave Hoskins(20.5) Post 1960 Dave Ayesthorpe(48) Les Thomas(25) Glen Moger(18) Post 1975 Michael Davies(52) Linda Challis(36.5) Robert Rendell(32) 3-Wheeler Bill Little(29) Les Thomas(27) Dave Boon(20) Lady Rider Linda Challis(70) Cath Harvey(19) Sally Chorley(17) *entered two events **Same number of events – oldest machine wins The trophies for this championship will be awarded at the Cotswold Dinner and Prize Presentation Dinner on 30th January 2016 at the Brickhampton Golf Club. Please contact Jenny Hart when the event appears in the VMCC Journal. Reg Eyre WRRTC coordinator

Lemmings Autumn Run

The trees are changing colour and it’s time for our autumn classic run. A fine clear day but slightly chilly, so have to get the winter riding gear on. Off to the Yew Tree Inn for our usual meet and chance to sample the pies and we can now purchase a warming cup of coffee. Previous years, the request for coffee brought down the wrath of the landlord on your head. He believed that coffee in a public house was the drink of the devil. The car park was rapidly filling up with our members, and visitors from several neighbouring sections well over 35 bikes were present and after a hour of scoffing, drinking and chatting, it was time to set out on the route to Wetton Mill Café for more of the same. There were any changes in this year’s route, but the Lemmings traditional ‘lane of despair’ was included. Also included was the obligatory error in directions that is there to test the riders’ brain cells. Of course, some failed the

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test. Near the end, was a narrow three-track lane that we had never used before? I’ve been riding around that area for over 60 years without knowing it was there. Despite all these perils, everyone safely arrived at Wetton Mill. There are five roads to get there, and riders were using four of them. Next year I might use the fifth one, but chance getting thrown into the river! The café is a great place to sit outside and dream of future runs to similar places. The next chance is our Hangover Run on New Year’s Day. Twelve noon at Leek market place, and weather permitting we ride to a superb café. Where else but Wetton Mill! See you all next year. Geoff Davis Top picture: Kate and Guy passing through Ilam on the way to Wetton Mill. Left: Gathering at the Yew Tree for the start.

Isle of Wight Scurry

I have just returned from the Isle of Wight Scurry, this is a four-day riding event that takes in some of the Isle of Wight’s attractions and of course the Scurry itself which is held on the Sunday at which there were the President Tim Penn and five past presidents, in order of service they were Ian Young, myself, Betty Barber, Bill Phelps and Vic Blake, the overall numbers were down on previous years possibly due to the event being held in October and not September plus the high ferry cost of getting to the island. The weather was Presidents past and present at this year’s Scurry lunch break. L to R; Ian mixed with the first two days being Young, Vic Blake, Bill Phelps, Tim Penn, Harry Wiles and Bette Barber bathed in sunshine and the second resting on Dave Tomalin’s 1936 SS80 Brough. two being soaked with rain despite the weather everyone seemed to have a good time. For the Scurry Tim and I decided to work the route between us so we did not have to change the route cards over with me leading the first part and Tim the second, this worked for both the morning run to a very nice lunch venue with a superb carvery and the return journey back to camp. In the afternoon I had done my stint and Tim took over, we were going along very nicely until about two miles from the afternoon tea stop when I rounded a bend to see a long skid mark in the road and Tim standing by his bike in a farm gate with the back wheel locked solid. On further investigation it was found that the primary chain had broken and the Tim removing the chain case. Below: Richard Morris climbs Compton Cliff chain had jammed behind the clutch Road on his 1924 Sunbeam Model 7. basket with such force it had bent the gearbox shaft the resulting skid leaving a long black mark on the road that not even the heavy rain we experienced on the Monday and Tuesday could wash away. I would like to thank Ron Wallis, the main organiser of the event, for his hard work but of course an event that size cannot be managed by one man so thanks go to the team that helped Ron also thanks must go to Sue and Clive at the Brightstone Holiday Centre who treated us very well. Harry Wiles

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Tiddler Tootle 2015

Clockwise from above: N Cowan’s 1955 MV; Not quite sure how these ‘big twins’ crept into the Tiddlers’ Tootle...; an LE Velocette ; A group of machines at the start, with G. McClean’s 50cc Yamaha in the foreground; A tidy but anonymous C15

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Main picture: W Malone and his 1925 Velo are ready for the off

Clockwise from above: Velocettes from two eras – an LE and W Malone’s 1925 250 cc two-stroke; more small Velocettes than one would normally see out on the roads; A mild Teutonic flavour with S. Robert’s 250cc BMW and J. Miller’s Messerschmitt lurking in the background; frantic spannering at the start; running repairs to a New Hudson Autocycle

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More from the Scottish Gathering

Main picture: Nial Tosh on his 1927 Rudge with the field in full cry behind him.

Above, from left: Old Father Brazendale, 1926 Sunbeam; 24: Bob Swain, 1928 Sunbeam; 30: Jane Plumb’s, 1930 Ariel; 26: John Shaw, 1929 Panther; George Plumb’s 1930 BSA Sloper; Mick Elstone’s 1925 Royal Enfield; Steve Jenkin on his 1922 Triumph Model H; 22: Andrew Tosh, 1928 Royal Enfield Inset, facing page: Bill Dunlop’s 1920 Wooler – a very rare bird indeed !

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Despatch riders at Gallipoli




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These pictures from Bob McGrath in Australia show (above) despatch riders of the Royal Engineers (Signal Service) at an unknown location in Gallipoli, and (left) a soldier making time for a shave during the same campaign.

RH 91: Transport to three generations

Bought and first registered in January 1930, by my Great Uncle George RH91 is a Francis Barnett Model 4b. He paid £30/0/0, an extra 7/6 for the Lucas King of the Road horn and 8/3 for the road tax for the quarter. Living in Hull the bike proved to be reliable over the next 30 years taking him to and from his allotment, until the gearbox failed and the bike was put in his garden shed to await repair. Sadly he died in 1964 and the shed’s contents were bequeathed to my father Keith, including the bike.

My father joined the VMCC and with the East Yorkshire Section’s support started the next phase of the bike’s life. Helped by Albert Miles (a leading member of the section in the 1960 and 70s) a trip was made to Wolverhampton and a replacement gearbox sourced. RH 91 was then given a new coat of paint and taken to rallies around Yorkshire on a trailer with Mum and the two boys packed into the car. So I spent my summer weekends looking at old motorcycles, mainly flat tanks. Dad was very much the modern end of the club with his ‘just’ vintage saddle tank bike.

As my Father’s interest grew, other motorcycles were acquired – a trio of Marston Sunbeams, a Royal Enfield combination, even a Douglas flat tank from the bottom of a pit, alas the cost of restoration, the demands of family, and competing interests saw them all disposed of “in need of restoration” (I am still wondering where they are), but RH 91 was kept, but it slipped once more into slow decay in the corner of my father’s garage. And so it remained until my family had grown up, the riding of a modern BMW was becoming less fulfilling and, I had the time, money and inclination to take on RH 91. So she was moved westward to allow me to take on the restoration challenge with the encouragement of the Wakefield and West Yorkshire Section of the VMCC in the autumn of 2013. Though complete and the tin ware was in good order the front

suspension was much worn, there was no spark and the tank was full of rust. So the first winter passed with getting RH 91 running again and mechanically sound, by the start of August 2014 I was able to tax and insure it and we were back on the road but leaving a trail of rust as we went but this masked by the obligatory blue smoke screen of an aging two stroke.

Last winter I stripped the bike down into a hundred labelled packets for the levers, spacers and nuts bolts and studs, disassembling the build like a bridge frame down it 24 components most of which are very similar (all carefully measured and the intersection sequences noted down) and removed the tyres from the rims. Refurbishment then progressed. I opted to have the frame parts powder-coated, the tank was professionally painted and lined, most of the levers and brackets were re-chromed, and I had the wheels re-built. The thought of the 85-year old-spokes giving way under braking overcame my desire for originality!

I retained all the original studs and lock nuts that hold the frame together. Rebuilding started in earnest over the Easter weekend, and the bike grew from the engine plates outwards into a complete motor cycle. Since then I have been slowly increasing the speed by removing Great Uncle George homemade choke, which severely restricting the air intake to the carburettor, and learning the ways of RH 91 to keep her running. I really enjoy the second-by-second challenge of riding the bike with the rigid rear end, hand change, lever throttle and no indicator (or brake light). It always puts a smile on my face. So I use the bike to slip to the shops or just enjoy riding it around; pure pleasure – it’s the future!

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The Norman Dixon motor cycle JONATHAN HILL

The first part is a copy of a ‘biography’ of Norman Dixon and the second part is a detailed account of the N.D. J.A.P. Special. ‘Norman Dixon lived in Gateshead, worked in engineering and taught woodwork in Gateshead schools in the 1940’s – 1950’s. After Norman died John Archibald rode it until an accident stopped him riding, it was then sold to a South Durham member. Norman also built model steam traction engines and steam boats. When the High Level Bridge (the railway bridge with the road underneath) in Newcastle was strengthened in the 1920’s it was Norman who cut the threads on the stock rods and made the nuts. The rods are 5” in diameter and about 20 ft. long! I have not had the time to count them, but I should think that there are about 20 rods.

The second part is a photocopy of a ‘Banda’ copy of an article on the motor cycle: The N.D.J.A.P. Special Although this machine contains parts from many wellknown makes, it can hardly be called a ‘Bitza’ as the frame, oil and petrol tanks, carrier and many other parts were made from the raw materials – i.e. steel tubes, lug castings, sheet and bar material with many of the nuts being turned from hexagon bar. About the year 1924 I bought a 1910(?) 8hp. Matchless – just because it was cheap, at £9.00 – and because it had a big twin-cylinder engine, but this was about all it had. After cleaning the dirt away, I could see that it had not been ‘messed about’ much as the nuts and bolts were of good shape, no corners knocked off, so, although the engine was very much worn, it was well worth rebuilding. At the time I was riding a 1912 The bike looked very 3½hp Humber, so I racy, and with copper was in no great hurry to use the pipes, etc, looked more Matchless, but I began to collect as like a fire engine much material as I could get in the way of hubs, spokes, mudguards, footrest hangers, etc. I also obtained two new cylinders, one piston and as many other new parts as I could afford. The machine had a ‘Mabon’ free engine clutch pulley on the engine shaft with direct belt drive to the rear wheel. The frame was very long, with a nice round tank held by plated bands like the N.U.T. The oil tank was formed at the front of the petrol tank, and, as usual with this system,

