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Hawke’s Bay Branch Newsletter

THE MAG january 2019

Official publication of the Hawke’s Bay branch of the vintage car club of New Zealand (inc.)

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HAWKE’S BAY BRANCH CONTACTS// Chairman: Ian Elmsly (Kay) p. 06 845 0577 c. 0274 790 682 Club Captain: Esther Smith (Graham) p. 06 843 9668 c. 027 464-7314 Secretary: Peter Ball (Helen) p. 06 843 6979 Treasurer: Paul Eager (Carol) p. 06 845 4779 c. 027231 4304 Committee: Malcolm Blair (Lesley) p. 06 843 7664 c. 021 576 360 Kevin McGrath p. 06 844 7626 Trevor Charman (Lyn) p. 06 844 5140 c. 027 292 6068

Steve Trott (Jo) p. 06 835 2452 c. 021 460 159 Steve Donovan (Pam) p. 06 835 9956 c. 027 217 7730 stevedon@xtra Librarian Allan Twort (Helen) p. 06 845 0438

January 2019

Club Custodian: Steve Donovan p. 06 835 9956 c. 027 217 7730 stevedon@xtra Club Room Hire: Ana Brock-Jest p. 06 835 1722 c. 021 022 75635 Cruise Ship Co-ordinator Beaded Wheels: Helen Ball (Peter) p. 06 8436979 Mag Editor: Kay Elmsly p. 06 845 0577 c. 0274 790 682 Mag Printer: Liv Coleske p. 06 845 3276 Spares Manager: Brian Taylor (Margaret) p. 06 844 5982 c. 027 443 6009 Spare Crew: Dave Roberton 06 843 5151 Geoff Johnson 06 879 9700 Bruce Carrad 06 843 6717 Ian Workman 06 844 7162 Allan Twort 06 845 0438 Peter Crocker 06 876 4485 Peter Ball 06 843 6979 Colin Sheriff 06 845 2572 John Durry 06 843 5798

HB Branch Life Members Allan Harris life member Trevor Charman life member

Volume 98 // Number 01 // January 2019

CONTENTS HB Branch Contacts 4 Chairman’s Report 6 Club Captains Report 7 New Year Outing 8 Up & Coming Events 9 Art Deco Weekend 10 Pizza, Panettone and Vino 11 Stories 12 Your Branch Photos 14 For Sale 17 Hooters 18 The 19/100 Short-Chasis Austro-Daimler 20 Message To Club Members 21 Notice Board 22 Calendar of Events 24 Branch Events 25 For Sale/Wanted 26

BRANCH DETAILS POSTAL: PO Box 3406, Napier 4142 Clubrooms: 67 Sandy Rd, Meeanee, Napier Phone: (06) 835 1483 email:

Club night 2nd Wednesday of month 7.30pm at Clubrooms supper provided. Clubrooms, library & Spares DEPARTMENT OPEN Tuesday morning 9-11am. Morning Tea available. 5


With a very short turnaround between MAG productions due to the Christmas rush, print time frames available to us and the general rush at this time of the year, there is not much at this stage for me to report on. But, we had a great Italian Night to celebrate the end of the year and a big thank you to Barrie & Lyndsay Browne for organising the night and Malcolm & Lesley Blair for their assistance on the night. By the time you read this MAG we will have had the December Club Night and the auction. Hopefully you managed to get a bargain to add to fill the space under the Christmas tree or just managed to pick up something useful. Funds raised will be reported in the next MAG. The December run will also have been completed, and I know in advance that it will / was a good one thanks to Steve Donovan.

January 2019

Throughout the year the committee have tried to ensure that there are enjoyable runs and entertaining meetings for you to participate in and that the clubroom and park have been a meeting place which we can feel relaxed and enjoy the camaraderie. Going forward into the new year we have Art Deco well in the sights, and as our major fundraiser for the year, we hope that you all get some enjoyment from the events, and that the weather gods look after us. This year with the feature marque being “Commercial Vehicles” we should see some very interesting historical vehicles in the neighbourhood, and with 300 cars entered into the Parade it again promises to be quite a sight. So from the Chair, I hope you have a great January and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

CLUB CAPTAIN// By Esther Smith

It has been a busy month but not long now until the Christmas break arrives.

worth it. Full details are elsewhere in the Mag.

