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Cover photo: Andrew and Fay McClintock in their 1926 Studebaker at Straight 8 Estate Winery in Burnham attempting the Field Test - ‘Serve the Drink’. Photo taken at the 2017 Annual Vintage Rally, Saturday 11th November. 2

CLUBROOMS: Cutler Park, McLean's Island CLUB NIGHT: 7.30pm Ist Thursday of the month Phone 03 359—7004


Main Committee


John Coomber (Christine)


Rod Thrower (Lynda)


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Kevin Sarjeant (Joan)

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Club Captain

Dave Inwood (Linda)

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Vintage Convenor

Brendon Eason (Elizabeth)

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Immediate Past Chairman

Leigh Craythorne (Tony)

Veteran Convenor

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Commercial Convenor

Neil Shaskey (Louise)

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Group Convenor

Cracker Jokes

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What does the word minimum mean? A very small mother. 3

2017-2018 Representatives Motor Cycle Convenor

Les Freeman (Margaret)

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Spare Part Shed Rep

Des Fowler (Janet)

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9-90's Co-ordinator:

John Kuipers

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VIC Representative

Don Bennetts (Judy)

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Mike Foster

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Bar Managers

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Bar Managers

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Noggin Displays

Don Muller (Marlene)

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Owen Genet

Assistant Librarian

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Swap Meet Chair

Kay Shaskey (Graeme)

Colin Hey (Jenny)

Swap Meet sites

Kevin Clarkson (Shona)

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Tony Becker (Ngaire)

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North Canty Noggin

Jeff Rogers

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Hub Editor Hub Com. Advertising

Brendon Eason Cindy Hey (Peter)

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Barn bookings/ Camping

Beaded Wheels Reporter

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Kevin and Claire Campion


Club Events December Thur Sun Wed Wed Wed Tue

7 10 13 13 13 26

Noggin Children’s Christmas Picnic 9-90s Christmas Lunch Motorcycle Noggin Commercial Noggin Boxing Day Run


Mon Thur Sun Sun Wed Sun

1 4 7 7 17 28

Motorcycle New Year Run Noggin Maintenance Committee Work Day Picnic Run Commercial Noggin Veteran Picnic Run


Thur Wed Sat

1 14 24

Noggin Motorcycle Noggin Annual Commercial Rally


Thur Sat Wed

1 3 7

Noggin Moped Run 9-90s

Check the online calendar for more up-to-date Events information on our club website:

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Apologies These events were incorrectly advertised in previous editions of The Hub: 9th December 2017 Christmas Ramble and Social This event is not being held this year 17th December 2017 Veteran Picnic Run The run is now being held in January only (see Upcoming Events) 20th December 2017 Commercial Noggin This is now being held on the 13th December 2017 instead (see Commercial Report) WE APOLOGISE FOR ANY CONFUSION THIS MAY HAVE CAUSED

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Chairman’s Report

With the festive season now upon us we have a busy month ahead then hopefully some good summer weather for the Christmas and New Year holiday. November has been a busy month with the Annual Motorcycle Rally, Vintage Rally, Show Weekend Tour and the Homestead Run. The Motorcycle Section also participated in the New Brighton beach racing tribute to Geoff Hockley and this was a great success and generated quite a lot of publicity. Thanks to Peter Barnett for the pictorial and video recordings of the weekend. Congratulations to Brendon Eason for the excellent Vintage Rally. A number of people have commented about the high standard of the event. Thanks to those who turned up for the working bee tidying up the irrigation and putting pea straw around the new plantings. With the irrigation working now, our new trees are growing well with very few failures. There have been a number of trees topped as well, as we are aware of the danger some present when we get very high winds. This month we have the Children’s Christmas Picnic and the Boxing Day Run. January brings the Motorcycle New Year run and the two picnic runs, so there is plenty to choose from. Have you tried entering events online yet? I have found it so quick and easy to fill out, not having to hunt around for an envelope and stamps. Thanks to Brendon for designing such an easy system. November was the last Hub put together by Daniella Judge, as she is going to Wellington in the new year to attend university. I want to thank her for the work she has done this year on the Hub and wish her all the best for 2018. Brendon Eason will take over production of the Hub this month. Festive greetings to you all and safe and trouble free motoring over the holiday season. John Coomber - Chairman


