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Magazine of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Otago Branch Inc.

October 2017

Autospectacular Display—16 September 2017 The Otago RoadRunner is the official newsletter of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Otago Branch Inc. Views expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the Editor or the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Otago Branch Inc.

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Nicola Wilkinson

476 4004


David Mills

455 6751


David Ross

455 8800


Marion McConachie

453 0404


Graeme Duthie

488 5242


Bill Partel


Bill Veitch

489 1626


Colin Winter

456 4382


Alistair Graham

455 8834


Bruce Murray

487 7281


Keith Moore

453 0592


Eleanor Harrison

479 8280

488 4033



Moira Cunningham

453 5777


David Ross

455 8800


Mark Wilkinson

476 4004


477 8296


Bill Partel

488 4033


Barry Longstaffe

477 8296


Bill Partel

488 4033

George Martin

489 3621

David Cunningham

453 5777


Bruce Murray

487 7281


Graeme Duthie

488 5242


Joe O’Neill

477 6801


Arthur Patton 3

CLUBROOMS 125 Forbury Rd., Dunedin , 9012 Phone 455 0586

PO Box 5352, Moray Place Dunedin 9058



2nd Monday of month 7.30pm Friday 7.30pm to 11.00pm


First Friday of the month


Last Friday of the month 8.30pm


Friday 7.30pm – 9.30 pm. Wednesday 09.00am – 12.00 noon


Can be forwarded to your editor by the 3rd Wednesday of the month please

VERO INSURANCE APPLICATIONS Please quote Otago “Agent No H0300145— Inspector No 916” LIBRARY ROSTER OCTOBER 6th Kevin Mason 13th Hec Browett 20th Moira Cunningham 27th Bryan McConachie DECEMBER 1st Moira Cunningham 8th Bryan McConachie 15th Paddy Williams 22nd Closed 29th Closed

Library open 8.00 - 9.30 Friday night NOVEMBER 3rd Paddy Williams 10th Bill Veitch 17th Kevin Mason 24th Hec Browett JANUARY 2018 5th Closed 12th Closed 19th Bill Veitch 26th Kevin Mason

Welcome to New Member: The Otago Branch extends a very warm welcome to TREVOR KEMPTON - who owns a collection of Motorcycles The Branch welcomes you to the Club. We look forward to seeing you at local and neighbouring events. 4

BRANCH EVENTS (listed in bold) 2017 OCT Fri 6th Sun 15th Tues 17th Thur 26th Fri 27th

Motorcycle Group Meeting 6-9th Canterbury Swapmeet PW/P60/P80 14th Oct V P Rally Southland Sparkaholics Mid-week Run 21-23rd Mount Cook Rally, Sth Canterbury Club Night Tech Talk Zero Emission Vehicle

NOV Fri 3rd Sat 4th Wed 15th Sat 18th Fri 24th Thurs 30th

Motorcycle Group Meeting Taieri Tour 11th Clutha Rally – South Otago Sparkaholics Commercial & Veteran Rally Club Night Mid-week Run

DEC Fri 1st Sun 3rd Sun 10th

Motorcycle Group Meeting Moped Rally Xmas BBQ

2018 JAN Sun 21st Jackson Rally Sat 27th Dunedin Brighton Run Tba National Veteran Rally - Nelson 30th March – 1st April National South Island Easter Rally – Southland National North Island Easter Rally Tba SI Club Captains Tour - dates yet to be confirmed FEB

16th -18th -30th Anniversary of Art Deco Weekend Hawkes Bay

Check out the Events Calendar in the Beaded Wheels for listed branch events.

Parts Department

We are pleased to let you know that the Parts team have managed to dispose of excess tyres from the part shed.


PWV / P60/P80 RALLY SUNDAY 15th OCTOBER 2017 See page 18


Tuesday 17th October

Portobello Marine Centre 185 Hatchery Rd, Portobello

See page 9

TECH TALK Friday 27th October 8.00pm at the clubrooms

Alistair Gilmour from Gilmour Motors “Zero Emission Co” will be presenting a talk on Electric Vehicles. You are welcome to bring along any of your friends who may be interested in listening to this presentation.