Thanks to Hilary and Richard Anderson for organising the Children’s Christmas party again this year.

Those attending the Napier Christmas parade (with a Santa in a red suit) would have seen Wayne Richards riding his “Moa” an articulated motorised big bird, it maybe version 1001 revision 5 but his persistence paid off and it seems he has finally tamed it.

We had two interesting conundrums to deal with, first the weather then the number of children, even the grandchildren seem to be growing up. We solved the weather issue by holding it all indoors, just pushed the tables back and away we went, the number of children is not so simply solved. Owing to having visiting family staying for the weekend, the Smith clan did try, we brought five and a half along with four and a half of those been under two. Anyway we will play it by ear as to if we have enough participants for next year. For those who were at the final kitchen for the year, it was announced that Alan and Helen Twort are retiring from organising this monthly event. Many thanks to Alan and Helen including their able assistants for all the time and effort they have put into running these evenings, we really appreciate what they have done for the branch over the past few years. The kitchen nights will continue, with the first one for 2019 been held at the end of February, so watch this space. January Runs. Steve Donovan is again coming up trumps as on Sunday the 13th of January 2019, he is organising a run down Dannevirke way, with some interesting places to visit. It will be a long day but well

COMING EVENTS: Upcoming events are: • Sunday 13th of January 2019 –Club Run down Dannevirke way refer elsewhere in the Mag for full details Art Deco rally planning is still ticking along, the numbers attending are rather mind blowing for example there are approx. four hundred and seventy registered for Saturday morning tea at the clubrooms. We will be requiring people to help with parking at the clubrooms for the various events that are been held over that weekend. Steve D is in charge of this, so offer your services, or you might just get tapped on the shoulder anyway. We also need cars and people to help with the car rides on the Saturday and Sunday afternoon. The rides set off from outside the I Site on Marine Parade. Contact Ian Elmsly if you can assist with this. On a final note for the passing lane, we would like to note the recent passing of Rob Watt, our condolences to Anne and their family. It was always a pleasure to have Rob and Anne participating in club events driving their Blue 1939 Dodge. 7

NEW YEAR OUTING 2019 Sunday January 13th 2019 Meet at Roosters Brewery on Omahu Road Hastings. Starting at 9.30am We will be travelling to Dannervike for a picnic Lunch. Then visiting two collections. This is the third group I have organised to these venues and everybody has been very impressed. It is amazing what is on our back yard.Please plan for a long day as you may not get back to Napier/ Hastings by approx 5.30pm. Bring your Lunch etc. Regards Pam & Steve Donovan. Our contact details are in the Mag.

January 2019


ART DECO 14th - 17th February

More information on page 8.

More information on page 12.

MID WEEK RUN Wednesday 6th February

KITCHEN NIGHT Friday 22nd February

ALWAYS 1st Wednesday of the Month.

Numbers needed by 18th February to Malcolm & Lesley Blair ph 06 843 7664 or 021 576 360. Email

• Where: Meet at HB Vintage Club Rooms • Time: 10.30am

CLUB NIGHT Wednesday 13th February




• THURSDAY NIGHT VALENTINES DINNER Sold out • FRIDAY RALLY Very limited space available • SATURDAY MORNING TEA 489 tickets sold • ART DECO PARADE Now full • SUNDAY BREAKFAST 158 tickets sold Volunteers are still required so step forward and please offer your services!!! This is your clubs big event for the year and an opportunity for everyone to showcase your club.

January 2019

PIZZA, PANETTONE AND VINO// “Life is a combination of magic and pizza.” -Federico Fellini, Director I slipped on my Italian Prada pumps and headed to Dolce Vista Winery in my Fiat Bambina to enjoy an Italian evening of fine food, fine wine and fine company. Please imagine a whole lot of exuberant gesture at this point!!! (Actually it was more me in my pink boots in the Jag.. but dreams are free!) The evening was a little grey however we were snug in the winery venue. The evening commenced with some tasty canapes and a wee tasting of the wonderful wines from this property. Many of the guests were suitably attired in a range of Italian options from Mafia bosses and their trophy wives( you looked brilliant!) to racing car drivers, the best I could do was wear a red beret. We were served by cameriere (waiters) authentically dressed in Italian clothing! We indulged in the wines and socialized.

