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The Eastern Bay of Plenty Branch of

The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand PO BOX 2168, Kopeopeo, Whakatane 3159

April 2018


___________________________________________________________________________ Club Night: Last Thursday of the month (except December) at Whakatane Athletic Clubrooms, Short Street, Whakatane 7.00 pm Social get together Branch meeting starts at 7.30 PM


THE VINTAGE CAR CLUB OF NZ Eastern Bay of Plenty Branch Postal Address: PO Box 2168, Kopeopeo, Whakatane 3159 Branch Officers: 2017/2018 Honorary Branch Member

Lorolei Pollard

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Les Costar position to be filled Gail Costar Joy Growden Barry Keene

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Peter Donovan Lorolei Pollard Peter Donovan Phil Leaming Steve Growden Keith Watson

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Club Regalia For Sale: Contact: Keith and Margaret Watson (these will be available at Club Nights) EBOP Cloth Jacket Badges $7.50 EBOP Cloth Jacket Patches $10.00 EBOP Car Window Stickers $1.00 EBOP Car Bumper Badges $20.00 EBOP Lapel Badges $6.00 EBOP VCC Windscreen Stickers $2.00 EBOP Cloth Caps $15.00 Rally Number Holders s/s $15.00 NZVCC Winged Lapel Badges $7.50 VCC Cloth Winged Badges $13.00 EBOP Name Badges $15.00 (to be ordered) Please wear your name badge to VCC functions.

Club Night: At:

Last Thursday of the month (except December) Whakatane Athletic Clubrooms, Short Street, Whakatane 7.00pm Social Get-together Branch Meeting starting at 7.30pm


From your Chairman: March started with a hiss and a roar, a big clean up at the Parts Container. The Container was set level on blocks after it had started to sink on one side with the weight of the parts on that side. The grass and thistles were trimmed away and the back shed was emptied out and cleaned and the trestles, chairs, silent checks and the other treasures were dusted down and returned to the shed. The old cowshed was cleaned up, wheels and tyres were stacked in the corner and finally the whole area was sprayed with roundup. After all of that work it was time for a chat and smoko and what a spread it was, the ladies and the odd gentleman did us proud with the food they had supplied. We should do this more often as it is a great club get-together. Thanks to those 15 Members efforts, we now have a nice tidy area around the container. We had 12 Members enjoy the Classic Car Breakfast, although the Classic Car Group was smaller than usual because of the All Ford Day at Mount Maunganui. Lytle’s Run to Minginui, 8 cars lined up at McDonalds Road under a cloudless day for our trip to Minginui. The first stop was Lake Aniwhenua for a re-group and ‘you guessed it’. Then there was a phone call from a certain Rover ‘I’m running late, where are you”. While the others went ahead, a couple of cars waited for the late arrival, then we were on our way again. The next stop was Te Whaiti. The main road doesn’t look a bit like Lou and Allan (on our last trip there) described what it was like in the past, with shops, post office etc. There is only a Marae on one side and a lone apple tree on the other. How times changed since the native trees were all felled and the sawmills closed. We then headed for Mangamate Falls for lunch, it is a great spot for a picnic, with the river winding past and the sound of the falls and the dozen or so horses obviously think so too as they wandered around not at all concerned about us picnicing. Lytle produced a couple of quiz’s, with lots of banter and a little bit of cheating, I think we all got a chocolate Freddo. Then Lytle lead us around Minginui Village, and can I say, I just hope that the native tree nursery gets the funding they require and employs more of the locals to help dig them out of the hole the village seems to be in. On the way back home a tour of Murupara township and back through Kopuriki Road back over the Matahina Dam and homeward bound. The Vermeulens’ in their Daf were last seen turning off at the top of the Matahina Dam to sip a glass of wine while admiring the view of the lake. Some of us thought fruit ice-creams at Blueberry Corner would complete the day. It was a great day out and nice to see Graeme and Byrdie Leaming and their3 kids and Lytle’s son and grandson. While we were cleaning up the parts container, Steve and others had a chat with Garry about a shed or another container on the site, to house our parts and Memorabilia. 3