74 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

it always leaked into the petrol. However, during the winter of 1924 the engine was rebuilt as new, making adjustable tappets, new valves, new copper inlet ‘T’ pipe, new piston rings and gudgeon pins. Although all these parts were readily obtainable, they were made at home on a treadle lathe to save money, or maybe because I didn’t have any. No ball or roller bearings were fitted to the engine, and as the bushes seemed to be in good order, I turned new shafts and crank pin to fit the bushes. New bushes had to be made for the timing gear, and as the engine shaft timing wheel was worn, I made a new one by planing the teeth in the lathe. A tool was ground to fit the unworn part of the pinion and the slide rest of the lathe moved back and forward by a lever. All the steel (?) parts were case-hardened in the fire for about one hour, which produced a case of about 1/64th thick, after which they were polished up with emery cloth. The shafts and pinions are, even now, hardly worn, but the gudgeon pins have been renewed twice, as they are only ½ inch in diameter, rather small for an 85.5 mm piston. The magneto is an early open type Bosch, and seemed to be in good order, so two side plates were fitted to make it look modern. The two exhaust pipes were made to fit into a single silencer, all of polished copper. The old frame, forks and tank were enamelled, but, as I had removed the pedalling gear, some means of starting the engine had to be thought out. The engine has two cam wheels, and the rear wheel revolves in the same direction as the engine. I softened this wheel and turned off the existing 7/16th shafts, bored it out and screwed it 9/16th x 20. This was fitted with a screw-in shaft, which protruded from the timing case as a 5/8” diameter shaft with a cross pin. A starting handle was made to fit this, and it was quite a success. To start the machine it was put on to the rear stand. The exhaust lifter was raised and the engine turned over a few times. The exhaust lifter was then dropped and the engine started. The clutch, which had a trigger stop, was raised and the machine dropped off the stand. With much clutch slipping, you then glided away if you did not stall the engine. One or two attempts to run and bump on proved to be very risky, as the engine is 976 cc and geared about 3½ to 1, and the footrests never seemed to be where you wanted to put your feet down. The rear brake had the usual block on the back of the belt rim and the front was a stirrup rim brake. As the friction of bending the 11/8 deep drive rubber belt around the pulley was enormous, the brakes were hardly needed. The bike looked very racy, and with all the copper pipes etc. looked more like a fire engine. I’m afraid that it was

rather narrow. It was, therefore, sawn in half and a piece of steel tube fitted in to bring it up to fit the rear forks. As one spoke flange had been torn off in a crash, I made another, which also holds the rear driving chain wheel. The whole hub was then brazed and turned up. The chain wheel was made from a BSA clutch drum with the drum cut off, this leaving a very nice 38-tooth 5/8 x 3/8 chain wheel which is bolted to the hub with nine 5/16th bolts. All these various damaged parts were given to me by Mr. L Carmichael of Gateshead, for whom I did much work and he was the agent for BSA. I was once told that it This probably accounts for the wasn’t a tube I wanted, many BSA parts but a solid bar with a used. He also supplied me hole through it with many new parts at ½ off. This included a 18-tooth engine shaft sprocket with a 6face cam shock absorber, also a sliding sleeve for same. Each of these cost 4/4d. The engine shaft sleeve, however, would not fit my shaft, which was a standard JAP fitting. There was nothing else for it but to make one. Many hours of hard treadling of the lathe were spent before the piece of steel – 5” x 21/4 – resembled the job, and it was only a fraction of the weight of the piece of steel I started with. It was, of course, case hardened in the usual way and shows very little wear after all these years. I forgot to mention that the New Hudson hub was without cups and cones, etc. and these are particularly on the hefty side. The axle is ¾” diameter at the centre, 11/16 x 20 at the cones and 5/8” x 20 where it fits the rear forks. The cups are about 2” in diameter, cones about 13/4” and made to take 7/162 (?) balls. These cups and cones were made from nickel steel and case-hardened. They have had to be replaced twice, due to wear and through leaving them all winter with water in the hub. To be continued next month

not very nice to ride – especially on wet roads – so it had a short life, lasting only one season. By this time I had acquired quite a lot towards the new ’bike which I intended to build around the engine. This included a full set of Brampton frame lugs for a heavyweight frame (Rex Acme pattern) as well as various lengths of steel tube of many sizes, also a nice BSA down tube 11/4 diameter x 9 gauge and a rear seat stay stirrup lug. Having much of the material and parts, the machine was drawn down ¼” full size using the new frame and forks, a wedge shaped petrol tank and an oil tank behind the seat tube. A new rear mudguard blade was bought (2/11d) and I had a nice Raleigh one-piece ’guard ready for the front. Having an AJS hub shell with a 5” brake drum, I discarded the belt rim brake and fitted this hub into the rear wheel. All the cups and cones, as well as the brake shoes and outer brake plate, were all made at home. The frame was fitted up and brazed – many of the tubes had to be slightly bent to suit the various lug angles. These tubes are all 12 gauge – except the front down tube. The rear chain stays are 10 gauge, but the seat stays are only 14 gauge on account of the lugs. As I had lost all of my front teeth through the fracture of the steering column on the Humber, I decided to make my new one on the massive side. This is 11/8” diameter by 10 gauge thick, being further thickened at the bottom. At the top a piece of 7/8th solid bar is brazed in, turned with a long taper and finally screwed 9/16th x 20 – like an engine shaft. The handlebar lug was filled up solid and bored out to fit this taper, after which the bend was brazed in. The bars are held down on this taper by a deep nut. They are removed by unscrewing the adjusting nut of the steering column. I must mention that, during my hunt for steel tube, which was always on the thick side, I was once told that “it wasn’t tube I wanted, it was solid bar with a hole through it.” The tanks were made from 6 x DC tin-plate, which is a full 1/32” thick, and, being double coated with tin is a very nice material to work with. All the joints were riveted with tiny 1/16th” tinsmith’s rivets or screwed pegs. Much solder was used on the edges, and the whole filled up smooth for enamelling. No faults have shown up in all these years. They were brush enamelled in black and red, with a narrow white line (Dunelt colours, I think) The ’bike still had the single gear belt drive, but as it was much shorter and lower it was very much better to drive. As it only had 21/4” trail it wasn’t a ‘hands off’ machine, but proved to be very stable – even on wet roads. I obtained a second-hand Sturmey gear box and also a Brampton gear box bracket for same, and the rear part of the machine was re-designed to take these parts. As I had been given a New Hudson front hub with a 7” brake drum, I thought this would make a nice rear hub, but was

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POWER WITHOUT GLORY Racing the Big-Twin Cooper Much anticipated after years of research, this new book by Australian author Terry Wright revisits the early history of the modern racing car. It explores the influences behind the first Coopers, including JAP V-twin recordbreaking motor cycles, hillclimb and sprint specials and dirt track speedway cars. The engine and chassis designs, and the racing and hillclimbing of the early post-war years, are described and illustrated by hundreds of previously unpublished photographs and drawings. Power without Glory is hardbound with a colour jacket, and is printed four-colour on premium paper and distributed in Britain by Lavenham Press. There are 352 pages size 254 x 203mm and 300 colour or duotone racing, car, engine and document images. The mainly unpublished photos have come from some of the very best photographers of the times. See to order. The story starts with John A Prestwich’s motor cycle engine business early in the 20th century and covers the motor cycle world record breaking of the ‘twenties and ‘thirties that made the JAP brand synonymous with power and speed. For motor cycle enthusiasts the book fills in many gaps in the history of JAP racing engines. V-twin engines were widely used for car dirt track and cyclecar racing and speed events in both America and Europe from 1913 onwards. The development of these just before World War 1, and during the inter-war years, is described and comprehensively illustrated. Here can be seen many of the influences which led to the post World War 2 development of the Cooper racing car. The pedigree of the modern racing car is usually considered to have originated with the classic marques of Europe. In this book, the author suggests that the clearest line of descent started before World War 1 with the ‘boy’ racers of California and was developed between the wars by the ‘special’ builders of England. In building their first car in 1946, Charles and John Cooper were strongly influenced by these antecedents. Little did they realize they were embarking on one of motor racing’s greatest design revolutions. When they mated their offspring with engines from JAP and Vincent motor cycles a new breed emerged, and motor racing was

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never to be the same again. Two of Coopers’ first customers were to be amongst Britain’s greatest drivers - the young Stirling Moss and the even younger Peter Collins. Coopers gave them an affordable start when they were barely old enough to have a licence. With the car’s brilliant combination of power and lightness, Moss, Collins and others set out to do battle against the front-engined might of Ferrari, Maserati and others. The big-twin Cooper went on to dominate British hillclimbing during the 1950’s. The 1954 chassis was the prototype of the midengined design which swept Coopers to Formula 1 championship drivers’ and constructors’ wins in 1959 and 1960. Cooper cars played a major part in propelling Britain into a leading position in world motorsport. Reviewing the book for the Hillclimb and Sprint Association’s Speed scene magazine, Jerry Sturman writes of it: “ Entertainingly written and superbly laid out with photographs (many not previously seen), workshop general arrangement drawings, significant documents, cutaway illustrations, programme covers and other memorabilia, the book is a visual treat as well as being a meticulously researched, in-depth survey of the history and development of the motor cycle V-twin engine in motorcar competition.” A BRILLIANT LITTLE BOOK Captain W.H.L Watson’s book “A motor cycle courier in the Great War” is described as “a brilliant little book” ISBN – 978-1-78159-239

BEING THERE From a review by Ian Kerr Four times World Motorcycle Grand Prix Champion Hugh Anderson MBE , like many of his contemporaries, comes from an era where riders let their actions on the track do the talking. In other words, they were modest people who were enjoying their motorcycling for the sake of it, driven not by money, but by ambition as ‘Kiwi’

Hugh details so well in this 372-page autobiography. The recollections in this book are testament to a methodical character who came to prominence in the Golden Age when Japanese and European factories battled for supremacy on the world’s most dangerous circuits – winning four world championships and with two TT wins; not forgetting his subsequent successes in motocross with finishes in the top four in more than 40 European international events. Hugh is still actively engaged in motorcycling despite being in his late seventies – having survived a brain tumour, a broken back, a fractured skull – not to mention shoulders, legs, arms, feet, hand and ribs and being declared dead on a couple of occasions. He explains in his own words the motivation, the heartache and triumphs in an honest and straightforward manner which allows you to grasp what is takes to race and to succeed at the highest levels. Hugh came from humble origins, working on the family farm and later in the local coal mines before becoming Suzuki’s most successful road racer, after moving on through motocross, he enjoyed an equally successful career in classic racing both in New Zealand and in Europe. Nothing is left out, his life is recounted in a readable, matter-of-fact style. It is not a light read but it is a book

that will reward you for taking the time to read it and which will provide inspiration and is worth every penny Available from the VMCC Bookshop Code B263 UK price £27.00

THE SIX-DAY AFFAIR John Bradshaw JRB Publications has made The Six Day Affair by John Bradshaw is now available as an illustrated talk about the 1939 ISDT. The book is a great read and is available from the VMCC (code B253 £13.50) Contact John for more information on 01684 564962 or email (Cost £50 + travelling costs from Malvern + a pint) “As a result of the book’s publication, numerous people since have written to me telling me of how their father or friend took part, so I’ve had lots more info and even more good pictures to add to the talk. Finishing with the NSU promo film (B&W, silent, 20 mins, unpublished) taken at the 1939 event, it makes for an entertaining Club Night.

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And now for something completely different PETER CORNELIUS

For the past four or five years Peter Lynn of Ashburton, New Zealand, has had various Stirling engines of his manufacture running at the annual New Zealand Vintage Car Club Canterbury Branch’s Swapmeet, and this year (9th, 10th, 11th October 2015) he had a motor cycle fitted with such a Stirling Cycle Air Engine. On the Friday members’ day he was riding it around the tracks between the sales stalls of the Branch’s 45-acre grounds. Contrary to his previous engines it was very noisy.