Secretary’s Report WOW! Just home from another Vintage Rally. Even though I wasn’t able to drive this year this would have to be the best for every reason you could think of, perfect organizing down to the last detail. Wine theme right through, which didn’t do my new knee much good. Pre Rally snacks and coffee perfect, run not too long. Nice to see lots of young helpers out with field tests and check points, and finished off with a lovely meal. Well done Brendon and your team. A great day. Email addresses: Please update me with your latest email addresses if you have had to change lately. Name badges: I have just done a complete Audit of where we are at with our name badges and everything should now be up to date. If you have ordered one and not received it then please give me a call or email. If you wish to order in the future either order and pay $10 at the Bar or contact the Secretary. There is one name I cannot track: Robert Oliver. If you know this person, could you get them to contact me so we can deliver their name badge. I would like to wish you all a great xmas and if you are going away safe travels, “keep left”. I will be available for your enquiries over the holiday season if the need arises. See you in the New Year. Regards Rod


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What happens when your pet frog breaks down? it gets toad away


Club Captain’s Report

Where have the days gone? Another month flies by.

The Vintage Rally went smoothly with approx. 50 entries and fine weather for the day. We started at Cutler Park with a morning tea to remember. Time trials were first up, then after meandering round the Canterbury back roads, past check points etc ended up at Straight 8 Winery for lunch. Wine tasting culminating with the field trials in the afternoon – congratulations to Brendon and his team. The Show Weekend tour was a success and again we were blessed with fine days all weekend, although some may have wished for drizzle on the shingle roads. There were 40 entrants who travelled to Oamaru - to my knowledge with no major breakdowns. We started the Saturday run at the North Otago swap meet where they had organised the rally for us through some very interesting countryside, lunching at Maheno and finishing at Duntroon. Thanks to Greg Lamb & George Kear Snr for their efforts before and over the weekend. Also thanks to Jim Boaden from Oamaru for his input into a great weekend. Mike Foster and his team have been busy tidying up the grounds after the irrigation was completed. The plantings are growing well with the watering in the hot weather. Andrew Morrison has the Boxing Day run all organised and Terry McQuinn has been organising the Picnic run for January 7th. There is a change of date for the Commercial Xmas noggin at Lyndsay & Myra Saunders. This will now be on the 13th December. According to reports the Annual Motor Cycle Rally was successful. A different format this year, with the New Brighton Beach Racing together with the “Smash Palace” guys. Hopefully this renews interest for future beach races. Over all numbers were up this year although down on the Sunday run. 10

Club Captain’s Report Continued… Our next big day is the Children’s Christmas Picnic so lets hope for a nice fine day on December 10th. However its on wet or fine! As this is the last HUB for 2017 Merry Christmas to you all and have a Happy New Year. Enjoy the festive season and safe motoring. Cheers, Dave Inwood

Commercial Report The November Commercial Noggin was held at The Barn, with the usual catch up for a chat and something to eat and drink. Thanks to Mike Foster for opening the tunnel barn for a look around the machinery that lives inside. Decembers Commercial Noggin will be held a week earlier than usual on the 2nd Wednesday to avoid the week before Christmas, on 13th December from 5.30pm hosted by Lyndsey and Myra Saunders at 1 Glen Arrife Place, Broken Run, Halswell. Partners and past members of our group are very welcome to attend, please bring something for the BBQ and a salad to share. Don Bennetts will host the January Noggin on Wednesday 17th January at 714 Hills Rd, please mark this on your calendar as there won’t be a January Hub or branch Noggin to remind you, look forward to seeing you there. Neil Shaskey Cracker Jokes

What do you get if you cross a stereo with a refrigerator? Cool music. . 11

9-90s Report

9 - 90s

We met at the Yaldhurst Pub Carpark. My first question to Bruce was “Did he organise the Swap Meet?” He looked surprised and said “No?” Then he realised this was the second trip he had organised for the 9-90s when it was raining, windy and cold! We left at 10am and the weather got better and better. At 11.45, as I had predicted, the sun came through and we were able to have lunch in the sunshine on the lawn in the most beautiful garden of our hosts, Jenny and Don Wright. Going back to the beginning we had a nice interesting trip through Hororata, Coalgate and Sheffield and arrived at the Wrights about 11.15am where we were met by Don and Jenny. What a top hospitality couple they are! We were split up into two groups. Most of the ladies and a few men went with Jenny to look at her huge amazing garden which she manages all herself. By the way, after their tour around no one dared to grizzle about the size of their town gardens. Thanks Jenny, you did the boys a big favour! When we arrived I felt immediately at home. On the drive there were two Bentleys and in the garage two vintage Rolls Royce, a 1906 Cadillac and a few more vintage cars and tractors and Don told us the history of them all. After lunch he gave us a talk about the irrigation systems on his farm and around the district and then we went for a tour around to show us the storage lake and the irrigators. A most fascinating and interesting day. Don and Jenny, a big thanks from all of us and also a big thank you to Bruce Parker for organising such a fantastic day. By the way, 62 people and 32 cars participated. The raffle was a very good one and made up for last months. I can fill my tank up again! You can still book for the Christmas lunch. Ring me on 332 7926 before December 10. 2018 February 7 - Organiser – Graeme Sword. Meet at The Peg Carpark, Belfast Hotel at 9.55am 2018 March 7 - Organiser – Ross Butler A big thanks to my fantastic team for organising such fabulous trips for us all this year. A Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to all our friends, enemies and all the people who could do a better job than we do. Regards JK. 12

