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Bi-Annual Wolseley Rally


April 2020

The North Otago Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Inc.


P. O. Box 360 OAMARU 9444

COVID-19 The NOVCC Management Committee have from the 22nd of March suspended all club activities at least until the end of June 2020. This suspension applies to all club meetings, rallies and Monday spares activities. This decision was made in light of Government and VCC Management Committee recommendations and

will be reviewed as the Pandemic runs its course and in line with official recommendations. We will continue to monitor the situation and review the suspension of activities as the situation demands. In any event the current suspension will be reviewed prior to the end of June. In the meantime please contact any committee member if you require assistance, keep yourselves safe and be kind to one another. Committee contacts are available in the Distributor.

Garden Leave. As I write this, it’s about 2 hours from the emergency shutdown of our whole nation. Suddenly the world will never be the same again, and it can be a frightening prospect for us, especially if we are in our vintage years. COVID 19 is a nasty bug, it attacks the lungs and can inflict permanent organ damage or worse. We are wise to follow the precautions set before us. But I’m not here to add to all the scaremongering going on out there. As the North Otago Branch of the Vintage Car Club, we have some helpful advantages. We have a circle of friends and an interest that can help sustain us in the month ahead; and it is just only a month. At least at this stage. There are things we can do; as Pooh Bear might have said. People to phone, deferred maintenance to carry out and even some restoration work to get stuck into. No time to sit in front of the gogglebox and be a Tellytubby. Get off your butt, head down to the shed, dust off the tools and

get started on the job that’s been niggling away at your conscience for however long. Get on the blower and talk to your mates, especially those that are on their own. Life’s too short to waste on moping about worrying about the state of the world, wringing one’s hands at the prospect of catching a nasty flu. You’d be surprised at how much you will physically achieve and how good it feels to catch up socially, even if it is just over the phone. To entertain yourselves in the evenings, or if it’s cold outside, there’s always Youtube on the internet. For those of you that don’t know, Youtube is a free video channel with probably millions of videos uploaded by amateurs just like ourselves. On almost any topic. There are some amazing early black and white movies produced by automakers, some dating back to the late vintage years. The major car manufacturers made some very informative footage of factory processes, testing of automobiles, advertising campaigns and so on. More recent videos are about club activities like track racing, hillclimbs and trials. So much to see and very absorbing. Just type your particular interest into the address bar and a whole library of fascinating titles will pop up on your screen. Blue tooth it to your telly, sit back, open a box of Jaffa’s and enjoy! In the meantime, take care, take it seriously, and look out for each other. The club will still be there once all this nonsense is over, and it will be good to reconnect and enjoy our hobby once again, so make a plan and make it happen. Happy Garden Leave, Peter

Garden Leave ! When all else fails…phone a friend!!

Secretary’s Report for April Distributor We welcome five members to our Branch. Tony Travaglia & John Harper have re-joined, Stuart Harvey & Tony Hales are new members and Melly Jamieson has transferred back from South Otago Branch. It has been decided not to continue with the planned Reliability Trial in November. I have received a price from Brandwell Moller for name badges. If you would like one please let me know and give me the correct spelling of your name please. The cost is $10.00 per badge. In the past members who wished to read our committee meeting minutes were emailed a copy after the minutes have been read & confirmed. Recently I have been asked by two members if this option could be reinstated and the committee agreed at our last meeting. If anyone else would like to join this group please email me. I have had a request from National Office for an update of members email addresses because a lot of members don’t remember to let National Office know of their change of address. There are a number of you who have not informed National that you have email address in the first instance. Please inform me if you DO NOT want your email address published. Congratulations to Liam Bartley, one of our younger members, who won the ‘Athlete with a Disability Award’ at the Network Waitaki Sports Awards. Keep Safe & Carry On Kathleen

MESSAGE FROM THE NZVCC PRESIDENT Dear Member As you will be aware the COVID-19 crisis has had an impact on almost every aspect of life in New Zealand and the Vintage Car Club is no exception. This unprecedented and previously unimaginable situation is evolving daily, if not hourly. I sent an email out to branches on Tuesday advising that it was important that we took our time to evaluate options and to make the right decisions for our members, rather than knee jerk reactions. You will be aware that the Government has now issued a ban on groups exceeding 100 in number but that may be reduced further going forward. Expert advice is saying that the peak of the pandemic could possibly be as late as August. The Management Committee of the Vintage Car Club held an emergency meeting last night to discuss the crisis and the effects on upcoming national and branch events. In relation to the Vero International Festival of Historic Motoring, in conjunction with the Festival Director Greg Terrill, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the Festival until early 2022. This decision was not taken lightly. Due to the uncertainty around how long it will take for the pandemic to run its course and the potential of facing a financial loss, if due to lack of entries the event had to be cancelled, it is the right decision to make. The Executive Meeting which was due to be held in Wellington on Saturday 28 March is also cancelled and we have also decided that our National Day Daffodil Rally will also not go ahead for 2020. I also had no option yesterday but to cancel the National North Island Easter Rally and by now all entrants should have been directly contacted by the event organisers.

