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THE MOTORING SPIRIT The The Wellington Wellington Branch Branch Newsletter Newsletter December / January 2018 March 2018


Bikes at Featherston before the start

A variety of starfish in the touching tables at Marine Education Centre. Most starfish have five points. Why does one have six?

Bill James from Whanganui adding some juice to his tank before the start

The gathering at the lunch stop at the Wairarapa Club Rooms

Bill Alerdice from Auckland checking that his bike is emitting the right amount of smoke

60 years of Vintage motoring 1958—2018

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Bill Pinkham

Recently I had the honour of attending the Motorcycle rally dinner, what a great turnout and a great group of people. I sometimes wonder if motorcyclists have split personalities? Normally quiet, when motorcycles are around they transform into a group happy long-lost friends that they have never met before, there are no barriers, no class distinction; a bike is a bike, doesn’t matter what the name on the side of it is. A thoroughly enjoyable night, and congratulations to the team for such a successful event with riders from the far North, East and West. I look forward to the next one. Art Deco 2018 was a great weekend this year with good weather, good entertainment and good company. This was our 17th year of Art Deco and we have had some really good ones, and some not so good ones. It changes every year, some of the changes have been good others not so good, we have had RAIN once, accommodation issues, but have always gone home planning to attend again the next year, and this year was no different. This month I was asked by our esteemed Editor to provide some photos and a few words on the Art Deco weekend, so check elsewhere in the Newsletter for that. Club Night was another good night, attendance did not appear to have been affected to any degree by the impending weather. John Stokes gave us a good rundown on the early history of Ford in New Zealand and his book on the subject, even the roof leak didn’t slow him down. I now look forward to finding time to read this book. Hope to see you all at the 3 Dams run with the Horowhenua Branch and maybe the March Sunday run.

Bill Pet Hates that you develop when you start to get Old

By A Nonomouse

As I drive daily from the Hutt Valley to Wellington in peak hour traffic, I notice the increase in motorcyclists lane splitting. I am not talking about the ones that will quietly idle down between the lanes of stationary or almost stationary cars; I am talking about the 1%ers that will travel at speed between the lanes, or down the left of cars that are doing 70k or more. Yes, I have heard them say that it is legal to lane split, but they operate under the same laws as cars and trucks, so is it legal for us all drive like New York Cabs. Legal or not, it is Bloody Dangerous and just plain Stupid. Next month I may tell you about one of my other pet hates “Tattoos” or people that arrive 20 minutes into a show and then must clamber past others to get to their seats in the middle of the row.



Neale Ryder

March already! As you will have read and heard previously, our "Monte Carlo" run to Wanganui's Vintage Weekend was a great success. The whole town gets into the event which is getting better every year. Will we be back next year, of course hopefully a few more people from Wellington will come along too. Coming up in March we have our Gymkhana, which will be run along similar lines to last year’s event. Even if you have no wish to compete how about coming along anyway to give a bit of support or a hard time to the competitors. April will see us combining our "Dawn Breaker" run with the open day being held to show progress with the Transmission Gully road project. I have mentioned before about wanting a few more of you on the rally committee, we really would to see some new faces. Its not a difficult task; it as a way to put something back into our club without being involved with the formalities of the main committee. Its very informal, we are there to keep our program of events alive & interesting, not to "play meetings". How about giving it some thought, making a little bit of time available and talk to me, Peter, Roger or Dianne. Regards



Claire Benge

This issue we celebrate the strength of our motorcycle section - a group of individuals (probably because they tend to drive motorcycles on their own) that meet separately once a month but also join in with the cars as it suits them. Trevor Barnes and Peter Simpson, stalwarts of the club organised this year’s Biennial Motorcycle Rally and had a record number of entrants - up from mid thirties to over 50 entrants including 13 guest entrants and 23 members from clubs outside Wellington. It wasn't totally due to being shifted from Wellington’s anniversary weekend to the next one: coincidently Auckland Anniversary weekend, but is something to remember for organising future rallies. Both the British (and this year, European) and American Car Days were held in February, but the first got rained out, and the 2nd was not well attended by Wellington members. Lets hope next year will be kinder. On a different note, we have an article on the Leadfoot Festival by Mike Pattison who has marshalled there for several years. A great article for the Petrol Heads of the Club We are off to the Horowhenua Club’s 3 Dams Rally and are looking forward to the Gymkhana in March, a great day for all, even if you only go to watch in a modern . Happy motoring!




