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CLUBROOMS: Cutler Park, McLean's Island CLUB NIGHT: 7.30pm Ist Thursday of the month Phone 03 359—7004


Main Committee


John Coomber (Christine)


Rod Thrower (Lynda)

338 2320


Kevin Sarjeant (Joan)

365 1938

Immed. Past Chairman Trophy Custodian

Leigh Craythorne (Tony)

342 9110

Club Captain

Dave Inwood (Linda)

327 4156

Vintage Convenor

Brendon Eason (Elizabeth)

027 346 8324

343 2979

Veteran Convenor

Tim Palmer (Barbara)

021 338 692

03 313 3952

Group Convenor

George R Kear (Jorden)

027 221 4332

347 0315

Commercial Convenor

Neil Shaskey (Louise)

027 289 6201

352 8802

Cover photo:

027 2925206

03 310 7056

Ready for the inaugural VCC Canterbury ANZAC Day Rally. 1914 Renault. Photo credit to Malcolm McGibbon. 3

2017-2018 Representatives Motor Cycle Convenor

Les Freeman (Margaret)

Spare Part Shed Reps

Ross Butler Wayne Stocks

9-90's Co-ordinator:

John Kuipers

332 7926

VIC Representative

Don Bennetts (Judy)

385 6333


Mike Foster

359 8260

Bar Managers

Amanda Franklin (Wayne)

389 7066

Bar Managers

Gill Stevenson (Kevin)

327 5743

Noggin Displays

Don Muller (Marlene)

385 6850


Owen Genet

358 2514

Assistant Librarian

Kay Shaskey (Graeme)

Swap Meet Chair

Colin Hey (Jenny)

Swap Meet sites

Kevin Clarkson (Shona)

021 0270 6525

Barn bookings/ Camping

Kevin and Claire Campion

027 407 5344

03 312 7255

Beaded Wheels Reporter

Tony Becker (Ngaire)

027 446 6964

421 2426

North Canty Noggin

Jeff Rogers

022 131 7235

03 313 8432

Hub Editor/Club Website

Brendon Eason

027 346 8324

343 2979


027 339 0962

358 4549

352 3160 383 1380

027 279 9195

352 5217 359 8737

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9-90s Commercial Noggin Rural Run Quiz Night 9-90s Canterbury Branch AGM 9-90s Christmas Midwinter Lunch

Check the online calendar for more up-to-date Events information on our club website:

If you have an article you would like published, a funny story or some photos of a recent event or rally you could share, please send them through to the Editor for inclusion in a future edition of The Hub.

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Chairman’s Report Fifteen Canterbury branch members travelled south for the National South Island Easter Rally, and apart from the horrendous traffic there and back, it was a very well run and enjoyable rally. Our branch won the Pennziol Inter branch Callenge trophy. Tony Meil;e, Peter Yeatman, Jim Miles and I formed the winning team. We last won it in 2009 at Ashburton.

The Annual P Group rally was a very enjoyable day and our thanks go to George Kear and helpers for another excellent event. By the time you read this the Autumn Run and Anzac day events will have taken place. We were very pleased with the level of support for the new Anzac rally with over sixty entrants. I had a request for 1950’s cars to be on display for the University Graduation Ball on 21st April, and we ended up with a very impressive display of nine vehicles from large to small. My thanks go to Dave Inwood, Kevin Sarjeant, James Polden, Matthew Hey, Owen Frew, Mark Drury, Paul Collison and Gilbert Dallow. I have just learned of the sad loss of Alan Parris who has lost the battle after a very long and brave fight, and who was an extremely loyal servant and supporter of this branch for so many years. He will be remembered throughout the country for the many years he was the swap meet convenor and he ran the Children’s Christmas picnic for many years up to and including last December. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. The recent loss of people like Alan and Des from the Parts Shed remind us that this branch would cease to exist without the help and support of these tireless workers and organisers. Many of you volunteer to assist the branch in many ways, and some seem to spend most of their life working away out here at the club grounds in various ways. For many of you there is little recognition of what you do, but without your efforts we would be in a sorry state.


