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March 2018

CENTRAL HAWKE’S BAY BRANCH of the VINTAGE CAR CLUB of NZ (Inc) Lamb Country Branch Email:

Contributions should be emailed to the Editor no later than (25th of each month)

Club Nights

7.30pm 3rd Wednesday of every Month

1915 GWK Sports Roadster, Model B Owned by Geoff and Diane Quarrie – written by Rod McKenzie This is a most unusual veteran car which is one of the reasons Geoff bought it away back in 1975. He spent 5 years restoring it with much of the work completed prior to the 1980 International Rally held in Rotorua that year. Since then the car has travelled many miles throughout New Zealand on numerous veteran events, not always trouble-free to begin with, but is now pretty much sorted so it finishes well on most outings. It seats two in comfort on leather seats in front of the rear-mounted engine, and 1915 GWK Sports Roadster, Model B there is a ridiculous little seat up in the air at the back for two brave souls. Instruments include a clock and a speedometer, both extras at the time, as was the ridiculous rear seat. The steering is very direct, with top speed being about 48 mph once the power is adequately transmitted to the road.

Postal Address 3 Fergusson Avenue Waipukurau, 4200 NOMINATED POSITIONS CHAIRMAN Lynn Cross 06 858 9814 VICE CHAIRMAN Bruce Poole 06 858 9940 SECRETARY Shirley Foot 06 858 8301

TREASURER Suzanne McCool The first owner was a Gisborne man, a Mr Salmon who was connected in some way to the local 06 856 8087 Morris dealers, Hacche and Salmon. He went overseas during the First World War and was re- ported missing. The car was passed to a nephew in 1923 by his widow having only covered 866 miles. The vehicle passed through a couple of owners before being acquired by Geoff. Missing CLUB CAPTAIN parts included the front axle and the radiator which took 300 hours to replicate. Shortly after Rod McKenzie another was found in branch spares at a neighbouring branch. 06 858 9562 What is most unusual about this car is the friction drive. The rear-mounted twin cylinder Coventry-Simplex engine of a little over 1000cc, is set across the chassis turning a disc on which a COMMITTEE wheel is moved from the periphery to the centre. Top speed is with the driven wheel furthest John Foot from the centre, and reverse is selected by moving the wheel past centre. Quite a few prob- V.I.C. (I.D. Card) Coordinator lems had to be worked through with the friction drive mechanism in the early days of Geoff’s ownership as some of the modern friction type material available didn’t perform to what was 06 858 8301 needed. However, that problem has been mostly eliminated today. Suitable wheels and tyres Peter McCool have been found which eliminates another issue. The name of the British made GWK 06 856 8087 comes from the founders of the comBarry Smales pany, Arthur Grice, J Talfourd Wood, and C. M. Keiller. Following the WW1, there 06 858 9956 was little market for “cycle cars”. Grice PUBLICITY OFFICER left the company leaving the other two Sandra Cross gentlemen in charge. They persisted with the friction drive system for a period af- 06 858 9814 ter the war but their cars were not good EDITOR sellers, and the company closed in 1931. Joyce Calder Keiller eventually went his own way to 022 166 1403 1915 GWK Sports Roadster, Model B manufacture marmalade of all things!

Sunday 11th March—Club Run This month’s run will start at 12.00 noon from “Lime Rock Winery” 6km from Waipawa on the Tikokino Rd. Make your own way there. You will need to bring your own picnic lunch which we will have at the winery. Following a chat about the winery and its interesting history by the owners, we shall return towards Waipawa. Wine may be purchased at the winery. (Instructions for the rest of the run will be handed out). We will be driving to a place most us in the branch have not seen, along a road most of us will not have travelled on, to a place of interest most of us have not seen. Following this, we shall adjourn to a Café for a social half hour or so. Rod and Scarlett.

Wednesday 21st March 2018 - Club Dinner and Meeting To be held at LATITUDE 40° SOUTH, Northumberland Street, Waipukurau (Picture Theatre) Arrive for refreshments from 6.00pm, Meal 6.30pm followed by the Meeting at 7.30pm

Buffet & Dessert

$25.00 per person


Please contact Barry (06) 858 9956 or by Sunday 18 March 2018 with numbers attending. Barry is required to forward numbers to the restaurant a few days before to ensure we receive the service we require. Please make sure you make contact with Barry by the SUNDAY PRIOR TO MEAL every month, it makes things run smoothly for everyone concerned.

