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Issue : April 2018

Members enjoy a day out on the Train

Vintage Viewpoint is the official publication of the Marlborough Branch of the Vintage Car Club of NZ (Inc).


Branch Notices

Branch AGM

Reminder to all that the Branch AGM will be held in the Redman Room

At 1.30pm 27th May 2018

VIC Applications

Please read the important data on page 10 regarding VIC Applications

VCC Identity Cards For Motorcycles Read page 15 for information on this Book 20th May if you need it before the National M/C Rally

CLOSE-OFF for the next VINTAGE VIEWPOINT is Friday 4th May 2018

What’s Inside: Chairman’s Report


Club Captains Report & photo’s April’s Boat Trip


New Members


Snippets from The Listening


From the Blokes in the Shed


Update from your Social Convenor


The Passing Lane..


My Honda CB360 Police bike


National Motorcyce Rally Motorcycle News & Events Coming Up


From the Editor


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Marlborough Branch Officers


Marlborough Branch Coming Events Calendar


The photo on the front cover was submitted by Rose Preston VINTAGE CAR CLUB : MARLBOROUGH BRANCH : PO BOX 422 : BLENHEIM 3

Chairman’s Report

Just a reminder that May 27th is our AGM we will be seeking nominations for all positions. Nomination forms are in this newsletter and available at the branch.

The National Executive meeting VINTAGE MOTORING, Kelly of March 24th which Chris and I attended. 1/ Members must be reminded of being unfinancial you may have 2 months to pay and for those of you who are insured with “ Vero” your premium may become much higher. 2/ Non members entering a rally must fill in a entry form and can be covered by club insurance. 3/ Cancer Day forms for insurance for us to be covered. Health and Safety rules for all branches are to be put in branch manual. 4/ Again looking at code of conduct. 5/ Bids for Hosts of Easter Rallies seem to be slow coming forward for 2019 North and 2020 South. 6/ “ Wedding Cars.” If you have a passengers license you are ok, but as a club we cannot be seen to promote this. As I understand you can do the wedding but you cannot receive any rewards, not even a bottle of wine. 7/ The notice of motion Re 30 year rule will be put at the August AGM.

Club Captain’s Report There is still a bit of summer left and we are heading back into the Sounds on the Pelorus mailboat to visit Te Puru again, with another 60 members and friends. Thank you everyone for getting behind these boat trips. This brings us to a total of one hindred and twenty visitors we, the Marlborough Branch has taken to Te Puru in the last month - an amazing effort. On Friday 27th the Noggin and Natter at the Clubrooms will be 'pea, pie & pud'. All welcome from 5.30pm.

On Sunday 29th there will b a BBQ at Whites Bay. Meet at Clubrooms at I am sorry if it has inconvenienced 10am. BBQ provided. anyone by changing the Chairmans Run from Kaikōura, but I did explain in Could all cups and trophies please be last months report the reason why. We returned to the club. will take a trip there maybe sooner Bob O’Malley : Club Captain rather than later. 4

Model A

Restoration Guidelines & Judging Standards A full copy of the latest release Revision 4 Is now available at the VCC Library

Thank you. To the Officers and Members of our branch, having been a member for approximately 52 years, I can say I have enjoyed all of it. It has always been a family friendly branch and still is. A highlight for me was receiving my 50 year badge down the sounds at Te Puru with 60 other members. A great branch to be a member of, thank you all. Don Register.

Photos contributed by Steve Reid 5


Photos from the latest Train / Cruise Ship day out - Rose Preston 7

Welcome to New Members Welcome to the Marlborough Branch to: Blenheim Gerry & Jeannine Roodakker with a 1962 Rover 80 Sedan Peter Simmons, Alan & Margaret McGreevy with a 1959 Morris minor Sedan Nigel & Lisa Washer with a 1929 Model A Ford Roadster Martin & Gail Goyne with a 1934 Austin 10/4 Saloon, a 1934 Austin 7 Ruby Saloon, a 1962 Jaguar 3.8 Mk 2 Saloon and a 1994 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit Saloon. Martin & Trish Day with a 1974 Rover Saloon and from Waikawa Alan Brace Please join in when possible to the branch weekly Wednesday morning tea or coffee and scones and watch the monthly Marlborough View Point bulletin for events and Sunday outings.

