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August 2017

CENTRAL HAWKE’S BAY BRANCH of the VINTAGE CAR CLUB of NZ (Inc) Lamb Country Branch Email:

Contributions should be emailed to the Editor no later than (25th of each month)

Club Nights

7.30pm 3rd Wednesday of every Month

Coming Events Wednesday 16th August 2017 - Club Meal and Meeting in Dannevirke

Postal Address

94 Mt Herbert Road To be held at the Dannevirke Services & Citizens Club Inc, 1 Princess Street, Dan- Waipukurau, 4200 nevirke. Mix and mingle with refreshments from 6.00pm, Meal 6.30pm followed by a NOMINATED POSITIONS short combined Meeting at 7.30pm and Guest Speaker. This is a combined meeting with the Manawatu Branch.

$22.00 per person for a Buffet meal, including Dessert.

CHAIRMAN Lynn Cross 06 858 9814

Please contact: Rod & Scarlett (06) 858 9562 or by VICE CHAIRMAN Saturday 12th August with numbers attending. Rod is required to forward numbers Bruce Poole to the restaurant a few days before to ensure we receive the service we require. 06 858 9940

Please let Rod know if you require a ride or can offer a ride to others Thank you

Sunday 27th — National Vintage Car Club Day — Daffodil Rally for Cancer This Daffodil Car Rally has been organised in conjunction with the Cancer Society and all proceeds will go to your local branch. Everyone welcome no matter what kind of vehicle you drive $10.00 per vehicle - $7.00 per person for afternoon tea Please fill in your entry form, Pg 4 Closing Date 23rd August 2017

SECRETARY Shirley Foot 06 858 8301

TREASURER Suzanne McCool 06 856 8087 CLUB CAPTAIN Rod McKenzie 06 858 9562 COMMITTEE John Foot V.I.C. (I.D. Card) Coordinator 06 858 8301

All vehicle to assemble at the swimming pool car park Waipukarau ready to leave at Peter McCool 1.00pm sharp.

CHB VCC Monthly Raffles — please contact — Scarlett McKenzie ph 06 858

06 856 8087

Barry Smales Thank you to everyone who has attended our monthly meetings and bought raffle 06 858 9956 tickets in our monthly raffle. At our August meeting being held in Dannevirke, I would like to have a box of PUBLICITY OFFICER Sandra Cross “Goodies” comprising of fresh produce, or home-made preserves, cakes, muffins, pies, etc. 06 858 9814

If there is something you could provide for the raffle this time, please let me know EDITOR before 9th August so we don’t get double-ups, etc. Joyce Calder Thank you.

022 166 1403

CHB Branch



Wed 16th

Events Calendar

Other Events

Club Dinner and Meeting — A Combined get together and meeting with the Manawatu branch will be held in Dannevirke at the Services & Citizens Club Inc. Guest speaker.

Friday We need about six vehicles to support the 25th "Cancer Society Day" in the main street of Waipukurau from about 8.00am. Please contact Rod if you can help with this. Sun 27th

VCC is promoting a "National Day" in cooperation with the Cancer Society.

Sun 10th

Daffodil Day— organisers Rod and Scarlett— Picnic lunch

Wed 20th

Club Dinner and Meeting—Venue TBA



Waipukurau School 150th reunion & parade.

Wed 18th

Club Dinner and Meeting— Venue TBA

Wed 11th

Mid-week run. Details still to be finalised.

Wed 15th

Club Dinner and Meeting


Veteran Rally - plus all other club eligible cars


18th 19th

CHB Christmas Parade Club Christmas party


I'm restoring a big 1938 English assembled sedan car but I'm missing the bucket seats. They were discarded early on for a conventional New Zealand bench seat. Now I'm not expecting to find the exact original bucket seats as this English assembled Vauxhall 25 wasn't a common car, but I'm wondering if you have in your spares a pair of non-folding bucket seats that might suit. Could you let me know if you do have a pair of bucket seats that might suit. Regards, Mike Swanton (VCC member 13/25083) 2




Sunday, 27 August 2017 All cars to assemble at the swimming pool carpark, Waipukurau ready for a 1.00pm start

Entrant’s Name No. of Passengers Vehicle Rego No. Email Phone No. ENTRY FEE: Car



Afternoon tea (per person)