Chairman’s Report... Our AGM is held next month and you will find a nomination form on page (17) of this Hub. Please give some thought to who you may nominate to join our branch committee. We have an excellent and hard working committee at present, but we do not have an assistant club captain, and this is a key position which needs to be filled. If you would be prepared to help run one of the many events we hold each year, but prefer not to stand for a committee position, please contact either Club Captain Dave Inwood or myself. Your assistance will be very much appreciated, and you can have some input into the type of events we run. We welcome new ideas and input from our members.

Happy motoring. John Coomber - Chairman


Secretary’s Report

It is on a very sad note that I open my report this month with the passing of Alan Parris on Saturday 21st April. Rest in Peace Alan. Having just returned from the Autumn Run which was a reenactment of the same run ten years ago I would like to thank Graham and his team for a wonderful two days. It is very hard to organise a run of this nature with such large numbers without a few little hiccups along the way but in the end we all got seated and feed in a timely manner with yummy food good company and fine weather for most of the weekend. Well May is upon us and the nomination forms are out for your committee. Let's not have a repeat of last year where we had a lack of people prepared to do their bit for the good of the club. We have a tireless group of people who work behind the scenes keeping our Club and grounds ticking over and if you are not one of them your time has come. It is often pointed out to me by new members that it is very hard to break into our club and feel welcome and I can say personally that I felt this way myself for my first number of years. I think with a club the size of ours this will always be an issue, but we all need to become more aware of the members around us rather than just sit in our little groups and be an “I'm alright Jack”, think about it. By putting your self forward to help in any way you feel capable you will quickly make many friends and feel rewarded in yourself for a job well done. Just a quick reminder to PLEASE up date your email address with the Secretary if you have had a change recently. Have a happy time deciding what part you would like to play in the future of our Branch and we I will see you all at the AGM. Regards Rod 8

Club Captain’s Report The Annual P Group Rally was very successful. An interesting run finishing at Whitecliffs Domain for a late lunch and prizegiving. A great little spot - “No Freedom Campers” - and the day stayed fine and sunny. Thanks to George and all the Kear family for organising the rally. The Autumn run started with morning tea at Cutler Park with the weather forecasters promising heavy rain. However, from reports I have heard the rain arrived just as participants were heading out to dinner. With Sunday morning all clear skies - an enjoyable rally. Thanks to Graeme Sword and family for organising. A few of us took our cars to the University for a static show at the entrance of the “Foundry” Hall as the Graduation Ball had a 50s theme. Bad weather was predicted, but luckily for us the Heavens opened just as we were leaving. We are looking for a volunteer to run the Show Weekend Tour and also someone to organise the Homestead Rally. With winter fast approaching the Restoration of the Year is coming up. A reminder to those entering a vehicle for restoration judging - make sure you have taken part in at least one rally previously. The run on the day counts as your 2nd rally. The Rural Run coming up on 12th May could be your last chance – contact Kevin Campion on 027-4075344 or 03-3112-7255 as he could supply directions to avoid the shingle area with your new restoration and is happy to do this. Details were in the April HUB. Also in the April HUB was the entry form for Irishmans – entries close on the 11th May. Cheers, Dave Inwood - Club Captain 9

Commercial Report

The April Commercial Noggin was hosted by Greg Lamb, with the usual poking around and looking at interesting things and projects in progress, thanks for your hospitality and tidying the garage to make room for visitors. Commercial Noggin for May will be at Peter Monro’s, 401 Old Tai Tapu Rd (corner of Holmes Rd). If coming from town on Old Tai Tapu turn left into Holmes Rd (1st left past Osterholts Rd) then turn in first gateway on right beside cattle yards. Thanks to those who have helped out a new committee member by volunteering to host the monthly noggin, offers to open your garages are much appreciated, and any suggestions of interesting places to visit most welcome. Neil Shaskey - Commercial Convenor

Signs of the times...


