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Apologies Bank Account No. error. In last month’s edition of The Hub, there was a typo-error for the Club bank Account on the rally forms. It was corrected for all electronic versions, but was unable to be remedied for the printed copies. We are sorry if this error affected you. Commercial Noggin dates. Unfortunately the dates for the February meeting were incorrect, hopefully those attending managed to attend on the correct Wednesday evening (21st Feb) at the Craythorne residence. Apologies from the Commercial Convenor for this.


CLUBROOMS: Cutler Park, McLean's Island CLUB NIGHT: 7.30pm Ist Thursday of the month Phone 03 359—7004


Main Committee


John Coomber (Christine)

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Immed. Past Chairman Trophy Custodian

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Veteran Convenor

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George R Kear (Jorden)

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Commercial Convenor

Neil Shaskey (Louise)

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Cover photo: A line up of the vehicles on the route of the Boxing Day Run 2017. Lead by Colin and Jenny Hey in their Wolseley. 3

03 310 7056

20172017-2018 Representatives Motor Cycle Convenor

Les Freeman (Margaret)

Spare Part Shed Reps

Ross Butler Wayne Stocks

9-90's Co-ordinator:

John Kuipers

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VIC Representative

Don Bennetts (Judy)

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Mike Foster

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Bar Managers

Amanda Franklin (Wayne)

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Noggin Displays

Don Muller (Marlene)

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Owen Genet

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Assistant Librarian

Kay Shaskey (Graeme)

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Colin Hey (Jenny)

Swap Meet sites

Kevin Clarkson (Shona)

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Barn bookings/ Camping

Kevin and Claire Campion

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Jeff Rogers

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Club Events March


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Noggin Moped Run Bicycle Clip-on Run Back Country Run 20th Rear Wheel Brake Rally 9-90s Canterbury Branch Annual Rally Motorcycle Noggin Jim Toohey Motorcycle Run Commercial Noggin M/C Fish and Chip Run Noggin 9-90s Annual P Group Rally ANZAC Day Run (Dutton Garage Malvern Run) Annual Scooter & Small Motorcycle Run

Check the online calendar for more up-to-date Events information on our club website:

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Chairman’s Report We are well and truly into the rally season now, with events on most weekends and good weather generally to compliment those events. The first weekend in March is a busy one with the Back Country run, the Moped run and the Bicycle Clipon run on Saturday, and the 20th Rear Wheel Brake Rally on Sunday. The Clipon run is a new event organised by Alister McKenzie, and Alister hopes it will rival the popular VOG runs organised by Royce Baker. Plenty to choose from this weekend. Our Annual Rally will be held on 10/11 March and promises to be another great event. The Jim Toohey motorcycle run will be held on 17/18 March, and the West Coast Scenicland rally will be held the same weekend. Those interested in the future direction of the club may wish to sit in on the National Executive meeting held in the Sudima hotel on Saturday 24 March, and the following weekend is the National South Island Easter Rally held in Invercargill. Don’t forget the new Anzac Day rally held next month. I am pleased to advise that we have new cleaners for our hall and kitchen premises. Tash and Scott Miller have taken over from February and we thank them for taking on this important task. We are also fortunate to have Lyndsay and Annette Painter take on the role of caterers for our Cutler Park based events. I am looking forward to sharing the first meal. I would like to remind members to bring your membership card to club nights, as this will ensure you can buy a drink at the bar. Some bar prices increase slightly from this month. I would also remind members that our clubrooms are licensed premises, and that extends to include the beer garden area adjacent to the hall. It does not include the Barn, or other buildings on the site. There are strict rules governing the use of licensed premises, and these rules apply at all times, not just when the bar is open.


