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APRIL 2018

CLUB NIGHT: The second Wednesday of the month at the clubrooms. Hickling Park. A C Baths Ave. Taupo: P O Box 907 TAUPO 3351 1

Taupo Vintage Car Club Officers for 2017/2018 PATRON HONORARY LIFE MEMBERS

Graham Mock Bob Pettigrew Graham Mock Joe Ridley


Neil Chave 07 3765262




Eric Foley 07 378 7006 Maureen Ransley 07 3776360 Tony Mannington 07 3771598 Pam Mannington 07 377 1598 Brent Davidson Kelvin Trim Pam Mannington Peter Ransley John Lucas

378 2691 378 9055 377 1598 377 6360 376 9051

June & Graham Mock 378 7513 Greg Nattrass 378 9109 Eric Foley 378 7006 Trish Jefferies 378 4774 Pam Mannington 377 1598 Terrys Tyres. 378 6180 Bruce Jefferies 378 4774 Bruce Jefferies 378 4774 Norman Pointon 378 9226 Lester Strawbridge 378 4487

Cover Photo: Eric & Terri Foley:Overall Winner. Terry’s Tyres Taupo Rally With Club Patron, Graham Mock: Club Captain, Tony Mannington, and Chairman Neil Chave in background. 2

Coming Events for Taupo VCC 2018 MARCH th

Tuesday 27 March

Hospice Run 10 am(Meet there at 9.45am

APRIL Wednesday 11 April Sunday 15th April Monday 16th April

Club Night 7.30 pm: Club Lunch Run Committee Meeting 7.30 pm

MAY th

Wednesday 9 May Sunday 20th May Monday 21st May

Club Night. AGM 7.30 pm Club Run. “Navigation Run” Committee Meeting 7.30pm


Saturday 9 June

Club Night. Mid Winter Pot Luck Dinner Club Run “Brass Monkey” Committee Meeting 7.30 pm

Sunday 17th June Monday 18th June

Also available, Caps, Bucket Hats and Polar Fleece Jackets.


Photo shows our shirt with the Taupo VCC Logo and the new bucket hat. Also included is our Taupo VCC club badge and the emblem that can be put on your car. All of these items can be viewed at the Clubrooms.

Life is like a roll of toilet paper: The closer you get to the end - the faster it goes.

Club Night 11th April 2018 7.30pm Following on from our very successful Club Night this month when we talked about our Rally and started to learn about Straight Line navigation, the committee has decided to have a similar Club Night this coming month. Bring along all your questions about Straight Line navigation and any other matters regarding the Club that you would like more information about. The evening will finish with Supper, a natter and a chance to get to know your fellow Club Members .

Upcoming Rally that may interest you. Ask Eric for an entry form; 53rd Annual MAUNGA-MOANA RALLY NEW PLYMOUTH April 20th 21st 2018


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CHAIRMANS REPORT APRIL 2018 March was our big month with the Annual Lake Taupo Rally held on the weekend of 10/11 th March. We had great weather and a great 3 days for one of the best rally’s held by the club for sometime – I shall leave it to Tony to fill in the details but again we all had an enjoyable weekend. Congratulations to Terri & Eric Foley for their success as overall winners of the rally. Also during the month we had an urgent request for a club vintage car to take a bride to her wedding and I’m pleased to report that club member Richard Izard kindly loan his Bentley Mulsanne Turbo for the occasion. The bride & family were delighted to be chauffeured in such a prestigious car and we thank Richard for his generosity. Also in March we were advised that a group of mainly classic Packards driven by American visitors was making its way from Rotorua to Napier via Taupo. Although the group was expected on Lake Terrace for a lunch stop a number of them disappeared to other tourist spots around town so the group of club members only got to see about half the fleet. We held a ‘Straight Line Navigation’ course during the month and this was well attended by members that were keen to learn more about this disciplined approach to way-finding. Brent & Kelvin undertook the instruction and this was followed by a quick and effective introduction with a quick drive around the back streets of Taupo to demonstrate how it works. Those that came along all now feel they are more comfortable with understanding this system and we expect it to be introduced into future runs. I want to spend in this report a little time in looking ahead to the club’s May Annual General meeting. Last month we advised that our club secretary Eric Foley was standing down after some 5 years as secretary. Your club needs to fill this vacancy and we are asking if there is anyone feels they can step up to take on this role then the committee would really like to hear from you. This is not an onerous position within the committee and simply requires the ability to take minutes of meetings and deal with any correspondence as well as managing the club’s database. The Taupo VCC thrives on new people joining and an effective committee that manages the club’s affairs and programme so if you would like to offer yourself for this position then please let us know! We will also be looking for 3 new committee members and again if you would like to make a contribution to how the club is run then we would like to hear from you. As a committee member it simply requires attending a monthly meeting for a couple of hours and providing input. The Taupo VCC is a strong and growing club with a stable membership and is financially secure – so fill out a nomination form (available in the newsletter or from secretary Eric ) and get it to any current committee member- the AGM is now only just over a month away so we do need to get these positions filled. Coming up is the Hospice run on Tuesday 27th March – if you can come along with your car for an hour or so that would be great and in April we have a club night and the Lunch Run organised. I will be attending a VCC National Executive meeting in Christchurch next week so more on what comes out of this meeting will be advised next month. Please remember this is YOUR club and your contribution to its management is both vital and welcomed.