9-90s Report

9 - 90s

Hi to you all Well, it was a miserable day, weatherwise, but if that was the reason you stayed at home you missed a very interesting day. The comment most heard was,”we had no idea!” We visited Oakleys vegetable growing and packing business in Southbridge. I was quite taken aback that so much was involved. The sheer size of the operation and the organisation itself. Robin Oakley gave us a very informative talk and then showed us the coolstores. Absolutely massive. We were shown where they wash and prepare and pack the potatoes and on the way out we were each presented with a box of their Baby Golden Gourmet Potatoes. Thank you Robin for a great visit and for the time you gave us. For lunch we went to Doyleston, Osbourne Park. Ray had organised the Hall to be opened for us and it was nice and warm. We had 15 cars and about 30 people. After lunch we had a look at a tractor collection, all David Browns, and a small museum. Kevin and Audrey Taylor made us very welcome. Tractors for the boys and gardens for the girls. Thank you to Ray and Linda Maginnes for another great, really interesting day. May 9 Peter and Wendy Shaskey Meet at the Peg Carpark, Belfast Hotel at 9.55am

June 13 Tony and Annette Meikle Meet at the Peg Carpark, Belfast Hotel at 9.55am Have a full tank and an empty bladder as this is going to be a longer run. July 11 This is our Mid Winter Lunch. We are going to the Tuahiwi Marae for a traditional Maori Hangi. I have been shown on an Ipad how the food is prepared. (It looks finger lickin’ good). The Koha for this event is $17.50 per person. This includes the hire of the hall and the shortfall, if any, will be paid out of your $2.00 per car entry for the outing. I have to let them know numbers so on the May and June Outings I will have a list so you can put your name down. This will have to be pre-paid (and no Eftpos or IOUs). There will be NO late entries after the June outing. We will meet at the New World Carpark, Charles St, Kaiapoi at 10am. We will arrive at the Marae at 12 noon. Please park in the carpark but do not enter the Marae. See you all in May, hopefully with better weather, and all you nice fair weather 9-90s you missed a great day this month. Don’t forget your name tag next month and be considerate on the road. J K and the Team


Tony Becker Phone 421-2426 11

New Members Welcome to our branch. We look forward to meeting you at our coming events and activities.

Welcome! •

Monique Craig

Kieran McGibbon & Layla Parkes

Kelvin Arthur & Helen Kimber 1936 Hillman Minx Saloon 1961 Rover P4 100 Saloon

Owen Ward & Carleen June Pimm 1951 Mercedes Benz 170S Sedan

Kevin Winston & Maxine Anne Burt 1971 Mercedes Benz 280S Sedan

John William Hopping 4 X 1972 Honda CB500 Four 1962 Fuji Heavy Industries Model Rabbit Junior 125cc scooter

John Bernard Wilson 1929 Ford Model Roadster 1967 Triumph TR 4A sports

Catherine Jane & Wayne Christopher Tibbles 1967 Fiat Bambina Coupe

Joint: •

Beryl Brass


Motorcycle Report Past Events: April has been a very quiet month for motorcycling events. Apart from the Noggin on 11th April the only other event this month had not (at the time of writing this report) been run yet; it is/was the Scooter Run (and small motorcycles up to 250 cc) set down for 28th April.

Future Events: 9th May 2018 – Noggin Night. Nothing in the pipeline so far, so it should be in The Barn, 7:30pm onwards as usual. 26th May 2018 – Fish & Chip Run. Start from PMH, 10:30 am meet, riders decide on destination. Idea mooted is a run to Diamond Harbour with a couple of interesting collections to view. This has not been finalised yet, so watch this space – or turn up on the day to learn of the fine details! 27th May 2018 – Ruff Run at McLeans Island. Before the Ruff Run proper gets started, the garden that is in a North West direction from the toilet block is in dire need of some attention, so a short working bee will start from about 9:30 am to tidy this up, then the Ruff Run should be under way by about 10:00 or 10:30 am or so. Gypsy Nod of future Events Coming up!

In June the Motorcycle Section will have its AGM on the night of the noggin, 13th June. As is usual, committee members will be required, so have a think about giving something back to the section by helping out those already there. It can be a lot of fun, you never know until you try it. That is about it for this month, Keep the rubber to the road, Cheers, CML. 13

April 2017 Noggin Display The April Noggin Display was, some of the winners from the 2018 Annual Rally. Thank you to the following members, for displaying their vehicles, they were : Anita & Greg Inwood, 1955 Ford Thunderbird, 1st overall & 1st PWV section. Maryanne & George Kear, 1966 E type Jaguar, 1st Field test, 1st P60 section. Kaye & Jim Paterson, 1924 Austin 12/4, 1st Vintage Section.

