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THE WIPER The Newsletter of the Gore Branch of the Vintage Car Club of NZ (Inc.)

April 2020

The April Branch meeting has been CANCELLED

MEETINGS: SECOND TUESDAY of the month – Covid-19 permitting! at the Clubrooms, Waimea Street, Gore Branch telephone number: 03 208 7424

2019-2020 Committee and Officers Branch Patrons Chairman Vice Chairman Secretary Treasurer Club Captain Assistant Club Captains

Neil McVicar, Ray Tressler Greg Elder Paul Herron Bill Ainge Tim Walsh John Parish Rod Bell Charlie Davis Greg Elder Ray Taylor Branch Recorder (Wiper Editor) David North Assistant Branch Recorder Position not filled at present House Convenor Des Brewster Assistant House Convenor Paul Corcoran Social Committee Beb Kennedy, David McDowell, Russell Newland Beaded Wheels Reporter Jim McFadzien Festival Rally Organiser Denis Knight Assistant Rally Organiser Vacant Bar Manager Chris Scoles Assistant Bar Manager Murray Proctor Maintenance Supervisor Keith Nunn Maintenance Assistants Bill Ainge, Barry Clearwater, Keith Dodds, Russell Newland, Ken Youngson Swapmeet & Parts Gerry Kennedy Swapmeet & Parts Assistants Barry Clearwater, Paul Corcoran, Evan Henderson, Bryan Neilson Hill Climb Evan Henderson Hill Climb Assistant Stewart Quertier Sheriff Denis Knight Librarian Stewart Quertier Raffles Starr McDougall National Delegate David North Privacy Officer Bill Ainge Health & Safety Officer Murray Low Museum & HPV David McDowell Tuesday Ramble Co-ordinator Gerry Kennedy Branch Daffodil Day Co-ordinator John Tremaine Vehicle Identity Card signatories Evan Henderson, John Parish, John Tremaine Front cover picture: Spotted on the internet by a wife. The Editor


(03) 202 5710 (03) 208 6121 (03) 208 9877 (03) 208 3531 (03) 208 5505 027 229 2191 027 451 5234 (03) 202 5710 027 696 2965 021 172 3281 (03) 208 1960 (03) 208 6862

(03) 208 0121 (03) 208 5404 (03) 208 0052 (03) 208 4768 (03) 208 5403

027 233 4634

(03) 208 6479 (03) 208 7932 (03) 208 5404 (03) 208 7932 (03) 208 5450 021 172 3281 (03) 208 4007 (03) 208 6791 027 233 4634 (03) 208 9670

Covid-19 and The Wiper With the move to Level 4, the printers of The Wiper have had to close. I will not be able to get any further issues printed until the printers re-open but will carry on doing the best I can with whatever material I receive and distributing copies electronically. Many of you are already receiving either an emailed copy or the link to the online version. The latest copy is also available on the VCC website here: http://vcc.org.nz/news-from-our-branches/ Please continue to send me stories, recipes etc. as I will need them!! Email version of The Wiper A reminder for the computer whizz-kids out there. The Wiper is also available by email; either as a link to an online version or as an emailed pdf file. The pictures are in colour, it arrives earlier and the hyperlinks work too! Just send me your email address if you would like to try this. The Editor


Important Message from the President

Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Incorporated Dear Member As you will be aware the COVID-19 crisis has had an impact on almost every aspect of life in New Zealand and the Vintage Car Club is no exception. This unprecedented and previously unimaginable situation is evolving daily, if not hourly. I sent an email out to branches on Tuesday advising that it was important that we took our time to evaluate options and to make the right decisions for our members, rather than knee jerk reactions. You will be aware that the Government has now issued a ban on groups exceeding 100 in number but that may be reduced further going forward. Expert advice is saying that the peak of the pandemic could possibly be as late as August. The Management Committee of the Vintage Car Club held an emergency meeting last night to discuss the crisis and the effects on upcoming national and branch events. In relation to the Vero International Festival of Historic Motoring, in conjunction with the Festival Director Greg Terrill, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the Festival until early 2022. This decision was not taken lightly. Due to the uncertainty around how long it will take for the pandemic to run its course and the potential of facing a financial loss, if due to lack of entries the event had to be cancelled, it is the right decision to make. The Executive Meeting which was due to be held in Wellington on Saturday 28 March is also cancelled and we have also decided that our National Day Daffodil Rally will also not go ahead for 2020. 4