It sounds that Garry would be happy with a container next to the existing one on the cowshed concrete pad. It does mean we would have to remove the cowshed and clean up the pad for the container. Another container would be a huge asset for the Club where we could house our Memorabilia, photos , trestles, chairs BBQ’s etc. This was discussed at our March Club Night, but it needs to go to the next Club Night where it has been advertised on the Agenda, so that it can be discussed and voted on. As in our Constitution there must be 75% ‘for the Proposal’ of the Members present for it to go ahead. If you want to have your say, please come to the next Club Night 26th April. Also with our AGM coming up in a couple of months it is time to think about what position you would like on the new Committee. Les

Club Captain Report April 2018 Tessa and I have been busy the last few months so have been out of the loop. Our thanks to Gail for looking after things while we have been away. Also to Lytle for arranging the March Club run to Minginui which is reported elsewhere. A couple of meetings ago it was suggested that we get a P80 Class trophy to be awarded at our East Coast Rally. So we are looking for suggestions and ideas of what this could be. Ideas so far ranged from cambelts to computers but pass your ideas on to a committee member. If you have some suitable item in your garage please contact me. Our Club has again offered to do a display of cars at the 'Have a Heart' Family Expo and Festival on Saturday 7th April at the War Memorial Hall and Showgrounds. The Expo runs from 10.00am to 2.00pm and we would like cars to arrive at 9.30am. You do not need to be there all the time as we will have someone keeping an eye on the cars. This time the area allocated to us is in a far more prominent position.


At the last Club night discussion took place about purchasing a 40 foot container to increase our spare parts storage. There was general agreement to the idea at the meeting but we need to get approval from the wider membership before spending the money. So next Club night on the 26th April the buying of the container will be a special topic. Please attend to have your say. If you cannot make it to the meeting and want to have your say get hold of Secretary Gail so your thoughts can be conveyed to the meeting. As part of my report I have again listed the items that John Kyle has donated to the Club. John used to own the Taneatua garage about 30 years ago and has had a big cleanout from which we have benefitted. These items will be at my place for the next couple of weeks before going to the parts shed so if you want any of it contact me and come round to take what you want. The April Club Run is a very interesting visit to the McCann's on Sunday afternoon the 15th. There will be a 21 mile tour from Edgecumbe to their place. Bring chairs and cups. Hot water provided.

Stuff from John Kyle from when he owned Taneatua Motors - 5 x one gallon oil tins (Caltex, Mobil, Europa) some with oil - Quart Castrol oil tin - Gear box shafts x2 - Door pillar indicator - two distributors for Volvo Penta 4 cylinder - about 100 assorted red tail light lenses - about 100 assorted clear side light lenses - about 100 assorted indicator light lenses - about 100 assorted light bulbs - tin of switches, horn buttons and lighters 5

- many curved lenses: 4", 5", 6", 7.5", 8.5" - 12 x 4" to 8" lenses in their holders - many flat lenses: 5", 8", 8.5" - pair Lucas 6.5" flat lenses in their holders - pair new 9.25" chrome headlight rims - Headlight covers plastic and rectangular; 6.5" x 4", and two 3" x 4.5"

Haynes Manuals - Datsun 160B & 180B 1972 on Saloon, Estate, SSS - Ford Transit 1965 to 1978 - land Rover 1958 to 1978 - Mini 1959 to 1975 - Hillman all types - Hillman Minx workshop manual 1946 to 1949

Other Manuals - Valiant VG - VH hemi - BLMC, all 1100cc - 1300cc, 1967 to 1974, MK11 and MK 111 - Velox & Cresta, 1952 to 1972 - Peugeot 504, 1968 to 1973 - Land Rover Series 11 and 11A from 1958 - Zephyr MK111

Owners Manuals and Handbooks - Sunbeam Talbot 90 MK11 - Sunbeam Talbot - Alpine, Sports Coupe & 90 MK11A - Morris Minor Series "MM" 3rd and 5th Editions - Velox 1951 to 1953 - Vauxhall Victor 1958 to 1964 - Hillman Hunter and Minx 1966 to 1979