78 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

LSM 12 Stirling cycle air engine PETER LYNN, Ashburthon, New Zealand

Unpressurised 2.5 litre swept volume (215 mm bore X 70 mm piston stroke) Layout: Concentric piston-displacer type (beta) currently 75 degree phase angle. External combustion (LPG, initially a barbeque style ring burner, now double venturi) Heating: Skirted displacer and end cap. Cooling: Concentric aluminium water jacket Regenerator: SS gauze 120mm long by 220mm diameter attached to the cylinder wall. Displacer and piston control by lever rockers from side mounted crank and flywheel. Piston sealing: two conventional 3 mm wide by 3.5 mm deep cast iron piston rings. Best power output achieved so far: approaching 400 watts at 300 rpm. LSM 12 was originally built as an Ericsson (open) cycle engine. These have the advantage of not requiring a cold end heat exchanger (which is more critical than the hot end heat exchanger in Stirling engines by a factor of about 3:1) but the disadvantage of requiring valves with their attendant friction, flow and sealing losses. During the 19th century open cycle air engines were championed by Swedish engineer John Ericsson. In 1853 he developed a four-cylinder 200 KW 4.3 m bore, 1.8 m stroke version for a 2,200 ton ship named “The Ericsson” which was not commercially successful. There has been little or no development of open cycle engines since then. Ericsson went on to design closed (Stirling cycle) engines such as the popular Ericsson pumping engine range and made many other notable contributions to engineering. In open cycle form LSM12 drew a fresh charge of cold air every cycle, exhausting it after heating and expansion, but after a year of trialling and many modifications, LSM12 never once ran, not even nearly. The problem seems to have been inadequate sealing in the valve mechanism and ‘pumping’ losses rather than mechanical friction. In early 2011 LSM12 was converted to closed (Stirling) cycle form – in which a quantity of air is alternately heated and cooled. This required extending the displacer by 130 mm applying crank control to the displacer and adding a cold end heat exchanger. LSM12 then started and ran immediately, so enthusiastically that a Watts-type governor that releases external pressure to prevent overspeeding (threatening damage) was fitted. In November 2011 LSM12 was installed in Piwakawaka which it powered successfully until replaced by the more developed and powerful LSM14 engine in March 2012 LSM12 was then rebuilt to test various displacer and piston guide options and with a venture type burner to match LM14 in output

It was then built into a motor cycle for the 2014 ‘Great Race’ and, on a good day, is so fast that both feet can be lifted completely clear of the ground! Stirling cycle air engines (especially of the unpressurised variety) are not renowned for power output. Most struggle to overcome their own friction. They have had very little influence on the world, except for a brief burst of popularity in the 19th century. This was before the advent of IC engines, and when not requiring a boiler certificate was enough advantage to offset the fundamental handicap of low specific output (by size and cost). But Stirling engines have been fascinating people for the nearly 200 years since Robert Stirling demonstrated his first version in 1816. And many engineers and enthusiasts continue to invest lives and fortunes in their design, development and promotion. Accordingly, as the standard power measurement systems by which engines are compared do not show Stirling engines in an advantageous way, I believe that they should have their own special power scale (with apologies to Watt and a nod to Beaufort). To be called “The Jude Scale” after Saint Jude, the apostle and patron saint of lost causes. Having made 14 or so original Stirling engines since 1969, I’m barely managing ‘Jude 5’ so far and can claim two zeros – one of them just last year… STIRLING ENGINE POWER SCALE Jude 0 No discernible preference for rotational direction Jude 1 Clear rotational direction preference, but not self-sustaining Jude 3 Almost self-sustaining; tantalisingly close to. Jude 4 Occasionally self-sustaining; sometimes stops spontaneously. Jude 5 Mostly self-sustaining: almost never stops spontaneously. Jude 6 Easily self-sustaining, with excess enough to run its cooling fan. Jude 7 Some power; could spin the ‘Lotto’ wheel (for small numbers) Jude 8 Useful power: like from half an unfit person on an exercise machine Jude 9 Really useful output; enough to power a mobility scooter (but not uphill) Jude 10 Lots? (never yet attained by any unpressurised air engine) (Eagle-eyed readers will spot the lack of ‘Jude 2’; Ed.)

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Some motorcyles I have owned LEO YUILL

My story goes back to the good old days when people who rode motorcycles were called motorcyclists and not ‘Bikers. My interest was first aroused by my brother – nine years older – who had been a member of the Halstead & District Club for many years. My first motorcycle was just an engine. As a school boy I used to make a nuisance of myself by hanging around a group of local riders. One of these was Albert Wiffen, and one day he gave me a veteran Rudge engine and told me to bugger off and leave them alone! At the age of fourteen I acquired my first real motorcycle, a 1925 250cc OHV New Imperial. I used to ride this around the High School playing field at the bottom of my garden, until a neighbour would phone the groundsman. I learnt just how many laps I could safely do before he arrived on his bicycle! This was followed by three Francis Barnetts with 172cc super sports Villiers engines, all clapped out, but by fitting the same number plates on all of them I usually managed to have one of them working at any one time. I was of course now 16 years old, with a driving licence. Next a 150cc Unit Minor New Imperial, a first class little bike. Then a 1930 AJS Big Port, on which I almost upended a policeman on point duty in Duke Street in Chelmsford. This was one of those machines built under 224 lbs, so that they came under the lower tax rate. It was a bit of a handful to ride, due to the light weight, which may have accounted for the incident with the policeman, or was it the bald ribbed front tyre? Another bike I remember was a 1937 New Imperial with a 250cc engine number, but a 350cc barrel and head. Since I knew the history of this motor, I feel sure that this was a mistake made during manufacture. This might also explain the fact that the man I bought it from, and the man I sold it to, both suffered broken crankpins. In 1939 I followed my brother into the Chelmsford Auto Club. In a shed on the farm at Hanningfield – owned, I think by George Wright – where the Club used to hold grasstrack races, I found a very rare machine. It was an overhead camshaft ‘Lighthouse’ OK Supreme, built in 1931 with a 250cc engine. This had two large bronze cams, mounted horizontally on top of the vertical cam drive shaft, a racing BTH mag and a four-speed Albion gearbox with a positive stop footchange. It had a huge performance for a 250, so I feel it may have had some sort of a sporting history. It also had a broken con-rod, which had been bronze welded, so it had to go. Then followed a number of 1929–34, 350 camshaft Velo’s. These were the best bikes I have ever owned. One

80 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

Gill Scatcherd writes: This is my late father’s account of the motorcycles in his life. He was Leo Yuill, who had been a member of the Essex section of the VMCC since the Seventies. He wrote this a few years ago, but sadly passed away on Wednesday 30th September this year. 1929 KSS I mutilated to make a trials bike, I should have been horse-whipped, but in those days it was just another motorcycle. Given a rider with the necessary ability, I feel this could have been quite successful, as it was very light and very flexible. About this time I had a 350cc Garden Gate Inter Norton, I think these machines are very over-rated, after the Velo’s, it had poor brakes, was very heavy and had a big gap between first and second gear. In 1946 I traded it in with Taylor Matterson, for one of the first BSA B32 competition models. Being very scarce BSA would only let you have one if you could win some cups with it, and as all I had ever won was a bronze medal and a butter dish, my chances were nil. However, Harold Taylor took a liking to my Norton and said ”I can sell that with no trouble”, so I got my B32. These early B32’s were just tarted up B31’s and had a lot of faults. In order to fix the 21” front wheel, they had to fit a larger front mudguard, as a result under heavy braking, it came up and ----- the front downtube. Another fault concerned the carburettor, in order to miss the magdyno the float chamber was placed far behind the mixing chamber, as a result on a steep climb the motor faded due to weak mixture. Yet another snag concerned the upswept exhaust pipe, which protruded so far out from the oil tank you could only get your foot on the outside inch of the footrest. I copied the works riders by fitting a down swept pipe and kinked the end up. After a time I realised that if I was to be a successful trials rider, I would have done so by then. I did achieve one mention in “Motor Cycling”. In one 5 M centre trial, I came to grief at the feet of two girls, to cover my embarrassment, I asked if anyone else had fallen off there, one of the girls replied “a lot, but you were by far the most spectacular”. In the ‘Green Un’ report it stated, this section caused many failures but (L. YUILL 348BSA) was by far the most spectacular. I think the “Green Un” reporter was on another section and his girlfriend was standing in for him. 1954 saw the birth of my eldest daughter, which necessitated another seat. This was provided by a 1934 4 cylinder FWD BSA three-wheeler. This was great fun, for instance if you opened up hard on a bend, the offside

front wheel would lift and working through the diff would try to rotate backwards. Next a 1934 Riley nine with a pre-selector gearbox, followed by another one and a post-war 2½ litre, all good cars. In the early 1970’s I heard that one of the lecturers at Essex University had a heap of MII KSS Velo spares to get rid of. This man was a great character. A keen Velo fan, he decided to get rid of his KSS models and concentrate on post-war M models. I built up a 1936 Mark II from his heap of bits. This was when I joined the VMCC. These Mark II’s were good bikes with excellent steering a very smooth engine requiring very little maintenance, but they lacked the sparkle of the older ones. I did many VMCC Rallies on this bike, also two Irish Rallies, which I can thoroughly recommend. It served me well until I sold it about two years ago; it is now in Northern Ireland. At about the same time I heard a rumour that a man about a quarter of a mile down the road in the village had an old motorcycle with pedals in his barn. I expected to find an old moped, but it turned out to be a 1911, 500cc Premier single gear with clutch in hub. The owner had completely dismantled it 15 years ago to restore it and then lost interest, and some of the bits. After a lot of hard work I got it back on the road. It was nice to ride, you sail along with just the plop-plop-plop of the engine and the swish of the belt, sheer bliss until you need to stop! I used it in many veteran runs but only two Pioneer Runs, the traffic when you got to Brighton frightened me witless. In the end, on one of the Kings Lynn runs I found myself approaching a T junction, down a steep hill, it was clear to me that I would be unable to stop, so I rode it into the hedge. I decided that I was to old for this lark so I sold it to Verralls. Where are you now DS 8057? If anyone ever comes across it, please let me know where it is. I also have a 1928 350cc Super Sport BSA, which I use in pre-31 runs, this has a very rough, but free revving engine, due to the very light flywheels. However the acceleration is very lively, aided by the Blue Star foot change, which I have added. I now race around on a LE Velocette with my youngest daughter, Gill, in an orange coat, on another one, in front to show me the way. I also have a 1957 350cc Enfield Bullet, with sidecar to hold it upright when we stop. Looking back through these notes, it occurs to me that you do not have to spend a lot of money to enjoy vintage motorcycling, only a lot of hard work. Most of my bikes arrived as rusty, greasy spare parts in sacks or boxes.

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JOHN BEAGLEY John (above) was born on 18th July 1934 and died suddenly on 26th May 2015. John’s funeral on 15th June was held at St James’ Church, Boroughbridge, the North Yorkshire town John had moved to in recent years from the South. John, an Ariel owner, attended North East Section meetings. and the Section was represented at the funeral. Neil Wyatt (with thanks to Brian Booker for the photo)

EDWARD LEWIS Edward Lewis, pictured below, born 1922, sadly passed away peacefully in Menorca on 23 September, aged 92. He called a halt to a motor car racing hobby after a nasty crash at Crystal Palace in 1964. However, his passion for riding Norton motor cycles continued – he built up a collection of some 20 vintage and postvintage variants. He rode mainly to raise money for cancer charities with runs including a Lands’ End - John O’Groats, a Three Cities run in Birmingham, Cardiff and London, and a rally in Holland. He rode a Castrol Oil invitation event from Johannesburg to Cape Town! Never one to care for support teams, if the bike broke down he would just set to and mend it at the roadside.