VCC Canterbury Branch Clubroom Cleaners wanted! Our current cleaners (a family of four) have decided to focus on other commitments in 2018, so we are looking for either a Club Member or someone in their extended family to take over this essential role. It entails: • Cleaning of the hall, foyer, kitchen and toilet block following Club events i.e. Noggins, Meals, Dances, Socials etc. • Full training will be given to the next volunteers who take this on • Re-imbursement for travel, costs and time is factored into the role Please contact Brendon Eason to put your name forward and receive training: email: or cell: 027-346-8324


Motorcycle Report There was a bit of a glitch last month. I was away for nearly 3 weeks to Melbourne and I neglected to appoint a replacement scribe to do the notes for the last Hub. Sorry about that, but hopefully you all got my email of 5th November outlining the salient points of the November activities within the motorcycle section. If you did not that would be because YOU are not in my email group for VCC Motorcyclists. Please contact me at to be added to the list. I contact the group at least once a month with relevant VCC stuff that you should be aware of. Past Events: 28th October – Fish & Chip Run. 3 riders rode to Oxford for lunch via the Old West Coast Road. Need to ask the question, should we continue with the F&C runs? In general very low/poor turn-outs, is it worth persisting with? Feed-back please. 5th November – Annual Motorcycle Rally. Very small entry for this the premier rally on the motorcycle calendar. However, about 27 riders enjoyed a ramble through the countryside to finish up at McLeans Island for a BBQ lunch. This year there were two starting places, McLeans Island for the long route, and the Kama Coffee House on Quaifes Road, Halswell for the short route. See elsewhere for the results and write-up on this event. 9th November – M/C Noggin night, moved from the usual Wednesday night to Thursday to join Biker’s Night at Smash Palace. A good turnout to rub shoulders with the Christchurch biker’s scene, and for my part, a very enjoyable night out. A question asked more than once was, should we consider going there more often, especially in the warm summer months? Your feed-back appreciated. Future Events. Pretty dry from now until Christmas, but one or two certainly worthy of your attention and support. 13th December – Noggin Night. This will be out at McLeans Island, Motorcycle Corner. This will be a BBQ from 6.00 pm onwards, and we will NEED TO KNOW NUMBERS ATTENDING so we can cater for the food etc. Please RSVP to Les Freeman, phone 3584549, 0273390962 or email at . This is always a great night, so see you all there! Partners particularly welcome! 30th December – No Fish & Chip run this month! Next will be 27th January. 14

Motorcycle Report Continued… With no Hub in January here are the motorcycle events for January onwards: 1st January 2018 – New Year’s Day Motorcycle Run. Meet Social Corner, McLeans Island 10.00 am. 10th January – NO motorcycle noggin this month! 27th January – Fish & Chip Run. This will be the first motorcycle event for nearly a month, so let’s please support this. Going back to meeting outside Princess Margaret Hospital on Cashmere Road, 10.30pm, riders decide on destination. 14th February – Motorcycle Noggin. Nothing organised, so this will be at McLeans Island Motorcycle Corner, 7.30 pm onwards. 24th February – Fish & Chip Run. Depart PMH Cashmere Road 10.30 am, again; riders decide on destination. 3rd March – Moped Run, details in Feb Hub. 14th March – Motorcycle Noggin. Details in Feb Hub. 17th – 18th March – Jim Toohey Motorcycle Run. This year it will be going to Reefton, probably going over Arthurs Pass and back via Lewis, but more details later. Accommodation is being sourced, probably the old Nurses Home and nearby motels... Mike Glenday is organising. A point discussed recently at a committee meeting, the idea of having a sticker with your name and blood group on your helmet. Obviously this holds importance in an emergency. How receptive are YOU for this idea? Would you support this? The cost would be small, probably low enough for these to be handed out free… Feedback on this too, please. Enough ramblings this month, keep the rubber to the road, and ride safe. Cheers, CML