Parts Lists and Catalogues - Land Rover all models printed 1981 - Ford Y, C, CX, 7W, 7Y, 1932 - 1938 - Ford Motor Company Body and Chasis parts list 1928 - 1938 - Zephyr 4 & 6, Zodiac 1962 on - Skoda 1971 -72 - MG (Paul Walbran Motors) printed 2003 - American Models, - 1952 information on engine, transmission, suspension etc 1953 " 1954 "


Workshop, Repair and Service Manuals - Anglia, Prefect, Escort, Squire, Thames vans 1953 to 1961 - Ford Transit 1978 to 1985 - Bedford Models S & R - Bedford Model CA - Bedford " TA, 1953 - Vauxhall Model E, 1952? - Vauxhall J, 14hp - Vanguard 1949 to 1952 - Triumph 2000 - Leyland 0350 diesel - Motor Repair Manuals: - all makes in NZ & Australian, 1962 - 1964 - all British Makes about 1953 (about 1000 pages) - all American Makes about 1950 (about 1000 pages) - Service Procedures all makes, 1959 - 1976 - Motor Tune Up and Mechanical Specs all makes, 5 books; - 1972, 1980-81, 1983-93, 1991-92, 1995-96

Sundry Books - Model identification; Morris, MG, Riley, Wolseley, Van den Plas - Mobil Service Station Handbook, 1964 - Labour Repair and Time Guide all Makes, 1967 - 1978 - Labour Repair and Time Guides all makes, 1988 - WIX Car Oil and Air Filters 8th Edition, 1950 - 1970 - Manual for Electronic Ignition test unit - NGK Spark Plugs 1993 - 1994

From the Editor’s Desk March has been another warm month here is the beautiful Eastern Bay. The nights are still warm and as I write this, the sun is shining and it is quite warm outside. There is however a wee hint of Autumn in the air and cooler nights are on the way. The photo on the front of this issue is of John Couch on his Titan Tractor which was taken at Farming like Granddad in Kawerau recently. Further on in the Running Board you will see some photos of the clean up around our Parts Shed. I had offered to take out some sausage rolls for morning tea. It was a lovely Saturday morning so I got out our wee Peugeot 306 cabriolet and drove out to Edgecumbe with the top down enjoying the morning drive. After a cup of coffee with everyone, I started for home and I had only gone a few metres up the 7

road when I felt something was wrong with the car. I limped into Edgecumbe town and it transpired the automatic transmission had decided to throw in the towel. So once more I had to call the AA and I was trucked home with the car. This is the second time within a year that we have had to use the AA breakdown service and I cannot speak highly enough of that Organisation and what they have to offer in the way of member services. The AA Plus is simply amazing and both John and I have this as part of our membership. Anyone who does not have this, I would urge you to investigate it as it certainly is the best, there is nothing to equal it in my opinion. In my opinion, a must for new cars as well as old ones.

I was hoping that no-one would come by and see this however, a cupola of the members happened along and caught this happening. Thank you Les for the photos.

Well time to put this to bed and email it out to you all. Until next time, happy and safe motoring Margaret


From the Secretary:

IMPORTANT NOTICE Important item for discussion and voting on at our April Club Night Branch Meeting On the Agenda

The purchase of another 40 foot Container for spare parts and Memorabilia to be sighted next to the existing one All Members are encouraged to come to this Meeting to vote on whether or not we proceed with this proposal Any questions can be directed to the Chairman Email: or Phone: 07 323 6406 Mobile: 027 271 7022

Our AGM 31st May is not too far away Time to start thinking about who you would like on your Committee Or perhaps taking on a Committee Position yourself All positions are up for nomination We will definitely be requiring a new Secretary this year

Nomination Forms will be available at the April Club Night and in this issue of the Running Board Magazine Nominations will also be accepted on the night of the AGM