Future Noggin Displays. This month: 7th June : 5th July :

Commercial Rally winners. {Some) Irishman Rally winner, + P Group winners. (some) Restoration of the Year winners.

Don Muller.


Velosolex Owners Group... (VOG’s) Gary’s April Run – Rail Trail Fun

Well we were blessed with a magic day Tuesday 17th April after an abysmal day on the 10th when the lads were meant to be on the roads but old & “quirky” as we may be, we decided to postpone the run. We’re out to enjoy ourselves and not suffer the inclement weather that Mother Nature threw at us on that day!! A smaller number than usual turned up at the start in Lincoln, some of the lads were doing lesser things. Grant Lomax was away on Stewart Island hunting Moa, Lyall Hurst and wife Kay were luxuriating in the pools at Hanmer, John McIntyre is still looking for the missing link with his machine between reliability and unreliability, Bob Kinnaird was looking for good weather but he missed it, and Mike Cotter is rehabilitating from shoulder surgery as a result of the kinetic energy thrusted on his shoulder from reaching the power band on his ‘Solex some time ago. But 6 riders had a great morning’s ride on the Little River Rail trail from Lincoln to Motukarara. This has now been improved on the bit from Lincoln to Ellesmere Rd. There is now a track that leads one from the Liffey Springs Reserve situated on Liffey Springs Drive. The track is shingle surfaced but nice and wide and reasonably smooth, there is a new bridge over the stream and all well sign posted. There is even enough space for pedestrians and their dogs plus 6 vicious VOG riders bearing down on them, we didn’t even get our ankles bitten! The section of the track once you leave River Rd is starting to become a bit unkempt with weeds growing through the middle part and thus only leaving 2 narrow tracks to ride on, I guess it’s a matter of funding with all these new bike trails that are now around our city. But it is a very pleasant ride with farmland on one side and the Halswell Canal on the other. We duly made our way safely to our destination by the Motukarara Racecourse where we stopped and regrouped for the return journey, unfortunately Lyn Parlane once again ended up on the backup trailer, this time with a puncture, but I think Lyn was silently pleased as his ‘Solex was still not performing to its best. The nor’wester had struck by this time and it made for some effort battling into this on the return to Lincoln via Greenpark along Ridge Road and Hudsons Road, VOG 1 was accused of imitating Burt Munroe by leaning forward over the tank (read as frame) to minimise the wind resistance, it added at least 2km/h to my speed! After battling the wind for 12km we finally made it back to Lincoln for our lunch break at The Laboratory. Winner of the Trophy this month was new VOG member Ray Oakes, not for hard luck but for a sterling effort, Ray was always in my rear view mirror stuck in my slipstream, it was just like in the song from the 50’s about the Cadillac and the Little Nash Rambler, and he wasn’t even in 2nd gear. It was a battle not to let Ray pass me. Royce Baker (VOG 1) 15

NOTICE OF AGM ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING CANTERBURY BRANCH Notice is hereby given that the 62nd Annual General Meeting of the Canterbury Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Incorporated will be held on Sunday 24th June 2018 at 2:00 pm in the Clubrooms, Cutler Park, McLeans Island. Nominations are invited for all positions on the Committee in accordance with Rule 9 which states: “The election of the Members of the Branch Committee shall be carried out by secret ballot at the Annual General Meeting of the Branch. Any financial Member of the Branch unable to attend may appoint a proxy to vote at such a ballot on his/her behalf by notifying the Branch Secretary in writing two clear days before the meeting. A proxy must be a Member of the Branch and represent one Member of the Branch only. Each nomination shall be required to be proposed and seconded by financial Branch Members and shall bear the signatures of the proposer and seconder and nominated Member� All nominations must be forwarded to: The Branch Secretary PO Box 11-082 Christchurch by 27th May 2018. Notices of Motion or resolutions to be proposed must be received by The Branch Secretary P O Box 11-082 Christchurch by 27th May 2018.


