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Issue : May 2018

Vintage Viewpoint is the official publication of the Marlborough Branch of the Vintage Car Club of NZ (Inc).


Branch Notices

Branch AGM

Reminder to all that the Branch AGM will be held in the Redman Room

At 1.30pm 27th May 2018

VCC Identity Cards For Motorcycles Book 20th May if you need it before the National M/C Rally

CONTACTS FOR THE CANTERBURY BRANCH PARTS DEPT Owing to health issues please Contact: Ross Butler: P: 033523160 E: Wayne Stocks P: 03 383 1380 E:

CLOSE-OFF for the next VINTAGE VIEWPOINT is Saturday 2nd June This is early because the Committee meeting is being held on the 30th May and Not on the 6th June

What’s Inside: Chairman’s Report


Club Captains Report


Snippets from The Listening Post


Update from your Social Convenor


From the Blokes in the Shed (Includes Parts Adverts this issue due to space for Auction List)


Motorcyclists Age .. Is it relevant?


Motorcycle Section Annual Report


Motorcycle News & Events Coming Up


Estate R Andrell Auction List


Classifed Advertising


Marlborough Branch Officers


Marlborough Branch Coming Events Calendar



Chairman’s Report

Club Captain’s Report

At our last monthly meeting I asked who of you would like to put their name forward for re-election at our AGM on 27th May, as both Lyall and Tony indicated that they would be standing down after serving our branch for many years. On behalf of all members I would like to say “THANK YOU “ for what has been a tremendous contribution to this branch. Chris Bird has indicated that he is willing to take on the secretary’s role from Tony which give a smooth transaction in that position. Thanks Chris. All other committee members have said that they are willing to continue. I don’t wish to influence your vote, but your committee is working very well together and we only need to replace two or who you wish. Remember it is always good to have an election, so don’t be afraid to put your name forward for any position. Your branch is in good heart both financially and personally wise, membership is growing steadily. Friendship and harmony is the essence of this branch, and I for one always look forward to Wednesday mornings for a few laughs and a bit of a banter. Please could we have your presence so you can have your say on the Sunday the 27th May 1.30pm at the clubrooms. Let’s have a bit of fun.

Aprils been an interesting month for all sorts of reasons. The 8th saw another boat trip to Te Puru, with 60 members and friends making a return trip. The weather played its part and dolphins turned up on Q. Our host Bill, was his normal outgoing, cheerful self. We finally headed for home with memories we probably will not forget. It is good to have a mix of members and friends, as not only does it make us realise what a cool club we have, but it also boosts our clubs image around Marlborough. The Noggin and Natter came next with another good evening had by all. The trip to Whites Bay was a washout, but no reason we can't try again. Now summer is over that's the end of the steam train trips (22 all up) and the boat trips are a memory, so I suppose we should concentrate on old cars for a while. The Events trial has been and Mothers Day out is coming on 13th May. Meet at Clubrooms at 11am, then the same as last year, split into groups to go to various wineries. After lunch meet back at Clubrooms for afternoon tea. May 25th is the Night Trial. Try to be ready at Clubrooms by 5pm with a good torch! At the conclusion of the trial there will be hot soup and buns at Clubrooms. . May 27th AGM at Clubrooms 1:30pm. Plate for afternoon tea please.


Bob O’Malley : Club Captain

Snippets from “The Listening Post” Canterbury Branch Swapmeet Dates for 2018 Friday 12 th, Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th October Marlborough Branch AGM The AGM will be held on the 27th May 2018 at 1-30pm in the Redman Room. Nomination forms will be included in this and May’s Issue of View Point. All positions are up for grabs- so don’t be shy have a go, it’s a lot of fun. The Nominations box and forms are located in the Redman Room. Nominations close 25th May 2018 at 1-30pm Passing the Baton After seven years as secretary I will be stepping aside to allow another person to take up the challenge. A very interesting, busy and rewarding 7 years to a point I seldom need to look up the branch manual for information. Trophy Event held on 6th May The event was kindly hosted by Robb & Adele Galloway and attended by an enthusiastic group-some were challenged when changing a tyre. We had a guest (Berwick Taylor) with a superb 1958 Bentley who enjoyed the afternoon. The day was fine and warm with a NW breeze which challenged the throwing of rolled newspapers. Peter and Marg Holdaway came closest to guessing the number of Jelly Beans in the jar and these were presented to them at the afternoon tea and a fine spread there was too.

