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Manawatu Branch

Volume 1790

May 2018

Number 09/300139

When insuring your valuable items (property, car etc) with Vero, quoting the above number results in a commission being made to the Manawatu Branch. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Discounts on Cook Strait Ferry Crossings All financial members of the VCC of NZ Inc can obtain a discount on ferry crossings, for individual or group bookings. You must show your membership card. Quote the required codes: Interislander WH5465 0800878898


Blue Bridge – ANTIQUECAR 0800844844 The Tourer

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Branch Post Vintage Rally Committee meeting 7.30pm The Grove Club night 7.30pm The Grove – Videos of Art Deco Parades Sunday Run 1pm Chesters Committee meeting 7.30pm The Grove NB No Club Night in June due to item below. Branch Mid Winter Wander, & Mid Winter Christmas meal and Night Trial Committee meeting 7.30pm The Grove Club night 7.30pm The Grove – Derek Haycock with video of hi trip to Europe Committee meeting 7.30pm The Grove NB No Club Night in August, with efforts going into the Daffodil Day Rally National Daffodil Day Rally Car Show at Coach

House car park Feilding

Committee meeting 7.30pm The Grove Branch Vintage Rally Club night – combined with CHBVCC at Dannevirke. Speaker tba Branch Swap Meet Committee meeting 7.30pm The Grove Wairarapa Branch 50th Anniversary weekend Club night 7.30pm The Grove Targa NZ VCC South Island Time Trial Committee meeting 7.30pm The Grove Branch Christmas Function 7.30pm The Grove Committee meeting 7.30pm The Grove Branch Club morning – with morning tea provided

Sunday Run details are in the Club Captain’s Corner each month. Regular monthly events are listed inside the back cover in each issue. Bookings for The Grove venue can be made through Creative Catering, Awapuni Racecourse Phone 06 354 2780 or

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contact the Secretary, Ron Persson, to organise for a name badge to be made.

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Notes from the Chair Hello Everyone, We had a very enjoyable and informative club night in April with a comprehensive update from Brian Rankine about the restoration of his 1902 Mathieu, and an illustrated talk by Derek Haycock about the fuel pressurisers that he makes. These devices use gas from the exhaust to suck fuel from the petrol tank into the carburettor. They were fitted to cars from 1904 to 1922. We were delighted to welcome a contingent of seven members from Wanganui Branch to this meeting. It was great to see the very good attendance of local members too. At this meeting Wanganui Branch Chair, Bruce Ardell invited Manawatu Branch to reciprocate and visit that branch during one of their meetings which are held on the first Wednesday of the month. We are very happy to accept this invitation. Details of the date will be confirmed. Eagle eyed members have noticed that there is no Club Night in June. This is because we are concentrating on our Mid Winter Christmas celebration in conjunction with the Night Trial. Club Captain Bryan Abraham has organised an afternoon run in the daylight, followed by a catered meal at the clubrooms, followed by the traditional Night Trial. Members are welcome to participate in any of these activities but


we do need numbers in advance. The Branch is subsidising the cost of the meal. Eagle eyed members have also noticed that we do not have a club night in August. This is because we are concentrating our efforts upon the VCC National Day on Sunday 26 August where we will be raising funds for the Cancer Society. We will hold a car show at the Coach House in Feilding utilising their car park. We thank the Coach House for their help with this event. Some months ago it was felt that due to the growth of the Swap Meet in October that it was necessary to create the position of co-coordinator. I am pleased to announce that John Ireland has volunteered to do this. The work on the drainage is pretty well completed. The committee has been looking at trialling Club Night during the day time. We are looking at having a morning meeting in December with morning tea at the clubrooms. Happy Motoring Sarah Howell Chair