Chairman’s Report… No alcohol can be brought onto these defined premises at any time except by bar staff stocking the bar and only alcohol purchased from the bar may be consumed on the premises . If you have any queries regarding alcohol in relation to the branch, please contact our bar manager. Happy and safe motoring, John Coomber - Chairman Secretary’s Report Hi all, Our holiday to Nelson was cut very short, in fact we only got as far as Reefton for 4 days then were told the camp at Mapua was flooded out and closed so sadly we returned home. We met many campers in Reefton who had been hit very hard in Westport with flooded caravans etc, so I suppose we were lucky. Lynda and I will be away for 9 days in March so will sadly miss the Annual Rally which appears to be returning to the traditional format of two days with a dinner catered for by our new club caterers Lindsay and Annette Painter. We are sorry not to be there but family calls. This is our Branch's Major rally though the year so please give it all of your support in whatever way you can if you haven't entered maybe you could help with the field tests. Organizing Rallies: If any members are asked to organize a rally, there is available an Events Safety Checklist which is available from me for the asking. The National Executive meeting on the 24th March is being held in Christchurch. There has been two notices of motion received dealing with rule 3.1(f) Club eligible vehicles. These two Motions will have been discussed by your committee at the 26th February meeting. Any submissions to the proposers must be received by the proposers no later than 20th March 2018. These two Motions have been posted on the Club Notice Board. The final Notices of Motion will be published in the June/July issue of Beaded Wheels and voting papers sent out to all members in time for the National Annual General Meeting. Also a remit for discussion to change the Club Bye Laws, any voting on this remit would not take place until the August National Executive Meeting. Happy motoring. Regards Rod - Secretary


Club Captain’s Report The Boot Fair held on the 17th February seemed to be quite successful being blessed with a nice fine day. The Parts Shed was open on the day and made a few sales. By the time this Hub is produced the Annual Commercial Rally will have been and gone. Thanks to Neil Shaskey and his team. A busy time is coming up this month with several rallies clashing. The Moped Run, Bicycle Clip On and Back Country Run are all on the 3rd March and the Rear Wheel Brake Rally the day after. Apologies for this, we will do better next year. The Annual Rally is the weekend after and the 9-90s midweek between them. Unfortunately a lot of members are having to choose which rally to attend which is not a good outcome for attendance numbers at each run. Still I suppose its better having choices than none at all! To top all that off the weekend after, 17/18 March, is the Jim Toohey Motorcycle Run going to Greymouth, I believe, and also the Scenicland Rally - same town - same weekend. So everyone should be really busy. We could still do with a couple of helpers for field trials on the Saturday of the Annual Rally. Cheers Dave Inwood - Club Captain


Commercial Report I must apologise for the date mixup in last months copy of The Hub, I had my Wednesdays all mixed up and gave the wrong dates for the Feb Noggin. The February Commercial Noggin was hosted by the Craythornes, with a good turnout despite the somewhat miserable weather, fortunately it was still warm enough inside. It was very interesting to have a look over the vehicles, and the other assembled memorabilia of various types, thanks for your hospitality. The March Commercial Noggin is on the 3rd Wednesday as usual on 21st March, at the convenors house (or more correctly in the garage) - 8 Autumn Place Mairehau, parking is on the street and follow the sign up the lane. A report on the Commercial Rally on 24th Feb will follow in the next Hub. Neil Shaskey - Commercial Convenor

Signs of the times...


9-90s Report

9 - 90s

What a great start to the year. First of all I got a call about the missing Christmas lunch money so that is sorted. Then when we met at The Peg I counted 45 cars. That grew with a few more arriving at the first stop in Kaiapoi. We had a nice ride through Rangiora and Kaiapoi and the surrounding district. We arrived at the Kaiapoi Fire Station, were divided into two groups and given a thoroughly informative session which was enjoyed by everyone. After that we went to the new Coastguard Building where the workings of the Coastguard were explained to us on a big screen. All in all a very interesting day. Thanks Graeme for a great day. March 7 9.55am

Organiser Ross Butler Meet at the Peg Hotel Carpark, Belfast at

April 11 9.55am

Organiser Ray Maginnes Meet at the Rolleston Community Hall at

Looking forward to seeing you all next month. Please wear your name tag, remember the road rules and be considerate. J K and the Team


Tony Becker Phone 421421-2426 10

New Members Welcome to our branch. We look forward to meeting you at our coming events and activities.     

Shane de Silva 1938 Austin Big 7 Cyn Tanner 1971 Honda CB 500 Richard & Elaine Lynn 1920 Oakland 34c Cabriolet (Tony) & Pertina Danenberg Sue Watene 1930 Dodge sedan


JOINT  Vernice Ann Williams.  Corey Geoffrey Williams.

