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Magazine of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Otago Branch Inc.

December 2017

50 year badges: presented to Bruce Murray and Bill Veitch The Otago RoadRunner is the official newsletter of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Otago Branch Inc. Views expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the Editor or the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Otago Branch Inc.

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2nd Monday of month 7.30pm Friday 7.30pm to 11.00pm


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Last Friday of the month 8.30pm


Friday 7.30pm – 9.30 pm. Wednesday 09.00am – 12.00 noon


Can be forwarded to your editor by the 3rd Wednesday of the month please

VERO INSURANCE APPLICATIONS Please quote Otago “Agent No H0300145— Inspector No 916” LIBRARY ROSTER DECEMBER 1st Moira Cunningham 8th Bryan McConachie 15th Paddy Williams FEBRUARY 2018 2nd Moira Cunningham 9th Hec Browett 16th Paddy Williams 23rd Bryan McConachie

Library open 8.00 - 9.30 Friday night

JANUARY 2018 5th Closed 12th Closed 19th Bill Veitch MARCH 2018 2nd Kevin Mason 9th Bill Veitch 16th Bryan McConachie 23rd Paddy Williams

Parts Department The team in the Parts Depart request that you DO NOT DROP OFF ANY MORE TYRES – unless they are suitable for resale - discuss with the team first.

FOR SALE Barn Find. 1976 Austin Allegro. One owner with genuine 43,020km on the clock. 1300cc manual. Motor runs very nicely. Lots of info and some extra bits. Just need to cover costs of $700 to rescue it in the first place. Contact Dave Mills 027 222 4751


BRANCH EVENTS (listed in bold) DEC Fri 1st Sun 3rd Sun 10th Tues 12th Fri 15th 2018 JAN Fri 19th Sun 21st Thur 25th Fri 26th 27th -28th FEB Fri 2nd Tba Sun 11th Sun 18th Thur 22nd Fri 23rd MAR Fri 2nd Sun 4th Tba Thur 22nd Fri 23rd

Motorcycle Group Meeting

2nd Windsor Rally – North Otago

Moped Rally Xmas BBQ Sparkaholics Last Friday open for the year

Clubrooms Open Jackson Rally

20th Swap-meet and Cromwell Classic Car Show -Central Otago Midweek Run ( to be advised) Club Night Dunedin Brighton Run . Motorcycle Group Meeting 3rd Southland Rally Sparkaholics Wings & Wheels - Taieri Airport Ladies Run – Nicola Wilkinson organising 16th -18th -30th Anniversary of Art Deco Weekend Midweek Run -Hawkes Bay Club Night Motorcycle Group Meeting Vintage Venture 11TH Best of British Charity Motoring Day Sparkaholics Midweek Run Club Night

APRIL Sun 2nd

Sausage Sizzle @ Mitre 10 MEGA Fundraising event for Otago Branch -helpers wanted 14-15th Otago Rally VCC National Events 2018 24th March National Exec Meeting – Christchurch 30 March – 1 April National South Island Easter Rally – Southland National North Island Easter Rally - Waikato April 1st – 7th SI Club Captains Tour - departing from Invercargill following the National Easter Rally 5

Christmas BBQ Sunday 10th December 2017 Vintage Car Club Rooms 125 Forbury Road, Dunedin

Doors open from 4.00 pm With BBQ ready to be served at 5.30 pm

NB: ALL FOOD WILL BE PROVIDED Cost: $10.00 per person $5.00 child under 10. Children under 5 free Drinks will be available to purchase from the bar For catering purposes, numbers are required by 8th December to: David Ross 455 8800 NB Help in the kitchen with food preparation, and clean up would be appreciated

Moped Rally Sunday 3rd December

Sparkaholics Tuesday 12th December

V.C.C. Peninsula Rally 2018 For the G.C. Jackson Memorial Trophy & Mary B. Jackson Trophy