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Response from the Treasurer At the March 2018 AGM the variation in subscription levy income between year 2017 and 2018 was queried, as it showed a significant difference between the two years. Consequent to this I have checked the relevant subscription levy income; 31.01.2017 $9946 (166 members) 31.01.2018 $5591 (155 members) Our accounts recognise income as it is received. The reason for the apparent discrepancy is that in 2016 the Management Committee changed the end of year for subscriptions from 31 March to 31 October. The subscription for February and March in 2016 had been included in the previous Financial Year. Every member paid twice in 2016 – one amount to cover 7 months from 1 March 2016 to 31 October 2016, and a second amount for 12 months from 1 November 2016 to 31 October 2017. Thus 19 months’ worth of subscription levy income was accounted for in the Branch 2017 Financial Year. If it had been twelve months as usual the figure of $9946 would have been $6282 or roughly equivalent to $38 per member. The following year was normal and the $5591 is roughly equivalent to $36 per member.

Manawatu Branch members congratulate

Paul and Rewa Robert

who celebrated 50 years of marriage on April the 6th

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RED CROSS ANNUAL BOOK SALE The Red Cross Book Sale is coming up – 4 days over Queen’s Birthday weekend. June 1st to 4th. For more information see our website: regional-red-cross-events/annual-palmerston-north-book-sale/ This year we have a large number of old car manuals for sale, priced from $3. You’ll find them on table 2 in the General Hall and table 109 in the Priced Hall.

Feilding Farm Meat Processors Ltd Home Kill Servicing the greater Manawatu

* MAF Registered * Farm Meat Slaughtering & Processing * Packed & Frozen Complete Home Kill Service Ph/Fax 06 323 6288 A/hrs 06 323 4265

Steve Bright 021 519 077

96 Churcher St Feilding


Please note that all VCC ID Cards have an expiry. This expiry is upon change of ownership, or 10 years from the issue date. Your vehicle must also be as described on the Card. A Renewal form personalised for each vehicle ID Card is distributed by the National Office to current financial members, approximately 3 months before the expiration. Even if your vehicle has had no changes, this form must be checked, signed and forwarded to your Branch, along with the ID Card (if the photo correctly shows your vehicle in its present state), or three new photos, as stated on the form. Upon receipt at the National Office, the ID Card will be reissued and will be valid for a further 10 years unless there is a change of ownership or major changes to the vehicle during that time. It is compulsory for all National and International VCC Rallies that vehicles entered must have a current valid ID Card.


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Club Captain’s Corner

SUNDAY RUN TO MT LEES RESERVE - 25 March 2018 With heavy rain and thunder the afternoon and evening before the picnic the majority of the 17 people who ventured on the run were expecting the instructions to take them to the Ashhurst Domain where there is a roomy and substantial shelter, but it was Mt Lees Reserve that was the destination and seven cars headed out along Rongotea Road, Green Road, Awahuri Road, Lees Road, Sandon Road, into Ngaio Road for a picnic. An eighth car joined the group at the destination. The Summerhouse had been booked for the day just in case but the weather was on our side and the shelter was not needed. A picnic on the tables and chairs in the reserve was enjoyed by all and once lunch was over many of the group headed for the bush walk before venturing home.

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MID MONTH MEANDER TO HARRISVILLE – 14 April 2018 It was a disappointment for those who were hoping to complete a few laps of the track during the course of the afternoon to discover that as a result of the 100+ mm of rain which had fallen on the two days preceding our visit that about a quarter of the track was more suited to boating than motoring. But it was a pleasant 45 km drive to Harrisville via Rongotea Road. Green Road, Lees Road, Sandon Road, Cemetery Road, Fagan Road, Speedy Road to Tangimoana Road, and once there the group enjoyed a pleasant lunch in the covered seating area adjacent to the bar.