Condolences Our deepest sympathies are extended to the families of:

David (Alasdair) Brass 11/02/2018


Motorcycle Report Past Events. 27 January – Fish & Chip Run. A bit special in that this was a garage raid to Diamond Harbour, then the witnessing of the start-up of a 1904 Fairy motorcycle. About 25 – 30 VCC motorcyclists turned up, and that coupled with a fine day it was a real successful day. 15th February – Monthly noggin put off one day so we could join up with Biker’s Night at Smash Palace. Another warm, still night, and the 25 – 30 or so members who attended certainly had a great time. It was good to have a nosey at other’s bikes, and quite a varied collection, both old and new, were on display. 24th February – Fish & Chip Run. Not yet run when this was written, so see next month for what happened. Future Events. 3rd March – Scooter & Moped Run. This is for Mopeds, and also small (under 250cc) motorcycles. Starts at McLeans Island, assemble 10.00am for a 10.30 am start. 3rd March – Bicycle Clip-on Run. This is a NEW EVENT on the motorcycle run calendar. Specifically this event is for bicycles with small (under 50cc) motors attached, of the type popular up until the 1950’s or 1960’s. Modern BMX bikes etc. fitted with the cheap Chinese motors that have been recently obtainable are specifically banned; bring these along and you will not be welcomed at all. They need to comply with the 30 year rule for club eligibility. Alister McKenzie (ph 03 355 4017 or email is organising, along with Doug Watkinson (email If you have one of these Clip-on bicycles then here is an event JUST FOR YOU. Alister is keen to get a Clip-on group going, similar to Royce’s VOG group. See elsewhere for more details. 14th March – VCC Motorcycle Noggin. Will be at the Motorcycle Corner, McLeans Island.


Motorcycle Report... 17-18th March – Jim Toohey annual run, to Greymouth. Entry forms are out on line, so get your entry in ASAP. Close off for entries is 7th March. The Recreational Hotel Greymouth is the venue for the weekend, and it is hoped that a garage raid will be organised for the Sunday morning. A back-up will be provided. 24th March – Fish & Chip Run. This has been brought FORWARD from the usual last Saturday of the month as the last Saturday of this month is Easter Saturday. Because people may have other things on over the long weekend break it has been decided to bring forward one week. Depart PMH Cashmere Road 10.30 am, again; riders decide on destination. Advance Notice! 28th April – Scooter Run with Veteran & Vintage Motorcycles, plus motorcycles up to 249 cc. 27th May – Motorcycle Ruff Run & VIC Day 13th June – Motorcycle AGM. That is about the lot for now, keep the rubber to the road, and enjoy continued brilliant summer-riding weather! Cheers, CML.


PARTS SHED OPEN EVERY WEDNESDAY 1 pm – 4:30 pm THIRD & FOURTH SUNDAY 9 am – 12 noon Open first Thursday of the month on Noggin Night from 7:00pm.

Open Hours Monday to Friday 8:00 - 5:00 Saturday 8:00 - 12:00

96 Williams Street, Kaiapoi 7630


February 2017 Noggin Display February's Noggin Display featured some of the winners from the 2017 Women Drivers Rally. Thank you to all the Ladies for displaying their vehicles, well done. They were : Elizabeth Eason, (overall winner), 1935 Austin 7. Catherine Tibbles, (best dressed Lady) , 1967 Fiat 500 Bambina. Leigh Craythorne, (oldest car), 1926 Morris Oxford

Future Noggin Displays. This month: Winners (some) from the Vintage Annual Rally. April: Winners (some) from the VCC Canterbury Annual Rally. May: Winners (some) from the Commercial Rally. Thank you to all the members who responded to my request for “Pedal Cars & home built scaled down cars”. This display will be held on August 1st 2018, at the August Noggin. I will be in touch with those who had offered “Pedal Cars”, on the weekend of July 18th-19th to see if you are still available. Just in case I have missed someone, if you haven't heard from me by July 25th , please give me a call. Thanks. Don Muller. 15