82 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

He also raced his Manx Norton at a vintage TT race on the Isle of Man as well as at Silverstone and Donnington. For many years he completed the Banbury Run. Edward, pictured below, retired and moved with Marjorie to Menorca over thirty years ago, where he was soon involved in the Menorca Antique Car Club and Vintage Motor Cycle Club. In a final charity run in 1989 he rode a 1927 Flat Tank Model 18 Norton all the way from Menorca via Barcelona to Birmingham! George Lewis

JOHN QUINCEY Sadly John died on the 20th October after having suffered a stroke earlier this year. John had been a section member from very early on but had not been so active in recent years. He was very involved when the section ran The Banbury Run. His main task being planning the routes. He started his working career at North Bar Garage in Banbury as an apprentice motor cycle mechanic. He then moved to Savilles in Southam Road before starting White Horse Garage in Wroxton and then moving the garage to Banbury in a partnership. When the partnership ended John traded under his own name from Swan Industrial Estate in Banbury until his retirement. John had restored several bikes over the years and was always very particular about getting everything correct spending hours carrying out research before and while work was in progress. He will be sadly missed by family and his many friends and we offer our condolences to them. Geoff Wheeler

MIKE SHERWIN My friend Mike Sherwin died on October 11th after a massive stroke at his home in Gosport the previous day. He had just turned 80 the previous week. Mike had been in poor health for some time, but still rode old motor cycles regularly. He could hardly walk, and needed help in starting, as well as getting on and off. His constant riding companion, Bill Shaw, was always there to help. Mike rode in this year’s Pioneer Run on his early Douglas, and was given an award for having ridden in over 50 Pioneer Runs. He rode for the first time in 1962, for a total of 50. The only ones he missed were the one cancelled by the foot and mouth disease scare, and the one cancelled because of weather. He also took part in all of the Irish Rallies, and was a regular at the Banbury, did 52 Graham Walker Runs, and many other VMCC events. Mike preferred veterans and interesting vintage machines. He amassed an amazing collection of both.

I first met Mike in 1990 when I attended the Irish Rally for the first time. Being from Canada, I was without much experience in the UK, but all that changed thanks to Mike, along with the late Wally McCormack. Over the years we shared a van, and attended rallies together. Mary Jane and I bought a holiday flat in Handcross, and we were over many times for events. Mike always had a bike for me to use – all first class, well-prepared equipment. Mike was a dedicated bachelor, but didn’t always live alone. When I first met him he had a tortoise by the name of Joey, who was about the size of a dinner plate. Joey had been purchased as a tiny pet for a very young Mike at Brighton Beach in 1938. Obviously, Joey was well looked after. He had the run of Mike’s vegetable garden in the summer, and hibernated behind the piano in the winter. Mike said you could tell whether spring would be early or late, depending on when Joey emerged from behind the piano. One sad August evening, Joey wandered outside when a visitor left a door ajar. Joey was attacked by a fox, and succumbed to his injuries. Mike declared war on the local fox population, utilizing amazing guerrilla tactics. The animal rights group exposed him after considerable undercover work. Mike was, to put it mildly, somewhat thrifty. He was not on a dental plan, so rather than pay a dentist; he extracted his own teeth when they needed to come out, with a pair of Maul Grips and a bottle of Famous Grouse to dull the pain. He did not like American beer, so when we met up in California he decided that wine was a suitable alternate. We were in a grocery store, and Mike was looking at the bottles and the alcohol content, and doing calculations. He picked the gallon jug of cheap red that gave the most alcohol per US dollar, without any concern about the year, winery, grapes, or whatever. That became his beverage of choice in North America. Mike was only cheap with himself, but very generous to his friends. Twice when I came over, a taxi driver in Heathrow met me. Mike had pre-paid the cab fare to Gosport, and refused to take any money from me. He didn’t like driving anywhere near London. He also would drive miles out of the way to avoid paying tolls on the bridges. Mike had quite a collection of Zenith Gradua motor cycles – more, I believe, than anyone else. I rode various Graduas of Mike’s on the Brighton Run, the Irish, Anglo Dutch, Grand Tour of Scotland, Graham Walker Run, etc., and was quite taken by them. I remember commenting that I would be interested in maybe getting one if he heard of any. He made no reply. About a year later, I was visiting Mike, and he said he was thinking of selling one of the Graduas. “Which one?” I asked, somewhat surprised, because Mike never sold anything. Mike answered: “The 1914 1000cc JAP twin” (the pick

of the litter, with amazing history documented from 1914). I nervously asked Mike “How much?” and he began to rifle through a drawer full of papers. He extracted a tenyear-old receipt, and said, “That’s what I paid the bloke”. The big Zenith had been totally restored by Mike afterwards, but he refused to take a penny more. He said: “All I ask is that you show those Americans what a real motor cycle can do!” I have had a lot of fun doing that since. I have passed many “hot stuff” early Indians, Harleys, Flying Merkels, and even a Cyclone once on hills. When I’m asked why I spend so much time turning the crank on the Gradua, I say I am just tightening the belt. Most of my US friends don’t quite understand the complication of the variable drive. Obviously, Mike was very generous to his friends. He will be missed – particularly by Bill Shaw, Willy Mansfield, and me. Rest in peace, old friend. The Zenith still has pride of place in my garage, and it can still beat the American twins of its era. Pete Gagan, Past President, Antique Motor Cycle Club of America I first met Mike Sherwin in 1965 when we both took part in the Pioneer Run on Zeniths, he rode a 1911 Single 490cc and I was on my 1913 Twin 996cc. immediately a very strong friendship was formed with him, as he had been an Engineer all his life, with a vast experience. He was apprenticed at Thorneycrofts, and followed this, and to gain exception from National Service, he travelling the World on big Tankers, returning to other forms of engineering when he gave up his life at sea. He could make anything in his workshop on his selection of machines, and all his bikes were runners within a short time of obtaining them. He once asked me to look for a piston for a Vintage 350cc BSA sv, my answer was, “Tell me the truth, what are you going to do with it, you are never going to ride a Side Valve BSA”. He really wanted it for a Dot (Oil cooled) Bradshaw he had found and that the basic dimensions were the same. Two weeks later he had the bike at another Rally, up and running. He told me that on the Saturday afternoon it was pouring with rain, he went out in to his vast workshop, searched and found the right piece of material, and made a new piston. That was Mike, nothing was impossible. Thanks Mike for all the help you gave to me and fellow members in keeping our bikes on the road, you will be missed. Tony Donnithorne Vice President, Surrey and Sussex Section

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In brief

Titch Allen’s darker side...

Dave Mason, who I knew, worked at Paul Taylor's Electrical shop in Kettering. I well remember my father Jim, who made his own television in 1953, sending me to Paul Taylor’s to get a new valve that had blown. “Ten & six, young man”, Dave would say on what seemed to be a fairly regular basis. They digressed into music records in the late 1950’s & early ’60’s, and, a little late in their timing, entered into scooters, (this time a separate shop). Dave must have given it his all; as you can see he did rather well. Did he know of Titch's other interest in two wheels? I have no idea. This must be a rare photo of Titch taken in the world of scooters taken in November 1975, a short trip for him from home in either Nottingham, (Burton Joyce)? or Leics, (Ibstock)? Perhaps Ivan, (Rhodes), can help again on this one? Jeff Waller

What does this fit?

I purchased the tool box shown in this photo which was listed for sale in the last copy of the journal. It was listed as belonging to a 1954 Norton ES2. Having received the box and checked, this is incorrect. Do any members recognise this tool box so that I can correctly list it and sell on. Mike Wharton

Terry Hart

I was reading the October issue of the VMCC magazine when, on page 67, a reader (Mike Barry) asked the question ‘Who was Terry Hart’. Not sure if it is the same Terry Hart, but I remember him as an illustrator on children’s TV back in the late 1950’s. He used to be at the side of the studio and would draw various characters from some of the sketches that were going on, so he was a name that children, if you had a TV. Every 15 or 20 minutes he would show what he had drawn. It was all very amateurish in those days. Hope this helps. Neil R.G.Paterson

Help and advice wanted

My 1961 James Flying Cadet, also known as a FrancisBarnett Plover 86, has broken a rear suspension spring. This is a strange device with a stud built in at each end and the studs appear to have been fitted during the coil winding process. Furthermore, the spring is gently curved, presumably to follow the geometry of the swinging arm as it rises under load. Has anybody met such a situation and managed to overcome it? Paul Whitehead

Binks Carburettor

Bob Nix’s request for advice on the Binks 3-jet carburettor should be available from the VMCC library. Michael Binks (Charles Binks grandson) donated on permanent loan the ‘Binks Archive’ to the library at Allen House. I am sure that a visit by Mr Nix to the library will prove worthwhile. Old Father Brazendale

84 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

In memoriam

This photo is a kneeler made by my wife in 2000 in memory of my father whose bike is pictured. It was a BSA V Twin 996cc from the 1930s. The kneeler is still in use at St Andrew’s Church in Mells. Bryon Axford

A correction

The photograph on the inside of the front cover of the November magazine is incorrectly captioned. The machine is a 1926 Model 2 (347cc) Sunbeam owned by Johnny Johnson but ridden by John Rooney Old Father Brazendale


One ‘For Sale’ and one ‘Exchange or Wanted’ advert free of charge per issue per member. Up to 40 words,including all contact details. Adverts of over 40 words will be charged at the ‘MISCELLANEOUS’ rate of £10.Motor cycles and ThreeWheelers must be over 25 years old. Spares must relate to machines over 25 years old. ITEMS FOR SALE MUST BE PRICED, WORDING SUCH AS ‘OFFERS OVER’, ‘ONO’ AND ‘OFFERS’ WILL NOT BE PRINTED

MISCELLANEOUS A service for members, which allows you to sell any item whatsoever that you believe, may be of interest to other members. These adverts will be charged at £10 each, up to 50 words, including all contact details. N.B.: TO REDUCE COSTS AND ADMINISTRATION, PAYMENT FOR MEMBERS’ ADVERTS MUST ACCOMPANY THE ADVERT. RECEIPTS OR INVOICES WILL NOT BE ISSUED FOR MEMBERS’ ADVERTISEMENTS UNLESS A STAMPED ADDRESSED ENVELOPE IS PROVIDED. TRADE SMALLS & HOLIDAYS These adverts are charged at £12 for up to 50 words or £18 for up to 100 words per insertion and are open to



AJS Big Port, 1928 K6, C/R box all in good order, ready for the Banbury run! £25,000. Grahame Rhodes 01283 734122 mob 07718 160144 (Derby) AUTO Moto type AG73 pre war autocycle, twin port, two stroke, girder forks, rigid frame, two speed hand change, Gillet-Herstal engine type no1 B.M.A, mostly restored but needs finishing, French reg no, no docs £800. Roger Burrows mob 07770 462625 (Worcs) BSA A7 1948 very original, new carburettor, mag, tyres, clutch £4,500, also Cotton Trials 197cc 1961 original condition, stainless rims, new tyres £3,000. David Wolfe 01732 450920 (Kent) BSA Bantam, nice condition, 1965 D7, 175cc, fully overhauled 31,324 miles on the clock, nothing to pay for road fund licence, rear luggage rack, ride and enjoy £1,300. David Hoskin 01689 891345 mob 07799 813523 (Kent) BSA Bantam B175 1971, blue, last and best model with decent brakes & lights, genuine 10,000 miles, full engine rebuild, new bearings & seals, chains, tyre, battery, very tidy and original machine £1,500. Steve Hughes mob 07932 164851 (Lancs.) BSA Gold Flash 1954 Rocket lookalike, good condition, hard to start, would part exchange for pre unit Triumph T110 or Thunderbird or w.h.y with cash adjustment or sell £4,500. Jim Gardiner mob 07913 336854 (Suffolk)

those who operate on a small scale or as a ‘leisure’ trader. Adverts for your ‘main’ business should be placed as a block advertisement at the appropriate rates.

INVOICES WILL STILL BE ISSUED FOR TRADE SMALLS AND HOLIDAYS For copy deadlaines please see page 2. Adverts may be submitted by Post, Fax or E-mail (not by telephone) to: Adverts, VMCC, Allen House, Wetmore Road, Burton upon Trent, Staffs, DE14 1TR, Fax: 01283 510547. e-mail: Please pick a KEY word for the first word of your advert ie: AJS, MZ, handlebars, panniers. Also prefixed by – For Sale (Machines, spares/equipment, clothing/publications), exchange, wanted, trade, holidays – NOT a year or model. This helps us to sort in alphabetical order and put in correct classification. Please quote your membership number and, if HAND WRITTEN, write all adverts clearly.