Michael Curry

Thank you to Peter Simpson and Trevor Barnes for Biennial Motor Cycle Rally entrants lists from 2008, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18. Also for photographs from 2018. Beaded Wheels No 349 December 2016/January 2017 has four photos of our earliest events, inaugural rally November 1958 and Madi Gras at Eastbourne January 1959. I have to thank Beaded Wheels for the donation of digital copies from their collection of these photos for our Branch archive. Donations of photos and other information is always welcome both from previous years and also from any current rallies or funcitions attended.


Richard Davies

The February Sunday run was a bit of a non-event, maybe because most people were only just back from summer holidays. The destination was the American Vehicle Day at Trentham Race Course, but only 4 vehicles turned up, not all made it to the venue and those that did didn't stay long. Never mind, I am sure next year will be better. The March Sunday Run date has been changed to 11th March so that it can be on the day of the Mangaroa School Fair, a repeat of what happened last year that was enjoyed enormously by those who attended. Because they need us to be parked for display by 10 am we will meet at the corner of Fergusson Drive and Ward Street (Quins Post Corner) at 9.30 before heading to Mangaroa together.


2018 Biennial Motorcycle Rally Trevor Barnes The Biennial Motorcycle Rally was run on the weekend of January 27-28 with the start and finish at the Anzac Hall in Featherston. Route instructions were issued along with numbered bibs, rally plaques, VTNZ “freebies” and rally T-shirts (sponsored by Pub Charity). With 56 bikes starting including one veteran, there were two routes for the morning section and a common route for the afternoon. After a generous morning tea the first bikes were away at 10am. Both routes converged on the Martinborough checkpoint (the end of the timed section) before splitting again at Ponatahi and meeting again after Carterton to proceed to the Wairarapa VCC clubrooms for lunch. All bikes made it to the clubrooms, though there were issues for at least four bikes – two had problems getting started at the Anzac Hall, the others had to apply makeshift fixes to continue. For the afternoon one rider decided discretion was the better part of valour and withdrew from the run. A few others were seen to be heading straight back to the Anzac Hall but the rest went via Masterton, Gladstone, Ponatahi and Martinborough as intended. The reward was afternoon tea at the hall. Special thanks to Margaret Blair and Debbie Palmer for the morning and afternoon teas. The dinner and prize giving was held at the Wellington clubrooms. Here are the rally results: Vintage & Veteran 1st 2nd 3rd

Paul Tomlin & Leo Fowler 1925 Harley Davidson J 7/9 Oops – the route planner hadn’t changed David Warren’s bikeso he should have been in the Post War Section Robin Barnes Sunbeam 9

Post Vintage 1st 2nd 3rd

Paul Greet Dennis Young Dennis Palmer

1942 Norton WD16H 1936 Ariel NG 1936 Harley Davidson WL

Post War 1st 2nd 3rd

Willie Wood Graeme Crawley Hal O'Rorke

1954 AJS 18S 1955 Ariel Huntmaster 1958 BSA A10 Golden Flash

Post 60 & Post 80 1st 2nd 3rd

Bill & Heather James Robert Gudopp Frank James

1974 Norton Commando 1973 Honda CB350 1979 Suzuki GT125


Guests 1st 2nd 3rd

Greg Campbell Ray Janes Allan Burgess

1957 BSA Gold Star 1951 BSA Golden Flash A10 1967 Norton N15CS

Overall Winner Bill & Heather James

Doug Banks Cup 1974 Norton Commando

Hard Luck Trophy Ian Ingram

1964 Puch SRA150 scooter

Feedback on the routes and general enjoyment of the rally was all positive – certainly no complaints about the refreshments! It is worth noting that there were 13 Guest entrants, and twenty four from other VCC branches. There was one entrant from Whangarei, and eight from the Auckland Branch. We owe them a return visit for their annual motorcycle rally next November. Thanks to those from the wider club who marshalled, provided backup, or otherwise assisted the running of the rally, and my thanks to the motorcyclists who contributed to the rally organisation, especially to Peter Simpson for rally administration.

