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Newsletter May 2018

Cover photo Francis Pointon’s 1930 Essex. Photo by Kevin on the recent most enjoyable Club Captains run. Closing Date for Wairarapa Zenith: 15th of each month. Contributions should be emailed to the Editor— or posted to: PO Box 7, Masterton, 5840.

Wairarapa Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Clubrooms Postal Address Branch Website Club Night Spare Parts Committee Meet

A&P Showgrounds, Chester Road, Clareville PO Box 7, Masterton, 5840

First Monday of the month (except January— none) and June (second Monday) at 7.30pm. Open each Tuesday morning following club night. Second Tuesday of each month at 7.30 pm

Call and see

Trevor Kenavan for all your joinery requirements

150 Main Street, Greytown Phone: 06 379-8008 Fax: 06 304-9004 2

Your Committee 2017/18 Chairman:

Willie James

372 4890

Immediate Past Chairperson John Clark 378 0380 Vice Chairman: Andrew Dittmer 379 6967 Treasurer: Robert Notley 0272121091 Secretary: Tina Goodin 02041099552 Club Captain: David Hunter 379 9224 Committee: Paul Furkert 379 5355 Gary Lang 372 7593 Brian Billing 021 242 6240 Hugh Hunter 306 9847 Custodian: Earl Goodin

0204 0624986 379 7918

Librarian: Pat Dutton Beaded Wheels Reporter: Kevin Ball 377 1236 Social Convenor: Val Ball 377 1236 Spare Parts: Frank Lipinski 379 7167 Tom Mitchelmore 379 7573 Magazine Editor: Jim Philps 370 9118 Vehicle Inspectors: Francis Pointon 378 6710 Graham Reidy 372 7855 3

What’s on locally‌

April Saturday 29th

Veterans rally.

Brian Billing see p9

Saturday 29th

Bangers and beer

MAY Monday 7th

Club night. Roger Tibbs to speak. Door John and Sheila Clark.

Sat 12 to Sun 13th Winter Motorcycle Reliability Trial. Organiser Graham Reedy. See details and entry form in this news letter Sunday 20th May

Collectible car club visit. Club rooms at 12pm

JUNE Sunday 3rd

Wanganui annual rally. Tina has entry forms

Sunday 17th

Winter Wander ( page 11 )Tony and Myrna

Monday 11th

Club night and AGM Door Tina and Earl. Speaker to be announced. A nomination form is included on page 17

July Monday 2nd

Club night . Door Val and Kevin. Speaker, Paul Furkert. For details see page 19

Club Captains Report Last year, having been given an engineless Bradford van as a base for a gymkhana special, the Bangers and Beers group set about finding a suitable motor to power it. An inspection of our spare parts stock turned up five Ford 10 motors in various states of completeness, so it was thought a good running motor could be put together from them. However, after dragging them out to the workshop area and some dismantling to see what we had, the idea was abandoned. Without spending a lot of money it couldn’t be done. After reassembling them, the motors will be returned to the parts department to resume gathering dust. I was interested to read an opinion from a Graham Taylor (Central Otago branch) in a letter published in the latest Beaded Wheels, No 351. He suggests that “parts sheds around the country are full of stuff that will never get used. It is also beyond most of us to identify these bits too, making them pretty much valueless�. Well, our parts shed is certainly full, in fact the contents are overflowing into the workshop area. As to identifying the older parts we are fortunate in having two custodians who are very good at it. No doubt other older members have the knowledge too but in the future younger members will struggle to do so. Every Tuesday morning following the monthly club night Frank and Tom are there in the parts department open for business and waiting for buyers to arrive. Sometimes, one or two actually do. It is very difficult to sell parts if there are no buyers. Prices asked are modest so that is not the problem. Meanwhile, the club is being regularly donated parts, which are coming in faster that the existing stuff is going out. So what to do about it? We get the parts for free and the sale proceeds are pretty much the only income stream we have other than subscriptions. The entire stock is owned collectively by our members and we should all take an interest in how out parts department operates. Anyone got some good marketing ideas? Meanwhile, there may well be some Ford 10 enthusiast out there who is in desperate need of five clapped out motors. We just have to find him. Preferably before a bunch of fishermen come along looking for some cheap boat anchors. 5

WINTER MOTORCYCLE RELIABILITY TRIAL Hi fellow enthusiasts, This year the trial will be an overnight at Foxton, with a trip to Peter Thomsons motorcycle museum. A back-up venicle will be available to carry any extras you need. Sleeping bag and pillow will be necessary ( sheet to cover mattress optional ) Saturday 12