BSA Shooting Star 1959, green and black, restored a few years ago, still looks good, runs well, small dent in tank, some pitting on rims. 12v negative earth, Beds/Huntingdon border £4,000. Dave Bourne 01234 708249 email (Beds) BSA Spitfire Mk2 not sorned but have green log book, new Amal Carbs original GP's included, original tank plus alloy tank, runs well and in very good condition, Electronic ignition £7,000. Keith Stringer 01827 705506 (Tamworth) BSA W6 1936 (1 of 5 left in the world), very rare with side car chassis £8,000. F. Barnes 01235 847488 (Oxfordshire) BSA 1959 M21 600 sv in great condition, runs and ready to ride away, photos can be sent on request £4,900. Richard Branston-Davis mob 07971 861022 (Bristol) COVENTRY Eagle 1933 J18, restored to high standard, spares include Levis engine with plates, barrels and pistons plus handbooks, good reason for sale - old age! £2,250. Cairns Langlands 01380 849728 email (Wilts) D.M.W. 250cc scrambler, circa 1965 unique opportunity to purchase a rare machine powered by D.M.W's own engine excellent condition £5,000. D.M.W. 197cc trials, Earles forks £2250. D.M.W. 197cc 200p 1956 older restoration needs recommisioning £3,000. Brian Tilke 01237 422554 mobile 07715721065 (Devon) DOUGLAS Dragonfly, 1957, 350cc flat twin, excellent

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 85

condition, 12volt electrics, many new parts £3,600. Ted Draper 01728 668536 (Suffolk) DOUGLAS 4hp, 1923, 600cc model 'B', Banbury eligible (still time to get your entry in), in unrestored oily rag condition, ridden in numerous club runs in the last six years of ownership £7,850. Eric Carpenter 01634 375061 (North Kent) EXCELSIOR 98cc, 1957 ish, no log book, lots of work done, in bits, no rust, painted but not great, £500 in new parts, tyres, tubes, exhaust, clutch, cables, stand missing £850 or trade cash for b40 3ta. Colin Combe mob 07928 421012 (Edinburgh) HARLEY/Aermacchi Sprint H 1965 250cc £3,200. Terrot RGST 1949 500cc £4,200, both four stroke singles in good condition. Neil Rogers 01823 618657 (Taunton) HARLEY-Davidson Duo-Glide 1962, hand shift foot clutch, found in Somalia and restored by me 26 years ago, some mods, all original demounted parts included, reliable powerful practical classic £10,750 firm. Ben Maxted 01545 580008 email (West Wales) HARRIS Matchless 1987, black, 500cc, electric Start, very good condition throughout, everything works, 31,000 miles, of which just 903 miles on brand new engine unit (bills to prove), MOT 10/16, £3,995. Eric Mulraney 01793 644724 (Swindon) HONDA CB400F/Four, 1976, varnish blue, recently refurbished, new wheels with s/s spokes, new tyres, new front/rear mudguards, brand new 4 into 1 exhaust and silencer, new rear coil/shock units and crash bars, mot May 2016 £3,600. John Fee 01628 476231 (Bucks) HONDA CB450 K0 1966, Mot'd, original green logbook, ideal winter project! Spares: coils, points, silencers, rubber air intakes, 32-t rear sprocket £4,750. John Attridge 0161 6436886 (Manchester) HONDA CT90 Trail USA, 1969 K1b, yellow, high/low gears (8 speed), altitude carburettor, upswept exhaust, 3,600 miles from new, many new parts but quite patinated, reg UK 2008, 2,230 miles since, mot March 2016, £1,550. Frank Chapman. 01993 778054 email (Oxford) INDIAN 741B 600CC 1941, in good running order and in regular use, in good condition £12,000. Stephen Newton mob 07890 681823 (Notts) JAMES Captain 1958/59 in very good restored condition £1,850. Bryan Ling 01235 812495 (Oxon) JAMES Colonel, 1955, 225 cc, original, maroon, sorn in 2013 due to ill health £1,800. Paul Treasure 01761 435890 (Bath) JAMES De-lux Villiers 98cc auto cycle 1949, on the road, vgc, Raynal auto cycle, 1939 Villiers 98cc, on the road, both bikes run well £1,250 each or £2,200 the two. P Able 01493 780420 (Norfolk) MATCHLESS G12 650cc 1959 all matching numbers

86 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

with AJS & Matchless owners club dating certificate, 12volt electrics, oil filter fitted. Billy McKnight 01665 830587 (Northumberland) MOTO-GUZZI Falcone (Cabinieri), historic bike, electric start, complete paint/powder, s/s rims & spokes, seat, silencer, crash bars, wiring loom, hand book & a few spares £4,250. Maurice Eley 01623 860071 mob 07989 313311 email (Newark) MZ T125, D Reg, 1986, complete and running with V5C, last used 15 years ago, battery required, also includes B reg model for spares/repair, has V5 but no carb or front wheel £275. P Hampson 01257 791763 (Lancs) NORTON Commando, 1974 850 MkIIa black, 99% of the fittings including exhausts, silencers, handlebars, mudguards, headlight brackets all replaced with Molnar Stainless. Belt drive primary, 3-phase alternator. Alloy Akront rims, Stainless spokes £7,500. Kim Allen 01856 721495 email for more (Orkney) NORTON model 18, 1932, very good restored condition, matching numbers, log book to 1939, on cover of VMCC mag October 2004, hand or foot gear change £11,000. Ariel Arrow/Leader engine, good condition £600. M. Dale 01295 710911 (Banbury) NSU Lux 1952, 2 stoke engine and gearbox, re built, new piston, rings, bearings, battery and tyres, unrestored externally, oily rag condition, starts and runs well, interesting history with handbook and spares list £2,600. Brian Rogers 01225 761763 (Wilts) NSU Supermax Special, 1958, 250cc, £4,250 (may p/ex). Bultaco 350 Sherpa, 199 model, 1978, with V5, £2,150 (may p/ex). David Hutchinson 01328 700711 email (Norfolk) RALEIGH 1922 3HP Tourer, flat tank, belt drive, runs well, tank relined, good beaded tyres, mag reconditioned, 3 Banbury’s £3,850. Mike Sawyer 01604 592666 mob 07598 776188 (Northampton) ROYAL Enfield WDCO/B, 1946, excellent fully restored condition, 350cc ohv, electronic 6volt ignition, full history, old and new, V5C £4,750. Dave Thomas 01895 624554 (Middx) RUDGE 500 Special, 1937 racer road reg, £11,000. 500 Ulster, 1937 £11,000. 1932 500 Cylinder head £350. Late Special cylinder head complete £400, various Rudge parts 1932-34 forks £1,000. Tim Turner 01304 368277 (Dover) SCOTT Flying Squirrel 1939 600cc pre-war Shipley bike, ridgid/Dowty forks model, original frame eng nos. first reg 1947, 3 owners, genuine unrestored bike, some new bits, good cosmetics, has sparks, engine turns, some work needed hence £5,950. Mike Powell 01743 891889 mob 07887 917466 (Worthen) TRIUMPH Bonneville 750cc T140v, 1980, complete professional engine rebuild, 3,000 miles ago (T140 shop), new tyres, chains and new mot £4,500. Malcolm Byrne 01207 544367 mob 07771 880298 (Tyne & Wear)

TRIUMPH Model H 1920, cylinder re-sleeved, new piston rings and valves, magneto reconditioned, good tidy bike £8,000. Douglas 2 ¾ 1910 restored, fitted period, 2 speed gear box, on Sunbeam Pioneer register, last owner over 50 years £14,000. Ken Blake 01202 735824 (Dorset) TRIUMPH Tiger 100S (1969), matching engine and frame numbers, very good condition, laid up for last 13 years (sorned), fully restored by previous owner, Boyer Branson ignition, many ST fastenings, starts on a prod, very nice bike £3,950. Bob Gilchrist 01561 361517 (Angus) TRIUMPH Trident T150T 1969, totally rebuilt, new paint, some new parts, many existing bits, engine rebuilt at 3D Motorcycles by Richard Darby. Aquamarine paintwork, not immaculate, made to be used, 41,814 miles, MOT June 2016 £6,500. Hugh McKenzie 01372 379 706 (Surrey) TRIUMPH TRW 500cc ex Military Mk 1 Side Valve Twin 1951, used regularly on VMCC runs, good original condition, easy start, tax & mot exempt £4,600. David Wills 01803 812830 email (Devon) TRIUMPH TR6 1968, 13,000 miles since restoration was stored from 1983 – 2011 from then used on many VMCC runs, easy starter, very reliable, electronic ignition, real riders bike £4,950. Roy Bell 01482 634464 (East Yorkshire) TRIUMPH T100 1955 £5,200. Velocette Venom 1958 £6,200, both bikes cosmetic and mechanically sound, owned and used for many years now getting too heavy. I’m looking for VMCC eligible bike up to 250cc with electric start. Bill Leach 01706 225727 (Lancs) TRIUMPH T100SS, 1963 £4,200. Honda Fireblade RRN, 1992 £3,200. Suzuki T500, 1970 £1,850. Yamaha DT175 1G1, 1977 £800. Kawasaki Z750B twin, 1979 £950. Neil Green 07790273204 email (Notts) TRIUMPH T100ss 1966, last owner 23 years, immaculate condition, matching numbers, new MOT, fully restored and ready to go £4,000. Phone or email for details. Robert Jarvis 01424 830448 email (Battle, East Sussex) TRIUMPH T120, 1959, Thruxton, 10 built by the factory for the Thruxton 500, my race June 1959, this bike finished 4th, only seven entered the race £30,000. Roy Coyle 01227 791875 (Whitstable) VELOCETTE KSS MK 2, fully restored 4 years ago, 3,500 miles since then, transferable number, full details and snaps available on request £11,500 (might take early vintage in part exchange). John Pocklington, 01798 813827 (Sussex) VELOCETTES: 1938 MKII KSS £11,000, 1958 Venom £7,000, all original numbers, easy starters; very reliable, lots of history & receipts, genuine reason for reluctant

sale, Photos available. Ian Jones 01280 822801 (Bucks) VETERAN/VINTAGE Mills Fulford (believed) sidecar, needs full restoration, suit large capacity machine £500. D. Earnshaw 01709 873381 (Rotherham) WOOLER 600cc, four cylinder (new), 80% complete with alloy tank (engine only) £6,000. Very early fairground motorcycle (wood), very crude, good as a showpiece £300. Bryan Exton 0115 9272069 (Notts)