Neil 6

LUNCH RUN Sunday 15th April 2018 Meet at the Clubrooms at 10.45am for a departure time of 11.00 am sharp. We will be travelling a short distance to our lunch stop at a farm “Hunting Lodge” Please bring your own lunch and maybe a chair to sit on. There may not be enough seats to go around otherwise. Coffee & Tea will be provide. Please note this is an all weather track through the farm, so no problem with low or Shiny cars.

Taupo VCC A.G.M Wednesday 9th May 2017, Clubrooms 7.30p.m. Please come along to support your Club. Supper will be served at conclusion of meeting. Terry’s Tyres Lake Taupo Rally 2018 Results. Vintage:

Post Vintage:

Post War:

1st : Doug & Doreen Green 1st: Brian & Lyn James Rotorua. Manawatu 2nd: Joe & Susan Quinn 2nd :Chris Edwards & Taupo. Vicki: Tauranga. 3rd: Peter & Noelene 3rd: Bruce Jefferies & Joe Creighton, Manawatu

1st: Owen & Heather Duncan Taupo.

Ridley. Taupo


Post 1960: 1st: Eric & Terri Foley, Taupo. 2nd: Tony Anderson & Lester Strawbridge, Taupo. 3rd: Brent Davidson & Jerry Threlfall, Taupo.

Ladies Prize: Jill Roberts, Taupo.


2nd: Bob & Margaret Deadman Taupo. 3rd: Brian Healy & Phyll.

Overall Winner: Eric & Terri Foley, Taupo.

CLUB CAPTAIN’S REPORT MARCH 2018 Beautiful fine days for our Annual Rally Weekend and to those that went on the Rally, thanks for taking part and I hope you will be looking forward to next years Rally. Later in the year we will be looking for somebody to put up their hand to say.”I have a wonderful idea for a Rally Route, with interesting morning tea and lunch stops, where we could go for the next Rally” Club members, think about it and you will have a willing committee behind you helping. Only share your ideas with one or two people willing to help you plot a route as it is most important that other than the plotters and marshals no one else knows the route,. The Rally Committee looks after all the other bits and pieces, sponsorship, prizes evening functions, certificates, etc. Again, a successful Club Night with Brent & Kelvin instructing us on Straight line navigation, then sending us out into the night to see if it worked. Most people got back safely and enjoyed Supper. Looking ahead to next months Club Night we will continue with the Straight line navigation to allow as many members as possible to become more familiar with understanding how it works. We just might throw in a few other things as well , e.g. Tulip Navigation. On the 15th April we have our Annual Luncheon Run and this year the Deadman family have allowed us to go into their farm off Forest Road and have lunch in a “Hunting Lodge”. Bring your own lunch. Tea and Coffee will be provided and we will have a short interesting run on the way out. Farming Families do it. Family business’s do it. So we should be doing this for our Club.

“Succession Planning” A succession plan will ensure a smooth transition from outgoing volunteers to incoming volunteers with little or no disruption to the organisation. It is about identifying, recruiting, retaining, valueing, developing and preparing volunteers so that the Club has depth of knowledge and a pool of skilled and able volunteers. In doing this the Club ensures that it can continue to meet its strategic objectives in the future. As we know the AGM is coming up on the 9th May. Our Secretary of five years is not available to continue in this role. Also, we have vacancies on the general committee. If you feel you would like to be involved in the Club, please talk it over with one of our present committee members, as it would be nice to have new talent on board, with new ideas. Luckily Eric is still happy to serve on the Committee so he will be available to help show the ropes to a new Secretary. Nomination forms are attached to the email distributing this magazine. Cheers, Tony



Terrys Tyres Lake Taupo Rally 9 /10th March 2018 Club Rally Report. th

PO BOX 753 ● Ph 07 378 6180 Fax 07 378 0152 ● email:

4WD & PASSENGER TYRES Wheel Alignments, Batteries, Shock Absorbers & Mag Wheels

We were blessed with a beautiful fine day for our annual Taupo VCC Rally, making it a very enjoyable event. Pam and I couldn’t help noticing the look on peoples faces when they ended up at the Tyburn Monastery for our morning tea break. People were saying, “I didn’t know this place existed, where and how did you find it.” It all goes back to August last year when we were on our Club Captains Run up the Waikite Valley and on talking To Jenefer Waterworth, she said that there was a Monastery in the Valley somewhere. Mrs Google was called in and Yes, there was a Monastery off Dods Road. Route planning started, so that we could go there for morning tea. Sorry about the gravel roads, but to get there you must encounter some gravel roads. We all had a great day finishing off with the Dinner and Prizegiving. Eric & Terri Foley took out the top prize. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped make this Annual Rally a successful one. Whether you were helping on Kitchen Duties, Marshaling, Tail End Charlie,marking Rally Sheets, obtaining sponsorship and all the little bits in between, thank you all. Tony Mannington 2018 Rally Director. Below is a report that we have received from a Rally participant. 10

Another great rally this year thanks to a hard working committee. Many thanks to all the sponsors who supported Taupo VCC Rally this year, particularly our main sponsor Terrys Tyres. A total of 28 cars from old to new participated in this fun and well organised event, attended by a range of locals and other clubs. We also had a couple of South Australian visitors who teamed up with a couple of our members at short notice and came along for the ride. A great way for them to interact with us, create networks and see some local scenery. We had beautiful weather and the routes saw us driving on rural roads, state highways, through serene countryside, thermal and forestry areas around the wider Taupo Area. Saturday morning’s competitive run took us through some of the rural areas around Taupo, many of which we never knew existed, eventually taking us to Tyburn Monastery in the Waikite Valley for morning tea. Their deck area overlooked awesome views of the valley and I only wish we had the time to walk up to the cross at the top of the hill to get a better view of this stunning area. Some of us participants were a little challenged with directions so it was a staggered morning tea. The next competitive leg saw us travelling through out of this area through some lovely countryside and over a diverse range of roads, one of which had trees growing on the roadside forming natural tunnels in about three places. Amazing and unique. This route took us through to the Oruanui area of Taupo, affording us with stunning views of the lake and mountains, down into town, returning to the clubrooms for a very substantial lunch prepared by the Trim family and their helpers. Luckily the afternoon run was fun and non-competitive which didn’t take a lot of concentration, taking us from the clubrooms around some central sites in Taupo. This part of the rally served us locals with a reminder of how beautiful the town is and what we can show our visitors. We drove around the airport, watched skydivers, to the scenic lookout to join the tourists, past the foreshores of the lake and into the boat harbour. Once again the Taupo Golf Club did themselves proud supplying us a yummy dinner and venue for the prizegiving. All entrants received a prize of some sort thanks to our generous sponsors. I know we were pretty pleased with our toolset. To the organisers congratulations for running a fun and interesting rally, even better for having no silent checks! They are so silent they can never be found!

Pik Up.

Photos from the Rally as provided with the above report. 11

Refer to Chairmans Report. The Bride: Neil driving the Bentley Mulsanne Turbo.

To any of our members out there who are unwell,feeling a bit blue or would like a visit to cheer you up, pleasse let us know. Even if you would like to participate in a club event and are no longer able to drive your car just let a committee member know and they will arrange to get someone to pick you up and take you as a passenger.



Selection of photos from our very successful Terrys Tyres Lake Taupo Rally. Kelvin and Trish about to wave the first car off. Shane, Graham and Jimmie.

Morning Tea Stop Tyburn Monastery

Neil, Rod & Brent relaxing in the sun.


Doug & Doreen Green Rotorua: 1st Vintage

Brian & Lyn James Manawatu: 1st Post Vintage

Owen & Heather Duncan Taupo: 1st Post War

Eric & Terri Foley Taupo: 1st Post 60 and Overall Winner

Photos of all our major prizewinners above.

Jill Roberts receiving the Ladies Prize for Winner, Lady Driver. 15

And some photos provided by Pam Walker, one of our Rally entrants. Thank you Pam. Tyburn Monastery , our morning tea stop.

Back view of Tyburn Monastery


18 Kilometres of gravel roads, spectacular views. Answer to the Question: Tunnel of ………..? Correct answer: Trees. A big thank you for supporting Megan's fundraiser through donations and buying lunches for Car Rally. The family are very appreciative Coming up is Megan's Benefit Concert & Auction kindly sponsored by Grant & Claire Bayley. Saturday 14 April 7.30pm. Featuring NZ Male Choir, Dance Central who performed at Christmas in the Park 2017, Finely Tuned, Great Lake Big Band, Short & Sweet and more. Thankyou, Jan 17


