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PHOENIX Number 274

APRIL 2018




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PHOENIX Number 274

APRIL 2018

COMING EVENTS Looking Forward………


Waitemata Hope-Cross Paddock Plug - 15


Hooters ‘Roycroft Trophy Meet’ 6 AGM 7


R’Oilcan 14-15


Other Events

Swap Meets

Maunga Moana Taranaki 21-22

VCC National Day 26


Club Night Thursday 5th APRIL Be aware that over the next couple of months the Northern Motorway between Constellation Drive and Oteha Valley Road will be closed on Thursdays from 9pm to 5am for resealing works. Other than that, see you at the usual place - the RSA Room, King George Coronation Hall, Library Lane, Albany, at the usual time, 8.00 pm. Not sure if the car park restoration is finished yet, (it was scheduled to be completed by end of March, but…. we all know how construction work goes. So be prepared to park kerbside if you must.

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PHOENIX Number 274

APRIL 2018

Sunday, 15th April 2018 The HOPE-CROSS PADDOCK PLUG A Grasskhana and track event allowing us to repeatedly belt around an 8/10ths of a kilometre course laid out on the Hope-Cross west Auckland property. Arrive for a midday start. BYO lunch; BBQ can be available if desired. Runs will continue until about 4pm, followed by a BBQ. BYO meat and liquid refreshments with glasses; salads and breads will be provided, along with utensils and crockery. Mike would appreciate the assistance of 2-3 people prior to the start to help lay out the markers on a pre-prepared track. This event is open to any non-modern (VCC acceptable) vehicles, registered or un-registered, completed or partially completed. Bring your car and have fun! RSVP to Michael: or Kris on 0274 939 911.



Entry form, full details and regs attached. Viv Scott has already sent copies of these out to all members, so no excuse for not entering. The possible running of a Pomeroy on the Saturday is still under discussion. Separate notice will follow as required. This is a signature Waitemata Branch event and we are looking forward to a bumper crop of entries from far and wide. Get your machine competition ready. Page |3

PHOENIX Number 274

APRIL 2018

Further Out….

14 July 2018.

7 AM start at Autobahn Bombay.

Bring your togs for a hot dip. Get in early for the best accommodation. Entry forms herewith. Must be in by 26 June …No exceptions. THIS IS NOT A RALLY TO MISS, IT HAS EVERYTHING. Rally organized by Barry and Heather Howard. Also… AUCKLAND BRANCH MID-WEEK RUN Wednesday 18th April. Starts from the Drury Service Centre, Southern Motorway. 10-00am for a 10-30am departure. John Cheale is organising this run and taking us to view an antique fire-arms collection. BYO lunch and chairs.

The Dewdrops tel. 09 232 0245 email


PAST EVENTS Looking Back…. Club Night – 1 March. The proposed change to Club By-Laws circulated in February came in for some discussion during our March get-together. Waitemata Branch members had no problem with the ‘Vehicle Eligibility’ criteria but baulked at Page |4

PHOENIX Number 274

APRIL 2018

the ‘Historic Vehicle’ definition. The need for and purpose of this definition was questioned. Who wanted it and why? Subject to further explanation we, as a Branch, are opposed to the inclusion of this definition within the Club By-Laws. Basically, it was considered that such inclusion was not in our best interests either individually or collectively. It invites bureaucratic meddling in our affairs and could serve to impinge upon our rights to buy, sell and enjoy our vehicles as we are currently free to do. The definition is so broad that it may be applied, at the whim of the applicator, to practically any vehicle over 30 years old. We await with interest an update on the outcome of the discussion on this topic at the March Executive Meeting. K.B. Di’s Drive & Lunch Run – 18 March. Didn’t happen because of lack of interest. A rather sorry state of affairs. ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

FROM THE THRONE It has been a sad few weeks with not only a Waitemata’ite but three Daimler SP250 members passing away. One never knows what is around the corner so hence the Humps are doing as much travelling as possible over the next couple or so years while we have the ability and means of doing so. Spending the kid’s inheritance is such fun!!! As you read this we are in the South Island with likeminded Dart owners enjoying the roads, the food, the company and having a great time no matter what the weather. On this trip we are taking the time to stop in one place for longer than one day and getting out of the cars and actually going on a couple of boat cruises. I have also organised the route with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea stops in set places so we were able to make contact with Dart members in the South Island who live in or near those set spots and invite them to join up for a catch up!! This is proving very successful and well worth the extra effort of organising the trip. As mentioned in my March ‘From the Throne’ the date has changed for the coming Hooters Vintage Race Series Round 4 Roycroft Trophy Races and already the Entry Forms etc., have been sent to all previous entrants but if you know of anyone who hasn’t participated previously then please get them to contact Tim Hill of HRC at the following email address : or by Mobile : 021 614600 or work : 09 377 0732. AND if anyone has a Roycroft Trophy sitting in their display cabinet and I haven’t made contact with them can they please contact me: 021 02575624 Page |5

