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February 2018

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Please be aware I somehow got my wires crossed and put the spares shed open on Sundays in the last newsletter. This is incorrect; it is open on the last Saturday of the month.

Submissions for the newsletter need to be received by the 16th of the month

Upcoming events

March Thursday 1st Sunday 4th Saturday 10th Sunday 11th Saturday 24th Sunday 25th Friday 30th – Sunday 1st

Club Night 7.30pm Motorbike Run Frings 1pm Lake Taupo Rally Club Run to Taiharuru Beach Spares & Truck Shed Open 2pm Special General Meeting for review of Club Constitution/ rules 1pm National North Island Easter Rally Waikato

April Saturday 14th Sunday 22nd Sunday 29th

Special Combined Wings and Wheels / Fly-Drive Day Combined Swap Meet 50 Year and Long Term Awards

Hi Everyone It is with regret that owing to poor attendance and the amount of trouble and work that our speakers have gone too for Club night I am going to ask the committee to cancel till the June AGM both Club night and the monthly 2nd Sunday run unless attendance is considerably better at the March events Sincerely Keith Taylor NVCC Chairman Sunday 11th March Club Run to Taiharuru Beach. 10am start at NVCC Clubrooms Saturday 14th April Club Run Special Combined Wings and Wheels/Fly- Drive Day. Leaving from Clubrooms at 9.30 to be lined up at Dargaville Aero Club Field by 11am to see planes fly in. Lunch at Dargaville Aero Club Clubrooms at $12 a head. Sunday 22nd April Combined Swap Meet. Sunday 29th April Long term Members Awards. This function will be held at Afare starting at 11-30 am. Lunch will be served at 12-30pm, 197 Lower Dent Street past Reyburn House. The House bar will be open to Members, own expense. Eftpos available. The Lunch is $30 but the NVCC Club is Subsidising by $10 so the cost per Member is`$20. Bookings must be in by Sunday 22nd April with payment to the VCC by cheque to NVCC P.O. Box 17, Whangarei. Or direct credit ASB Bank: 12 3093 0105509 00 please identify with your name and the event i.e.: 50yr celebration. No late bookings can be accepted If possible please come in your vintage vehicle Other Events M/C Rally Friday 18th May - Saturday 19th May 2018 Special General Meeting for review Club constitution - rules 25th March 2018 Starting at 1pm at the NVCC Clubrooms. Cup of tea at meetings end Swap Meet Sunday 22nd April 2018 at NVCC Clubrooms and Lower Paddock. Help required Could all Members make an effort to attend these functions. Sincerely NVCC Chairman Keith Taylor

This is a desperate plea!! Easter Rally closing date for entries is now 12th March. Please please could you let your members know that we have extended the closing date of the National North Island Easter Rally to the 12th March. It would seem that this is not generally known. At this stage the numbers need a bit of a boost, so we would be very grateful if you could urge a few more to enter. Many thanks, in anticipation. Regards Jan Dearlove Rally Secretary

Chairmans Report

Hi everyone Gosh time rolls on, doesn‟t seem long since I did January's report. By the time this comes out the Riley Club visit will have been & gone, should all go well. We have set the date for 50yr & other long term Member awards Sunday 29th April. I think it great that we have three Brothers‟ all getting their 50yr at the same time (Godfrey‟s) from Dargaville. Always an area that has supported our Club well. The weather ruined our Taiharuru beach run so we have reset it for Sunday 11th March 10am start at the NVCC Clubrooms. Swap meet is Sunday 22nd April and planning is underway with all three clubs. Cam Francis has been active planning the motorcycle rally, always a popular event. He will certainly welcome any help. Those that went to Janice Brenstrum's Alaska evening on Club Night enjoyed her presentation. Wonderful & very well done. Thank you Janice & Michael Please try and support these folk that attend your club night, they go to quite a lot of trouble to put on a good show. Next Club night (Thursday 7-30pm March 1st) Lester Appleton our Club Captain will be speaking on his recent trip to India. Let‟s hope the rain stays away for our Beach trip Cheers Keith Taylor

Captains Report

Firstly, a big thank you to Janice and Micheal Brenstrum of Omapere for their Alaskan adventures presentation at Club Night. A very interesting evening of great Wild Life and superb scenery photos. Janice gave us a back ground talk on Alaska history up to its current position as a still pristine wilderness but a valuable US State due to its vast Gas and Oil reserves. Also thank you to Kevin and Trish Godfrey from Dargaville for attending on such a wet and dark night. Coming Events: The Riley Car Club is visiting Northland for their Annual Rally next week. 75 Entrants will be checking in at our Club rooms from 3pm on Wed 21st Feb and NVCC members are cooking them a Barbeque Dinner in the Club rooms from 6pm onwards. Riley Club are holding their Gymkhana in the Kiwi North paddock next to the front Car park the next day 22nd Feb from 10am to 2pm. All NVCC members and the general Public are welcome to watch and help with the judging if they like. Friday, the Riley Club departs to the BOI before heading home via the West Coast routes after a few days touring. Wednesday 21st is Dargaville Run, meeting at NW Boating Club car park at 9am. Thursday 22nd NVCC Committee meeting 7.30pm at Clubrooms. Saturday 24th Parts shed open from 10am. Thursday 1st March Club night 7.30pm at Clubrooms Sunday 11th March Club Run to Taiharuru Beach. 10am start at NVCC Clubrooms Saturday 14th April Club Run Special Combined Wings and Wheels/Fly- Drive Day. Leaving from Clubrooms at 9.30 to be lined up at Dargaville Aero Club Field by 11am to see planes fly in. Lunch at Dargaville Aero Club Clubrooms at $12 a head. Sunday 22nd April Combined Swap Meet. Sunday 29th April 50 year and other long term Members Awards. Hereâ€&#x;s hoping for finer weather for all our many events Lester Appleton.