Snippets from “The Listening Post” National Office Photos for VIC Applications - your Photos must be 9cm X 13cm. Note: Many photo copying shops such as Harvey Norman, Wharehouse etc cannot produce the size required. Photo studios can and Custom Copy can resize a standard 6” x 4” (15 x 10cm) or any size down to a 9 x 13cm photo) There will be no further reminders VIC forms will be returned to owner for compliance

Marlborough Branch AGM The AGM will be held on the 27th May 2018 at 1-30pm in the Redman Room. Nomination forms will be included in this and May’s Issue of View Point. All positions are up for grabs - so don’t be shy have a go, it’s a lot of fun. The Nominations box will be placed in the Redman Room.

Thought for the Month The roar that we hear when we place a seashell next to our ear is not the ocean, but rather the sound of blood surging through the veins in the ear. Canterbury Branch Swapmeet th Dates for 2018 Friday 12 , Saturday Tony Smith Secretary 13th & Sunday 14th October 8

PLEASE NOTE : CONTACTS FOR THE CANTERBURY BRANCH Owing to health issues please remove Des Fowler from phone contacts re Parts Shed. And replace with Ross Butler: ph 03 352 3160 email: Wayne Stocks ph 03 383 1380: email:

V.C.C Marlborough Branch AGM Notice of Meeting This will be held on the

27th May 2018 In the Redman Room at

1:30pm 9

From the Blokes in the Shed‌ What a busy month we've had in the shed. We were visited by firstly the Wolseley Car Club who were having a look around our province and spent a day on the Green. They had to have a look through our supermarket, with success all round. Then the Packard group visited a fortnight later and had a wonderful time going through our stuff. Both groups were very complimentary and envious of our set up. So there's a feather in the caps of the blokes after all the effort put in "thus far". So a big thanks to you blokes, just remember, all members are welcome to come along and join the fun in the Shed. It was very nice to have Gary Vercoe make an appearance recently after a torrid time post surgery. Good to see you up on your feet minus the crutches. Welcome back Gary. Cheers for now the Major.

Update from Your Social Convenor Quiet month in the kitchen this month, put on an afternoon tea for eleven residents from Waterlea resthome. They had a lovely time looking at the old cars, bringing back memories of when they were young and travelling on dirt roads. Our natter & noggin night was another enjoyable evening being a pot luck meal, amazing the lovely food that is supplied by everyone. Natter & Noggin for April is Friday 27th and it is Pea, Pie & Pud night $12.50 pp. Dale 10

Passing lane ... ANDRELL, Richard Douglas: Passed away on Sunday, March 18, 2018. Aged 69 years. Loved husband of Janet, loved father and father-in-law of James and Steph, Becky and Jason, Martin and Jo, and Angela. Beloved poppa of Skye, Caleb, and Jordyn, loved brother and brother -in-law of the late Roydon and Ann. Messages may be sent to PO Box 620 Blenheim 7240. In lieu of flowers, a donation to Alzheimers Marlborough would be appreciated.