PHOENIX Number 274

APRIL 2018

Sadly, my Red Cherry Café Drive & Lunch event was cancelled due to lack of support. Thank you and sorry to those few who did respond positively to the event. Interestingly, at a recent Daimler SP250 committee meeting we learnt that members talking amongst themselves are generally not interested in motoring long distances, not that I think going to Cambridge for lunch is a long distance! and certainly ourselves and those travelling right now with us are not of that mind set…. but …. is that the mind set of some Waitemata’ites too??? A great pity if it is. Di H. ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

FROM THE ED. Rather little in the way of contributions this month, so more from me than is probably healthy, allowing room for the exercising of my interest in the social history of the motor car. A couple of recent articles caught my eye and added to a train of thought I’ve been playing around with of late. One was an inclusion in the Riley Car Club N.Z. newsletter in respect of carbon footprints, the other was a news item in the FOMC publication ’Wheel Torque’ as to CO2 emissions resulting from the manufacture of batteries as used by electric vehicles. Quoting various sources, the Riley article recorded that the extraction of raw materials required for the manufacture of a new car generates 25 tonnes of waste and 422 million cubic metres of polluted air. The conversion of these raw materials into componentry and chemicals and delivery to the place of vehicle manufacture results in a further 25 million cubic metres of polluted air, then vehicle assembly and production adds another 75 million cubic metres. Eye wateringly large numbers, but what do they really mean? Well, ‘The Guardian’ website tells us that, whilst carbon footprint determination is immensely complex, a generally accepted method is to apply input-output analysis to break down the known total emissions of the world or country into different industries and sectors, taking account of how each industry consumes the goods and services of all the others. Estimated in this way, the total emissions of the auto industry are then divided by the total amount of money spent on new cars, thereby determining a footprint of 720kg of CO2e per £1,000 spent. Ok, so what’s ‘CO2e’? Whilst carbon dioxide is the dominant greenhouse gas, there are others such as methane, nitrous oxide and refrigerants which are in lesser quantities but are far more potent. CO2e is the convention used to express a carbon footprint in terms of carbon dioxide equivalent so as to avoid the confusion and difficulty of having to evaluate the impact of all gases in every situation. Moving right along, this same website informs us that the carbon footprint of the manufacture of a basic spec Citroen C1 is 6 tonnes of CO2e; for a Ford Mondeo medium spec the carbon footprint is 17 tonnes CO2e and for a top of the range Land Rover Discovery its 35 tonnes CO2e. Where am I going with this? Well, a calculator on a NZ Government website tells me that, based on 14 litres/100km, near enough to 20 miles per gallon, a car generates 320 grams of CO2 per km, which, roughly speaking (bearing in mind CO2e and CO2 are not quite the same), means I can drive over 53, 000kms before I’ve equalled the carbon footprint generated by the manufacture of a Ford

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PHOENIX Number 274

APRIL 2018

Mondeo and well over 100,000kms before I’ve equalled that of a Land Rover Discovery. A lot of vintage motoring. The ‘Wheel Torque’ article recorded a Swedish study having determined that electric car battery manufacture produces 150 to 200 kilograms of CO2e per kilowatt-hour storage capacity. This translates as 5.3 tonnes for the 30 kWh batteries in a Nissan Leaf and 17.5 tonnes for the 100 kWh Tesla Model S. The article goes on to say that you could drive a petrol or diesel car for 2.7 years before its CO2 emissions equalled the Nissan Leaf battery manufacture and for 8.2 years to equal that of the Tesla battery. It will not have escaped the clever amongst you that these batteries are consumables. In the case of the Tesla, so the lead Google site tells me, they last about 5 years or 100,000 miles. (I assume US miles.) Other sources put the life higher than that, at between 8 and 12 years, depending on many factors, including how you drive and the average temperature where you live, not to mention the fact that battery packs can be compromised through accident. No matter how you look at it, your ev is going to require at least two battery packs before it’s reached the average age of the NZ vehicle fleet (14.3 years), equating, in the case of the Nissan Leaf to 10.6 tonnes of CO2e, plus say 6 tonnes CO2e for manufacture, which, all up, is equivalent to about 9 years of petroleum fuelled motoring. Two sets of Tesla batteries equate to 35 tonnes CO2e. Add in, say, 17 tonnes CO2e generated by its manufacture and, based on the data in the article the Tesla carbon footprint equates to around 24 years motoring in a petrol-powered vehicle. Moral of the story – if you really want to save the planet, don’t buy a new car - get out and about in a club eligible vehicle!

Kevin Beesley.

Thanks to Tony Bushell for this very apt little item.

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ Page |7

PHOENIX Number 274

APRIL 2018

JUST SO WE KNOW WHO WE ARE... Something a little different this month …. what they are saying about us overseas. Thanks to Keith Humphreys for sending this in.

Chelsea makes it to the UK magazine "Thoroughbred & Classic Cars"


FOR SALE…. Embroidered Branch Badges…………………………………………. $10 each. Great quality and feel the width! Contact our worthy Secretary, Viv Scott for yours.

