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MID WINTER DINNER and 50 Year Presentation



Replica Timaru’s First Car Built by C. W. Wood

August 2018

NOGGIN ANDNATTER First Thursday of the Month


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Mid Week Run 50 yr Badge Presentation

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NOGGIN & NATTER, Thursday,2nd August 2018 7-30pm at Clubrooms, Redruth St, Timaru Kitchen Duty, Bar Duty, Speaker, Oliver Irving—Irishmans Rally ———————————————

GARAGE RAID 4th August

Meet at our Clubrooms 9-30am for cuppa—10am start Lunch at Clubrooms $5-00 pp ———————————————


The run will leave from the club rooms at 1.30 p.m. sharp, please bring your afternoon tea and a chair. This run is being arranged by Warren Cox and will be held wet or fine. ——————————————

QUIZ NIGHT 16th August at Ashburton—7-30pm

Timaru members meet at clubrooms at 6pm then will car pool. Temuka and Geraldine—Car Pool with the members in your area. ——————————————

CANCER RUN 26th August 26th August 2018

Meet at Caroline Bay Carpark 9-15 for 10am departure. Entry Fee—$15-00 per vehicle, Bring Lunch. Donations for raffle would be appreciated. Please leave at Frances Irving 10-A Browne St ( Middle Unit) If you are able to help in any way please contact John Foster Ph 615 9066 ——————————————-


Volunteers Please contact John Foster Ph 615 9066 ——————————————

OPENING RUN 2nd SEPTEMBER with Ashburton

Deadline for Tricar is 20th August New Address -

More info next month ——————————————-


Sth Island Club Captain presenting Alvin Jones with his 50 yr badge



On a lovely sunny afternoon. eighteen cars left the club rooms for an interesting trip through the suburbs and into the country side heading through back roads to the Pleasant Point area where we enjoyed afternoon tea at the Pleasant Point Domain. Thank you Lynley & Ron for arranging such an interesting run on sealed roads and enjoyed by everyone. ——————————————-

Parts Shed Report There has been plenty of activity by the Wednesday morning group over the colder months. Old stock of carburettors etc. are in the process of being broken down into their individual metallurgic components for recycling purposes. Many thanks to Rodney Don for appearing each Wed. morning clutching his diesel powered workshop heater which he proceeds to fire up and soon has our work area warm and toasty. We have a 1939 Chev. Master 85 sedan in for dismantling which has been kindly donated by Ray Gudex and we thank him for this kind gesture. Anyone wanting parts for this vehicle or anything from our large stocks of previously dismantled cars is welcome to contact me or come along to the Parts Shed on Wed. mornings. Clive Merry





The BMC Austin Morris 1100 was certainly a major contribution to the British Motor industry, as after the advent of the Mini this next size up model filled a niche as a popular family car which sold in large numbers in Britain and several other countries including Australia and NZ. It is rather ironic that due to the collapse of the British Motor Industry Japan picked up on the front wheel drive “east west” engine concept and is still producing vehicles today on this format.

Mt Cook Rally Left . G W Piddington with his 1911 Regal vintage car and Terry Wilson with his 1913 Fiat. These were the two oldest vehicles on the rally. The Fiat was judged the best Veteran car.

An interested group inspect G E Wright’s 1931 Rolls Royce as it is checked out by J Anstey (right) From Left, Jim Sullivan and his two daughters, Ian Barnes, George Wright (ChCh), Rodney Don, Barry Goodman, ————————Above Right , Graham and Brian Rae talking to a very young marshal Alan Averis. ————————Right. Brian Goodman (Left) Chairman of SCVCC at the time watches adjustments being made to his 1923 Harley Davidson motorcycle by Russell Cross This was printed in either “The Weekly News” or “The Freelance” about 58 yrs ago

Supplied By Terry Wilson Thanks Terry. Great to see some history of earlier days in our club


Notes from the Library


by Barry Barnes

Library arrivals to be acknowledged this month are another box of stuff from Phil O’Brien including this time a range of manuals for Yamaha, Suzuki Honda and Kawasaki motorcycles some 16 in all plus several other manuals and a volume covering Rolls and Bentley 1925 to 1965. Thanks again Phil. Clive Merry also brought in a box of books he had acquired which contained a dozen or so volumes including a copy of “The Motor” Manual 18th Edition which has no printing date but the content appears to date from around 1915 with lots of neat period advertisements. There were also 2 volumes of the very early work “The Book of the Motor Car” by Rankine Kennedy which dates from the early 1900s. This was a work in 3 volumes well produced and illustrated and would have been definitive for its time. The library is fortunate to have a full set plus spares. Another interesting book is the American Motors Family Album which covers Rambler, Jeffery, Nash, Hudson, Essex and Terraplane and I guess the short lived Ajax is probably there too. A Pride of Bentleys was the intriguing title of what looks like a quality book and The Automobile by Ralph Stein is also a quality book.her books as well. Thanks Clive for obtaining these books for us. I was touched to have passed on to me for my own collection a volume entitled History of the Studebaker Corporation 1852 -1923 by Albert Russell Erskine, President of Studebaker and for whom the companion make was named. The book came from the estate of the late Robert Bray and I would like to record my thanks to the family and Gavin and Michelle Munro for giving it to me. On a completely different tack I was intrigued by the photos in the June Tricar submitted by the wandering Days. The racer in the Louwmans collection is a 1903 Spyker credited as being the world’s first 6 cylinder car first four wheel drive and four wheel brakes. The 1910 Swan car was manufactured by the Brooke car company for an eccentric Scotsman who lived in India and among its unusual attributes is the ability to eject hot water and steam from the radiator through the mouth of the swan supposedly for clearing the street! There is also a rear aperture out which lime can be ejected to make it just like a real swan. The car was taken to America for the prestigious Pebble Beach concours where it won the Montagu Trophy. There is a UTube video you can watch, google Swan car.