Velosolex Owners Group... (VOG’s) The disease is spreading like an epidemic, 16 mighty little ‘Solex’s turned up at the start at Brian Newberry’s warehouse in Woolston on Tuesday 13th February for our run on an extremely hot morning. It was great to see some new faces this month, we just keep growing. Dave Backhouse was responsible for all the fun and frivolity this time and after a short viewing of some of Brian’s treasures Dave led us off on the journey, talk about herding cats!! With 16 Solex’s in tow it is quite an act making sure all are heading in the right direction either contending with traffic, stop signs, traffic lights and all the myriad of dangers one might encounter along the way, it’s always a laugh watching Ian Smith navigate his machine around these obstacles as he has no clutch, so it’s either all go or stop, Ian chooses the former. Dave had us “whipping” along Port Hills Rd, Chapmans Rd, Cumnor Tce, through “The Tannery” car park (there were some petrified faces as we passed through there – the public not the riders) right into Garlands Rd – whew that was a bit hair raising! Eventually to end up on the Tunnel Rd Motorway via Ferry Rd and to turn off the side of this onto a cycling/walking track previously unknown to any of us, crikey that was a rough ride Dave. This track was a short cut through to Ferrymead Historical Park unbeknown to us. Here we were shown through the Rural History Display by VCC member Mike Lawson, some amazing old farm machinery is on display in this area, including a great line up of old tractors, with names we had forgotten about, Lanz Bulldog, McCormick Deering, David Brown to name but a few, also spotted on the wall was a photo from the early 1900’s of Brightlings Transport fleet of trucks now that’s a name from the past, and gosh haven’t our trucks changed over the years!! Another display cabinet of interest to me was a donation from Lincoln College’s crop & food division, there was a great array of old seed moisture testing equipment, and wheat bushel weighing instruments, all brought back fond memories to me as a junior staff member of Wright Stephenson & Co where I was kept busy at harvest time sampling & testing of our crops. 16

Velosolex Owners Group... (VOG’s) A quick jaunt from Ferrymead saw us arrive at the Heathcote Valley Inn for our lunch break, a very welcome respite from the heat. Our afternoon gallop took us along Bridle Path Rd and over the Ferrymead Bridge to then hook into the Heathcote Towpath walkway, another tricky dicky track for some of our riders, quite narrow and very bumpy with potholes and tree roots, one sure had to be on their guard along here, but we all eventually made it safely back to the start all beaming with joy after another fantastic day of riding. Unfortunately there were some casualties along the way with 3 disabled machines ending up on the backup trailer, Hard Luck Trophy this month went to Lyn Parlane for his consistency of “breakdowns” sorry Lyn. Thanks to Dave Backhouse for a great run. Royce VOG1


9-90s February Run Once again a large turnout of members 99 x in total traveling in 46 x Vehicles ranging from Vintage through to P80s, on a warm day started at the Peg Hotel for a short 25 mile run in North Canterbury finishing at the Kaiapoi Fire station. The three fire brigade volunteers gave us a run down on the life of the fireman’s work and the equipment that they use in an emergency which everyone enjoyed and more than likely picked up some useful information. Next door is the Kaiapoi St Johns which we also intended to visit but unfortunately they were called out just before we arrived and spent most of the day on calls, (better luck next time but we always knew this may happen with any of the Emergency services). Our next call was to the nearly new very nice Maritime Rescue Centre (Coastguard Waimakariri-Ashley) on the banks of the Kaiapoi river where we were made most welcome by the President and S.A.R. Controller John Thompson who gave us full use of their rooms which were at full capacity with all our members. Lunch inside with a power point presentation and a very informative talk on all aspects of their organisation but unfortunately once again we had to cut short our visit due to the life boat being needed at Sumner for a search and they needed to leave by 2 o’clock. A big thank you to the Voluntary organisations for the time and effort they all put in to make it a day to remember also many thanks to Paper Plus Kaiapoi for redoing the rally sheets free of charge after a last minute change brought about due to road closures in the area. The collection of money was divided into three and was given to the three organisations who agreed to have us visit them during the day as a thank you. Graeme Sword.


9-90s February Run


Canterbury Branch Up Coming Events Moped Run Saturday 3rd March 2018 This is for Mopeds, and also small (under 250cc) motorcycles. Starts at McLeans Island, assemble 10:00am for a 10:30 am start.

Back Country Run Saturday 3rd March 2018 The Back Country Run is open for cars pre 1936 and Commercials pre 1960 or at the organiser’s discretion.