MIDWEEK RALLY Thursday 26th October: Meet at the Clubrooms by 1.00pm for a drive and afternoon tea stop. If the weather looks promising on the day bring your afternoon tea, as we might find a spot where we can have a picnic afternoon tea! 6

In the Driving Seat What a great turn out of members at the August club night for the presentation by Neil Gamble on Power Up lubricants. I’m sure Neil appreciated the support as much as those in attendance enjoyed his presentation. In October we are hoping to have Alistair Gilmour talk to us about Electric Vehicles. The Committee is happy to arrange speakers at any time so please let us know if you have a topic you think would be of interest or know of anyone who would be willing to come and talk on a Friday night. The start of September was the Night Rally organised by the Otago Vauxhall Owners Club. This year the number of VCC members probably out-numbered the Vauxhall club as they have now opened this event to all comers so anyone can turn up on the night. The route was set by Ruth and Gil Edmunds who gave an interesting route out onto the Taieri and back including some history at the war memorial in Outram. It must have been the question about the Giraffe however Mark and I ended up as overall winners on the night and are now in charge of plotting the route for next year’s event so mark this in your 2018 calendar now!! This weekend is the Annual Dunvegan which is heading into the Hakataramea Valley and I hear that at last count they had over 30 entries which will make for great camaraderie. Let’s hope that they have good weather. Coming up at the start of November is the Annual Taieri Tour and 50year badge presentation to Bill Veitch and Bruce Murray. The entry forms are now available so please get these back in to Graeme as soon as possible so we can confirm numbers for catering. Nicola.


AUTOSPECTACULAR SATURDAY 16TH SEPTEMBER Thank you to all those members who supported our efforts at the Autospectacular this year. All the vehicles gained acknowledgement of Restoration Achievement plus Bill Veitch and David Hastings put forward a Motorcycle each for the display. The parts department also had a trailer of parts in the Swapmeet.

Congratulations to Gil and Ruth Edmonds for gaining Best British Car with their 1972 BMC Mini Ute.


Next Visit Portobello Marine Centre 185 Hatchery Rd, Portobello Tuesday 17th October Time : 10.30 am Price : $15 Adult - (Max of 30 people ) From a fish hatchery in 1904 to a state-of-the-art university teaching laboratory, the Portobello Marine Laboratory has seen many changes in the last century. The Centre is offering us a 90 minute session where we will learn about its history, view plankton under a microscope in the brand new laboratory and view a variety of sea animals in their tanks and touch pool. Please make the most of this visit as the Aquarium is no longer open to the general public – so this is a unique opportunity you mightn’t get again. For this session a $15 charge applies. We have to book in advance with a minimum of 15 people. Please let me know if you intend coming (ph 4778-296) by Friday 13 October. as they wish to know numbers beforehand. After this very educational visit we shall have our usual social lunch across the road at the Portobello Hotel – don’t have too many – we have to drive home !!! Coming up for November: Wednesday 15 November Green Island Water Treatment Plant **************** When it comes to used cars, it’s hard to drive a bargain. Used cars are alright, as far as they go ******************* Fred listened to all the motoring advertisements and is now having a terrible time with his car. He brought a carburettor which saved 30% on petrol, an exhaust system that saved 50% on fuel and a set of spark plugs which saved 25%. Now every time he goes for a drive his fuel tank overflows. 9

Annual Speed Trophy – as most of you are aware – each year the branch awards a Speed Trophy to a branch member who has attended the achieved in any Speed events run by the VCC. If you attend and participate in these events you need to advise us of this – otherwise we are not aware of your attendance and therefore unable to present the Award accordingly. These events are not always reported nationally and our branch recorder does not always hear about them. Branch Newsletters – Reminder - Just a reminder that 34 branches now have their branch newsletters posted on the VCC Website. These are updated each month when the new issues are supplied. As of the 3rd of August, the read count was 13,683. This means there have been almost 13,300 reads of magazines in just a little under 10 months. Facebook Page – The club’s Facebook page was setup on 5 May 2017 by the Communication and Marketing Officer. The page aims to provide interesting content that will provide members with some talking points and create a sense of community amongst members. Usage of the Facebook page is unpredictable and with videos being the most popular of posts, and various events e.g Irishman Creek Rally video reached a good number of views. Going forward it is too early to say whether the page is going to be a valuable tool in creating a community feel amongst members. Some branches having created their own Facebook page. One possibility to increase followers and possibly build membership of the club, is to pay for Facebook boosts. This puts the page in front of Facebook users who probably haven’t seen the page and gives them the opportunity to become a follower. Otago Branch 50 Year Awards to be presented at the Taieri Tour Dinner The Committee would like to confirm that Bill Veitch and Bruce Murray will be presented with their 50 Year Awards at the Taieri Tour Prizegiving Dinner on Saturday 4 November. You are invited to come along to this event even if you do not intend to participate in the Taieri Tour. Entry forms are available in this month’s Roadrunner, and have been emailed out earlier. 10

