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February 2018 The RADIATOR CAP

Wellsford—Warkworth VCC Club


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Chris Harvey (Annette ) HEALTH & SAFETY

Denis Martin

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James Lawrie

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Magazine deadline 23rd of the month

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BRANCH ADDRESS P O Box 547 WARKWORTH 0941 VERO: Agency No: 0300159 Free phone: 0800 658411


Chairman’s Report February 2018: Welcome to a new year of Vintage motoring. For the benefit of our newer members, the following summarises the significant events of the year for our branch. We start with the Swap Meet currently held on the last Saturday of February. This is the main fund raising event of the year for our branch and one in which everyone can be involved. Although the event starts at 7.00 a.m., we have had exhibitors and buyers camping over night to be first in. We have a busy start to the day but by mid-day, it’s all over. I’ve emailed a draft roster around the membership and one is included in this newsletter. As expected, not everyone is able to help on the day and some changes have been made. Please let me know if you are unable to help as per the roster and I will make the changes.

Our next annual event is the “Are We There Yet” rally for the Mike Brown Memorial Trophy. The late Mike Brown was an enthusiastic member, remembered particularly for the 1901 White Steam Car he restored and motored regularly. This rally can take whatever form the organisers decide. There is a competitive aspect to ensure we can find a winner for the trophy. However, non-competitive entrants can also take part. This year the “Are We There Yet?” will be a one-day event starting from the Wellsford Community Centre on Saturday 10 March. The entry form is in this newsletter. Our major branch rally event is the, Winter Woollies Wander always run on the first weekend in July which this year is 7 – 8 July. Participants can either be competitive or noncompetitive. Although the event starts from anywhere within our wider region, the rally prizegiving dinner is almost always now in Warkworth. This year, the rally will be starting from the Kauri Museum at Matakohe. We have, until last year, also combined with the North Shore Branch and Hibiscus Coast members for a “Triple Combined” Rally. Holding the Daffodil Rally for Cancer last August meant the Triple Combined fell off the calendar. However, we may opt to hold this informal event at another time of the year. We’ll keep you updated on this. It seems that the Daffodil Rally for Cancer will most likely be held on 26 August. This is a fund-raiser for the Cancer Society and is open to all members of the public. We will let you know the format for this event when it has been decided. To encourage participation of new members in rallying, we are planning to hold a rally rules evening at a Club Night, possibly in April or May. We’ll give you plenty of notice when this is decided. Happy motoring Leon


Club Captain’s Report: February 2018. I trust everyone has had a joyful break and is now ready for this years activities. Events before Christmas were well supported with 10 tinsel cars in the Warkworth Santa Parade. There were 29 cars at our Posh Picnic at Brian and Rosemary Sollis’ property. The setting was lovely and everyone entered into the spirit of the occasion. The Stotts winning the prize. Thank you Brian and Rosemary. It was the first time we had arranged a Christmas lunch in a restaurant. The club subsidised the cost of everyone’s meal by $5. The Salty Dog put on a good and varied menu and decorated the tables. We all brought a small gift randomly given out to add to the fun. 55 people came, and initial feedback has been good. Any other comments? Should we do it again? January’s picnic was select company. 8 people and 4 children. 1 eligible car. We were lucky with pleasant conditions despite the predictions. February will be a busy month: The Picnic is at Scandrett RP on Feb 7 . Club Night will be a BYO BBQ and a chance to catch up with everyone. th

Gymnic will be on 11 Feb at Franz Edgar’s property. 61 Perry Road 1.00pm for a BYO picnic then activities. Doug & Anne Hamilton are setting the course this year so should suit small vehicles?? No I’m sure RRs and Bentleys will be OK, (there will be an urn and tea/coffee) Look for the Sunflower at the entrance. th

Swap Meet is on 24 Feb. See elsewhere for information and volunteering. Please help, this is our only real fundraiser of the year, and if you look at the committee meeting minutes you will see the cost of keeping our water safe! Leon has done the roster, and Anne MacDonald is leading in the kitchen. (She has also taken over coordination of the Coffee & cleaning etc so please give her your support – and a little time each month) th

