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vintagekc winter 2015


^from the editor


Publisher/Editor Erin Shipps erin@vintagekcmag.com

New year, new view


ew years always bring about changes. We make resolutions to do better, be better—and the beginning of a year, with its hope and big plans is the ideal time to make promises to ourselves. In 2016, you all know I’ll be welcoming a big change with the arrival of our second child in January. But you may not know about the challenges and promises I’ve made to myself regarding this magazine and our ever-expanding digital and social media presence. So, here goes something: 1. Be more public: In 2016 we’d like to see you more face-to-face. Whether at events in February such as The Old Home Expo or The Kansas City Remodel & Garden Show (where we’ll be setting up a big designer showcase with our designer friends), we want to see you. We plan to host smaller pop-up events with treats and special deals in stores, all to entice you to come say hello, grab a magazine, and tell us how much you love us (I swear it’s not a ploy for increasing our self-esteem!). We just want you to know that we hear you and we care about you! 2. Make an impact: We plan to partner with other local organizations and businesses to increase the awareness of buying local (speaking of which, check out the 26 local gifts in our gift guide on page 10!), do more for charity, and have more interactive events with you guys like fashion shows and DIY crafting events. We hope you’ll join us in the movement to buy and be more local. 3. Break even: This is the biggest one and also the toughest for me. This magazine started as a hobby to bring this vintage-loving community together; provide a beautiful, national-quality publication that local stores would be proud to advertise in; and, to inspire you to decorate, dress and DIY the heck out of your lives—because it’s really fun! But, in reality, this is a business and it also has to make sense financially to keep going. So, it’s time for this little mag to prove that it can stand on its own two feet; that it is making an impact; and, that it’s worth all the hard work our little staff of two puts into it—which is a lot! The biggest changes for 2016 are an effort just to break even. Forget profits, we’re just trying to sleep better at night. So bear with me as we transition into something that might not be popular, but believe me, it is absolutely necessary for us to keep going. Beginning with the spring issue, the magazine will no longer be free in stores. The cost will be so small, just $2.50 an issue (compared to other magazines, it’s truly a steal), and you will still be able to find copies in all your favorite local stores. If you love picking up this magazine, please show us by continuing to pick it up and/or subscribing at vintagekcmag.com/about/subscribe. For just $5 per issue we’ll deliver it right to your door! VKC vintagekcmag.com We love the support we receive from this community and we want to continue to bring you fun inspiration and vintagekc local resources (speaking of which, next time you’re in one of our advertiser’s stores, tell them you saw their ad in our magazine because it helps us out a lot when you do! vintagekcmag Here’s to new challenges, new experiences, and with your help, our most successful year yet! vintagekc

Fashion Director/ Editorial Assistant Calli Green calli@vintagekcmag.com Graphic Designer Emily Bowers

Contributors Dustin Bates Jennifer Bertrand Samantha Collins Michael Fry James Fry Kirsten Hudson Jamie Kaczmarczyk Audrey Kuether Abbie Marshall Kristen Shuler Deborah Vogler


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vintagekc winter 2015


On the Cover

Updated historic charm in Liberty. Photo by Jill DiMartino

shop^our favorite etsy finds


1) 1950s black nubby knit dress, hand loomed, soft wool, 35in. x 26in. x 40in. with stretch, $88, adelaidehomesewn.etsy.com. 2) One-of-a-kind handwoven bag made from upcycled wool and chenille yarns, denim trim and polyester taffeta lining, 13.5in. x 14in. x 4in., $159, phylliscreative. etsy.com. 3) Green Lacoste sweater, men’s M or women’s L, elastic cuffs and waist, $30, vandymayvintage.etsy.com. 4) Crochet circle/square coasters, 15 color options, 100 percent acrylic yarn, individual ($5) or mix and match 4-pack ($16), noellyknits.etsy.com. 5) Hand-knit light tan hat for men, women or children, $30; hand-knit brown scarf, $50, aguywithtwoneedles.etsy.com. 6) Crochet reusable makeup removers, 4 pack, $8, cecescorner.etsy.com. 7) Aztec print cotton accent fringed pillow, 5in. x 7in., $20, midcenturyboho.etsy.com.

vintagekc winter 2015


learn^design book


on white

on white By Jennifer Bertrand

2016 is looking brighter and whiter—at least in the design world. How can you work this trend into your spaces?


enjamin Moore’s 2016 Color of the Year was “Simply White.” It came as no surprise, as most of you have already started the head first leap into the color white lifestyle. However, there is an art to the trend. 1 Picking the perfect “white”

If you ask any designer, they always, always have a favorite white. My favorite is actually the white base paint with no tint added. It is crisp, fresh and full of pure yummy-ness. As you are picking a white paint chip, you need to lay it on a piece of bright white paper so you can see the true undertones in the chip. This way you can see if it pulls yellow, pink, blue, and so on! Also, look at it in daylight as well as the light of the room it will be living in. The color of your light bulbs will affect how the paint is perceived.


vintagekc winter 2015

And, if you want to know a few fave whites amongst designers look at the following colors: • Decorators White by Benjamin Moore (Nate Berkus’ fave in case you are wondering!) • Super White by Benjamin Moore • White Dove by Benjamin Moore • Egret White by Sherwin Williams 2 Is there such a thing as too much white?

That’s such a personal question, because it all comes down to how you want your home to feel. If you adore a sense of cleanliness and order, then no. But you dance the line of a space going sterile if there is too much white. 3 Rules of layering whites • Pick the white base that best fits your style. (crisp white, linen white, gray-ish white) • Play with textures. This part is fun. You

can add white branches. You can spray chandeliers white, you can add white nubby blankets, it’s fun to see how far you can push the concept! • Play with varying sheens. If everything is the same sheen, it can fall flat in a space. So you create depth by pushing and pulling between how the light bounces off the elements in the space. I love having glossy art frames on a matte wall, or a chandelier that is a high gloss. Maybe a piece of furniture is a white chalk paint that is matte or has a wax finish on it. • Layer, layer, layer. It’s okay to layer different shades of white. And that point may depend on who you ask. However, in my world, I love playing with varying shades of a color, even white. • Color Accents: to do or not to do. Just know that wherever you put in a color your eye will

go there. So be sure to bounce the eye around the room. When I design, I love to design with a feeling of balance to where in the end there is a push and pull of everything, but it all balances out by the time the space is complete. 4 Does white fit your lifestyle?

