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April 2020

Vol 57

Venture Waikato Branch

Newsletter of the Veteran & Vintage Car Club (Waikato) Inc.

REAA 2008

TYRE TRADERS 24 Commerce St. Cambridge ENGINEERING SUPPLIES Koken, Stanley, Britool, Stahl-Wille Tools Taps, Dies, Wrenches, Spanners Imperial/Whitworth, Metric or American Drills, Reamers, Specialist Hand Tools Aerosol Lubricants and much more

25 Somerset Street, Hamilton Ph: 07-847-4994 Fax: 07-847-4884

For ALL your tyre needs Phone 07 827 3875 www.tyretraderscambridge.co.nz

Editor’s Snippet Hi All To sound like Arkwright “has been a funny old day” would be an understatement .We all must take precautions to protect ourselves from Corona virus . Still we won’t be doing that at any big gathering. There goes the Beach Hop , Super Rugby games and maybe travel plans, where will it end. A guess we can resign ourselves to many a happy hour spent in the garage in self isolation working on our cars maybe? Well enough doom and gloom , on a brighter note thanks to Wayne and Team for a nice drive in the countryside also known as “The Ladies Rally” . I am sure the Ladies enjoyed their day out.

Stop Press I have just be informed that until further notice all Club events and rallies are cancelled . That include Clubnights , Club Runs ,Wednesday Wanders, Mooloo Meander, Double 50 and AGM. This is response to Government recommendation for the control of Covid-19. Look after one another. Keep to the left, enjoy your motoring and travel well.



Chairman Report Secretary’s Report

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April Club night Sale & Wanted adverts

Club Captain Motor Cycle

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Ladies Rally Report

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Home and away

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The Ladies Rally Team photo at Ngaruawahia.

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C h a ir m a n ’s C h a tter CHAIRMANS REPORT April 2020 Autumn has now arrived and Daylight Saving will soon be here. April brings “The Easter Rally” to be held in Levin, our “Twilight Run”” on the 19th, and “The Highland Fling “which is on over Anzac weekend. Also, the School Holidays, this is a bonus for me as I can get to sleep in. There are a couple of items I would like to bring to your attention. The National Day which this year is on Sunday August the 23rd. This is again supporting the Cancer Society so again will be known as the “Daffodil Day”. This year it will be different and Gaynor Terrill is heading a committee to bring a fresh perspective to the event for our branch. The main objective is to promote the Vintage Car Club of NZ and secondly to raise funds for the Cancer Society of NZ. It will be a Hub Type Tour to incorporate all our local towns and will be based at the Cambridge Raceway and our club rooms. Watch this space for more details. The second item is our branch’s Shed Project, which was agreed on in principle at last year’s AGM and is moving forward. The committee have analyzed the three extra estimates that were obtained and have made a recommendation for a shed that gives us more area, for a lower cost. This will all be presented at the April club night, and will allow members to be given all the facts, specifications and costings. At the June AGM a final decision can be made. So please turn up to the April club night to see and hear what the committee have been working on. Your input would be very much appreciated. I believe a branch workshop would be a great step forward and encourage members to come along when the shed is open, both during the week and weekends and use the facilities for small maintenance jobs, pre purchase inspections, or the ability to pass on knowledge. A new social gathering place for morning tea, bring on the fresh scones. I would like to remind members that at the AGM in June some Branch Committee Positions will become vacant. If you enjoy your club, become involved with the management of it, if there is something you would like changed get on board, it is much easier to initiate change from inside the organization than outside. Welcome to our new members. I hope to meet you at an event in the future. Keep smiling and keep left. Graham Pate 4

S e c r e ta r y

Secretary’s Report Hello there Not much to report this month. Things have been very quiet. 10th May Hawkes Bay VCC Back to Basics Swapmeet Something to mark on your calendars, 23rd August is the big date of the VCC National Day/Daffodil Day, when a huge new event is being planned. It will involve a very large part of our region, and will promote the VCC, plus collecting for the Cancer Society. More information closer to the date, we will keep you posted. Vero Insurance – If contacting Vero, their email address has changed to veropersonallines@vero.co.nz. Their phone number remains the same – 0800654411 PLEASE! PLEASE! Let me and Head Office know if you change your address, email address or phone number. I frequently have Beaded Wheels returned ‘address unknown’. An updated membership list has just been received with vehicles that are owned. I would imagine that this is a bit out-of-date, so if you are changing ownership of vehicles, please let Head Office know, so that records can be accurately maintained. Thanks to those of you who remember to wear your name badges. It saves some embarrassment for those of us whose memory are not as sharp as previously! Take care on the road, as you can’t always trust the person coming towards you. Jan 5