I also had no option yesterday but to cancel the National North Island Easter Rally and by now all entrants should have been directly contacted by the event organisers. During the next week or so we will be contacting the organisers of national events that are being held later this year and early next year to discuss what options we have in relation to those events. We will keep you posted on that. Because the International Rally will now not be held in 2021 it does give us room to move national events into next year. Some branches have already made the hard decision to cancel meetings, club nights, branch runs and events and even to postpone annual general meetings. A communication has gone out to all branches today with a strong recommendation that they also review all of their events with a view to cancelling or postponing them, at least until the end of June or until the situation improves. The club website and Facebook page along with branch websites will keep you updated and the next issue of Beaded Wheels will have up-to-date information as of going to print. I hope you understand the reason for these actions. Over half of our members are in the high risk bracket in terms of this pandemic. The cancellation of events now will mean that we’ve done our very best to keep our members safe. Best regards and stay safe.

Diane Quarrie National President


Chairman's Report April 2020 The past month has been very busy with many events taking place. The Clearwater Capers run organised by Charlie Davis was to Mandeville with a look through the Aviation Museum and Colin Smith’s workshop, then on to John Tremaine’s collection. The following weekend was the Frank Robson Memorial Rally organised by John and Katy Parish and followed the proposed route for the National Veteran Rally. The Branch Swap meet was a big success with many stalls, big crowd and lovely weather. A big thank you to all members and crew involved in running these events. I enjoyed all the above events plus the Invercargill Club’s annual Veteran Rally to Riverton. All the best to member Ray Taylor who has moved over to the upper West Coast. Trust everybody stays fit and healthy and un-affected by the Covid-19 virus that is multiplying around the world. Don’t forget – follow the Government’s guidelines to keep yourself safe. Happy Motoring Greg Elder


Club Captain’s Report April 2020 Covid-19 has certainly changed a lot of things in the last week and VCC activities are amongst the changes. The Ladies Run was the first to be postponed followed by the Tuesday Ramble and the April meeting night. We will have an Executive meeting instead to deal with correspondence and accounts. Our best approach seems to be to react as changes occur so, at this stage, we have not cancelled the Night Trial or End of Season Run but if Covid-19 carries on these may also have to be cancelled. National Office has advised the North Island Easter Rally is off, the Daffodil Rally is off and the Vero International Rally is postponed until 2022. All I can say is stay safe, keep well and we will update you each month in The Wiper. (And by email if anything is urgent. The Editor) On a more normal note, we enjoyed a short run to Mandeville on the 1st of March for the Clearwater Capers. Thanks to Charlie Davis for organising this event. We visited the Croydon Aircraft Museum, Colin Smith’s workshop and the sheds of John and Mary Tremaine. There is always something new to see and this time it was great to view the Willowbank Windmill that is under restoration. The last time it was put up the wind blew it down in a matter of days. This time they will have it permanently feathered at an angle to the wind to keep its speed down. They also are restoring the pumping gear and will have that all connected up so that it is under load and this will also help control the speed of the windmill. Look for a report later in The Wiper. Sunday the 8th of March was the Frank Robson Memorial Rally and 13 cars assembled at the clubrooms, of which 5 were qualifying vintage cars. We followed the proposed route for the National Veteran Rally that Gore Branch will be hosting in October. Those attending enjoyed a visit to Marairua Homestead at Tuturau and to Ken Muir’s collection at Edendale. A full report will be given later in The Wiper. John Parish 7

Distribution of The Wiper As most, if not all, of you will be aware, the majority of the “Gore town” copies of The Wiper have been hand-delivered by a small number of Tuesday Ramblers and others have picked up the odd copy. With the suspension of Tuesday Rambles this system is no longer practical. The effect of this will be to increase costs to the Branch by something like $70 per month in postage costs. Are any of you able to take over this task if I can get the copies delivered to you? Or would it be possible for a significant number of you to pick up your copies from a central point, or points, maybe the Clubrooms or members’ houses? I know that many (most?!) of the membership is in the “at risk” category, so this may well be a non-starter but I thought it was worth asking the question. The ideal, of course, would be for more members to opt for the (full colour) emailed or online copies, but I know that many members (like myself) like having a paper copy, even if it is only in black and white. I will be pleased to hear from anyone with any ideas, or from anybody who wishes to try the electronic versions! The Editor (Overtaken by events, but may be relevant once the Alert Level is reduced!)