White can be perfect or it can be your nemesis. Being an artist who loves color, most of the walls in our home are actually white. It is perfect because this allows for the color of our art to sing while the walls just add a happy serenity. Now if only white walls can pick up toys and do the laundry! For an example of nemesis, we painted the exterior of our home white, we live on a lake, and now the tons of spiders that our porch acquires due to lake living creates a

horror of an effect over the white. And if you are wondering, why don’t you rid your porch of spiders? After three brooming and hosing episodes, they still return and with a vengeance. So what is my solution? We are painting the exterior of our house black or dark green next spring. But the interior walls will stay white. The point is, know your home and know your habits. So after you decide if white is for you, tag me in your photos so I can see what you’ve done! Be sure to hashtag #jblovesdesign #vintagekcmag. And don’t forget ... have fun + happy designing!




Jennifer Bertrand is the winner of HGTV’s show “Design Star” season three and cohost of “Real Life Design” on cravingtalkradio.com. She resides in Weatherby Lake, MO, with her lovely English husband, Chris, and her happy son, Winston. She has big plans in life to conquer the design world … again. Email pics and questions to Jennifer jblovesdesign@gmail.com Blog thereinventionofjenniferbertrand.com Instagram hgtvdesignstarjenniferbertrand Facebook Jennifer Oldham Bertrand Twitter jblovesdesign

vintagekc winter 2015


learn^buy and sell


Teddy Bears

If you know what you’re looking for, these treasures could bring more than just snuggles By Michael and James Fry


ith cooler weather upon us we decided to write about a topic that would inspire warm, fuzzy feelings in our readers: the teddy bear. First produced in the early 20th century, the teddy bear was a simultaneous, but independent, creation of Richard Steiff in Germany and Morris Michtom in the United States. The name, coined by Michtom, is a reference to a hunting trip in which president Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear that his hunting party had tied to a tree. Our 26th president deemed the action unsportsmanlike, and there was much coverage of his decision in the press. Michtom, seeing a cartoon depicting the scene, was inspired to create a small plush bear cub. Accompanying the bear in his shop window was a sign reading “Teddy’s Bear”. While the honor of naming the bear goes to Michtom, it’s Steiff who perfected it. With a company motto, “Only the best is good enough for children,” they created bears internationally known for their quality of craftsmanship. The hyper attention to quality has made Steiff a sought after brand over the last century for both collectors and resellers alike. Steiff bears, from 100+ year old teddys, to those made recently, hold a surprising amount of value. This is especially true when Steiff is compared to other stuffed animal brands. As with most collectibles, the older bears are the highest prized as there are far fewer of them on the market. Pre-1950s Steiff bears in good condition can easily sell for more than $1,000, and significant bears have even been sold in such notable auctions houses as Christie’s. When you know what to look for, Steiff stuffed animals are fairly easy to identify. The most obvious feature of any Steiff is


vintagekc winter 2015

its trademark “button in ear.” The company starting sewing metal buttons in the left ears of its creations in 1904 to identify their animals from other competitors mimicking their designs. Thankfully, the specific design of the buttons has changed over the years and you can date the piece by its button. Have a bear with an 8mm iron nickel-plated button that reads “Steiff ”? It was made between 19251934. How about a nickel button with “Steiff ” written in script font? It was created between 1952-1972. In addition to the ear button, the company included a cloth tag in the ear or the chest seam. Like the buttons, the tags have also changed over the years. Most recognizable as a yellow tag with red writing, they’ve also been printed in red, white, and beige. The most common tag language includes,”Steiff Original,” “Made In Germany,” and “Made In US-Zoned Germany.” Depending on how well loved the bears were, it is possible that both the button and tag could have been worn away or removed, thus material composition is also important to understand. As different generations of bears were produced, the materials they were created from changed with the times. The earliest bears can be found with Victorian style buttons for eyes.

From around 1910 to 1960, Steiff used glass eyes, and then switched to plastic. From the earliest production to 1943 the bears had mohair or angora hair for fur. After 1947 synthetic fibers were used as fur. The four year gap in production was due to the German government forcing the Steiff company to manufacture items for soldiers instead of stuffed animals during World War II. The internal stuffing can also be used to date the animals as all bears prior to 1960 were stuffed with wood-wool. Woodwool is a material made out of wood shavings that is often mistaken for straw. From 1960 to 1970 foam rubber and artificial stuffing was used. All bears since 1970 have been stuffed with synthetic fibers. At a recent estate sale in Overland Park, our team ran across a small collection of Steiff bears. All of them were made in the late 1980s and early 1990s, so they were definitely not antique and not even vintage by most standards. We sold all five bears for prices ranging from $65 - $110 each. As a comparative note, we usually sell stuffed animals for a dollar or two. Steiff animals are special in the stuffed animal market as almost all of their animals, whether made a few years ago or decades ago, have relatively high values. That said, it’s the oldies that can sell for some crazy amounts. Auction houses have sold pre-1940s Steiff bears in quality condition for anywhere from $2,000 to $30,000. One of the most notable Steiff auctions occurred in

2000 when a 1912 Titanic bear went up for auction by Christie’s. Only 600 were produced as mourning bears after the Titanic sank. This specific example was in excellent condition and sold for a whopping $121,724. So as you shop those garage sales, estate sales, and flea markets, don’t just search for the sterling mislabeled as plated, or the undiscovered classic first edition book. Take a moment and stick your finger in the left ear of that dusty old teddy bear up on the shelf. You never know what you might find, and if nothing else, maybe you can warm a child’s heart with a gift of a cuddly teddy bear.

he said^he said

If you had to live in a previous decade, which would you choose and why? I think that if I had to live in a previous decade of American history I would choose the Roaring Twenties. As anyone who attends our sales will know, I already have the wardrobe for it. From thin suits, to herringbone vests, to wide brimmed fedoras, I enjoy the 1920s look. You couldn’t be a man in that decade without a few good hats and I own seven fedoras and five flat caps. The 1920s was also a time when Jazz found its footing and gained national popularity, which as a KC native, I have to appreciate. All in all, the 1920s with its long, slick cars and speakeasy nights would have been a fun time to live.