Sunday 21st January 2018

Dunedin—Brighton Run 27-28 January 2018 6

In the Driving Seat Our guest speaker at the October Club night certainly knows how to draw a crowd - I don’t think I can recall previously seeing the Michael Haggitt Lounge so full with members. There is a write up on Alistair’s presentation in this month’s Road Runner. November started with the annual Taieri Tour with similar numbers to last year which was pleasing to see considering there were quite a few other events on the same weekend for members to attend. It can be difficult to find new roads to travel on especially when the brief to rally organisers is that the rally is to be based in a particular area and as a branch we have at least 3 such events - Dunedin to Brighton, Jackson Rally and the Taieri Tour. The routes that Graeme came up with this year certainly had us travelling over a vast part of the Taieri coastal and north to south finishing inland at Hindon. Thank you to Graeme Duthie and Marion McConachie for a enjoyable day. Thanks also to David Cunningham and his team - Ray Wilson, Kevin Priston and Neil Gamble for organsing the field tests which were especially interesting to complete in the long grass. Thanks also must got to Stuart and Lyn Neil who were on the registration desk and to Bill and Susan Partel and Lynne Thomson for arranging the club-rooms for the prize-giving and dinner. Special guests for the day were Kevin and Shona Clarkson with Kevin representing Club President Dianne Quarrie for the presentation of the 50 year badge presentations to Bruce Murray and Bill Veitch. Kevin also officiated during the prize-giving and the 25 year badge presentations to Kevin and Denyse Priston. Congratulations to all prize winners and to Kevin, Denyse, Bruce and Bill on their badge presentations. Coming up we have the Moped Rally on the 3rd December, Christmas BBQ on the 10th December followed by the final club night for 2017 on the 15th. As this is the final Road Runner for 2017 Mark and I would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year and we look forward to seeing you at the Jackson Rally and the Dunedin to Brighton Rally. Nicola.


Club talk Alistair Gilmour on Electric Cars As mentioned in my Chairman’s report it was really great to see a large turnout to listen to Alistair talk about electric powered cars. We thought that half an hour would be long enough however Alistair kept everyone entertained for a lot longer.

The concept of electric cars is not new; as we know electric cars were first produced in the late 1800’s and in America in the early 1900’s. In New Zealand the Christchurch City Council had an electric powered truck in 1918 however these vehicles were very expensive to run and were replaced with petrol power. Alistair first fell in love with the concept of electric powered vehicles when he tried out an electric push bike which progressed to electric cars - he loves the instant torque that they produce. He finds them fast smooth and extremely quiet as well as being cheap to run and maintain. An electric car produces 80% less CO2 emissions than a petrol car when used in New Zealand and 60% less CO2 emissions across the lifestyle of the vehicle. The majority of Alistair’s clients are female as in his words - “we understand the concept”. Alistair recommends having an electric car as your everyday car around town - ie: the shopping basket and have a larger petrol car for travelling long distance. However with more and more rapid chargers being installed the time will come when you will be able to travel between the larger cities with a coffee stop to recharge the batteries. Thanks Bill V for arranging such an interesting speaker. There was a call for getting Alistair back again in the future for an update although his workshop would be an ideal venue for a club visit and maybe a few test drives. Nicola 8

Next Visit : Weavers (Mosgiel) Place : 26 Factory Road, Mosgiel Date : Tuesday 12th December Time : 12.15 for 12.30pm This month we will be having a small Christmas get-together function by way of a Christmas buffet lunch as this will be the last chance for many of us to meet up until February next year. The expected cost should be in the $20-25 range approximately, however I will need to know definite numbers to advise the caterers by Friday 8th December, so please ring me, Barry at 4778296 – all welcomed – friends included! Those of us that went to the Green Island Water Treatment Plant last month had a very rewarding tour and were amazed at the size of their operation. Many thanks to the DCC staff for giving up their time for us. ************** A group of American tourists were travelling by bus through Central Otago. As they stopped at a popular cheese farm, a young guide led them through the process of cheese making, explaining that goat’s milk was used. She showed the group a lovely mountainside where many goats were grazing. “These,” she said, “are the older goats put out to pasture when they no longer produce.” She then asked, “What do you do in America with your old goats?” A spry old gentleman answered, “They send us on bus tours!”


