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The Eastern Bay of Plenty Branch of

The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand PO BOX 2168, Kopeopeo, Whakatane 3159

September 2018


Lorolei Pollard at her 35 year Award Presentation with daughter Judy and grand-daughter Lee ___________________________________________________________________________ Club Night: Last Thursday of the month (except December) at Whakatane Athletic Clubrooms, Short Street, Whakatane 7.00 pm Social get together Branch meeting starts at 7.30 PM


THE VINTAGE CAR CLUB OF NZ Eastern Bay of Plenty Branch Postal Address: PO Box 2168, Kopeopeo, Whakatane 3159 Branch Officers: 2018/2019 Honorary Branch Member

Lorolei Pollard

Chairman Vice Chairman Secretary Treasurer Club Captain

Les Costar Lytle Hall Karen Spackman Joy Growden Barry Keene

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Steve Growden Lorraine Stock Alan Stock Peter Hadley Mark Spackman Keith Watson Margaret Watson Gail Costar

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Margaret McKerras

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Beaded Wheels Reporter Almoner Name Badge Sales

Bruce Seddon Lorolei Pollard Peter Donovan

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Parts Shed Supervisors:

Phil Leaming Steve Growden Keith Watson

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Archivist VIC Collators:

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Supper Supervisor Raffles

Gail Costar Keith Watson Les Costar Keith & Margaret Watson Margaret Watson Lorraine Stock

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Community Liaison:

Les Costar

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Saleable Items:

Club Regalia For Sale: Contact: Keith and Margaret Watson (these will be available at Club Nights) EBOP Cloth Jacket Badges $7.50 EBOP Cloth Jacket Patches $10.00 EBOP Car Window Stickers $1.00 EBOP Car Bumper Badges $20.00 EBOP Lapel Badges $6.00 EBOP VCC Windscreen Stickers $2.00 EBOP Cloth Caps $15.00 Rally Number Holders s/s $15.00 NZVCC Winged Lapel Badges $7.50 VCC Cloth Winged Badges $13.00 EBOP Name Badges $15.00 (to be ordered) Please wear your name badge to VCC functions.

Club Night: At:

Last Thursday of the month (except December) Whakatane Athletic Clubrooms, Short Street, Whakatane 7.00pm Social Get-together Branch Meeting starting at 7.30pm


From your Chairman: On Tuesday 7th August we had our Annual Nobby’s Nosh dinner at the Whakatane RSA. It was a great social gathering that was enjoyed by the 20 Members who were there. Then on Sunday 12th we had a great turn-out of 50 Members, friends and family for the Presentation of Service Awards for, Phil & Margaret Leaming, Lorolei Pollard, Bruce Taylor and John & Emily Steiner. After the presentations we were served with a delicious lunch prepared by Gay and Harry Sutcliffe. The afternoon continued with stories of old events and reminiscing of the good times that were had. Thanks must go to those Members who helped in some way, setting out the tables and chairs, setting the tables, doing the dishes (usually the men’s job) thank you Ladies and the two Gents who did this job. Also those that packed up the tables and chairs and cleaned up after the event and other jobs that go un-noticed, thank you all. A big thanks to Gay and Harry who must have spent many long hours preparing and cooking this meal in their own home. Photo’s and Presentations are elsewhere in the magazine. This years’ Daffodil for Cancer, Run and Display was a very successful event. We had a parade of about 50 cars in total, with about 15 Members cars and about 35 non-members. Thanks to the Falcon Club and the Classic Car Breakfast Members and others that just turned up to donate money to the Cancer Society. Thanks to the $10.00 donation from each car and donations from the public we collected $803.00 for Cancer. Also thanks Barry and Tessa and helpers on the day for your efforts. Mark and Karen and Gail and I attended the VCC AGM in Napier at the beginning of the month, a report on this was presented at our August Branch Meeting. As discussed at the August Branch Meeting you will be receiving a ‘Code of Conduct’ Draft Remit for your comments. This will be discussed again at the September Branch Meeting, before any comments are forwarded to Head Office. Les