Trevor Barnes

Rally briefing Saturday morning at the Anzac Hall in Featherston



Claire Benge

The history saga “A Century Ago” is on hold for a couple of months as David, our Librarian, is tied up, so here is an update on what is happening in the Library. For the last three years I have been working on a catalogue for the library, starting with the workshop manuals and owners guides that are found in the bookcase to the right as you walk through to the Workshop and Parts Store. So if you want information on a particular car and can’t find it, we can search the database for you. It is very early days yet but one day we hope to have a designated computer in the Library so that anyone can search when the club rooms are open. Heaven forbid, we may even get it on our website. Another new thing in the Library is a couple of small bookcases with general reading in them. Some donations have included non-car books such as novels, who-dun-its and biographies. Not wanting to throw them out, David has put them in small bookcases, one by the door through to the fire engine, and one in between the two short bookcases on the left of the main entry to the library. Feel free to help yourself – to borrow for $1 or to swap-a-book. Happy reading


by Mike Pattisons

I have often heard it said that one of the best reasons for joining the Vintage Car Club is to experience the diversity of vehicles owned by the members. And that is also why I have volunteered at Rod & Shelly Millen’s Leadfoot Festival four times in the past six years – family weddings took priority in the gap years! My first year I was advised I would be on the PR team…..but PR stood for Parking and Rubbish. I have since become a Pit Host, primarily involved with helping to organise drivers and cars in the pit area, making sure they come out in the correct batch for each of their five runs up the mile long driveway, purpose-built by Rod to provide a hill climb which both challenges the drivers and provides great viewing for the spectators. The weekend immediately prior to Waitangi Day saw 150 competitors arriving Friday with practice runs starting at 8 am next morning. Five open-sided marquees housed possibly the broadest mix of vehicles to be seen at any motorsport event in New Zealand and spectators are able to wander freely amongst them. After each competitor has completed a practice run and at least three or sometimes four timed runs there is a shoot-out for each of four “top ten” groups - Best in Show, pre 1960, 1960 to 1974, and Overall. By referencing a few of my favourites and these groups I can hopefully give an indication of the flavour of the event. Vintage racers included an Austin Seven Special, a replica Auto Union, two Bugattis, an Austin Healey fitted since 1958 with a Corvette engine, and the Ralph Watson BSA of Ray Ferner which set fastest time in the pre-1960 shoot out. The 1960 to 1974 grouping included several Escorts, a Lotus Seven, a 911 and a Datsun 1200 Coupe trying without success to knock Rod Millen’s RX3 out of its customary top position. The overall top ten winner was Alister McRae in the ex Possum Bourne Vantage Motorsport Subaru WRX, 8

closely followed by Rod Millen in his Pikes Peak World Record Celica and then Sloan Cox’s Hillclimb Evo 8. Other ‘top tenners’ included a Juno sports racer, Barina and Mazda 2 new generation AP2 rallycars, a Polaris, a Batman RX7, a BRM superquad, a Yamaha Supermoto and a Wells Coyote Pikes Peak Open Wheeler! One of the stalwarts of New Zealand motorsport, Alan Woolf, was making his last competitive appearance, driving a 1965 Triumph Vitesse. I happened to be standing near a group of Team Woolfie supporters, predominantly of an age similar to many members of the VCC, when one of them drew everyone’s attention to the group of drift cars about to make a run. Another immediately responded to the effect that if anyone had told them five years ago that they would be keen on seeing a bunch of drifters burning rubber they would have just laughed at them. Suffice to say that watching a 700 horsepower drift car going past you sideways across the track, flicking straight to cross a narrow bridge, then the other way through the next bend, before smoking its way up the hill, makes an impression on most people with petrol in their veins!

