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February 2018

The North Otago Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Inc.

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Wednesday 7th February 7.p.m. Club Night Beach Hop Run ($2 per vehicle please).




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Club email address rd Committee Meetings 3 Tuesday of the month., Club Nights 1st Wednesday of the month (details in The Distributor)

Chairman’s Report. Welcome Everybody to 2018. Having had Christmas when the weather was perfect, I hope you enjoyed the Season. My family came from the North Island for two weeks and we enjoyed the big surf and family fun at All Day Bay. The Club Committee has met in January and changes to the calculating of Windsor Rally results and Branch Runs were discussed. We would like to hear from anyone who has new ideas and from those who are prepared to help. Different styles of runs could be looked at. Maintenance of the Clubrooms has also been discussed and we hope the painting will be done at long last. Also it is proposed that some improvements will be made to the Gents toilet. I especially thank Verna Chambers for her enthusiasm and organization of the Mid – Month Runs and look forward to seeing you at the next one. Keep your tyres tight Gilbert.

From the Secretary Welcome to New Member’s Gary Smith, Ivan Bradshaw, Purple Taylor and Partner, and Sharon Bartley and her Son. From the committee the Club room exterior soon to be painted, and we are looking at doing an upgrade to the Men’s Toilet. Next club night is a local run organised by Jim & Lynn, bring your modern if you want, just come and join in should be fun. Don’t forget the All British Day Saturday 24 Feb behind Scott’s Brewery. We had a good attendance at the Windsor Rally, see the results in the Club Captains Report, congratulations to all those who attended. Other events close by, are the Wallaby Run Waimate VCC on the 10th Feb the Purton’s Café & Bar Show and shine 18th Feb at Maheno, Also coming up is the Lynch Blosse Motor Cycle Rally in April. Jerry Wing Secretary

“My Very First One” How can anyone not remember their own, very first Motorcar, particularly when this memorable but short auspicious occasion was promptly and ceremoniously terminated by a sinister looking, representative of the Law ? It was a 1928 Whippet Sedan, it was owned by one John Armstrong and it actually ran too. It must have been about 1953 as I left school 1954 It was for sale, only 8 Pounds. Well, you know that “Tingly feeling” caused by certain Girls and Motorcars. I have since learned that particular feeling is Common Sense Leaving your Body !!!!!! Previously I had been living a reasonably quiet life, running away and hiding from the Local Andersons Bay Scottish Policeman , Sam Hood, Who did not hesitate in “Flicking your ear and kicking your backside with a frightening warning that he would tell your Father. I seem to recall it was usually associated with Orchards and Fruit Trees. Old Sam had 2 sons, Robin Hood & Gordon Hood; one was a harmless Plummer, and the task of controlling Water but the other controlling Traffic. After many hours modifying, tweaking and generally improving my Whippet I took it on its first real test drive. Those who knew Andy Bay, Cranston St. ran down to Somerville St. and Left to Ross’s Corner, where there were a few shops the Tram line and the rubbish dump, into what used to be Andy Bay Inlet. In total only a few hundred yards distance. Passing Mr. Referee’s Coal Yard I was Stopped very abruptly by this Immaculately Dressed Officer in a Black Suit with Chrome Buttons.

In a Beautiful Shiny Black Ford Mercury V8 Coupe. Allo, Allo, Allo, he said, {Copying his Dad I think} step out of your car Said Officer Hood. Driver License please,

Sorry, Don’t have one.

Registration, Warrant of Fitness replied.

Sorry, don’t have them either. I

Walking very authoritatively around my new Whippet. He was very quick with the questions, pointing at the Firewood blocks on the Running boards, what Are those for. That’s the brakes Sir. Won’t go anywhere with them under the wheels. I feel pretty sure he did not like the modifications which he made me explain to him. The green paint on the newly repaired Paper Mache mudguards was not yet dry. As there was no door locks on rear doors, a piece of No. 8 wire and a Turnbuckle from interior door handles kept them secure and prevented unwanted passengers out. The differential and gearbox were quite noisy so a concoction of thick oil and a small amount of sawdust quietened that noise. A wee problem with it slipping out of gear all the time was effectively cured by a few Cup Hooks strategically screwed into the dashboard and hooking the gear-lever in. The Vacuum tank was useless but by superseding it with a small Turps Can it worked very well. Starting the car was not too bad, between 12 and 20 fast turns of the crank handle usually did the trick, there was not too much compression and it was good exercise.

After some considerable time Officer Hood produced a wee black book, he flicked through its pages to show me what it held. He said that his book would not hold all his complaints as he pointed to 2 large corrugated iron gates at Ross’s corner. The Town Dump, He ordered me to drive immediately though those gates and leave the Whippet there. Permanently.!!!!!!! If I ever see it out again boy, look out !!!!! So I suppose it is interesting experiences with old Cars such as that ,which lead people to join the V C C. C.J.