Arithmetic Teacher: "If I gave you 2 cats and another 2 cats and another 2, how many will you have?" Johnny: "Seven." Teacher: "No, listen carefully... If I gave you 2 cats, and another 2 cats and another 2, how many will you have?" Johnny: "Seven." Teacher: "Let me put it to you differently. If I gave you 2 apples, and another 2 apples and another 2, how many would you have?" Johnny: "Six." Teacher: "Good. Now if I gave you 2 cats, and another 2 cats and another 2, how many would you have?" Johnny: "Seven!" Teacher: "Johnny, where in the heck do you get seven from?!" Johnny: Because I've already got a flipping cat!" Sent in by Bill Sheddan 8

From the Editor’s keyboard Recently, several Branch members and Editors from other VCC Branches have told me how much they enjoy reading The Wiper. I always thank them but point out that all I do is pester people for material and then use that to put The Wiper together. It is my contributors who make The Wiper the enjoyable read it is. So, well done all of you, but do not rest on your laurels, keep the good stuff coming in! With the rapidly-evolving Covid-19 situation there may be changes to listed events and the routine of Branch meetings so watch out for announcements and don’t rely on the centre pages! With the number of Branch events that have already been postponed, I will soon start getting short of material, so don’t be shy about sending me stories about anything you have been up to in the past few months and anything you have in your shed! A sharp-eyed reader (from another Branch) pointed out that in last month’s “Coming Events” column I had the National AGM down for March. It should have been the National Executive meeting, the AGM is in August but, even worse, I got the date wrong too. As your Branch Delegate I really should have known better! (If you want me to, I am willing to continue for another year.) I am also still enjoying producing The Wiper and am very willing to do another year as Editor, if you want to be pestered for a further 12 months! Speaking of AGMs, the Branch AGM is due in June. Nomination forms were going to be in this edition but I have held off due to the uncertainty around meetings etc. You can still think about nominations though and, as JFK might have said “Ask not what your Branch can do for you, ask what you can do for your Branch”! Well, that’s quite enough from me, I’ll leave you to get on with reading this month’s issue, packed with stories – and all unsolicited! Thank you!! Happy reading! David North 9




Causes of Death in London Some of which sound very unpleasant‌

‌but no mention of Coronavirus!!. The Editor 13

Southland Branch Rally 2020 (Take 1) Saturday 1st February The Gore Branch entrants were: Jim McFadzien BMW Paul Herron Ford Model A Bill Ainge Austin 12/4 David North Toyota Neil McVicar Austin A40 On arrival at Rally Headquarters we were greeted by Tony Warren with an apology— our lunch venue was to be at Dolamore Park, just outside of the town of Gore, the reason being that it is hard to find a new lunch venue for their main Annual Rally within their own area. None of the Gore contingent were concerned – it has happened before and probably will again! Just a case of slipping home after the Field Tests to swap for the modern and travel back to Invercargill for the evening meal for those who were booked in. On a fine but windy day our route took us through North Invercargill, along the Lorneville/Dacre Highway, turning off towards Hedgehope and along the Winton/Mataura highway to Miller Road (where the timed section commenced), past the two lignite coal pits and on towards Gore. However the next instruction was ‘left into Lady Charlton Road’. Unfortunately in the previous night’s high winds the road sign had apparently been blown around causing many entrants problems and winding up in South Gore (as they knew where Charlton Road was) and then eventually finding their way to Dolamore Park. There is a lot to be said for local knowledge – we didn’t even notice the sign was missing! On arrival we all sought sheltered spots for our picnic as the wind grew stronger, followed by the Field Tests. I guess we provided a bit of entertainment for the large group of campers present. Then it was back to the Southland Clubrooms for socialising, the meal and prize-giving. A most enjoyable Rally through the beautiful Southland countryside. Bill & Annette Ainge 14