Event was organised by last year’s winners - Tony & Jen. Thank you Robb & Adele for hosting the event, it made a nice change from Patchett’s Green. Thought for the Month Why I Like Retirement! Q How many days in a week? A 6 Saturdays, 1 Sunday Q A Q A Q


When is a retiree’s bedtime? Two hours after he falls asleep on the couch How many retiree’s to change a light bulb? Only one, but it might take all day What is the common term for someone who enjoys work and refuses to retire? NUTS What do you do all week? Monday through Friday, NOTHING….. Saturday and Sunday, I rest

Tony Smith Secretary

From the Editor, Tony has always been on time and supplied a “Snippets” for all except for one Vintage Viewpoint since Oct 2011. He has been key to my managing the changes to email between branches for the newsletters and always available for any questions I have had branch admin wise. Thanks Tony, its been a pleasure working with you, time to sit back and enjoy now! 5

Do you enjoy hand Crafts ??? Ladies if, like me, you enjoy CRAFT of any type, would you like to join a group who meet on the 1st and 3rd Monday from 10am till approx 2pm @ 108 High Street Blenheim? It is the brick building beside the Marlborough Club. There is parking in front of the building. There will be a charge of $5.00 p.p. to cover the Cost of the room and tea and coffee. Bring your own lunch. For more information phone Judith Bruce on 5784194

Update from Your Social Convenor Another quiet month for the kitchen, scone mornings are still as popular as ever, remember everyone is welcome and it is nice to see the new members coming along for a natter. Our Friday natter & noggin night was again another enjoyable evening. This is a great night to socialise with other members, and although it is getting colder at night and we don't like leaving the fire at home it is always cosy at the club rooms. Friday the 25th is our next natter & noggin and it is a "Soup & Bun� night. $8.00 pp. Dale

Marlborough Branch of the Vintage Car Club of NZ Inc NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Sunday 27th May 2018 To be held in the Redman Room of the Marlborough Branch Clubrooms Meeting Commences at 1-30pm. Agenda:

Apologies Minutes 2017 AGM Annual Reports Financial Statement Election of Officers General Business Members please bring a plate for afternoon tea at the conclusion of the AGM.

Tony Smith 6

From the Blokes in the Shed‌ You learn something new all the time, like I wasn't aware our shed had a smoke alarm until a couple of Wednesdays ago, when the wind changed and our burning drum sent a big puff of smoke into the shed. I wasn't the only one sent scuttling our side. No harm done and a lesson learnt. Blimey that thing is LOUD. I've picked up on the recent increase in verbiage on the subject of electric vehicles becoming the in thing to combat global pollution. I am aware they've been around for some time now, but in recent times there has been quite an increase in conversation re the subject. An interesting article by an owner of two electric cars in the Nelson Branch was quite enlightening, with sound comments made I thought. We had a good turn over last month, moving all sorts of goodies, with a number of donations being received. Our new shed continues to be filled up slowly but surely and looking good, with an attractive paint job on the exterior. Cheers The Major

PARTS FOR SALE 1928 Chev 4 starter kit comprising: Good clean chassis Front & rear axles complete Some wheels, rims Steering column Engine block Box of bits Contact the Spares blokes

new to the shed Nice, tidy, complete Morris Minor O.H.V. motor, and a gearbox. Everything's there, turns over.

1955-57 850cc Trial enthusiasts be quick. $350

Wolseley Motor & Gearbox 1500cc Wolseley motor & gearbox. This unit is complete and a runner. No knocks, bangs or smoke

Asking: $400.00

Note The spares shed has many additional parts to help with Chev projects.

Contact our spares men, Trish or Earl

4 x Bridgestone Tyres

For sale

155 / 80R / 12

1936 Series 1 Morris 8 diff nugget & drive axles $100. Pair of personalised

Includes Rims and Hubscaps, all with very good tread, Stuart Johnson P: 03 579 4458

Morris 8 plates $500.