During the next week or so we will be contacting the organisers of national events that are being held later this year and early next year to discuss what options we have in relation to those events. We will keep you posted on that. Because the International Rally will now not be held in 2021 it does give us room to move national events into next year. Some branches have already made the hard decision to cancel meetings, club nights, branch runs and events and even to postpone annual general meetings. A communication has gone out to all branches today with a strong recommendation that they also review all of their events with a view to cancelling or postponing them, at least until the end of June or until the situation improves. The club website and Facebook page along with branch websites will keep you updated and the next issue of Beaded Wheels will have up-to-date information as of going to print. I hope you understand the reason for these actions. Over half of our members are in the high risk bracket in terms of this pandemic. The cancellation of events now will mean that we’ve done our very best to keep our members safe. Best regards and stay safe. Diane Quarrie

Club Captains Report It appears that last month may be the last of our “normal” as we head into the next few months. Recapping on events since my last report we had a successful turnout for the A&P show with a good selection of vehicles. There is always room for more and next year it would be good to double the number of vehicles on display. Directly following the grand parade we had free run to parade the vehicles inside the main ring with commentary on the public address system informing the crowd what the individual vehicles were, who owned them, who was driving them and a little detail on the heritage. Gilbert lead the way in his Bedford truck complete with signage and the whole day was excellent exposure for the club. Lee and I spent the second week of March in the lower North Island participating in the Bi-Annual Wolseley Rally. Had originally intended to use the 1936 25hp for this event but it was fare from ready so the 1500 was pressed into service again. In all we covered 1350miles in the wee car over a week and a half with no issues although on later inspection she had completed the return trip home with a sore leg (Left front wheel bearing very loose). We arrived home in time for the monthly committee meeting and no signs of Covid-19 effecting events at that stage. I am aware that the mid-month run was completed as planned. By Saturday this has changed with an email from VCC National President sent to all VCC branch committee’s similar in content to that then sent to all VCC members with email addresses. For those of you without email, in summary the National Executive have postponed the Vero International Festival of Historic Motoring scheduled to be held in January 2021 until early 2022. The decision to postpone was made as registrations were due to open and in the current climate there was a very real possibility of a reduced uptake in participants possibly leading to a financial loss. The National Daffodil has also been cancelled for 2020 along with the Executive meeting due to be held on the 28th of March in Wellington. The National North Island Easter Rally has also been a casualty along with some neighbouring VCC events with the SCVCC Swap Meet at Winchester scheduled for April 4th cancelled along with Ashburton Swap meet scheduled for 2nd May. The National Management Committee also strongly recommended that all clubs followed the example already set and suspend all activity where people directly interact until at least the end of June. Please read and digest the notice regarding the suspension of all further club activities. If you need to talk about this or any other issues arising from it please feel free to contact me or Peter. I along with others will continue to work on future events and planning will continue for the Swap meet and Windsor Rally as well as our Club 60th celebrations as all these events are scheduled for late 2020 early 2021. While the club events may be closed down for a while we still have our monthly Distributor to keep us informed and connected. Please use this time to write up a few articles or a yarn about what you or someone else got up to years ago. It all makes good reading. If you think you may want to contribute but don’t want to do the actual write up, I am more than happy to do that for you. Just give me a call on 021 390518 In the meantime stay safe, stay connected and be thoughtful of others. Derek

For an order form, product list or to place an order Phone 434 8285 or 021 515 205 Email to rosesoamaru@gmail.com For other goods from Roses General Store check out online store rosesoamaru.co.nz V.C.C. run Thursday19 March One Motor bike, Seven cars plus a 106 Buick car owned by Neil Rooney plus 18 members all left the Club Rooms 130 pm. Travelled via Beach Rd, down past the Nth Otago Golf Course alongside the sea which was a glorious colour due to the lovely sunny day. Over the Kakanui Bridge ending at the Mill Dam- which was created many years ago to supply water to run Clarks Flour Mill. It was a very friendly enjoyable afternoon members enjoying their afternoon tea. Sorry should say Mr Rooney’s car is 106 years old not a 106 Buick All the men gathered around Mr Rooney’s Buick to see what method he would use to start it. They were not disappointed. Thanks for writing the report Maureen. I guess this will be the last outing for some time. Take care people and try to avoid the Corona Virus. Cheers, Verna.