Southland Branch Rally 2020 (Take 2) It was overcast when I headed out of Riverton in the Editorial Toyota but as I neared the Southland Branch Clubrooms in Otatara the sky started to clear and the sun came out. Was this a good omen? Possibly not as, by the time the briefing had been given the clouds had returned. A few quick photos for my purposes and then into the Clubrooms for a coffee and to collect my Rally pack and number. The crowd slowly swelled and ultimately included a reasonable selection of the “usual suspects” from the Gore Branch. The briefing was prefaced by an apology as the destination was Dolamore Park but this was only a mild annoyance for the Gore people who planned to attend the prize-giving and barbecue. I was once again driving solo so knew I would be stopping more often than most as I worked my way through the route instructions, so was very pleased to see that there were no questions to answer on the way. I had opted for the long route and to start with this took me in the general direction of Invercargill. I then found myself heading for Gore via a very circuitous route which, at times, crossed with the short route so I had the (slightly unnerving) experience of seeing other entrants coming and going in different directions to me. This rambling route took me through Woodlands, along Glencoe Highway and Waimumu Road, finally having me looking for Lady Charlton Road. Despite having lived in Gore for 4½ years and moving away to Riverton “only” 8 years ago I was one of many who were fooled by the missing road name sign. Bang went any faint hope I might have had of doing well in the timed section! Undaunted, I found my way to Dolamore Park (yes, the road signposted for Dolamore Park was Lady Charlton Road!). The sight of several cars coming back towards me gave me a clue that I had gone wrong and, once I had turned round, I was able to wave at others who had also been foxed. I found a reasonably sheltered spot to park as, by then, there was a very stiff breeze blowing. Having observed two or three entrants attempting the 15

Field Tests I decided to get those out of the way. The first involved throwing three horseshoes around a pole. My score? Zero! The second required me to catch two golf balls in a tin can on a pole after they had rolled down a section of spouting – without stopping the car. My score? Zero! The third and final challenge was preceded by a question to answer. What make and size were the tyres fitted to my car? I knew that! Then the Test – drive the car towards a “V” of rope and stop with the two off-side wheels on the rope. My score? Another Zero! Oh well…

Abject failure despite intense Editorial concentration (photo by Annette Ainge)

Some familiar faces! (Photo by the Editor)

Time for a rest and lunch. I joined some of the Gore contingent and chivvied some others into writing something for The Wiper before taking a few more photos and then heading back to Riverton.


An enjoyable day out, driving over some new roads as well as some I hadn’t been on for quite some time and catching up with some of the Southland Branch members that I hadn’t seen for a while. As I had to hold this report, and Bill and Annette’s, over from last month, I have been able to find out how well the Gore contingent did. Not very well was the answer, except for Bill. He bagged 2nd equal Vintage in the Field Tests and also Best Performance by an Austin in his 12/4. Well done! David North

‘Old Race Car’ Register The recent display and demonstration of Old Race Cars at this year’s Skope Race Meeting in February at Ruapuna was a big success and both the Canterbury Car Club and the Skope Committee have already indicated that they wish it to be repeated at next years’ event – bigger and better and we already have another three interesting cars lined-up. To help us with this project, the Banks Peninsular Branch of the VCC wish to compile a free register of all such vehicles whatever their state of repair, restoration or condition, so that these ‘Old Race Cars’ are never lost or lose their identity. This documented information may also help owners to obtain history, knowledge and even valuable parts required to enable these race-cars to once more be active. It was very apparent from many enthusiasts and spectators at February’s event that these old race cars create huge interest and are a vital part of the old car movement which needs to be resurrected and encouraged. So if you missed this year’s display, have such a car or know of some-one who has, please drop an email with the details to either of the contacts below and we will be pleased to include it on the register. Don Gerrard (021 2123074) email; gerrards2@yahoo.com or, Kelvin Brown, email; kelvinbrownnz@gmail.com 17

Festival Rally 2020 Results

I have numerous photos and one report on the Festival Rally but am hoping for (expecting!) at least one more to give a fuller picture of the Branch’s flagship event. Please don’t let me down! You will be able to see the photos and read all about it in the next issue. The Editor


Ladies Run 5th April I am afraid that, due to the current Covid-19 situation, I have made the difficult decision to postpone the Ladies Run. I hope to be able to rearrange it at a later date, once matters have improved. Janet Brewster (03) 208 1960 ---------------------------------------------------------------------

End of Season Run Saturday 6th June Watch this space!