AJS Matchless 350 complete cylinder head - alloy, 3 brake plates, 1 rear swinging arm. Brian Church 01909 721563 mob 077487 26102 (Notts) AMAL Carburettors (6) T.T 1 3/16 as fitted to car racing engine on a test bed plus 3 big S.U float Bowls £375, Smith M.A Tachometer all alloy body, rpm range 0-12000 ex Manx Norton complete with right angle drive £75, 1930’s Velocette MOV 250cc back wheel centre hub back plate shoes and drum and rim in good nick £40. B. Oddy 01386 792323 (Worcestershire) AMC 250cc n.o.s plus 20 piston £30, new rear 5/8 x 3/8 Reynolds chain £15, Plunger, B.S.A A7/A10 footrests n.o.s £15, all plus p&p. Phil Wilkinson 01484 515180 (W.Yorks) ARIEL front hub, refurbished £45, Magneto £95, Lucas 1950 Headlight shell £30, Ariel rear no plate £35, rear brake plates T100 £10, T120 £15, Chronometric speedo rev dial, sprunghub model £295, Bill Nicholls 0191 2632368 mob 07724 939086 (Tyne & Wear) AVON Speedmaster MkII & SM MkII pair 300-18 tyres in very good condition, but old only suitable for a show motorcycle, £10 (to donate to NWAT). Len Woolley 01460 55632 (Somerset) BOSCH ZE1 magneto, unused, spark weak £185 plus postage, Doherty brake & clutch control levers in original packing, all 7/8” non ball £14 each including P&P, Arrow petrol tank £15, bike adjustable footrest stand £15. Jim Hammant 01491 628015 email (Reading) BRAKE Linings by Ferodo etc from 3” to 9” diameter, massive new stock, please ask, tell me your diameter, width, length etc from £4. Ken Shemwell 01709 548673 email (S. Yorks) BSA Brand new, never been used pair of hard chrome fork stanchions, still in the box, suitable for A50/65 models, pre-shuttle valve 1964-68 OEM 68-5144 £45 +p&p Giles Willison 01283 540557 (Burton) BSA C15 pair of new wheel bearings £5, ML magneto armature (model unknown) £15, Hyde Thruxton handlebars £8, framed advertisement prints approx 9”x7” 1950 Douglas + 90 £5, 1952 Excelsior Talisman Twin £5 plus post. John Carter 01952 619704 (Shropshire) BURMAN BA Gearbox and clutch stamped G107C51

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 87

(March 1951), full working order, no damage, stripped, examined and reassembled, ready to install, £450 + courier. Cedric Clarke 01502 478460 email (Suffolk) CHOKE assembly for Amal carburettor for a 1939 Francis Barnet cruiser, also pair 6" solid handlebar levers. A Turland 01582 595506 (Bedfordshire) CHRONOMETRIC Speedo, with past £300. F. Barnes 01235 847488 (Oxfordshire) CLEAROUT. Bradshaw OHV engine £1,000. Blackburne OHV outside flywheel engine 1927 £2,000. Excelsior Manxman 500cc OHC engine £3,000, early Manxman chain case £500, Benelli Leoncino for spares £450. Motom for spares £350. Paul Ingham 015242 76261 email (Lancs) HORN, Clear Hooters Ltd HF140 good condition £65. Roy Green 01278 722233 (Somerset) LATHE, south bend, 4.5 inch swing, screw cutting, 3&4 Jan chucks, running centres, drill chuck with lots of bits £400, Mig welder £25. Derek Roberts 01789 720077 (Warwickshire) LUCAS E3L dynamo, B90 exchange unit, boxed, 20036, suitable for A7/A10 etc. £100. John Carter 07801 653822 (Olney, North Bucks) MATCHLESS 1961 G3 frame (no swinging arm) with AJS MOC dating certificate £100 also two AMC competition oil tanks, with dents unfortunately, £20 each, photos available. David Sharp 01900 828207 mob 07719 326658 (Cumbria) NORTON crank cases with timing cover all matching numbers, 1953, 500cc £150. Norton Pannier oil tank with fittings, 1957 £75. Girder fork front brake back plate £25, also rear £25. One piece rocker box complete model18 £75. Les Belcher 01865 244744 (Botley) ROYAL Enfield 250 unit workshop manual £10, set of 4 valve springs for 250/350 ohv Crusader, Bullet, Clipper 1955 onwards £5, 4 Lodge RL50 sparkplugs £5 each, J.A.P 80cc industrial engine £15. Andrew Denman 077866 51903 (Bucks) RUDGE 250cc crankshaft, can email pictures £120. Dave Thorp 01772 468764 (Lancs) SUNBEAM 21-tooth engine sprocket, good usable condition, suit models 8, 80, 9, 90 and some side valves £45, usable primary chain £10. John Sellars 01723 381810 (N.Yorks) SUZUKI GS/GSX 250E (79-82) factory workshop manual £10. Owner’s Manual £5. Suzuki GT380/550 Triples oil tank £5. Yamaha CS2-E genuine spares book £10 plus postage or cash on collection to suit. Andrew Fitzpatrick 07813 845894 (Worcs) TRELLEBORG 350 x 21 T644 knobbly tyre, old but good condition £20 if collected. P. Carmichael 01132 874846 (Leeds) TRIUMPH pre unit seat, new, fibre glass £50, Triumph

88 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

unit seat £35, quick release hub £65, pair of new standard 650 pistons and rings £60, 500 barrel to be bored (iron) +40 £35. Peter Jeffery 01908 640316 (Milton Keynes) TRIUMPH ST engine 500cc, circ 1947, just rebuilt, full details £675. Terry Nicholls 01792 873536 (Swansea) TRIUMPH TR6 Trophy SS 1963 ( 650c.c. ) barrel and pistons believed to be + 60, the barrels paint etc is like new, pistons show a little wear but seem ok hence price £95 + post or collect. P. Ivis 01407 832382 (Anglesey) TRIUMPH T120 Pistons, genuine Hepolite 17844 standard size, in original packaging £60. Front brake back plate c/w shoes etc good serviceable condition £40. Main bearing 70.1591 (RHP MJ1.1/8C3) brand new £30. Peter Cripps 01252 872311 (Berks) TRIUMPH T140v brown seat, no rips or tears £65 can email pictures. Peter Gough 01634 372420 email (Kent) TRIUMPH 650/500 pre unit rear hub ,will also adapt to suit rigid, good condition, no corrosion, bolt on brake drum type £40. Gary Davies 0115 9655287 (Notts) TWO-BIKE trailer, or mini wheels, loading ramps and lights on number plate board £160. Eric Furse 01794 523058 (Devon) TYRE Inflators, Thapex 14 ½” and new inflator 16” long, Thapex £30, almost new 16” £25, postage extra. Albert Winslade 01263 823093 (Norfolk) VILLIERS 9 inch flywheel covers made, price around £20 to £25 depending on quantity. Call Kevin Eastwood 07500 042288 email (Sth Yorks) WATSONIAN Sidecar chassis converted to take Norton 16H wheel (abandoned project), two sets of springs lots of fittings, comes with Norton wheel and brake assy £170. A. Gooch 07747 607604 (Ipswich) WHITWORTH r/spanners, 7 ‘Gordon’ ¼” – 5/8” £13, 10 N/German 1/8” – 9/16” £16, 6 assorted British 3/16”9/16” £10, 6 Garrington ¼”-7/16 duplicated £10, die nut 5/16” £2, taps, 20mm sparkplug £2.50, 1/8” BSP £1.50. Philip Pegg 01362 694688 (Norfolk)


BMW manuals – Haynes BMW twins 1970-1985 £8. Clymer 500-750 twins 1955-1973 £10. BMW Factory Repair Manual R60/7 – R100RS £20. “Bahnstormer” by Setright £30, BMW Buyers Guide to 1995 £8, all plus p&p. Les Gwyer 02392 588550 (Hants) BOOKS – Motor Cycling Today – Bob McIntyre 1962 £10. Magazines – The Motor Cycle London Show Guide 20/10/49 £5. TT Numbers 4/6/59 (Junior) and 11/6/59 (Senior) £10 pair, all plus postage. Arthur Pentney 01263 713280 (Norfolk) BSA MANUALS. Original factory Service sheets binder

for 125/150/175 Bantams approx 80 pages £20, BSA C15/B40 Service Sheets, 80 pages £20 Covers all aspects. Scott. Yowling 2-stroke - J. Clew £30. Motorcycle Cavalcade - Ixion £20. Simon Whittaker 07788 442155 (Bath) BSA Service Sheet for 250 S.V Model C10L, a bit thumbed but all quite legible, also wiring diagram and notes included from ex BSA technician and a drawing of the Alternator Spinner part number 29-2031 £7. John Shakespeare 01328 701553 (Norfolk) CLASSIC Bike Guide, mint condition, issue no.1 June/July 1990 to Issue no.103. November 1999 inclusive £15. Used Motorcycle Guide, mint condition, issue no.1. Summer 1986 to issue no. 74. December 1996, inclusive £15. Rodney Rumble 0783 3370 282 (Berkshire) SOUTHEBY’S & Bonham’s auction 50 plus combined car, motorcycle, memorabilia catalogues 1984-1996, most 80 plus pages with text for each vehicle £50 (received by the end of this month’s journal, purchaser must collect and will pay 100% to the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen & Families Association. Jim Hammant 01491 628015 email (Reading) TRIUMPH Meriden workshop manual for 750cc three cylinder machines from engine no KE00100, nice clean copy £40, Rolls Royce 1904-2004 a century of innovation £20. FW Cannam 01509 556102 (Leics) VMCC binders to hold the club journal (10 of), blue, complete with magazines from 1986-1995, buyer to arrange collection £30. Ian Coburn 0161 483 0757 (Stockport)


CLASSIC and Vintage machines wanted for family collection, projects considered, exchange superb Jaguar classic 2 seater, 12 cylinder GR Tourer. Auto+ powerhood and/or 1939 SP25 3.5L. Alvis Charlesworth drophead coupe, cash either way. Ron Chandler 01722 743681 (Wilts) MAGAZINES piles of ‘em! Classic: bike, motor cycles, bike guide, chopper bikes, collection only, exchange for very old motor cycle clothing, leather coat, size large, any tatty condition. J Boggis 01978 842668 (Wrexham) MGB Roadster convertible, 1977, R reg and MG MIDGET 1500, 1978, S reg, both yellow both vgc, exchange either/both for classic bike/s w.h.y? Mike Powell 01743 891889 mob 07887 917466 (Worthen) SUNBEAM spares approx 1931 OHV engine parts, oil tank, gearbox, clutch, front wheel and chain case. Norton 350cc, early twin port engine. Exchange for Sunbeam Little 95, parts or 1931 500cc TT Raleigh racing spares. Paul Ingham 015242 76261 (Lancs) TRIUMPH T100S, V5c, mot and tax £4,950 also 1967 T90 £3,950, both restored, p/x or swap for Norton Model

50 ES2 19S, consider dismantled or parts or sell. Bill Nicholls 0191 2632368 mob 07724 939086 (Tyne & Wear)


AJS/Matchless 350-500 petrol tank, I have 50’s tank (RD) painted black, excellent condition. Brian Church 01909 721563 mob 07748 726102 (Notts) ALL types of motorcycles wanted also spares, any age by friendly motorcycle enthusiast for over 50 years, good cash price paid, will collect, discretion assured. Phil Williams 01691 650137 mob 07856 90050 (Shropshire) AMAL FISCHER 76-446 wanted desperately, let me know what you have! Brian Kealy mob 07769 545155 email (London) ANY flat tank motorcycle, any make, any condition, I would really love to own one, can you help please, I am willing to pay a good price. Trevor Stansfield 01282 693396 mob 07722 355072 (Lancs) ANY make or size classic motorcycle wanted from a basket case to one in nice or restored condition, cash waiting. Mark Webb mob 07811 189755 email (Tamworth) ANY model of Veteran Motorcycle wanted by private buyer for vintage runs will collect from anywhere. H. Hardy 0208 5465274 mob 07968 047678 (Surrey) ARIEL Arrow frame for fitting a twin carb crankcase, pair of GP1 carbs with stub fitting, competition cylinder heads and AJS 7R fairing, all wanted for a 1960 Arrow racer project. Roger James 01773 8974955 (Derbys) ARIEL 500cc Twin, ideally a sound useable machine for use by enthusiast but anything considered (project/spares) can collect, UK mainland. Jim Chadwick 01722 7166340(Wilts) BANBURY-eligible twin port 350/500 4 stroke close to 1930 as possible prefer Brit but all considered, must be in good mechanical running order with correct paperwork. Myles Doyle 01376 514587 (Essex) BIG ENDS for B.S.A. 1950 Star Twin, -0.030" (Glacier B2024 LC -0.030"), desperately required to get this much loved machine running again, this is not an "Investment" machine, it is much used! Linda Keen 01227 830790 email (Kent) BMW R80g/s or R80ST to replace mine sold in error; prefer good useable bike, cosmetics unimportant, or tatty bike, basket case, wreck etc. Nick Dulk mob 07904 505496 (Lancs) BRIDGESTONE 100 tmx, I need loads of parts anything considered including written information, any model. Barry Heath email mob 07786 718867 (Coventry) BRITISH Bike restoration project or any spares wanted, Ariel, BSA, Greeves, Sunbeam, Norton, Triumph etc of