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What do you call a vicar on a motor bike? Rev


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Why was the turkey in the pop group? Because he was the only one with drumsticks! 16

November 2017 Noggin Display Last months Noggin Display was, the winner of the “One-make Car Displays� held at the the Swap Meet. Congratulations to the Ford Cortina Club who were the winners and thank you to the fellow Cortina Club members for displaying their nice selection of cars. Doug Moody 1963 MK1 Consul Cortina Woody Estate, Dennis Gibbons 1969 Mk2 Cortina 1600E and Simon Eisenhart 1969 Cortina Mk2 Super 1600. Thank you to Blair Sands for organizing the display. The Cortina Club celebrated 50 years of the Mk2 Cortina, with a display of 90 cars at The Palms car park recently.

Future Noggin Displays: December: Motorcycles from the M/C Annual rally. February: Winners from the Women Drivers Rally. (They have been contacted) I would like to thank the 56 people who, over the last year put in a lot of effort in bringing their cars, trucks, motorcycles and mopeds to our Noggin Display, for the members to enjoy. Please keep on looking in your shed etc, for those long lost pedal cars etc for a future display. (See Novembers Hub.) If you can help, please call. Don Muller 3856850. Thanks. 17

2017 Annual Motorcycle Rally

This years run was run on a Sunday instead of our usual Saturday event. On the Saturday our section supported an event held on the New Brighton beach. This was run by a group of motorcyclists and supported by Smash Palace, a local bar in High Street owned and run by Johnnie Moore. You may have read a newspaper column written from time to time by Johnnie in The Press. The VCC supplied marshalls for the event. The event was named ‘A Tribute To A Gentleman’ – Geoff Hockley. Geoff was a very keen motorcyclist some years ago and enjoyed racing motorcycles on the beach at New Brighton. The tide was right and the beach had some 40 motorcycles parading up a ¼ mile circuit. BSA/Triumph/Indian/Rudge to name a few. The number of bikes on display in the car park north of the pier was great. I wouldn’t like to have a guess at the number present but a large number. Smash Place and the organizers had a successful day followed by an evening prize giving. The motorcycle noggin was at Smash Palace the following Thursday night. Back to our event, the annual rally. Numbers were well down? Our short run began in Halswell and after a run through Tai Tapu/Springston/Rolleston it finished at Cutler Park. The long run began at Cutler Park, went out through Rolleston/Tai Tapu and through to Gebbies Pass before coming back along Summit Road to return to the clubrooms where field tests were held followed by a BBQ lunch. One rider ended up on the trailer after the rally on the way home. He was found by the back up when they were going home and they returned him to Amberley – thanks to Terry & Linda. One of our two combinations had to be towed home as he couldn’t fit on the trailer, thanks Les. No names but trophies awarded are on the next page. Mike Glenday


Annual Motorcycle Rally Results: E V Thomas trophy Vintage Best Overall Trevor Lightfoot GW Hockley trophy Vintage Concours Ian McKinlay Harry Wear trophy Vintage Time Trial Trevor Lightfoot Malcolm Willmont trophy PV concours Garth Boulton Sincro Signs trophy PWV concours Kurt Elbrecht Becker Cup Best Overall PWV Kurt Elbrecht Alsop trophy Overall Winner P60V Ross McCulloch VCC Canterbury Branch M/C Concours d’elegance P60V Concours d’elegance P60V Paul Ainsworth Keith Petrie trophy Best Performance on a 2 Stroke Kurt Elbrecht M/C Section trophy Best Performance Lady Rider Lois Binnie Mitchell trophy Multi Wheeled (sidechair) Ian McKinlay Nut Stranglers trophy Most Trouble Getting to the Finish Tony Craythorne Stevenson Family trophy Best Overall P80 Gill Stevenson Townshend trophy Overall Winner Except Concours Gill Stevenson

1928 BSA 1920 AJS 1928 BSA 1939 BSA 1952 Puch 1952 Puch 1961 Triumph 1974 Ducati 1952 Puch 1928 Royal Enfield 1920 AJS 1955 Panther 1981 Suzuki 1981 Suzuki


Tony Becker Phone 421-2426 19

2017 Annual Motorcycle Rally


2017 Annual Motorcycle Rally

For more photos of this event, go to:


2017 Annual Vintage Rally

A tale of disaster to elation

On the morning of the Annual Vintage rally, my family and I left home full of anticipation for a great day out to see a great variety of old cars and like-minded people. We live about 20 minutes drive from Cutler Park. My 1928 Chevrolet was going well until we got about 100 metres through the gate at the Vintage Car Club when it came to an abrupt halt. I initially thought that it may be the vacuum fuel system, so I topped this up but the engine would still not start. I then checked the distributor, the contact breakers, coil and it all appeared fine, but there was no spark at the plugs. This was frustrating, with only minutes before the timed section of the rally was to begin. Andrew and Joseph McClintock then appeared to help us; Joseph determined that the rotor was the problem. Where do you get a rotor at short notice, as in minutes? Luckily we were at the best place in Canterbury to find parts to fit a vintage car. I located Brian Rogers who took me to the parts shed and I frantically searched through hundreds of rotors but couldn’t find a matching one. At this point I was disappointed and thought the only option was to trailer the car home and miss the rally. Right then I spotted a blue Chev, about the same year in the car park. I asked the owner, Alan Craythorne, if he had a spare rotor. He didn’t think so, but had a look under his seat just in case. There was a lot of essential ‘bits and pieces’ under the seat, but apparently no rotor. The last item was a mutton cloth with something wrapped inside and out fell two distributor caps and a suitable rotor. With excitement and hope I walked briskly (attempting a sprint is difficult these days) back to the car and fitted the rotor. The car started instantly. We were now six minutes behind our start time, so a quick U-turn and through the gate. The foot was down along the timed section, even attempting to pass several cars to make up time. The rally was very well organised, we enjoyed questions about countries’ flags and cars from TV shows and were very lucky with these. The winery theme was also great. Driving past several wineries along the way and having lunch at the Straight 8 Estate winery in Burnham. This was a great setting for field tests all related to wine. It was funny watching other cars drop glasses of water all over their cars. The wine tasting wasn’t bad either. It was overall a good day, and on the way home we discussed how lucky we were to be able to participate at all. We had a great dinner too, and time flew past as we were talking about vintage cars. It became prize giving already. This was presented perfectly and had spot prizes with chocolate. We thought, “well at least we won something” with our number coming up for the spot prize. All the prizes were given out and we applauded the winners. The only remaining cup was the Overall Winner and my name was called up. My family and I were completely surprised and overwhelmed. We enjoy going on the rallies for fun and company of others. This prize was the icing on the top. 22


2017 Annual Vintage Rally

Perseverance does pay off. A big thank you to the support and help from everyone on the day, without your assistance we wouldn’t have been able to participate. Mike, Ellen and Mitchell Rogers

Annual Vintage Rally Results: Result 1st equal Time Trial (2 secs) 1st equal Time Trial (2 secs) 3rd Place Time Trial (4 secs)

Entrant Dave Inwood Peter Griffen Paul Seaton

Vehicle Ford A Pickup Ford Model A Dodge Tourer

Year 1930 1930 1922

Lowden Trophy for Field Test Results 1st Place Field Tests David Mason 2nd Place Field Tests Trevor Lightfoot 3rd Place Field Tests Don Bennetts

Chevrolet Roadster Standard 16HP Chrysler

1929 1930 1927

Rae Trophy for Overall Winner 1st Place Overall 2nd Place Overall 3rd Place Overall

Chevrolet Dodge Buick Tourer

1928 1930 1929

M Rogers Eric & Robyn Cox Barry Croucher

Thank you to our rally sponsor, Straight 8 Estate Winery, Burnham. For supplying the venue, assistance in setting up the Field Tests and the wine for the prizes. Brendon Eason - Vintage Convenor 23

2017 Annual Vintage Rally


2017 Annual Vintage Rally

For more photos of this event, go to: 25

Show Weekend 2017 Rally 1. Turn left out of the gate. 2. Right at Stop sign, WOW a beautiful view of the Southern Alps was insight! This was the start of a wonderful rally. The start of the arguments, discussions with plenty of apologies and laughs. We headed to Mount Somers via the Rakaia Gorge which was rich in colour with amazing views of shear rockfaces, really blue water and the famous yellow gorse. Parked up in the Mount Somers, unfortunately we got hell for putting the hood up on the little MG, but it was starting to drizzle…... We were even told that “a car that was convertible was a nightmare, you were either wet or wind burnt”…….. little did they know what was to come? Calling into Geraldine, for the Art and Craft Festival, chutneys and pressed olive oil had to be bought. After some lunch we headed off through the back roads to Oamaru. Things of note, beautiful gardens at farm houses, Hanging Rock and Historic Kiln, shingle roads, two cyclists riding tandem eating our dust ooh and us with the option of having the hood up on the MG, so not so much dust for us! Oamaru, set for Victoria Heritage Celebrations, had the community dressed for success, weird and wonderful vehicles and some beer tasting on offer. The Oamaru RSA club looked after us with a well catered evening meal on the second evening and some music from the past for dancing. The Saturday brought sunshine and a Swap Meet! We were welcomed into the AMP showgrounds to display our cars before we travelled around Kakanui beach resort onto Maheno for lunch. Food took a while but I believe it was well worth it! During the afternoon we toured through high country of Oamaru. The grass paddocks looked like bowling greens, the history of the Tokarahi railway, the rather large Flour Mill and the ability to listen to the Tuis on Kakanui Valley Road having the option of having the top down made all the difference) was most interesting and enjoyable. Winding up and down the roads in the little MG ‘convertible’ was a great experience. A big thank you to Greg, Dave and George (for the Saturday run). Friendships made and renewed, fantastic scenery, no breakdowns or dramas. What a wonderful country for motoring and living in! Katryna Shaw 26

