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“Dripfeed” NEWSLETTER OF THE BANKS PENINSULA BRANCH OF THE VINTAGE CAR CLUB OF New Zealand (INC) VOLUME 42, No 4 may, 2019 Editor: Michael Williams 10 Selwyn Parade Lyttelton Ph 328 8043, email

Chairman: Secretary:

Club Officers: Craig Keenan 322 1006 Ron Hasell 942 1105

Branch Address: 27 Showgate Ave, ChCh 8042 E-mail: Noggin & Natter: 2nd Thursday of the Month • •

Noggin 7.30 pm at the Papanui RSA. Upham Room – enter either from 55 Bellvue Ave or the first entrance on the left on Harewood Road (Papanui / Main North Road) Thursday 9th of May We look forward to seeing you there. Supper is provided.

From the Editor: An exceptionally brief offering this month, given that the April edition was only two weeks ago and nothing of any motoring significance has happened since. My normally reliable sources of slanderous gossip have had nothing to offer me, so the cupboard is bare. Mike Crehan, retired gent from Mapua, is one of those reliable sources, and he recently showed a rare display of taste and common sense. The latest Beaded Wheels had an ad for a Citroen Light 15, and young Mike actually rang me to see if I knew anything about it, as he was contemplating taking it for a test drive. Mike does have another French car, a Delage in fact, that supposedly won the 1933 Inter Village Baguette Relay or something, so he does have one redeeming grace, but it doesn’t go, so clearly he has realised that the innovation and flair inherent in every Traction is a desirable motoring commodity. And a car that goes is always an advantage. Talking of redeeming graces does not usually bring garrulous Gazza, aka Garry Moore to mind, but he often responds to Dripfeed which proves that he does actually read it. Editors are very susceptible to even the faintest of praise. In the April Dripfeed I mentioned that Garry, along with many other much more distinguished members would be receiving 50 and 60 year awards later in the year. I also mentioned that Garry had become a hard core cyclist with flabby thighs. This casual aside brought to the surface Garry’s barely suppressed vanity gene, and he has challenged me, and any others who

wish to compete, to a down trou at the awards ceremony to see who has the flabbiest thighs. The judging criteria has yet to be established, let alone someone who would be brave enough to be a judge. Are there no standards, I hear you ask. But could this be a cheap publicity stunt that kicks off a new mayoral campaign? Lianne Dalzell should be very worried. Remember you heard it here first....

Coming Events. Annual General Meeting, Thursday 9th of May, 7.30 Papanui RSA. Please come along and tell the committee what a fabulous job they are doing. We are looking for new committee members, so any volunteers will be welcome. You can be appointed in your absence, so don’t think that staying away lets you off the hook. We hope to find someone under the age of 50. Morris Wright or the Dawber boys seem ideal candidates. A sumptuous supper will be provided.

Hadstock, 26th of May (note the new date) Starts at 9.30am Our annual gymkhana is always huge fun , and another key event in the calendar. Competition for “The Cynthia”, our most glamorous trophy is always intense. Brad Govan in the Austin 7 Hawke won last year, but he does tend to have an attack of red mist, so the result is by no means a foregone conclusion. Maybe this is the year that an A7 won’t win. John Chamberlain, our genial host usually arrives with his extended family and an assortment of large and friendly dogs, not to mention a rare and exotic car that’s been lurking in one of the Hadstock barns for decades. It’s worth going just for that alone. We try to make it easy, so everyone gets two attempts at each course. To get there, turn into the Leeston Road from Springston, then right into Bethels Road just before the Selwyn bridge. Proceed to the heart of Chamberlain country and after 2 ks turn left into the paddock by the VCC sign.

Irishman Creek Rally, Queens Birthday Weekend, 1st, 2nd, 3rd of June. Starting in Fairlie, so book now.

Night Trial, Saturday 15th of June. To be set by the not usually devious Michael Pidgeon. It’s been suggested that we use the same trial as last year, as there was such thick fog that none of us had a clue where we were or where we had been, so to do it again on a clear night would save Michael a lot of trouble. Let’s hope that Vaughan Morrison and Morris Wright have all their lights working this year. Bring a torch.

Past Events: None.

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Banks Peninsular VCC - May 2019  

Banks Peninsular VCC - May 2019