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PHOENIX Number 274

APRIL 2018


OTHER NEWS…… ALLAN BOOTH. 1941 - 2018 “What you need is a Riley”. This wasn’t a comment made to Allan, but it was to have a significant impact on his life. It was, in fact, a recommendation made to his Grandfather by a neighbouring Titirangi farmer back in the late 1930’s in relation to an old and increasingly unreliable Model ‘T’ used on the Booth family farm. So, Grandpa Booth bought a Riley, a 9 hp ‘Sportsman’s Coupe’ with dickey seat. He had the back cut off, replaced it with a panelled enclosure, delivery van style and this remodelled vehicle was pressed into farm service. Harold senior, Allan’s dad, was so impressed with the performance and reliability of this little car that, by the time Allan came along a few years later Harold senior was increasingly involved with the marque and Allan, and his brothers, grew up surrounded by Rileys and Riley lore. The family lived in Waterview back then and Allan spent his early years in that neighbourhood, with frequent visits to the old farm in Titirangi now owned by his mother’s parents. Leaving school with School Certificate he took on a Mechanical Draughtsman cadetship with N.Z. Railways, working from Beach Road in the city, qualifying N.Z.C.E. Mech. He stayed with the Railways for a time, then moved into plastic injection mould die design which in turn lead him to becoming technical representative for Neil Cropper Ltd, specialising in raw material and machinery supplies. His stint with Neil Cropper lasted for over 20 years, during which time he, together with younger brother Harold, also operated a small injection moulding business from home. This proved to be a foretaste of things Page |9

PHOENIX Number 274

APRIL 2018

to come. Following his Neil Cropper employment coming to an end and forays into a couple of other work activities, Allan and his partner Lee bought and operated their own plastic extrusion business, Imagin Plastics. Allan was about 16 when he bought his first Riley, a 1932 Riley Lincock Coupe. Aided by funding contributed by his Dad the Lincock was soon followed by an attractive little 9hp special built on a shortened chassis, with a rounded rear end Austin Healey style and cycle guards over the front wheels. This Special was sold to enable the purchase of two other 9 hp cars, a saloon with front opening bonnet thought to be a Biarittz and a 1930 Monaco. The Monaco, once tidied up and painted, was used as both the daily driver and for club events, for by this time, at age 19 Allan, along with his father Harold Senior, had joined the Riley Car Club as foundation members. Harold senior, meanwhile, was working at Jack’s Motors in Hobson Street and Allan would often go in there to help out on weekends and to check out the progress on a Riley 9 based special being built by a couple of lads in premises across the road. As brother Harold tells it: “Allan was pretty excited one day after he made the guys an “as is where is” offer which they accepted! Dad was furious, raced across the road and told the guys they were ripping the “Young Fella” off. Dad got the car for half the price.” This MG look-alike special had a Merlin engine with a preselect gearbox and hydraulic brakes. Allan finished it off to roadworthy status, added a hood & side screens, fitted it out with red upholstery and painted the bodywork white, where after it came to be known as the ‘White Special’. First married to Marie at age 23, two children, Greg and Tracy soon followed, and the White Special was sold to make way for a more family friendly 1946 RMA saloon. However, as often the case, family obligations, including the building of a house at Mairangi Bay, relegated Riley interests to the backburner for some years until Allan’s interest was again rekindled in the 1980’s by his father’s purchase of a 1934 9 hp Kestrel.

Chelsea 1994

Enthused again, Allan bought a 1933 9 hp ‘March Special’ replica from John P a g e | 10

PHOENIX Number 274

APRIL 2018

Courtney back in 1988 and, together with Lee, the new lady in his life and their daughter Kelly, motored this extensively for the next 20 years. He campaigned this trusty little car vigorously on Riley Club rallies, Waitemata Branch hill climbs, track events and R’Oil Can tours, the most memorable of these being the 2008 event during the course of which Allan put the ‘March’ forcefully into a ditch, resulting in considerable body work damage but no injury, other than to his pride. Allan claimed the accident happened as a result of him trying to check his watch under the various sleeves of his clothing and wet weather gear. He had never been happy with the form of the ‘March’ as he acquired it, so Allan took advantage of this mishap to rework the body into a more accurate and pleasing representation of what he felt it should look like. It remains a most attractive vehicle. Various other Rileys came and went over subsequent years. He bought that 1934 9 Kestrel from his Dad, then swapped it with Dean Salter for a very original Riley 9 Monaco project, went shares with his brothers in a basket case Big 4 Adelphi, White Riley at home. 2003 acquired a 1954 RME from a vicar in Te Aroha then, in 2001 bought Jack Oswin’s 1937 Kestrel Sprite. This was a car he had had his eyes on for some time and had come close to owning in earlier years. Importantly, though, he bought back the ‘White Special’ first owned in his late teens. It was in generally sad shape, so Allan set to and did considerable work getting it back on to the road. Throughout this time he was very active in Riley Club circles, being North Island Vice President for many years, and always supportive of VCC Waitemata Branch events, serving on the committee and for a time as Branch Chairman.

Ditched ‘March Special’ 2008 R’Oilcan. Allan in foreground, Lee left rear. All the usual suspects in the middle.