20th Rear Wheel Brake Rally Sunday 4th March 2018 The event is open to early cars, commercials, and motorcycles without drum brakes on the front axle. The day comprises non-competitive runs with start & lunch stops at places of historic interest, then concludes with an early meal that leaves plenty of time to be home before dark.

2018 Canterbury Branch Annual Rally Saturday & Sunday 10th & 11th March 2018


Canterbury Branch Up Coming Events Jim Toohey Motorcycle Run Saturday & Sunday 17th & 18th March 2018 For those new to the club, this run is an over night trip in March every year, named after Jim Toohey who many years ago organised the event and was tragically killed the night before the event. Open to all club acceptable motorcycles.

Annual P Group Rally Sunday 15th April 2018

For vehicles dated between 1932 and 1987 Anzac Day Run Dutton Garage Malvern Run Wednesday 25th April 2018

Annual Scooter & Small Motorcycle Run (Bikes up to 249cc) Saturday 28th April 2018 Plenty of time to get your scooters & bikes organised. Details in next month’s (April) Hub.

Check the online calendar for more up-to-date Events information on our club website: 21

THE ROAD TRIP… 1920 Oakland


THE ROAD TRIP‌ Well it all started in early January this year, when I realised a long held dream to own a vintage car and enjoy it in my retirement. . I had purchased a fully restored 1920 Oakland 34C Roadster, after some long telephone conversations with the owner/restorer (Bruce Small) sight unseen and subject to a final inspection before taking delivery of the car. So, with much excitement , myself and my vintage car enthusiast friend and expert advisor, Kelvin Finlay, set off on a Monday morning flight from Christchurch to Napier, where we would be met by the owner and driven to Hastings to see the car. The car was originally owned by a farmer in Taihape before it was finally laid to rest in a paddock in a poor state of repair. The car was rescued and a couple of previous people started some minor restoration, before Bruce commenced a full restoration over two years starting in 2014. Much preparation had been done prior to us flying out – ferry bookings, motel bookings, car insurance cover, AA membership ( finally after 50 years of driving) and an application to join the Canterbury Vintage Car Club was in the post. A bright sunny day in Hastings, a full inspection of the car and test drive completed, a new WOF that day had been obtained, a change of ownership and a lovely lunch provided to us by Bruce and Alison before we set off for our first overnight stay in Otaki, with us both sharing the driving on our planned three stage journey back to Christchurch. My first experience in driving a car with no power steering, only rear drum brakes, having to use a clutch again with a 3 speed crash gearbox, very skinny tyres and getting my foot around the brake and accelerator pedals safely as we hit the road. The first 30 minutes were nerve wracking as I came to grips with driving the grand old lady (white knuckles and headache generating concentration) but I finally settled into a driving rhythm and started to enjoy the slower pace of the driving, much more time to see the scenery and the interest the car was generating from fellow motorists. It was a very hot day and we did experience some heating issues on the way, however we were making great progress until we started up the hill climb from Woodville to Palmerston North. Just got to the top of the hill when our radiator blew out and we had to pullover and re-assess our next steps. Thank God for the AA!


THE ROAD TRIP… A quick call and a truck was sent to transport us over the hill to Palmerston North. Some more quick calls to cancel one motel booking and find a new one in Palmerston North, together with organising a repair to the radiator first thing in the morning. We really appreciated the help of a local car enthusiast, who had seen us on the roadside, organised for the car to be stored at his garage and he also turned up at 8:00am the next morning to pick us up and tow the car to the repair shop. A long, eventful day but relieved somewhat by a few beers and a meal at the local Speights Ale House. Radiator repairs finally completed, another call to change our ferry booking to the last crossing and we are back on the road by 1pm on the Tuesday, heading for Wellington and the ferry across to Picton, for our overnight stay in Blenheim, before heading home the next day. Made good time to Wellington on another very hot day and got caught up in peak traffic into Wellington. Slowed us down but we finally got to the ferry, loaded the car on board and headed to the bar for a well earned beer or two and some good old ferry fish and chips. Finally got into our motel in Blenheim around 12.30am on Wednesday morning and looked forward to a good sleep before heading off on the final stage of our road trip. Car was running a bit rough, so a check in the morning to clean up and reset the points and we were back on the road by 9:00am, with Kaikoura being our first planned stop for lunch. Made good time getting to Kaikoura and we really enjoyed the scenery along the coastline together with getting a first hand view of the new road and the repair work that was required to get the link open from Blenheim. Finally got home to Ohoka around 5pm on Wednesday. A great road trip was had by us both, my baptism of fire in owning a vintage car and learning its many idiosyncrasies was realised over the three days and I am looking forward to a future of getting to understand more about the mechanics of my car, swap meets, Noggin and Natter sessions, the parts shed at Cutler Park, rallies and more road trips, meeting new friends, scouring E Bay websites for parts and bits and pieces to “ pretty up “ the car and just enjoying the moment in time of driving a car that has survived almost 100 years . Finally, a huge thank you to Kelvin Finlay for his support, guidance, advice, mechanical interventions and his comradeship on the road trip – it was much appreciated. John Lynn 24