Mid-week Run — February — written by Scarlett McKenzie. A very small group enjoyed this early February mid-week run visiting the “CHB Settlers’ Museum” in Waipawa. We especially wanted to view the display of “150 years of Waipukurau” which was about to end. Sure, most of us had been there before, but with just our group, and no crowds, we were able to study the information and try to imagine the way our two towns grew to where they are now. We learnt that where we live (in Francis Drake St) the area was once known as “Pa Flat”, a designated area for local Maori at the time of Henry Russell setting up the township. Interestingly for us, Gow St got its name from Mr and Mrs Gow who for some time were proprietors of the “Tavistock Hotel”, then situated at “Pioneer Corner”. In 1916 the hotel was shifted to its present day site to be beside the railway line as much custom of farmers and salesmen would congregate there close to the railway station and stock saleyards. Next we drove to Keith and Jean Hopping’s home-to-be which had also been shifted from its original site. Lots of work is in progress and its future looks great. Keith and Jean had organised the afternoon. Thanks to them both, and it was such a good idea for us to finish at “Nola’s Café” 2for a coffee afterwards.

CHB Branch March


Events Calendar

Sun 11th Car Club Run — Lime Rock Winery visit Mon 19th Committee meeting


Group visiting CHB from Waikato

Wed 21st Club dinner and monthly meeting National Executive meeting to be held in Sat 24th Christchurch (Rod attending) Wed 18th Club dinner and monthly meeting Bruce Poole's Twilight Rally (entry forms Sat 21st required)


Wheels on Windsor


Wed 16th Club dinner and monthly meeting


Date TBA Lady Driver's Run ( volunteers please) CHB club dinner, general meeting followed Wed 20th by the CHB VCC AGM No Run planned as yet— any idea’s for a mid-winter run would be appreciated


Other District Events

30-31st North Island Easter Rally Waikato 6-8th

Model T's in Manawatu

No Run planned as yet

National VCC Rally (as per Cancer Run Last Date Sun 26th year) TBA National VCC AGM [Napier] Date September Date TBA Daffodil Run TBA Wellington Branch visit to CHB Fri 12th Sat 13th October Sun 14th Canterbury Branch Swapmeet 19 Date TBA Mid week run? 22nd HB Branch VCC Safari



Sat 17th CHB Veteran Rally Sun 18th Branch Run


“OH NO” Xmas again

When insuring your valuable items (property, car etc) with Vero, and quoting the CHB Branch number (39) results in a commission being made to our Branch.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Chairman's Report February has been a busy month for our Branch. There was a mid-week run early on with about half a dozen cars going to Waipawa and having a nice laidback outing. Thanks go to Jean and Keith Hopping for organising the day. Then there were cars to Gisborne for their Three Rivers rally, with John and Shirley Foot featuring in the prizes as usual. This may be one of their last drives in the Buick as it is now for sale, having done thirty years in their care. They have now obtained a Japanese thingi with power steering and power brakes, radio and heater, and I don’t know what all. I’m thinking it’s the first Japanese car in our Branch. I suppose someone had to lead the way. Members’ cars went to Art Deco and all concerned had a good time, give or take a bit of sunburn. Bruce Poole’s Chrysler 77 featured as one of the thirty specials, celebrating thirty years of Deco, and Bruce also was in the prize list of the HB VCC rally run on the Friday while Vicki and Michael Harding, along with daughter and granddaughter, won the prize for the Best Dressed Family at the club rooms. Sunday, the 25th was a run south – Norsewood, Dannevirke and beyond, covering territory unfamiliar to some of us, seeing places and things we’d not seen before. Thanks to Pip Halford for organising what was a delightful day. Next month looks promising with people lining up to do the Manawatu rally on the 3 rd and the North Island Easter Rally in Waikato. More about all these things elsewhere in the “Bleat”.

Lynn Cross CHB Branch Chairman


Rod’s Rattling's It was a special privilege for our branch to be able to host the VCC North Island Club Captain, Kaaren Smiley and her husband Jim to our monthly meeting last week. They had been down from Tauranga attending the “Art Deco” weekend in Napier and decided to check our branch out whilst in the near vicinity. They towed their 1922 Ford Model T down behind their Camper for the event. We also went along to the “Art Deco” weekend in the Model A taking Scarlett’s sister and brother-in-law from Sydney with us on both the Rally Day and in the parade. They could hardly believe their eyes at the numbers and quality of the cars in the parade (300 vehicles!). 1934 Cadillac V16 Town Cabriolet once Bruce Poole in his Chrysler 77

Congratulations to Bruce Poole for get- belonged to Film Star Marlene Deitrich ting second on the Rally, and also to the Harding family who won the bestdressed family prize. There were 30 “Special” cars selected for the weekend’s event, Bruce Poole’s 1930 Chrysler 77 Roadster being one, and a stand out was the 1934 Cadillac that once Rod and Scarlett belonged to film star, Marlene Deitrich.