May meet at 9.30 am at the VCC clubrooms Clareville for morning Tea and rally briefing. Lunches for Saturday and Sunday at your own cost. Evening meal will be at your expense at the Foxton RSA ( Entertainment for the night is included in entry fee )

Sunday 13th

Breakfast at 8am to 8.30 am and then journey to Peter Thomsons at Rongotea. Back to VCC club rooms

Entries close on 29th April 2018 ( sorry no late entries ) Post entries to; Rally Secretary VCC Wairarapa Branch PO Box 7 Masterton Enclose payment with entry OR pay on internet banking to account number 03-0687-0323649-01. WHEN PAYING BY INTERNEY BANK PLEASE REMEMBER TO PUT MBTRIAL together with your NAME


WINTER MOTORCYCLE RELIABILITY TRIAL ENTRY FORM Name of rider and pillion………………………………. Address………………………………………………… Phone number………………………………………….. Email…………………………………………………….. Make & model & year of bike………………………………………………………. Entry fee includes Saturday night entertainment, Sunday breakfast and museum visit. Total cost = $50 per person

Two Chinamen break into a distillery. One turns to the other and says “is this whiskey ?” The other says “yes, but not as whiskey as wobbing a bank !”


Chairmans Report ( crutchings and daggy bits ! ) I am writing this from Orange in NSW. Which is a lovely town with many English trees all in there Autumn hue. Having spent a week in Coffs Harbour 27'- 30' with our feet up was very pleasant. We are now on road trip( tiki tour) inland. Drought has over taken many parts of the country that we have visited. Gunnadah has not had a flood since the year 2000 and all the stock are being grain fed or sold just to survive. Many small villages are in a derelict state with few people living there. 91grade fuel ranges from 1.34--- ,1.50lt in land. Visited the Powerhouse Motorcycle museum in Tamworth. Sephan Godson from Masterton does all the restoration work on the bikes for Bill the owner. Getting back to our Club. I have not received any calls from members wishing to put their names forward for the Editor or Treasurer jobs!!! Please consider these positions and support your club. It looks likely that we must move with the times and use your email system to convey our newsletter. A special 50th Jubilee celebration committee has been set up chaired by Francis Pointon and they have an interesting weekend planned for October. I hope that the Club Captains run was enjoyed by all who attended in my absence and look forward to catching up soon. Willie James


Situations Vacant Two important positions will become vacant at our June AGM:Club Treasurer and Magazine Editor. These are vital roles in the smooth running our branch. Please give these vacancies some consideration. Both positions come with a small honorarium.

Treasurer—Some basic accounting knowledge is required. Can you prepare a monthly cash sheet? Fill in a GST return? Prepare end of year final accounts? Have you used a computerised accounting package? Even if you say “no” but are ready to learn then give it a go. Plenty of help will be available.

Magazine Editor– Basic computer knowledge is an asset. Can you write a letter on a computer? Use email? Work a publishing programme. There is help available. If you are interested in either of these positions please contact Willie James (06) 372 4890 and have a talk about it.


Winter Wander 10th June 2018

The Winter Wander this year is going to be something different. There will be NO route instructions, silent checks, tulip diagrams as you will be planning your own route. The Wander will be a challenge to your map reading and planning abilities. You can compete in your modern car if you wish although you will incur penalties for doing so. The Wander will be compatible to the needs of the motorcyclist and bonuses will be awarded to any motor cycle riders participating on their bikes. It will finish at a specific time and at a specific place in time for lunch. To assist with catering you will need to book your place NOW . Interested? Contact Tony or Myrna Lane (06) 3773064 or e-mail wandmlane@xtra,co,nz

Wairarapa Branch of the VCC of NZ (Inc.) 49th Annual General Meeting Monday 11th June at 7.30 p.m.

See page 16-17 for details of the responsibilities of the various office holders and a nomination form for your use. Please consider yourself for nomination for the following positions: Club Captain, Magazine Editor, Treasurer, Committee or any appointed positions


VETERAN RALLY April 29th Cars and bikes are welcome. Meet at Club rooms at 9.30am for briefing. This rally will be a non competitive drive through some glorious Wairarapa countryside ending up at the Gladstone pub for lunch. After lunch you will return to the club rooms for afternoon tea ( bring a plate ) E mail or phone Brian Billing for an entry form. A number of our members are unwell at the moment Our thoughts are with you all for a speedy recovery