Canterbury Branch Annual Clipon Run Saturday 3rd March 2018 Dust off the cobwebs and join a group with the same interests on a short run for these small 50cc machines. Be at the start at Cutler Park at 10:00am for a 10:30am departure for a short run of about 20kms for these very popular machines. Eligible entries are Power Pak, BSA Winged Wheel, Mini Moter, Cyclaid, Sunlight, Velosolex, Rex, Cyclemaster, Mosquito, GYS, Motamite, Cairns Mocyc and Cucciola. We know that there are quite a few tucked away in numerous sheds so do come and join us for this fun and interesting run of not more that 25kms. Strictly NO mopeds and no mountain bikes with motors. It is planned for this to be an Annual event. Dress to be seen Organisers -- Alister McKenzie ph 3554017 Doug Watkinson. ph 3831817


Annual P Group Rally, Sunday 15th April 2018 ENTRY FORM Entrant:

Mem No.






Vehicle: Route: Concours:






Average Speed for timed section: Entry fee:

$15.00 Per car



Or mail to:

George Kear, 40 Rossendale Road RD5, Christchurch 7675 Payment by direct credit, with your name and “P Group Rally� to: VCC Canterbury Branch, 03 1594 0096832 00 Or by cheque, payable to VCC Canterbury Branch. Assemble at Cutler Park at 9:00am. We will have field trials here before 10:00am, Coffee and then departure. Concours will be judged at Cutler Park. Could the cars entered for this please be there at 9:00am sharp. This year there are 3 rally routes to help cater for the wide range of car years covered. Please choose a route you feel most comfortable doing. All routes will have some shingle. Lunch will be at a domain followed by prize giving around 3:00pm.

Entries close 31 March 2018



(ANZAC Day Run) Dutton Garage Malvern Run Wednesday 25th April 2018 This is the first year that this event will be held and we are very fortunate to have a partner in Dutton Garage (est 1911). The run will be preceded by a public display of the vehicles in the Darfield recreation ground carpark from 10:00am to 11:00am so please assemble from 9:30am when your days rally pack will be available. Please park where instructed. The route travels on secondary roads (no shingle easy veteran motoring) through the Malvern District and passes the War Memorials of Darfield, Sheffield, Hororata, Glen Roy and Glentunnel. Feel free to stop and pay your respects with a poppy at each. Distance is approx 50 miles (80 kms). The featured vehicles are those built during the war years and Duttons have produced a special medal that will be presented to vehicles 100 years old and over. (VIC is required) All club eligible vehicles are welcome with those produced after 1945 participating in a support category. A commemorative number plate, also supplied by Duttons, will be given to all participants and the Malvern News will be including an entry list of pre 1945 vehicles along with the route for the information of Malvern residents. Lunch is being supplied at the new Hororata Cafe at the Hororata Golf Club where the vehicles will again be on display for the residents to come and view. Come and join us on what is a very special day, remembering those that made the ultimate sacrifice and doing it in cars and on motorcycles that they would recognise. Some assistance is required and for your support please contact Malcolm McGibbon 027 433 8047 or Dave Inwood 03 327 4156. 28

(ANZAC Day Run) Dutton Garage Malvern Run Wednesday 25th April 2018 ENTRY FORM Entrant

Mem No.