2018/19 Canterbury Branch Committee Nominations This is your chance to assist us with helping to run the Branch, from organising rallies, maintaining the grounds and buildings, organising social events, in fact most things the Club does at the local level. The committee meets once a month on the first Monday of every month.

All positions are open for nomination: Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Group Convenors, Social Convenor etc. All you need to do is fill out the form below, and give it in person to Rod Thrower, the Club Secretary, post it or scan and email it to the addresses below .

Canterbury Branch Committee Nomination Form 2018 I,

agree to be nominated for the

position of

on the Canterbury Branch Committee.


Membership No


Membership No


Membership No

Nominee, Proposer and Seconder must be financial members of the Canterbury Branch. BIOGRAPHY: Post to the Secretary, P O Box 11082, Christchurch, or email to To arrive no later than 27th May 2018 17

PARTS SHED OPEN EVERY WEDNESDAY 1 pm – 4:30 pm THIRD & FOURTH SUNDAY 9 am – 12 noon Open first Thursday of the month on Noggin Night from 7:00pm.

Open Hours Monday to Friday 8:00 - 5:00 Saturday 8:00 - 12:00

96 Williams Street, Kaiapoi 7630


2018 Swap Meet Committee Nominations This is your chance to assist with this year’s Swap Meet, by joining the committee and having some active input into the organisation of the 2018 event. Our aim is to do our very best to raise funds to help maintain and run our branch and facilities for the benefit of all VCC members, and to have fun doing it. The committee meets once a month from April until November, on the second Thursday of every month. Meetings are relatively informal and social, but we get stuff done! All positions are open for nomination: Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Site co-ordinators (2), Camping co-ordinator, Workforce, Traffic, Handbook Editor, Promotions. If you want to make new friends and enjoy a challenge, we have a job for you! All you need to do is fill out the form below, and give it in person to Colin Hey or Katryna Shaw on Noggin night, post it or scan and email it to the addresses below. Swap Meet Committee Nomination Form 2018 I,

agree to be nominated for the

position of

on the 2018 Swap Meet Committee.


Membership No


Membership No


Membership No

Post to the Secretary, P O Box 11082, Christchurch, or email to To arrive no later than Thursday 12th April 2018 All enquiries contact Colin Hey, phone 03 359 8737 19

2018 Annual P Group Rally Photos


Canterbury Branch Up Coming Events Rural Run Saturday 12 May 2018 Meet at Cutler Park at 9:00am for a 9:30am start The Rally has been set over our lovely Canterbury Roads Approximately 130 miles (215km's) so a great chance to stretch the old girl’s legs There are two areas of shingle Come and enjoy the day Kevin Campion 0274075344



Come along and enjoy a fun night out.

Quiz Night, Saturday 19th May.

Bar opens 7:00pm

Quiz starts at 7:30pm

Get your team together

(6 - 8 people per team)

Men $5 Ladies - a plate

Check the online calendar for more up-to-date Events information on our club website: 21

Re: Run Timaru Two Day Run 2008-2018 Could I say a big thank you to the Sword family for a well-organised run to Timaru and Rangitata. Also to the back up driver with a full kit of tools and the home baking provided at morning and afternoon tea time.’ Regards Kevin Burgess.



Our deepest sympathies are extended to the families of:

Alan Parris - Long time member and past convenor of The Swap Meet and the Children’s Christmas Picnic.