Stan Brandish P: 577 5509 7

Motorcyclists Age‌ Is It Relevant? Within the VCC concern is often expressed about the ever increasing age of members. Looking back at motorcycle rallies I have attended over the last forty plus years I would have to admit the average age of the entrants has increased. However, the average age of the Clubs motorcycle members is considerably lower than the members whose interest is confined to four-wheel vehicles. This is reflected in our branch Wednesday morning smoko attendances where motorcyclists who have reached retirement age make up less than 10% of those present. The downside for our motorcycle section is our members fall off (attending, not their bikes), at an earlier age. There are exceptions. In our branch the late John White and Brian Pierce were/are still riding in their late eighties and we have not given up hope of seeing Stu Johnson riding again at the next national. Some of our former motorcycle stalwarts still appear on our monthly rides in their cars, driving the backup or are active in other branch activities. Terry Watson, Tiger Lyons, Ed and Julie Matkin are some who spring to mind. There are good reasons why motorcyclists put aside their boots and helmets around the three score and ten age. Decreasing confidence and co-ordination, failing strength needed to lift a bike onto a stand or kick a reluctant starter into life. Narrowly missing having a collision or worse not missing, can convince a rider especially one of advancing years it is time to find a less risky pleasure. Should you be silly enough to tell the wife that you had a near miss can take the decision rapidly out of your own hands. If that happens you could try telling her in 1949 a motorcycle magazine drew attention to the fact the winners of the Isle of Man Senior and Junior T.T.’s were both forty years old and the Lightweight winner was 37. The youngest place getter in the three races was 34. Fastest laps in all three races on the notoriously dangerous circuit exceeded 80 m.p.h. That makes riding at 40 to 50 m.p.h. on good roads on a motorcycle section outing look quite safe. Try telling that to your beloved and good luck with the response.

Tappit Hammer 8

Motorcycle Section Annual Report 2018 Section rides have continued on a monthly basis with an average attendance of 16 riders or members in cars. Several members who no longer ride continue to join us on outings in their cars which is something we welcome and appreciate. Other branch members also join us occasionally and are always welcome. A number of new members have joined our branch in the past year who are listed as motorcycle owners. We look forward to meeting them and assure them they are welcome to come out with us regardless of if their motorcycle is mobile or not. Some new restorations have appeared of a high standard along with some interesting restored or original machines purchased out of the district or in some cases overseas. Regrettably for various good reasons the number of our lady riders has fallen off which is a pity but we look forward to their return when circumstances permit. In my role within the branch and the motorcycle section I am allowed to attend branch committee meetings in a speaking but non-voting capacity. This is a privilege which is appreciated and I thank the committee for giving the motorcyclists a voice, supporting their activities and co-operating in every way they can. Organising the 2019 National Motorcycle Rally has placed a lot of work and pressure on a small number of section members but good progress is being made and the organising committee is working well together. Again, the support of the branch committee especially the branch chairman has been appreciated. To the section and branch members who have helped organise or made suggestions for the monthly runs, thanks, it is a big help. Finally, a big thank you to Paula who types up the monthly rally committee minutes and circulates to them to all concerned as well as typing up the monthly Vintage Viewpoint notes, events and report and forwarding them to the editor and finally email reminders to the section members when a ride is close to happening.

Trev Motorcycle Tip for the Month Do not stand behind Roger Gleeson’s Ariel in your good clothes if he has taken more than four kicks to start it. This is more relevant since the dry-cleaning shop burnt down. 9

Motorcycle News After a fairly crappy Saturday weather wise it managed to clear for Sunday’s run. Ben arrived to see us off unable to ride due to a leg injury, Roy arrived on his recently finished Vincent. After many years of chasing and fabricating parts he has the bike on the road and has already covered hundreds of miles on it in a short time, well done. Everyone made it to Canvastown for lunch, Roger, Pam and Barry added to their mileage for the weekend having already taken part in the Ariel Rally held in Blenheim on the Friday and Saturday, Barry was back astride his accustomed Triumph after dabbling on the dark side riding Ariel’s so hopefully his reputation amongst Triumph owners hasn’t been tarnished. After a catch up over lunch it was back home with no dramas or breakdowns. Some of you will remember a past section member Terry who rode and raced a 500 Titan, well he has finally hung up his helmet, not unfortunately after winning a final race at Ruapuna but after being squashed by a rubbish truck. Yip no bull, what’s left of his Honda is off to China to be made into bake bean cans and Terry is left contemplating the irony of having never thrown a bike down the race track at speed but gets run over while stationary at a give way by a bloody rubbish truck. On the bright side the young German driver did apologise about signalling a right and then turning left from the right turn lane squishing bike and rider, fortunately apart from scrapes, bruises, torn ligaments and being reduced to hobbling, no major limbs were lost. Best wishes for full recovery!