Drop of point for Local Rally entry forms: If you want to leave entry forms at the branch clubrooms – please take them along on a Friday night or Wednesday morning, and ensure that the appropriate person receives it. The committee will not take responsibility for any that potentially may go missing. The other alternative if you are opposed to posting them is to email the organizer with a copy of the entry form. ONLINE PAYMENTS FOR BRANCH RALLIES NB: our Branch Treasurer has respectfully requested that you only make online payments for our Major Rallies e.g. Taieri Tour, Dunvegan and Dunedin Brighton. Please make payments for smaller rally entries of $5.00 by cheque or cash. Thank you. UNFINANCIAL MEMBERS If National Office has not received your Annual Subscription by now this will be the final Branch Roadrunner you receive. The next Roadrunner is due for publication at the end of January 2018. VIC APPLICATIONS and NATIONAL RALLIES – DON’T LEAVE IT TO THE LAST MINUTE With the holiday break looming and the National South Island Easter Rally coming up at the end of March next year – now is the time to ensure that you get your VIC applications organized for those vehicles that you are planning to enter into that rally. Bryan and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year - Enjoy the Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year. Marion 10

MIDWEEK RUNS An email will be circulated to you all over December / January to advise if there will be a Mid week Run over those months. The regular group of up to twelve vehicles usually go for a drive and afternoon tea stop. If the weather looks promising on the day bring your afternoon tea, as we might find a spot where we can have a picnic afternoon tea!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the club activities this year. I know I have. Thanks to everyone who has helped to organise and run the rallies, set up the Clubrooms and assist with the catering and do all the work that goes on behind the scenes. A reminder to send in your photos, articles and interesting snippets for the magazine. Next year it would be great to see more members joining us in dressing in vintage style! Merry Christmas everyone.




BILL VEITCH - joined the VCC when he finished the Restoration of a 1909 King Dick Motorcycle. The remains were found attached to a firewood sawbench. This was 1967 and the King Dick was first used on the 1967 Dunedin to Brighton Veteran Run. Next was a Vintage Scott and sidecar finished in time for the Nelson International Rally in 1972. (There is evidence in our history books of Bill being involved behind the scenes during the 24hour reliability trial!). Another Scott was rebuilt from parts followed over the years by a mix of marques including Velocette, Sunbeam, India, BMW, BSA, Norton and Ariel. Being a Honda Motorcycle dealer in Dunedin for many years he has an interest in early rare Honda Cars, but only one a 1969 S800 Coupe was a complete restoration with the body and paint assistance from others. Apart from managing the family motorcycle business, now managed by two sons, classic bike racing was an interest up until a couple of years ago. Bill has been an active member of the VCC over these years, having participated many of the Dunedin Brighton Runs since he joined the branch and will be well known in Motorcycle circles New Zealand wide having attended many National and one make motorcycle events throughout the country. He has been an active member of the Branch committee for many years now. His input into all matters has been very much appreciated, especially with insuring the Building WOF is always maintained and up to date. The VCC of NZ congratulates Bill on achieving this milestone and wishes him all the best for the years ahead. 12