Des Fowler It is with much sadness that we record the Passing of Des Fowler. Des has been a very active member of the Vintage Car Club right from when he joined the Club in August 1967. He has been involved in many areas of the Canterbury Branch and qualified for, and was awarded his 50 year membership badge and certificate at the annual Branch Awards Dinner in September last year. Des was Branch Secretary for three years in the early seventies during which time the land where the Canterbury Branch is now based became available and was taken up and subsequently named Cutler Park. Des always had a great interest in the parts shed and was on the sub-committee from the nineties, he was secretary, and then Chairman and representative to the Branch Committee for the past 15 years. During this time he has overseen extensions to the main building, the building of an additional very large shed and then its extension and the ongoing organisation of the huge range of parts the Branch has acquired. He was always available to view and collect parts and the many vehicles which were offered to the Branch and did this with great enthusiasm. Des kept a record of the various Branch Trophies, (over 100) which kept him very busy, ensuring they were always there in time for them to be awarded when next the event that they related too came round. He also organised the various plaques associated with the events and saw that name badges were made available for new members. Cars were a large part in Des’s life and he took a very active part in Club activities and rallied his cars extensively. Over the years, he was a regular entrant with his 1923 Chev Superior tourer, the large 1938 Wolseley he had and latterly a 1930 Chevrolet roadster and 1973 Rover P6 V8. Des was devoted to his family and will be greatly missed by many and our condolences go to Janet and their family.


Canterbury Branch Up Coming Events 9-90 Mid Winter Christmas Lunch Wednesday 11th July 2018

This year John has organised a Lunch with a difference (traditional Maori Hangi) to be held at the Tuahiwi Marae. The cost per person will be $17.50 which must be paid in advance to John on or before the June 9-90s Run. The Run will start at New World Kaiapoi Charles Street at 10:00am and finish at the marae at 12 o’clock. (Please park and meet in the car park, but do not enter the marae) There will be a powhiri (Host people welcome visitors onto the marae) at 12:30pm then the hangi at 1pm (4x Meats Vegetables etc and sweets), then a Maori elder will speak. As the Club need to also pay a fee for the use of the Marae we would like to see as many people there as possible to help make it break even. Entry shut off date is Wednesday 6th June 2018. For more information please ring John Kuipers 3327926 or Graeme Sword 3277812


25 AND 35 YEAR BADGES (for continuous membership of the VCC) Those members who are entitled to their 25 or 35-year badges, please contact me as soon as possible to enable the paperwork to be completed in time for their presentation at the branch Annual Awards Dinner (22 September 2018.) The award will be issued to members of the VCC who have achieved twenty five or thirty five consecutive (financial) membership of the VCC regardless of branch. Leigh Craythorne


2018 Annual Rally Results Overall: Club Captains Trophy (Silver Tray) 1st

Greg Inwood 1955 Ford

Veteran Section: Veteran 1 and 2 Cylinder, Cockram Challenge Trophy Donated by Cockram Car Sales


Malcolm McGibbon 1914 Renault


Brian Rogers 1916 Buick


Brian Rogers 1916 Buick

Veteran 4 and 6 Cylinder, Cockram Challenge Trophy Donated by Cockram Car Sales

Veteran Concours, Shaw Trophy Donated by Shaw Motors

Vintage Section: Vintage, Manchester Car Sales Trophy Donated by Manchester Car Sales

1st 2nd 3rd

Jim Paterson 1924 Austin 12/4 Dave Backhouse 1925 Hupmobile Kevin Stevenson 1929 Whippet


Roy Grainger 1929 Graham Paige

Vintage Concours, EJS Walker Trophy Donated by E J Walker

Post Vintage Section: Post Vintage, Simes and Co Trophy 1st 2nd 3rd

Don Muller 1936 MGTA Jack Porter 1936 Chrysler Dick Appleyard 1936 Austin 10


Graham Tulett 1935 Citroen 7C Roadster

PVV Concours, M S Coombes Trophy

Post War Section: PWV, Whitaker Motors Trophy 1st 2nd 3rd

Greg Inwood 1955 Ford Pam Dacombe 1959 Rover Colin Rae 1959 MG Magnette


Russell Barnard 1960 Hansa

PWV Concours, Bonne Belle Cosmetics Trophy


2018 Annual Rally Results... P60V, Bruce Ackroyd Trophy Donated by Bruce and Doreen Ackroyd

P60 Section: 1st 2nd 3rd

George Kear 1966 Jaguar E Type Bob Humm 1965 MGB Bruce Cochrane 1967 Pontiac


Lyndsey Saunders 1963 Ford Zephyr

P60 Concours, Des Fowler Trophy

P80 Section: P80V, Copyprint Digital Trophy P80V Concours

Commercial Trophy


Colin Clutterbuck 1984 Ford Laser


Colin Clutterbuck 1984 Ford Laser

Commercial Section: 1st

Peter Yeatman 1954 Morris Cowley

Commercial Concours, Crester Car Sales Trophy 1st

Malcolm McGibbon 1914 Renault

Open Section: Stanley Trophy, Best vehicle of any Class Donated by Trevor and Lorraine Stanley