He was a key ‘go to person’ for information on local Rileys and for advice on Riley technical matters and he had a particular interest in cam shaft profiling, a subject in which he developed considerable expertise.

Ryder’s Junction 2002.

There were many memorable motoring events and occasions, but one that his brother Harold recalls as being particularly noteworthy was their joint expedition south, in 1990, together with their wives and children on P a g e | 11

PHOENIX Number 274

APRIL 2018

the first Riley Club ten-day rally around the South Island. Allan and Lee in the ‘March Special, Harold and Raewyn in the 9 Tourer, children in the back. As many of us know, the back seat of an open car is a very exposed position and the children stoically braved the cold, wrapped up in their sleeping bags for much of the journey. Ah, good times. R.I.P Allan. Kevin Beesley ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

Thanks to Di H. for the advert above and to the Talbot Owners’ Club magazine for the article below, the ‘tone’ of which is particularly interesting. Apologies for the reproduction quality.

P a g e | 12

PHOENIX Number 274

APRIL 2018

P a g e | 13

PHOENIX Number 274

APRIL 2018

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ P a g e | 14

PHOENIX Number 274

APRIL 2018

DESPATCHES…. If you aren’t mentioned in despatches it means you aren’t telling the Editor what you are up to. ➢ A quote – one of many I am going to continue drip feeding over the coming months…. "He had delusions of adequacy." -Walter Kerr ➢

Branch Rileys and persons at Allan Booth’s funeral. Photos sent in by John King

There was an excellent turn-out of Branch Members and their vehicles for Allan Booth’s send off. The Booth family and all their cars were there of course, plus, amongst others, the Jamieson Delage and the Rileys of Greig, Pascoe, Beesley and Chapman. Apologies to those I have overlooked in this list. ➢

Speaking of Rileys, Branch members were prominent on the recent Riley Club annual rally. Harold Booth, aided vaguely by yours truly, was the hero of the day, rescuing a fellow entrant in distress by replacing a Kestrel Sprite head gasket on the side of the road just north of Whangarei. Dave Pitches, ably assisted by his good lady Jenny, was the event organiser. Mike Moffat’s ‘9’ succumbed to head gasket failure early on and was trucked home. (Where’s Harold when you need him?). And we had Rob Chapman and his 9 Special join us in Paihia.

Mike Moffat has been rationalising his fleet. Gone is the XK 140 and the Morgan, to be replaced by … another Morgan ex the UK. We look forward to seeing this new import out and about on Branch events.



Oil – To Be or Not to Be. A couple of interesting takes on the future of oil and the availability of fuel for our vehicles.

P a g e | 15

PHOENIX Number 274

APRIL 2018

On the one hand we have the report in ‘Wheel Torque’ the newsletter of FOMC, issue 27, Feb/Mar 2018 (as sent out to all members back on 26 February) featuring what we may call the Tony Seba point of view (a gentleman we have referred to in previous issues of this rag) that the conventional car fleet will be rapidly wiped out after 2025 by which time only electric vehicles will be being produced. The spin-off being a rapid decline in the availability of fuel and the industry that services the current vehicle fleet, quickly rendering the use of petrol and diesel-powered cars impractical. On the other hand, we have the view of BP, as published in the Herald Feb 23rd, (‘Electric Cars won’t kill oil demand’) that the impact of electric cars will be nothing like as dramatic. BP forecast that oil consumption will continue to grow at about 0.5% p.a., peaking around 2030 after which it may drop to be around today’s level by 2040. BP maintain the suggestion that rapid growth in electric car numbers will cause oil demand to collapse is not supported by the basic numbers, even with really rapid growth, and that oil used in the car market will remain essentially flat for the next 20 years. It expects a third of the kilometres driven in 2040 will be electricity powered. Who will prove to be right? I’m inclined to the view that BP’s forecasting, give or take a few years, is the more realistic one. For a number of reasons. To begin with we have an abundance of economically available oil and no reason to suspect dramatic increases in its cost. Technology and the geographic spread of its sources are such that it’s price cannot be manipulated as it was in the past. Technological development is such that production from aging oil fields, not long ago forecast to expire, continues and in some cases increases – witness developments in the North Sea whereby Britain is on the brink of becoming a net crude oil exporter for the first time in fourteen years (NZ Herald 2 March 2018). So, no worries there. Then we have the rate of electric vehicle uptake. Or, rather, the lack of it. Despite the best efforts of the social engineers, the tax breaks and the continued bombardment of ev hype, this take up is miniscule. There are about 3.9 million cars on NZ roads, of which (as at November last year, according to the MoT, NZ Herald December 8, 2017) 5,804 are electric vehicles. The Government has a goal of reaching approximately 64,000 ev’s on our roads by end 2021. Well, whoppity do! An increase of about 14,500 per year. Over the past 15 years the NZ car fleet has grown at around 80,000 cars a year. It grew by 183,000 vehicles (5%,) between 2014 and 2015 alone. At these sorts of numbers petrol is going to be around for a long, long, time. Uptake rates will surely increase but they need do so many fold to make any appreciable dent. Internationally, the situation is similar. Electric car sales in the US were less than 1 percent of the market in 2017 and 1.4 percent in each of the UK and China. A number of factors mitigate against uptake, the main one being cost. Why pay upwards of $30k for an ev, with its unfamiliarity and limitations (not to mention ugliness), when you can buy a perfectly good petrolpowered machine, that you can expect to give you years of reliable service, for $4-5k? It makes no economic sense. Second hand ev’s are priced well out of range of many NZ’ers. And don’t even think about the cost of a fancy new one! It is safe to say, I think, that uptake won’t leap ahead until prices come way down, bearing in mind the other barriers to ev ownership that also need be overcome. They are not suited to everyone’s life style and, for the foreseeable future many of us would need maintain a petroleum powered car as well to cover for the ev’s shortcomings. Plus, they have not yet really fired up consumer passion. Consumer demand remains muted, a fact social engineers world-wide recognise and are grappling with. Then there is the fact that the average age of the NZ car fleet is 14.3 years, which, of itself takes us out beyond 2030. Reports that car makers don’t make money making electric cars is another interesting element in the mix. (Herald October 6, 2017.) Tesla is the most gravity defying example, having burned through US$10 billion without having made a cent, but General Motors says it loses about US$9,000 on every Chevrolet Volt it sells, and Fiat Chrysler loses US$20,000 on every electric version of its subcompact sold in the US. And yet most, if not all major manufacturers are jumping on the ev band wagon Why? Well, China is reportedly a big reason where regulations require carmakers to produce a certain share of “new energy vehicles”, including ev’s, to obtain credits so they can keep selling petrol powered ones. P a g e | 16