Expression of Interest required. How do you feel about the possibility of doing a night away Spring run? Leave Taupo on a Saturday morning and travel down through Waiouru, maybe visit the Army Museum, then go through the Gentle Annie road to Hawkes Bay. Stay the night in either Hastings or Napier and explore the Hawkes Bay wine region. On the Sunday visit the British Car Museum and then make your own way back home to Taupo or stay a few more days. If you like the sound of something along these lines please email me at (I have had no response to this: Maybe the following report from Bruce & Trish Jefferies may help you make a decision.) We would only go over to Napier on the Gentle Annie and return via the Napier Tauo Road, so a lot less mileage.) Crossing the Divide: Saturday, March 3rd, we set off in Lizzie our 1930 Model A roadster. Heading south to Ohakune to meet up with 9 members of the Model T club, wanting to enjoy a road trip. Just short of our destination, we turned in to Horopito; rust city for old car carcasses. Lizzie was not impressed & as we left decided to hiccup & play up. We finally arrived at our destination, the Hobbit, meeting the rest of the group including Jim & Kaaren Smylie in their A roadster; Neil Cremer, T club president in his Ford consul; 1 Model T owner & 5 more members in Model A sedans. Also a Chrysler 77 roadster. Only 1 member was game to bring his T. Day one: We were away at 8.30am, fueling up at Waiouru. Other members had advised Bruce on what his problem was, rubbish in the carby which was sorted. Just north of Taihape we turned off onto the Gentle Annie road to Hawkes Bay. There, we were joined by another Model A roadster. What a drive. A real insight into what our country is like. We went up hills and down dale. Some of the downhill slopes went on for kms, and all were very winding. We would only seem to get to the bottom of a range and away we went uphill again. But beautiful wild country. I have to admit that Bruce should have had a very bruised left knee where I kept grabbing him. We finally reached what could be termed rolling country and stopped at a small settlement called Sherenden for lunch. This provided by the local school; then off again to finally reach our stop for the night at Waipukarau. We did 150 miles that day. Day two; Away just before 9am; only a few miles & calamity as the Model T decided to call it a day. The rest of us headed on to Porangahau for morning tea at the beach; then off towards Pongoroa, our lunch stop. Stopped at the worlds longest place name for a photo shoot; then away on more very winding and hilly back roads. There was some evidence of damage from previous storms. Lunch at Pongoroa Hotel, where we met the Dutch couples travelling the world in a Model T and a landrover. After lunch, away again on through Alfredton arriving finally at Masterton, where we stayed at Solway Park. Nice room, even nicer buffet dinner and sleep. Day three; a Solway brekkie then on the road heading north again. A visit to Mt Bruce bird reserve, then an easy run through to Woodville. To find our projected drive over the Saddle Rd, and through the wind farm not allowed. The Saddle Rd was closed. So after lunch we headed through Balance around to the Pahiatua Track. Up and over, and there was Palmy, our old stamping ground. Booked into our nights stop, then headed off to catch up with my boys and families. Spent an hour driving in a million dollar machine; harvesting maize and being chased by 4 silage trucks. After this a family meal and back to base. Lo and behold, the heavens opened and it thundered, lightening and pouring rain. Bruce just managed to get Lizzie closed in with side curtains. A very heavy storm and very noisy night. Day four; still pouring, the courtyard awash, and quite an effort to get loaded. Nearly all backed our cars into the motel doorways to achieve this. Off through Ashhurst, around the back of Feilding, and hey; the rain stopped. On through Kimbolten and out through Rangiwahia. More very narrow and winding roads that went either up or down. But what a trip. The road came out at the base of the Mangaweka hill; another real eye opener. On to Taihape for lunch.


Here we said goodbye to the group as we had to head straight home because of commitments next day. The rest were staying the night again at Ohakune. When we got home we tallied that we had done just over 630 miles in four days. Not bad in a car 88 years old. And we still both liked the car. The couple in the Model T who broke down, were towed back to Waipuk, there they were lent an Escort which they used to rejoin us and finish the trip. Of course they had to go back and retrieve the T with their trailer from Ohakune. We were very glad to have joined this group and to have had the chance to see this part of our country. The only change on the cards will be a set of radial tyres for Lizzie; will make it’s wandering on uneven roads manageable. Now looking forward to our next Lizzie adventure. Bentley Mulsanne Turbo Trish & Bruce Jefferies.

Homeward bound. Last Spike. National Park: View from the Gentle Annie Road .

The information in this newsletter is supplied as a service to members. Articles of interest are welcome. The opinions expressed in the newsletter are those of the authors, and the club accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the statements.

Letters, report, articles of interest, photo, technical tips and feedback are all welcome and should be sent to the editor before the 20th of the month. Overfilled the magazine again this month. 20 pages, but great to get so many contributions and photos supplied. The magazine is normally 16 pages but if we have interesting items, we will go over our allocated space. As we do not produce a circulated hard copy, we can make it as many pages as we like. So put pen to paper and write up a report if you go on an interesting run and want to give us your perspective of the day. We are also happy to receive constructive criticism. Pam Mannington Editor. 20

Taupo VCC April 2018  
Taupo VCC April 2018