Taieri Tour Entry Form is now available Graeme Duthie is looking for help with the Taieri Tour, especially with field-tests. Please let him know as soon as possible if you are able to assist with this. NATIONAL OFFICE -

Annual Subscriptions - that time of year is almost upon us again – Expect to see your invoices in the mail to you sometime in September. ‘If you are planning on making a payment via Internet Bank please ensure you include your surname and membership No in the spaces provided.’ Online subscription payments: 1. "anyone who transferred money into National Office account on 6 September, paid over $100 and did not put a reference number – not even a name – please contact national office." 2. "another member who has deposited money in the National Office account on September and put a 17 digit number and declared the payment is Vintage Car Subs but nothing else. I have no idea who it is for. Our bank THINK it may be from a BNZ Bank - contact National Office”.

GM Night Rally Thanks to Ruth and Gil Edmunds for a good run on the 9th of September. It was great to see a good selection of vehicles attend, with a good mix of club members and Vauxhall Club members. The run took us out to Outram where we needed to check details on the War Memorial in the main street of the town. The question of how many motels were located on Gordon Road got some people puzzled, the question being whether the one on ? Quarry Road was actually on Gordon Road. Congratulation to Mark and Nicola Wilkinson on winning this event. They are now the organisers of next years Night Rally.

Thanks also to Bill Partel who ensured that supper was served in the appropriate manner.


For More Information contact: Graeme Duthie Email

Ph: 4885242

Marion McConachie: Ph /Fax: 03 453 0404 Email

INVITATION TO ALL VCC MEMBERS To attend the presentation of


Bill Veitch and Bruce Murray To be presented during the Taieri Tour Prizegiving Dinner Please indicate your intention to attend the Dinner by completing the Entry form attached.

Regulations: The Traffic Regulations Road Code and rules of the VCC of NZ (Inc) must be observed throughout the event. The organisers of the rally may exclude from the event any driver or passenger who, by his or her behaviour, costume, or general approach to the event is, in their opinion, likely to bring discredit on the event. All entrants enter this event at their own risk





RESTORATION TROPHY AWARD 2017 1978 Ford Cortina Ghia (Mark 4) - Owner – Bryan McConachie



The Otago Branch of the VCC of NZ invites members to join in one of our major events of the year, the Annual Taieri Tour. Get prepared for some good vintage motoring in the Taieri area with a picnic lunch stop. Bring your own lunch and drinks. Hot Water maybe available at lunch venue. We welcome you to take part in this friendly, informal, family event. TOUR FORMAT: 9.30 am Assemble at Otago Branch Clubrooms, 10.00 am Morning tea and driver briefing 10.20 am First car away 12.30–2 approx Lunch - People’s Choice voting 2.00 pm approx Afternoon run to arrive at VCC Clubrooms for Prizegiving and Dinner 5.00 pm Drinks available at the bar. 5.30 pm Dinner and Prizegiving Presentation of 50 Year Awards Bill Veitch and Bruce Murray ELIGIBILITY: The Tour is open to all VCC of NZ eligible vehicles and will be divided into the following classes: Veteran, Vintage, PV, PW, P60, P80 Motorcycles. Includes commercials and motorcycles over all classes. All entrants must be financial members of the VCC of NZ. TROPHIES: A Trophy cup will be presented to the overall winner of the Tour. Trophies and Certificates will be awarded in each class, and ‘Peoples Choice’ for concours d’ elegance. SOCIAL EVENTS: All participants are invited to join the regular Friday evening club night Friday 3rd November, at the clubrooms, 125 Forbury Road from 8.00 p.m. onwards.

