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Naples Ecig Shop to Enter the CBD Oil Space with Awesome New Products - Vintage Joye™ CBD Organics For several years now, people who wanted to experience vaping as a community – and purchase some of the highest quality products available in the United States – have turned to Vintage Joye. This Naples-based company not only owns an e-cigarette and vaping lounge, but they also provide some of the country’s best e-liquids, mods, and e-cigarettes. Recently, Vintage Joye announced its intention to enter the CBD oil space with a variety of products under the name Vintage Joye™ CBD Organics. CBD oil, sometimes called hemp oil, stands for cannabidiol – one of the active substances in the hemp and marijuana plant family. Cannabidiol is not the agent responsible for producing the psychoactive effects; these are the result of another compound called THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is prevalent in many strains of marijuana, but not hemp. In fact, it’s THC that separates hemp from marijuana, even though they’re in the same family of plants. The CBD oil being offered by Vintage Joye is among the purest in the nation. While many vendors have worked to increase THC and decrease CBD in their oils, Vintage Joye worked to do the opposite and completely remove THC from their products. Numerous studies have proven the benefits of cannabidiol, and these include pain relief, reduced anxiety, a reduction in inflammation throughout the body, antipsychotic effects, cancer-fighting properties, and even anticonvulsant properties. Studies are ongoing, but there is more than enough evidence to suggest that CBD can benefit almost anyone, regardless of their current health or their unique needs. As marijuana becomes more socially accepted, both in medical and recreational terms, many people understand that not everyone tolerates the effects of THC. That’s why Vintage Joye’s laboratory has worked so very hard to create pure CBD oil by removing every trace of THC. Vintage Joye Vapor Lounge makes no claims as to the efficacy of our products or the use of CBD in treating or combating the symptoms of any of the below medical conditions which has been revealed in a simple internet search for CBD benefits. About the Company: Vintage Joye is a vaping lounge located in Naples, Florida that offers the community an opportunity to come together and enjoy the world’s most popular alternative to smoking. They serve beer, wine, and champagne in their beautifully themed establishment, and they also sell some of the finest juices, mods, and vaping accessories available today through their website.

Naples Ecig Shop to Enter the CBD Oil Space with Awesome New Products - Vintage Joye™ CBD Organics