50 YEAR AWARDS BRUCE MURRAY - Sometime in 1966 Bruce and a mate headed off to answer an advertisement for a 1929 Morris Minor overhead cam engine. They found the engine still attached to the remains of the car. They finished up buying the engine and getting the remains of the car tossed in. Over the next few months it was obvious that Bruce neither had the money or skills to restore the car and still needed to find some of the missing parts so the car was striped and stored away. Sometime in 1967 he joined the Otago Branch of the VCC thinking that this would give him access to finding parts and help with technical information. He did find the membership list very helpful and managed to find a member in Napier who had a 4 -seat tourer the same as his and over the next fifty years he supplied parts and drawings of all that Bruce needed. Not much happened over the next few years and in the late 70s early 80s he got involved with motorcycles in both the vintage and modern classes. This consumed most of his spare time with restoring a 1950 Sunbeam S8, 1942 BSA WM20 and almost finished a 1952 BSA A7, also riding lots of both vintage and modern bikes, jet boating and a six-year stint in Australia. By the early 90s Bruce started to piece the Minor together and in 2015 he decided it would be on the road and entered it in the 2016 Vero International Festival of Motoring Rally held here in Dunedin. He has spent several years on the local committee, as motorcycle rep and also assisting with maintenance of the grounds and equipment around the clubrooms. He has also helped in the running of many motorcycle events including the local Dunvegan and National Motorcycle Rallies of various one make groups. Bruce continues to be a very active member of the Otago Branch, for which we thank him. We wish him many more productive years within the VCC circles. The Vintage Car Club congratulates Bruce on reaching this milestone.


Congratulations: 25 year Badge recipients Kevin and Denyse Priston

Post War, Post 60 & P80 Rally Report This was held on Sunday 14th of October on a coolish morning. 13 Vehicles and one motorcycle left the clubrooms in Forbury Road and headed for Long Beach. The Route taken was via the Old North Road ending some 70 minutes later at the recreation ground at Long Beach. The answers to the questions relevant to the route decided the winners for the day. They were: Post War - David Mills – Austin 8, Post 60 - Alex Benson - Humber Sceptre Post 80 - Ray Wilson – Ford Laser Thanks to Alistair Graham and Keith Moore for organising this run. 14

2017 South Canterbury Annual Motorcycle Rally Saturday November 5th 16 motorcycles arrived at the club rooms in Timaru; three Otago members, Kevin Mason, Stu Gutsell and Bruce Murray. It was an early start to arrive there by 9.30am in time for morning tea. After a briefing we headed off over some back-country roads heading towards Pareora to the lunch stop at Blue Cliffs School hall. Lunch was catered by the St Andrews School with far too much food – they could have feed twice as many hungry motorcyclists! After lunch it was more back roads back to the club rooms for a cup of tea and prize giving. Since it was such a nice day I road back to Oamaru with Bruce Watt and Kevin drove the car. We then loaded the bike on the trailer in Oamaru and headed back home. A good day was had by all. Bruce Murray


TAIERI TOUR REPORT 2017 This tour saw 52 entrants arrive at the clubrooms for morning tea at 9.30 am. Some having travelled from Timaru, Cromwell, and Balclutha. After driver briefing the vehicles departed to drive south out of Dunedin. Both routes headed towards Waldronville then split to travel in opposite directions. The Long Route travelling to Waihola via Taieri Mouth and the Medium Route took the secondary roads around Mosgiel and Allanton. Both routes joined up again at Outram before heading up to Lee Stream and the Hindon Hall for field tests and lunch. The low cloud and drizzle providing some challenging driving for some. We had Kevin and Shona Clarkson join us today, as they were here to present 50 Year Award Badges at the Prizegiving Dinner in the evening. Peter and Beth Daniell took them as passengers in their 1964 Holden. They did look cosy in that closed in car. Rex and Jenny’s Model A wasn’t behaving so it was returned to the garage, on route, for a better-behaved vehicle. The little Austin’s took their time but eventually made it to the lunch stop. Two field tests created more of a challenge as the drivers found it difficult to see the markings in the long grass. We had 3 Post War Motorbikes, 1 Veteran – 1914 Sunbeam owned by Colin and Joan Pearce, and a good selection of cars in all classes ranging from 1927 Packard owned by Tony Devereux, to a 1986 Mercedes Benz owned by Ken Brown. Kevin Clarkson presented the 50 Year Awards to Bruce and Bill during the Prizegiving Dinner. He also assisted in presenting the Trophies and Certificates to all prize-winners of the Tour. Thanks to Graeme Duthie for organising another successful event. Also thanks to the Field test marshalls. If these members were not willing to organise this event – it simply would not happen. So thank you. NB: There was still time at the end of the Dinner and Prizegiving to take Kevin and Shona to a boutique movie theatre (set up in a club members garage) for a movie. Thank you Alex for accommodating us, even though we arrived a little late. They did enjoy the movie.