The main course arrived and we enjoyed Pizza created for us by the boutique pizzeria El Dominoes. There was a great selection and we ate our fill. Dessert was highlight, Panettone and lime gelato, which was delicious. Socialising continued and the evening was rounded off with music, enjoyed from the pianoforte. What a great way to ease into December. Grazie to the organisers and the wait staff. Mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto. – Eat well, laugh often, love much. Mercia Paaymans

» Winners of the best dressed Italian’s chosen by Gary is Malcolm & Lesley Blair. 11

STORIES// Stories by Barbara Bixley

» Story continued from December Mag In 1976 we bought Brian Lawry's 1929 Studebaker 7 seater what a magnificent family car, we paid a deposit and Brian said just pay me as you can what a great guy. As mention while “sitting on the couch” we had driven it for him at the 1967 easter rally. Now this car I took a shine to and drove it a lot, it was easy to change from 1st to 2nd and I could drive almost anywhere in top gear. If it wouldn't go somewhere I would just stop and start with 1st again I never got the hang of the double the clutch stuff. One day while speeding home from town at a great rate of knots there was a very large bang, at first I thought I had been shot at until the steering went crazy, I held on to the steering wheel with all my might until I managed to bring the car to a stop on the side of the road. The back left hand tyre had blown out big time. No cell phones in those days, too far to walk home so I thought I would just change the tyre. Now I had never changed a tyre before but had seen Doug do it. Off with the spare that was easy only two straps a little bit heavy though, now loosen the nuts easy again after standing on the spanner thing just like I had seen Doug do, next put the hand brake on tight, now for the jack, under the car it went and up went the car but the wheel hadn't come off the ground, so jacked it up some more still the wheel was on the ground tried some more until I had the car body at a crazy angle in the air but the wheel was still on the ground. January 2019

Problem! Finally I figured it out and put the jack under the axel and changed the tyre. When I arrived home covered in dirt and grim Doug told me how lucky I was, that a front tyre blow out is far worse. Great thought I. Now the trees had grown and we were starting to ge a crop of fruit, so no more growing vegetables hooray. We planted grass between the rows instead and bought an off set mower. Doug was having to mow in the evenings and weekends so I said surely I can help you with that. To teach me he put me driving the tractor while he rode shotgun on the mud guard up and down the rows we went until we got to the end of the orchard, I was feeling very chuffed with myself as I turned into the headland with a flourish and then it happened no I didn't knock Doug off the mud guard but in hind sight he is probably lucky that I didn't that day. No instead I mowed off a large section of the back fence. Bits of batten were flying everywhere I was quite shocked and spat the dummy big time, off the tractor I went gave him a piece of my mind and stormed back to the house muttering what a lousy teacher he was and what a stupid thing the mower was, I thought they were designed to cut grass not mow off fences. I never went mowing again. We got a beautiful new pain job done on the 1929 Studebaker, blue and black and took it to the 1980 International rally in Rotorua.

*Refers to 136LiL & 136LiHD45


See Ron or Paul JYOUNG MOTORS | 590 Main Road, Bay View Ph: 836 6126 |



» The kitchen crew

» 1st course lovely Bruschetta

» Enjoying the night

» Enjoying the night

January 2019

» Lovely wines

» Lookout gangsters present

» Lookout gangsters present

» Winery Owner Gary entertaining us

» Leaning tower of pizzas 15


38 Thames Street, Pandora, Napier Ph/Fax: 835-9656 Mobile: 0274 837 155

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January 2019

EFTPOS Available


» The man himself

» Musical chairs

» Pass the parcel


HOOTERS// Ana @ Hooters

Hi Folks, Well it’s been a bumper month and the cruise ships have really been coming in thick and fast and our manager Phil has only gone and broken a rib. So between him and David we are definitely a man down! The team as always have pulled together and got the job done. So this month I thought I’d show you some of the great feedback we get. It’s not really a cop out of me still being in the office at 9:30pm with two cruise ships impending tomorrow. :-) Love this place ! What an awesome place! We rented a vintage car for a day and couldn’t be happier. Phil took care of us like we were the only customer in the world. Personal attention and a true enthusiast. Highly recommended ! January 2019