A & P Show 2020 In past years the A & P Show and the All British Day have clashed. However, this wasn’t the case for this year so we had an opportunity to showcase our cars and promote the club at both events. For the A & P Show we had a Grand Parade of our own which followed on directly after all the animals had left the ring. This meant we had no issues with overheating vehicles due to a stop/start flow.

Club Captain Derek Brehaut gave a commentary as an interesting selection of vehicles entered the ring behind Gilbert Ellery in his little yellow 1950 Bedford truck. Next in line was Quentin Barrow in his 1929 Erskine Ute. Gordon Hay followed with his 1915 Studebaker, then came Bruce Watt on his AJS motorbike. His wife Barbara followed in their 1952 Land Rover. Murray Frew drove his 1968 Datsun Bluebird, then came “Wilma”, Lee Brehaut’s Wolseley 1500. Clive Blunden and wife Jen were in their 1937 Morris 8 Tourer and last came the most modern car driven by our Secretary Kathleen Perry. Having such a wide range of vehicle ages was a great opportunity to get across the message that ‘vintage’ was any vehicle 30 years and over. Well done everyone. Let’s do it again next year.

Dear Branch Secretary, The Canterbury Branch of the VCC does pride itself in the strength of its Motorcycle Section, and the quality of the events that the section promotes and organises. In order to promote the whole concept of VCC motorcycling in general at a section committee meeting the idea was floated of making available the VCC Canterbury Branch's motorcycling list of events. It was thought that this could be made available to the editor of the branch bulletin of the VCC branches surrounding and close to the Canterbury Branch for inclusion in your branch bulletin. Yes, we could just pass to you the list at the beginning of the year, but we want to do more. Every month, at the section committee meeting, events for the next two to three months are sorted, organised, and entry forms with relevant information set in place. We would like to send to your bulletin editor direct, or via your Club email, the list each month for the next 2 - 3 months out for inclusion in your Club bulletin or newsletter. We already have the occasional motorcyclist riding up from Ashburton, Timaru or wherever to enter and take part in our events, so we thought it might be advantageous to put a bit more information "out there" to encourage our fellow motorcyclists that the ride to Christchurch might be quite worthwhile. Hopefully your Branch will take this on board and accept the offer to receive this information - can you please come back to me on this? Also, please advise the name and email address of the editor of your VCC Branch newsletter or club bulletin. Thanking you in anticipation, Chris Leith Motorcycle Section Scribe for "The Hub" - VCC Canterbury Bulletin.

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For Sale/ Wanted ads Keep those ads coming. Remember these ads are read by members of other branches and car clubs.

Items for the Newsletter can be posted or dropped off to 6 Waiareka lane, off Saleyards road Or emailed to gsimpsonyyy@gmail.com

Newsletter submissions. Preferred formats are Open-office, Libre-office or MS Word as an attached document. Plain emails create extra work. Please, no “enter� key at the end of every line. Contact me for advice if not sure. Thanks, Graeme




Patron Chairman

Peter Fulton


Vice Chairman

Lynette Newall


Immediate Past Chairman

Gilbert Ellery


Club Captain

Derek Brehaut

021 390518


Kathleen Perry



Clive Blunden



Jim Boaden


Neil Rooney


Murray Frew


Beaded Wheels Scribe

Derek Brehaut

021 390518


Jim Boaden



Robert Hutton (Mandy)

437 0774


Kathleen Perry


Newsletter Editor

Graeme Simpson (Wendy) gsimpsonyyy@gmail.com

4348285 0272931059

Vehicle Verifier

Peter Fulton


Spare Parts

Jim Boaden


Ralph Weir


Newsletter Distribution

Club email address northotago@vcc.org.nz rd Committee Meetings 3 Wednesday of the month., Club Nights 1st Wednesday of the month (details in The Distributor)

Street Party, Harbour street, Oamaru

Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

North Ogato VCC - April 2020  

North Ogato VCC - April 2020