This last weekend, Pip and Jenny Halford put on a run in the Dannevirke area which was attended by about 14 cars. A report on this run is elsewhere in the “Bleat”. This coming weekend, a group of old car folk are coming to CHB via the Napier-Taihape road on a run named “Crossing-the-Divide”. A few of our members intend joining them from Sherenden where they will be having lunch, before proceeding into CHB where they will be having a BBQ dinner. On Sunday 11th March, our monthly run, which Scarlett and I will be arranging, starts at “Lime Rock Winery” 6km from Waipawa on the Tikokino Rd. Bring your picnic lunch, hear some of the story of the winery and the history of the limestone. Wine will be for sale. Later in the afternoon drive to where we will have a short walk to a new sight to CHB, before we finish at a Café to wind the day up. Easter weekend will be busy too, as several of a members head off to the Waikato for the “Easter Rally” in and around Cambridge. We will be busy closer to home attending the marriage of two of our members, Gavin Harris and Vivienne Wallace, at the home of the McCool’s near Otane. This is a very special occasion for both of the families. On Saturday 21st April, Bruce Poole is arranging his annual “Twilight Rally” in and around CHB. Entries are out and hopefully printed within this edition of the “Bleat”. Don’t be late, or you could well miss out. I am still looking for a lady (or ladies) to volunteer to put on a “Lady Driver’s Run” in May. There must be lots of things you ladies of the CHB VCC would like to show the men-folk of the Scarlett’s sister and brother-in-law from Sydney with branch. So, put your heads together and come up with a plan. us on both the 2018 Art Deco Rally Day, the If you need help, I am certain one or two of our more experi- car parade and ukulele night. enced members would only be too pleased to assist or give advice. In June we will have our AGM on the same night our usual monthly meeting is held. Also that month, it could be a bit of fun to have a “Mid-Winter Run”. Got any ideas?? 5

February Club run report — written by Chris Murphy Honda Gold Wing with windjammer fairing.

Firstly thanks to Pip and Jenny Halford for organising an enjoyable car club run for us all on Sunday 25th Feb. We met at the Natural Clothing shop in Norsewood and some took advantage of this to do some shopping. We then went in convoy on to Dannevirke stopping at Dave's Den where there were more of our car club members from the Dannevirke area waiting for us. This brought our total of cars to 16, 14 of which were Vintage and Classic cars ranging in age from 1928 – 1976 and 2 modern cars. Our visit to Dave,s Den was interesting as his collection of miniature vehicles is very extensive. You could see everyone looking closely for their own specific car as well as pointing out others that they may have had experience of many years ago. There were horse and carriages even the Royal Carriage and horses pulling it to modern day cars, trucks and machinery. Some were for sale and some were just on show. As well as the walls covered in glass cabinets of miniature cars there were some paintings done by Dave's wife, Pauline. More purchases were made before we gathered outside to thank Dave for opening up and showing his prize collection. From here we had to move to Plan B as the turnout of cars was such that the Plan A lunch spot of Coppermine Reserve was deemed too small to take all the cars. Our Day Organiser, Pip, made the call to stop at The Kumeti Reserve where there was more space to park all the cars. So instead of following his written plan we followed him. After winding our way along 6 different roads we came to our destination in amongst the trees. A pleasant place to have lunch although a little bit windy. The sun was shining though and everyone chatted while having lunch. At the end of lunch Pip had a short quiz with chocolate fish as prizes for the lucky or most observant of us. Moving on we went to the end of Top Grass road and turned left to our destination just down the road on the right. We were welcomed by Clive and Shirley Boyden who were very pleased to show us their collection of things. Well little did we know how much of the past we were going to remember when we walked into their shed. For my part I thought I was going to see tractors and motorbikes and that was all. Well we saw way more than that. Here was a very impressive private museum and I could here people say “Look at that I remember using one of those” or “ Mum and Dad had some of those.” Yes there were 120 bikes in this display but there was also Fergie tractors, milking shed equipment from way back, motor mowers, sewing machines, a whole wall of them, old childrens toys as well as old pedal cars, old jars and kitchen utensils, tobacco tins, Army memorabilia and a corner to remember their son who sadly died at an early age. I will only have mentioned but a few of the old treasures on display in this collection and I am sure those that were there will remember other things. After thanking them for the visit we started to leave. Some of the group stopped at the Mangatera Pub for a drink and chat and I suspect more reminiscing. We however carried on as we had to get back to Poraiti and wanted to call on Pat and Neil Malcolm who would have loved to have been there but for Pat being unwell with shingles.