The Tourer

After lunch Brent Harris’s private collection of motoring and racing memorabilia was made available for us to check out. It included novel items, models of cars and real cars through to oil and petrol containers, signage, and everything in between. Before heading home a number of the group moved their Lyn James showing her equestrian skills) cars around to the old style (replica) buildings to take advantage of the photo opportunity that they provided. Thank you to Laurie Cocker who arranged for this venue to be accessible to us and to all who came to support this run. SUNDAY RUN - 27 May 2018 For a leisurely 37 mile (60 kms) run on easy roads to a Café for afternoon tea and a natter meet at 1.00 pm at the Chesters’ Plumbing and Bathroom carpark in Tremaine Avenue (Palm Nth). The total mileage for the afternoon (i.e. including back to Palm Nth) will be approx. 65 miles (100 kms). All photos and reports by Bryan and Catherine Abraham The Tourer


Mid- Winter ‘Big Day Out’ - 23rd June 2018

MID-WINTER ‘BIG DAY OUT’ – 23rd June 2018

There are three club activities to look forward to on Saturday 23rd June. Hopefully you can join in on all three, but if not just choose the one or the two that you are able to participate in and take the opportunity to have an enjoyable day out with fellow club members. All three events are at / leave from and return to the Manawatu Branch VCC clubrooms (The Grove) 684 Kelvin Grove Road, Palmerston North. Mid-Winter Wander – The first event of the day is an easy afternoon run to a country Café for afternoon tea. If you are wishing to give your Vintage Car an airing and you are not feeling up to the 1½ > 1¾ hour Night Trial then this ‘Wander’ is definitely for you. The format of this outing is based on the end of month outings and is an approx. 45 mile (70 km) run on easy sealed roads to a café – then an approx. 25 mile (45 km) run back to the clubrooms / Palmerston North. Meet at the clubrooms for a 1.00 pm briefing. Just turn up on the day (there is no entry form, no entry fee or prior notification of attendance required). Mid-Winter Christmas Dinner – The catered meal which was prepared by Creative Catering for the Branch Christmas Party in December was very much enjoyed by those who participated. As a result a Mid-Winter Christmas Dinner - again with Creative Catering preparing a catered meal, has been arranged for Saturday 23rd June. -

The venue is the Manawatu Branch VCC clubrooms and the meal will be served at 5.00 pm.


The cost of the meal is $25.00 per person. BYO drinks.


R.S.V.P. and payment for this event is required by Thursday 14th June.

Use the form which is included in this Tourer or contact Bryan Abraham – 06 358 4014 - or email to confirm your attendance. Night Trial – The last event for the day is the Night Trial. The total distance for the night trial is approx. 47 miles (75 kms) – of which approx. 7 miles (11 kms) is on unsealed roads. The unsealed roads are of a good surface and are suitable for a ‘modern’ car if you prefer to not tackle the night trial in your vintage. The briefing for night trial will commence at approx. 6.45 pm - after the Mid-Winter Dinner, and the short rally can be either competitive or not for those who participate in their vintage vehicle. It will be a noncompetitive entry for ‘moderns’. There will be no photographic clues on this rally nor is there any straight line navigation and the instructions will be easy to follow. But this is a night trial so don’t overlook bringing a torch – especially if you are intending to be competitive. Night Trial Entry Form Options : 

Complete the form that is in this Tourer and mail / email it to the address on the form.

Alternatively forget the form and just send an email to the Rally Organiser with all of the details that are requested on the form included in the email text.

Night Trial Payment Options : 

Send a cheque in the post with your entry form or Pay on the Day (Night Trial only).

Email the Night Trial Organiser (email : ) requesting account details so that you can pay by internet banking.

Entries for the Night Trial close Thursday 14th June 2018. Rally Plaques may not be available in time for the event for any entries received after this date.


The Tourer


 MID-WINTER WANDER  MID-WINTER CHRISTMAS DINNER  NIGHT TRIAL SATURDAY 23RD JUNE 2018 For the Mid-Winter Wander meet at the VCC clubrooms in Kelvin Grove Road for a 1.00 pm briefing. No entry required - no cost for this event - just turn up on the day. Total distance (Clubrooms back to Clubrooms) is approx. 70 miles (110 kms) with a Café stop en-route.

