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MARCH 2018

CLUB NIGHT: The second Wednesday of the month at the clubrooms. Hickling Park. A C Baths Ave. Taupo P O Box 907 Taupo 3351 Front Page Cover: Some of the Cars at our Open Day. 1

Taupo Vintage Car Club Officers for 2017/2018 PATRON HONORARY LIFE MEMBERS

Graham Mock Bob Pettigrew Graham Mock Joe Ridley


Neil Chave 07 3765262




Eric Foley 07 378 7006 Maureen Ransley 07 3776360 Tony Mannington 07 3771598 Pam Mannington 07 377 1598 Brent Davidson Kelvin Trim Pam Mannington Peter Ransley John Lucas

378 2691 378 9055 377 1598 377 6360 376 9051

June & Graham Mock 378 7513 Greg Nattrass 378 9109 Eric Foley 378 7006 Trish Jefferies 378 4774 Pam Mannington 377 1598 Terrys Tyres. 378 6180 Bruce Jefferies 378 4774 Bruce Jefferies 378 4774 Norman Pointon 378 9226 Lester Strawbridge 378 4487


Coming Events for Taupo VCC 2018 MARCH th


Sat/Sun 10 /11 March Wednesday 14th March Sunday 18th March

Taupo VCC Annual Rally Club Night 7.30 pm. Nog & Natter etc. Club Run.11 O’clock at Clubrooms. Bring your own lunch. Committee Meeting 7.30 pm Hospice Run

Monday 19th March Tuesday 27th March

APRIL Wednesday 11 April Sunday 15th April Monday 16th April

Club Night 7.30 pm Club Lunch Run Committee Meeting 7.30 pm

MAY Wednesday 9th May Sunday 20th May Monday 21st May

Club Night. AGM*** Club Run. “Navigation Run” Committee Meeting 7.30pm


"STOP PRESS: STOP PRESS: STOP PRESS :" Rally entries close Saturday 24th of February. "ENTER NOW: ENTER NOW: ENTER NOW:" ***AGM time is coming up. Our long serving Secretary, Eric gave us notice at the last AGM that he would stand for one more year ONLY and he is firm on this decision. He has done a great job and it is only right that someone else steps up to do their bit. We have a lot of newer members that we are sure would enjoy being more involved in our Club and we would welcome you with open arms. If you, or anyone you know would like to join the new committee please let a committee member know, so that a nomination form can be completed prior to the AGM. There is one more committee meeting prior to the AGM, so if interested in joining the committee come along to our next committee meeting and see how we operate. We would also like to know if someone would like to learn how to put the magazine together monthly. It is not a difficult job and it would be great if we had a backup person as Pam intends spending all of August overseas. The magazine is the lifeblood of the Club and unless someone can step in for the September issue, there will not be one. Of course the Editor job is up for grabs at the AGM so if someone else takes on the job, the problem will be solved.


Also available, Caps, Bucket Hats and Polar Fleece Jackets.

Photo shows our shirt with the Taupo VCC Logo and the new bucket hat. Also included is our Taupo VCC club badge and the emblem that can be put on your car. All of these items can be viewed at the Clubrooms.