PHOENIX Number 274

APRIL 2018

All things considered, my money is on the BP forecasts. The petroleum powered automobile and fuel for it are likely to be readily available until at least 2040 and perhaps beyond. Mind you, a lot can happen between now and 2040. Who knows? Ev’s may have come and gone by then.

Kevin Beesley


Sent in by Keith H. A fine period photo of one of the three 1.5 litre Delage team cars at the 1926 British GP. They won, even though the heat in the cockpits roasted the drivers alive. Subsequent to this race the cars were extensively modified, including inverting the inlet and exhaust sides of the engine so that the exhaust system was as far removed from the driver as possible. Following these mods they were invincible, taking out the European Grand Prix Championship in 1927 and so crowning Delage as champions of the World.


P a g e | 17

PHOENIX Number 274

APRIL 2018

PHOENIX The OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER of THE WAITEMATA BRANCH of the VINTAGE CAR CLUB OF N.Z. INC. 200A Greenhithe Road, Greenhithe, Auckland 0632

CLUB NIGHT THURSDAY 5th April 8.00 p.m. at the RSA Room, King George Coronation Hall, Library Lane, Albany. Take Exit 410 Oteha Valley Road. Travel west along Oteha Valley Road, ahead through 2 roundabouts and straight ahead at Traffic Lights into Albany Highway then almost immediately RIGHT into Library Lane then very soon go right again into the parking area. The RSA Room is at the rear.

Strange, isn’t it, that various modern ev’s look so similar to their 1905 forebears.

P a g e | 18

PHOENIX Number 274

APRIL 2018

Competition Number

For Race Secretary’s Use Only


1 st time Driver (3 or less events) (tick………….) 1st time Competitor at Venue (tick………….)

Physical Address: Postal Address : (to confirm acceptance of entry if sent by mail) Email Address : (to confirm acceptance of entry if sent by email) Telephone - Home

Telephone – mob.

Telephone - Business

VCC Competition Licence

Civil Drivers Licence Number

Number Financial Member of the following VCCNZ Branch:

VCC Membership Number

Required for statistical purposes

Date of Birth:

Age Group (please circle appropriate):

Under 18




61 plus

...... / ...... / ......

Entrant: (to be completed in all cases if Entrant is other than the driver. Licence must be presented at documentation) Entrant’s Name Postal Address Email Address Telephone - Home

Telephone - Business

Telephone - Mobile

Entrants Licence Number

Licence Expiry Date ...... / ...... / ......

Vehicle Details Vehicle Make

Vehicle Model


Registration #

Capacity in cc

Year of manufacture

WOF Expiry date

Vehicle History: Please complete this section (Continue on separate sheet if required – this

helps with commentary during event )