Club Captain Report Sept 2018 Only a couple of weeks to go until our September Club run on the 14th, 15th and 16th. This is a weekend visit to the Paeroa Antiques Fair, Vintage and Classic Car Show. Departure is on Friday morning the 14th and we come home on the Sunday the 16th. Steve and Joy have arranged a scenic tour to Paeroa on the Friday and also an interesting stop or two on the way home on Sunday. For 3

more information and where to meet on the Friday contact Joy or Steve Growden at 3049 777 or The Daffodil Day Rally and Display last Sunday went off well and raised $803 for the Cancer Society. $450 came from those in the Rally and $353 came from the public at the display which this year was held at the Hub. Last year we had a total of $462. This venue seemed to be a good choice as there were more members of the public attending than last year, although the weather last year was not as good as this year. We had a good turn out of 50 cars and even though the route was longer and included going down to the Heads, I did not hear of any cars getting lost. Going down to the Heads also allowed us to see the other cars in the Parade. There were about 25 member's cars plus 25 from other clubs. Last year preliminary total for the whole of NZ VCC was $20,000 but this ended up with a final figure of $40,000. If other Clubs have the same increase in donations that we have had the $40,000 should be easily exceeded. Nobby's Nosh this was another very pleasant evening despite the weather being wet and windy outside. But we still had twenty of our members at the RSA and it also happened to be the RSA Steak Night. This meant as well as a nice porterhouse steak those that chose to have the steak they were also entitled to a free drink as well. Good value for $18.50.

Barry Keene From the Secretary Well it has been another relatively quiet month with no changes to our membership. Les Costar, Chairman & Delegate, Mark Spackman, Observer accompanied by Gail and I attended the National AGM in Napier at the beginning of the month. It was an interesting weekend and an enjoyable trip. Always lots of discussions about the quality and cost of meals provided at these sorts of events! Spring is in the air now (along with copious quantities of rain!) and the calendar could easily be full of all things vintage most weekends if you are keen. The Daffodil Day Run was very successful and a beautiful day luckily. Cook Strait Ferry Discounts for Members: BLUEBRIDGE: Discount Code ANTIQUE CAR 0800844 844 INTERISLANDER: Booking Reference number WH 5465 0800 878 898

If you have recently transferred to this Branch, you will need to let Vero know otherwise your last Branch will still receive those payments. When you insure your vehicle through VERO please let them know you are a member of the Eastern Bay of Plenty Vintage Car Club and quote number: 300132. Contact number for Vero is 0800 658 411


The Paeroa trip is now only two weeks away, contact Joy Growden for more info. Taumarunui’s Journey thru Time rally is on the 13 October, I don’t have the details to hand at the moment but will come up with them shortly. In the next week or so you may also find in your Inbox a remit to the VCC ExecutiveCode of Conduct, please read and digest, this needs to be reported on by the 1 st October. That’s all for now folks Happy Motoring Karen

From the Editor’s Desk This month there is another attachment which is the advert for the NI Club Captains tour in March. It really does look like a splendid trip so you would be wise to start planning this now. I was unable to add this into the Running Board so it has to be a separate attachment. Sorry for the inconvenience. As mentioned in last month’s issue, I have included the information on how the Hillman Badge came about. In my travels around different vintage car meets, I have always been fascinated by car badges. Some of these cars have huge stand-up badges such as the early Jaguar. In my opinion, these features really set the cars off. Included in this issue also is a federation of Motoring report which does make interesting reading especially concerning is the second paragraph about the older vehicle inspectors who are retiring and the newer ones coming not understanding the old clubs and the historic vehicles of our past. Well that is all from me for now. In the meantime, happy and safe motoring. Margaret


LOROLEI POLLARD 35 year Service Award Lorolei joined the Easter Bay of Plenty Branch 15th February 1980 Lorolei soon became a Committee Member and was very active in Branch events and navigated for Tom Needham over many years. I don’t know which vehicle was her favourite, but I remember the Bedford Truck picking up the Keg at Opotiki Hotel on our way to the Matawai Camp-out. Lorolei was Chairman for 1995-96 and 1996-97 seasons, Committee Member for many years, Running Board Editor, and Almoner a position she still has today. Lorolei used to deliver the Running Board to our town Members, on foot each month, she saved us lots of postage. She hosted garage sales at her home, to boost Branch funds and was always available when help was needed. Lorolei and Tom were involved in setting up the ‘Nite Owl’ runs and Lorolei presented the Club with the ‘Nite Owl’ Trophy and for the last many years has supplied the ‘Nite Owl’ Raffle prize and the ‘Owl’ prize for the winner of the ‘Nite Owl’ Run. In Lorolei’s more mobile days, she was very active in all Club events and has served our Club very well over the years and as I said before, she is still doing her part as Almoner. Thank you Lorolei, I hope this 35 year Award goes some way in paying the debt we owe you for your years of service.