45TH ANNUAL TAIERI TOUR 2017 TROPHY AND CERTIFICATE PRIZES VETERAN : 1 ST PRIZE = COOKE HOWLISON CUP 1941 Sunbeam Colin & Joan Pearce VINTAGE : 1ST PRIZE = AUTO PARTS CUP 1930 For d Model A - Travis & Margaret Michelle 2ND PRIZE = CERTIFICATE 1926 Chevr olet - Bruce & Lynne Winter 3RD PRIZE = CERTIFICATE 1929 Packar d – Tony Devereux POST VINTAGE: 1ST PRIZE = EMSLIE & FLOCKTON CUP 1935 Alvis Bob Oakley (Norman Oakley) 2ND PRIZE = CERTIFICATE 1939 Dodge DII – Stu & Lyn Neill 3RD PRIZE = CERTIFICATE 1936 Chrysler - Eleanor Harrison POST WAR: 1ST PRIZE = RON HAMMER CUP 1954 Humber Super Snipe – Neil Hodgkin 2ND PRIZE = CERTIFICATE 1950 Buick – Neil & Nonie Rooney 3RD PRIZE = CERTIFICATE 1950 Jowett – Kevin Fowler POST 60: 1ST PRIZE = WATERLOO CUP 1971 Tr iumph – Bruce Christie 2ND PRIZE = CERTIFICATE 1971 Mini – Bryan McConachie (Liam Loughran) 3RD PRIZE = CERTIFICATE 1972 BMC Mini Ute - Gil & Ruth Edmunds POST 80: 1st PRIZE = POST 80 CUP 1986 Mer cedes Benz 420 SE; Clive Mer ry 2nd PRIZE - CERTIFICATE 1982 Cortina - Kevin & Val Mason MOTORCYCLE POST VINTAGE 1ST PRIZE = MCIVER & VEITCH CUP 1959 Ar iel - Andrew Roxburgh OVERALL FIELD TESTS: 1ST PRIZE = TRIGON CUP 1971 Tr iumph – Bruce Christie OVERALL WINNER : 1ST PRIZE = AUTO COURT CUP 1971 Tr iumph – Bruce Christie HARD LUCK 1st PRIZE 1930 For d Model A – Rex McDonald PEOPLES CHOICE: Certificate 1941 Cadillac – Kevin Casey OVERALL TIME TRIAL (CERTIFICATES) 1ST 1954 Humber Super Snipe – Neil Hodgkin 2ND 1971 Triumph – Bruce Christie 3RD 1941 Cadillac – Kevin Casey


For the G.C. Jackson Memorial Trophy This rally marks the beginning of motoring events in the Branch for the New Year. G.C. (Gerie) Jackson was a long-time member of the branch who lived on the Otago Peninsula and loved its sights, so close to but so different from the city. Not long before his death he raised the idea of this rally and outlined his concept of what it should be to the Branch Committee. When the Committee later decided to take up his idea his family donated the trophy, which bears his name.

The Mary B. Jackson Trophy For Best Motorcycle at the VCC Otago Jackson Peninsula Rally Donated by Bill Veitch and Ron Gilbert in memory of Mary Jackson MA (Hons) wife of Gerry Jackson who instigated the Peninsula Rally. Mary was a BSA and Norton rider at a time when few women rode motorcycles. Mary nee Kibblewhite had a distinguished academic career earning University scholarships and prizes. She later taught at Otago Girls High School and St Hilda’s Collegiate School. The trophy is a Norton kick-starter shaft. This year's rally will take place on