Show Weekend 2017 Rally

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What do mice do in the daytime? Mousework


Holiday Fun Christmas






























Colouring Fun 28

Hub Editor email: 29

Canterbury Branch Up Coming Events Children’s Christmas Picnic Sunday 10th December 2017

Boxing Day Picnic Run 2017 Tuesday 26th December 2017


Canterbury Branch Up Coming Events January Picnic Run Sunday 7th January 2018

Check the online calendar for more up-to-date Events information on our club website:


Canterbury Branch Up Coming Events 2018 Commercial Annual Rally Saturday 24th February 2018

2018 Annual Rally Sat and Sun 10th and 11th March 2018


Canterbury Branch Up Coming Events ANZAC Day Run 2018 Wednesday 25th April 2018

Check the online calendar for more up-to-date Events information on our club website:

Accommodation Required! The March Executive Meeting in 2018 is going to be in Christchurch. Is there anyone who can host some delegates over the period of: Friday 23rd March or Saturday 24th March (or maybe even both) and ideally drop them back at the airport for their flight, could they contact the National Office by 10 December? Thank you, Julie Cairns-Gee, Administration Manager, Vintage Car Club of NZ - National Office 33

Children’s Christmas Picnic Sunday December 10th 2017 The Branch would like to provide a small present at the Children’s Christmas picnic to all financial members’ children and grandchildren up to the age of ten years. If you have not yet registered, then you will need to buy a small gift for the child / children, have it wrapped and named and give to Alan Parris on the day. 2017 VCC Children's Christmas Picnic Programme Time Activity 10:30am Arrive through gate. Met by clowns, chips, lollies, apple given out by playground. Pet an animal. Small animals here for two hours to pet. Candy floss, stilts, playing around fire engine, club truck rides, Miniature train rides in Steam Scene 12:00 noon Own lunch 12:30 pm Races - running, sack, 3 legged 5 and under, 6-8, 9 and 10, over 10s Boys and girls. Mum and Dad sack races 1:30pm ish or when races finish. Santa arrives and distributes presents followed by ice blocks and candy floss. All of this is weather dependent but it is on wet or fine.

Boxing Day Picnic Run 2017 Tuesday December 26th 2017 Meet at the New Brighton Pier Carpark, Marine Parade, Hawke Street corner 10:30am, 11:00am start. Rain or shine, BYO picnic Approx 80km run to the Woodend Recreation Ground, please bring a named ice cream container. You are welcome to go straight to the lunch stop at Woodend if you prefer not to do the run. Enquiries to Andrew Morison 021-515-636 34

New Years Day Motorcycle Run 2017 Monday January 1st 2018 New Year’s Day Motorcycle Run. Meet Social Corner, McLeans Island 10:00 am.

January Picnic Run 2017 Sunday January 7th 2018 The picnic run on January 7 2018 will be starting at the Vintage Car Club grounds, departure will be at 10:30am. There are toilets and hot water available at the destination. If the weather is inclement there is provision for seating inside, bring your folding chair, lunch, etc. Those not wishing to complete the short run in the country may drive directly to the picnic spot at number 217 Jowers Road at Gatehouse Winery for mid day meal.