Southland branch Newsletter, Rumour The Editor of the Southland Branch has written to me saying that “We are so close physically but so separate and doing the same things. It is good to know what our neighbours are doing. I wonder about sharing our news letters better. Sharing newsletters electronically has lead to fewer appearing in the Club and less people spending time reading what is there. Should we combine our circulation lists or something?” I'm not sure how feasible that would be, what with privacy concerns over sharing email addresses and/or increased costs associated with the additional printed copies, especially as the Southland Branch membership is much higher than ours but I offered to put a notice in The Wiper saying that our members can request an emailed copy of Rumour each month. Ask me, or the Secretary, to forward you a copy each month or contact Rae Wilson, the Rumour Editor, direct at wils@southnet.co.nz It is also available on their website, link here: https://www.sporty.co.nz/southlandvintagecar/Rumour-1/2020-1 and will be in “Online Bonuses” each month. The Editor

Newsletters from other branches Most of the Branch Newsletters are now posted on the VCC Website each month: www.vcc.org.nz/news-from-our-branches A handful of branches still send us printed copies and these are displayed on the stand in the Library. Most of the others are received by email as pdf files or links to online versions. These can be requested from the Editor or the Secretary.


Gore Branch Events for the 2019-20 Season Event Ladies Run

Proposed Date POSTPONED

Organiser(s) Janet Brewster

Night Trial

Saturday 9th May John Parish, (subject to Covid-19) Greg Elder

End of Season Run

Saturday 6th June Charlie Davis, (subject to Covid-19) Ray Taylor

Branch AGM

Tuesday 9th June

Date to be confirmed

Annual Dinner & Trophy Night

Saturday 18th July


National Day Daffodil Rally for Cancer


National Veteran Rally

Friday 16th to Sunday 18th October

Paul Herron

Tuesday Ramble


Co-ordinated by Gerry Kennedy

Tuesday Rambles have been suspended until further notice Gerry Kennedy 027 233 4634


Other Events 2020 4th April

South Canterbury Swapmeet & Bazaar CANCELLED

10th – 12th April (Easter Weekend)

28th National Morris Minor Convention. To be held in Greymouth. Contact Ross McClelland rossrachaelmc@gmail.com

10th – 13th April

National North Island Easter Rally, CANCELLED

18th April

Central Otago Arrowtown Autumn Festival & Golden Times Rally CANCELLED

18th April

North Otago Branch Gerald Lynch-Blosse Memorial Motor Cycle Rally. CANCELLED

24th – 26th April

ANZAC Weekend. Casual motoring fun. Info from Alistair Day 027 202 5007 or nola.day@xtra.co.nz

2nd May

Ashburton Branch Swapmeet - CANCELLED

10th May

Hawke’s Bay Branch Swapmeet - CANCELLED

15 – 16 August

National AGM & Executive Committee CANCELLED

23rd August

National Day Daffodil Rally for Cancer CANCELLED



10th – 13th September Hawke’s Bay Vintage Only Rally. Contact Esther Smith humber@xtra.co.nz or Rod McKenzie rod.mckenzie.wpk@xtra.co.nz 13th – 20th October

Targa New Zealand Time Trials. North Island Contact Rod Corbett 027 433 8772

16th to 18th October

National Veteran Rally, Gore Branch. Contact Paul Herron: phone (03) 208 6121 2021

17 – 22 January th


Vero International Festival of Historic Motoring, New Plymouth. POSTPONED TO EARLY 2022

Up to date information can be found on the VCC website here: http://vcc.org.nz/events-calendar-2/ 23

Our Members, Out and About Neil McVicar

Neil (L) celebrating his 95th Birthday with Gerry Kennedy (Photo by Murray Proctor)

