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Replica Timaru’s First Car Built by C. W. Wood

March 2018 Weekend Away

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COMMITTEE MEMBERS FOR 2017 – 2018 Branch Correspondence to PO Box 623, Timaru 7940 Email: – Phone: 03 688 5234 Chairman Ashley Milliken (Evelyn) Immediate Past: John Foster (Marion) Secretary Miles Winter (Trish_) Treasurer Nola Day (Alistair) Club Captain Darren Ladbrook (Jo) Newsletter Ed Bill & Shona Weir Email: C/R Convenor Alistair Day (Nola) Parts Manager John Campbell (Janet) Librarian Barry Barnes (Carla) IT Officer Shannon Stevenson Committee Wayne Irving (Michelle) Frances Irving Clive Merry Neil Manchester Trailer Hire John Campbell SWAPMEET COMMITTEE Chairman John Knowles Treasurer Nola Day (Alistair) Site Convenor Michelle Munro (Gavin) Grounds Convenor Colin Johnstone (Trish) Committee Gavin Munro (Michelle) Murray Martin Alan Patrick Lex Westoby Allan Geary Robert Bray

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Held at Winchester Showgrounds On Saturday 24th March 2018 If you wish to sell a vehicle regardless of type It cannot be put into the Display area. We ask you to book a site at our Club Member price To book ph Michelle 03 6864824 ———————————————————————— FOR SALE Ford Model A Engine Blocks Ph Dean Rae 03 6939016 ————————————————

SWAP MEET SET UP HELP REQUIRED At Winchester Showgrounds On Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th at 6pm

Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd from 9am ————————————

Deadline for Tricar is 20th MARCH Many Thanks to all the contributors for supplying the excellent articles in this issue. New Address



NOGGIN & NATTER, Thursday, 1st March 2018 7-30pm at Clubrooms, Redruth St, Timaru Kitchen Duty, Helpers Please Bar Duty. Speaker Ashley Milliken

second part of my recent Ireland /UK trip that I couldn’t cover in January, there some Quite interesting stuff to see. Sunday 4th March MYSTERY RUN Info in this TriCar —————————————————Sunday 11th March MID ISLAND RALLY Meet at Clubrooms 9-30 for 10am start Entry close 1st March ————————————————— SWAPMEET 24th March Saturday Further info in this TRICAR ————————————————— Sth Island Easter Rally, Invercargill30 March—1st April Entries should be in by now. ————————————————Cancer Run 26th August Keep this date free for a very interesting run. ————————————————NEW MEMBERS Bruce Brown, Timaru Datsun 1981 Ross and Karen King, Timaru , Hudson Welcome to our club and look forward to seeing you at our Noggin and on Club Rallies.


Members cars on display for the Club Open Day



Please meet at the Vintage Car Clubrooms, Redruth Street for Morning Tea at 9am sharp! Cars to leave at 9.30am for new Mystery Ramble venues This is the 50th Mystery Ramble and a very easy run Theme: the 60”s but not compulsory! Please bring picnic lunch, refreshments & seats A Gold Coin donation from each Adult at 2nd venue would be appreciated Organised by: Joan Paul

MEMORIES OF PAST EVENTS By Terry Wilson PICNIC DAYS After reading rally reports in recent copies of Tricar I thought some of our newer members maybe interested in hearing about some events of about sixty years ago. At that time many of our most enjoyable outings were not planned official club events and just happened on the day. The clear fresh water of the Tengawai river flowed (yes flowed) through the property of Eric and Tess Robins who farmed river flat near Pleasant Point. On occasional Sundays Tessie would ring in the morning to say it was going to be a lovely day and they planned on spending it at the river. She asked if we would like to join them and ring any others who could be interested. By lunch time six or eight families would have arrived and any vintage or veteran cars that were mobile would be there. Sometimes the family cars would come as well because it was not always easy to fit in the whole family plus all their requirements including food and drink for a full day. There was plenty of parking along the bank overlooking the river, a pool where the kids could swim or play in perfect safety and willow trees for anyone seeking shade. These were great days and it was late in the afternoon before anyone thought about heading back to town.