Veteran Picnic Run 2017 Sunday January 28th 2018 Veteran Picnic Run Sunday 28th January, includes two wheel brake Vintage. The rally starts at Kelvin Finlay s property, entrance off Jeffs Drain Road Kaiapoi (off Tram Road). There is plenty of parking for car trailers if required and lunch stop will be a close drive back to collect the trailer. Arrive 9:30 for a 10:00am start, about 35-40 miles around North Canterbury roads to finish for a picnic lunch. No entry form, however appreciate a phone call or email closer to the time to advise if attending . Tim Palmer Home 021-338-692, Mobile 021-338-692, email 35

Velosolex Owners Group (VOG’s)

Wow where did that last month go! The VOG’s were sure pleased that it disappeared in a hurry as it meant they could once again kick those little beasts into life and hit the roads – or as we all may remember from that brilliant movie from 1969 with Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper “Easy Rider” get your motors running head out on the highway looking for adventure in whatever comes our way. There was plenty of adventure for the 9 of us on November 14th when we headed off from Lincoln on a fantastic spring morning towards our destination of Rolleston, a great ride along the cycle track following Springston Rolleston Rd, a bit dodgy at times when we spotted 3 vehicles of the law enforcement nature at various points along the way. I don’t think they would have been too worried about our convoy of tame velocipedes. The journey eventually brought us to the bustling township of Rolleston and traffic lights to head across SH1 to turn left into Jones Rd – whew we once again made it unscathed. Our destination and visit for this month was to “Global Bus Ventures” or Design Line as we all commonly call it. What an incredible industry right here in our own city! VCC Club member Les Alsop was our guide today and what an interesting tour it was. Les’ knowledge as Quality Control manager is very vast and he gave us a huge insight into the coach building industry, the facts and figures on the output of buses built was far too much for VOG 1 to absorb! I do remember Les told us it took 18 days to build a bus from go to wo. Design line have some really innovative techniques in the construction of these coaches and we can all be rest assured when we ride in one of the “Go Buses” we see on the roads that they are solidly built with a 10 year guarantee and a 20 year life span.


Velosolex Owners Group (VOG’s)

Continued… Design Line also have the contract with GoBus for building the “truck” buses we see on the roads that are used as school buses, a great idea where a cab and chassis is driven into the factory and the bus part is assembled then mounted on this chassis and rolled out the other end as your completed school bus, some of our VOG members commented – “wow what a great motorhome this would make”. A fascinating tour and we were all thoroughly impressed, thanks Les. Completion of the tour saw us head off to The Rock Café in Rolleston to build up our energy levels before heading back to Lincoln and our vehicles. Only mishap for the day was our new member John Kuipers discovering his borrowed bike had worn the front tyre down to the canvas in one place but incredibly no blowout or speed wobble occurred along the way – time you bought a new tyre John. Royce VOG1


OPEN EVERY WEDNESDAY 1 pm – 4:30 pm THIRD & FOURTH SUNDAY 9 am – 12 noon

Open first Thursday of the month on Noggin Night from 7:00pm.

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New Members Welcome to our branch. We look forward to meeting you at our coming events and activities.

Nev Croy and Heather Taege. 2 x 1948 Chrysler, 1970 Hillman Hunter Murry Sinclare. 1938 Packard 1118 Coupe Pak38 Steve Prescott. 3 x Vauxhall’s 1956 Velox sedan AM2380, 1937 DX Sedan LT1937, 1957 Velox Estate. Brian Williams. 1988 Mitsubishi L200 Truck

North Canterbury Noggin Fourth Wednesday of the month, Rangiora RSA from 7:30pm

MARINE PLYWOOD * 18mm BS 1088 -$165.00. 1220x2440mm. * Second grade - 12mm $65.00, 18mm $85.00, 25mm $112.00 all 1200x2400mm. * High Pressure Laminate -12mm $80.00, 18mm $90.00. all 1220x2440mm. * Anti Slip -18mm $100.00 1220x2440mm. * Bending Ply - 4mm $80.00. 1220x2440mm Phone Paul 027 277 8049 38

OTHER BRANCH and ORGANISATIONS EVENTS See Notice board posters for more information.

Monday 1st January 2018 Ashburton New Year’s Day Run Monday 1st January 2018 Banks Peninsula Little River Picnic

At: The Little River Domain - the entrance is Western Valley Road near the fire station. The band starts at 11:00am, a gold coin entry fee and the fire brigade will be giving out ice-creams and holding a bbq. There will also be a lolly scramble for the kids.

Saturday 27th January 2018 Ashburton Annual Rally Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th February 2018 Banks Peninsula Skope Racing, Ruapuna 2018 Otago Aero Club Wings & Wheels Day Sunday 11th February 2018 Taieri Airfield, Mosgiel Twin Rivers Motoring Extravaganza Sunday 25th February 2018 A & P Showgrounds, Curletts Rd Entry Fee:- $15.00 per Vehicle.