“Neil Mc Vicar age 95 with his Austin A40. Neil drove his 2 daughters. Unfortunately Neil has had to leave the tour to get one of his daughters on a plane back to Australia� (Spotted by Donna North on the VCC Face Book page) 24

Paul Herron

Paul and cars “in character� prior to some filming. Photo by Greg Elder (Story to follow, I hope! The Editor)


Spotted! Neil McVicar with his 1949 Austin A40 and Keith Dodd’s 1936 Austin Seven Ruby appear in a preview of this year’s Festival Rally on page 10 of the 21st February issue of The Ensign: https://www.theensign.co.nz/digital-edition/?edition=ENS_2020_02_21

On page 76 of NZ Classic Driver issue 87 (Jan/Feb 2020) there are two photos of the George Begg display at the 2019 Edendale Crank Up which Ken Muir was instrumental in getting together. NZ Classic Car magazine issue 350 (Feb 2020), page 84, features an (uncredited) photo of Ken Muir in his shed together with the Begg Twin Cam and the Daimler-Begg. Beaded Wheels issue 362 (Feb/Mar 2020), page 36, carries a report on the Josephville Hillclimb by Evan Henderson. Phil Benvin and Bill Sheddan (uncredited) are pictured on the hill. NZ Classic Car magazine issue 351 (Mar 2020) has a full-page article on the Josephville Hillclimb. This features photos of Neil Longman with his cup for FTD standing beside his Mallock. Phil Benvin, Terry Inder, Greg Elder and Mervyn Frew are shown taking off at the start and Dick Shanks (uncredited) on the Hill. The Editor


Clearwater Capers, Sunday 1st March The cars were to gather at the Clubrooms at 1pm and 11 cars headed to the old Moth Diner (now called Miss Cocoa) at Mandeville Aerodrome.

Cars at the Clubrooms

(L-R) Greg Elder, John Tremaine and Graham Baird at (a rather liquid?) lunch


Bryan Neilson taking a close interest in the Aermacchi jet trainer

In the workshop, the windmill at left. (Photos by John Parish, captions by the Editor)

From there we went to John Tremaine’s for a shed raid which was real interesting and very well done. Charlie Davis & Ray Taylor P.S. John Tremaine had an earlier group before the Gore VCC and that is why the starting time was 1pm, not as in The Wiper. 28

Southland Veteran Rally, 7th March A couple of days before the Rally it was brass polishing time, grease cup tightening, oil level, water level - in fact all fluids got checked and topped up as required! Six thirty on Saturday morning, time to load up and away. I have secured the services of a new navigator, grandson Jared who is doing an introductory course in auto electrical at SIT and is hoping to start an apprenticeship in Gore next year. Wouldn't it be great to wind back the clock 60-odd years and start again? The lucky bugger, I envy him. We unloaded at the VCC branch clubrooms and motored to the start point on Windsor Street. There had been previous discussion within the Southland Branch re. the destination of the rally if it should continue to be at Riverton. Today it was to Riverton again as it had been for almost all of the 45 years the Rally has been held but in our Rally pack was a survey form for us to complete, do we want a change of venue or not? We left shortly after 10am and on back roads northwest of town and proceeded at a leisurely pace linking up onto the main road at Lorneville. The pace was a bit too leisurely as I had only picked 20mph for my average speed and the timed section was all on open roads, no slow town driving at all. I couldn't hold the Saxon back. I knew I would blow out the time. Jared had a sneaky look at the GPS on his cell phone and we were racing along at 35mph on one part of it, downhill! Just over the iron bridge we turned right and cruised around back roads coming out at Fairfax. The old school is no longer there where I spent the first four years of my schooling. The new school is no longer there either. Not enough breeding in the area now. Them boomers made things boom back then. The iron bridge? Well that is what I still think of it as. A single lane loose rattly shaky Bailey Bridge over the Oreti River that used to scare the sh*te out of me when I was a kid in Dad’s old AJS car then later the ‘39 Chev. We then motored on towards Riverton, then past the old dairy factory, over the bridge, past the cemetery, right at the T and park up at the Riverton RSA car park. 29

(Top) Some of the cars. Bottom (L-R) Greg Elder’s Cadillac, Paul Herron’s Model T, Bill Sheddan’s Saxon (plus a yellow interloper) at Riverton. (Photos by Greg Elder)