We ask that you indicate your intentions to attend the Dinner for Saturday 14


45th Annual Taieri Tour Saturday 4th November 2017 Meet at Vintage Car Club Rooms 125 Forbury Rd Dunedin 9.30 – 10 am morning tea collect rally packs

ENTRANTS NAME ____________________________________________ ADDRESS _____________________________________________________ DRIVERS NAME ____________________________________________ VEHICLE MAKE ____________________ Year ______________


Medium Long

Nominated Speed

Approx 90 miles sealed Approx 110 miles some gravel 25



miles per hour



RALLY BADGE (Please indicate if not required)

$ 8.00



(Please note venue on facing page)


No: _____


Dietary requirement s please indicate PAYMENT ENCLOSED





Cheques Payable to: VCC of NZ Inc Otago Branch, Post your entries to: P.O. Box 5352, Moray Place, Dunedin 9058 Internet banking: 030903039095100 Surname and Taieri Tour as Ref




Meet at Otago Branch Clubrooms, 125 Forbury Road, St Clair 9:30a.m. for morning tea. We will leave from the clubrooms to a destination south of the city. There will be a time trial. Lunch will be at an inside venue with hot water and tables available. Following lunch we will travel back to the clubrooms for afternoon tea and the prize giving. All roads to be travelled are sealed. Please bring your own Lunch While this Rally is open to Veteran and Commercial Vehicles we encourage participation by all classes of VCC eligible vehicles. Trophies will only be awarded to those entrants whose vehicles qualify under the Veteran and Commercial sections.


Veteran and Commercial Rally 18th November 2017 NAME __________________________________________ ADDRESS________________________________________ VEHICLE _______________________

CLASS: (please circle one)


YEAR _______

Commercial Supporter




30 MPH

ENTRY FEE: $5 per vehicle PHONE: ______________

SIGNATURE: ________________

Any enquiries to Colin Winter – Phone 4564382 or 0212321993 or Email Please complete and sign entry form and return to: C. Winter PO Box 5427 Dunedin 9058 Along with payment by 15th November Cheques payable to VCC of NZ Otago Branch Inc Internet banking: 030903039095100 Surname and Com Vet as Ref





Assemble at Clubrooms 10 AM for 10.30 am start

All classes of vehicles welcome PWV / P60/P80 classes only eligible for trophies Bring your own lunch Please complete and return form below to: Alistair Graham, 37 Albert Street, St Clair, Dunedin Or: The Secretary, PO Box 5352, Moray Place, Dunedin 9058 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ENTRY FORM Entrant (Driver's) Name:________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________ Vehicle:_______________________________________________ Make:________________ Year of Manufacture:______________ Model:_______________________________________________

Entry Fee:

$5.00 per vehicle

Entries Close 9th October 2017 NB Cheques to be made payable to Vintage Car Club of NZ Otago Branch Inc or by Cash 18

Thank you from the Cancer Society On behalf of everyone here at the Cancer Society, I would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our volunteers for making Daffodil Day such a success! From pre-sales phoning, delivering & collecting counter boxes, bunching & un-bunching daffodils, delivering daffodils to businesses in vintage cars, driving/running to look after our collection sites on Friday, street collection and counting all of the donations – all of your contributions made such a difference and we could not have done it without you. It was a fantastic day and we are so grateful for your time and support leading up to, on and after the day. We will be able to provide an update on Daffodil Day shortly, but in the meantime we just wanted to thank you all for your amazing efforts! Kind regards, Anna Anderson I Team Leader, Volunteering The Cancer Society of New Zealand Otago and Southland Division Inc. Many thanks for the work you all put in for the daffodil deliveries. Much appreciated by all. Also many thanks to The Winters, Ray and Stu Champion for the extra on Saturday at Mitre 10. Everything went much better than was expected which made things go quickly. Ta

David …………


BLUEBRIDGE COOK STRAIT FERRY 23 August – 30 June 2018 Discounts The VCC code for discounts with Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferry are as follows: Discount code: ANTIQUECAR Valid Travel Dates: Between now and 30 June 2018 excluding peak season between 15 December and 15 January plus Easter Weekend. Discounted Fares: 10% off all available fares Promotion Terms & Conditions • Members must present a current Vintage Car Club of New Zealand membership card upon check-in as proof of eligibility to Bluebridge staff. Failure to do so will result in a fare difference being required to be paid prior to boarding. • Full payment is required at time of booking. • Transferring to a sailing outside of the discounted offer period will require an additional payment to match the available fares. • Bookings can be made online at by entering the promo code above or by calling 0800-844-844 (8am to 8pm, 7 days), and quoting the promo code. • Normal fare rules regarding refunds and cancellations apply. Full Bluebridge ticket terms & conditions can be viewed at

Snippett - Some motorcycle track racing memorabilia to be auctioned by Bonhams!!!