My Honda CB360 Police bike project. By Ben Habershon The green bike in the photos is the Police bike which I will do in time but need to find some of the missing bits that are different to the other two. The dark blue one is the one I am working on and was orignally intended to be the parts bike for the Police CB360. The light blue one is the second parts bike and has the matching number motor out of the Police bike in it but no compression on the R/H cylinder. I am hopping it is a valve problem and not a piston because I have a spare cylinder head. I got the three CB360’s about 10 years ago from Karamea, where they had been sitting in an open shed for ten years prior to me getting them; since one droped a cylinder and the owner gave up on all three of them. Two trips from Christchurch to Karamea and back again in a slow van with a trailer; one to bring back a load of stuff as payment for the bikes and then one the following weekend to bring the bikes back finally saw them safely stowed in my garage. The things we do to save our projects. All this happened just before I bought my first house so they collected dust for another 10 years while house renovations took priority. Finished the house and was about to start the restoration of the Police bike, but life happened which saw another long road trip for the bikes on the back of a tailor, this time because I relocated from Christchurch to Blenheim. Finally I got to make a start on the Police CB360, the plan being to use the other two bikes as part bikes. The Police Bike was quietly sidelined however when I started

trying to get the parts bike (the dark blue one) to go. I thought I would use the motor for the Police Bike. The owner told me the dark blue bike was a runner and I found it was it’s all there down to the tool kit and hand book – too good to strip down and use for parts. So one project became two. At first all I was going to do with the dark blue bike was take the front brake off it and if I had not raided too much more from it by the time I had finish the Police bike, make it someone else's project . Oh how things change. So far I have got the dark blue bike running, albeit poorly. It took two to three weeks just to clean all the green gum out of the carbs. On one of my garage nights I cleaned and set the plugs and points, gave it 5 minutes of kicking and away it went. After three carb fulls of petrol it was going ok but dropping one cylinder below 3000rpm. By now it was getting late so I thought I had better stop before I upset the neighbours. That was back in October. 11

Life happened again and a leaking caravan which needed to be ready for a Christmas trip to Quinny’s Bush took all my motorbike restoration time. Christmas over and the Caravan temporarily fixed and I am back to the bike now. Most of the electrics are working but I still have to get it charging. I have unseized and got the front brake working and sourced a good set of forks for it and just yesterday found a brake caliper for the Police bike. At the moment, as well as spending too much time online looking for parts, I am working on the fuel tap and have the tank full of cider vinegar hoping it will clean all the gunge out. The plan from here is to get the engine on the dark blue bike running right and charging then go for a ride and make sure the gear box does every thing it should. Then it will be time to strip it down and start painting all the black bits, polish the alloy bits and hopefully find some better chrome, otherwise painting it till I have the money to have it re chromed. Once the Plolice Bike is on the road I plan to strip the motor down and check it out. If any one has any good guards, exhaust, head light rim, R/H side cover, wheels or rims and a L/H switch block for the Police bike I would be keen to buy them. Ben


NATIONAL MOTORCYCLE RALLY The organising committee is progressing steadily with the rally planning and the huge amount of associated tasks. The rally routes are all but finalised and our branch club captain has agreed to organise a trial run over one of the routes using our branch car owners to check for any anomalies. Anomaly, that’s another word for cock up. A request made at a recent Wednesday morning gathering for back up vehicles resulted in a good response from the branch members. One or two more may still be required. A considerable number of check point and other marshals will be required, please give it some thought. Glenn has overseen the design of several rally plaques one of which has been chosen and approved by our South Island club captain. Entrants will all get one in their rally pack. You will see it then. Tappit Hammer has been pulled out of retirement to write some articles for the rally book and Phil has obtained enough advertising to cover the cost of the book. Glenn almost has the entry form ready for head office approval and we hope to have it out for entrants in June. Zig and Colin have been planning the after - rally tour and almost have it under control after experiencing some frustrations. Carol and Glenn have already received requests for information from prospective entrants from the far north, the deep south and points in between. Some tentative interest has been shown from a group in Australia. Barry H is making check point and other signs and Damien will be doing some of the work on the trophy winner’s memento’s. Local members intending to enter the rally are again reminded you must have a V.C.C. vehicle identity card. The motorcycle section will be having a morning at the clubrooms on May the 20th. If one of our vehicle inspectors can get there and you have the paperwork done that would be a good time to bring your machine along for the inspection. If you hate paperwork someone will be on hand to help you do it. Likewise, prospective members could get the forms filled out to join up.