Howard Sim Bernie Cheer Neville Warren Robert Notley


Spare parts I know, I know that Franks spares usually feature later in the letter. However he has recently received a very generous donation from Bruce Smith which is quite extensive and so I will list them here. Box lots of: Tie rod ends Engine mounts Shock units and arms King pin sets Water pump repair kits Pedal rubbers Spring bushes Assorted rubber bushes Mirror glasses Electrical parts ( regulators, ignition switches etc ) Sealed beam lights ( 12 and 24 volts ) Upper cylinder head lube oil Flexible exhaust pipe to fit a Vauxhaul Viva Hub-ometers for tyre size 825-20 New radiator for a mark 3 Cortina Hillman Axle Plymouth rear axle 2 International truck rear axles AND also Body guard kits for: BMC Mini Datsun 1600 Morris 1000 PLUS Workshop manuals for Honda Accord—Holden Camora—Valiant XE—Cortina—Mazda Rotary— Victor 12


NZ NATIONAL VETERAN RALLY Nelson, 16-18th November 2018 NEWSLETTER No.1 We hope this information is of interest to you. We have extracted emails from the Vintage Car Club membership list for everyone that has a Veteran Vehicle listed, (even if it was only listed as parts). If you know of a veteran owner that has missed receiving this information please forward this to them. The Brief Plan is:1. Theme; “100 Years of Veterans” (All veterans will be 100 years old). 2. Events will be centred on Richmond Township, 12km. from Nelson City. 3. Friday 16th Nov. Registrations and Welcome meal at Nelson VCC Club Rooms. 4. Saturday 17th Nov. Rally Day around rural Nelson/Tasman Area & Evening dinner. 5. Sunday 18th Nov. Heritage Cruse of the District and Official Prize Giving Dinner. 6. A 2-3 day Post-Rally Tour (19th-21st) will be arranged if there is interest in this. 7. Model T’s Rally in Nelson Feb.2019, Vehicle storage will be investigated. The Veteran Rally will be preceded by the “Prince Henry Tour” 1. Tour starts Ashburton; assemble Monday evening 12th Nov. 2. Arriving in Richmond Thursday 15th with a Lay-day on Friday 16th. CONTACTS; 1. National Rally = 03 544 9998, Jim & Kyra Wareing. 2. Prince Henry Tour = 03 314 4322, Ray & Glenis Miller. 14


WAIRARAPA BRANCH Of the vintage car club of NZ IS TURNING

50 SAVE THE DATES OCTOBER 13TH AND 14TH We are encouraging ALL members to join us for a weekend celebrating this special ‘Golden’ occasion

“ A weekend of first class vintage motoring”


Office Holder’s Duties Chairperson  Chair monthly or special meetings.  Work with Committee on matters arising from the meetings.  Welcome members, new members and guests on club nights.  Announce events and branch news. Club Captain  Check route instructions prior to any rally/event being run.  Provide assistance to rally/event organisers if and when required.  Keep the committee informed of progress with organisation of rallys/events. Treasurer  Keep the financial records of the branch.  Keep the committee informed of the financial position of the branch.  Produce a cash report for each meeting for the committee members.  Prepare annual accounts.  Liase with the accountant/auditor. Secretary  Take the minutes of meetings.  Send the meeting minutes out to committee members.  Handle all inwards and outwards correspondence.  Communicate with the National Office.  Be able to use Microsoft Word and email.  Keep and up to date list of all members and their email addresses. Editor *  Receive, collate and publish articles, photos and club news and events.  Keep to deadlines.  Liase with magazine printer.  Distribute magazine copies to members either by post or email..  Communicate with magazine advertisers.  Able to use Microsoft Word, Publisher, email and internet. Librarian/Trophy Steward *  Catalogue new donated books and keep library tidy.  Catalogue and organise trophies for presentation and have them engraved. Beaded Wheels Reporter *  Write and publish the quarterly branch report for the Beaded Wheels magazine. Social Convenor *  Organise meals for rallies and events.  Keep kitchen and sideboard cupboards clean and tidy.  Replenish tea, coffee and sugar for using at club nights and rallies/events.


Spare Parts *  Open Spares department for access by members on the morning following each club night or when requested by interested parties.  Handle any income from purchases and pass on to Treasurer. Custodian *  Put out and put away ropes on club nights and rallies/events.  Perform or supervise all the repairs and maintenance of the club rooms.  Organise the cleaning of windows and carpets as and when needed.  Ensure cleaning materials are available and in good working order for use by members to clean and tidy the rooms after club nights/rallies/events. Vehicle Inspector *  Inspect all aspects of newly restored vehicles to ensure they are suitable to represent the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (Inc) and meet Vehicle Inspection Certificate (VIC) standards. Branch Representative *  Attend March and August executive meetings and report back to the branch. * Appointed positions

Wairarapa Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (Inc) Nomination Form 2018/2019 All nomination Forms should be received by the Secretary, P.O. Box 7, Masterton 5840, by the 8th June 2017.