So again thanks Pip and Jenny for a great day out in our cars. I am sure everyone enjoys being out in their cars covering a good amount of kms. We covered 300 kms by the time we got home in Patrick our car.

VISIT TO GISBORNE BRANCH THREE RIVERS RALLY — by John & Shirley Foot The Foots and Hardings had decided to travel to this rally with Harding's tailoring their Studebaker accompanied by Vicky’s sister and husband. We travelled up in the Buick on the Friday arriving at approx 4.30pm having had light rain for the whole trip. On Friday evening there was a meet and greet followed by a very good meal and quiz. Saturday morning and it is still raining as thirty cars faced the starter with Foots away at #3 and Harding's #4. The first part of the rally was on the flats around the valley with a timed section and questions to be answered. From here we ventured into the hills travelling up the Gentle Annie until we turned off to travel the narrow Ruakaka Road through Donneraille Park to finally come out at the Tinoroto School for the lunch break. After the lunch break it was left out of the school grounds then left onto Tinoroto Road then right into Parikanapa Road which we followed for many miles to finally come out on Tinoroto Road again and a final run back to Gisborne via the main highway. We had quite a bit of rain until lunch then it cleared but the cloud still stayed low which blanketed out what would have great views of the country side. We travelled a mix of sealed and gravel roads but all with good surfaces and we also saw quite a number of slips along the way. This was a very simple, easy, enjoyable and well plotted rally which covered 100 miles. The Saturday evening dinner and prizegiving was held at the White House in Gisborne with the Foots winning the Post Vintage class. After a farewell cuppa at the Branch clubrooms on Sunday morning we arrived home on Sunday evening having had a very enjoyable weekend with old and new friends and having seen a lot of new country.



written by Bruce Poole

Back in August I was rung by Steve Trott (HB Branch VCC) and I was told that this year was the 30th anniversary of the event. This was going to be something special called “Simply the best” and would involve thirty special cars in New Zealand and Australia and my car 1930 Chrysler 77 Roadster would be included if I agreed but it was to be kept a secret. With the assistance of Robert Duncan (Wanaka) the collection was arranged and planning was started. Information on all the cars was obtained and a very special book was produced with the owner of the car having his car on the cover. All other books had the 1934 Cadillac V16 Town Cabriolet on the cover as this was the theme car for art deco. This car was first owned by Germany/American actress and singer Marlene Deitrich. I rang my friend John Hastilow in Christchurch who had never been to an art deco weekend, told him a little about the programme and he was on for the trip. John joined the VCC in Palmerston North about 1966-67 with a 1924 Chrysler 70 Tourer (Sold new at HB AMP show) and he travelled with me to Australia in 1970 for the international Rally, Sydney to Melbourne. The programme began on Wednesday the 14th of February and 10am at Euro City dealership where we collected the rally pack and had a very nice morning tea. At 10:40am we departed for Nelson Park School to show the children and they were asking many questions. On departing th children gave us a very good action and song display. We then visited Neville’s Garage to look at his cars and others on display plus all his motoring signage. We then had a short drive to the mission winery for lunch. As lunch had taken a lot longer then planned the visit to Steve Trott’s Collection of Hub Caps, Car badges, Petrol tins and signs, the visit was very brief. The final visit for the day was a Faraday centre and if you have not been to this amazing collection, do so and you’ll be very impressed. The dinner that night was put on by the VCC at the club rooms and a chance to meet other owners of the 30 cars. On Thursday 15th of Feb we started by meeting at the Soundshell by 10.00am for a 1 and a half hour drive around the best scenic views in Hawkes Bay. Eight questions had to be answered before arriving at Porters Hotel in Havelock North for a three quarter hour visit. It was then a short trip to (Off the Track) restaurant for lunch and a good chance to look at the cars and talk to the owners. In the afternoon optional tours could be had (Te mata peak and Birdwood Gallery) and then back to Napier for dinner at Shed 2. This year the main rally day was Friday with a start at the VCC Club rooms and ended up at Matapiro station for lunch. This is situated up the Gentle Annie Road with great river views. After lunch it was a short drive back to Napier to get ready for the presentation at the Municipal theatre by Southwards car museum. The 1895 Benz was on display and after the talk an elegant ladies contest was held with thirteen participants. A very good night and then it was up to the parade to park and join the crowds. On Saturday Morning it was an early start, 9.00am at the club rooms for another display with veterans and other cars on display. After morning tea it was then up to Clive Square to park before the parade, it would be the largest crowd I have every seen in Napier (26 thousand) along the parade route and then the SIMPLY THE BEST cars park around the Sound Shell. John and I walked down to the Station Hotel and café to enjoy a quite drink and meal. Good prices too! On Sunday morning was back to the club rooms again for a BBQ Breakfast, live entertainment and the spares were open. Mid morning John and I visited friends up on Bluff Hill and it was “on the road again” as sung by Willy Nelson and back to Waipukurau by 3.00pm to sit down and rest up. The collection of cars was too great to mention and it was a real pleasure to be able to spend five great days in Napier, an honour to be picked with 29 other fine motorcars and a big thank you to all the Hawkes Bay 8 members who helped in making the 30th anniversary Art Deco weekend. Incidentally John and I got the eight questions right on the run and we shared with three others, 2 bottles of wine.