Cole-Baker Special

Healey Corvette


Winning Sabaru

February Club Night - FORD IN NEW ZEALAND by John Stokes John Stokes, who is a member of the Wellington Vintage Car Club, talked to us about the book he has written - “FORD IN NEW ZEALAND - Putting the Car Before the Horse” Rather than repeat what is in the book, John told the story of where the book came from. The book had its origins in a millennium event, “The Car Show of the Century”, held in Rangiora in late 1999. In partnership with the Canterbury branch of the Vintage Car Club. The main attraction of this show was a timeline of 100 cars – one for every year of the century. Three years later John was approached again to run a similar show to mark the centenary of the Ford Motor Company in 2003. On this occasion the partners were the various Ford clubs – from Model T to Model A, the Early V-8 Club, Ford 8 and 10, Zephyr, Cortina and so on. The timeline concept was repeated but, at that time, there were only three pre-1909 Fords in NZ. The Colonial Motor Company sent their Model A from Wellington to the show, the Model F came up from Gore, but the Model N in the Waikato was in pieces at the time. In addition to the 100-year timeline cars, another 250 Fords were displayed throughout the park.

The sign for the show that started John on a journey that ended with him writing the book.

Photo above - the Christchurch showgrounds with a time line of cars set out from 1900 to 1999, starting from the lower lefthand corner and winding its wayround to the far corner.

Realising how big this show was going to be John engaged a photographer, with a view to producing a picture book of the event. He then approached Ford to write a few pages of their history for it, but that was not possible. He visited Ford in Auckland to see what could be done but it all became too hard! It was then that John decided that he would research and write a Ford-NZ history himself, little appreciating how long that would take. John showed some of the photos taken at the 2003 Ford show – but his book became much more than a picture book. In fact, two books will come out of his research. “Putting the Car Before the Horse” is the first and, as the title suggests, it discusses the arrival of motoring in 10

NZ, which was led by Ford. By the mid-1920s around 45 percent of vehicles on NZ roads were Fords – a forgotten fact. The book is hardcover, 230 pages, full colour and full of facts and period photos. It also includes colour photos of Fords from the 1903 to 1934 V-8. John explained that, when putting the book together with New Holland Publishers, the hard part was which images to exclude. He showed a number of those excluded photos, which one of the only Model K to be brought to NZ (Ford’s 6-cylinder car - and said to be the first 6 of any make to arrive in NZ) – through to a ‘Bucking Ford’ at an air show in 1932! Worksafe wouldn’t allow that now!

Above - The front cover of John Stoke’s book Right A early Whitcombe and Tombs delivery van

Note from Editor: John’s book is fascinating for anyone who is an enthusiast of Ford cars or the history of cars in general, and several members of the WVCC received it for Christmas and enjoyed it very much. It is also interesting from for anyone interested in early New Zealand history because the social changes were very much influenced on the introduction of the car at the beginning of the 19th Century and vice versa. Highly recommended!

Ford’s X Engine that never quite work (forerunner of the rotary engine??)

The Ford 1932 Ford V8



Bill Pinkham

Our 17th pilgrimage! After a leisurely drive to Napier and settling in to our accommodation (an apartment on Marine Parade this year) and a visit to the usual haunts (Antique Fair etc), it was time to dress for the evening’s entertainment. We caught the start of the Friday evening display by the Harvards before settling into our seats for a look into the career of Marlene Dietrich and her songs. Saturday dawned clear skies and a forecast of 32deg. Saturday brunch was with Bertie to celebrate his 25th Birthday for the 29th Time. Then off to stand in the sun for the Car Parade and a vast collection of cars starting with the largest collection of Veterans that I have seen in one place, followed by the Vintage, with some familiar faces behind the wheel. The collection included everything from an 03 Olds to a V16 Cadi and from steam to electric.