MOTORCYCLE EVENTS COMING UP Sunday May 20th April Sunday 15th Gather at the park 10.30 am Leave park at for to tidy up the museum ride through to the Trout motorcycle display and do pub. any V.C.C. vehicle identity cards’ that may be ready. Ride to lunch venue at 12.30.

Sunday June 17th Garage run


Motorcycle Notes

Motorcycle News

Members driving home after the launch trip to Te Pura Bay were delayed on the outskirts of Havelock while the road was closed due to an accident. It was not apparent at the time that vehicle upside down belonged to two of our motorcycle sections members. Fortunately, they were not seriously hurt unlike their car which was written off. This is the second time this year motorcycle section members have been t-boned by someone driving through a give way. Have we offended Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travellers?

March Run A nice day produced a good turnout of bikes for the run up the Onamalutu to have a look at Don and Kaye’s Douglas restoration. We last saw this bike on a weekend run to Taperwara, since then Don has nearly completed the bike and had it running. Don’s bike is a prime example of what happened to many veteran and vintage bikes in the colonies, basically an engine and gearbox (if you were lucky) thrown into a bicycle frame, spindly forks and narrow beaded edged wheels, little or no brakes, suspension comprising of one of two fork springs, two seat springs and the thickness of your butt cheeks. With the gravelled potholed goat tracks comprising NZ’s road, the inbuilt fragility of early motorcycles was tested to the limit and beyond, when breaking point had been reached by either rider or bike, very rarely were they pushed into a shed to be found decades later. Economic hardship meant that many bikes, as Don’s was, were stripped of anything useable, engines, powered pumps and saw benches or were turned into compressors, wheels hooked to carts, gearboxes connected to winches and lathes, the rest disposed of over the nearest bank, the chance of reuniting the original bits unlikely. In Don’s case he managed to find the engine in one part of Marlborough and the original frame it came out of at the other end of the province and with perseverance has reunited enough bits



to rebuild the bike, no small task. After a ride back to Renwick for lunch it was round to Barry’s to view the Royal Enfield. It won’t be long before Barry will be able to emulate Kim Jong-un’s victory day parade with the amount of military bikes he has acquired, the Enfield being another, the opposite of Don’s bike, these were built chunky and have a look of solidness about them. In close to original condition, it certainly looks like it came directly off a WW2 battlefield, by this stage of the war all rubber was gone replaced by steel foot pegs and canvas hand grips, these bikes were made for a purpose and looking at the Enfield you can tell it wasn’t speed, what it could do was plug away all day and night with minimal maintenance in crappy conditions. Barry has done the bike a favour by rescuing it from the other side of the world and its rubbish weather and bringing it to Marlborough although he may have been perturbed by several offers to “Authenticate” it more with some strategically placed bullet holes. Thanks to Don, Kaye, Barry and Jill for having us round. On the restoration front things seem to be happening Paul has his engine for the ACE being attended to John had his recently finished 78 Bonneville out on the run and a longterm restoration by one member has entered road trials and has been turning heads around the district, that’s if your quick enough to catch a glimpse of it more on that later. Glenn

From the Editor My first piece of information concerns members of the local branch who attended the NZ AJS & Matchless Owners Register Inc Rally in Kaikoura in Early March, taking away awards were Mindy Chowhury, Steve Gaudin, Ross Hutchison, Viv Hutchison and Barry Hutchison. No small effort by any means. Well done to you all. It was quite some sight to see the number of motorcycles, of mixed parentage on our shed visits around kaikoura, a good chance that one or two will join the VCC as they have several older models and showed interest in attending the National Rally. As far as our AGM, I am prepared to continue as Editor unless someone else really wants to have a go, if so get in touch and I can go through whats required. Thank you again to my personal letter folder-and-deliverer’s - what I do would be wasted without all your efforts, very much appreciated. I know, I was told “nothing else on wheels this year…” but a Vintage caravan come along and well, long story short its been stripped back inside and out and once some window rubbers arrive the windows will join the taken out pile. The bonus side is the painter will be able to get it done reasonably quickly so theres a chance that I may bget to use it over the winter. As if I needed any more projects… by the way the trials car is taking form slowly more work once the speedway season end next week! Regards, Chris 15