Taihape Gumboot Rally—written by Bernadette Bentley Tuesday Jan 16th 10.11pm: It was an overcast day as we gathered in Russell Park Waipukurau to start our journey to the Taihape Gumboot Rally. There were five local cars going. We took the drive going through the back of Bridge Pa and ended up stopping in Fernhill to check everyone was fine before we embarked on our journey a had of us. I was lucky to be a passenger in with Bruce Poole and so enjoyed the scenery that we encountered along the way. We continued on the Gentle Annie Road and make a morning tea stop off the road to a picnic area named Blowhard. After that stop we continued on the back road leading into Taihape taking stops to check everyone was OK along the way. We arrived at our appointed motel where we took the time to relax and unwind before going out to the restaurant to finish the evening off with a most delicious meal and meeting up with other members from the Taihape and Whanganui Vintage Car Club. The New Year slipped in quietly as we were all in bed by 10.00pm. After a good nights sleep and big breakfast we all then proceeded down to Memorial Park in Taihape where other vintage car members all gathered to be given instructions for the day and the route on which we were all to travel. Posted along the way in various positions on the route were placed steel boxes on stems each containing playing cards and each had to collected and kept till the end of the rally. The route mapped out took us through back country roads and it allowed people to enjoy the scenery. We continued onto Ohakune where we stopped to have lunch. From there we continued on down SH 49. Not far down from here we stopped at a memorial area designated to the remembrance of the Tangiwai disaster. On Reading about it, it left one feeling an unbelievable sadness. We continued our journey, by then the rain had started to set in along the way on SH49. We drove on until we got on the SH1 and then continued on that road until we reached the residence of Jack and Lynsie Horton. It was there that all the members who took part in the rally were invited to a BBQ and prize giving to all the cardholders. It was a fantastic end to a most rewarding journey. One couple unfortunately didn't make it to the BBQ as their car had momentarily broken down and Bruce Poole being the knight in shining armour make sure they didn’t miss out by delivering two plates of food to them. Their car made a speedy recovery and was able to get them back to Waipukurau. The Rally was a time to reacquaint with other members from other districts of the Vintage Car Clubs and talk of the days happenings, enjoy the food and drink and the camaraderie that these gatherings bring. The memories that we will share for a long time to come. A very good start to 2018.