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CHAIRMAN’S REPORT MARCH 2018 We kicked the year off with our annual ‘Open Day’ and this attracted a good number of interested locals and looks as though it may have also produced a few new members. We had a great turnout of some really interesting cars from local non-members and fortunately the rain seemed to hold off-just. Other club activities in February included the always popular club BBQ and this was very supported despite the rain showers. Thanks to all those that helped out with this event and particular thanks to Tony & Pam for their organisation as well as Bruce Jefferies who impressed us with his culinary skills. We also held the annual ‘Taupo Blind Run’ and had a number of open top convertibles come along for run and these were well sought after for a Sunday afternoon cruise. A sumptuous afternoon tea was provided by our guests and they all enjoyed the drive. It was a fine & warm day – just perfect for soft tops. Over the weekend of 17th & 18th February quite a number of members journeyed over to Napier to take a look at the Art Deco in Napier and in particular have an even closer look at some of the cars featured in the parade. A few members called into the Hawkes Bay VCC branch to inspect the club members cars and then into town to see the parade. It’s fair to say it was an impressive line up and well worth the visit. Cars of interest included Rolls Royce Silver Ghosts (3) and plenty of Bentleys’ – 2 of them ‘blowers’. Packards’ were also well represented. The Bentleys’ drove back through Taupo during the following week and some members had a chance to view them in town at their lunch stop. In March we have a number of club activities planned with by far the biggest event being the Taupo Rally. This is set down for Saturday 10th March and all members are encouraged to check their diaries and plan to come along to what should be a fun morning’s run with a competitive element and a more relaxed cruise in the afternoon. At this stage the numbers are growing but to make it a real great day out we need more of our local club members to fill out their entry forms and get them to club secretary Eric for processing. Our rallies are normally dominated by entries from other club members so we welcome your attendance. Also looking forward is the club’s Annual General Meeting in May which is now only a couple of months away. Out esteemed secretary Eric has held this position for some 5 years and after sterling service has decided to step down so we invite anyone in club who would like to take up this position to let me or any of the committee know. We do need greater participation from members to assist with the smooth running of the club so don’t be too shy about stepping forward. There is a wealth of experience in club and anyone joining the committee is always well supported. Neil

Why is Christmas just like a day at the Office? You do all the work and the Fat Guy in the suit gets all the credit.


Taupo Vintage Car Club Night, 14th March and Club Run Day the 18th March. It has been suggested that the Club Night be based on an Educational Evening on Rally Rules and Interpretations. We have the Navigation Run coming up on the 20th of May so now is the time to learn a little about how Straight Line Navigation works. We have some very knowledgeable people in the Club who are willing to assist. On Wednesday night the 14th at 7.30pm let’s get together for a Nog n Natter and we will have discussion/ presentation on Straight Line Navigation. On Sunday the 18th meet at the Clubrooms at 11.00am and you will be given a short Navigation route to follow and then back to the Clubrooms for lunch (BYO) and we can mark our sheets together and see whether we have mastered Straight Line Navigation.

Lake Taupo Hospice Morning Tea Run. Please mark your diaries for Tuesday 27th of March, 10.00am Taupo VCC Club again is being hosted by the Lake Taupo Hospice for morning tea and in return we will take patients for a short drive in our cars. Lets give the Patients an opportunity to reminisce whilst looking at our cars and fully enjoy the experience of riding in them even more. Being a week day some members won't be available, so those that are Please give me a call or email. Cheers Tony Mannington.

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CLUB CAPTAIN’S REPORT MARCH 2018 February 2018 has again been a great month for our Club starting off with an "Open Day" at the Clubrooms. This event seems to get better and better as the years go by. In the past we have displayed our cars down by St Johns on the grass area leaving nowhere for people to go when the weather is not kind. Again we were not blessed with a great sunny day, so when we had a few rough patches, members and Public were able to take advantage of the Clubrooms, and enjoy a cuppa. There were lots of different and interesting cars to look at, thanks to our Club Members (some brought 2 cars along) and other Car Clubs who also joined in making our carpark full. I am sure that many of the guys and gals thought they were in petrol heaven with cars from the early 1900 to the 80 & 90s and Kelvin’s very low Lotus Car. .BBQ sausages were as popular as ever, getting through about 150. We asked people to make a gold coin donation and the coins were handed on to Jan Trim to support Megan's fundraising. Our Annual Summer BBQ Club Night again proved a very popular night on our VCC Club calendar with over 50 members and guests. The Committee would like to thank those members that helped set up the BBQ and tables, did the cooking, set out the food and all who assisted in the big clean up after. On Sunday the 18th February the Club hosted the Taupo Blind group for the annual get together with us to be able to be taken for a drive around town. Again the group had a great choice of cars, Model A, Morris 1000, Rover, Riley, plus a selection of European convertibles, with the roof down of course, to choose from. All cars managed to get loaded up and away for an approximate 40 minute drive and then back to afternoon tea, supplied by our guests. Thanks again to members that brought their cars along to give these people an experience they will remember for many years. Looking ahead to March programme, Taupo Rally 10th of March, Club Night, Club Run and Taupo Hospice Run on Tuesday the 27th of March. More details of the upcoming events are included in this newsletter. Please continue to support our events. Have had great support so far, but our Rally Entries are way down. This is our one big event for the year, with a great run organised and good prizes to be won. If you haven’t done one of our Rallies before this is an ideal Rally to start with, as is it a Touring Rally, with some questions thrown in, and interesting places to visit.