Michael and James Fry are brothers and the owners of Brown Button Estate Sales. brownbutton.com sales@brownbutton.com Facebook Brown Button Pinterest BrownButtonCo Instagram brown_button Twitter brown_button YouTube thebrownbutton

From a design perspective, the 1950s would be an interesting decade to live. Furniture, art, ceramics—all of it took a new direction in style and form. Pioneers like the Eames’, Arne Jacobsen, and Harry Bertoia capitalized on the materials and techniques developed during WWII to create new masterpieces like the LCW, the Swan Chair, and the Diamond Chair. Today we’re seeing a massive resurgence of interest and focus on these designers’ work. New pieces being produced today are inextricably influenced by the designs of that era. Having a front row seat to such innovations as they were happening would be pretty fascinating to witness.



116 S. Independence St. Harrisonville, MO 64701


Open Friday-Saturday 11am–4pm & by appointment

Bring in this ad to receive 20% off one item in the shop. offer valid through 1/30/2016. Not valid on furniture purchases.

theroyalrelic.com theroyalrelic@gmail.com

vintagekc winter 2015


shop^gift guide

e d i u G t f i G l a c Lo 5 201 SWEET EARTH BEARD OIL | THE IMPERIAL DRIFTER GROOMING COMPANY imperialdrifter.com Raygun Sweet Earth Beard Oil is Imperial Drifter’s best selling beard oil. As complex as it is, Sweet Earth is also quite simple in its blending. The base scent of Sweet Orange is accented with the very deep and spicy tone of Clove Bud from Madagascar. A hint of camphor is added from Rosemary Leaf. The all-encompassing scent combination results in brightness, sweetness, spice and also has an “opening” quality. Sweet Earth Scent Notes: bright, sweet, grounding, spice, camphor, opening, earth, citrus. $1 from every purchase of Imperial Drifter products goes to The Lovin Soap Project to empower women! BABY BEANIE | STITCHES BY SARAH knitbysarah.etsy.com Stitches by Sarah creates all their own patterns and products. The AMOR beanie is knit with a hand-spun wool that is as soft as a cloud. It is available in newborn to toddler sizes. The detachable flower clip feature ruffled chiffon edges with pearls and rhinestones in the center. Several colors are available for the flower clip upon request. Image by Bebe Amour Photo by Leslie Lane, Benbrook, TX.

BRAZILIAN CHOCOLATE CANDY | SWEET KISS BRIGADEIRO sweetkissbrigadeiro.com Local Roots Market Sweet Kiss Brigadeiro offers an elegant line of handcrafted Brazilian chocolate candy with 16 different flavors including special flavors available only during the holiday season. They have a variety of sizes of gift boxes which makes a perfect holiday gift for anyone. Photo by Miria Vaz.


vintagekc winter 2015

MUSICAL INSTRUMENT JEWELRY | HANG UPS IN KC hangupsinkc.com These unique cufflinks feature keys from a retired saxophone. They measure 18mm and are silver plated. The necklace features a key from a retired clarinet that is dressed up with a pearl bead and filigree. The clarinet key hangs from an 18in silver-plated ball chain. A portion of proceeds goes to Band of Angels KC, a non-profit organization created by Meyer Music and Fox 4 that collects used instruments, repairs them when possible, and makes them available to kids in need so that they can join orchestra and band programs.

CAMP SITE SOY WAX CANDLE | BROWNING CO. browning-co.com Browning Co. loves the fresh but deep and earthy scents of dewy mornings in back-country. In creating the Camp Site candle they sought to capture a fragrance that is present and persistent but gentle enough to hint at the wet grass and wood without lingering longer than it’s welcome. Candles are hand poured in small batches using 100 percent kosher certified soy wax and therapeutic grade essential oils. Wicks are cotton core and produce no soot. Each 7.5 oz candle has an expected burn time of 40-50 hours.

vintagekc winter 2015


Gift Guide

BEEF BUTCHERS CUT TEA TOWEL | GREENBEEKC greenbeekc.com Bella Patina, Made in KC, Mid Coast Modern Give the perfect hostess gift or stocking stuffer this holiday season, like this screen printed flour sack towel with butcher’s cut design. GreenBeeKC has more than 30 fresh vintage designs available on tea towels, totes and aprons, all hand printed in Kansas City. SWEATSHIRT | KCPROUD kcproud.org Celebrate your home team in this super comfy off-the-shoulder KC Proud Hometown Sweatshirt. All KC Proud gear is designed and made locally. When you chose to purchase KC Proud products, you’re giving a gift to charity as well. KC Proud is committed to donating a portion of sales back to its community charity partners. Be part of the crowd that shows this city we are truly KC Proud!

MASON JAR CANDLE | WAX ALCHEMY waxalchemy.net Wax Alchemy makes candles in several different styles but their 8oz mason jars are a favorite for holiday gift giving. Made with all natural, domestically grown soy wax, leadfree wicks, and premium fragrance oils, these are candles you can feel good about burning in your home. Available in more than 20 scents.

INFINITY SCARF | EARTHEN VESSEL earthenvesselhm.com These cozy infinity scarves are handmade and created from recovered and upcycled linen and wool materials. Various styles and colors are available. Each scarf comes tied at the back with a leather ribbon and has a hand stamped leather brand tag.