Club Run to Pourerere Beach — Written by Mya, Koro and Benni On the 21st Jan 2018 Koro and I started up the Hillman and went to pick my friend Benni up at around 10.00am in the morning to head to Pourerere Beach to where Mr Spotswood Batch was. We drove to the park to give everyone their straight line navigation instructions and I left my togs at home so we had to go get them before we left Waipukurau. On our way back to the house we noticed some people were a bit stuck so I jumped out of the Hillman and directed them on to where they needed to go and how to understand it. There was also a stop down Nelson street because something was going on with one of the cars. We finished the straight line navigation and on the way to Pourerere Koro let me drive since I have now got my restricted license which I got at the same time as my friend Benni. I’m not the best at manual gears but I am slowly learning. On the way Koro was teaching me how to read the corners and to slow down. When we went down Tavistock road Rex Elmer’s was on the side of the road because his car brakes had over heated. Benni and I switched so he could have a drive, he was pretty good, has better confidence with the clutch than I have. After Going around heaps of windy roads and letting other cars pass we finally arrived at the Beach for lunch. We walked around the beach and down to the water and had a swim. Mr Spotswood bought out some crayfish which everyone thought was very nice. There was an ice cream truck there so we tried some of their ice-cream but it wasn’t very nice. Mr Spotswood also had a White fluffy dog which was pretty cute. After lunch Benni and I both drove half way back to the Patangata Hotel for a cold drink and a game of pool. He did well on the Gravel road and Mr Foot congratulated him, he thought it was koro driving. After leaving the hotel we drove back to Waipukurau after a very enjoyable day out. A big Thank you to Pam and Owen for the use of their batch.


Entry Form Central Hawke’s Bay Branch (Inc) of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (Inc)

Annual Night/Twilight Rally Saturday 21st April, 2018 Waipukurau and Beyond

The CHB VCC Twilight Rally — The Rally starts at 3.00pm at Russell Park near the “Heated Pool” in River Terrace, with first car away at 3.30pm. There will be a visit to a hotel for soup and toast during the event, and the dinner will be at the end of the Run at a venue in Waipukurau. You are advised to fuel up before the start.

Regulations for the event 1. 2.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Entrants must be current financial members of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand or guests of a financial member of the VCC. The event is open to all vehicles as recognized by the club, which must be up to the club’s accepted standards regarding cleanliness, general and mechanical condition. The organizer may refuse to start any vehicle, which in his opinion fails to meet that standard. Modern non-competitive vehicles will be accepted as entries. The rally organiser reserves the right to disqualify any entrant whose conduct in his opinion is likely to bring discredit to the event or the club. The ruling regarding any matters in respect of the running of the event will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. The New Zealand Road Code Rules must be obeyed at all times. The organizer reserves the right to add supplementary regulations or instructions at any time during the running of the event LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!!

Rally Organiser: Bruce Poole Phone: 06 858 9940 Mobile 027 244 9090 E-mail:

Entries close on 12th April, 2018. 11

CHB Night/Twilight Rally Waipukurau Saturday 21st April, 2018 Entries close on 12th April 2018 — LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!!

Entrant’s Name: _________________________________ Average speed for our vehicle: ______________ mph Entry Fee: Meals: Soup and Toast Main Meal includes dessert


ry f

$5.00 $7.00 pp $.………. $25.00 pp $………..


(Re tain


piec e


Menu: Main either: Bangers and Mash, or Chicken and seasonal salad (delete one) Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream (delete one) Remittance for:

$ ………...

Please make your remittance payable to CHB Vintage Car Club. Bank details for internet payments: 020-780-0035502-00 Put your name in the Particulars column, and Night Rally in the reference column please. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

CHB Night Rally Waipukurau Saturday 21st April, 2018 Entries close on 12th April 2018 — LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!!

Entrant’s Name: _______________________________________ Driver/Entrant: ________________________________________ Navigator/partner/passenger : ____________________________ Address:______________________________________________ Phone: (0 ) __________________________________________ Mobile: (0 ) _________________________________________ E-mail: _______________________________________________ Vehicle: ____________________________ Year: _____________ Membership number: _________ /____________ Average speed for our vehicle: ______________ mph Entry Fee: Meals: Soup and Toast $7.00 pp Main Meal includes dessert $25.00 pp

$5.00 $…………. $............

Menu: Main either: Bangers and Mash, or Chicken and seasonal salad (delete one) Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream (delete one) Remittance for: Please post this section to:

$............. Central Hawke’s Bay Vintage Car Club Night/Twilight Rally c/- Bruce Poole 18 Wilder St, Waipukurau 4200. 12


y fo

rm (


t th is pi ece )

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Fountainhead Auto Museum, Fairbanks, Alaska. Graeme and I recently visited Alaska and these are some pictures of the Auto Museum we visited. It is a little different to most museums as it had fashion as well as pre-World War 2 autos on display. An amazing user-friendly display and social commentary on that time in the USA. For more information on touring Alaska contact Ph 8589082.




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Central Hawke's Bay VCC March 2018  
Central Hawke's Bay VCC March 2018