P a g e | 19

PHOENIX Number 274

APRIL 2018

1. Indemnity: I have received the Supplementary Regulations and all other regulations or Articles for my entry to this Meeting and agreed to be bound by them and by the Vintage Car Club Of New Zealand speed regulations. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry and of my being permitted to take part in the Meeting or Events detailed, I agree to save harmless and keep indemnified Vintage Car Club NZ, MotorSport New Zealand Inc., The MotorSport Company Ltd., and its Shareholding Car Clubs, and Race circuit owner / operators. All the owners and tenants of private property traversed, and the respective officials, fellow competitors, servants, representatives and agents from and against all losses, actions, claims, expenses and demands in respect of death, injury, loss or damage to persons or property of myself, my drivers, passengers or mechanics or any other persons whatsoever howsoever caused arising out of or in connection with this entry or taking part in the events this entry covers specified notwithstanding that such death, injury, loss or damage may have been contributed to or caused by the negligence of the Inviting Club or MotorSport New Zealand Inc or any of their respective officials, servants, representatives or agents or by any other person. 2. Ability to Control a Vehicle Declaration by Driver: I declare that should I at the time of any event this entry form relates to be suffering from any disability of any kind whether permanent or temporary which is likely to detrimentally affect my control of my automobile or my fitness to drive, I will not participate. 3. Vehicle Conformance with Schedule A Declaration by Driver: I declare the vehicle detailed on this entry form complies with the vehicle safety items set out below and will be presented on request to an appointed scrutineer or Technical Officer complying at all times with the safety and eligibility requirements detailed in the VCCNZ Speed Regulations/National Sporting Code and its Appendices and Schedules.




Non-Critical Safety

Non Safety

Critical Safety

➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢

Helmet and Overall Seat(s) and Mountings Braking System Safety Harness Fire Extinguisher Steering System Roll Cage Wheels and Tyres

➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢

Engine and Transmission Power Unit Mounts Lubrication and Cooling Systems Battery Ignition Switch/Circuit Breaker Interior Cockpit Fittings Reverse Gear Throttle Return Wipers and Demister

➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢

Body Condition and Suspension (not affecting Critical Safety items) Rain/Tail Lamp Front Doors Bulkhead Rear Vision Mirrors Starter Motor Oil Catch Tank Fuel Tank

➢ ➢ ➢ ➢

Competition Numbers Sponsorship Decals Exhaust System Body Appearance and Aerodynamic Aids

I acknowledge that where any breach of the Safety Schedule is found during a Scrutineering Audit I may be not be allowed to compete and may subject to penalties under the National Sporting Code where applicable and my signature below indicates my acceptance of this undertaking. 4. Consent: I consent to the details contained on this form being held by the Inviting Clubs for the purpose of the promotion and benefit of the Race Meetings concerned, and Motorsport in general. I acknowledge my right to access and correction of this information. This consent is given in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993. Signature of Driver:…………………………………………………………..Date: …………………..Roycroft Races?

﴾ ﴿

Signature of Entrant:…………………………………………………………..Date: ………………... Emergency Contact : NAME…………………………………….PHONE……………………………….RELATIONSHIP…………………………………….

FOR ENTRY TO BE CORRECT, PLEASE ENSURE SIGNATURES ARE COMPLETED PRIOR TO POSTING Note: If Driver and entrant are the same, only one signature is required to cover the (1) Indemnity, (2 & 3) Declarations and (4) Consent

P a g e | 20

PHOENIX Number 274

Enter and pay on-line

APRIL 2018

Schedule of Fees: Roycroft Trophy Races Entrants: 1 day Sun. 6th May 2018


by 1 May 2018

If mail entry please post with entry fee to : Waitemata Branch VCC Roycroft Trophy. c/o- HRC P.O Box 28-140, Remuera Auckland 1541

Day entry

$180.00 :



incl.Timing cost

Please note entries on the day are at the discretion of the Clerk of Course


HRC Season Finale Meeting 2018 – Hooters Vintage Race Series Round 4 (Roycroft Trophy Races)


Sunday 6th May 2018


Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, WAIKATO

SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS PARTS ONE & TWO 8th February 2018 HRC Events SEASON FINALE MEETING, Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, WAIKATO 1. JURISDICTION This event, promoted by the Historic Racing Club, will take place at the Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, WAIKATO on SUNDAY 6th May 2018. The VCC races (Hooters Vintage Race Series – Roycroft Trophy Races) will be held under the provision of the Vintage Car Club of NZ, section 23 of the VCC Branch Manual. The Vintage Car Club Race permit for the event is: TBA The MotorSport NZ Permit Number is TBA 2. MAJOR OFFICIALS 2.1 Organising Committee Chris Watson Tim Hill

0274 827 542 021 614600

09 377 0732 09 377 0732

2.2 Secretary of the Meeting Tim Hill 2.3 Officials of the Meeting Clerk of Course TBA Time Keeper TBA VCC Scrutineer TBA VCC Speed Steward TBA VCC Clerk of Course TBA A list of the Officials of the Meeting will be posted on the Official Notice Board. 3. VEHICLE REQUIREMENTS The race is scheduled for the following classes or types; • •

VCC Cars, Pre 31st Dec.1945, Pre 31st Dec.1960, Sports cars and or single seaters with a year representation prior to 31 st Dec.1960, P a g e | 21

PHOENIX Number 274


APRIL 2018

Saloon Cars pre 31st Dec.1960.

