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Newsletter Noeline Milne

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March 2018 Items from the February meeting – National Office ask that the correct size photos be sent with your ID Card applications. They need to be the stated size to fit the space on the card and the filing cabinet where they are kept. 3 identical ones are needed also. Stuart is able to assist with any queries. Gary will go through the proposed changes to National Constitution & Bylaws at the March meeting. Paul McNabb was presented with a certificate for Runner – up in the time trial at the Gore Rally where he competed in the Model A. Discussion on Fire Exits in Emergency situations. What do we need to do to make it safe for all. Central Otago Branch are holding a Blue Smoke & Pedal Rally on 25th March. All British Day Sunday 20th May Highlands Park Cromwell – Central Otago Branch Organising. Sympathy cards sent to the Longstaffe and McVicar families and acknowledgement from Allan King’s family. 6 Tractors and several vintage vehicles attended the day at Tuapeka Mouth. Roger Smaill reports A very successful Motorcycle Rally was held on Saturday 10th March. 28 Entrants took part rallying to the Lighthouse Car Park for the Time Trial Section. Next stage took riders to Papatowai and the Whistling Frog for the lunch stop. Return to Balclutha for Prize Giving with the following results. 1st Vintage: Robert Eunson 1925 Royal Enfield Riverton 1st Post Vintage: Robin Bennington 1941 Indian Balclutha 1st Post War: Malcolm McIver 1950 Matchless Balclutha

1st Post 1960: Les Sherer 1972 Triumph Fairfield 1st Post 1980: Russell Findlater 1982 Yamaha Balclutha Longest Distance to Rally: Stewart Gutsell Timaru 1st American Bike: Robert Hutton 1924 Harley Davidson Dunedin Riders Choice: Greg Eunson 1930 Rudge Whitworth Riverton Overall Runner Up: Ken Pledger 1953 BSA Green Island Dunedin Overall Winner: Malcolm McIver 1950 Matchless Balclutha Thank you to everyone who assisted with the Rally, provided food and looked after the kitchen duties, time check etc. Wednesday Run – After meeting at the Clubrooms members departed for the Gore VCC Clubrooms and they were told where the first visit would be. This was to view D type Jaguars which were very impressive. Lunch at the Clubrooms then next stop was to East Gore to see a large collection of vehicles and memorabilia belonging to Frank Wilson. This was a very full shed with cars stacked up on hoists to make more space and two were spotted on a top shelf too. Afternoon tea in Clinton on the way home. Big thanks to Jerry Kennedy for arranging the visits and hosting us at the Clubrooms. 13 South Otago vehicles, 3 Gore vehicles = 32 people at lunch time. Wednesday Run 4th April Meet at Hamilton Park, East Gore, left turn just off the main road by 12 o’clock for a BYO lunch. We are due at 1.15 p.m. at Paul Heron’s home to check out a collection of Model A’s and T’s and whatever else he has there at the time. We will then depart to Gore branch member Terry Inder’s property near Dolomore Park to view his collection of Datsun’s and Nissans. Route instructions will be issued prior to leaving Hamilton Park. An afternoon tea stop has been arranged at Food for Thought in Clinton for those interested. Weekender to Dunedin 14th – 15th April Time is marching on and the Weekender event will soon be here. Have you booked your accommodation? A busy few weeks ahead with National events happening also. Coming Events March 25th Blue Smoke and Pedal Rally Central Otago th 27 Monthly Meeting 7.30 p.m. 30th – 1st South Island National Easter Rally – Southland April 1st – 7th South Island Club Captains Tour 4th Wednesday Run 12 o’clock at Gore 24th Monthly Meeting 7.30 p.m. Milton Information Centre Annual Book Sale Sunday 15th April Coronation Hall, Union Street - 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.



NEW ZEALAND Monthly Meeting 27th March 2018 7.30 p.m.


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South Otago VCC March 2018  
South Otago VCC March 2018