Penrite Oils


Just to let you all know that I am still able to supply you with Penrite Oils for your Vintage Vehicles. Engine and Gear Box oils, also Steering Box grease. Phone Alistair at home on 03 6886108 , or on his mobile 027 202 5007. A Bar Person and a Raffle Seller are required for our “Noggin” night. You don’t need a Bar License to do this. These are easy jobs so don’t be shy. Also a great way to actually talk to everyone that comes to our Noggin Night. Please phone Alistair and put your name forward . Every month we require 2 people for doing this, and also o 2 to serve our suppers. Choose your month and let us have a forward roster. It’s only once a month, so don’t be afraid to put your name forward. Many thanks. Alistair – Clubroom Convenor. With Central City Motors no longer on the scene, Just thought I would let you know that Muffler and Auto Shop, are happy to take over the warrants and mechanicals for your Vintage and everyday vehicles. Their phone number is 03 688 9412. They are in what was the old Morton & Co Auction rooms, cnr Station & George Streets. I will be helping them out as required, and keeping my WOF certificate live to assist them. Cheers Alistair. —————————————By the time the members of the SCVCC read this we will have shifted to Ladbrooks 4k west of CH CH but I will still be able to assist in helping to run the Swapmeet .Everything is going along at a steady pace sites are being sold in bursts then a slow down but now there is a large sign at Austins foundry thanks to Gavin Munro sales will pick up..Hilton Haulage has agreed to deliver 2 toilet containers for the swapmeet at no cost Please members we need your help to make this Swapmeet a success for everyone concerned so get behind the committee and assist in any way at all Regards John Knowles Swapmeet Chairman


We have good stocks of tyres both radial and crossply, Distributor Caps, Plugs, Points, Condensors, Rotors, complete Distributors, Carburettors. Some new hardy splicer U Joints. A good assortment of head lights, Bulbs 6 – 12 volt and 24 volts. Tail and Park Light Lenses and much more. Check your Parts Shed first. John Campbell ———————————

Seen on a suction truck at the Waimumu field days last week. “Could be a new idea for SJ Allen Timaru”!!!


5 The road ford near Elworthy’s Craigmore Station was also another popular picnic spot. Here we had a handy hill for testing our vehicles and close by was a strip of gravelled land ideal for trying out other members cars. I recall the Jones Model T Ford from Holme Station was there on more than one occasion. It was a completely restored mobile chassis with only a box bolted to the chassis for the driver’s seat. This was well before the car was converted to left hand drive. We all know a properly tuned Model T performs very well but the perfomance from the same machine without the confines of any bodywork has to be experienced to be believed. It was certainly well tested that day. During a picnic day at the same place on a different occasion we used the hill for a very simple hillclimb. The idea was to park the competing car at the bottom of the hill with the handbrake hard on. A box of matches was placed behind the rear tyre and the driver at the drop of the starter’s flag was expected to take off without rolling back and squashing the matchbox. At the drop of the starter’s flag the timekeeper started the stopwatch and stopped it again when the car came level with him further up the hill. It did not take long for everyone to register a time and by then Darcy Nicholson had arrived with his Mercedes Monster. He was soon lined up for his turn and when he got the starter’s signal there was suddenly noise, much noise, dust, smoke, smell of burning rubber and flying shingle. Two large gouges had appeared in the roadway but there was no sign of the matchbox or the matches. Had Darcy been able to ease off the loud pedal just a little who knows he may have gained some traction and made fastest time of the day. That is if the starter had stayed long enough to signal the timekeeper!!!!