Entrants Choice


Not Awarded


Not Awarded

Best Performance by a Young Driver

Visitors: Visitors Trophy, Best Performance by a Visiting Driver Not Awarded

Gymkhana Competition Cup

Field Tests: 1st

George Kear 1966 Jaguar E Type 27

2018 Annual Rally Results...

Motorcycle Section: Best Performance by a Veteran or Vintage Motorcycle, Pacific Car Sales Trophy, Excluding Concours 1st

Ian McKinlay 1920 AJS Combo


Not Awarded


Ian McKinlay 1920 AJS Combo


Not Awarded


Not Awarded


Not Awarded


Not Awarded


Not Awarded


Not Awarded

1st 2nd 3rd

Graham Barnett 1983 Moto Guzzi Joseph McClintock 1986 Suzuki Peter Barnett 1986 BMW R80


Not Awarded

Veteran Motorcycle Concours, G T Patterson Trophy

Vintage Motorcycle Concours, D M Bain and Sons Trophy Post Vintage Motorcycles, Macefield Manufacturing Trophy Post Vintage Motorcycle Concours, Peter Tempero Trophy Post War Motorcycles, Paterson Bros Tyre Service Trophy Post War Motorcycle Concours, Canterbury Branch Motorcycle Section Trophy P60 Motorcycles P60 Motorcycle Concours P80 Motorcycles

P80 Motorcycles Concours

Time Trial: Canterbury Branch Time Trial Trophy Donated by Branch Committee


Not Awarded


2018 Annual Rally Results...

Lady Drivers: Best Performance by a Lady Driver in a Vintage or Veteran Vehicle Donated by the Shaskey Family

Shaskey Trophy


Best Performance by a Lady Driver,

Denise McKenzie 1930 Model A Ford

Donated by Mr Moore in appreciation of cars at their family wedding Winner must be a member, member’s wife or daughter.

Moore Rutgers Trophy

1st 2nd 3rd

Charmaine Gath 1974 Triumph Stag Pam Dacombe 1959 Rover Annette Meikle 1956 Morris Minor

Congratulations to all our Rally Winners! And thank you to all of those members who took part.

2018 Annual P Group Rally Results •

Ritchie Trophy for Overal Winner Dick Appleyard Austin 10

Burbery Trophy for Time Trail Roy Adams Morris 12

Sandy Goodman Trophy for best performance in Field Tests Peter & Jane Griffen Mazda RX7

Less Humm Trophy for Concours Graham Tulett Citroen 7C Roadster


Irishman Creek Rally 2018 2-4 June 2018

This year’s rally will start from the Oamaru Farmers Market site in the Victorian Harbour precinct, corner of Wansbeck and Tyne Streets, Oamaru. Can we please gather at 8.00am for a quick briefing before departing at 8:30am sharp. Rally sheets can be collected from the Gladstone Hotel in Fairlie or the Brydon Hotel, Corner of Thames and Wear Streets, Oamaru, Friday 1st June from 6pm -9pm. The Brydon Hotel has a restaurant and refreshments available for the weary traveller.

Please mark on the entry form where you will collect from so we can have them available for you. The Steampunk NZ Festival starts in Oamaru on Thursday evening. While most accommodation sites say the weekend is sold out, a lot of hotels and Motels still have Friday night free. If you are looking for accommodation it pays to phone the establishments as they might only be booked for Sat/Sunday and happy to accept bookings for Friday. Have a look at to check out some of the events. Sundays run will start from outside the Gladstone Hotel, Fairlie. Can we please gather at 8:00am before the start. Prize giving and supper will be in the community hall which will open from 6:30pm for 7:30pm presentation. While back up vehicles are provided all vehicles must be self sufficient and carry chains for mud or snow and be adequately prepared to cover some distance on back country roads with river crossings. The Irishman Rally is for Vintage and Veteran vehicles only. The winner and runner up will be drawn as per tradition from the entrants participating. All entrants are eligible without exception. The winner and runner up will be joined by a small team to assist with the task of organising the following year’s event. This is what makes the rally special and provides the variety we see each year as a new person gets to put their mark on this event. While this is a challenge there is a team behind you. 30

Irishman Creek Rally 2018 2-4 June 2018 ENTRY FORM Entrant

No. of crew







Vehicle Vehicle Year

Regn No.