Truck Shed

Over the last few months a group of us have been working on our vehicles, notably the Lacre bus. The gearing was too high to drive comfortably and the steering had a lot of slip leaving only about half a turn in total. A new set of drive sprockets has been manufactured with hours of machine work done by Jim Shaw. The steering box was removed and overhauled, again by Jim who also fitted seals which meant the box could be oil filled instead of packing it with grease. A huge thank you to Jim for all time and effort. The bus has been reassembled and taken for a drive around the park. The new gearing has made a huge difference and the steering, although heavy, is positive and direct. The only problem was third gear was not selecting. This was rectified by Ron Anderson adjusting the linkage. Should be all good to go. The White has had an oil change and the seat has been hinged to give access to the fuel tank. Taken for a drive around the park and once warmed up started surging. Possibly a problem with the magneto. Next job. The Dodge was also taken for a run. Performed well but developed a large oil leak which has been sorted by Brian Wrack. Will keep updating as progress is made. Mike McGee Secretary

I have a Rover P5b which requires the windscreen rubbers replacing (along with a raft of other work). I have new rubbers and window clips, but I am looking for someone with the experience to fit the new rubbers. I live here in Whangarei but currently have the car stored in Warkworth. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Nigel Heaton Tel: 021 0256 9381

Hello Club Members. This is the KAP Pothan Alvis picture that was sent to accompany my last 'Idle Torque' article, but did not appear..

The 1955 3litre, two carb, Alvis, is the „Grey Lady‟ model and a two-owner. KAP bought the car in 1980. Bruce C.

Dargaville Doings

2018 has started off with high humidity and almost unbearable temperatures. Hopefully we can get away soon in our vintage cars and let the wind blow through our hair (or what we have left!) Brief reports of past rallies Dargaville members have enjoyed are: - the King Country‟s “Journey Through Time Rally” last October, by Bev & Doug Grant, Claudia & Bruce Jeffery and Elaine & Bob Hooker. Unfortunately the Hooker‟s car refused to cross the Auckland Harbour Bridge (they weren‟t allowed to make roadside repairs here) and returned home to Pahi on a tow truck. However, they came back in their modern and went with Bev & Doug on the rally route, and the Grants won their section. Those who joined the Far North Tour enjoyed the route set by Lester and helpers. I hadn‟t been to Rawhiti since about 1985 when I took a car load of scouts who were to tramp to the Cape Brett Light House. In December, we met for our usual “Take-away” tea at the Aero Club, followed by a Christmas theme dessert and a quick meeting. The winners of our yearly trophies were: Club Spirit - Von Osbaldiston (The always willing „Go To‟ person.) Mechanic of the Year - Doug Grant (For his work on the Plymouth) Hard Luck - Elaine & Bob Hooker (Their Jag broke down on the Harbour Bridge) Golden Nut - Doug & Bev Grant (For featuring the most in the “Senior Moment” cup during the year, because most of the others won‟t „fess up!) Night Rally - Von & Warren Osbaldiston (Local Winners) As darkness fell, we drove back roads to Ruawai to see two brightly lit houses and Christmas displays. Coming Events Wednesday 21st Feb. Midweek Run. Meet 1pm at the Boating Club. Bring afternoon tea, chairs and walking shoes. March 21st Midweek Run. This run may have a morning start and bring your lunch, but watch for further details later. April 14th Dargaville Aero Club Day. We are invited to bring our vintage cars to display at the Air Field, Hoanga Road, Dargaville from 10:30am onwards. Lunch ($12 pp) is available but they will need to know numbers for catering. Dargaville members ring George (439 8911) by 9 April. Otherwise there will be a sausage sizzle or bring your own lunch. At December‟s meeting we welcomed Wayne Davison who owns a 1981 Cortina and at this month‟s meeting we welcomed Ian Mold who has a 1931 Oldsmobile, and Tony Powell with a 1939 Ford V8. We look forward to them joining us on our outings. Claudia Jeffery. (pp Ernie, who has recovered from a nasty accident and also his computer is on the blink)

Left to right - Warren and Von Osbaldiston and Bev and Doug Grant

Firstly Marion and I wish to thank all the Members who helped with the BBQ Great effort especially with the meal and the clean up afterwards. The Riley club are putting on a Gymkana today Thursday 22nd 10am and Our Club are welcome to attend. 38 cars from all over NZ including Our Club Captains were at the BBQ last night. Great sight Once again thanks to you all Cheers Keith Taylor NVCC Chairman


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Northland VCC February 2018  
Northland VCC February 2018