Thanks Terry for this interesting article. Another story next month ED


Notes from the Library

by Barry Barnes6

Work in the Library this month has involved filing away a large number of magazines, mostly NZ Autocar received from non-member, but motoring enthusiast, Peter Nixon. Kelvin Love has already viewed Terry Wilson’s book and if other members who would like to have a look at it, let me know, I will see it gets to them as it becomes available. Another recent arrival in the Library is a History of Brooklands, presented by Chris Chambers, who I imagine acquired it during his visit to the UK last year with Austin 7 Chummy tucked under his arm or hidden as carryon baggage or however else you get an Austin 7 to England. I intend to take a good look at this one having visited the Brooklands track for a most enlightening day when in the UK last October – a visit I would strongly recommend to anyone else who finds themselves in London from whence it is an easy train trip with about a 20 minute walk to the track. Some time has been spent in the Library quietly going through some of our old colour slides, mostly ex Bill Piddington. I came across some of the 1905 Darracq restored by late member Colin Westoby in the mid 1950s and later owned by Don Oddie, before passing into ownership of the Southward Museum Trust who still have it. Colin’s son Lex is very interested in putting together as much information as he can about the car so I have copied these images as computer files and sent them to him. (The ultimate intention is to copy all the slides). I also sent Lex an image of a 2cyl 12HP 1903 De Dion Bouton, a rare model that was reputed to be Invercargill’s first taxi, operated by A S Russell of A Russell and Co, later Buick and Holden agents, who I think would have sold Ashley’s Buick when it was new. The reason for sending this to Lex was so he could pass it on to the De Dion’s current owner, Peter Croft of Christchurch, who is also endeavouring to get as much information as he can about his car and its history. I remember it well from my early days in the Club in Invercargill when the car was basically in original order and the custodian was Vernon T Russell, son of A S Russell. It only came out on a few runs but for a while occupied part of VTR Motors Showroom.





For the afternoon, it was a trip through Trotters Gorge, with a stop at the camping ground and rock caves. A further visit to Shag Point was made, where we encountered not one, but two Standard Vanguards (at different addresses), and at the rocky outcrops, a literal 'suburb' of seals. There were a number of industrial ruins within the area, including a shed near the boat ramp, with a well expired Ford 10 motor within, once a stationary powerplant. For the evening a barbeque meal was held at the holiday home for which the Barnes, Bunts and myself were staying at. Many a story were shared from the weekend – at one point of the evening this writer finding himself being given an impromptu cake with candles – a few members having discovered through Social Media of a celebrated day of the year that day. Monday was a 'going home' day for many, though for the Barnes', Bunts and myself, this was a trip northwest to the Dansey's Pass motorcamp. While the Barnes and Bunts took a trip via Oamaru, for myself it was a trip due west to Ranfurly – with a detour to St Bathans – and onto the Danseys Pass itself, meeting up at the camp cabins at 5pm. A few of us further continued on Tuesday to Totara Estate, for their Waitangi day historic open day event. The weekend away certainly proved a great one Thankyou Barry and Carla. Shannon Stevenson

1905 Darracq at 1957 Pennzoil Rally Rangiora when owned by Don Oddie

1903 De Dion Bouton 12 HP at Centennial Rally Invercargill 1956, a much bigger car than the adjacent 6hp model.

Weekend Away to Moeraki – by Shannon Stevenson 8


The Weekend Away, organized by Barry and Carla Barnes is a key aspect of the calendar for a number of us, and this one proved a great way of escaping the South Canterbury environs for several days with mostly older vehicles. For 2018, it was to the home of perfectly formed round boulders – Moeraki. Joining the Barnes' on Saturday 3 February were several of us – Clive Merry and Penny, the Geddes, Fosters, Camerons, Bunts, Wenlocks, Grants, Neil Manchester and myself. With most of us leaving the clubrooms at just after 9:45am, it was a trip down south westward to the foothills of the Hunter Hills, travelling via Southburn, Esk Valley and Hunter regions, with Waimate duly reached by morning tea time - a few of members having a 'shopping spree' at the Waimate Farmer's market, adjacent to our cars.

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Leaving Wallaby country at around 11am, it was a trip down inland to Ikawai, and across the broad Waitaki to reach the flat country of Papakaio, and the rolling hill country of Cormacks - Clive Merry's 1928 was encountered traversing the hills at a great pace. Our lunch stop was Oamaru's foreshore, where the Historic precinct was open and in full flight with tourists - a number taking an interest in our vehicles. By three we were due south to Kakanui, and to Moeraki, with 'happy hour' being held at Moeraki's Tavern. The Tavern owner was most interested in our vehicles, and early the next day was a compulsory photo stop outside his establishment – the results of which soon appearing on the Moeraki Tavern's Facebook page. For our Sunday run, the Barnes' had a number of interesting places to travel to. First stop was due south, to the lighthouse on Katiki Point, built 1878 and now automated – the road getting there likely in the same condition that it would have been in the days the Barnes' 1925 Studebaker and Merry's 1928 Buick were built. Time was spent looking out at many seals present, lounging on the beach. With a quick trip up to Moeraki's lookout, it was soon a trip to the boulders – certainly a tourist trap these days. The lunch stop at Hampden had us with a fair selection of venues for food – the Fish and Chip shop and Vanessa's Country Cafe did a roaring trade. What also attracted us was an antique shop, where John Foster encountered two Daimler hubcaps, duly purchased.