Log Books/ VIC’s All race vehicles must have a Log Book. If a vehicle is found at the Scrutineering Audit to be technically at variance with the specifications and modifications as recorded on the Official Application Form, the vehicle may be prevented from competing. Tyres must be as per Log Book. Vehicle Identity Certificate: All vehicles must either have a Vintage Car Club of NZ VIC or Motorsport New Zealand Issued Certificate of Description, and it must be presented at Documentation. Race Wear: Basic 1 layer race suit with fire retardant or woollen underwear is the minimum. A 2 Layer Race Kit (race suit, boots, Gloves is appropriate). Cotton overalls or overalls containing polyester or nylon fabric will not be permitted. 4. ENTRY CLOSING DATES, ENTRY FEES & ACCEPTANCE OF ENTRY 4.1 Entry Closing Dates The entry closing date at normal fees is 10:00am Monday 30th April 2018. The entries must be PAID for (by either Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Cheque) and all monies to be received by HRC before the normal entry closing date. Entries or payments received after the normal entry closing date of 10:00am on Monday 30th April 2018 (including ALL pay on the day) will be subject to late entry fee of $20. No entries will be accepted after 5pm on Friday 4th May 2018. Entries should be done on line at if this is not possible, postal entries will be accepted up to 10:00am on Monday 30th April 2018. Postal entries will attract a $20.00 administration fee. Please post these to the following address. Secretary of the Meeting: P.O. Box 28 140 Remuera 4.2 Entry Fees Hooters Vintage Race Series - Entry $180.00 per driver. ($1 Transponder Hire) TOTAL: $181.00 Late fee, late payment and entry fee $191.00 Classic Trial Entry Competitors can take advantage of paying a $15.00 crossover fee to enter the PPG Classic Trial on Saturday 5 th May 2018. Classic Trial crossover entries must hold a MSNZ M Grade Licence. 4.3 Acceptance of Entry Acceptance of entry will be emailed on or before Thursday 3rd May 2018. Competitors requiring circuit passes before this date please note on entry form and they will be posted when the entry fee is received. Competitors are reminded that they must be registered with series organisers to compete in this meeting; they should have also read and understood the series regulations. It should also be remembered that starters are limited by the track licence and entries for classes which are oversubscribed will be taken on a first come first served basis, the entry is deemed to have been made when payment is received. P a g e | 22

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APRIL 2018

4.4 Competition Numbers While every effort will be made to give competitors their requested number this may not always be possible especially if the competitor is entered in more than one class. In the case of a number change every effort will be made to notify the competitor as soon as possible, the organiser's decision on these matters will be final. Race numbers can be purchased from the Race Secretary for $5 per number. Each vehicle is required to have a set of number/s on each side of the vehicle. 5 COMPETITOR REQUIREMENTS & UNDERSTANDING 5.1 Competitor Requirements In signing the entry forms, competitors are deemed to fully understand the relevant articles and regulations as contained in the VCC Speed Regulations, Section 23 of the Branch Manual. 5.2 Licence Requirements Race Licence - Current VCC Competition Historic Racing Licence (HRL) – Minimum Or Current Motorsport Race Licence. Classic Trial crossover entries must hold a MSNZ M Grade Licence. When applying for or renewing your Historic Racing Licence (HRL) you will now be asked for a Medical Declaration. Do you currently or have you ever suffered from any seizures, blackouts or heart conditions, or any other medical issue which may interfere with your ability to safely drive a car in a VCC Speed Event? If you have answered YES you will be asked to give full details. The following points are also on the HRL Form and you will need to be continually vigilant about the issues raised. A medical certificate to confirm your fitness to safely compete in a VCC Speed Event may at the request of the National Speed Steward be required before issuing of a Historic Racing Licence. Knowingly withholding any relevant information in regard to the above question will result in the immediate cancellation of the Historic Racing Licence for a minimum period of six (6) months. If during the validity of the Historic Racing Licence the holder should suffer from any medical condition as outlined above, they must advise the national Speed Steward accordingly, who may suspend the licence and request a medical certificate to confirm the Holder’s fitness to take part in a VCC Speed Event. 5.3 Drivers Briefing Drivers briefing will be at 08:30am on Sunday 6th May 2018 in the paddock area. The briefing will cover starting, finishing and emergency procedures and the meaning and use of flags, and lights if used. All drivers must take part in at least one official practice prior to competition commencing. Any driver who is not present at the briefing or does not complete practice must personally contact the Clerk of Course 5.4 New Drivers Any driver(s) who have not previously competed at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park must indicate the fact on the entry form and attend the New Competitors Briefing sessions. Competitors who have not competed at 3 race meetings must attend New Drivers briefing. These briefings will be held immediately after the driver’s briefings and will take priority over any series briefing. 5.5 Competitor understanding P a g e | 23