I hereby nominate:_____________________________________ For the position of: ____________________________________ Proposer:____________________

Membership No._________

Seconder:____________________ Membership No._________ Signature of Nominee:___________ Membership No._________ Date: ______________________


Saving or Heritage in a Fossil Fuel Free Future By Roy Hughes, secretary, NZ Federation of Motoring Clubs What fate awaits our petrol powered classic and heritage vehicles in a fossil fuel free future? Along with leaders of forty major cities, Auckland mayor Phil Goff has committed to zero emissions by eliminating all petrol and diesel fuelled vehicles from his cities streets by 2030. And Stanford university lecturer and energy guru Tony Seba has already forecast the extinction of fossil-ful powered vehicles long before that deadline. He expects that by 2025, all new vehicles produced will be electric and, as a direct consequence, the remaining conventional car fleet will be rapidly wiped out. As electric cars replace the existing fleet, he predicts service stations will become as rare as stables, so regular use of petrol and diesel fuelled vehicles will no longer be practical. Within just eight years, Seba says, all conventional transportation will have been rendered obsolete by the revolution taking place in batteries, solar power and electric cars. He expects the change to be as rapid and as unforeseen as the switch from horse drawn carriages to cars back in the early 20th century. While mainstream forecasting bodies, such as the International Energy Agency predict petrol and diesel production and consumption will continue beyond 2040 Seba says they have it all wrong and are greatly underestimating the growth of solar power. He is certain development of driverless cars, battery storage and renewable power sources is about to shrink the demand for fossil fuelled vehicles and aftermarket services at such a rapid rate, few if any of the firms currently meeting the needs of conventional motoring will survive for many more years. Here in NZ the size of the electric car fleet is doubling each year with a target of 64000 by 2021. Exemptions from road user charges, low fees, and other incentives are being offered to encourage a more rapid transition from fossil fuelled transportation. Out Government is even being urged to introduce a “freebate” scheme as implemented in France and Norway where an extra cost is added to the purchase price of “dirty” cars and the money is used to reduce the prices of electric and fuel-efficient vehicles. After more than a century of enjoying jaunts in our great gas guzzlers and all the other pleasures associated with heritage motoring, it 18

Would seem to be inevitable both the pursuit of our hobby and the longer term value of our investments are about to be curbed. While global warming and all the associated environmental rules, restrictions and increased costs may yet fail to remove us from the roads, the clear expectation is that electric vehicle technology and market forces will certainly finish off heritage motoring. Of course, despite the advent of the first motor vehicles and the resulting disappearance of stables, around the world there are still many people indulging in the recreational use and ownership of horses. If Serba is right we have less than a decade to ensure the right to own and use heritage is retained in the projected all electric , emission free environment. Key to retaining our rights to drive our fossil fuelled vehicles on our roads will be official recognition of the overriding contribution heritage transport collectors and restorers make to the social fabric of New Zealand. In advance of any restrictions that may be instituted we must obtain appropriate exemptions to ensure the ongoing use of heritage motor vehicles is not curtailed. For all the same reasons New Zealand’s historic buildings are restored and remain in use, as much of our transport heritage as possible must also be preserved.

Club Night Talk for July 2nd Members will recount high (and lows) of recent out of town events they've participated in with their VCC vehicles. First up will be Paul Furkert talking about his 5 day trip through the Ureweras in his 1949 Land-Rover (with a group of other vintage Land-Rovers), and his 10 day trip to the South Island to attend the Rover Car Club's national rally. Other members are most welcome to contribute on the night. A computer will be available to allow electronic photos to be shown on the big screen (just bring your photos on a memory stick) 19


What did you guess?


Snap shots taken by Kevin on the recent club Captains run. Rae Kennedy’s Rolls Royce and Robbie’s MK 4 Zephyr. Below. Not the best picture of Earl devouring a sandwich while Phil and Lyn Smith and Graham and Annette Clark chew the fat during l the lunch stop on a great day out organised by David.

Club Library Members are most welcome to borrow books/articles from the Club Library. Please record your name and the book’s title(s) in the Lending Book so that they can be tracked is necessary. If you have any old books/manuals and wish to get rid of them, Pat Dutton, our Librarian, would be love to take them off your hands. Pat can be contacted on (06) 379 7918.