Membership List of Vehicles We have received from Head Office Membership Lists for all Members of the Vintage Car Club. This includes a list of Members Vehicles. As I noted last year, many of the Vehicles recorded under your names are well out of date, therefore it is an outdated and incorrect record. In the past this used to be updated yearly with your Subscription Invoice, however this is no longer the case. If you have sold or purchased a vehicle or vehicles in the last 5 years or so, please let Head Office know your current list of vehicles so that there is a correct record of Club vehicles. Email to: Or post to: Vintage Car Club, PO Box 2546, Christchurch


NIGHT OWL RAFFLE Tickets for the Night Owl Raffle will be available at our April Club Night and the May Club Night AGM and the Night Owl Run on 16th June when it will be drawn This very generous Raffle was donated by Lorolei for our 2017 Night Owl Run but due to small attendance on the night and there not being tickets available it has been decided to run the raffle over the next couple of months to be drawn at the 2018 Night Owl Pot Luck Dinner Tickets will have your name on them and will be awarded to the winner even if not present on the night, however it would be encouraging for as many Members as possible to attend this great social evening, which has been Lorolei’s baby for over 30 years It would be nice to see long-time Members who were there at the first Night Owl Runs to come along to this one Lorolei has been asked if this is a suitable outcome to her raffle and we have her blessing

Rally Entry Forms Let me know if you would like an Entry Form for: Taranaki Branch Maunga Moana Rally at New Plymouth 20 – 21 April - Entries close 12 April

Newsletters and Magazines from other Branches are available for you to read on-line. Go to and click on ‘News from our Branches’ and choose the Branch that you want to view.

Insuring your Vehicle through VERO When you insure your vehicle through VERO let them know you are a Member of the Eastern Bay of Plenty Vintage Car Club And quote number: 300132 Contact Vero on 0800 658 411 Also if you have transferred from another Branch, you will need to advise Vero of your transfer so that commissions go to the Branch you belong to

Cook Straight Ferry Crossings for VCC Members: Bluebridge Ferry Discount Code ANTIQUE CAR 10% discount off all available fares between now and 30 June 2018 (excl. 15 Dec – 15 Jan and Easter Weekend). Interislander Discount Code WH5465 for fares each way: Off Peak Adult $47.00 Car $124.00 Peak Fares Adult $52.00 Car $137.00



NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (Inc)

Eastern Bay of Plenty Branch Annual General Meeting To be held at the Athletic Clubrooms, Short Street, Whakatane

On Thursday 31st May 2018 Preceded by the Branch Meeting

at 7.30 pm AGENDA Present Apologies Minutes of previous AGM Matters Arising Chairman’s Report Treasurer’s Report Club Captain’s Report Election of Officers General Business

All Welcome Secretary: Gail Costar

All positions are up for nomination and if you would like to make a difference to the running of your Branch, please come along and either nominate a Member you wish to have on Committee, or maybe be part of the Committee yourself. Remember this is your Branch of the Vintage Car Club and your input is vital to the running of our Club.



COMMITTEE POSITIONS 2018 - 2019 The Vintage Car Club of NZ, Eastern BOP Branch (Inc.) I propose: for the position of or Signature of proposer: Signature of seconder: Signature of nominee: ----------------------------------------------------------


COMMITTEE POSTIONS 2017- 2018 The Vintage Car Club of NZ, Eastern BOP Branch (Inc.) I propose: for the position of or Signature of proposer: Signature of seconder: Signature of nominee:


For Sale VCC of NZ Winged Cloth Badges $13.00 each. Contact EBOPVCC on or Keith Watson on

Out & About. At the last meeting, there was discussion about sorting out the parts shed and our Secretary Gail said there is no time like the present – let’s make a date. So it was decided to do this early this in March. Several people their hands up to help and luckily it was a fine Saturday morning, when about 10 or 12 members appeared to help. Here are some photos of the morning. Gary at work lifting the parts shed for re-blocking.

And now look at all the hard work and all the discussion to get this done.


And of course – the boys all coming out for morning tea.