VCC Branch

Mem No.

Entry Collect: Entry Fee per Vehicle


Oamaru $55.00

Irishman 2018 Plaque @ $10.00 Saturday Lunch

@ $20.00/head

Sunday Lunch

@ $20.00/head TOTAL$

Or by email to: Or mail to: James Webb, 18 Armack Drive, Rolleston RD7, CHCH 7677 Payment by direct credit, with your name and “Irishman Rally” to: VCC Canterbury Branch,03-1594-0096832-00 Or by cheque, payable to VCC Canterbury Branch.

Entries close 11 May 2018 31


Can you Name the Vehicle Brand? How many brands of motor vehicles can you name from their logo? Hint: This month = starts with C


Interesting extra‌ How many people currently own one of these cars? Which Brand? Answers for last month (B vehicles) How many could you guess?








FOR SALE Phillips Gadabout Moped parts 1958-59, Main frame, 2 front sets of tele forks, 2 rear mudguards, 2 handle bars with brackets, 1 seat stem with metal seat frame Phone: Alister 355 4017 News from the Parts Shed See the boys at the parts shed any Wednesday or Third or Fourth Sunday of each month Good selection of manuals and handbooks including some Japanese. Many of these for sale. • • • • •


Large selection of S U Carburettors. Big range of Oil Filters @ $5:00 each Good selection of wheels sorted into sizes and stud numbers Big number of trailer tow-balls and connectors Plenty of Doors and Panels to assist in your restoration. Garage Clearance Sale

Vauxhall H10-12 factory workshop manual. Tidy. $30 B & D drill with drill press attachment. $20 Brake bleeding se.t $5 Beco 6/12V battery charger. $15 Torque wrench. $4 Circlip plier, inner-outer. $5 Camp stove. 2 burner with gas bottle. $20 Cabinet gas heater & bottle. Unused. $50 ono. “SHELL” 2 gal. petrol can 1960’s. $20 Books: - Collection of V & V books including “V-V Cars in NZ” (Mollie Anderson), “Old Cars the World Over” (Elizabeth Nagle). Offers for all or any books considered. Phone: Tom Clements. 352-7457 • • • • • • • • • •


WANTED A bottle of Duzall Soldering Flux. The plastic bottles are fluted and usually Blue or Green Please phone Trevor 3851 200 Christchurch or (The l is a lower case L)

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MARINE PLYWOOD * 18mm BS 1088 -$165.00. 1220x2440mm. * Second grade - 12mm $65.00, 18mm $85.00, 25mm $112.00 all 1200x2400mm. * High Pressure Laminate -12mm $80.00, 18mm $90.00. all 1220x2440mm. * Anti Slip -18mm $100.00 1220x2440mm. * Bending Ply - 4mm $80.00. 1220x2440mm Phone Paul 027 277 8049 35

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Sunday 6th May 2018 Ashburton Plains Rotary Car Rally Details available from Clubroom Noticeboard Sunday 6th May Hooters Vintage Race Series Round 4 (Roycroft Trophy Races) - Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, Waikato Details available from Clubroom Noticeboard Sunday 20th May 2018 Riwaka/Sandy Bay Hillclimb - Nelson Branch VCC Details available from Clubroom Noticeboard Sunday 7th June 2018 Rosco Sporting Trial - West Coast Branch VCC November 2018 National Veteran Rally - Nelson Branch VCC Details available from Clubroom Noticeboard

North Canterbury Noggin Fourth Wednesday of the month, Rangiora RSA from 7:30pm

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Canterbury VCC May 2018  
Canterbury VCC May 2018