Ivan Mauger was six times the motorcycle world speedway champion. Many do not know that he was three times the world long track champion, twice Australasian champion in 1997 and 1981 and four times champ in NZ. He hailed from Christchurch. He was voted Millennium Man of Speedway and was selected to carry the Olympic torch at the Sydney games, presumably he did this on foot. He received an OBE and MBE. Many don't know that he never finished school and his only dream was to ride bikes., according to his daughter. At 17 he married Raye who was 16. They were two teenagers who got on a boat and went to England with someone's name written on a bit of paper. He raced in 26 countries and won more than 1,000 events. The Americans even gold plated one of his bikes ! Ivan is now 'In care' and this article is to tell you that he kept everything to do with every event he took part in. The collection has been crated up and is to be auctioned next month by Bonhams. Bonhams have told the family that they have never had a collection quite so diverse from a professional motorcyclist. Perhaps we will be able to find some details in due course. Supplied by 'Hec' Browett


INTERISLANDER RATES QUOTED FOR -NZ Vintage Car Club – Member Discounts Booking Reference: WH5465 The below rates are based on prices to date, inclusive of GST and subject to availability. Off Peak Fares: Each Way Adult $47.00 Children $25.00 Motorcycle $40.00 Car/ Van/Trailer up to 5.5 metres $124.00 Trailer-Each half metre over 5.5 metres $20.00 Premium Plus Lounge $55.00 18yrs plus Off Peak Travel Dates 01-28 March 18 04 April – 18 December 18 Peak Fares: Each Way Adult $52.00 Children $25.00 Motorcycle $50.00 Car/Van/Trailer up to 5.5 metres $137.00 Trailer -Each half metre over 5.5 metres $22.00 Premium Plus Lounge $55.00 18yrs plus Peak Travel Dates 01-28 February 18 29 March – 03 April 18 Booking conditions and instructions for members are: • Each reservation must be made direct with Interislander online using the special link below– or click on “Group Bookings” at the foot of our homepage • To access these rates members must insert the reference “WH5465” • Payment is required at the time of booking. • Space is subject to availability at the time of the booking request. • Refunds Once paid for fares are 90% refundable if cancelled prior to check-in and non-refundable if cancelled after check-in. • Fares valid for specified dates only • Members are required to present their current NZ Vintage Car Club Membership credentials on check in or retail fares will be charged. Fares valid for travel 01 February through to 18 December 18 No discounted fares for travel 19 December 17 through to and including 31 January 18 Bookings over this will need to be made online


FnF Fuels - Vintage Car Club Customer Benefit Card As you will all have read in the AGM Minutes (if you were not at the meeting), Jim Smylie of the Bay of Plenty Branch had investigated a discount fuel Card that Club Members could take advantage of. I can now confirm that the material has been viewed by the Management Committee and they have requested that I forward this on to all branches and ask that you all make sure your members are made aware of this opportunity and to forward the application forms on to those who are interested. If you would like more information on the Benefits of this card and an application form please contact your branch Secretary in the first instance, to get a copy of the information printed. Snippet from THE MOTORCYCLE Magazines 1946:

Wall of Death

Some of us have been arguing about the reputed speeds attained in the Wall of Death. As most of you know, this is a hollow wooden tower, some 20ft high and 20ft in diameter, wherein expert motor cyclists circle madly at the reputed speed of 60 m.p.h. This speed represents rather more than one complete circuit of the approximately twenty yard circuit in each second. Some incredulity exists among motor cyclists about this reputed speed. I believe there are three Walls of Death operating on various British show grounds at the moment. It would be of some interest if the local lads would take their local timekeeper to the walls, and ascertain the actual speed of the remarkable men who spend their lives circling these small-bore pits. Bill V.

Private Collection of Vintage Clothing

 Men and Women  1920’s - 1970’s era  Accessories, hats, furs and much more

 Larger fittings are a speciality  Personalised vintage fashion shows for events/occasions/functions presented by an experienced team of models

Phone: Sue – (Dunedin) 03 488 4033/021 146 4987



Email: Postal: 406 Hillside Road, Dunedin Phone 455 5029


Otago VCC October 2017  
Otago VCC October 2017