Total Cost


Please make cheques payable to Central Hawke's Bay Vintage Car Club and post your entry to: Suzanne McCool 360 Elsthorpe Road RD 2 OTANE 4277 Or internet banking option: Your Name in Reference Section Daffodil Rally in Code Section Central Hawke's Bay Vintage Car Club Bank A/C Number 02-0780-0035502-00 Entrant’s are required to complete our official Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (Inc) entry form prior to an event taking place. By completing this form you are included under the club’s Public Liability Policy HO­LPL­ 6107528 with Vero Liability Insurance Limited for property damage and personal injury. I agree to the Terms & Conditions — Please tick here For any inquiries contact: SANDRA CROSS 06 858 9814

Entry Closing date is 23rd August 2017 4

Chairman's Chat We had a very good afternoon/night rally on Saturday, 22 July which incorporated a scavenger hunt on pleasant country roads .There were a few miles of shingle, both before and after the stop at the Tikokino Hotel for soup and buns. It finished at Hatuma Café with a good meal and plenty of space for the numbers we had, which included some visitors from the Hawke’s Bay Branch. I’m forbidden to mention who won the scavenger hunt with 21 items starting with the letters N and R but I can tell you that new members Rachel Bishop and Ken Lyons came in second with a creditable 19 items ranging from Nettles and Nuts to a piece of Road. (Scavenging is about thinking outside the square.) An enjoyable time was had all round. A big thanks to Bruce Poole, who did the lion’s share of the organising. Our August meeting will be at our southern suburb (Dannevirke) and invitations have been issued to Wairarapa and Manawatu Branches as usual. There will be a guest speaker whose subject matter will be somewhat lighter than that of last year. The big event for August of course will be the Daffodil Rally in aid of the Cancer Society. It is intended to be a national event and our Branch has a small committee busily doing their best to make it successful here. It is my fervent hope that as many members as possible will participate and encourage friends and colleagues to join in for fun.

LYNN CROSS CHB Branch Chairman

When insuring your valuable items (property, car etc) with Vero, quoting the CHB number (39) results in a commission being made to our Branch.

Thank you for your ongoing support. 5

REMIT ONE TO CHANGE THE CLUB BY LAWS (August 2017 Executive Meeting) EXECUTIVE MEETINGS CURRENT WORDING: BY LAWS - Executive Meeting Two Executive Committee Meetings will be held annually. One meeting in March will rotate between Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. The second meeting will be held at the same location as the Annual General Meeting, in August. AMENDED WORDING: BY LAWS - Executive Meeting Two Executive Committee Meetings will be held annually. One meeting in March will be held in Wellington or an alternative location designated by the Management Committee. The second meeting will be held at the same location as the Annual General Meeting, in August. REASON: The suggested Executive Meeting change is to allow for the possibility of the March meeting being held more frequently in Wellington, where a meeting room is available at the airport, with no transport required for delegates from their flights. The suggested change also gives the Management Committee flexibility to allow for an unexpected unavailability of a venue location. PROPOSER: Diane Quarrie 39/01755 SECONDER: Michael Lavender 05/01149 *****************************************************************************************************************

REMIT TWO TO CHANGE THE CLUB BY LAWS (August 2017 Executive Meeting) ALTERATION TO THE CONSTITUTION CURRENT WORDING: BY LAWS - Alteration to the Constitution b) Submissions on proposed Notices of Motion must be received by proposers no later than 20th March. AMENDED WORDING: BY LAWS - Alteration to the Constitution b) the proposed Notice of Motion is to be emailed to all branches so that it can be discussed with members who will then have the opportunity to make submissions, such submissions to be received by the proposers no later than 20th March. REASON: We currently email the proposed notice of motion to branches for discussion however without it being stipulated in the rules, this important step could be missed. PROPOSER: Diane Quarrie 39/01755 SECONDER: Michael Lavender 05/01149

In line with the Constitution 16.1, the above two remits to amend the By-Laws were discussed at the 2017 March Executive Meeting and are now formally put forward for voting at the August Executive Meeting. Would you please read the above remits and either email Shirley or ring 06-8588301 with an answer of yes or no so your Delegate at the Executive Meeting can vote on this important matter. We need your answers by the 31st of July please