PHIL & MARGARET LEAMING Phil - 35 year Service Award Margaret – 25 year Service Award

Phil joined the Eastern bay of Plenty Branch on 1st March 1980, with Margaret joining on 31st May 1993 The car I mostly remember is the 1929 Whippet Sedan (or the many Whippets) It’s the Brown one I am talking about. I remember many trips around the country with Phil and Margaret and the three little Leaming’s, Graham, Joy and Jenny, in the back seat. Camping at Matawai, with bonfire and fireworks. Around the East Coast, a couple of punctures, rear brakes ripped out, Phil calmly repaired the brakes, another wheel was fitted and on our way again. I am told of a time they broke a rear axle on a rally, funny enough Phil had a spare under the seat. With the oil caught in an ice-cream container, Phil completed the axle change and continued on. Margaret of course has great patience and supports all of Phil’s great ideas. The Whippet is still going strong after a leg out of bed and a few other health issues, it won the peoples’ choice at Paeroa Vintage Weekend. Phil was Club Captain 1981 – 1982 and 1982 – 1983 seasons and Chairman for 1992 – 1993 and 1993 – 1994 seasons A Committee Member for many years and Parts Shed Custodian, a position he still holds. Phil and Margaret still support our Clubs activities and have been helpful and supportive to the Branch and the Members over these years. I remember when a Model T had trouble with its gear box on a Rally, Phil quietly said ‘I think I have that part in my shed’, sure enough, so he did and the car was on its way. Let’s not forget the Zephyr windscreen rubber, no we will keep that one for the 50 year award. Some of our Members will remember the Christmas BBQ’s and gymkhanas and Committee Meetings held at your home. Thanks Phil and Margaret for your help and friendship to our Members over the years. It gives me great pleasure to present you with these badges.


Joy, Graham, Phil and Margaret


BRUCE TAYLOR 25 year Service Award Bruce joined the Eastern Bay of Plenty Branch of the VCC on the 30th January 1987 We don’t know much about Bruce’s early days of the Club but we do know it was for the love of motor bikes, when he and John Shapley travelled around the country attending motorcycle rallies. We know that Bruce favoured BMW motorcycles, from his first 250cc single to the 10 or so he restored. I only saw a couple of these, but they were expertly restored and immaculately presented. Bruce also restored a Triumph Spitfire in which he and Maureen attended many runs and events. Thank you Bruce and Maureen for setting Sunday runs, taking us to your shed to show us your restorations and progress on others and inviting us to have afternoon tea at your home after these events. This badge is for the service and pleasure all Members have had in your company on events over the years.


JOHN & EMILY STEINER 25 year Service Awards John and Emily joined the Eastern Bay of Plenty VCC on 1st August 1992 They had the green Austin 7 Ruby that they still own. John seemed too big for this small car, but drove it around the country on rallies with other Club Members. He then bought his E Model Vauxhall, which he also still has today and has travelled all over the country in it, including the 1996 International Rally in Christchurch with Phil. John then bought a 1930 Ford Model A coupe which he used for a couple of years, but the call of the Vauxhall was too much and the Ford was sold. John still attends events in his Vauxhall as much as his farm work will allow. John spent time on the Committee and we appreciate his time and commitment to the Branch. Emily, who I have never met, joined at the same time as John, so has been a Member for 25 years and a patient wife who has allowed John to follow his dream of Vintage Cars and carrying the work load of the farm while John was away enjoying his car. It gives me pleasure to present these badges to you John, for you and Emily.


Thanks for the Memory When Gail phoned me to say I was due for my 35 year badge, I felt that as I no longer am able to participate in the Branch activities, I would decline. Gail then gave me a string of reasons why I should accept and I decided to talk it over with my family. While my daughter said it wouldn’t be her choice, my granddaughter thought it was a lovely idea and went on to remind me of how lucky I’d been over the years since becoming a member. I will state here that I didn’t really need reminding for when you get to my age memories are the most wonderful things and like so many other people mine include good, bad and indifferent.

My knowledge of cars is zilch for my parents only purchased one well after I married, and had moved to Whakatane. My second husband had a 1930 something Vauxhall, purchased new, and his pride and joy. I was allowed to vacuum, wash and polish it after I proved I was capable and actually it was something I enjoyed doing. Sadly after Guy died none of my family were interested in owning it and I sold it to a young chap who smashed the car and himself within a few days.