VINTAGE CAR TOUR GUIDES TOUR Fabulous! I went with my wife and two teenage daughters for the day trip. Not only were the cars fun (everyone seems to wave at you when your in these cars) the guide was great. Because we were with our children in these vintage vehicles (yes they had us try a couple) we ended up talking about all sorts of things from the past... our parents and grandparents, the wars, history of the area, geology and much more. The kids loved it and so did we. The event planner on site took the time ahead of our trip to learn about our interests which led to a fabulous farm tour and an incredible lunch at the Mission Estate winery. ........ Delicious......

At the end of our tour the owners took the time to show us the rest of their collection and to add depth to our whole experience. Thumbs up! The Cator’s FAMILY Wow. The planning paid off. Specialised destinations. Boutique winery for lunch. Hooters own car show room. A must see. Vintage costume hire then a professional photo shoot. Pickup from hotel — 8 hours later returned. Yes there was cost involved. Memories worth it — oh yes.

FANTASTIC AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE Thank you Hooters’ team for the unique authentic experience in the city of Art Deco! We enjoyed the ride by the Chevrolet 1936, tasted wines in 3 local wineries and chatted up with very pleasant guide Jenny. Hooters’ vehicle collection is incredible and all these cars are roadworthy! Hooters’ tours are strongly recommended for all Napier’s visitors! Well that’s it for another month, be seeing you...



January 2019


• 1955 Wolseley 4/44. • Body and paint very good condition. Interior original tidy condition but showing some signs of its 63 years. • Motor, gear box, diff and brakes rebuilt, new radials, battery and brake booster fitted three years and a thousand miles ago. • Very reliable and pleasant to drive. • Registration expires October 2019 and new WOF. • $14000.00 ono. • Ph. Bruce 06 8766161 or 027 2469899 Email


NOTICE BOARD// If you want to add any notices to the notice board please contact the Editor.

January 2019



Hiring of club rooms is only available to financial club members who must be present on the premises for the duration of hire and be solely responsible for hireage. BOOKING CONTACT: Ana Brock-Jest (only bet ween the hours of 9am-5pm please) Work 06 835 1722 (hooters vintage & classic vehicle hire) Mobile 021 02275635 Email: abrockjest@aol.Com Club Custodian is Steve Donovan: Contact 027 217 7730









January 2019



FOR SALE// CLOTHING TAPE Mend your furs in time for Art Deco 2019. $3.50 per metre. Phone Carolyn on 06 844 3324 or email FOR SALE 1952 Ford Perfect – Car is virtually complete and goes. Needs Restoration - $100.00 Phone Bruce 06 8444 408 FOR SALE MORRIS MARINA UTE 1981 Very Good Condition. Lots of spares $6,000. Phone Basil Rouse on 06 835 6068 or 027 2030811. FOR SALE Two Triumph 2.5cc. New Oil filters $10 for the pair. Ph Dave 843 5151.

WANTED/ WANTED BLACK TV CABINET, 350x700x430 with two glass doors. Phone Dave Roberton 843 5151 WANTED - Message from Mike In Omaru. For 1957 series 2 Morris Oxford. Front end including guards, bonnet, bumper bar and overriders, nuts screws and bolts, badge (with bull logo), grille, stainless grille trims (two piece), full wiring loom, headlight stainless surrounds, and mag wheels?? I would like to get the old girl back on the road. Message through VCC facebook or contact Ross Holden 021 2638488.

If any of these ads are no longer required please contact “The Editor” Thank you.

CLUB SPARE PARTS CORNER// For any enquiries phone Brian Taylor on 027 4436009 or contact the Club’s Spares Dept. on Tuesday mornings between 9am & 11am on 06 835 1483.

January 2019

Allan Jones Joinery New Kitchens, Renovations, All Joinery Work, Repairs & Maintenance 30 years serving the Bay

“The Trunk Man”, maker of fine “Vintage Car Trunks” since 1992 View us on: TradeMe No: 1051398663

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Proud sponsors of Art Deco Weekend Feb 16, 2017

Hawkes Bay VCC - January 2019  
Hawkes Bay VCC - January 2019