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April 2018

Vol 55

Venture Waikato Branch

Newsletter of the Veteran & Vintage Car Club (Waikato) Inc.

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Editor’s Snippet Hi Everyone The Autumn appears to be upon us early this year The events keep rolling along as this month we see the entry form for the Double 50 at Queens Birthday weekend. The Easter Rally is all ready to go just waiting for Easter! I will do my rant as I have not bought the subject of receiving the Venture via Email for a little while. This is the VVCC largest expense and it seems a little strange that when there is an alternative to our mail service that more people do not uptake the change. If you wish to join the movement of those receiving their Venture in living Technicolor and not snail mail simple Email me at ;

its as easy as that.

Well I think I will end there so I can get this away to the Printer and clear my weekend for “The Beach Hop” at Whangamata. Until next month be careful out there .


Keep to the left and enjoy your motoring Bozy

Chairman Report Secretary’s Report Club Captain Motor Cycle Double 50 Flyer KM. Report Home and away

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Double 50 Entry Form March Club night History of the Club Sale & Wanted adverts Front Cover: Ladies Rally Team photo


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C h a ir m a n ’s C h a tter Hi All, The season is changing and so are the affairs of the Club. Jan Dearlove has given notice, she is not going to continue her role as secretary. Bev Taylor has resigned as treasurer and Aaron Kearney tells me he is the President Elect of the Sunrise Rotary Club and understandingly, will not be available for our committee. My own circumstances have changed, and I won’t be seeking re-election as Branch Chairperson. If the Club is to continue we need someone new to step up. On a brighter note, thank you to all who set and helped with the Vintage Venture Rally. It had been awhile since our vintage Vauxhall had had a real outing, so it was with sore muscles, bums and suspect brakes that we made our way home late in the day. Jenny summed up the day well when she said “The day had been a lot more fun than sitting at home getting OLD”. The day had been more than that with great roads, great weather, great company and well organised and just difficult enough to make you think. We take it for granted we will always be able to do these things. I say we should do these things whilst we still can. See you at the Easter rally. IAN KM Ford with guards sitting in place ready for splash guard to be fitted


S e c r e ta r y

Secretary’s Report This is going to be very short and sweet, as I have had nothing significant in this month.

Entry forms available – th

20-21st April Taranaki Maunga Moana Entries close

12 April

Other events

16-18th Nov National Veteran Rally hosted by the Nelson Branch Watch out for the entry forms. Te Aroha A & P Society have requested that we mark our calendars for their show on 3rd Nov 2018

Waikato rosettes that were initially intended for the International Rally in Dunedin have finally been made available. They are very handsome, and great to promote the Waikato. You can purchase one for $21.00. See Jenny Patton. Graham Pate has been seconded to our Committee in the position of Club Captain, and he will also act as our Delegate for Executive meetings.

That’s all for this month, folks. Please take care on the roads. Jan

KM Ford Project Guards are fitted and by the time members read this report the splash guards and running boards will be in place. Greg Terrill is making good progress with the head lamps and welding of the brass windscreen frame. Graham Boswell has secured the services of Porter Cranes to lift the completed car over the garden border and onto site. The fibreglass seat is now not expected to be available for fitting to the body until about mid-April . This delay will affect the completion of the frame for the “top” and the fibre glassing of the “top “ itself. The delay will put back the painting and hence probably the completion date. Work to be completed in the next month includes the radiator rebuild, bonnet, and the windscreen support frame. Regards, Reece


C lu b C a p t a in Well here we go again folks; I have offered my services to the committee to take on the role of “Club Captain” for the balance of this year. Marcia thinks I am crazy and maybe I had too much sun over the Holidays at the beach in the caravan. Some of you might wonder what the Club Captain does, it is really a co-ordinators role, the programme is set at the beginning of each year by the committee. So it is the function of the Club Captain to ensure the programme is flowing along nicely, Rally Organisers have all the support they need, and to assist in promoting events to all Club Members. Also to ensure that calendar and club events are run in conjunction with the National and Branch guidelines. There is lots of information that members have spent many hours collating, this is available on line or in booklet form. So it is not my intention to organise every club run that comes up, we have over 400 members and I am certain that there are plenty of new ideas and places to visit. April is already booked out with the Mooloo Meander and the Twilight run. However May is a different story, there is a club run scheduled for Sunday 13 th May so I need someone to come up with an idea for that club run, it can be anything you wish to do. A run on different roads, or a visit to an interesting place. If you have any ideas please contact me and we can discuss it. This year’s 50/50 Rally sounds like a lot of fun, Wayne and Tracey are doing a great job of organising this event so let’s all get behind them and give them our support. Remember that this is your club and it is up to all of us to become involved and ensure the success of the club. KEEP SMILING AND KEEP LEFT. Graham Pate