The Street Parade - left a very early Cadillac, right a thirties Cord

There were several cars fitted with exhaust whistles, that were frequently exercised. One in particular unfortunately sounded like a dying cow; it might need some tuning. By 3pm the mercury had reached 30o and there was a serious need for a cold beer or two.

The bikes had their turn in the parade

including this Penny Farthing - how does he do it?


Saturday evening there was a distinct lack of vintage cars around and the older people that were dressed for the occasion appear to have found somewhere else to spend their evening. They were replaced by a lot of younger people around; the bars full of them. Sunday dawned to another fantastic day and it was off to check out the Hasting Farmers market before brunch while the Soap box derby got underway. There is a lot of work gone into some of these machines. The Gatsby Picnic at 29 o was a bit of a surprise, as the upper

lawn only partially filled and only a few of the groups had made an effort to dress for it; it turned out that the lower lawn was the place to be this year - that is where the atmosphere had moved. The tents, the cars and motorcycles; croquet on the lawn. Another air show and then finish off the evening with dinner and music at the Hawkes Bay Club in the company of Winton and Ruth from the Horowhenua VCC, a pleasant end to a great weekend. Some of the things that stood out this year were:  No cars parked along the footpath outside the sound shell after the parade  Fairly large uniformed police presence, in the past a rare sight  No food caravans/trucks on Friday night  The large number of younger people around  What appeared to be fewer people dressed in Art Deco attire Roll on next year!

Commercial Vehicles came too - above an early Austin bus originally from Oamaru - anyone for a ride?

and the Army as always has its presence



from the archives

Three photos of a 1913 Daimler owned and driven by B Tonks of Wanganui- at the 1958 November Rally from the Snow Benge Collection. The first photo is at the Hutt River Car Park. Not sure what bush is in the background of the last photo- could it be Trentham Park in Upper Hutt?

Contributions for the Motoring Spirit are always welcome Articles, photos, reports or titbits. Electronic versions are preferred but photos and text can be scanned or typed up. Send to the Editor - or arrange by phone with her to get a hard copy by mail or at Club Nights



Tasi Betteridge

Below is the supper roster to July. If you are unable to fulfil your duty please let me know. Supper duty: March Angelica & Alistair April Tasi Betteridge and Bruce Benge May Tasi Betteridgeand Colin White June Terry O’Leary and Ray Betteridge July Judy Wood & Terry Mathers Please note you do not have to bring anything unless you’re asked to. Just turn up, help to set up, serve the tea and coffee and then clean up - thank you. If you would like to add your name to the list for supper duty please let me know.

Birthday Party to celebrate our 60th Birthday - 7th July 2018. The Wellington Branch is 60 years old in July this year. We are in the process of organizing a birthday bash to celebrate this event. The cost will be around $35-$40 per head and it would be great to have some idea of numbers who might wish to attend before we make too many bookings. Please register your interest with Tasi by emailing thank you.



GYMKHANA AND FAMILY FUN DAY DATE: Sunday 25th March VENUE: Kamahi Park behind the Stokes Valley Fire Station BRING:

Your Lunch. Chair to sit on PROVIDED - Tea and Coffee also Devonshire Morning FOR - Family, grandkids, as there will be tests in a go kart for the kids to try. Lets make this a great day for the whole family. Come along even if you don’t want to compete. Watch the driving tests and enjoy the company Watch Ray in his Special and the kids in the go Kart 15

Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run (last Wednesday of the month)

28 March 2018 Visit to Dave Patten’s place, Martinborough, to view how he makes his various Hub Caps and to see his Daimler Collection 10.00am: Meet for coffee at Aston Norwood Gardens (formerly Kaitoke Country Gardens), 1747 Main Road, State Highway 2. They are situated 10 minutes North of Upper Hutt. You can view the extensive gardens for $2.50 per person. See 11.00am: Leave for Martinborough and lunch at the “Village Café”. They serve soups, pastas, pizzas, salads, eggs and bacon dishes, scones and cakes. Browse in the Martinborough Wine Merchants. 1.30pm:

Leave for Dave Patten’s residence, 156 New York Street

If you would like to come, please let Alison or John Kinvig know by Sunday 25th March 2018 - Phone (04) 234-1262 or John on 027-4524326 E-Mail:, Last week we had a question - what the historic strip of concrete found in Moutoa Gardens in Whanganui where we had lunch The answer is it is a Standard Chain Mark used by early Land Surveyors to check the measurement of their chain by which they measured land accurately, These days land is not measured in chains and links but in metres and millimetres, and electronic theodolites do the measurements. See photo on left. The winner was Peter Simpson who gets a prize? of a bottle of Bruce Benge’s home made wine!






Annual Swap Meet and Collectables Day - Saturday 17 March 2018 Horowhenua Branch VCC

Levin Show Grounds Events Park Levin

enquiries to Pete Collins 06 368 85656,


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Which way does this door open, into the next room or towards us or is it centre pivoting?

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See page 22 for contact details We are the company that offers you Total immersion stripping of Car bodies and panels WE TAKE CARE OF ALL YOUR NEEDS Contact: Warren Leslie Phone: (04) 232 6880 Fax: (04) 232 6882 11 Wall Place, Tawa Email:

VERO INSURANCE If you arrange your car and household insurance through Vero, the Wellington Branch gets a commission. Last year it amounted to $2,300.00.


66 Killarney Rd

Apex Auto



0800 10 27 39

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Call the Specialists

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THE INTERISLANDER The Interisland has sent us an updated quote. There is not enough space to list it all so we suggest that if you are planning to book from 1 February to 18 December 2018 ring the Interislander for quotes or click on Group Bookings at the foot of their home page www.interislander. To access the VCC rates, insert the reference WH5465 22

WELLINGTON BRANCH—CALENDAR OF EVENTS Clubnights are on the 3rd Tuesday of every month in the Clubrooms, Halford Place, Petone (eastern end of Jackson St) at 7:30pm. The Clubrooms are also open Wednesdays from 9:30 to 12:00, and for Noggin & Natter Fridays from 7:00pm ($1 for biscuits, tea and coffee free) Motorcycle Meetings are usually held on the 4th Monday of the month in the Butcher & Brewer, 175 Jackson Street, Petone at 7:30pm. APRIL

MARCH Sunday Run Committee meeting Club Night National Ex Meeting Christchurch Gymkhana and Family Fun Day Kapiti Midweek Run Motorcycle Group Meeting Rally Committee Meeting

11th 12th20th 24th 25th 28th 26th TBA

Sunday Run Committee Meeting Mitsubishi Heritage Day Motorcycle Meeting Club Night Dawn Breaker Rally & Transmission Gully Display Day Motorcycle Meeting Kapiti Mid Week Run Date Rally Committee Meeting

1st9th 15th 16th 17th 22nd 23rd 25th TBA

Club night supper roster: Norm Willis and David Nisbet

Club Night Supper Roster: Alastair McCarthy and Angelica Edgley

ON MARCH CLUBNIGHT Jeremy Paterson, who is the Belmont Regional Park Ranger,, will talk about the history of the Park and the impact of Transmission Gully on the Park

MAY Sunday Run Committee Meeting Club Night AGM Ladies Rally Motorcycle Meeting Kapiti Mid Week Run Rally Committee Meeting

JUNE 6th 7th 15th 20th 28th 30th TBA.

Club night supper roster: Tasi Betteridge and Colin White

Sunday Run Committee Meeting Club Night Leprechaun Rally Motorcycle Meeting Kapiti Mid Week Run Committee Meeting

3rd11th 19th 24th 25th 27th Rally TBA.

Club night supper roster: Terry O’Leary and Ray Betteridge


Ivan Gardiner on his 1960 Triumph Tigress

Aaron Janes psyching up for a PFM ride

An Auburn is dwarfed by the trees along the Napier Esplanade

An unknown couple enjoying their tea and scones


Wellington VCC March 2018  
Wellington VCC March 2018