Above: Tail end Charlie

And Lastly – spraying the weeds before leaving.


The Minginui March Sunday the 18th March was set for our March run to Mangamate Falls nestled deep in the Whirinaki Forest on the banks of the Whirinaki River in the Te Whaiti / Minginui area. It was a pretty good turnout by our members, 11 cars 22 members and guests to endure the trek of an estimated return journey of 200kms, amid confusion of where we were starting from but was great to see the majority turn up for the 10.00am departure. A few questions to keep the copilots awareness on tune aptly supported by some great driving drivers. First port to call was to rendezvous at Aniwhenua camp ground where the majority turned up, not sure where Trevor Marshall went, word has it he distracted his navigator briefly and missed the turn - I certainly don’t believe that happened, do you?. ]

After a regroup and refresh and seeing what this spot had to offer, it was back on the road again, next stop was another regroup at Te Whaiti where the team got together and tasted the fruits of a wild apple tree. This place was also a hideaway area that George Wilder a criminal folk hero from earlier times took stock, leaving letters of apology in the homes he hid in. Must have been an exciting area and time in the day. Next stop was the Minginui Camp ground where the Mangamate Falls are, and we were greeted by 13 or so council workers keeping the grass down. It must have been smoko time as about half a dozen horses were housed in the DOC hut, this is truly a great place to set up camp if you enjoy the remoteness of no internet, no flushing toilet ,but who cares, the natural wonder here is enough. 15

After a couple of low intensity quizzes, which generated a couple of laughs, we all took a quick trip through the Minginui Village. It will be great to see the benefits of new Govt. investment opportunities happening in this area which can’t come soon enough for the locals here.


After the village trip and a quick drive through Murupara, this area too appears to be picking up economically as well, and then it was homeward bound, hoping everyone was able to make it back home safely. To all those members that were able to make the trip, thank you for your support. Lytle


BEACH HOP Friday 23rd March, Gail and I along with Steve and Joy headed to Whangamata to the annual Beach Hop. We drove our MGBGT as the weather looked a bit dodgy and Steve and Joy in their newly acquired MKIV Cortina. It was a quiet run until we got off the Eastern Link Hi-way, when a 10 litre plastic paint bucket tried to cross the road, I hit it with my front bumper, which sent it spinning toward Steve, who managed to dodge it, but the car behind ran over it and it lodged under his motor, so they had to pull off the road to remove it, probably no damage. But it shows how accidents can happen so quickly. Anyway, on to Waihi for lunch and then on to Whiritoa where Joy had arranged for a beach house for the weekend. We think it may have been a bach in the beginning and as they found doors and windows, the bach was built out and up, but it was comfortable and convenient as it was only 10 minutes drive from Whangamata. It started to rain so we headed for Whangamata and found the sun was out and no rain. We found ourselves on the main street amongst dozens of cars of all makes and models and home creations, we battled to the end of the main street and parked up to watch some of these monsters cruise from roundabout to roundabout. We went off and had dinner, then went back to the roundabout and they were still going round and around, after watching the sights we headed back to our bach at about 9.00pm and they were still at it. Next morning up bright and early we headed into town to where we knew we could park close to the action. The main street was packed with thousands of spectators waiting for the hundreds of cars bikes and monsters to parade through town, which went on for hours before they were all finally parked up for the day. We walked the streets inspecting many of these vehicles, then off to the markets down by the RSA and a look at dozens of Hot Rods parked up there. Later in the afternoon it was off to Williamson Park where the raffle was to be drawn. This year it was a 1956 Ford Pickup, fully restored, a brand new Harley Davidson motorbike, a restored Retro Caravan and $10,000. On your raffle ticket, you had to put your cell phone number and had to be at the park to pick your prize, so all was quiet waiting for the phone call, that didn’t come to us, anyway. The Ford truck went to a lady who didn’t have a partner, I bet she has now. The Harley went to another lady who did have a partner, I bet he is happy. The Caravan was auctioned off, I think they got $21,500 for it and the $10,000 was to be used on Sunday for Popular Choice. After all of this excitement we went back to town to watch the cars continue the circuit of roundabout to roundabout, but some were now a bit ‘throttle happy’ and itching for a ticket, there was a blue Holden HZ (I think) with a blower bigger than a Model A motor, if he didn’t get a ticket he wasn’t trying hard enough. After a burger for dinner, it was off to the bach for the night and a ‘night cap’. Next morning it started to rain, we packed the cars and headed to Te Puke for lunch.