MOTORCYCLE EVENTS COMING UP Sunday May 20th Gather at the park 10.30 am to tidy up the museum motorcycle display and do any V.C.C. vehicle identity cards’ that may be ready. Ride to lunch venue at 12.30. Sunday June 17th Garage run Sunday July 22nd Mid Winter Lunch at the Woody 10

WANTED Phillips Gadabout parts Reply to email

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Off Dobson Street, Blenheim Open: 7.30am-5pm Mon-Fri 8am-12.30 Sat

On Wednesdays the shed and parts members are on site well into the afternoon. Any parts advertised for sale from the Parts Shed are able to be inspected on Wednesday mornings. If you are unable be at the shed on Wednesday morning’s or are from another NZ Branch and are interested in purchasing any of the listed parts please contact one of the “after hours" contacts; Earl Preston P: 03 577 7839 Bruce Mant-Old P: 03 578 5875 Tris Winstanley P: 03 578 3343 Tiger Lyons P: 03 578 9139


Estate of Richard Andrell. Auction List - May 11th 2018 1991 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit 1991,

Rego & WOF. Excellent condition throughout. Burgundy exterior with cream leather 92000 km, New Battery, Original Manuals

1991 Isuzu V340 (CXZ71), 9 meter Tilt Tray Recovery Truck with winch, New Batteries, Rego on hold. 1955 Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire 346, Rego on hold, a runner, but possible overheating problem. 1994 Mercedes Benz E320, Rego & WOF. 98230 km. 1988 Landrover 130, Project, RangeRover 4.6 litre V8 fitted, but not running yet. Comes with original engine, gearbox and transfer case. New tyres, and partially restored. Rego on hold.

1969 Fire Engine, Ford D600 Rego on hold, One or more brakes seized, Not a runner. 1960 International Truck, AAW160. No Rego. Not a runner.

1943 Chevrolet Quad 8 cwt. C8AX, Not a runner. Forklift. Lansing-Bagnall. Type F.O. D.R 6. 6000 lb. lift. Engine runs OK. Has hydraulic drive problem. J.C.B Tractor. 3CX. with bucket. No Rego. Engine runs, but Gearbox problem. Austin Gypsy. No Rego. Not a runner. Tractor. Fordson 'Super Dexta'. No Rego. A runner. 1997 Nissan Caravan GL, Rego & WOF.

Tractor. Fordson Major. No Rego. A runner. Possible head gasket problem.

1968 Truck. International C 1100, Spare Cab. Rego on hold. Gas cutting and welding Trolley. LPG Bottle and both regulators, but no Oxy bottle. D.C Arc Welder. EMF. 3 phase. A.C Arc Welder. 'Trans-arc Graftwelder'.

1968 International Ambulance, C 1100. No Rego. Not a runner. Aluminium Boat, 9.5 meter ( Lexus V8. Scott Jet unit, only used a few times. 9.9 hp Outboard Auxiliary, New Furuno Radar Model 1623. New Navman Fish-finder 'Fish 4500'. New Navman Sonar 'Tracker 5100'. New Uniden Oceanus VHF. New 36 MJ/h LPG Califont. New Flavel Vanessa Stove. New Electrolux LPG Fridge etc.). On home-built trailer. Rego on hold.

A.C. Generator.3 Phase. Tractor driven, on 3 point linkage. 'Sincro', Type GBL4-C. 230 V/54 A. 415 V/31A @ 1500 RPM.

1985 BMW Motorbike, K100 RT. Needs repairs on front fairing. Rego on hold.

Tools. Imperial Ring-Open end spanner set.

Stessco Aluminium Dinghy. 3.75 meter. (12 feet 3 inches) Good condition.

Tools. Socket set. 1/2" Drive.

Two oars & rollicks. 1943 Chevrolet Quad 60 cwt. C60, Not a runner.

J. T. Andrews Metal-working lathe. Belt drive. 1.34 meter bed. Swing 260mm diameter. Change gears etc .

1943 Chevrolet Quad 8 cwt. C8AX, A runner. Rego on hold.


A.C Generator. 'Powermax'. 230 Volt 2500 Watt. Petrol engine driven. Tools. Part of 3/4" drive socket set.

Tools. Metric Ring spanner set. Tools. Imperial Ring spanner set. Tools. Metric Ring-Open end spanner set.

Tools. Socket set 3/8" Drive

21 Americad CED-100 Ni-Cad. Storage Batteries and 24 V charging unit. Pallet Racking. 11 m Long x 3 m High. 4 bays, 3 Racks per bay.

Pallet Racking. 5.5 m Long x 4.4 m High. 2 bays, 3 Racks per bay. Sandblasting Unit on hand-trolley with medium.