STUART HATTON Sad to see that Stuart Hatton passed away last week. Stuart was a tireless worker for the SCVCC, his contribution as Secretary Treasurer from 1988 to 2000 says it all, he was also involved with the Winchester Swap meet. He was deservedly honoured with Life Membership by our club. Stuart restored a 1929 -30 Buick sedan and motored it for some years until in later years he graduated to an immaculate original 1960 – 61 PA Vauxhall which is now in the Geraldine Vintage Museum.



The Louwman Museum owns as well as the Spyker Racer, the 1905 Spyker that featured in “Genevieve” and they now own Genevieve too. It is regarded as one of the best Auto museums in the world. Sadly I did not even know about it when we briefly visited the Netherlands a few years ago and we went to The Hague too! Here’s a photo of NZ’s answer to Genevieve, the 1905 Darracq restored by Colin Westoby and Ivan May in 1955 here in Timaru and now resident in the Southward Collection. Photo taken in about 1956 at Rangiora when car was owned by Don Oddie I will be away for the next 2 months and other Committee Members will open up on Club Nights. Please enter any borrowings or returns into the record book. Thanks, Barry


MID WINTER DINNER & 50 year Presentation A very enjoyable evening was held at Seven Oaks with the focal point being a fifty year membership presentation to Alvin Jones by Sth Island VCC club captain Alon Mayhew. The official party were piped in by our kilted piper John Campbell.

SCVCC Website Updates

To access other club newsletters go to scroll to News from our Branches as hard copy newsletters are not mailed out now. —————————— July Website Updates - Main Committee and Swapmeet Committee member updates - Upcoming Horse power event information posted for October - National Veteran Rally page created - Further members vehicles added to gallery - Behind the scenes Wordpress updates


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South Canterbury VCC Chairman’s report for August 2018 ( 2}


Hi fellow members With the AGM Behind us the busy season is nearly upon us, the Mid Winter Christmas was held on July 21st when Alvan Jones was presented with his 50 year badge by South Island Club Captain, Alon Mayhew. A BIG THANKYOU to the members that attended and made the evening a great success. The club is without a Club Captain at present and it is the intention of the committee to form a Rally Sub Committee to plan and implements our events going forward. If you feel that you are able to contribute in some way, please contact me. Our next event will be the Noggin & Natter on August 2nd when Oliver Irving will do a presentation on the Recent “Irishman’s Rally”

This is followed by the Garage Raid on Saturday August 4th. Sadly I will be away at the VCC AGM in Napier and will miss it. I hope everyone is swatting ready for the Quiz night in Ashburton on August 16th & got their teams sorted The Bar licence has been renewed so it is good for another 3 years, quite a challenge to complete the paper work so that everything complies. I would like to acknowledge the recent passing of Life Member Stuart Hatton , Our Sympathy to Val & her extended family. I found Stuart’s role as Secretary/Treasurer during my Chairmanship in the early 90’s very helpful making my job straight forward. I will remember Stuart as a man with great attention to detail & a quick if not sometimes slightly irreverent ,wit.

Some progress has been made on my latest project ,a 1973 Mini 1000 , which I’m doing in conjunction with my Grandson Bradley, in the strip down & clean up phase at present. Ashley


Some of Transport World Collection, Invercargill



Photo from 1916 of (from left to right) Henry Ford, Thom-11 as Edison, John Burroughs & Harvey Firestone. These 4 inventors vacationed together for many years calling themselves the vagabonds. They were accompanied by an entourage of cars, photographers & kitchen staff. Though they were camping, other photos I have seen showed them to have every comfort available at the time. —————————————————————————————

To help cope with the extremes of dust & rain along with the exorbitant speed limit of 12mph, these strange outfits were offered in 1907 to early English motorists. No wonder other non-motoring people thought the early petrolheads were nuts.



60 Year Certificate,

Eric Robins

Restoration Award Winner—Eddie Craig

Restoration Awards, Runners up (equal) John Austin and Phil Lawrence with Chairman Ashley

35 year Badge, Norm Bunt

Chairman’s Trophy, John Campbell Navigator’s Trophy, Janet Campbell

25 year Badge L– Barry Yates, Jim Geddis

Best Branch Performance, Swap Meet Committee John Knowles Chairman of Swap Meet Committee

South Canterbury VCC August 2018  
South Canterbury VCC August 2018