About 1978 I met Tom Needham and he asked if I’d navigate for him on a Sunday club run, and so my first memories started and luckily for me continued. We got hopelessly lost, for that club run was my first experience of straight-line navigation and I might just as well have had a pile of blank pages. Tom was just as knowledgeable, for when he was asked to explain the reading I was told “Just look at the lines and tell me where I need to go”. For a novice like me that was oh so easy and there I am “take one on your left” or “take one on your right” instead of “Leave one on your left or right”. Finally we called it a day and I honestly did not expect to be asked out again, however, I was and I am glad to say I did improve and we did manage to win some rallies. Tom surprised me by joining me up as a belated birthday or Christmas gift and as we entered more rallies and did more trips we met more people and I have seen more of this beautiful country of ours than I ever imagined I would, and I have a multitude of wonderful memories of people and places. As my travelling days are well and truly over now, at least physically, my memories will keep me well occupied.

Now to August 12th; it was a lovely surprise to see so many members attend and of course especially to see familiar faces. Thank you for making it seem like old times and though there were a lot of faces I didn’t know. I did appreciate the ones that I have spoken to at some time on the phone who came and introduced themselves as it is always nice to put a face to the name. A big thank-you to Gay and Harry Sutcliffe for the work they put into preparing the luncheon and to those who helped. It is so rewarding when members pull


together and not against each other. To the other badge recipients my congratulations, it was like old times even if the catch ups were brief.

The weather certainly put on it’s best display and that was a big bonus.

My family gave up time to support me, Lee interrupted her assignment for A.C.C. and Les had been on callout all week-end so another bonus that he had no interruption to his meal. Judy, my daughter is retired but enjoys her time in the garden. As time gallops by I am well aware family times get more rare and oh so precious. Last but by no means least, I thank Gail for keeping in touch and ditto to Les for his very nice words. To all our members, whether you were at the luncheon or not, remember why you joined, if you don’t attend because of a problem, discuss it and try and get it resolved. To you all, a big thank-you for a very special memory for my collection, and safe driving, and may you too make many happy memories. Lorolei Pollard


NZ Federation of Motoring Clubs )Inc) (NZFOMC) Report to the Executive meeting and Annual General Meeting by the VCC’c Elected Representative August 2018 The federation currently has around 120 affiliated member clubs, with several having rejoined after short periods of being unfinancial and several others being followed up because of a change of Secretary. Further discussions have been held on the situation that exists in many parts of the country where, as older vehicle inspectors with good hands-on knowledge of older vehicles retire, newer inspectors are coming on stream with a reduced appreciation of the tolerances and nuances of our club-eligible vehicles. ln some cases 'patience and tempers have been tested' amongst members of FOMC affiliate clubs! The FOMC Executive has been working on updating its constitution over the last 12 - 18 months. This was put on hold for a time when amendments to the lncorporated Societies Act 1908 were under way and thought to be imminent; however, the update has been recommenced as changes to the act seem to have been pushed out. The same can be said of the necessary updates of some VCC branch constitutions, and a template has been in preparation to assist with this task. An FOMC representative attended a Motor lndustry Training Organisation (MITO) summit held in Wellington on 3lst May. His report-back suggests that if historic vehicle clubs want to protect and maintain a pool of skilled people to service our historic vehicles in specialist areas, the strategies will have to be initiated by us. Talks have again taken place with New Zealand Transport Agency personnel regarding the prospect of achieving a 12 month WoF inspection regime for historic motor vehicles. This has not yet been achieved. ln response to a request from the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club, the FOMC discussed the viability and likelihood of compulsory 3rd party insurance cover on vehicles being put into place in the New Zealand context. Including complete reluctance, there were also differing views on whether this should be a requirement placed on all licensed drivers, on owners of vehicles, or on the individual vehicles. The FOMC is seeking more thoughts. The meeting passed a resolution endorsing a previous proposal of the Executive to arrange a delegation of representatives of historic and heritage vehicle enthusiasts to meet with the Ministers of Transport in the current Government. The resolution included an invitation to be extended for a representative from the VCC to be part of the delegation. The intention of the meeting is to raise matters of concern potentially arising out of current Government initiatives and policy proposals around the uptake of Electric Vehicle Technology. The FOMC wishes to convey to the Ministers the important role that historic vehicle enthusiasts and their vehicles serve in preserving New Zealand's motoring past, and, further, to ensure that the authorities take the historic vehicle movement into 13

consideration, especially if future disincentives to the ownership and use of fossil fuelled vehicles are contemplated as a strategy. The attention of those in attendance at the FOMC AGM was drawn to VCC Registrar Rod Brayshaw's report in the April May issue of Beaded Wheels, which focused on worldwide 'environmental measures to restrict and even phase out the usage, and in some cases even the existence, of tradition fossilfuelled vehicles. The Federation of Motoring CIubs, the VCC Management Committee and the VCC's Vehicle Technical Committee share the view that in matters of importance concerning the ongoing consideration of the historic and heritage vehicle movement in New Zealand, the VCC and the FOMC need to be 'singing from the same page'. At the FOMC Annual General Meeting I was re-elected onto the Executive to serve another year.