Air/Hydraulic Floor jack. Good working order. Fiammi camper roof Vent (Ivory). Fiammi camper roof Vent (Ivory). Fiammi camper roof Vent (Ivory). Picnic Table (Portable). Pallet of assorted Outboard motor petrol tanks.

Still warranted and registered Only 51,000 miles Original paint and upholstery. Couple of bumps and bruises as expected for its age. Alan P: 579 4294

Canvas Cover. 9 m x 6.3 m. Reasonable order. Roofing Iron. 34 sheets approx. 10.4 m Long x 0.8 m Wide. Truck Wheel Trims. Alloy. 6 stud. WW II Army Generator. Coventry Climax engine.

Bedford Pistons. New. 6 x 3 5/16" 0.020" O/S - 6 x 3 5/16" 0.030" O/S - Incomplete set (5) x 3 5/16" Std. Fibreglass Dinghy. 3 m. on rough trailer

Morris 1100 1964

1938 Morris 8 Series 2

Been in storage for 3 1/2 years, comes with hand book, manual and spares asking $14,000. for Sale by Non member : Lou Thorp P: 03 571 6003.

1954 Ford 10 Truck Fully Restored, in going order

Asking $8,000 Oliver P: 03 5785 939

To be auctioned at 94 Beacon Road Dillon’s Point Blenheim Friday 11th May 2018 Commencing at 11.00am

MOTORCYCLES Solex Cycle for Sale Shirley McCulloch has a 1960s Solex motorised cycle Contact details for further information:


Phillips Gadabout Reply to email 15

MOTORCYCLE PARTS WANTED Wanted 1971-73 Head for 1972 Triumph T100 Contact Steve Gaudin or P: 03 5757 445 evenings Advertising in the Vintage Viewpoint is free to members of the VCC (not limited to our branch). Our close-off is the Friday following our branch’s monthly Wednesday committee meetings. To place an advert Contact the Editor, Chris de Wagt P: 5777 238 or E: Advertising Recommendations: Ads that work are ones that include a photo of what you are selling. If you don’t have access to an electronic photo bring me a photo you have and I will scan it for you. Remember; the newsletter goes out to all VCC branch in NZ, but as the different branches complete their newsletters at different times your advert may take a month before someone in another branch sees it.


Branch Books and Badges AA CENTENNIAL CAR BADGES

$35 each David Bool P: 03 579 4716


$25 each Trevor Harris P: 03 572 5323


$25 each

Custom Copy Maxwell Road

"AFTER HOURS" PARTS SERVICE Earl Preston (Rose) 577 7839 Bruce Mant-Old (Dulcie) 578 5875 Tris Winstanley (Helen) 578 3343 Tiger Lyons (Eileen) 578 9139

The Historic Vehicle Authority of NZ The Vintage Car Club of NZ (INC.)

The Historic Vehicle Authority of NZ The Vintage Car Club of NZ (INC.) The 2018 VCC code for discounts with Interislander are as follows: Off Peak Fares: 01 March – 28 March 2018 04 April – 18 December 2018

Adult Children Motorcycle Car/Van/Trailer up to 5.5 metres Trailer-Each half metre over 5.5 metres Premium Plus Lounge

$47.00 $25.00 $40.00 $124.00

The VCC code for discounts with Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferry are as follow: Discount code: ANTIQUECAR

$20.00 $55.00 18yrs plus

Valid Travel Dates: Between now and 30 June 2018 excluding peak season between 15 December and 15 January plus Easter Weekend.

01-28 February 2018 29 March - 3 April 2018

Adult Children Motorcycle Car/Van/Trailer up to 5.5 metres Trailer-Each half metre over 5.5 metres Premium Plus Lounge

BLUEBRIDGE COOK STRAIT FERRY 23 August 2017 to 30 June 2018

$52.00 $25.00 $50.00 $137.00

$22.00 $45.00 18yrs plus

Each reservation must be made direct with Interislander online using the special link below– http:// or click on “Group Bookings” at the foot of our homepage To access these rates members must insert the reference “WH5465” Payment is required at the time of booking. Space is subject to availability at the time of the booking request. Refunds Once paid for fares are 90% refundable if cancelled prior to check-in and non-refundable if cancelled after check-in. Fares valid for specified dates only Members are required to present their current VCC Membership credentials on check in or retail fares will be charged. Fares valid for travel 01 Feb through to 18 Dec 2018 No discounted fares for travel 19 Dec 17 through to and including 31 Jan 2018 Bookings over this will need to be made online

Discounted Fares: 10% off all available fares Promotion Terms & Conditions Members must present a current VCC membership card upon check-in as proof of eligibility to Bluebridge staff. Failure to do so will result in a fare difference being required to be paid prior to boarding.