Rod’s Rattling's A few weeks ago when on one of our monthly runs it was suggested that we should adjourn to the local Civic Theatre with a group of us to see the movie “McLaren”. Around a dozen of our members turned up which boosted the numbers at the theatre by more than somewhat to view this film/documentary. I am glad I saw it and it certainly shows a slice of life of NZ as it was in the 1960’s and shows the life of the talented and extraordinary New Zealander, Bruce McLaren. If you haven’t yet seen it, try getting along. You are hardly likely to be disappointed. At the last club night held at the Waipukurau Hotel, several of our members brought along a few colour slides which we showed. The photos included old cars, motor-racing from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, and several of our members when they were MUCH younger when they had hair and whiskers, and younger bodies. There were lots of laughs, and the general consensus is that we must do it again some time as not that many of the members actually brought along slides of their past. The Twilight Rally Bruce Poole arranged went off very well with a cruise north of theCHB townships and into the hills of Raukawa and Gwavas forest. The roads were a little damp and consequently the cars were pretty dirty when inspected the following morning. There is a report elsewhere as to who won what. Lynn Cross and I will be attending the National AGM in Blenheim as your delegate and observer on 12 th August, and we’ll report on the proceedings in due course. The big thing happening in August, on the 27th, is the run arranged for both the members and the public to attend in support of the Cancer Society. Sandra Cross has been co-ordinating this for the branch. So far what has been mooted has been well received by folk I have had contact with and we should get a good turnout and good support. It would be really good to see most of our members come along to this charity event as we have all been touched by cancer at some stage in our lives, and I daresay will be again in the future. I had a bit of fun the other day. Ken Eason and John Cleland were meeting at Ken’s business premises to fit a tyre to a wheel for John Cleland’s 1914 Ford T and needed some more “expertise”. So long as the rubber is relatively soft, it is not much more difficult than fitting a bike tyre. Well, the rubber was hard, and we had an awful job getting the beads of the tyre into the rim. This is what 30 x 3.5 “Beaded Wheels” are all about. Lubricant in the form of dish-washing detergent was liberally applied to the surface of the rim and the tyre. As this was not working so well for us, it was suggested that John being an ex-chemist, he may know of some other type of lubricant which may be in order. Once the laughter had died down and we discussed the benefits of fitting rubber [more chemist jokes], the job was completed. I am so glad we were not doing this on the side of the road in the rain. I had occasion to be having morning tea at “The Paper Mulberry” at Te Aute at the end of June with a group of classic car owners [The “Petrol-heads”], when a couple of campervans full of “Lions Supporters” pulled in for breakfast. Naturally, we started talking to them about rugby and how they might fare, when three of them admitted to being owners of classic cars themselves. Since then I have had correspondence from the UK owner of an MGA twin-cam from 1959. The conversation about their cars was much more fun and revealing than going on about the rugby games still pending. Scarlett and I will be taking the branch on a wee run to the “Skagen” daffodils again on 10th September to the property now owned by the Ward family. There is a good covered shed for us to have our lunch in with toilet facilities available. We were there about three years ago, so many of you will know the layout and the story about the plantings. In October, the branch will be putting on a “mid-week” run as there are so many other things on that month throughout the country that we know our members are attending, that the weekends are pretty much full of activities. Barry Smales and I have our heads together to put on a simple days motoring. More details will become available when things are confirmed. I had the rear wheel off my 1913 Ford T a few weeks ago as there was a problem with grease coming out of the differential onto the brakes. It was noted that there appeared to be some fine metal in the grease, so I am at present pulling it down and will check to see what the problem is. I imagine there will be a visit from a certain ex-chemist with a prescription at some stage to help restore the old thing to good health. Safe motoring.

Rod McKenzie CHB Branch Club Captain


Annual Day/Night Rally— by Bruce Poole For the past number of years I have organised our annual Night Rally, usually starting in Waipukurau, going to a country hotel for soup and buns etc and then back to Waipukurau for a main meal and prize giving. We have had timed runs, straight line navigation and covering between 60 and 80 miles for the two runs. This years run was a little different with simple instructions but having a scavenger run with items starting with the letters N & R (Night Rally) in travelling around to set up the run I expected to find this very difficult but at the Sawyers Arms Hotel the goodie bags started to come in and these were very full. The three different soups were very much appreciated after the cold and the rain we had on the first leg of the run, you could see the snow on the rangers, and for those in the open car could feel the sleet on their faces. The afternoon section took us further up into snow country and on a fine evening the lights of Hastings, Havelock North and Napier could be seen. The run was enjoyed by all who participated and another excellent meal was had at the Hatuma Café. A few tales were told, ask Joyce our editor if she knows left from right, back seat passenger, Jenny in Tony Prebensen’s Model A Tourer (No side curtains) was frozen and Jenny looked like a bandit with black hat, scarf around her face and only eyes looking out and to make matters worse in the afternoon section the instructions blew out of the car never to be seen again. The results are as follows 1. 2. 3. 4.