Sunday 21st January 2018

If possible the result of the afternoon competition will be announced during afternoon tea before everyone returns home, failing that the result will be posted in the Clubrooms on the following Friday. The overall winner will be awarded the G.C. Jackson Memorial trophy. The event is open to all classes of vehicle accepted by the V.C.C. of N.Z. All entrants must be financial members. Those who wish, are welcome to take part in a modern vehicle, but will not appear in the final results. Enquiries to: Bill Veitch Ph: 4891626 or Bruce Murray Ph: 4877281 The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand


Otago Branch Inc

V.C.C. Peninsula Rally 2018 For the G.C. Jackson Memorial Trophy &

Mary B. Jackson Trophy

Sunday 21st January 2018 Meet at the VCC Clubrooms, 125 Forbury Road, Dunedin At 1.00 pm NB: Please bring you own afternoon tea

ENTRY FORM: Entrant’s Name:……………………………………………………….. Address:……………………………………………………………….. Drivers Name:………………………………………………………… Vehicle:………………………………………………………………... Make:…………………………….. Year of Manufacture…………... Model:……………………….. ENTRY FEE: Entries Close:

Type: (car, m/cycle, truck etc)

($5.00 per vehicle)

$ 5.00

Friday 19th January 2018

Please make cheques payable to: V.C.C of N.Z. Otago Branch Inc POST TO: Br uce Mur r ay 75 Panmure Avenue, Carlton Hill, Dunedin 9012 19

2017 Annual Clutha Rally 11 November 2017 The term déjà vu comes to mind, when you are driving south on SH 1, early on a Saturday morning in November to attend the annual Clutha Rally. Stopping to refuel at Waihola where most of us geriatrics, upon showing our Gold card receive a hefty discount of 15 cents per litre, unsure why other fuel companies cannot match this generous discount. Parking at the rear of the Balclutha Memorial hall was very limited as there were just over 70 entries for this years rally. The South Otago’s welcoming morning tea was like a banquet, Jenny Craig, I understand is not known in that region of Otago. There were a few grumblings re no official time piece, normally set up to advise entrants when departure time was nearing. Departing the Memorial Hall we found our way navigating towards Kaitangata and then over to Lovells Flat, then rejoining SH 1 and turning left at Clarkesville (unsure re the last train). Continuing on through Lawrence and over the hills to Tuapeka Mouth and arriving at the Greenfield community hall where the final check point was located. Two simple questions: What country was our newly elected Prime Minister visiting for an international meeting, (Vietnam); the second question was what tyre company rates restaurants? (Michelin.) Two out of two can’t be too bad. Then it was a simple task of parking up and gormandising our prepared lunch. A simple follow-one’s-nose on the return journey down the Clutha Valley to the starting off point. I would like to thank the South Otago Branch for putting on another well organised event, there were quite a few Otago members who travelled south to attend their 46th Annual Clutha Rally.

John Noble 20

Taieri Tour: 4 November 2017 1929 Austin 7 belonging to Pip Chapman

Kevin & Shona Clarkson with Peter & Beth Daniels


Snippet from THE MOTORCYCLE Magazines: 1946

Riding in the Kilt Bees not the only Problem With reference to Mr. Young’s remarks on the above mentioned subject, while hardly of general interest, may I be permitted to pass on an idea I myself adopted. Being, in civilian life, in a London Scottish Scout Group I was often compelled to ride in the kilt, a problem perhaps even more important than the “bee in the kilt” was the risk of finding the kilt round one’s neck!! The front of the kilt comprises, of course, two “aprons” and the problem was solved by two small press studs at the outer edge of each apron so spaced that the material would fit round the leg and, the press studs fastened, form in effect a pair of shorts. Alighting from the motorcycle one had only to pull the studs apart again. With this adjustment, and the warmth of a kilt round the hips and waist, I always found it a convenient garment on the road. Swindon. Laing Barclay.

Bill V.

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Email: Postal: 406 Hillside Road, Dunedin Phone 455 5029


Otago VCC December 2017  
Otago VCC December 2017