Vehicle (for 100 year + vehicles only)

Vehicle Year Entry fee:

VIC No. $30.00 includes lunch. $15.00 for additional lunches



Or by email to:

Or mail to:

D. Inwood, 126 South Eyre Road, R D 2 Kaiapoi 7692. Payment by direct credit, with your name and “Dutton Malvern Run� to: VCC Canterbury Branch,03-1594-0096832-00 Or by cheque, payable to VCC Canterbury Branch. Assemble at the Darfield Recreation Centre, North Terrace from 9:30 to collect the days rally pack. Please park in the designated areas as the vehicles will be on public display from 10am to 11am when the first vehicles will depart. Entry is open to all VCC eligible vehicles with those after 1945 being in a supporting category.

Entries close 30 March 2018 29


Alasdair, “Brasso” or Brassy” as his many friends knew him, was a member of our club for 48 years. He was a master restorer and the many beautiful vehicles he produced over the years bear testimony to that. They covered all aspects of our club; Veteran, Commercial, Motorcycle and the ‘P’ series, including a 1914 Hupmobile, 1915 Buick, 1928 International Truck, 1925 Chev Superior, two Jeeps and a number of Minis. He was racing his beautiful Morris Cooper only a week before he passed away. Southland born and bred, he came to Christchurch for a mechanics’ apprenticeship and worked here as well as in Antarctica. With partners, he founded Southern Viking and a few years ago, having sold the company, retired. Much of his time since then was spent in his immaculate multi bay garage which was kept as perfect as his vehicles. Alasdair married Beryl, a daughter of our well respected members the late Albert and Barbara Anderson. During the 1990’s, he spent some years on the branch committee and was always ready to help with club events if asked. He possessed a great knowledge of old vehicles which he was very willing to share. We have lost a good member and a good bloke. Our condolences to Beryl, his daughters Kelly and Carolyn, granddaughter Olivia and their extended families.

Hub Editor email: 30

Can you Name the Vehicle Brand? How many brands of motor vehicles can you name from their logo? Hint: This month = starts with A



Interesting extra‌ How many people currently own one of these cars? Which Brand? 31

Apparently From Real Insurance Claims:

         

 

Coming home, I drove into the wrong house and collided with a tree I didn’t have The other car collided with mine without giving warning of its intention I thought my window was down, but I found it was up when I put my head through it I collided with a stationery truck coming the other way A truck backed through my windshield into my wife’s face A pedestrian hit me and went under my car The guy was all over the road, I had to swerve a number of times before I hit him I pulled away from the side of the road, glanced at my mother-inlaw and headed over the embankment In an attempt to kill a fly, I drove into a telephone pole I had been shopping for plants all day and was on my way home. As I reached an intersection, a hedge sprang up, obscuring my vision and I did not see the other car I had been driving for 40 years when I fell asleep at the wheel and had an accident I was on my way to the doctor with rear end trouble when my universal joint gave way, causing me to have an accident


Apparently From Real Insurance Claims... 

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As I approached the intersection, a sign suddenly appeared in a place where no stop sign had ever appeared before. I was unable to stop in time to avoid the accident To avoid hitting the bumper of the car in front, I struck the pedestrian My car was legally parked as it backed into the other vehicle An invisible car came out of nowhere, struck my car and vanished I told the police I was not injured, but on removing my hat, I found I had a fractured skull I was sure the old fellow would never make it to the other side of the road when I struck him I saw a slow-moving, sad faced old gentleman as he bounced off the roof of my car The indirect cause of the accident was a little guy in a small car with a big mouth I was thrown from my car as it left the road. I was later found in a ditch by some cows


FOR SALE 1928 Nash Tourer, Model 331. Brakes, motor, gearbox reconditioned. New Tyres; body and diff need work. Phone: Graeme 03 318 7038 Ford books, manuals and parts catalogues for sale. Owner was a collector of Ford 1940 s panel vans. $150.00 email:

Datsun 120Y Coupe 1975 Excellent runner with recent motor recondition. Gearbox very smooth. Red in colour with crack in paint on bonnet. Asking $7000. Ring Graham ph 03 3515919 or 0273207948 GARAGE SALE on behalf of Des Fowler Guys Road Yaldhurst, Saturday 3rd March. Signs out at 8am. Tools galore, drill press, line trimmer, paint, chainsaw, sledge hammers, garden tools and lots, lots more. Come along and support Des and his family.