Lynn and Sandra Cross (21 items) Ken Lyons and Rachel Bishop (19 items) Kevin and Gaye Heyward (16 items) Neil and Pat Malcolm (14 items) John and Shirley Foot (14 items)

I trust that you’ve all enjoyed the run and see you again next year.


Due to winter weather a few cancelations were received and on final count 37 people attended. Give some thought to changing the date to May when the weather might be slightly better.

Annual Day/Night Rally— by Bruce Poole


WAIKATO DOUBLE 50 RALLY 3RD & 4TH JUNE JOHN & SHIRLEY FOOT Saturday morning and the Buick is packed, filled with fuel and we are away on our trip to Cambridge. We had light rain interspersed with heavy showers until just before the Rangitikei Hotel after which we had gloriously fine weather for the rest of the day. From Taupo we travelled via Poihipi Road to Whakamaru then Wharepapa and Arapuni roads to Te Awamutu to do some visiting then on to Cambridge and our accommodation. After getting settled in we went to the Waikato Branch Clubrooms for a get together with other entrants, collect our rally packs followed by a very nice meal catered and served by Branch members. Sunday morning, was crisp and beautifully fine, we met at the clubrooms for a rally briefing with the first car of 58 away at 10-00am and we were number 3 away at 10-01am. The rally route took over very good roads with very little traffic and great scenery but we were also looking for silent checks and questions, there was also a timed section. After approximately 50 miles we had lunch at Te Kowhai School which catered by the parents as a fund raiser for the school. When we had finished lunch we carried on with the rally for another 50 miles of glorious countryside and getting near the end of the rally we were expecting a trap and sure enough there was a very subtle one and luckily we didn’t fall for it and found the correct manned check. Tonight (Sunday) the dinner/Prize giving was held at Gails of Tamahere where there is a restored church and also a restaurant. After dinner there was an auction of donated goods including a kitchen sink unit complete with cupboards benchtop and tapware. The prizegiving took place after the auction with Auckland Branch members picking up most of the placings and also the Teams Trophy and the Auckland Waikato cup. Two of the Auckland members finished the rally no loss of points. We were not among the place getters but overall it was a very enjoyable event and we were able to meet up with old friends. Monday dawned wet and we had rain most of the way home (Vacuum wipers are not much fun on the Napier/Taupo) until we were coming down into the Esk Valley then it was fine for the rest of the trip home. We covered 550 miles and had a very enjoyable weekend. If you haven’t rallied in the Waikato you should do it sometime as they have a great range of roads with all types of surface and terrain.


ELECTRIC COMMERCIAL VEHICLES by John Foote Thinking back many years I can remember it being said that electric vehicles would never replace the vehicles with internal combustion engines and I was one of those people. Well now it is happening and it is gaining momentum with Volvo announcing that all new models after 2019 will be either hybrid or full electric. Electric vehicles are also starting to become popular in the commercial vehicle fleet here and overseas and will become more attractive as battery technology and charging times develop and improve. I have just been reading the May and June Truck and Driver magazines and there is a lot of information on progress and acceptance of electric vehicles. Some examples of this is the German courier company Hermes will have 1500 Mercedes Benz Vito and Sprinter on the road by the end of 2020 and are also currently testing some Fuso Canter light duty trucks. By 2025 Hermes aims to do all inner city areas of all major German cities completely free of emissions using electricity from 100 per cent renewable energy sources to charge the vehicle batteries. United States Parcel Services are also converting their huge fleet of internal combustion engine fleet of vehicles to electric. There is a company here in New Zealand (Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) that have been converting light commercial vehicles to electric drive for quite some time and very successfully. Also here in New Zealand Waste Management NZ have announced their move to electric vehicles for waste collection. They are not only converting to electric vehicles but are recharging them with electricity generated with gas they capture at their Redvale landfill and energy centre. The company is setting up a trial of 3 collection vehicles which have been converted to electric drive in the Netherlands by Emoss. The first of the vehicles is an Isuzu FRR600 4x2 with a box body which is now on the road and performing to expectations. The 2 vehicles to follow are a 500 series Hino 6x4 wheelie bin side loader and an F series Isuzu 6x2 side loader. These 2 vehicles are scheduled to be in service before the end of the year. The batteries will give a range of 160 to 220 kilometres between charges with a charge time of 4 !/2 hours. At present they operate a fleet of 800 trucks and a standard waste truck will cover approximately 180 kilometres a day and use a125 litres of diesel. If these conversions are successful it would represent a huge saving in overseas funds and reduction in pollution. The power units for these vehicles are producing 180 Kw. (241 Hp.) and 3200 Nm. (2360 pound foot) of torque. By comparison the Volvo 560 Kw. (750 Hp.) diesel truck engine only produces 3550 Nm. (2618 pound foot) of torque. Waste Management also operate a fleet of 200 cars which are being progressively converted to electric vehicles. Also on the topic of electric commercial vehicles a Swedish company Einride has designed a prototype zero emissions truck called T-Pod which they will have running next year and claim they will have 200 on the road within 3 years. These vehicles are not only electric but driverless and remotely monitored in city areas. The era of electric vehicles seems to be gathering momentum and will continue to do so as battery technology continues to improve. This is only a very small amount of what is happening in the field of electric vehicles. It is starting to look like our fossil fuelled vehicles are fast becoming dinosaurs. As the number of electric vehicles increase what is going to happen to the price of fuel?