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APRIL 2018

In signing the entry forms competitors (Entrant and Drivers) are deemed to fully understand the Motorsport NZ National Sporting Code and its relevant Appendices and Schedules. 5.6 Re- Start Procedure Where fewer than four laps have been completed the re-start will be deemed as a new race/event and will be restarted using the original grid positions. Should a second stop occur, the race/event will be declared complete and a result declared based on the last completed lap. If no laps have been completed, the organizers reserve the right to abandon that race/event or to re-run it later in the meeting. 5.7 Non Sanctioned Series Organisers and Competitors in a series which is not sanctioned by Motorsport New Zealand are governed by the current Motorsport Manual for Scrutineering, Eligibility and Disciplinary Purposes. Series disputes must be resolved by the series organisers as the meeting officials are not empowered to make rulings on series which are not sanctioned by Motorsport New Zealand. These decisions may not affect any grid determinations and all races will be run in accordance with Schedule Z. 6. DOCUMENTATION & SCRUTINEERING AUDIT INSPECTION 6.1 Documentation Will take place at the Paddock Office commencing at 12:00 noon on Friday 4 th May 2018 Recommencing at 07:30 Saturday 5th May and at 07:30 Sunday 6th May 2018 6.2 Scrutineering These inspections will occur concurrently with documentation. Competitors must present themselves at Venue Documentation for the checking of licences and Log Book after scrutineering. Only the entrant or their authorised representative, holding written authority, shall be permitted to accompany the car during its scrutineering audit. The Vehicle Safety Statement has extra requirements : • • •

Crankcase Breather: Crankcase breathers fitted “Where possible without modification to vehicle” with suitable catch bottle. Cooling System: Non-sealed cooling system fitted with overflow catch bottle. The use of non-water based coolant is strongly discouraged. Sump Plug: To be wired in place for all circuit events. If your vehicle does not meet these requirements it will be refused entry.

7. POSTPONEMENT CANCELLATION ABANDONMENT & ORGANISERS RIGHTS The organisers reserve the right to cancel or abandon the meeting or part thereof should less than the minimum number of entries as prescribed in the regulations/articles not be achieved. In most other instances the minimum number is 100 entries. In most cases the minimum number of entrants for a class is 10. For reasons of Force Majeure should a meeting or part thereof be cancelled any entry fee refund will be made only at the discretion of the organisers. Full refunds will be paid to competitors who advise in writing. (email: ) before 5pm Friday 4th May 2018 8. GENERAL INFORMATION A. Circuit Hire - Testing The circuit is available for private hire by contacting Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, WAIKATO, for a schedule of dates, hire conditions and applicable fees. P a g e | 24

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Race Car Test Day Hampton Downs Motorsport Park will be running a Race Car test day on Friday 4 th May 2018. All competitors who wish to avail themselves of this opportunity, please book direct with Hampton Downs. All drivers must report to the circuit office to sign the terms and conditions indemnity form and pay the appropriate fee before testing. B. Fuel Competitors, Teams and other organizations handling Fuel should familiarize themselves with The Motorsport Code of Practice for Fuel Handling. C. Circuit Width A competitor may use no more than the full width of the circuit which is defined as being the area between the outer edges of the white line along each side of the sealed surface D. Abuse of Officials Abuse of any event official will result in immediate exclusion from the event, with no refund of any entry fees paid. E. Insurance Competitors are advised that the MSNZ insurance has an excess of $3,000. With any damage to the track, the competitor will be required to pay the first $3,000 of any claim. 9. PROGRAMME OF EVENTS The intended Programme of events will be emailed 3 days before the event. In accordance with Appendix Four Schedule Z the organisers reserve the right to amalgamate or delete any event or cancel any race should less than 10 entries be received by the closing date. Practice: There will be 15 minutes practice time. Sunday Races – There will be 3 races on Sunday 6th May 2018. Format: • • •

Race 1 based on results of qualifying fastest at the front Race 2 reverse marble draw Race 3 handicap.

Notes: Competitors entering races which are part of a series must have the series organiser approval prior to entering this event. Any Competitors requiring GST receipts please note this in the entry field comments field.

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APRIL 2018

R’OILCAN RALLY 2018 ENTRY FORM (37th Edition) The R’Oilcan will start at the Autobahn, Bombay Service Centre, 7am Saturday 14 July 2018. Entry fee $165 per person. Children under 15years $80. (under 10 free) To be paid in full by June 26th. NO LATE ENTRIES DUE TO ACCOMMODATION RESTRAINTS. This entry fee includes Saturday morning tea, lunch, dinner and accommodation overnight and Sunday Breakfast. Entries for VCC eligible vehicles will be accepted with: Current REGO/WOF and entrant’s VCC membership card. ONLY OPEN VEHICLES WILL BE ELIGIBLE Please complete form below and return with cheque made out to Heather Howard and post to H Howard, 167B Carlisle Road, Browns Bay, Auckland 0632. Or email completed form to and payment via Internet banking H J Howard. Bank Account number 020120 0063786 00. Reference R’Oilcan and your initial and surname. R’OILCAN 2018 ENTRY FORM Name of Entrant: Name of Navigator: Passengers:____________________________________________________________________ Car Make __________________________________MODEL:_____________________________ REGO:_____________________________________YEAR:_______________________________ Mobile Phone:__________________________________________________________________ Email:________________________________________________________________________ Postal Address: ______________________________________________________________________________ No._____at $165 each.

No._____at $80 each.

No._____under 10 years.

Total amount___________________

□ Internet Banking □Cheque enclosed Please tick method of payment.

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