After a bite to eat and checking my fluids again it was onto the field tests. Calculate 1.5 revolutions of the front wheel. Got that right. (Just watch the tester’s eyes.) Toss three balls onto a target or a bucket. Got that half right. Raise or lower a bar about 20 metres in front the same height as the top of my radiator. Jared indicated up or down till he thought he had it right. I thought better and raised it about 1.5 inches. (40mm for those that are too young.) We missed by 1.5 inches, dammit. Later we had a cruise around Riverton Rocks, returned to town for an ice cream and on back to the Otatara clubrooms where once again fluid levels were checked and topped as necessary. 30

We didn't feature in the prize-giving but Greg with his Caddy got 2nd in the Time Trial and Paul got first for the best Model T. We then had to “yes or no” to the survey whether to change the Rally venue. I thought no change would be good then next year after the Rally I will be able to pull up this report, change the date and submit it to our editor again. (Oh no you won’t! Ed.) We loaded up and motored back to Gore just missing the rain which had been threatening all day. A good incident-free day had by all. Bill Sheddan and Jared Pilgrim


Frank Robson Memorial Rally, Sunday 8th March A total of 13 cars, of which 5 were qualifying vintage models, gathered at the Clubrooms on Sunday the 8th of March for the Frank Robson Memorial Rally. We had no Veteran cars this year and that may have been because the Southland Branch Veteran Rally was held the previous day. We followed a route out to Waimumu and then back to Mataura where we crossed the river and headed towards Wyndham. The first stop was at Marairua Homestead at Tuturau. The owners Lex and Christina Glover were away at the time but we were welcome to have a wander around the grounds and enjoy the lovely setting that will be the lunch stop on the National Veteran Rally in October.

After a good look around Marairua, we headed to Edendale where a traffic accident required a small route change to allow us to get to Ken Muir’s shed. I visited Ken’s shed several years ago with a Tuesday Ramble but it has changed considerably since then. Ken has doubled it in size and continues to add very interesting cars, boats and memorabilia to his collection. It is very well laid out with plenty of room to get around. Thanks to Ken for allowing us to visit and to have our afternoon tea there. 32

(Top) Ferrari 355, Ken Muir and MGBGT V8. (Bottom) Starr McDougall admires Ken’s Chevrolet Coswoth Vega. 33

The rally included a set of questions where the answer was the name of one of the roads we travelled on or side roads we passed by. Everyone did really well with the answers but the winners scoring 9½ out of 10 were Paul and Lynn Herron. The return journey to Gore involved turning off at Brydone heading out to Te Tipua and back to Gore via Waimumu. I don’t know how many participants followed the return route but it is a very nice drive along the ridge tops with views all around. Let’s hope the National Veteran Rally participants enjoy their day as much as we did. John Parish

Online Bonuses Official Covid-19 information: https://covid19.govt.nz/ Mandeville Aerodrome: https://www.croydonaviation.co.nz/ Marairua Homestead: https://www.heritage.org.nz/the-list/details/7722 Berkeley Cars: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berkeley_Cars 1957 Berkeley Sports SE328 Automobile in Yellow & Engine Sound on My Car Story with Lou Costabile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iftGzkYnd4 Motorcycle powered 1958 Berkeley test drive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvNUawMHI-U The second locomotive has been recovered from the Oreti: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/119847636/second-locomotive-buriedin-river-bed-may-be-recovered Rumour, the Southland Branch newsletter: https://www.sporty.co.nz/southlandvintagecar/Rumour-1/2020-1# The Editor 34

What’s in Your Shed? A Want More Than a Need: 1957 Berkeley Sports Car by Stewart Quertier The Berkeley love affair started when I was about 11 years-old and my parents took me to a motor show in Dunedin. There was a brand-new Berkeley sitting there and I thought it was the nicest looking little car I had ever seen. Fast forward to 1980 and a Berkeley in Timaru came up for sale but it didn’t sell, so in 1981 the owner put it in the Geraldine motor museum. Every few years I would check on it to see if it was still there as they are rare and this one was a good one. In time I learnt the owner had died and it was passed on to his family.