WANTED Jaguar E type, prefer series 2 Roadster, Approx 1968-1970 or would look at other years. Phone Brian Rogers 03-358-5322

Vintage Cars for a wedding in Swannanoa, March 10th 2018. Looking for 3 x Vintage era vehicles please if possible. Phone Sam Timlin 022-120-9752 or email

FOR SALE Vauxhall 12 CalĂŠche. 4 seat Holden bodied sports tourer. Rebuild completed 1984 with 12 hp running gear. Has completed rallies and tours throughout the South Island without problems over 30 odd years. A huge quantity of new and used parts included. Sensible offers considered. For further information phone Tom Clements 352-7457.

Victoria Mopeds in the parts shed, 1st partly restored need finishing, 2nd needs restoring and assembling, 3rd good donor bike. Some new parts plenty of paper work manuals etc. Job offer over $1000.00 for the lot. Contact a member of the spare parts committee for inspection and offer. Les Freeman Ph.358 4549


Copy for the February Hub closes on 19 January 2018 Contact "The Editor", Brendon Eason By phone 343 2979 or preferably email The views expressed in ‘The Hub' are those of the contributors and are not necessarily those of the Committee, Editor, Branch or Club.


The Barn is available for hire to all members for birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, and other functions. Contact Kevin or Claire on 03 312 7255

Canterbury Branch Web Site email: Postal address: PO Box 11-082, Sockburn, Christchurch Our bank for direct credit payments is Westpac Barrington Mall A/C 03 1594 0096832 00 Please enter your name and event entered or other details of deposit. 41


Cracker Jokes

Why are Christmas trees very bad at knitting? Because they always drop their needles

INSURANCE Vero CIS – telephone 0800 658 411 Canterbury Branch Agency Number 300130 This number needs to be quoted when taking out insurance, for Canterbury Branch to benefit. 43

Letter to members from the National President

VERO INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF HISTORIC MOTORING – NEW PLYMOUTH 2021 As I mentioned in my recent Beaded Wheels column, the Management Committee is fully committed to this event going ahead. I am therefore pleased to advise that Tony Haycock has been appointed as Festival Director. The Management Committee will be having a more hands-on role with the 2021 event, hence the appointment of a Management Committee member as the Director. Although Tony is currently National Speed Steward and is well known for his travel and journalist endeavours, in another life Tony has experience in event management and recently has been involved in organising major motoring events for overseas clubs. We have taken on board the concerns and comments from many members about the future of our International Rallies and Tony has come up with a new concept (see below) which is exciting and innovative and I have no doubt that with Tony’s enthusiasm and experience it will be a very successful event for our Club. Diane Quarrie National President 44

Letter to members from the National President Vero International Festival of Historic Motoring - New Plymouth 2021 - A new beginning and whole new concept for our premier International event. Forget everything you thought you knew about VCC International rallies. For 2021 we have a totally new concept for a totally new style of rally. Shorter, sharper and more bang for your buck. This is THE old car, bike and truck event you will not want to miss. I can promise you a week of motoring, entertainment and activities, the likes of which you have never experienced before! We start the Festival with a massed arrival in New Plymouth on Sunday afternoon from the north and south, so you have the weekend to get there. We will then have four motoring days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. So, what's happening on Wednesday? You might be thinking you can have a day off, and if you want to you can but I don't think you will want to and I'll explain why shortly. The four motoring days will see all entrants on the same route. If some of us are going to Hawera on day X, we all are. You will get to see all the cars, the trucks and the bikes, every day. No more travelling with the same group of vehicles every day while the other 4/5th of the rally has gone somewhere else - your mates included. Until now, there have been no National Rallies in the same year as an International. 2021 will be very different. Wednesday will see the National Veteran, Motorcycle and Commercial rallies taking place. For the other VCC categories which currently do not have a National rally, don't worry - there will be something for you too. Rally headquarters will be the heart of the Festival and there will be good food, good drink, and plenty of entertainment right there - the ideal way to sit down with friends after a great day of motoring to tell lies about what you have been up to. At the same time, the New Plymouth Festival of Lights will be taking place at Pukekura Park, and this world-renowned spectacle is both free, and only a couple of minutes walk from HQ . The public display will be a twilight event, and Friday night will see the final function, giving everyone the weekend to get back home for work. The proposed date at this stage is 17th to 23rd January 2021. The new format is something which has never been done by the VCC before and is the result of listening to comments from members and previous rally entrants over several years. It will be a gathering of the most diverse range of New Zealand and overseas motoring heritage ever to have been assembled in one place. Tony Haycock Festival Director 45

Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas

and a safe and happy New Year!


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