Of the thousands of people there at the Beach Hop, we only saw a few we knew, but we did see Phil who grabbed us from behind and gave us a hell of a fright. We saw the Yellow Mercury Energy car there and yes you wouldn’t believe what is under the bonnet. It was a great weekend and those that haven’t been to a Beach Hop should think about going at some time because the atmosphere is electrifying and the whole town gets behind it and it must be a bonanza for the town, not to mention the sole petrol station which had a continuous stream of traffic through it day and night. Les.

Now, how do I get Joy to agree to one of these.

What’s under the bonnet mate?


Racing Model A

Lowered Model A

And a ’39 Ford


Can you spot my name?

How low can you go?

Waiting patiently for the raffle to be drawn for the orange Ford Truck and the orange Harley Davidson.


The Ultimate Computer The Ultimate Computer stood at the end of the Ultimate Computer Company’s production line. At which point the guided tour eventually arrived. The salesman stepped forward to give his prepared demo. “This” he said, “is the Ultimate Computer. It will give an intelligent answer to any question you may care to ask it.” A smart-aleck who ran a humour mailing list stepped forward and asked, “Where is my father?” There was a soft hum of powerful electronic gear going to the task. Panel lights lit and blinked, and within a couple of seconds the laser printer printed out a piece of paper: “Fishing off Florida”. The smart-aleck laughed, “Actually my father is dead! It was a trick question”. The salesman, quickly thinking on his feet, replied that he was sorry the answer was unsatisfactory, but as the Ultimate Computer was precise perhaps rewording the question might work better. The smart-aleck said to the Ultimate Computer, “Where is my mother’s husband?” again the hum of the powerful electronic brain filled the room. After a moment, the laser printer whirred to life. The paper said, “Dead. But your father is still fishing off Florida”.

And to finish……. The rain is pouring down, and there, standing in front of a large puddle outside the pub, is an old man drenched and holding a stick with a piece of string dangling from it into the water. “What are you doing?” asks a passer by. “Fishing,” replies the old man. Feeling very sorry for him the passer-by says: “Come in out of the rain and have a drink with me.” In the warmth of the pub they sip their whiskies, and the good Samaritan can’t help asking, “so how many have you caught today?” “You’re the eighth,” says the old man.


Calendar of Events April 2018 April Sat 7th Sat 7th Sat 7th Sun 15th

Sat 21st Thursday 26th May Sunday 6th Sunday 27th

'Have a Heart' - Cars needed for VCC display at War Memorial Hall for Expo and Family Festival 9.30am to 2.00pm. Waikato Mooloo Meander Classics at Ohope, 12 noon to 5.00pm at Top 10 Camp. Fords, Mustangs, Falcons, Hotrods Club Run to Steve and Leslie McCann's home self built log house and self contained set up and small hydro power station. Leave Edgecumbe Riverslea rear carpark off Rata Avenue at 1.30pm. Taranaki Maunga Moana Club Night

Classic Car Breakfast- at the Red Barn from 8.00am Club Run. Morning visit to Model Aero Club strip at Otakiri if the weather suits, leaving town at 10.00am. AGM - Club Night - Pot Luck Dinner. Get your nominations in to Gail

Thursday 31st June Sat/Sun 2nd & 3rd Waikato Double 50 Sat 16th Club Run. 'Night Owl' Rally- Plotted by Keith and Margaret. The Night Owl Raffle will also be drawn. If you don't have a vintage vehicle on the road, come along to club runs in your modern.


Eastern Bay of Plenty VCC April 2018  
Eastern Bay of Plenty VCC April 2018