BE HAPPY BODY LINE | BY B! BOUTIQUE bybboutique.com Shawnee By B! Boutique had local company Mixture create its signature scent Be Happy! A custom blend of citrus with a hint of surprise, the rich moisturizers contain shea butter, avocado oil and other hydrating oils. The line includes hand soap, sugar shine, bath bombs, soap bar, shea lotion and also candles.


vintagekc winter 2015

Road trip!

ell flickr.com/williamcresw

SALSA | DRAGONFLY GOURMET FOODS dragonflygourmetfoods.com Junque Drawer, Katy Depot, Olive Tree, Shatto Milk Country Store, The General Store & Co., The Sundry Dragonfly Gourmet Foods offers a line of three gourmet salsas using roma tomatoes and all natural ingredients and spices. With three flavors: Mild, Hot and Devils Spit, there is spice level fit for everyone. This rich, flavorful salsa combines with peppers, onions and spices to bring you a delicious salsa fit for any occasion. No preservatives, no additives, and no added sugar. Along with the salsa all products including pickles, relish, marinara, and spreads are handmade in small batches using high quality, all-natural ingredients.

The “Kansas” Antique Shop What antique shops were meant to be



317 COMMERCIAL ST. Specializing in authentic antiques full of history, character, charm and craftsmanship.

URBAN METALS JEWELRY COLLECTION | ARTISTIC WORKS BY LU artisticworksbylu.com Leavenworth The Urban Metals Collection is the perfect combination of aged silver, brass and copper chains, crystal rosaries, deerskin leather and charms. With this collection you never have to worry about whether to go silver or gold, just mix them together for a chic look.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 10am-5pm 620.412.2759 • paper-moon-antiques.com

vintagekc winter 2015


Gift Guide FOREVER ROYAL BRACELET | WHISKEY AND BONE whiskeyandbone.etsy.com The Forever Royal bracelet was created when the Royals won their final game of the ALCS. After the Royals went on to win the World Series, two more color choices were added. This bracelet has become a must have for all Kansas City baseball fans. Bracelet is available in aluminum, brass and copper. TINY CHARM NECKLACES | RAKUN SHOP rakunshop.etsy.com A Cup on the Hill, Bonfire, Eclectics, Luna Coffeehouse, Ugly Glass and Co., Very Violet Stuff your loved ones’ stockings with affordable necklace notes from Rakun! The tiny charms are made from original photographs, paintings, and vintage fabric collage, and come ready to gift with a cute note card and envelope. With designs ranging from popular Kansas City styles to playful kittens, bunnies, and smiling fruit, there’s something for everyone on your list!

DUAL BIRTHSTONE RINGS | MEADOWBELLE MARKET meadowbellemarket.etsy.com These dual birthstone rings are 14k gold filled metal and also available in solid 14k gold or sterling silver. Double birthstones are perfectly paired any way you’d like in this dainty, modern gold ring. Your two little stones may represent children, lovers, sisters, best friends—or simply select your favorite colors! The options are endless and it’s your choice with all twelve birthstones represented. At a tiny 3mm, it pairs beautifully with a second dual birthstone ring, any of Meadowbelle Market’s other stacking rings or single birthstone rings.


vintagekc winter 2015

KC WORLD CHAMPIONS T-SHIRT | OCEAN AND SEA oceanandsea.com Bonfire, Bunker, Goldie & Myrtle’s, Hand & Land, Hobbs, Made in KC, Mid Coast Modern, Westside Storey Celebrate the 1985 and 2015 Kansas City World Champions with Ocean & Sea. Printed on the softest tri-blend tee you’ve ever felt, you can dream again with this made in the USA and printed in KC product line. Soak it up, now available online.

! p i r T Day


12 Vintage Antique Shops and Boutiques

BLUE AGATE NECKLACE | PEBBLES + GOLD pebblesandgold.com Phoenix Art Gallery (Lawrence and Plaza) This large 3in. blue agate is edged in gold on an adjustable 33in. gold mixed metal chain. Agates’ ability to protect and heal is unlike any other stone. It promotes calm and tranquility, reduces nervousness and soothes anger. Custom chains can be ordered in gold filled and sterling silver. All pieces are one-of-a-kind.

30 miles SW of KC on


Front Porch Antiques Christy’s Market Antiques Our House Runneth Over Antiques Country Living Classic Elements Vintage Main Street Antiques and Furniture Papa’s Attic Antiques and Memorabilia Ottawa Antique Mall Sugar Creek Market The Pink Suitcase Primitive Treasures Zoe’s Bowtique NO PLACE LIKE KC PILLOW | NOT FOR HIPSTERS notforhipsters.etsy.com Bonfire, Frankly Basic, Mid Coast Modern, Urban Provisions There really is no place like home with this statement pillow. Available in multiple colors, the pillow case fits standard 20in. x 20in. decorative pillows. Order just the case or with filler (filler contains duck feathers). This design is also available as a t-shirt!

Franklin County Visitor’s Bureau | visitottawakansas.com/antiques Ottawa Main Street Association | ottawamainstreet.org Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce | ottawakansas.org Download the Ottawa app: Search “Ottawa KS”

vintagekc winter 2015


Gift Guide

GUITAR STRING NAPKIN RINGS | FABTABULOUS fabtabulous.etsy.com These eco-friendly napkin rings are handmade from post-consumer guitar strings and lots of bling. Each set contains four mix and match rings ... a chic way to set the table. Fabtabulous makes jewelry, napkin rings, and wine charms, and each item is made with repurposed items such as guitar strings, vintage buttons, zippers, bullets and soda tabs.

Come see what’s new for the holidays!


vintagekc winter 2015

BABY LEG WARMERS | THE SOCK SISTERS thesocksisters.com By B! Boutique, Scheels, Studio 1404 These cozy knit leg warmers make a great gift idea, and keep those baby legs warm! Many more styles of boot socks and leg warmers are available in womens’, kids’ and baby sizes. Find your favorite Kansas City sports team colors too!