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On Wednesdays the shed and parts members are on site well into the afternoon. Any parts advertised for sale from the Parts Shed are able to be inspected on Wednesday mornings. If you are unable be at the shed on Wednesday morning’s or are from another NZ Branch and are interested in purchasing any of the listed parts please contact one of the “after hours" contacts; Earl Preston P: 03 577 7839 Bruce Mant-Old P: 03 578 5875 Tris Winstanley P: 03 578 3343 Tiger Lyons P: 03 578 9139




Morris 1100 1964

Wolseley Motor & Gearbox

Still warranted and registered Only 51,000 miles Original paint and upholstery. Couple of bumps and bruises as expected for its age. Alan P: 579 4294

1938 Morris 8 Series 2

Been in storage for 3 1/2 years, comes with hand book, manual and spares asking $14,000. for Sale by Non member : Lou Thorp P: 03 571 6003.

1954 Ford 10 Truck

Fully Restored, in going order

Asking $8,000 Oliver P: 03 5785 939

1500cc Wolseley motor & gearbox. This unit is complete and a runner. No knocks, bangs or smoke

Asking: $400.00 Contact our Spares Blokes Details page 18

For sale

Pair of Personalised plates, diff nugget & pair of drive axles ex 1936 Morris 8 Sports, Radiator and clutch ex 1982 manual VL Holden Stationwagon. 1963 PB Vauxhall front bumper, grilles x2, dismantled 2.651cc engine. All good condition Offers to Stan Brandish P: 577 5509

4 x Bridgestone Tyres

155 / 80R / 12

Includes Rims and Hubscaps, all with very good tread, Stuart Johnson P: 03 579 4458

954 Light 15 CitroĂŤn Partly Restored, body, motor and electrical work all done professionally Interior to go, all there More than 40K spent to date. Out of time to finish this project.

Asking $10,000 Mac P: 03 5777 238

MOTORCYCLES Solex Cycle for Sale Shirley McCulloch has a 1960s Solex motorised cycle Contact details for further information: 19

MOTORCYCLE PARTS WANTED Wanted 1971-73 Head for 1972 Triumph T100 Contact Steve Gaudin or P: 03 5757 445 evenings Advertising in the Vintage Viewpoint is free to members of the VCC (not limited to our branch). Our close-off is the Friday following our branch’s monthly Wednesday committee meetings. To place an advert Contact the Editor, Chris de Wagt P: 5777 238 or E: Advertising Recommendations: Ads that work are ones that include a photo of what you are selling. If you don’t have access to an electronic photo bring me a photo you have and I will scan it for you. Remember; the newsletter goes out to all VCC branch in NZ, but as the different branches complete their newsletters at different times your advert may take a month before someone in another branch sees it.


Branch Books and Badges AA CENTENNIAL CAR BADGES

$35 each

David Bool P: 03 579 4716


$25 each

Trevor Harris P: 03 572 5323


$25 each

Custom Copy Maxwell Road

"AFTER HOURS" PARTS SERVICE Earl Preston (Rose) 577 7839 Bruce Mant-Old (Dulcie) 578 5875 Tris Winstanley (Helen) 578 3343 Tiger Lyons (Eileen) 578 9139

The Historic Vehicle Authority of NZ The Vintage Car Club of NZ (INC.) The Historic Vehicle Authority of NZ The Vintage Car Club of NZ (INC.) The 2018 VCC code for discounts with Interislander are as follows: Off Peak Fares: 01 March – 28 March 2018 04 April – 18 December 2018

Adult Children Motorcycle Car/Van/Trailer up to 5.5 metres Trailer-Each half metre over 5.5 metres Premium Plus Lounge

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The VCC code for discounts with Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferry are as follow: Discount code: ANTIQUECAR

$20.00 $55.00 18yrs plus

Valid Travel Dates: Between now and 30 June 2018 excluding peak season between 15 December and 15 January plus Easter Weekend.