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 89

90 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

large capacity ideal but anything considered, any size (Moped?) 2 or 4 stroke, have funds, Midlands based, will travel or courier. C. Rew mob 07538 696157 (Leics) BROCKHOUSE Corgi petrol tank and rear mudguard, would consider abandoned project. Peter Gough 01634 372420 email (Kent) BROUGH Superior 680 genuine period frame sought. Bob Burden 01929 425930 email (Dorset) B.S.A. BEAGLE spares wanted, crankshaft and flywheel, any engine parts or complete engine your help would be appreciated. Ken Baxter 01443 204776 email (S. Wales) BSA DBD34 Gold Star. Bernard Stovin 0207 2721318 mob 07762 840689 email (London) BSA C11/C12 front hub complete with back plate and shoes (will consider complete wheel). Danny Powell 01568 770081 email (Shrops) BSA M24 Gold Star engine, 1938/9, wanted to finish a project, would like a complete engine if poss. A. Curtis 01886 884668 mob 07815 884668 or email (Worcs) BSA S26, primary chain cover or suitable replacement. Roger Burrows mob 07770 462625 (Worc) BURMAN Gearbox for 600/650 Panther, Burman 4 speed gearbox for rigid 350 Panther (1930’s/1940’s type BA-P) also, 250-500 engine, Japanese or European, anything in good condition considered, single or twin. P. Carmichael 01132 874846 (W. Yorks) COVENTRY Eagle parts for 1937 Silent Superb, rear stand, chain guard, toolbox, leg shields, rear carrier, headlamp and other parts considered. Matt Powell mob 07806 442693 email (Wilts) DELL'ORTO Carb, UB 24 BS2, new or used to fit Wards Riverside Benelli 250. Dennis Chappell 0191 4132767 email (Tyne & Wear) DMW metal profile forks for my sports twin, telescopic type, also any DMW parts also needed. Simon Cooper mob 07891 314388 (Dorset) DUCATI Dual seat required for 250 single, condition is unimportant, just frame and springs would do, maybe even seat from other Italian bike which could be modified. Jim Pollard 01254 829212 evenings (Lancs) DUCATI Mk3 footrests and mounting brackets required for conversion from cafe racer back to standard spec, possible exchange for other Mk3 parts or cash sale. George Plumb 0131 333 3336 (Edinburgh) DUCATI & Laverda brochures, sales sheets, posters, memorabilia and spares sought by private VMCC collector and Italian bike enthusiast, anything considered. Andrew Hunt 01442 891447 email (Herts)

DUNELT flywheel and magneto chain covers for 1927 250cc wanted, also special tool called the ‘ring fitter’, or to borrow any of these to copy, any information where I could obtain these parts. Ken Thirtle 01142 280323 (S Yorks) FULL Avon fairing to fit 1962 Triumph T100ss in good condition. Michael Hammond 01288 353963 (Cornwall) FRANCIS Barnett 1938 Seagull 43, Villiers 14A 250 engine, handbook, rear stand, pattern or good photographs, rear number plate, main bearings, piston rings, bum pad or other spares please for a very oily rag motorcycle. Alex Taylor 01235 553574 email (Oxon) GIRDER/Springer forks any condition as I am building my bike, good price paid, can you help? Darren Buckley 07775 998628 email (Essex) HUMBER parts wanted for 1928-30 bikes, all parts any condition considered, saddle tank and flat tank and all tinware needed. Joe Rushworth mob 07803 125092 email (Tyne & Wear) JAMES Flying Cadet, Francis-Barnett Plover 86, 1961, rear spring wanted or any ideas. Paul Whitehead 0064 75492212 email (New Zealand) JAMES 197cc, 1955, complete or running chassis, previous V5, also have Rudge parts, exchange or sell. Tim Turner 01304 368277 (Dover) JAP 1930s push rod type 350cc piston and barrel also ABC Skootamota piston and carburettor. Malcolm Charman 01205 317927 any time (Lincs) J.A.P 8 H.P twin valve springs needed for 1918 engine, inlet and exhaust are different, all 4 springs needed. Trevor Shakespeare mob 07790 185100 email (West Midlands) JUST moving back to the Peak District so looking for a club eligible to trail bike for section events, Honda XL or Yamaha XT or similar. Matt Swindlehurst mob 07800 867940 email (Somerset) LUCAS KSA 1 Magneto End Casting (points housing), will buy, or can offer bth Type M2-W2, (twin cylinder), magneto body, complete with pickup holders, in exchange. Mike Cochrane. 01295 750454 email (Oxon) MANUAL End Cap for Lucas KF1-KF2 to convert my auto. Ken Baker 0161 2875845 (Manchester) MATCHLESS timing side engine cover for a twin (G12/G11/G9), preferably the thick one for the bigger oil pumps, a pair of good exhaust pipes and megaphone silencers for G12. Werner Bachmann 00 4984 221466 (I’ll call back) email (Germany) McEVOY motorcycle wanted can already be restored or dismantled for restoration, will happily pay market price for right machine. Peter Lancaster 01273 494266 email (W. Sussex)

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 91

MODEL H Triumph badge for primary chain guard or a complete primary chain guard (obviously with badge attached). David Earnshaw 01709 873381 (S.Yorks) MOTOR Cycle Sport magazine wanted for November 1962. Arthur Pentney 01263 713280 (Norfolk) MV Augusta 250B engine or contacts for parts, Gilera Silencers for 1950’s B300, they are the same as 175 etc but handed. Mike Barry 01228 675117(Cumbria) NEW Imperial 1912-1919 wanted by enthusiast, the earlier the better, any genuine machine or boxes of bits considered. Andy Dean email or call 01189 772178 (Berks) NORTON inter, head, barrel, vertical shaft, T.T carburettor, 15˚ float, rear chain guard, prop and centre stands, c.s.i oil tap, Enfield hubs or parts, rear chain guard, some swaps, w.h.y . Ken Turner 02893 324993 (Ballyclare) NORTON 1936 Model 18 rear mudguard with centre rib wanted, also, tool box and carburettor adaptor pipe (carburettor to cylinder head). Graham Bosworth 02476 413495 email (Coventry) NORTON 1954 500cc International original parts wanted. Petrol tank, cambox, clutch covers, mudguards, clubmans footrests, both wheel hubs, brochures etc. Any featherbed Inter parts welcome! Please email Alain on or try 0795 217 2772 (I live in NZ, visit UK)

92 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

NORTON 1957 pre featherbed single, rear mudguard, chain guard, headlamp shell and rear tank mount. Neil Wyatt 01904 765107 (North Yorks) OWNERS Handbook & workshop manual wanted for 1962 Ariel Golden Arrow Sports. Jim Hammant 01491 628015 email (Reading) PRE-WAR IOM TT/MGP Programmes wanted by Manx collector, good prices paid, cash or swaps available. Adrian Earnshaw 01624 628973 mob 07624 46244 (IOM) PRE-WAR Triumph Speed Twin wanted by member, any condition. Geoff Keeling 01708 688268 mob 07809 688268 (Essex) PRE-WAR V Twin wanted, any make or model considered. David Poole 01270 841032 (Cheshire) RALEIGH 1926 model 17 Magneto sprocket, 10 teeth, timing gear sprocket, 10 teeth, cycle chain size b.t.h mag MIF2 spares or complete mag. R Ackroyd 01159 782052 (Notts) REX 1912 front wheel wanted or hub, also wanted to buy or copy HIGH LOW pedals for a ROC hub and rear brake band for a 1913 Rex. Richard Bott 01438 869407 (Stevenage) ROYAL Ruby. I am looking for a bike my father sold in the '80s that has great sentimental history, approx 19121918, original tax disc (1921), single cylinder with belt

drive, was stored by my uncle in Alresford Hampshire and the chap who bought it lived in Dorset. Angus Handoll 07770 582877 email SALES catalogues and brochures wanted for following makes and ages : Triumph 1902-1927, BSA 1905-1940, Norton 1902-1940, to fill gaps in my collection, single items or multiples. M Garside 01457 872788 (Lancs) SMITHS D type speedometer number S 531/L/1600 Wanted for Excelsior skutabyke 1956. Anthony Glazier 01797 322132 (Kent) SPEEDO gearbox for my 1937 B24 Empire Star BSA, right hand side brake plate, part no.29-5877. Peter McMurtry email 00353 18438381 (Eire) SUNBEAM - pair of Webb centre spring front forks, also a rear wheel/rear hub wanted desperately to complete my late1930 model 9, help me get this great vintage motorcycle out on the runs please. David Pattison email 02825 653260 mob 07745 158454 (Co. Antrim) SUNBEAM S7 original toolbox and carburettor cover wanted. Peter Walker mob 07790 778062 (Leics) SUNBEAM, 500cc, side valve engine, short stroke, in good condition, anything considered. G Cater 07403 625321 email (Kent) SUNBEAM 1930, model 9, prefer original reg number please. Derek Bushnell 01308 4236021 mob 07778 654574 (Dorset) TRIUMPH Junior 1923 handlebars. Barry Jones mob 07771 705401 email (Derbys) TRIUMPH Parts, outer primary chain case to fit 1960/1961 T120 Duplex also pair Lucas 3ET coils for ET ignition. Alan Roberts 01933 355796 (Northants) TRIUMPH Petrol tank for 250cc L2.1, 1935, a tatty one to use as a pattern will do. Michael Digby 01883 714539 (E Surrey) TRIUMPH T120 Bonneville to restore, UK model, complete bike with or without old log book/V5 or frame, engine or any parts you may have for the 58/59 650/500 models. Roy Coyle 01227 791875 (Kent) TRIUMPH 1912, brass Triumph name plate for magneto chain cover, would consider complete outer, inner, chain cover if necessary. Richard Lemon 01622 735206 (Kent) TRIUMPH 1914 Model C engine parts, big end crank pin, piston pin and 2 tappet rods, or advice on where to get them made as this is my first Veteran and would like to get it running for next year travels . Marcus Whatling 01843 224695 email (Kent) TRIUMPH 1934 XO 150cc ohv, cam and screw for points and primary chain cover, hoping to run for next Tiddlers Tootle. Don Riley 01698 854390 (Bothwell) VETERAN four stroke single sought for long term ownership and regular use, I am a daily rider and having reached 60 now is the time, not looking for a project,

loved and sorted outweighs concours. Tony Dymott 01983 568123 (IOW) VETERAN J.A.P. motor, 3½ h.p, single cylinder for Zenith, any condition, long or short shaft. Neil Bromilow email (Australia) VILLIERS, swan-neck, inlet manifold with a 7/8" diameter stub/spigot for the carburettor, manifold fits to the left side of the cylinder of a 122cc, Villiers 9D engine. Brian D. Johnson 01962 880961 (Hants) WILKINSON TMC, a complete and running machine preferred but would consider a non runner, solo or combo, cash waiting and or the possibility of exchange with a piece of 1950s exotica. Richard Mummery 01227 751751 (Kent) ZENITH 680 footrests, I’m told somebody made cast pieces and the brackets they bolt too? Also chain case. Arthur Farrow email 024 7501 1213 (Warwicks)