KC COASTERS | COASTERS TO COASTERS coasterstocoasters.etsy.com Cameron’s Home Furnishings, Encore Unique Boutique, Genevieve’s Home and Handmade, Junque Drawer Boutique, Made in KC, The Middle KC, TeaElla, Urban Trader, Ugly Glass and Co., Westside Storey These coasters feature all original photography that is distressed and enhanced to give a nostalgic feel to places around Kansas City. Each image is printed on a high-quality paper and then hand-torn and placed on a natural tumbled marble tile with a full cork backing. Three layers of sealant (soy-based/ eco-friendly) are applied by hand to each coaster. The last coat is another silicone layer for extra protection. Since each image is hand torn, each coaster is one of a kind! All hand made here in the KC area!

PUMPKIN SPICE CANDLE | MILK AND HONEY CANDLES milkandhoneycandles.com Bella B Décor, Made on Mass, Rosehill Gardens in Town Center, The Painted Sofa, Whole Foods Market (Olathe) Milk and Honey Candles’ Pumpkin Spice Candle is sugar, spice and everything nice. Mouthwatering notes of nutmeg and cinnamon make this pumpkin candle good enough to eat. It is handmade in small batches with pure soy wax with a 100 percent cotton wick in a reusable 8oz. amber glass jar. Enjoy 60 hours of soot-free, clean-burning and phthalate-free fragrance.

Find your own look by recycling some amazing lifestyles from the past!

115 W. 5th St. Kansas City, MO 64105 816-221-0220 customerservice@rivermarketantiquemall.com RiverMarketAntiques Open daily 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

vintagekc winter 2015


Gift Guide

ROMAN FENNEL HANDMADE SOAP | MILK AND HONEY NATURALS milkandhoneynaturals.net Milagro Midwestern Spa and Collective An intoxicatingly sweet pure blend of roman fennel essential oil and apricot seed powder, this handmade soap helps to fight cellulite, tension and stress, as well as lightly exfoliate. It is detergent free, sulfate free, phthalate free, petrochemical free and paraben free! Every product is carefully and individually wrapped by hand using only eco-friendly materials and presented like delicate little presents, perfect for the holidays!

OPEN EVERY WEEKEND in the west bottoms


Vintage records Mid Century industrial Modern

retro FRI/SAT 10-5 SUN 11-5 1st Friday weekend Fri 8:30-6 Sat 9-6 Sun 11-5 1412 W. 12th St., KCMO 816-471-1412 | facebook.com/TheSPACEat1412


vintagekc winter 2015

1738 SHIRT | RUBIA ROJO rubiarojo.com This RubiaRojo original is a tribute to the 2015 World Series Champion Kansas City Royals and the entire team’s obsession with all things 1738. Printed on the softest shirt tee you will ever own, this shirt will make you swear off regular cotton forever.

KC WINE BOTTLE SET | DRUNKEN DESIGNS drunkendesigns.etsy.com Add some character to your home and show your KC pride with this wine bottle set. They work great as home accents on bookshelves, mantles, or table center pieces.

KANSAS CITY WOOD PENNANT | KOLORIZE kolorize.etsy.com Show your hometown pride with this wooden pennant cut from 1/2in.-thick birch veneer plywood. It’s stained a dark walnut color and measures 18in. long and 8in. tall.

∙ Custom furniture painting ∙ Monthly Pinterest-inspired classes ∙ Home decor ∙ Custom shirts 449 S. Thompson Street, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024 Thefarmhouseesmo@gmail.com ∙ 816-476-2077 Hours: Thurs. 10 am - 2 pm ∙ Sat. and Sun. 10 am - 5 pm

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^vintage spaces

new life for an old house 1800s charm meets a bustling family of seven in historic downtown Liberty



n 1868, there lived a man and his family in a red brick house on the edge of Liberty, MO. Horses roamed around the surrounding acres and a mill sat just a few hundred feet away. Train tracks ran nearby that are still being used today. The man worked at the local Jesse James bank down the hill—that Jesse James himself robbed—as a secretary. The house stayed in the same family line for years until they could no longer care for it. Almost 150 years later, and after decades of weathering and neglect, Brooke and Justin Ricklef, along with their five children, took the house under their wings and turned it into a home again.


vintagekc winter 2015

The exterior of the Ricklef’s 1868 home is as grand as the day it was built with its brick exterior and beautiful doorways. Inside, the entryway showcases a magnificent staircase, beautifully refinished floors and soaring ceilings with a view into the perfectly remodeled kitchen.

vintagekc winter 2015


The living room is bright and yet cozy with its large windows, neutral palette and plush seating. Carefully placed winter and holiday decorations sparkle amidst everyday items.

“Our biggest goal was to find a house that our children could grow up in,” Brooke said. “Somewhere we could grow roots.” After living most of their lives in cookie-cutter suburbia, Brooke and Justin were ready to try something different. The family often spent their Sunday afternoons driving around town together trying to find their perfect family home. One day they came across an old, boarded up brick house near downtown Liberty. It just so happened that a family friend had purchased the house and planned to renovate it. At this time, the house had been vacant for 10 years—and it showed. Once they were convinced to take a tour of the house, Justin bit the bullet and took the first look while Brooke waited in the car with the kids. “It was pretty scary looking at first. It was dark, dingy, and just wood and bricks. I remember him coming out and his eyes were huge,” Brooke said. “I thought ‘oh, gosh, that’s either good or bad.’” It was good. About a month later, all of the papers were signed and the house was theirs. Then the real fun began. The entire house was updated according to historical codes in order to preserve the


vintagekc winter 2015

site. Brooke said people from around the area would stop by the house to volunteer their services. Many of these people were history buffs who wanted to make their mark on the house. Or, they were simply local neighbors who wanted to see the house shine again. She said if the volunteers had been paid for their help, then it would have cost more than $1 million in labor alone. After everything was up to code, the house was essentially a blank palette for the Ricklefs to make their mark. They mixed a little modern with a little bit of old all while keeping the house’s history. It soon became the best of both worlds. “We did our best to honor the story of the house,” Brooke said. “The previous family deserved that. This was their life and we wanted to keep their life alive.” Pieces of the house’s old life can be found all over the home. When first walking into the house, guests are greeted with a grand dark-wood staircase that curves up to the second floor. Brooke said the 147-year-old staircase didn’t need any additional work, surprisingly. The staircase was so wellmade that a structural engineer the family hired said he had never seen such well-thought out construction when it came