C lu b C a p t a in Club Captain’s Report – April 2020 With a quarter of the year gone, our Club is going from strength to strength. We have recently had an excellent Club Run, two weekends away (motorcycles and cars) and our Ladies’ Rally. Our Wednesday Wanders continue to be just what members enjoy. Unfortunately we cannot claim the success just for our Branch. Reading Branch reports in Beaded Wheels, all Branches report that their mid-week runs are very well supported. Coming up we have our Mooloo Meander, Twilight Run, Wednesday Wander, and for those who would like a weekend away, The North Island Easter Rally. The Mooloo Meander has been so successful over the years – it’s hard to believe this will be the 27th! Just before the first Mooloo, a member turned up to a Club event on a motorbike. The rumour/gossip machine went into overdrive saying how bad this was for our Club. How things have changed. I have enjoyed being Club Captain, but over the last couple of years 4 items have cropped up in meeting discussions which showed my thinking doesn’t stack up with members’ views. If members want , I would still like to be of ‘some use’ to our Club, but not in an area where the Club Captain’s views do not line up with members’ thoughts. See you at the Twilight Run.



Motorcycle Motor Cycle Section Most of you will by now have received the Hamilton Classic M/C News Letter that I sent out to all the M/C people that I have email addresses for. If I have missed anyone and you would like to receive a copy please let me know, as there is some interesting reading in it. We are hoping to have some of their members will join us on the Mooloo. I have received a number of thanks for the great time every one had on our M/C Tour last month. Also a very good article written by Brian Taylor from Whangarei. It was good to have a riders perspective of the event. Thanks Bob and Jillian for putting it all together. All is now set for the Mooloo 3/4 April. We have again had good support regarding sponsors supplying prizes. So all that remains is for you to enter, you still have a few more days, as the closing date is on Friday the 27th. All for now, Safe Riding, Peter

DOUBLE FIFTY RALLY – MARSHALLS REQUIRED PLEASE. Marshalls are required please for the 2020 Double Fifty Rally To be held on Sunday 31st May Your assistance would be appreciated for :Morning and afternoon teas at the Clubrooms. Coffee, Tea, lunch and parking duties at the lunch stop. On course and off course marshalls on the morning and afternoon routes. Many thanks Murray McKie Phone: 07 858 2995 or 027 858 2995 Or email: oaklea.cottage@xtra.co.nz




Events Ahead


March April

All Events have been cancelled until further notice


Club Night Wed 8th April

Cancelled Meeting starts at 8.00pm with parts shed 10

Events Ahead


March April May



Lake Taupo Country Roads Rally







Monte Carlo



Kaipara Airfield Wings and Wheels



Wanganui Annual Rally

Waitemata Airfield Sprint and Gymkhana North Island Easter Rally Horowhenua

Wednesday Wander

Cancelled 11

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PARTS SHED Need a new WOF? Need new Wiper Blades, need new light Bulbs, Generators or Alternators—We have lots of new “Armatures” and parts to keep your car rolling. See the Parts guys– Reece, Clive, Don and Wilbur.

In the parts shed we have a new stock of Rally Number holders , these are priced at $15. Prepare your ride for some of the Rallies coming up. PARTS SHED NOTICE BOARD Additions to the Parts Shed of late have included;  Heaps of tools, both engineering and woodworking.  Austin 12/4 parts  Regina water pressure pump.  Convex Ford headlight glasses  Pipe Vice ( Record brand, new )  Head light glass for Essex 1919 -31  Still have available complete CA Bedford running gear in good order, and a low mileage Austin Maxi motor, gearbox and radiator

The Parts Shed will be open on the 4th of April between 8.30am and10.30 am; on the 8th of April which is Club Night; and on Sunday the 19th between 9am and noon. Parts Committee FOR SALE "1928 HUPMOBILE ” 4 door sedan,A6 Series. Colonial body built in Christchurch (Stevens & Sons). The car has been in the family for 35 years and Rallied all over NZ. Upholstry and tyres in excellent condition. Rego is on hold. Have parts to repair motor but age and health prevents me from completing the repairs. Very rare car. $18,000. Phone Colin Patterson 0274936773 or 07 8479476" 4

For Sale \ 1906 Cadillac Model K. A rare opportunity to invest in a well sorted and usable early veteran vehicle. Please phone Greg Terrill for further details.07 8561207 4


For Sale 1974 Triumph Toledo. Its a 1500 in good order. White with blue upholstery new dark blue carpets and sheep skin covers. It has done 10955k, rear wheel drive. Warrant expires in April registration due September, no rust. $3500. Carole Lindsay Tauranga 07 5789579 5

FREE— Austin 7 body shell with doors good condition due to my lease of my wifes gardening shed running out its a 1936 RUBY and has to go . PLEASE HELP ph Ron 078848285 0272487083 Ron and Maureen 5

d Wante

Parts Wanted Looking to find an ok Cortina radiator Mark 1 or 2 Please phone Howard Tiddy Morrinsville 0272368386

For Sale & Wanted Adverts If you place an advert in the For Sale or Wanted department we will run the advert for two months and then automatically remove it. If you want it Repeated, please drop me a line..