VCC National Day To All branches You will recall that we were looking into the possibility of moving the date for our National Day away from the closest Sunday to Daffodil Day so that we could get more support from the national office of the Cancer Society. As you can understand, Daffodil Day is the busiest time of the year for them. However, following feedback from branches who wished to keep the date the same and after discussion at our Management Committee meeting this weekend, we have decided to keep the event on the closest Sunday to Daffodil Day as we feel that if we moved the date out a few weeks we could be in danger of losing the momentum and buzz etc around Daffodil Day. The date will therefore be Sunday 26 August 2018. Could Branches please mark this on their calendars and email Melissa at with the contact details of your co-ordinator so that we can get things underway. The Club achieved a magnificent result in terms of the funds raised as well as raising the profile of our Club and I am sure that this year, with all our Branches behind it, we will do even better. Kind regards Diane Quarrie National President


New donations to library Thank you Bernie Cheer for the Workshop and Technical manuals you kindly donated. Bernie hasn’t been in the best of health lately and would love to see or hear from other members.



Buying & selling Property Powers of Attorney Commercial Matters Relationship Property

• Refinancing • Family Trusts • Subdivisions • Estates/Wills

0800 PPTY LAW (0800 778 952) 26

VEHICLE INFORMATION VEHICLE ID Members who wish to apply for Vehicle Identification Certification (VIC), are asked to contact one of our Branch Vehicle ID Officers. Their names and contact details are provided in each Zenith magazine (generally on page 3). If you wish to participate in any National VCC event, you need to have a Vehicle Identification Certificate. Please don’t leave it to the last minute as it takes some time for the processing of paperwork. VIC Applications: Must be accompanied by the appropriate form which can be downloaded from the VCC NZ website or contact your club secretary. The form should be sent to your local branch secretary for processing. SELLING YOUR VEHICLE? If your vehicle has VIC Certification and you sell your vintage vehicle, please notify NZVCC, P O Box 2546 Christchurch. Ph: 03 366 4461 Fax: (03) 366 0273 or E-mail: INSURING YOUR VEHICLE/ POSSESSIONS? When you insure through VERO, you are helping our Club financially. Just let them know that you are a member of the Wairarapa VCC and quote this number: 043302 COOK STRAIT FERRY BOOKINGS Both the InterIslander and BlueBridge Ferries offer a variety of discounted fares to VCC Members. Contact the companies directly using the Vintage Car Club group booking codes. The staff are generally very helpful. INTERISLANDER: Ph: 0800 878 898 Quote Group Booking Reference Number WH5465 BLUEBRIDGE FERRY: 0800 844 844 Quote Discount Code: ANTIQUECAR 27

FOR SALE Parts Department Remember the Parts Department is open every Tuesday morning following our monthly Club Night or contact Frank or Tom for a private viewing - (06) 379 7167 (Frank), (06) 379 7573 (Tom) This months specials !! 2 X 1952 Chev 6 Engines 1952 Front suspension Austin A40 parts – engine, gearbox, diff etc. etc. (Donated by Jeff Percy) Box of flexible radiator hoses (new) (Donated by Bruce Smith)

Fire wood 25 kg bags of firewood at $5 per bag. Contact Kevin Ball on 06 3771236 or wtakeThis is NOT a buy swap or sell. This has come through on the club facebook page from someone wanting information regarding a PHILLIPS GADABOUT. The owner is interested to know if anyone has one as he is looking for parts or would like to sell his to someone who has one but needs parts. You can contact Ross Holden at the VCC ( ) Or call on 021263488 Vintage Cars for weddings An enquiry has come into the web site asking if any members are interested in using their cars for weddings. The person is called Angela ( ). Her daughter is getting married and she would love to use an old car. 28

Advertising in the Zenith You are welcome to advertise your goods for sale, swap or buy. The advertisement does not have to relate to cars/parts, anything goes. These advertisements are free to VCC Members. Contact Jim Philps, phone: 06 370 9118 or Please note advertisements will only be published for three consecutive months unless I am notified otherwise.

Don’t forget our business advertisers Their advertisements help to pay for the production of this publication. When you need a product or service consider using one of the companies advertising in the Zenith. They help us—why not reciprocate by giving them your custom.


I haven’t managed to find a lot for this page. Sorry


Sender: The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Wairarapa Branch (Incorporated) P.O. Box 7 MASTERTON 5840


Wairarapa VCC May 2018  
Wairarapa VCC May 2018