01-28 February 2018 29 March - 3 April 2018

Adult Children Motorcycle Car/Van/Trailer up to 5.5 metres Trailer-Each half metre over 5.5 metres Premium Plus Lounge

BLUEBRIDGE COOK STRAIT FERRY 23 August 2017 to 30 June 2018

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Each reservation must be made direct with Interislander online using the special link below– http:// or click on “Group Bookings” at the foot of our homepage To access these rates members must insert the reference “WH5465” Payment is required at the time of booking. Space is subject to availability at the time of the booking request. Refunds Once paid for fares are 90% refundable if cancelled prior to check-in and non-refundable if cancelled after check-in. Fares valid for specified dates only Members are required to present their current VCC Membership credentials on check in or retail fares will be charged. Fares valid for travel 01 Feb through to 18 Dec 2018 No discounted fares for travel 19 Dec 17 through to and including 31 Jan 2018 Bookings over this will need to be made online

Discounted Fares: 10% off all available fares Promotion Terms & Conditions Members must present a current VCC membership card upon check-in as proof of eligibility to Bluebridge staff. Failure to do so will result in a fare difference being required to be paid prior to boarding. Full payment is required at time of booking. Transferring to a sailing outside of the discounted offer period will require an additional payment to match the available fares. Bookings can be made online at by entering the promo code above or by calling 0800-844-844 (8am to 8pm, 7 days), and quoting the promo code. Normal fare rules regarding refunds and cancellations apply. Full Bluebridge ticket terms conditions can be viewed

& at


Marlborough BRANCH OFFICERS Branch Spokesperson Kelly Landon-Lane (Janice) 578 9907

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Parts Custodians Earl Preston (Rose) Bruce Mant-Old (Dulcie) Tris Winstanley (Helen) Tiger Lyons (Eileen)

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Park Admin Delegates Tony Smith (Jen) David Bool (Janice)

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Clubrooms Phone :

578 0616

COMING EVENTS CALENDAR This Month…. April 15th Leave park at for ride through to the Trout pub. April Sunday 15th Motorcycles Leave park at for ride through to the Trout pub. April 27th Noggin and Natter at Clubrooms pea,pie & pud. $12.50pp April 29th BBQ at Whites Bay. Meet 10am at Clubrooms

Next Month…. May 6th Event Trial at Patchetts Green. Run by last years winners. Tony & Jen May 13th Mother Day Out Sunday May 20th Motorcycles Gather at the park 10.30 am to tidy up the museum motorcycle display and do any V.C.C. vehicle identity cards’ that may be ready. Ride to lunch venue at 12.30. May 25th Night Trial run by last years winners Chris & Sharon in conjunction with Noggin & Natter. May 227th Marlborough Branch AGM 1:30pm

Further down the road …. Sunday June 17th Motorcycles Garage run Canterbury Branch Swapmeet Dates for 2018 Friday 12th, Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th October. Targa NZ -VCC South Island Time Trial 2018 The Rally Monday 22nd- Saturday 27th October 2018 Contact Rod Corbett ph 03 423 1551 or 027 433 8772 National Veteran Rally Nelson The Rally 16th to 18th November 2018 and will be preceded by the “Prince Henry Tour”. National Rally : contact Jim & Kyra Wareing ph 03 544 9998 23


Marlborough VCC April 2018  
Marlborough VCC April 2018