The Mid-Winter Christmas Dinner is a catered meal starting at 5.00 pm - BYO drinks. The Night Trial briefing will be at approx. 6.45 pm at the VCC clubrooms in Kelvin Grove Road.

Total distance for the Night Trial is approx. 47 miles (75 kms) of which approx. 7 miles (11 kms) is unsealed road.

MID-WINTER CHRISTMAS DINNER NAME(S) OF ATTENDEE(S) : ................................................................................................. MID-WINTER DINNER PAYMENT: Internet Banking 

$_____.___ being ___ meals at $25.00 per person

Cheque attached 

CHEQUES PAYABLE TO : ‘Manawatu Branch VCC’



NIGHT TRIAL - FOR VEHICLES OF ALL VINTAGE CLASSIFICATION GROUPS ENTRANT: ….................................................................................................................................... NAVIGATOR: ................................................................................................................................... TELEPHONE: ( ...... ) ..................................... VEHICLE YEAR: ..............................

EMAIL: .............................................................

VEHICLE REGN No.: .................................................

VEHICLE MAKE & MODEL: .......................................................................................................... NIGHT TRIAL ENTRY:


$15.00 $30.00

Internet Banking 

 

Entry only being Entry plus optional Rally Plaque

Cheque attached 

Pay on the day 

CHEQUES PAYABLE TO : ‘Manawatu Branch VCC’


ORGANISER - Bryan Abraham : 81 Apollo Parade, Palmerston North 4414. Phone (06) 358 4014



(email the Organiser if you would like a PDF copy of this form - or for Internet Banking account details)

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Len Shailer Ltd

“NZ’s Finest Automotive Platers”


68 Wilson Street- Wanganui

191 ALBERT ST, PALMERSTON NORTH PHONE 357-9098 * All types of car upholstery * Vintage cars a speciality * Carpet Overlocking

The acknowledged experts on all types of Vintage and Post Vintage Nickel and Chrome Plating. We are one of those old-fashioned firms that take pride in the quality of our work. (Ask anyone who has dealt with us) For all your METAL FINISHING REQUIREMENTS Copper, Brass, Bronze, Silver, Alloy Plating,Gold, Antique Finishing and Metal Polishing Phone Dave on Wanganui (06) 345 5042 for prompt and efficient service


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South Island Tour 2018

Those taking part were: Rob Eason & sister Margaret from Auckland 1929 Chevrolet Palmerston Nth Keith & Avis Hughes 1939 Chevrolet Palmerston Nth Dave & Esther Williams 1947 Plymouth Palmerston Nth Murray & Penny Firth 1950 Riley RMB Auckland Trevor & Leslie Ward 196 Singer Vogue Palmerston Nth Wednesday 14 March Picked Esther from work at 4.30pm and headed through heavy traffic for Wellington. Overheated the brakes inching our way down Ngauranga Gorge all the way at kerb speed.. Very smooth sailing arriving in Picton just after 1.00am. Thursday 15 March Met our fellow travellers all booked in the same motel and left Picton at 9.30am on a lovely fine day. Turned right at Spring Grove Pub and then onto Renwick and 127km to Lake Rotoiti. Initially we travelled through miles of vineyards - some had grape harvester machines working. The countryside changes from vineyards to farming and then National Park. The hills are ever present and the valley narrows; then we pass over a saddle and into St Arnaud  arriving at Lake Rotoiti at 11 am. Picture perfect; even big eels under the jetty. Continued onto Kawatiri Junction. In the early 1950s a railway line was being built from Inangahua to Nelson. This was almost completed when the government of the day decided to shelve it with 11 miles left to complete. The protesting went on for sometime. Continued onto Murchinson for lunch and second hand shopping with our next stop being Lyell. This is an old gold mining area with a colourful history. We walked a little way along Lyell Creek crossing a well built swingbridge. The track carries on over the Lyell saddle and out to the coast. Continue on through