The kitchen is open and airy with dark-grouted tile, farmhouse sink, marble countertops and butcher block island. The large marble slab accommodates all five of the Ricklef’s children.

vintagekc winter 2015


At left: Just outside the kitchen and living room is the side entry to the house, a converted porch featuring a breakfast nook, gorgeous wood ceilings and painted brick. Below: The dining room is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine with its crystal chandelier, expansive wood table, metal chairs and glittering winter centerpiece.

to antique staircases. Original floors lie throughout the house, with just a few updated sections here and there. In the 1920s, the original family turned the house into four separate apartment homes. The doors, locks and hinges, covered in layers of paint now, from these apartments are still being used in the house. The original single-pane windows were salvaged and reused, which is why it tends to get fairly cold in the house in the winter, Brooke said. Her kids love to draw pictures and write their names in the frost when the temperature is just cold enough.


vintagekc winter 2015

Upstairs, the kids’ play room is fun and functional, and you can’t beat the view down the staircase! The master bedroom on the first floor is pretty with a grand bed befitting the feel of the house.

“Our kids seem more like kids here,” Brooke said. “That’s all we’ve ever wanted.” The house also came with some hidden gems of the past. In the back of the house, sits an old smokehouse where the original family would smoke meats. It eventually became a mass storage room for the original family. When the Ricklefs came across the room they found a treasure trove of priceless antique items that they restored and placed around the home. 100-year old cabinets are being used as a bathroom vanity, along with one in the dining room. The house’s original kitchen sink is now a bathroom sink. Two rusty claw-footed bathtubs are now shiny, perfect additions to their children’s bathrooms. Brooke said that during construction, an area of the floor had to be replaced because of some flooding. Underneath the old floor boards, they found antique glass marbles. A little while later, a family friend walked around the property with a metal detector. They found old horse shoes, handmade nails and even a 1908 coin. “It makes you think what else could be hidden in the walls and floors,” Brooke said. “I’m sure we’ll find more surprises.” vintagekc winter 2015


In addition to the play room, the upstairs level of the Ricklefs’ house features four bedrooms and three bathrooms, with the same soaring ceilings as the main level and plenty of charm. The eldest and youngest daughters share a jack-and-jill bath between pretty, neutral bedrooms.


vintagekc winter 2015

Two middle daughters share a bedroom the mirror image of the master below it with tons of room to live and play. An original claw foot tub fits just right in their fresh, remodeled bathroom.

vintagekc winter 2015


A converted porch was a great fit for the Ricklefs’ only son. Exposed brick, anchors of black paint and plenty of sports and bugs accent the boyish charm. In the bathroom, the original kitchen sink sits atop a salvaged piece of furniture found in the house.


vintagekc winter 2015

^designing with deb

Q: How do I extend my vintage winter décor past the holidays?


intage inspired holiday decorating is probably the easiest way to incorporate the yummy finds you have been collecting and curating all year long. Whether your ideal look is minimal or more-is-more, just remember to highlight some important areas inside your home that make you feel good and comfortable, and you will guarantee the same welcome to guests all season long. Front door: Fresh greenery (sprays or wreaths) can be found in your own yard or even your big box store. Add in a few items from your collectables stash—anything from pinecones, to photographs, to jewelry. What better way to welcome people throughout the holiday season than to have a blinged-out wreath? Take an oval antique silver tray, add greenery and a bow. Once Christmas is over, change the bow to white and it can stay the rest of the winter. Mantel: You can always do the traditional greenery, but wouldn’t this be a great way to focus on a vintage mercury glass collection of candlesticks, bowls or vases? Also take advantage of any opportunity to have a fire going. Nothing conveys a literal warm welcome better than a cozy fire burning. Foyer stairway: Rustic burlap woven in and around with sprigs of holly in a foyer is a great way to display a collection of vintage decorations that aren’t necessarily Christmas items. You can comfortably leave them up into the new year. Also look around for some of those amazing containers (anything from crates to chicken feeders) you’ve been collecting and tossed down in your basement. Now is the time to pull them out and add luxurious throws and pillows to grab on a frosty night. You can place it at the base of your stairway. Table top: If you have a formal dining area, always keep two placesettings out. Go all out: chargers, layers of dishes (mix and match), silver (go to the thrift store or antique mall), and glassware. They don’t have to be matching sets, but they must complement each other. Lighting is everything. Set candles on small mirrors; the reflection of the light off the mirrors is enchanting. You may have a collection of Moravian stars. All sizes and colors would be great. A couple of Amaryllis flowers would be terrific here. Kitchen: You can never go wrong with potted herbs or ornamental peppers. I’m a firm believer in decorating for the senses. Keep some citrus fruits around to toss into a pot (or maybe an antique teapot) of water with some cloves and cinnamon sticks. Bathroom: Nothing is more inviting that a clean, fresh-smelling bathroom—whether you are going in for a quick break or a leisurely soak after a long day of shoveling snow or shopping. Rather than going red and green, take this time to make everything white: towels, rugs, candles, everything. You can swap out pictures you have hanging throughout your home year-round with some of your favorite flea find frames showcasing some vintage-inspired giftwrap—easy and inexpensive. Whatever you do this holiday season, do it with comfort, do it with flair, do it with love, and share your time with a friend. Peace and blessings to all of our readers and here’s to an even brighter 2016!