LEVELS RACEWAY 50 year Celebrations by Grant Stewart 16 A large number of our members were seen at this event, so thought I’d do a quick scribble on slightly faster old cars than the vintage car club is used to. Even saw our editors son as support crew for, surprise, surprise, a Chev team. There were some big names there, Greg Murphy, Paul Radisich, Craig Baird. Paul Fahey was selling his book, beside the Escort he used to race. Bloody good book, lots of period Club member Wayne Jones out in his photos. Both PDL Mustangs Mazda RX3 took the chance to blow the were on show, after major recobwebs out. builds on both. Leo Leonard who raced them originally, did demo laps at lunch time. Since I’d taken some photos previously of Leo and PDL two, I suggested to Leo he stand between the two cars and I’d do some photos. I snapped away, as I did, heard lots of clicking, and there were about ½ a dozen cameras both sides of me clicking away. The Central Muscle Cars were definitely worth the admission price. Most cars are over 30years old, so maybe we should invite them on a vintage car run sometime! ——————— Leave an idiot in charge of a Cooper Bristol for the weekend and this is what happens, the idiot hops in for a photo shoot. Couldn’t do a selfie, my arm wasn’t long enough to fit the bonnet in.

South Canterbury Branch VCC Chairman’s Report March 2018 Hi Every one


Another busy month ahead of us, March 4th ,The 50th Mystery Run, March 11th Mid Island Rally, 24th The Swap Meet , 24th March The National Executive meeting in Christchurch. Barry Barnes has agreed to represent the Club at the meeting.30th-1st April The Sth Island Easter Rally at Invercargill. After Easter we are hosting the participants of The Sth Island Club Captains Tour for a meal at our clubrooms on Friday April 6th. Evelyn & I have been helping as support drivers for the Central South Island Charity Bike ride training rides over the past two months, The Actual Ride Starts on Thursday February 22nd Lots of slow driving (360km) Timaru-Tekapo-Kurow-Timaru over 3 days. Past events, The Sth Canterbury Car Club held it’s very successful 50th Anniversary of Levels raceway late January , I saw a number of our members enjoying the spectacle The weekend away was held Waitangi weekend, Thank you Barry Barnes for organising it, I might get yet ! Feb 18th The Chairman’s Rally, Where we travelled to Ashburton and Visited their excellent Aviation Museum. Reports elsewhere in the Tri car. My thoughts are with members who are battling illness & injury at the moment and sincerely hope that you are responding to treatment. I would also like to offer my sincere condolences to members who have lost family & friends during the last month. See you all on the Mystery Run Ashley

Neil Manchester being presented with the Rosebowl from the Fairlie New Years Day Parade by Ashley.

10 SCVCC OPEN DAY Good pre publicity through Port FM ensured quite a bit of interest from the general public throughout the day with several membership forms being handed out. An excellent display of club vehicles were on show with some surprises, one being Lex Westoby’s “Helbe” under restoration, these vehicles were produced from 1905 to 1907. It received its name from the initials of its builders Levecqve and Bodenreider. They used De Dion engines of 4 ½, 6 and 8 hp for the car and used DeLage components for the drive line. It is quite an amazing feat by Lex to have found the radiator and basic components to rebuild this very early veteran.