Notice We are getting non members ask about putting an advert in the For Sale or Wanted section of the Venture. After a discussion with the committee it has been decided that an advert from a non Waikato VCC member will incur a $15.00 charge. This will cover a three (3) month insertion. After the three (3) months it will be automatically withdrawn. The information in this newsletter and on the club’s web site, is supplied as a service to club members. Articles and other copy of interest are always welcome and encouraged. The opinions expressed in this newsletter and on the club’s website are those of the author alone. Neither the club nor any of its officers accepts responsibility for the accuracy of any statements or opinions.


Veteran & Vintage Car Club (Waikato) Inc.

Branch Officers 2019/2020 CHAIRMAN

Graham Pate

* 07 8880009

021 2801586


Tony Brieley

* 07 856 3509

021 0246830


Dave Nordell


021 502390


Jan Dearlove

* 07 8434542

0274 923521


Jillian Hayton Terry Pidduck Graham Boswell Bronya McInally Hugh McInally

* * * * *

07 8567238 07 8552486 07 846 4400 07 8235108 07 8235108

027 4230608 027 2726319 021 2900985 027 4362875


Andy Hammond * 07 8235712 Robyn Doughty * 07 824 0184 Graeme Luxford * 07 8275671 Peter Taylor * 07 855 5128 Ian Patton * 07 8556899 PARTS COMMITTEE Reece Burnett 07 855 8974 Clive Plumbtree 07 8276443 Don Wise 07 870 4115 Wilbur Brown 07 889 1243 VIC Co-Ordinator Dave Nordell david@nordellrestorations.com VALUATIONS Bob Hayton 07 8567238 ARCHIVIST Kathryn Parsons 07 855 6774 WEB Co-Ordinator Hugh McInally 07 8235108 PULICITY OFFICER TBA MEMBERSHIP Peter Taylor 07 855 5128 LIBRARIAN COMMITTEE

021 2320802 021 1245965 027 5557881 027 4934969

027 3004995 021 502390 022 0246820 027 4362875 027 5557881

BADGES/TROPHIES TBA BILLETS Co-Ordinator No appointment SOLICITOR (HON) Paul Clark 07 856 2737 * Committee Positions POSTAL ADDRESS CLUB ROOMS ADDRESS PO Box 924, Hamilton 3240 MacLean St, Cambridge Club Night 2nd Wednesday of month at 8pm Library and Parts Shed Hours 2nd Wednesday of month from 6.30pm over Summer, 7.00pm over Winter. Website: www.wvvcc.co.nz Email addresses: Chairman; gandmpate@gmail.com Secretary: waikato@vcc.org.nz CLOSING DATE FOR VENTURE COPY: 15th of each month Contributions should be emailed to Editor - waikatovcceditor@gmail.com or posted to — 41 Greenfield Drive. Hamilton 18

F.B. HALL & Co. Ltd EST 1923

Conveyancing, Commercial Wills, Estates, Trusts Immigration and Family 7a Princes Street, Hamilton Phone 07 838-3385 Fax 07 838-3381

4 Wickham St Frankton Hamilton

For New Work and Repairs Domestic and Commercial 50 Greenwood St, Frankton, Hamilton

07-847 4780

4 Wickham St Frankton Hamilton 3204

WBS Waikato Bonding Services 6 Belfast Place Hamilton For all your brake & clutch re-lining services. Specialising in re-bonding of all veteran, vintage and classic brake shoes, pads and drive lines. Steven Hunter - Manager Phone: 0800-BOND-007 0800-2663-007

Open 7 days a week - 9am-4pm We are

11 Railside Place, Frankton Ph: 07 957 2230

lark and Brown P R P E R T L AW E R S For all your le al Requirements





cta on House, Seddon Rd Hamilton PH 07 8 9-



07 8 9-


Automotive, Trailer & Tractor Spares, Accessories & Tools 3 EMPIRE ST. HAMILTON PH 07 847 8908

Shock absorbers. Suspension components. CV joints Aerials. Hand Tools. Trailer Components. Disc pads Water Pumps. Timing /Fan/Micro Belts. Gauges. Speedo Cables. Speedo Repairs

Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Waikato VCC - April 2020  

Waikato VCC - April 2020