Deb Vogler

There is a great balance of dark and light in the Ricklefs’ home. A chest in the downstairs converted porch stands out against the white brick wall. Above, a cabinet in the kitchen was found and refinished with the finest attention to detail.

The family has only lived in the house for about a year. Brooke said she thinks it’s turned into the perfect home for her bustling family. What first started out as a somewhat “scary” endeavor and leap of faith has turned into something of which they could only dream. They went from impeccable and modern in new development, to mature and flawed with a story. And they haven’t looked back since. “There’s going to be some cracks and imperfections throughout the house,” Brooke said. “That’s what we really love about it.”


Samantha is a freelance writer and editor in Kansas City. She’s a recent University of Kansas journalism graduate (go Jayhawks!) who can be found buried in a good book, traveling the country, and even world, or wandering around Kansas City.


Deb Vogler has been creating her own brand of Comfort by Design for more than 15 years. She deals with all aspects of design, from budgeting, to floor plans (renovation or new construction), to furniture, to color at her full-scale design firm. Have a designing question for Deb? Send it to debvogler@msn.com.

vintagekc winter 2015


^vintage fashion

Winter Whites Stay classy KC, with a palette of crisp, rich and bright whites.



vintagekc vintagekc winter winter 2015 2015

On Lacey Top, Target; skirt, fur, necklace, clutch, Vintage Vogue Apparel; hairpiece, Lillie Jacson; shoes, model’s.

On Amber Headpiece, Lillie Jacson; cardigan, shoes, belt, dress, earrings, Vintage Vogue Apparel; tights, Target.

vintagekc vintagekc winter winter 2015 2015


On Linda Headpiece, Lillie Jacson; shorts, top, Re-Runs Vintage; coat, belt, earrings, Vintage Vogue Apparel; shoes, model’s; leggings, LuLaRoe.


vintagekc vintagekc winter winter 2015 2015

On Jozzi Coat, skirt, bag, earrings, Vintage Vogue Apparel; top, Re-Runs Vintage; tights, model’s; shoes, stylist’s. vintagekc vintagekc winter winter 2015 2015


On Amber Coat, sweater, skirt, earrings, Vintage Vogue Apparel; shoes, model’s.


vintagekc vintagekc winter winter 2015 2015

On Lacey Dress, coat, earrings, belt, necklace, Vintage Vogue Apparel; shoes, tights, stylist’s.

vintagekc vintagekc winter winter 2015 2015


On Jozzi Top, muff, earrings, Vintage Vogue Apparel; pants, Re-Runs Vintage; shoes, tights, model’s.


vintagekc winter 2015

On Linda Cardigan, coat, purse, necklace, belt, Vintage Vogue Apparel; skirt, Re-Runs Vintage; shoes, model’s.

vintagekc winter 2015





Our creative people take on the trend of the season

Give your black and white photos a modern makeover with a pop of color! Choose your favorite vintage photos and scan them into digital form and save them. Remember, the higher the resolution you choose to scan with, the better print quality you’ll get later. Head over to picmonkey.com and upload the digital photos. Choose the “Warhol” effect from the editor selections and play around with 100s of color options to make your photos one of a kind. Save your work and print them out for an easy update to traditional black and white film. Jamie, Kolorize kolorize.etsy.com


vintagekc winter 2015

This project taught me that it’s very easy to transfer a simple copy paper print to any substrate with the help of Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium (the hardest part is waiting 24 hours for the medium to dry). I found photos of my parents as kids, and thought they’d work perfectly for this project. I reversed the photos in my design software, and printed them on my black and white printer. I then transferred them to 8in x 10in canvases using the transfer medium and a spackling spatula. Once the medium was dry, I scrubbed off the paper with a wet sponge to reveal the finished product. I love how the transfer medium helps play up the vintage look of these photos which have found a home in our built-in shelves in the living room. For the step-by-step tutorial, visit OhSoLovelyBlog.com and search for “Photo Transfer” in the right-hand search bar. Audrey, Oh So Lovely ohsolovelyblog.com

I created this banner as an anniversary gift for my sister and brother-in-law using their wedding photos. I thought they could either hang it up and enjoy it everyday, or just bring it out and use it to celebrate their anniversary each year. Fabric photo banners can be a fun and unique way to display old photos or used for celebrations. Another idea is to take this process and create fabric photo garland for the Christmas tree or mantel. The options are endless and this craft can easily be customized to your liking. Have fun with it and enjoy! For the full tutorial on this project, visit vintagekcmag.com/diy. Abbie, The Marshall Made Co. marshallmade.co

vintagekc winter 2015


This is my Grandma Kathy’s senior portrait. I think she is one of the most beautiful women in the world and I’ve admired this photo since I was a kid. I transferred a scanned version of her photo onto fabric using my printer and added some embroidery to embellish it. My Grandma is a cross-stitcher and I am an embroidery artist so adding the stitches and framing it in an embroidery hoop added some special touches. Find more embroidery resources at my website below. Kristen, Hey Paul Studios heypaulstudios.com

Rndas foristheedWondinerfullCy Spooiltted oHonme Fi

Phyllis Fox, proprietor

-225-6026 y), Raymore, MO 816 200 N. Madison (58 Hw iz n.b otto inc sed rai . Wed-Sat 10 a.m. - 5 p.m

913-209-9479 6009 Johnson Dr. Mission, KS vintagemissionkc.com


vintagekc winter 2015

Personalize your Christmas tree this year with ornaments crafted from old photos. For a little twist, aluminum cookie cutters serve as the frames for the photos. To make these cookie cutter ornaments, line up a cookie cutter on top of an old photo. Trace along the outside edge of the cookie cutter with a pen or pencil. Carefully cut along your traced outline. Next, take school glue and squeeze out a thin layer along the edge of the cookie cutter. Place the cookie cutter glue side down on top of the photo you just cut out. Let it dry. Finish off the ornament by threading a needle with baker’s twine, poking a hole through the top of the photo and pulling the thread through. Tie a knot and you’re done! Kirsten, Red Leaf Style redleafstyle.com