The Tourer


Inangahua to Hawkes Craig where the road bed is carved across a cliff face with river below. Then on to Westport to meet up with Murray and Penny Firth. Good run today with no problems. Big Sleep. Friday 16 March We first visited Coaltown museum which gave us all an overview of coal mining especially at Denniston Incline cable way. There is a good display of mining equipment and machinery, photos, movies. We headed out to Cape Foulwind to walk to the lighthouse for good views of the coast. Continue south to Charleston to discover the pub had been demolished. The town has all but disappeared. Saw some greenstone at an old house only to discover a real character and be educated in Pounamu. Valuable greenstone everywhere with no security. Had picnic lunch at Constant Bay and then to Porarari River


The Tourer

where we walked up the canyon (water carved limestone) following the river. Huge cliffs, Nikau palms, sub tropical forest. From there we drove to Greymouth. Saturday 17 March Rally 110 cars and crews. There were several start points as there were so many entries. Eventually we turn up at our correct start to be presented with a Montieths’ package with our name on it. Out through Cobden then toward Brunner following the Greymouth river. Many stopped at the Brunner minesite to view not only the mine installations but the coking ovens as well. Continued onto Blackball where we bought our Blackball salami (made on site). Took photos of the Plymouth in front of the Formerly The Blackball Hilton Hotel. This hotel name was subject of a lawsuit by the Hilton Hotel chain a few years ago over the name Hilton. Blackball was where the trade union movement started. The mining company owned the mine and the town. Living and working conditions weren’t good. Continued driving to Pike river mine memorial then onto an open cast mine access road. Here we formed a convoy of 110 old cars and drove up to the mine and were allowed to drive down onto the first two bench roads. Still couldn’t see the bottom. Then onto Reefton race course for lunch and field trials. Then we were free to check the shops out in Reefton and cruise the 80km back to Greymouth. Saturday night dinner at Shanty town was great with plenty to eat and drink. Over 200 people present including 10 from our tour group. A great night. Sunday 18 March Today saw us on the road by 8am. Travelled south toward Kumara Junction. Drove over the last road rail bridge in NZ at the Taramakau River. New two way bridge under construction. Passed through Kumara and Jackson’s, the Alps closing in all The Tourer


There is no pleasure worth forgoing just for an extra three years in the geriatric ward. John Mortimer

Feilding Auto Electrical Ltd “All auto electrical faults repaired on Alfas to Zephyrs” New Style Name Badges

Alternators & starter motors reconditioned or new These are available Batteries - automotive, commercial, marine from the secretary Computer diagnostics - Engine, ABS, AirbagsFor etc$18.00 each MP3/CD Players supplied and fitted (member’s name is Car alarms printed below Air conditioning wings) Automotive parts and accessories at: Feilding Auto Electrical 71 Stafford Street, Feilding Ph: 323 8427 Mobile: 0274 423 967 Email: 25 16