January Mid – Month Run. On Wednesday 17th January an enthusiastic group of members and vehicles met at the Club rooms before the 1.30pm start for the first run of 2018. It seemed everyone was keen to meet up again and share stories of the holiday season. The weather looked like rain might happen but Verna assured us that there were plenty of trees for shelter at our destination. Twelve vehicles travelled to the Ardgowan Hall, onto Homestead Road and on to Weston. From Weston we started towards Enfield and then turned onto Cormacks – Kia Ora Road. The lack of irrigation at Kia Ora had paddocks looking very dry. We turned onto Roundhill Road then turned right to Gemmels Crossing where we found plenty of trees to sit under for afternoon tea. Lee Orchard had her 1926 Chev special out for a run and the rest of the vehicles were PWV’s, P60V’s and a few moderns. Everyone sat around in a large circle and took the opportunity of moving around the group to catch up with folk they hadn’t already spoken with. Entertainment was provided by two small dogs. Heidi who belongs to Colin & Rosemary Jack and Benson who belongs to Les & Nola Gardner. Benson had just been clipped in readiness for a holiday in their motor home so he was looking very dapper. Eventually it began to drizzle and everyone headed for home. Thank you Verna for organizing an interesting run for a pleasant afternoon Kathleen Perry.


In typical Verna style the first run for 2018 was organised before most of us had recovered after Christmas and New Year festivities. Members were not deterred by the slight drizzle as we gathered at the NOVCC rooms in Stoke Street. On receiving written instructions we followed a scenic route which travelled via Homestead Road, through Weston, Kia Ora/Cormacks then finished at Gemmell's Crossing. A very pleasant atmosphere as we enjoyed afternoon tea and caught up with all the news while sitting under the walnut trees. Thank you Verna. 12 vehicles, 25 adults, 2 grandies and 2 dogs. All were very happy and well behaved.

JOHN MILLER (as I knew him) In 2001 I made the big decision to move to Oamaru. Isold my house in Christchurch and purchased a property just within the Oamaru town boundary. My friends thought I was making a taking a risk but promised to visit. I looked on it as a change in direction and who knows what lies ahead. One day arranged to meet a friend at Totara. I was probably a bit slow parking my car in the grounds when an attendant wearing a white Coat carrying a wooden Stick barked at me suggesting hurry myself up. A stray dog decided to test my softer side and , of course responded. Another bark (not from the stray.) I quickly parked. It was quite sometime later found out the white coated gentleman was John Miller also having moved to a property not far from me. I frequently noticed him drive down toward the beach, his dog on the deck as they trundled along. John had his own distinctive driving style whether it be in the Nissan truck or 28 Chev. The left hand on the steering wheel, right elbow draped on the open window, always with a huge grin. John was always eager to help when I was assisting Verna with the Librarian duties. He would climb ladders transferring articles to higher shelves as well as help with any heavy lifting. We enjoyed his company and he was never short of suggestions. John was not prone to back away from controversy nor slow in promoting his views. He enjoyed lively debate, said his piece and finished usually with a chuckle. He was always up front. John was a loyal and long standing member of the Vintage Car Club starting in Ashburton as a foundation member then transferring back to North Otago branch. He held various positions with North Otago, was an invaluable member of the Parts Shed as well as helping with charity work which involved using his vehicles. He and Judith have motored many many miles in the 28 Chev. He will be missed by many VCC enthusiasts including myself. My thoughts are with Judith, Robert & Justyna, Tracy, lan & Olivia, Sarah & Phil as they take another path without John's company but I am sure he will be there inspirit. That's the John I knew.


The More FM Taieri Wings and Wheels Spectacular being held at the Taieri Airfield on Sunday 11 February 2018. We are pleased to confirm that there WILL NOT be an entry fee for club members to show their car at our event. The driver* will also be permitted free entry. The day is shaping up to have something for everyone, historic, muscle and performance cars of all makes and models, a huge variety of aircraft including V8 powered 90% spitfire replicas performing fly overs, a shortest landing competition, military enactments, rescue helicopter displays, plane and helicopter rides (starting at $50 p/p), great food, live music, free kids entertainment and much more! To make this event as spectacular as possible we need your help to get your club members along on the day. Can you please distribute this email with the link below to all your members. The link takes you to the registration page for the More FM Taieri Wings and Wheels Spectacular. The registration asks members to register their vehicles with the make model and year of the vehicle, we also ask if they know of any stories or interesting facts associated with their vehicles. Registration link - If you or any of your members have any questions regarding the event, please ask them to contact Wayne Cunningham on or myself.