ALL YOUR OIL AND LUBRICATION SUPPLIES. For classic and vintage motorcycles, motorcars, trucks, tractors, boats and workshop machinery. Mail Order service or collect by appointment. Service with a smile from fellow enthusiasts. THE VINTAGE OIL COMPANY - 01283 509562 - A O SERVICES. Sells the V reg 2a Dynamo Regulator both 6 and 12V in the one unit +/- earth (please specify). Made in Norfolk and with full after sales service £46 sent. Regulator/rectifiers, Boyer Bransden Ignitions, Advice on battery charging faults. Charge indicator BSM in 6V or 12V £22. Alternator wiring kit £33. Dynamo wiring kit £30. Unique Magneto timing unit, precisely finds timing point without dismantling, £35. Magneto Ignition Switch for twins. £25. Testing of regulator/rectifiers, send with £5 to 35 Griston Rd. Watton, Thetford, IP25 6DN Al Osborn 01953 884681 (any time) <> AQUA / VAPOUR BLASTING OF ALL ALLOY AND NON FERROUS COMPONENTS. North West based (near Oldham/ Huddersfield), local FREE pick up possible NW, Cheshire, Wirral, Warrington, single items no problem, call Martin 7 days on 07889 853535 Visit Website Trade Enquiries Welcome BALL AND ROLLER BEARINGS. Obsolete bearings supplied, reconditioned or manufactured. The Vintage Bearing Company. 17 Studio One. Waterside Court, Burton-on-Trent. DE14 2WQ Tel: 01283 509562, E-mail BEMW. For competitive prices on restorations, repairs and spares. Spares available for vintage/classic BMW’s

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 93

from 1935. Chang Jiang CJ750’s, copies of the 1938 BMW R71, from £4230. Some new 1957 models in stock. LH and RH sidecars, plus OHV machines available. Machine tools for the small and home workshop, including Chester Multifunction lathe/mill/drill. Parts made to pattern or drawing. SAE for any product or service or visit our web-site. 2 Forman Street, Derby DE1 1JQ, Tel: 01332 298523, eves and w/ends 01332 824334 or email Twitter, @BEMWDERBY BMW. UK’s longest-established (since 1962) independent BMW specialist for all your BMW needs (singles and twins ‘till 1993). Spares, service, repairs, restorations to the highest standard. Used machines bought and sold. Old BMWs purchased inc. non-runners. Mail order and export welcome. Bob Porecha, 303 Sydenham Road, Sydenham, London SE26 5EW. Tel 0208 659 8860. Fax 0208 659 9198. E-mail Working hours: 9.30am – 3.00pm Monday to Saturday or late by appointment. Due to irregular working hours please phone before calling at the shop. BRAKE AND CLUTCH LEVERS. Replica inverted lever assemblies in 316 grade polished stainless steel, 4.3/4” and 6.3/8” long (measured pivot hole to lever tip) reproduced to original design and supplied complete with cable stops and cable nipples. Spare parts also available if required. Please note, a small amount of additional machining is required to fit individual handlebar sizes. Price £110 per pair plus £4.00 (UK) postage. Please contact Alan Clark on 020 8546 3312 or email for more information. CAMBRIDGESHIRE CLASSIC WORKSHOP. Repairs, servicing, rebuilds, and restoration for all British and European makes. Aqua blasting service, aluminium and stainless welding, brazing etc, machining facilities, road and race tuning and much more. Collection and delivery service available. Tel 01353 886488 or 07506 284460. Website for more info. CLASSIC MOTORCYCLE REPAIRS, engine rebuilds and repairs, machining services and parts manufacture. General motorcycle repairs and maintenance undertaken, mechanical and electrical. Re-bushing of worn parts i.e. brake plates and bearing housing. Manufacture one-off’s or batches of components. Full or part engine and gearbox rebuilds. Contact Michael on (01233) 840323. CORK CLUTCH SERVICE. Natural cork inserts fitted to your plates or sprockets. Any make or model £14 per plate/sprocket + postage/packing. Mike Chenery, 16 Greengate, Lurgashall, Petworth, Sussex, GU28 9ES, telephone 01428 707538 email ENGINEERING SERVICES Cambs/Beds Borders. No CNC just a men with over 50 years of precision engineering experience. Always happy to talk through

94 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

your requirements. No Job Too Small. Tel 01767 650049 email GLENN DAVID PAINTWORK RESTORATION SERVICES. Classic paintwork, lining and petrol tank repairs/restoration. or for more information phone 0790 4244567 or 01858 575480. LEATHER WORK. For all new and old leather items, remade or restored (tool boxes, tool rolls, panniers, saddles, jacket, etc). Visit to see my website, telephone 0740 3625321 or email me at MAGNETO REWINDS. Veteran, Vintage and Classic magnetos refurbished to customer requirements. Free report and estimate. All work guaranteed. Spare and complete units bought and sold. Ring for details. Dave Fisher, Moathouse Magneto, 52A High Street, Langton Matravers, Swanage, Dorset, BH19 3HB. Tel: 01929 421255, Mobile: 07740 984213. 'NEW VINTAGE MOTORCYCLE BOOKS (Hardbacks) for Christmas with free postage' Classic British Trials Bikes by Don Morley 2014 £33.99 Paperbacks 'Motorcycling for Women 1928' £11.99,' Ransome's Motor Cycling 1908 the Greatest Sport on Earth' £11.99. Contact Steve Brown 01684 567 231 POWER WITHOUT GLORY: Racing the Big-Twin Cooper by Terry Wright explores the influences behind the first Coopers including JAP V-twin world record motorcycles, hillclimb and sprint specials and dirt track speedway cars. The engine and chassis designs, and the racing and hillclimbing of the early post-war years are covered in depth. Hard bound with jacket, 352 pages and 300 illustrations.Order at £55.00. ROB MITCHELL (Leek, Staffs) Small / medium turning – machining work for worn / reproduction/ new parts, made to your sample or sketch. One off’s or small runs / fabrications etc. Contact Rob on 01538 384239 or e-mail- Avonford, Ball Haye Green, Leek, Staffs, ST13 6AY. TAX RETURNS AND ANNUAL ACCOUNTS for small business, companies and self employed over 20 years experience in all areas of accounting, very competitive rates contact Graeme 01509 889058, evenings. VETERAN, VINTAGE OR PRE-WAR motorcycles wanted and for sale. Please check our website - Vintage and Veteran, 17 Studio 1, Waterside Court, Burton on Trent DE14 2WQ. Tel: 01283 509 562 email VETERAN AND VINTAGE TRIUMPH REPRODUCTION PARTS. Enthusiasts supply handlebars, exhausts, number plates and much more. Early coach built sidecars restored. For further details and list, phone Mike or Anne Lawson at Hinton Motorcycles email or call 01258 472262 (evenings) VINTELE PROP STANDS. Period accessory for rigid

framed motorcycles, inspired by the EsWay prop stand. Park easily on most surfaces. No heavy lifting. Selection of fittings included. Black powder coated £120.00. Unpainted £110.00. p&p UK £10.00. Contact Mick Hall 07944 140135


LOST Bikes. I would like to trace the where abouts if possible for some machines that belonged to my late father, reg numbers CT5328, NH 3882 and NM 2940, if anyone knows where they are please contact me. Mick Hemmings 01604 638505/ 01327 844877(Northampton) WOLF 1½” h.duty drill c/w wall bracket, old but good £10. Broomwade compressed air spark plug cleaner £12, variety 20-plus blacksmith’s tools £15, buyer must collect. Maxon complete two-way bike intercom, used for training with leads, earphones and charger £15. Jim Hammant 01491 628015 email (Reading)


APARTMENT FOR HOLIDAY RENTAL WITH STUNNING MOUNTAIN VIEWS, ITALY. Visit paradise on two wheels! Enjoy beaches, castles, medieval towns, and shopping. Meet warm friendly local people, sample great food and drink. Immerse yourself in rural tranquillity. Run by VMCC member; discount for members. Contact Stephen at B&B IN ATTRACTIVE, WOODED HILLS OF MIDBRITTANY. Small family-run, in a small hamlet in quiet countryside, our accommodation is 4 double or 2 twin and 2 double en-suite rooms overlooking open fields. 4-course home cooked evening meals available on request, secure garaging for up to 8 motorcycles, only 1.5 hours from ferry ports with easy access to north and south coasts making it ideal for touring. Short or long breaks. Roads are high quality and largely traffic free. Contact: or tel: +33 (0) 2 96 45 73 46. BRITTANY BIKER BREAKS - bed and breakfast exclusively for motorcyclists, in a small hamlet in rural Brittany 30 minutes from St Malo ferry. Delightful accommodation, home cooking and secure garaging/workshop for bikes. Guided tours can be arranged. Contact Kim Rowland +33 (0)2 99 45 29 53, e-mail Visit our website BRITTANY MOTORCYCLE HOLIDAY BREAKS. For Bikers run by Bikers. We offer a choice of 3 holiday houses, 2 person log cabin, 7 bed stone cottage and 6 bed wood bungalow. The houses are situated in 20 acres of our own land in a secluded valley setting. An ideal base from which to explore mystical Brittany, taking advantage of the excellent uncongested roads, an opportunity to ride

in an unspoilt landscape - from the craggy cliffs along the north coast to the beaches of the south. Guided tours arranged. Prices from £40 a night .Garages and workshop facilities. Contact Roger NICHOLLS - tel /fax 0033296365480 Email Follow us on facebook , Countryside Holidays in France. DISCOUNTS ON BRITTANY FERRIES. HOLIDAY LODGES IN MID WALES owned by member. Ideally suited for motorcycle enthusiasts. Large site with safe, secure hard standing for bikes and trailers, utility / boot room in all, fully equipped workshops for those essential repairs. Wonderful touring roads and scenery (10 miles from Llandrindod Wells, 15 miles from Presteigne). Self catering and provision for grocery supplies to be delivered on your arrival. Excellent rates for members. Also suitable for club and group bookings. See our website: or telephone 01597 840308 for a brochure and information. LE HAMEL IS A 17C FARMHOUSE WITH 4 LETTING ROOMS offering B&B plus the choice of an evening meal, our rates run from 65 - 90 euro according to season. We also have a 3 Bed 15C Gite with bags of character 350 - 800 euro according to the season. Short breaks welcome. Find us on or email The Sarthe area offers great riding and driving with ready access to miles of green lanes. Le Mans only 30-45 minutes away. Phone 0033243340259.

The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015 | 95

96 |The Vintage Motor Cycle December 2015

John Johnson and partner enjoy the day out on his 1925 Sunbeam Model 7 outfit


Important CollectorsÂ&#x2019; Motorcycles, Motor Cars and Automobilia Thursday 4 February 2016 Paris, France ENTRIES NOW INVITED          of 17 Italian machines from the world renowned MC Collection in Sweden. The museum was founded in 1999 by enthusiast Christer R. Christensson who, together with motorcycle historian Ove Johansson, has assembled a world-class collection of motorcycle masterpieces. 1954 MV AGUSTA DISCO VOLANTE Â&#x20AC;11,000 - 17,000

COMPLIMENTARY AUCTION APPRAISAL For details of how to take part        visit to submit a Complimentary Auction Appraisal request. ENQUIRIES UK +44 (0) 20 8963 2817 Europe +33 (0) 142 611 011 CATALOGUE +44 (0) 1666 502 200

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VMCC December 2015 Journal  

December 2015 edition of the Vintage Motor Cycle Journal

VMCC December 2015 Journal  

December 2015 edition of the Vintage Motor Cycle Journal