The Are We There Yet Rally is on 10 March. More information next month, but look out for the registration form. th

Finally, the committee has been discussing eligibility for club events. The VCC have specific rules, but that does not stop our branch allowing , maybe in a special section, non eligible cars to join in our events. This could apply to modified vehicles, or people without an eligible car, or people not feeling up to driving their car but OK in a modern with all the current aids to steering and brakes. They would not have the chance to win a prize, but would be able to participate fully in club activities. Any comments? Happy and Safe Motoring, Anne Richardson and Team.


Posh Picnic in November at Rosemary & Brian Sollis’ iconic Wilson House 6

Thanks to host Rosemary

Hey Margaret, did I tell you the one about ...

Hector was well behaved but drooled over the goodies 7

Lots of finery on display

Our tilt at completing a London to Brighton run began with an ad in the British Veteran car magazine asking to borrow a suitable car, in case our 1904 Cadillac didn't get its passport. We got several offers but eventually they all fell by the wayside apart from David Arrigo who lives in Malta but had completed 3 London to Brighton runs in his 1904 Cadillac so obviously it was eligible. We had asked Brendda and Leon if they would like to be involved and they jumped at the opportunity to be part of something so historic so plans went ahead. Suffice to say, our car proved to be ineligible so the entry was changed to David's. At the early stage David thought he would also be bringing his Siddley over to also do the run but in the end he couldn't manage it. We 4 convened in London a few days before the November 5th "off" date, along with our son, who lives in Wales with his family, and his two eldest children. The car was shipped from Malta late October and was duly delivered to our hotel on Friday 3rd, albeit several hours late. There was a bit of work to be done on the car, which Doug & Leon attended to while the rest of us took the children to Kidzania - an amazing place where children have 4 hours to try a huge number of "occupations", many of which they got paid zania$ for, which they could then spend on things like face painting. Saturday we headed to the car display in Regent Street which was pretty amazing in spite of the inclement weather, with a large variety of cars to inspect, both London to Brighton entrants, racing cars and a line up of Fiats. Saturday afternoon we attended the "First Timers" briefing which was very informative although being Kiwis, half the time we had no idea of the areas they were talking about. This was followed by a welcoming reception where the big wigs introduced themselves and the sponsors where acknowleged. These functions were both held in the magnificent Royal Automobile Car Club building in Pall Mall - more history! The big day was beautifully clear when we set off up the road, in the dark, to Hyde Park where all the cars assembled in numbered areas according to the speed of the car, the slowest being in area 1. We found our spot in area 13 and with 450 cars entered you can imagine the thrill of watching all these participants driving through this gorgeous area. The sun was due to rise at 7.02am and the first cars were away on the dot. They were set off about 10 at a time, two minutes apart. Our start time was 7.56am and with the kiwi flag flying we set off to some very vocal support from the huge crowd of spectators, officials and photographers. Through Hyde Park gate, under the Duke of Wellington Arch and down toward Buckingham Palace. Poor Doug struggled with the sun coming and going from behind buildings making it difficult to see at times but the rest of us were elated to be part of it all and to be surrounded by like minded people. Down the Mall, through St James, past the War Buildings, over the Thames and past Parliament Buildings. Unfortunately Big Ben was covered with scaffolding etc., so no photo opportunities there and no bells to cheers us on our way. We were allowed to use bus lanes so we chugged along very comfortably until we got to Clapham where the little car came to a halt. Fortunately it was quickly resolved and on we went. Then someone told us there was water pouring out under the car so another halt. The vibration had opened the little tap at the radiator so again, quickly back on the road. What a nightmare this route became, with dozens and dozens of lights so close together and huge numbers of vehicles all going nowhere fast. Not good for old cars and it was to get worse. Apparently at 7am the powers that be decided to do some maintenance on the gas lines at the Junction of the A217 and the A2022 which leads to Epsom and Banstead. Consequently 450 of us, minus a few dropouts, plus all the regular traffic, were trying to squeeze into one lane. To make matters worse the delay was on a fairly steep hill, which did fortunately, have quite a good stand of trees & scrub for those that were in need. It took us 45 mins to go 800 yds and many of the old cars took to the footpath. We did too, eventually, and if we had done so sooner the car may not have packed it in. As it was, we just managed to get through the lights at the top and we broke down along with a few others. This time, no matter what the boys did the Cadillac would not restart. Rang the emergency backup RAC who arrived promptly and tried to tow start us to no avail. He arranged for a tow wagon which apparently had just dropped off a car and was enroute. We were to be taken to a garage at Redhill where hopefully, with proper tools, we could get mobile and finish the run. The tow wagon did not arrive. Nor did the next one, requested about 2hours later!! The course closure car arrived around 1.30pm and he told us not to bother continuing as we had missed the cutoff at Crawley and would also miss the cutoff at Brighton. "Get a private tow wagon" was all the advice we got. No offer of assistance, no help whatsoever - in fact he was quite rude. Then they drove off and left us and the people in the broken down Warick, completely stranded. The man, and his son, in the other car that couldn't continue had found out where we could get some food so they went off and bought sandwiches, buns and water for us all. We donated our kiwi flag to them for their heroic efforts!! Three and a half hours after we broke down, and freezing cold, we were rescued by a private tow wagon who delivered us, and the car safely to Brighton at a cost of GBP250. Of the 450 who started the run only 311 completed and we found out later there had been a serious accident involving a Benz and some modern cars where 6 people were taken to hospital, two with serious injuries. The driver of the Benz died a few days later so a most tragic result for the entire London to Brighton run. However, that said, we would never regret the opportunity to travel through these historic London places and to be a part of something so exciting. The weather was brilliant, the entrants colourful and friendly and the roads thronged with wellwishers cheering everyone on. A never to be forgotten, or repeated, experience Doug & Anne Hamilton 8