Terrys Tyres Lake Taupo Rally 9 /10th March 2018 Club Rally Report. th

With only weeks to go now our Rally Committee has been working hard to make this Rally a success, we have the Rally Route ready to go, Starter and Marshall ready with their high viz vests on, Rally Dinner getting cooked, Rally prizes getting collected from our Rally Sponsors. " BUT WE HAVE A PROBLEM " Entries are not great at this stage so we need Club Members to support this Rally. If you are planning to do the Rally "PLEASE" get your entries in now. Closing date is only days away 24th of February, but we will definetely extend the closing date by a day or two. Remember Dinner and Prize Giving is open to all Club Members, but we need you to fill out an Entry Form and mark Dinner only or Lunch only. And make payment by internet banking to our Rally Account or get a cheque in the post pronto. Tony Mannington, Club Captain.

PO BOX 753 â—? Ph 07 378 6180 Fax 07 378 0152 â—? email:

4WD & PASSENGER TYRES Wheel Alignments, Batteries, Shock Absorbers & Mag Wheels


Featuring Tauhara College dance group Solace, winners in competition last year; Michaela Pointon soloist who has been leading act for bands.

Bruce and Harvey, supervised by Pete, changing Bruce’s tyre after the Rotorua Open Day. A good turnout of Club Vehicles travelled over for the day 13

14th FEBRUARY 2018 CLUB NIGHT BBQ A very social evening enjoyed by 54 people.



A good turnout to the Blind Run. Everyone enjoyed their scenic drive around Taupo followed by a delicious afternoon tea provided by the Blind Group. Photos from Tony Mannington and Noel Henderson‌thanks.

Dogs in the Clubrooms. (blind Day) Bentleys stopover for lunch in Taupo

Rallies coming up. Entry forms available from Eric: Terrys Tyres Lake Taupo Rally 9th 10th March National North Island Easter Rally. Maunga-Moana Rally New Plymouth April 20th 21st. Check your Beaded Wheels for details of other upcoming Rallies.

Wine is like Duct tape: It fixes everything. 16

Expression of Interest required. How do you feel about the possibility of doing a night away Spring run? Leave Taupo on a Saturday morning and travel down through Waiouru, maybe visit the Army Museum, then go through the Gentle Annie road to Hawkes Bay. Stay the night in either Hastings or Napier and explore the Hawkes Bay wine region. On the Sunday visit the British Car Museum and then make your own way back home to Taupo or stay a few more days. If you like the sound of something along these lines please email me at Tony “ BBQ WANTED” – The club’s BBQ is past its best and its sausage days are almost over. if you have a BBQ that isn’t too old that you may have recently replaced or planning to replace – let us know as your old one may be useful to the club for future events. The information in this newsletter is supplied as a service to members. Articles of interest are welcome. The opinions expressed in the newsletter are those of the authors, and the club accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the statements.

Letters, report, articles of interest, photo, technical tips and feedback are all welcome and should be sent to the editor before the 20th of the month. The magazine is normally 16 pages but if we have interesting items, we will go over our allocated space. As we do not produce a circulated hard copy, we can make it as many pages as we like. So put pen to paper and write up a report if you go on an interesting run and want to give us your perspective of the day. We are also happy to receive constructive criticism. Pam Mannington Editor.


Taupo VCC March 2018  
Taupo VCC March 2018