Tony Bartlett, VCC Representative on NZFOMC


Coventry’s three spires

The three spires of Coventry as they were at the start of the 20th century. From left to right : Holy Trinity 72.2m (237 ft), St Michael’s (Coventry Cathedral) 89.9m (295 ft) and Christ Church (Greyfriars) octagonal steeple 70.1m (230 ft). The 3 Spires of Coventry were first introduced onto the grill badge of Hillmans in the 1920s with the introduction of the ‘Wings’ badge.

As represented on a Hunter grill Badge

The Three spires as seen in the centre of the steering wheel of a 1962 Minx ADL


The Holy Trinity Church dates from the 12th century and is the only Medieval church in Coventry that is still complete. Its spire is one of the tallest non-cathedral spires in the UK. The building has been restored at various times over the centuries. The tower was re-cased in 1826. St Michael's Cathedral (known as The Old Cathedral in Coventry) was built over a period of time between the 14th and 16th century. It was destroyed by a bombing raid during WW2 in November 1940. Only the tower, spire, the Hillmanews 260 July 2018 outer wall and the bronze effigy and tomb of its first bishop survived. Building of the current St Michael's Cathedral next to the remains of the old building was started in 1956. The original Christ Church is a remnant of the Grey Friar’s monastery demolished in 1539 when the friary was dissolved by Henry VIII and all the buildings were torn down, apart from the tower and spire. During WW2 the church survived a raid in November 1940 but was badly damaged in a subsequent raid in April 1941. The structure was declared unsafe, and what remained of the Victorian walls was pulled down in 1950, leaving only the medieval tower base and spire. The tower now stands 64.3m (211 feet) high. The base of the tower currently operates as a cafe called 'Inspire'. A new Christ Church was built south of the city centre in Cheylesmore.

The 3 spires today, left to right : Christ Church, Holy Trinity and St Michael’s (from the Coventry Telegraph, 1 December 2016) Based on : “The Churches of Coventry” by Frederic W. Woodhouse (originally published in 1909); “Christchurch Spire, Coventry “ by David Ross and Wikipedia.


For Sale VCC of NZ Winged Cloth Badges $13.00 each. Contact EBOPVCC on or Keith Watson on

Out & About. Following are photographs of the Daffodil Day Club run.

Starting line up

The Collectors


Public display arriving

Public display

More public display

2007 V8 Falcon, Morris Minor, Holden


A couple of Mustangs quietly sunning themselves

1951 Chev


Calendar of Events SEPTEMBER 2018 September Sunday 2nd Friday 14th to Sunday 16th Thursday 27th October Friday 12th to Sunday 14th Sunday 21st

November Sat 2nd to 4th Sunday 18th Thursday 29th

Classic Car breakfast at the Red Barn from 8.00am. This event is on the first Sunday of every second month Club Run to Paeroa to attend Paeroa Antiques Fair, Vintage and Classic Car Show. Leave Friday home Sunday. Please let Joy Growden know if you are going ( Club Night at Athletic Club Rooms from 7pm , Meeting starts 7.30pm

Wairarapa Branch 50th Celebration Rally. Fri day 4-7pm sausage sizzle, Saturday 9am Rally briefing, 6pm Dinner and prize giving, Sunday 10am-3pm Gymkhana and public display. Club Run 1.15pm, "Tourist and Cultural Challenge", meet at Bunnings car park.

We go to Gisborne this year for our annual get together. BOP Inter Club Run. They have invited Rotorua, Taupo and us to join them. More information to follow. Club Night at Athletic Club Rooms from 7pm , Meeting starts 7.30pm

December Chairman's Run No Club Night this Month If you don't have a vintage vehicle on the road, come along to club runs in your modern.


Eastern Bay of Plenty VCC September 2018  
Eastern Bay of Plenty VCC September 2018