WANTED Liqui Vehicle Tilter Missing in action (currently stored in someone else’s shed): my Liqui Vehicle Tilter – attaches to the hubs on one side of a car and then tilts the whole vehicle so the underside can be worked on. Loaned about a year ago - I remember putting in on someone’s trailer one noggin night, and unfortunately I didn’t write down who I loaned it to. I have a need for it and would like it back please. If you have it you will know who to contact, but in case you have forgotten too, it’s Colin Hey. Thanks in anticipation. 1937 Chevrolet Pickup Running boards, guards, grill, headlight mount (LH), windscreen frame, other bits? Phone: Clive 03 313 1458 or cell 021 142 5481

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MARINE PLYWOOD * 18mm BS 1088 -$165.00. 1220x2440mm. * Second grade - 12mm $65.00, 18mm $85.00, 25mm $112.00 all 1200x2400mm. * High Pressure Laminate -12mm $80.00, 18mm $90.00. all 1220x2440mm. * Anti Slip -18mm $100.00 1220x2440mm. * Bending Ply - 4mm $80.00. 1220x2440mm Phone Paul 027 277 8049 35

OTHER BRANCH and ORGANISATIONS EVENTS See Notice board posters for more information. Saturday 10th March 2018 Lake Taupo Rally Entry Forms available from Clubroom Noticeboard Saturday 24th March 2018 South Canterbury Branch Swap Meet Sunday 25th March 2018 North Canterbury Classic Tour Start venue : Woodlands CafĂŠ. Corner Ashworths-Beach Road & SH1, Leithfield, North Canterbury. Registrations from 9am to 11am. Cost $15 per vehicle. Includes New Zealand Classic Car magazine and other goodies. Breakfasts and/or morning teas available at start venue. All vehicles welcome, from veteran to modern classics. This years route will include some surprises. Saturday 7th April 2018 Sheffield Volunteer Fire Brigade Wings & Wheels The money raised from this event goes to the Sheffield Volunteer Fire Brigade and the Malvern Order of St John Ambulance and other local organisations. We will have planes from the Tiger Moth era to the present. Also present will be Gliders, Helicopters, Homebuilt air craft and maybe a hot air balloon. There will be Cars, Motor Bikes, Trucks and other vehicles from the early 1900 to the latest available.

Sunday 6th May 2018 Ashburton Plains Rotary Car Rally Details available from Clubroom Noticeboard

North Canterbury Noggin Fourth Wednesday of the month, Rangiora RSA from 7:30pm

INSURANCE Vero CIS – telephone 0800 658 411 Canterbury Branch Agency Number 300130 This number needs to be quoted when taking out insurance, for Canterbury Branch to benefit. 36

OTHER BRANCH and ORGANISATIONS EVENTS See Notice board posters for more information.

SCVCC Annual Swap Meet Winchester Domain SH1, March 24, gates open 7:30am. All makes car Display Something for everyone. Sites – Michelle Munro Ph 03 6864824 Or Email No dogs allowed.

Sheffield Volunteer Fire Brigade Wings & Wheels This event will be run on the Saturday the 7th April Bad weather date 8th April 2018. Gates open from 7:30am. Location; Charlie & Jos Draper farm. Kimberley Road Darfield. General Public; The cost would be $10.00 per Adult. Children under 15 free. Classic Vehicle Displayers. The cost is $5.00 per car if Club proof is shown otherwise $5.00 per person. Trade Sites From $40.00 upwards depending how much room you would like. Hot Food & Drink would be available to purchase. (The local Malvern Loins). The Coffee guy will be present to quench the biggest thrust The Malvern Order of St John’s Ambulance will be in attendance as will the local police.

PLEASE NOTE NO DOGS OF ANY SIZE OR ALCOHOL ALLOWED Your early reply would be very much appreciated. Thank you ROAR [Right of Adminission Refusal]


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The Barn is available for hire to all members for birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, and other functions. Contact Kevin or Claire on 03 312 7255

Canterbury Branch Web Site PO Box 11-082, Sockburn, Christchurch Our bank for direct credit payments is Westpac Barrington Mall A/C 03 1594 0096832 00 Please enter your name and event entered or other details of deposit. 38





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Canterbury VCC March 2018