Caroline Walker On behalf of the Otago Aero Club

*Additional passengers will be required to pay an entry fee – Adults $15, Gold Card Holders $10, Kids aged 6+ $5, Under 6 FREE. Family $30 (2 adults, 2 kids aged 6+)

2017 Windsor Rally Results Veteran Time Trial 1st C Pearce 1914 Sunbeam 2nd C Armiger 1911 Clement Bayard Vintage Time Trial 1st G Shaskey 1920 Essex 2nd T Buchannan 1930 Model A Tourer3rd Lee Orchard 1926 Chevrolet Sport PV Time Trial 1st R Shirreffs 1939 Chevrolet Sedan 2nd J Adamson 1932 Hillman Saloon, 3rd R Weir 1942 Willy’s Jeep PWV Time Trial 1st B Winter 1946 Sunbeam, 2nd D Warlow Holden, 3rd B Watt 1952 Landrover Commercial Time Trial 1st C O’Hara 1979 Ford Escort, 2nd B Anderson 1939 Ford Pickup,3rd R&G Edmunds 1972 Austin Mini Pickup Motor Cycle Time Trial 1st K Mason 1955 Francis Barnett 2nd B Murray 1952 Ariel P80 Time Trial 1st K Manchester Renault, 2nd T Hobbs 1987 MG Montego Post 60 Vintage Aggregate 1st G & S Taylor 2nd S Gutsell 1977 GMC Sierra Flat Side Pickup 3rd C Walsh 1967 Ford Mustang Rally Aggregate Overall 1st Colin and Joan Pearce 1914 Sunbeam 2nd T Buchanan 1930 Ford Tourer 3rd G Taylor Longest Distance Driven G. Shaskey 1920 Essex

MORRIS MINOR CONVERTIBLE WANTED: I'd prefer a sidevalve model 1948 to 1952; particularly interested in a lowlight model, but will consider all sidevalve models. It must be a genuine convertible and not a conversion. I'd prefer one that doesn't need rust repairs, but I am happy with one needing mechanical repairs. Phone Stephen 027 3184169, or 03 4395733, email Hello to receiving car club, Our company has been looking for one of these for over 6 months now, I know, although rare, there must be one around somewhere as I have seen older restored models for sale. I would love to pay some deserving club the reward money for finding one we can use as it was our first ever company truck and we have our 60th anniversary next year and are trying to recreate one for nostalgia reasons. Appreciate any help you can give. Thank you Kind regards,

GRAEME CLARK BOP COMMERICAL SALES MANAGER (Bus) 07 543 9129 (Mob) 021 908 630

NOTICE TO ALL BRANCHES Hi Folks, Could all member branches please notify their members where possible the new contact names and phone numbers for our Parts Dept enquires. Owing to ill health could you please remove Des Fowler from your phone contacts re parts shed and replace with the following Ross Butler

Ph: 03 352 3160 email:

Wayne Stocks Ph: 03 383 1380 email: Regards Rod Thrower Branch Secretary The Vintage Car Club of NZ (Canterbury Branch Inc)

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For Sale/ Wanted ads Keep those ads coming. Remember these ads are read by members of other branches and car clubs. PARTS DEPARTMENT

Latest Listings : Cars - Rolling Cars Low Lite Morris Minor, Straight, looks rust free, complete, good for restoration. Austin A30 and 2 A35's 1954 Hillman Husky SV Austin Ruby bonnet and front guards in restored condition. Offers wanted Rare Spares: 1 Dort Block 1 Saxon Car Motor CITROEN motor spares STUDEBAKER COMMANDER blocks (2) 1926 Buick chassis and parts Chev blocks and heads, some crack tested NOS BMC parts some panels and bumpers 1954-55 Vauxhall diffs and suspension parts Ford 10 motors complete 1 100E 50's Chev doors and bonnets, chromes and spats Reconditioned crank shafts for Wolseley Austin 110 and Morris Oxford Van Large selection tail light lenses Assortment new tie rod ends Hub caps and speedos Parts shed open every Tuesday afternoon 1:30pm to 4:00pm or by appointment Contacts:

John Adamson Roy Shirreffs Bruce Watt

ph 434 7999 ph 437 1667 ph 434 5306

Club Captain’s Report Happy New Year to you all. We trust you had a pleasant holiday season. The February Club Night will be a ‘Beach Hop’ Run organized by Jim Boaden & Lynette Newall and it will start at 7pm. It will be a similar type of run to last year’s Orienteering Run that Rebecca & I organized with instructions and questions. There will be a charge of $2 per vehicle as prizes are to be awarded back at the Clubroom where supper will also be served. Members a plate please. Rebecca and I are hoping to have some fun runs before the end of the season as the majority of competitive runs have been held. If you have any suggestions or would like to be involved in the organization of runs please let one of us know. Rebecca & Kathleen. Coming Events (Local) Wednesday 7th February Tuesday 20th February Saturday 24th February Sunday 18th March Saturday 14th April

7.p.m. Club Night Beach Hop Run ($2 per vehicle please). 7.30pm Committee Meeting. All British Day Featuring Triumph Vehicles. Second Jack Crump Trial Gerald Lynch-Blosse Memorial M/c Rally

Neighbouring Branch Events Saturday 10th February Wallaby Run Waimate Branch th Sunday 11 March Mid-Island Rally South Canterbury Branch Saturday 24th March Winchester Swapmeet South Canterbury Branch Saturday 21st April Golden Times Rally Arrowtown Central Otago Branch

North Otago VCC February 2018  
North Otago VCC February 2018