*************************************** WHO KNOWS THIS? Found in the club rooms. It could make a nice trophy. Does anyone know who left it? By turning the spare wheel the tray for cigarettes and the lighter spring out! Please let me know Anne Richardson.

WINTER WOOLLIES WANDER If you are able to offer accommodation to out-of-towers for this event please contact:Chris Harvey (co-ordinator) 09 422 4662 or mobile 022 365 0171 Email:

27 Jan:

Warkworth A & P Show. Drivers and club-eligible vehicles free entry. Drivers will need to show their VCC membership card upon entry.

3 Feb:

Leigh School Fair and Car Display. 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. This is a fund-raiser for Leigh School. Waipu Lions Bike and Car Show. 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. $5 entry, Caledonia Park, Waipu also featuring best-dressed awards, food and entertainment. Mid-week Picnic – Scandrett’s Bay, Mahurangi East Gymnic – At Franz Edgar’s home on Perry Rd, starting with lunch from 1.00 p.m. BYO lunch. Clubrooms Coffee and Cleaning morning Club Committee Meeting Annual Swap Meet – The Club Rooms, Satellite Station Rd

4 Feb: 7 Feb: 11 Feb: 14 Feb: 15 Feb: 24 Feb:

7 March: Mid Week Picnic Sullivans Bay, Mahurangi West 10 March: Are We There Yet? Rally for the Mike Brown Memorial Trophy Entry form with this newsletter. 21 March: Clubrooms coffee and cleaning morning 22 March: Club Committee Meeting 30 Mar – 1 Apr: National North Island Easter Rally – Waikato Branch 29 April:

Possible shed raid – James to investigate @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Welcome to new members: Randolf Baxter and Julie Swinburn:

Don and Kellie Castle:

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Wellsford Warkworth VCC February 2018  
Wellsford Warkworth VCC February 2018