Manawatu — VINTAGE RALLY — 16 September 2017 The Manawatu Branch VCC clubrooms will be open from 8.45 am to allow you and your crew to meet other rally participants and indulge in a hot drink and a biscuit or two before the 9.15 am briefing. As has been the case in recent years, the Vintage Rally will again be open to vehicles from VCC classification groups other than ‘Vintage’ - however vehicles from other classifications will be ‘non-competitive’ entries. Members who have only a veteran classification vehicle, or whose ‘vintage’ is currently off the road are more than welcome to participate in their ‘modern’ as a non-competitive entry if they wish. The morning section of the rally is approx. 75 miles (120 Kms) and is competitive for those who like a challenge – otherwise just follow the instructions and enjoy the scenery. The afternoon section is approx. 30 miles (45 Kms) and concludes at a nearby café. From the café there is approx. 15 miles (25 kms) of sealed road to return to Palmerston North. As with last year’s Vintage Rally, the route remains on the western side of the ranges so roads are relatively flat. There is only approx. ¾ mile (1.2 kms) of unsealed road on this rally. Bring your own picnic lunch, hot water, chairs etc., to help you settle in for an enjoyable lunch stop. If the weather is against us there is shelter at the destination. Entry Form Options : complete the form that is in this Tourer and mail it to the address on the form. if you would like the form emailed to you to prevent you from having to cut into your Tourer, email the Rally Organiser ( ) requesting that a PDF version be emailed to you. alternatively forget the form and just send an email to the Rally Organiser with all of the details that are requested on the form included in the email text. Payment Options : send a cheque in the post with your entry form ; pay on the day ; or email the Rally Organiser ( ) requesting account details to enable you to pay by internet banking.