2018 Wallaby Run. An Alternative View.


Having missed the Wallaby Run last year due to the Haast tour we were keen to go this year even though we were away the preceding weekend with the Weekend Away, so we decided to give the Stude a reprieve and take the Suzuki and sidecar. We had a reasonably rapid trip down and were to be among the last away so had plenty of time to spare before the start. Finally got ready to leave, noticed the rear tyre looked a bit soft but decided that was probably due to the way it was sitting - big mistake! We got a little over a k on the way and the telltale weaving of the tail end started. The valve stem had partly chewed off and there was a distinct absence of air! It was a slow hard push back to the Waimate Clubrooms where fortunately spare parts man Keith was still in attendance. The rig was pushed under cover out of the sun and the wheel removed. Peter Bootsma shot around to the motorbike shop and got another tube so off came the tyre with some old levers Keith had found being brought into use. Alas, over enthusiastic wrestling with the levers resulted in nipping the new tube and so it was pull it all to bits again. Bugger! The motorbike shop had shut by the time I walked back around there but believe it or not the garage over the road had a tube of a suitable size! Not the sort of thing they usually stock so how lucky can you get! Any way after return to the Club Rooms and some lunch, Russell Dale showed up with Model A roadster on the end of a rope and much worse problems than me with a run engine bearing. After Russell’s admonitions about senility, foolishness and the like, he set too to help me with it. With his aid and use of some lux liquid filched from the kitchen, the tyre went on much easier and no pinching of the tube this time! Although we missed all the run we stayed for the prizegiving, where both Russell’s and my misadventures were acknowledged in the way no one wants, then Suzuki made another reasonably quick trip home! The help of Peter, Keith and Russell was much appreciated and is really what the Vintage Car Club is about, isn’t it? Barry

Chairmans's Rally by Shannon Stevenson


On a warm February morning, a fair contingent of us descended upon the Clubrooms for the annual Chairman's rally. Over 20 vehicles were in attendance overall – smallest cars being the Lester and McGillen's Morris 8's, the largest Dave Diamond's 1977 Cadillac, and likely the fastest the Downing's Porsche 944S. A three wheeler also made an appearance, in the form of the Barnes' 1979 Suzuki motorcycle and sidecar combo. Chairman Ashley had an interesting, aeronautically themed day lined up for us and at 10am we were headed due north - through Timaru's streets avoiding the Selwyn Street roadworks, out into Levels on a flying trip – for some vehicles – along Levels Plain Road past Timaru's airport, and across the Opihi for a 'world tour of Arowhenua'. Up Earl Road we soon were, and into Geraldine, where we met a number of our Geraldine and Temuka members – having found out the route in advance. Once over the Rangatata we soon found ourselves on the mostly arrowstraight and dairy-farmer Trevors Road, headed in due course to the Tinwald Domain – though not before we encountered several roadworks machines hard at work in the noonday sun. Unfortunately it was just before the Domain that the McGillen's Morris 8's right-rear tyre blew out, though with assistance from several members, was soon back on terra-firma. The Tinwald Domain proved a great picnic setting, and all of us were soon under the century-old oak trees, beside the duck-pond, and across from the Plains Railway Complex and Camping ground – a number still there for the summer. For the afternoon, it was a trip through the labrynth of Ashburton streets to reach our end stop, the Ashburton Aviation Museum. This complex, once a WW2 air force training base, is run by enthusiasts, and houses a fair variety of machinery – including a Devon, a Harvard, an Airtruk, a de Havilland FB5 Vampire, an ex NZ air force Skyhawk, and one of the only ones in the Southern Hemisphere – a British Aerospace HS Harrier GR3 VTOL – the sheer sight of enthralling many. Further interesting were the 'on the ground' vehicles, including a Triumph Herald engined 'tug', and a three-wheeled Thompson Refueller. This variety captivated us for hours, for some up to closing time, the volunteer staff all happy to answer our questions. All in all, a great day out – thankyou Ashley for organizing. Shannon Stevenson

11 Another car of interest on display at the Open Day was Lloyd Wallace’s superb 1928 Dodge Tourer. This car was one of 17 Australian build models, ( Tourers at this point in vehicle manufacture were running out of favour as sedans were a much more practical alternative for general motoring) This tourer was purchased by Lloyd in Australia and restored by him in the 1980’s. However on his return to NZ with the car recently he decided it needed a “go over”, the result is what we see here, a superb restoration of the highest quality.

Certainly an attention grabber on the open day.



Sign says “Please hold hand rail while using stairs� . Pat and Jim Geddes obeying while checking out the ex Air Force Macchi. Good old O SH !!!


Dave Diamond showed great interest in the Harvard on display, having restored one previously himself, with Jim Sullivan. After they sold it, NZ1025 was destroyed in an accident after contact with another Harvard, ironically the one that was outside about to take off (Navy 66), so Dave was able to fill the owner in with some details.

Robert Bray disembarks looking worn out after his round New Zealand flight with NAC

South Canterbury VCC March 2018  
South Canterbury VCC March 2018