Motorcycle Many thanks for those people who brought their bikes along to the Open Day the other Sunday. It was good to see Simon Payne a new member, along with his very nicely resorted 1976 Kawasaki KZ900. We had a number of inquiries regards the Motor Cycle section so hopefully we will see more people join. Everything is now about ready for the Mooloo on the 6/7 April. Bob has rechecked the rally route and all is well, as when I went round there were a couple of road signs missing, why do people remove them I will never know! By the time you are reading this the entries will have just about closed but if you suddenly decide that you would still like to enter, please ring me, as you will not want to miss the 25th Anniversary Rally. I am sure you will all be aware of the sad news regarding Mark McLennan. He was always ready to lend a hand with various activities concerning the Motor Cycle section and was the rally plotter for the last year’s Mooloo Meander, we are all going to miss his input very much. About all for now, Safe Riding. Peter Spiller

A BIG WELCOME TO OUR NEW MEMBERS Robert Robilliard,Morrinsville 1946 Austin 8 Sedan Peter Finnerty ,Hamilton 1929 Model A Roadster Hayden & Jeanette Molony who have joined to our branch recently We hope that you will enjoy the club and it’s many activities If you have any queries either big or small please do not hesitate to contact any member of the committee and they will be more than willing to assist you in any way possible. Once again, welcome to the club. We hope to see you at the club night on the second Wednesday of the Month.



Te Awamutu Car Show Te Awamutu Rotary are holding a classic, vintage swap meet. 7th April at Casterton Park welcome food and drinks available. Rotary supporting Local Community. Any queries please contact Bill Izard 021 434853 9

Events Ahead


April May June



Mooloo Meander



Club Night



Wednesday Wander



Twilight Run



Club Night



Club Run TBC



Wed Wander



Shed Raid TBC



Double 50 Training day



Double 50 Rally



Club night—AGM



Wednesday Wander



Club Run

Club Night 11th April Roger Gordon from Cambridge I-Site will address the members. Roger is a member of the Tourism Council of New Zealand. So come along and hear what Roger is up to and things to be aware of for future planning. Meeting starts at 8.00pm with parts shed open from 7.00pm. 10





Events Ahead April


Away 21

Maunga Moana Rally

May June

Wednesday Wander April 18th Meet at the Classic Car Museum in Hamilton at 10.30am.. Leave for Raglan. Thanks to Don Roy for this one . May 16th Meet at the Firepot CafĂŠ in Gordonton at about 10.30 am for coffee. Leave at 11.30 am for a short backroads to the Clubrooms. Bring your LUNCH. The Wednesday wander AGM will take place in due course! June, July and August hibernation time , Somewhere , somehow.

Andy Hammond (07) 8235712 15

Over the next few months I will be publishing an entire compilation Ray Hirst’s first 25 years of the Veteran & vintage Car Club.




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PARTS SHED Need a new WOF? Need new Wiper Blades, need new light Bulbs, Generators or Alternators—We have lots of new “Armatures” and parts to keep your car rolling. See the Parts guys– Howard, Reece, Don and Wilbur. FOR SALE

Austin A95 1956? Been parked in a shed for 20 years. Two owners. Needs sorting. No Reg. Spare engine(s) and gearbox(s) etc. Must go very soon as the property has been sold. Contact Lawrence Duxfield in Orini. (07) 8244092 5 For Sale For Sale Ford TT Truck 1919. Solid rear tyres. Complete but partially disassembled.. Rust free, some restoration work has been done.. Cab and deck sound. Engine c.85574 new rings, blue plate L4750. Researched history. Located in Rotorua $3000 ono. Phone 07 3574876 or 027 7574876 For Sale 1924 Model T Tourer, WOF Jan 2018, Rego is on hold. Black with black upholstery. Ruckstell diff. Very good condition and goes well. Good tyres. Has a VIC. Owned for 17 years. Selling on behalf. $26,000.00 Contact Graham, 078880009, or 0212801586.




For Sale 1952 Ford Prefect. In good drivable condition. $5500, I would be interested in trading / exchanging this car for a larger car in similar condition, eg. Cortina, Austin A55 / A60, Humber 80 / 90 etc, etc. Alan Manning. Ph.8247270. or Email 6 For Sale Fur coat, mink, full length, excellent condition. $180.00 phone . Fur boa. As new. $50.00 Contact Dave Collins Phone 07 8550323


For Sale White Wall Tyres, brand new, 235/75R15, "American Classic", radial with 3" white wall. Ph 0276203765 or 07 8787281

John and Karen Fitzwater Wanted

d Wante

6 Mopeds

Hello I had your club recommended to me from the CVCC as to possibly having contacts in your area for vintage mopeds. I live in Central Otago and are part of a group who are looking for 1950's and 1960's mopeds for sale either complete or as projects. I.would appreciate any assistance you maybe able to provide to us in regard to this thank you. Please contact Email* 6

For Sale & Wanted Adverts If you place an advert in the For Sale or Wanted department we will run the advert for two months

Notice We are getting non members ask about putting an advert in the For Sale or Wanted section of the Venture. After a discussion with the committee it has been decided that an advert from a non Waikato VCC member will incur a $15.00 charge. This will cover a three (3) month insertion. After the three (3) months it will be automatically withdrawn. The information in this newsletter and on the club’s web site, is supplied as a service to club members. Articles and other copy of interest are always welcome and encouraged. The opinions expressed in this newsletter and on the club’s website are those of the author alone. Neither the club nor any of its officers accepts responsibility for the accuracy of any statements or opinions.



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Waikato VCC April 2018  
Waikato VCC April 2018