Wairarapa VCC’s

1st annual “Stretched Gymkhana” Sunday November 5th 2017

The Wairarapa VCC would like to invite your members to attend a new event we are holding in November. Inspired by some of the “off-tarmac” events reported on in the Beaded Wheels, that are held by other branches (especially branches like Banks Peninsular and Waitemata), on Sunday November 5th 2017 the Wairarapa Branch is holding their first annual Stretched Gymkhana.  Do you like the excitement of gymkhana style driving on grass?  Would you enjoy the challenge of trying to navigate at speed, through a winding course, against the clock? o The course will be sufficiently challenging to ensure unsafe speeds cannot be obtained – this isn’t a “Speed Event”.  Can you meet the challenge of driving a course consistently, so as to maintain, as far as possible, the same time each lap? If you answer YES to all of these, then the Stretched Gymkhana is an event not to be missed. Event outline:  Driver’s briefing will be at 9:30am, with the event expected to finish mid-afternoon (BYO lunch).  The course will be between ½ a mile and a mile in length  A bit like a classic gymkhana’s cones course, there will be lots of sharp turns on the course (the course will be designed to ensure that excessive speeds (i.e. greater than the speed limit) cannot be obtained)  Where possible hazards such as water crossings, hills etc. will be included in the course  All drivers will have 3 (or more) timed runs over the course, after which the best time for each driver will be calculated (this becomes their individual target time).  From then on drivers have to try and match their target time, with 1/2 the field dropping out each time, until a winner is found o For example, if there were 16 drivers, once each driver’s target time has been determined (from the practice runs), all 16 drivers have another run. Then the 8 drivers whose time was closest to their target time would move into the next round. These 8 drivers would have another run, and the 4 whose time was closest to their target time would have another run etc. Notes:  This event is not a “Speed Event”. It falls under section 20 of the Branch Manual, as a driving test. For more information please contact the organiser, Paul Furkert ((06) 379 5355 or  The inaugural event will limited to 32 combinations (driver + vehicle), so please register early to ensure you don’t miss out  The event is reliant on ground conditions being suitable. The organiser may alter the course (or event structure) at late notice if necessary, as dictated by the weather. STRETCHED GYMKHANA 5th November 2017 Location: Wairarapa VCC Clubrooms, Chester Road, Clareville, Carterton Driver Briefing: 9:30 am Limited to 32 entries. Early bird entries close 1st November 2017 Post entries to: Rally Secretary Wairarapa VCC P O Box 7 Masterton Email entries to: Organiser: Paul Furkert (06) 379 5355 or ................................................................................................................................................. Stretched Gymkhana 5th November 2017 Entry Form Names of Driver(s): ........................................................................................................................ VCC Branch: .................................................................................................................................... Contact details (Phone number and/or email): .............................................................................. Make, model and year of vehicle: ................................................................................................... Entry Fee: $10 (per combination (driver + vehicle)) $ ................................... Late entry fee: additional $5 (for entries after 1 November) $ ................................... TOTAL $ ................................... Please make cheques payable to Wairarapa VCC or pay by internet banking to A/c 03-0687-0323649-01 14 Please put your name and “gymkhana” in the reference.

Reconditioned motor not yet run in. Goes well for an oldie. Asking price $10,000 or ONO

07 985 6152 or 027 287 1634


1962 Humber Super Snipe

1964 Austin A40 Farina

Austin Mini, modified to tilt nose All above have water damage

1958 Austin A40 Farina, dry storage, has a re-conditioned motor and not yet run All cars are open for offers Any enquiries or if you would like to view any of these cars, please contact Les Phone 07 323 6406 Mobile 027 271 7022 Or email 15

1914 Overland Model 79T Touring Fully Restored A great motoring vehicle Spare parts and information Won best restoration award in 2008 at the Willys Overland Club Victoria, Australia. Price: $60,000 Phone: Neil Cox 021 023 33948

Competing in the CHB Veteran Rally, February 2016

1931 Cadillac LaSalle 3 window rumble seat coupe, needs finishing. Not much more to spend but a bit of labour that will keep you out of the pub for a while. These are listed as classics in the Classic Car Club of America. I think there are around six of these world wide out of the six hundred odd manufactured in 1931. I am Looking to get around $85,000. Same old story owes me more just don't have the time/will to finish. Contact Keith Hopping 021742302 . Can be viewed at home in Waipawa, CHB. 16



Gavin Harris


Architectural Designer Licensed Building Practitioner - Design 2

For all engine reconditioning and parts supply 298 Broadway Avenue Palmerston North

27 Coventry Avenue Napier

Phone: 06 35 71182

Phone: 06 844 4267

Fax: 06 356 6722 Email:

Cell: 027 478 4215 Email:

For Sale 1982 XJ6 Jaguar Series 3 Looks and runs great $3500 ono Sold with new WOF and Reg Ph: 0274453199 Labour $50.00 per hour + GST and Materials

Angela Annear An authorised Travel Broker for Searle Travel Ltd. Consultations are by appointment.

Ph: 06 8589082

Cell: 027 2811306

Email: Website:

Searle Travel Broker

PO Box 264, Waipukarau, 4242. 10 Brooker Place, Waipukarau, 4200, Central Hawke's Bay

Tours around Europe Winter has arrived and it is not too late to book your Europe tour or River Cruise for 2017. There are still good deals out on cruises, tours 17

and airfares too. Some are discounted too.


Free Advertising available for members OR non members for PRIVATE SALE Vehicles, parts, machinery etc —please contact Bruce Poole, Rod McKenzie, Shirley Foot or “The Bleat” Editor to place your advertisement.

Club Badges


for Sale


Vintage Car Club of NZ Central Hawke's Bay

$3.00 each Contact Suzanne McCool 06 856 8087

HAWKE’S BAY NEW ZEALAND CHB Information Centre at the Old Railway Station Phone 06 8586488 18

Central Hawke's Bay VCC August 2017  
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