The Tourer

the time and the river a wide braided gravel pit. Bore right to follow the Otira river. The Otira pub museum is worth a visit with its collection of curios including a huge crystaline geodecut open. Continued onto Arthur’s Pass which is a steep climb with a slow approach. Some low gear work up to the look out to watch others make the ascent. Continued over the pass to Arthur’s Pass township for a congratulatory coffee and refuel cars. Followed the Waimakariri river then turned away passing Cass railway station on the left and soon at Lake Pearson for a small breather. Continued to Lyndon Road which skirted Lake Lyndon. Fairly rough and corrugated and one way in places. Passed through tussock conservation area with no fences. Dropped down to Lake Çoleridge township for lunch by power station and then on Zigzag Road to the Rakaia Gorge bridges. Very unusual place as the Rakaia flows through a short gorge. Lots of photos taken. Continued onto Geraldine’s Kiwi motorcamp. Noggin & natter followed by roast dinner at pub. Monday 19 March Guys visited the Geraldine Vintage Vehicle and Machinery Museum and the ladies went shopping. The museum has a good collection of 60’s & 70’s cars. Continued to Fairlie and then Cave, turning right onto Prohibition Road. Continued onto Pareora Road following the river though the gorge. Joining SH1 south of Timaru, turning right. A castle like home with a moat was an interesting talking point. Continued onto Oamaru for a look around the historic precinct with its old Oamaru stone commercial buildings and warehouses with the Steampunk HQ near the entrance. The group was split up as accommodation was hard to get. Tuesday 20 March Drove out through sandstone country through amazing rocky out crops, cliffs and overhangs always with a river at the bottom. Stopped at Elephant Rocks where we had a break and a close up walk. Then continued onto Danseys Pass road. The road narrows soon after the motor camp and becomes steep, dusty and corrugated with steep drop offs. All of our cars struggled over this road. Met a very old vehicle on a very steep section too narrow to pass. They had to reverse up to a siding. We got by, nearly scraping the bank. Finally got to the top to wait for the others with radiator into the wind and engine left running. Others turned up one at a time with warm engines and brakes. Singer not running too well. Continued onto Kyeburn Diggings losing altitude fairly quickly. The Kyeburn pub is an old stone building in a narrow valley. The road goes past its front door. Has high trusses and ceilings and a roaring fire. Then drove through old gold workings to Naseby where we stopped for a look around and an ice cream. Onto Ranfurly to our accommodation. Afternoon car repairs on a Singer Vogue. Blocked carburettor jet which required compressed air to clean (garage assistance). Plymouth blew a headlight and the 39 Chev was getting hard to start. Wednesday 21 March - Central Otago tour. Today saw us touring in very heavy rain to Hayes Engineering at Oturehua (now relocated in Christchurch). This is an interesting place of NZ history worth a visit The Tourer


and a suggested lookup on the net. The workshop was originally powered by a windmill then a Pelton wheel fed from a reservoir. All machinery is driven by belt from overhead shafts. Main products were wire strainer, poison cutters & windmills. In the early 1920s the family built a very nice rammed earth home very well appointed for the time. Continued onto Ophir and over the “surprise” historic bridge. Had lunch at Omakau pub then went to Alexandra for shopping and a look at district museum. Then back to Ranfurly while the weather deteriorated and our motel leaked overnight with the heavy rain. Thursday 22 March Today saw us leave Ranfurly for Waipiata where the rain started to ease up.


99a Lombard Street Palmerston North Ph 06 357-2972 Fax 06 355·1634 Mobile 027-241·3413


B&H ENGINE SERVICES 2015 Ltd 298 Broadway Avenue- Palmerston North (Member NZ Engine Reconditioner’s Assn) Specialists in all • ENGINE RECONDITIONING and • PARTS SUPPLY of any make or model. • • • • • •

ALSO Shell Bearing Conversions Remetalling Line Boring Unleaded Fuel Conversions Balancing “Hard to Get” parts manufactured TELEPHONE: 357 1182 FAX 356 6722 Email:

The Tourer

Some homes here have been converted to rail trail accommodation. Turned left after leaving Waipiata into a gravel road worn to bedrock in places. This took us back to the highway where we stopped at the site of the Hyde railway accident. A passenger train derailed killing a number of people. At Middlemarch for smoke we decided to abandon our stage through Lawrence because of the weather. Continued on through tor country (rocky out crops) to Outram domain for picnic lunch dressed in our warmest clothes. Continued onto SH1 after an unplanned detour to Dunedin airport. Continued south past Lake Waihola and onto Milton and our accommodation. Car clinic here with a 39 Chev continued hard starting. Friday 23 March Turned off of SH1 toward Beaumont and headed for Tuapeka Mouth ferry. The ferry is deemed a highway which the Clutha council runs and maintains so is free. It runs between 7 & 10 am and 4 & 6pm. The ferry is made of 2 steel boat hulls decked over. It uses the river current as propulsion, 2 big riders for steering and is guided by a similar system to a flying fox each side. The faster the current the better it works. The ferry master had some stories to tell. Two cars on the ferry at a time. Took 45 minutes to get 5 cars and a local car across. Continued onto Beaumont and crossed the Clutha River at Miller’s Flat. Passed through Teviot, crossed the Roxburgh Dam, Roxburgh town and continued toward Alexandra, turning off onto Conroys Road. A very steep downhill brake test into Earnscleugh Road and on into Clyde to look around. Old stone buildings and boutique shops. Continued onto Cromwell and 2 nights in a luxury apartment. The 39 Chev got a car shed Saturday 24 March Today saw a lovely fine day. We went to Highland Park race track and racing museum which was really good and informative. Watched a number of Toyota cars racing behind a new Lexus race car for a couple of hours. Then out came a Ferrari for hot laps. We had a photo shoot with the resident photographer.  Drove to Wanaka to the Warbirds museum. Very good. No Warbirds practising. Did some window shopping in Wanaka town then back to Cromwell for takeaway tea at the apartment. Made an electric repair. Sunday 25 March Visited Cromwell historic precinct by the shores of Lake Dunstan and then on to Kawarau Gorge. Stopped at Roaring Meg power station, the stream being named after à very loud barmaid. Quite spectacular. Turned into Arrowtown but very few parks to be had and heavy foot traffic. Continued to Queenstown. Traffic hazardous, cars and people everywhere. Couldn’t get a car park at the motel. 1 per unit. Motel expensive and below average but comfortable. Others of our group were justifiably unhappy with their accommodation. Too expensive. Esther and Dave

The Tourer

End of Part 1 of 2.


The ABC of the Manawatu VCC V is for 1962 Vauxhall Velox PASX Owned by Doug Angove Written by Esmee Rowden

Gathering the information for this article was a delight. Doug is one of this Branch’s newest members, he lives in Pahiatua where he owns a Tractor repair business, and he knows some of Ian’s family. His workshop was full of a number of quite old tractors and a horse float. The story of how Doug became the owner of the Vauxhall is pretty interesting too. The car was originally imported by a Mr Colin Dron, who purchased it through DP Ryan and Sons garage in Pahiatua, on 3 September 1962. For the next 36 years is was owned by Mr Dron and serviced by the same mechanic. Doug inherited the car upon the death of Mr Dron in December 1998. Mr Dron was the neighbour of a relative of Doug’s. It had done 62,000 miles and was in good original condition. The PASX model was upmarket in that it had wood grain finish and a strip speedo, plus a 2.6 cc motor. In 2011 Doug replaced the gearbox, and fitted new U joints to the driveshaft. He also added an overhaul kit to the carb.


The Tourer

Then in 2017 he had it painted two tone – keeping the original blue on the bottom, and painting the top white. Bartering is alive and well in Pahiatua – Doug traded the paint job for changing a 16/40 Wolseley from auto to manual. Since he has owned the car, Doug has been to many of the Vauxhall Clubmonthly outings and various car shows in Hastings and Whanganui. The Vauxhall Club has since closed. The car has never let him down. It comfortably cruises at 60mph and its current mileage is 70,000. The features Doug most likes about the car are its shape and its comfort – he says it is similar to the old Bel Air. The Vauxhall shares the garage with a 1979 2500cc Triumph TCS.

An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have. The older she gets the more interested he is in her. Agatha Christie

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CLOSING DATE FOR NEXT TOURER – 20TH MAY 2018 The next issue of the Tourer will be June 2018.

Please send your contributions: rally reports, your motoring stories, cuttings, technical reports, humorous articles, photos, drawings etc

to: The Editor


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Gary Millar (Marion)

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