At the museum

I got to know the son quite well over the years but always got the same answer, the car was not for sale. Last year I decided that I had to get serious if I wanted one of these little sports cars. It was going to be this Berkeley or no Berkeley so I made the family an offer and it was accepted. This little car is a 1957 SE328 Berkeley with only 4,000 miles on it, the car was all original and the Berkeley Club in England thought it must be one of the most original and lowest mileage cars in the world. Just over 1,200 of this model were produced by Berkeley Cars in Biggleswade, England and only about 20 were sold new here in New Zealand. At the time, it was advertised as the smallest production sports car in the world, with dimensions of 10 ft 3ins long, 3 ft 6 ins wide, 3 ft 6 ins high, wheelbase 5 ft 10 ins and weighing 6cwt. The car is front-wheel drive with an all-fibreglass body reinforced with aluminium. The engine is a twocylinder 2-stroke of 328 cc developing a whopping 18bhp, driving through a 4-speed gearbox and giving a top speed of 65mph. 36

Arriving at its new home

Janet at the wheel


The engine

Stewart Quertier


Gore VCC Supper Roster 2020/2021 April

Keith Nunn


Beb Kennedy

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IF YOU ARE UNAVAILABLE ON YOUR ROSTERED NIGHT, PLEASE ARRANGE YOUR OWN SUBSTITUTE. We need to cater for about 30 to 40 members each night. The cuppa and serving of the supper is to be arranged within the Social Committee. If necessary, ingredients and/or small items can be bought at Gore New World and charged to the Gore VCC account.

My thanks to those who have come forward. If the month you are listed for doesn’t suit let me know so I can rearrange them or you can work with another person on the roster to swap. Des Brewster


COOKERY CORNER Bean Salad Ingredients 2 x 450g cans baked beans 1 cup green (runner) beans 1 cup yellow (butter) beans 1 onion, sliced or diced Method Heat ½ cup sugar and ½ cup spiced vinegar, add 3 teaspoons sweet basil, add to beans Natalie Kennedy


ADVERTISEMENTS WANTED A member asks if anyone knows how to treat old and thick pre-war vinyl upholstery to make it more supple and prevent cracking? This stuff is reasonably thick imitation leather. Responses to the Editor please: David North northd14@gmail.com or 021 1723281 1/3

FOR SALE 1991 Ford Fairmont Ghia 5 litre V8 with XR8 suspension upgrade. 135,000 kms, only 3 owners, very tidy. $9,500 ono. NB will be VCC-eligible next year! Contact Denis Knight 03 208 5404 or 027 3513190 1/3

FOR SALE FORD rug hand made by local member. Luxurious thick pile, dark blue and white, must be seen to be appreciated – available for viewing at the Clubrooms. Approx. size: 105 x 50cm (41 x 20 inches) $400 with $200 to go to Gore VCC. Contact Gerry 027 233 4634 2/3

FOR SALE Expressions of interest are invited for 4 Firestone tyres, size 6.00 x 20 inch in good order and suitable for split-rim wheels. Contact Garry Mulqueen 03 208 9232 2/3

FOR SALE and WANTED advertisements are free to Club members. Each advertisement will be published in 3 consecutive issues. Please contact the Editor 41



Run reports, articles of interest, photos, technical tips, letters and feedback are always welcome. Please send all contributions to David North

before the 21st of each month for inclusion in the next Wiper If you don't have a computer I can type up a hand-written article or put your notes or jottings into shape for The Wiper. If you prefer I can even take notes as you talk to me and write up the story for you - I am always ready to help so just let me know how! e-mail: northd14@gmail.com physical and mail: 4 Trotter Street, Riverton 9822 telephone (mobile) 021 172 3281 Remember that insuring your vehicle(s), boat(s), house(s), contents or travel with Vero Insurance and quoting the branch number (300135) results in the branch receiving a commission payment Please support our advertisers so that they, in turn, can continue to support the Branch The opinions and statements in The Wiper are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the policy or views of the Gore branch or of the VCC. The branch accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of any statements. The Wiper is printed by i-Cue 10 Wood Street, Invercargill. Telephone (03) 218 3350 43




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Gore VCC - April 2020  

Gore VCC - April 2020