Full payment is required at time of booking. Transferring to a sailing outside of the discounted offer period will require an additional payment to match the available fares. Bookings can be made online at by entering the promo code above or by calling 0800-844-844 (8am to 8pm, 7 days), and quoting the promo code. Normal fare rules regarding refunds and cancellations apply.

Full Bluebridge ticket terms conditions can be viewed

& at


Marlborough BRANCH OFFICERS Branch Spokesperson Kelly Landon-Lane (Janice) 578 9907

Newsletter Editor Chris de Wagt (Mac) 577 7238 E:

Club Captain Bob O’Malley (Shirley)

572 8380

Patron Trevor Harris (Doreen)

Newsletter Distribution Barry & Margie Wilson

578 4142

Secretary Tony Smith (Jen)

578 2679

Parts Custodians Earl Preston (Rose) Bruce Mant-Old (Dulcie) Tris Winstanley (Helen) Tiger Lyons (Eileen) Motorcycle Section Rep Trevor Harris (Doreen) Glenn Harris (Paula)

Chair Person Kelly Landon-Lane (Janice) 578 9907 Treasurer David Bool (Janice)

Committee Lyall Mooney (Val) Chris Bird (Sharon) Ed Matkin (Julie) John Monson (Dot) Bill Nicholas (Dale) Robb Galloway (Adele) Model T Custodian Don Jamieson Ben Habershon Examiners Ron Hebberd (Shirley) Ray Fairweather (Lyn ) David Kemp (Debbie) John Armiger (Denyce)

579 4716

578 2319 578 4452

Museum Custodians Mike Gray (Karen) Bill Nicholas (Dale) Wayne Frew (Carol) Denny Greer (Audrey) Ross Kennington (Rona) Don Laing (Linda) Colin Grant (Mariann) John Monson (Dot) Earl Preston (Rose)

575 7196 578 6841 578 6270 579 5053

Model A Custodian Johnny Johnson (Jane) Librarian Barry Wilson (Margie)

573 9292 574 2318 572 8008 578 9044 578 4322 578 2395

578 1587 577 7839 578 5875 578 3343 578 9139 578 4142 577 6453 578 1435 578 4322 579 4819 578 1895 578 1332 579 4865 578 7894 578 9044 577 7839 578 6489 578 1587

Social Convener/Kitchen Administrator Dale Nicholas (Bill) 578 4322

Health & Safety Officer Ed Matkin (Julie)

Beaded Wheels Scribe Carroll Wiblin (Graham)

578 8418

Grounds Administrators Chris Bird (Sharon) John Monson (Dot)

Delegates to the Executive Kelly Landon-Lane (Janice) 578 9907 Chris Bird (Sharon) 574 2318

574 2318 578 9044

Photographer Linda Laing (Don) 579 4865


572 8008

Park Admin Delegates Tony Smith (Jen) David Bool (Janice)

578 2679 579 4716

Clubrooms Phone :

578 0616

COMING EVENTS CALENDAR This Month…. May 13th Mother Days Out - Meet 11am at the clubrooms Sunday May 20th Motorcycles Gather at the park 10.30 am to tidy up the museum motorcycle display and do any V.C.C. vehicle identity cards’ that may be ready. Ride to lunch venue at 12.30. May 25th Night Trial run by last years winners Chris & Sharon in conjunction with Noggin & Natter. May 27th Marlborough Branch AGM 1:30pm

Next Month…. June 10th Whites Bay 10am Clubrooms BBQ Sunday June 17th Motorcycles Garage run June 24th Navigation Trial 10am Clubrooms BBQ June 30th Noggin & Natter

Further down the road …. Canterbury Branch Swapmeet Dates for 2018 Friday 12 th, Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th October. Targa NZ -VCC South Island Time Trial 2018 The Rally Monday 22nd- Saturday 27th October 2018 Contact Rod Corbett ph 03 423 1551 or 027 433 8772

National Veteran Rally Nelson The Rally 16th to 18th November 2018 and will be preceded by the “Prince Henry Tour”. National Rally : contact Jim & Kyra Wareing ph 03 544 9998



Marlborough VCC May18  
Marlborough VCC May18