Funky, Junky, Repurposed & Unique studio11boutique


606 Commercial Street • Emporia, KS studio11boutique.com

vintagekc winter 2015


Tabitha specializes in all types of hair—but most importantly— healthy hair! Recently Tabitha launched a new and improved way of protecting your beautiful hair with "Wraps by Tabitha" For more information: wrapsbytabitha.com facebook.com/wrapsbytabitha


vintagekc winter 2015


I never really thought about many uses for contact paper there are until I started this project. I knew it was used to line cabinets, or label children’s desks at school, but this project really got my wheels turning with many possibilities! Who knew that a photo copy of an old photo, contact paper, water and scissors could make such a wonderful lasting memory? Honestly, a photo copy of anything would work for this project—a cherished letter for a hurricane vase, a memorable addressed envelope for a large votive holder—anything. I love displaying my mother’s childhood in this creative way, and I can’t wait to make more! See the instructions for this project at vintagekcmag.com/diy. Calli, fashion director VintageKC Magazine





6th 2016




featuring Bernice Radle, co-host of HGTV’s American Rehab: Buffalo

Family is everything to me and I am proud of and thankful for where I came from. Any chance I get to honor my ancestry is dear to my heart. This project was by far the easiest I’ve ever done for the magazine and quite possibly my favorite! The hardest part is finding old watches to dismantle. I swear I’ve seen hundreds of them at estate sales, but you know, when you’re actually looking for something, it can be harder to find. I ended up finding one of these at Savers and one at an antique mall in Missouri on my way back from Branson. All you need to do is pop off the back of the watch, pull out the innards (hold on to the plastic brace inside to hold your picture in place later) and insert a tiny printout of an old photo. These were about 0.75in. tall. The photos are of my grandma and her grandma, and I love carrying them around with me and being reminded of their lives so easily. Erin, editor VintageKC Magazine Tickets available on Eventbrite.com at “Old House Expo 2016”

Hosted by Young Preservationists KC

816.931.8448 www.historickansascity.org This workshop is partially funded by a grant from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, State Historic Preservation Office and the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service. Grant awards do not imply an endorsement of contents by the grantor. Federal laws prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, handicap or ethnicity. For more information, write to the Office of Equal Opportunity U.S Department of the Interior, Washington D.C. 20240

Follow @vintagekc on Pinterest for more crafting inspiration. Everything from offices to kitchens, from weddings to fashion, from lights to do-it-yourself projects. For these and other old photo ideas, visit pinterest.com/vintagekc/old-photos.

vintagekc winter 2015


do^dustin’s diy Difficulty MODERATE Time MILD Cost MILD


on a shelf Build this lovely letter shelf with scraps of wood for $5!

By Dustin Bates


henever we’re scouring the aisles of Habitat for Humanity Restore for items we can transform, we always look for scraps of wood. Buying wood new can be expensive, but we scored all the pieces in the before shot below for a mere $5! The pieces were in a bin with a bunch of other trim and spindles and odds and ends, so it might take a little patience to find as many pieces as you need, but at that price, we’re OK with digging. I love the idea of reusing good solid wood—and keeping it out of landfills—for projects like this shelf. With a little time and planning, you could turn almost any word into a shelf that really is a work of art. We left this one raw wood because we loved the rustic knots, but you could stain or paint any piece to fit your décor.









11.5” 12”

12” 16”





vintagekc winter 2015

Measure, mark and cut all the scrap pieces to needed measurements.

Cut the pieces for the letter V at the same angle on the ends

Lay the pieces out to ensure you like the alignment and don’t need to make adjustments

Secure each joint with two screws per board. Pre-drill the holes to ensure you do not split the wood.

Dustin’s DIY is sponsored by Habitat for Humanity Kansas City Restore. Dustin started Varsity Construction after graduating college in 2005. He builds new construction and remodels homes. He also builds small furniture pieces in his spare time. Connect with him at facebook.com/varsityconstllc.

vintagekc winter 2015



Burgundy Simple, good design meets functionality and craftsmanship

VKC: Why did you start Burgundy Circus? Mike: I got started after finding true appreciation for American made goods from the likes of Wood & Faulk, Strawfoot, and Ewing Dry Goods. I knew these guys sewed and hand stitched all of their canvas and leather goods and decided to give it a shot. I had a sewing machine lying around so I Youtube’d a video and sewed my first camo twill weekender bag about 3 years ago, and that bag is still being used to this day. The same with the leather goods, bought a side of leather, bought some basic tools and I’ve been using the first ever made slim card wallet for 3 years now. VKC: What inspires you? Mike: Good, clean, simple design inspires me. I’m not flashy and neither are my products. I try and let the quality and craftsmanship speak for itself. VKC: What do you love about KC? Mike: What I love about KC is the camaraderie between makers. I have never met another maker that isn’t willing to provide information or give a shout out about another maker’s goods. I probably talk more about other makers products than I do my own! VKC: What challenges have you faced? Mike: The challenges have been just


vintagekc winter 2015


breaking into the market and informing people on handmade quality versus big box store products. Also living in south KC has made it tough to get taken seriously as a true maker. I think there is so much talent in every corner of this city and we’re going to see a lot more of it unveiled as time goes on. VKC: What is your favorite part of being a small business owner? Mike: Favorite part of owning a small business is just being able to create without having to have 16 meetings or conference calls to beat it to death. You just sit down and make it while it’s still fresh, and tweak it as you go to make it better. VKC: Why Burgundy Circus? Mike: As I was designing and painting my son’s nursery in 2005 my mom came for a visit to check out the progress. I had painted big, bold, vertical burgundy and cream stripes and she made the comment that it reminded her of a burgundy circus tent, and on that very day the name was born. I sat on it forever and in 2013 made it the proper business name of Burgundy Circus Hardgoods—Purveyors Of 100% Handmade Usable Goods came true.


For more information, visit bchardgoods.com.

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