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March 2019

BRANCH of the VINTAGE CAR CLUB of NZ (Inc) Lamb Country Branch Email: Contributions should be emailed to the Editor no later than (25th of each month)

Club Nights

7.30pm 3rd Wednesday of every Month

Ford Zephyr Convertible (Mark I) restoration written by Pip and Jenny Halford. Postal Address It all started with a phone call back in 1981. Don McLeod, who was studying at Massey University in Palmerston North, rang and asked me if I had ever owned a Zephyr convertible. He had traced me from the ownership papers which he had. I had been the sixth owner. I had bought the car from a car Ford Zephyr Convertible Mark 1 yard in Wanganui for six hundred and fifty pounds back in March 1960. He told me that he had found it in a backyard in Hamilton, his home town. He wanted to know what colour it was originally, as it had been repainted a number of times after I sold it in 1962, in Auckland. I had one colour slide of the convertible, most photos in those days being black and white. After making initial contact I heard nothing further from him until June 1985, when I received a letter saying that he was going overseas and would I be interested in buying it. So eventually we set off for Hamilton to see what it was like, as I had sold it in top condition - whitewalls, white strip down the side, two skite sticks etc etc. Don took us out to a hay barn on his girlfriend’s parents farm. After chasing the pig out of the shed, there it was, “what a mess” Painted a dark green, with no sills, no rear guards, no motor, and wiring all over the place. ‘It is restorable’ he said. To a farm boy it looked like a bloody mess, but I had to buy it didn’t I. Twelve hundred dollars, from memory. He had made up new back guards and floor panels for the car though.

C/-73 Porangahau Road Waipukurau, 4200 NOMINATED POSITIONS CHAIRMAN Lynn Cross 06 858 9814 SECRETARY Ken Lyons 06 858 8093

TREASURER Kaye Carswell 06 856 9777 CLUB CAPTAIN Rod McKenzie 06 858 9562 COMMITTEE John Foot V.I.C. (I.D. Card) Coordinator 06 858 8301 Peter McCool 06 856 8087 Barry Smales 06 858 9956 Ruth Parker 06 858 5411 PUBLICITY OFFICER Sandra Cross 06 858 9814 EDITOR Joyce Calder 022 166 1403

The Convertible – Early 1960’s

Ford Zephyr Convertible (Mark I) restoration—written by Pip and Jenny Halford. The first attempt to bring it home ended in Napier, as the Napier-Taupo road was closed. Next weekend it was on the trailer and heading back home. I remember getting petrol in Hastings, where the attendant took one look and said “you like a challenge don’t you”.

As Rediscovered – Early 1980’s

So then it was down to work buying an old Mk 1 sedan for parts, stripping the body down to nothing, rolling it onto its side, cutting rust out of the chassis etc, and buying a motor, gearbox and other parts. I managed to get a local panel beater to work on it on Saturdays. Finally after four years of frustration, some joy and lots of night work, it all came together and it was back on the road in January 1990.

After catching the restoring bug a Mk 2 Zephyr sedan was next, not such a big job as it had a good body. Last year with the Mk 1’s paint looking tired, it was stripped back to bare metal and repainted. I am now helping my son with his car. Waiting is a 1966 Ducati 100 motor bike (first farm bike) and a Series 1 Land Rover. I’ll have to live to be a150!

The 1969 GAZ cajka — Made in Russia — written by Rod McKenzie The cajka, which means gull, is a luxury automobile from the Soviet Union made by GAZ in 1969. The Mk 1 Chaika, the GAZ M13, debuted in 1958 and was produced from 1959 until 1981 with a total of 3179 being built in all. The M13 was powered by a 195 HP [SAE Gross] 5.5 litre V8 engine and drove through a push-button automatic transmission of a similar design to the Chrysler Torque-Flite unit. There were a number of body styles which included the saloon [GAZ 13A], the limousine [GAZ 13A], and the four door cabriolet [GAZ 13B] with an electro hydraulic top. The cabriolet was made in 1961 and 1962 for official parades. This example was photographed at the Gosford Classic Car Museum in Australia recently.

WANTED TO BUY I’m on the lookout for a pair of steel rims. One of mine is buckled, so if I can get the identical type I only need one. If they are different but still fit, I would need a pair. They are for my trailer so they don’t have to look flash. The rim details are 13” dia. PCD 4 x 4” (4 stud, stud spacing 4”not 100mm) Centre hole 65mm dia. The ones that are on the trailer are from an 2 Austin A40 (not sure of the model) Please contact Brian Connor 027 488 5019.

Monday 18th March Just a heads up for those available on Monday afternoon18th March at 1.30pm Lynn Cross has arranged with Pakeke Centre at 69 Porangahau Road, Waipukurau, for us to provide a community service by taking some of the Seniors for a short drive in our vintage cars. Same sort of thing as Woburn last week. Probably about 6 to 8 cars would do, some of the Seniors will not go due to mobility difficulties. We have been invited to stay for afternoon tea when we return from the drive. Please let me know if you can help out. My contact number is 06 858 9814 or

Wednesday 20th March 2019 – Club Dinner and Meeting To be held at the Tikokino Country Hotel, 388 State Highway 50, Tikokino. Arrive for refreshments from 6.00pm Meal 6.30pm followed by the Meeting at 7.30pm. Summer Buffet & Sweets $25.00 per person If you have any dietary needs, please say when you are booking your meal. Please contact Barry Smales 858 9956 or by Sunday 17th March with numbers attending. Barry is required to forward numbers to the restaurant a few days before to ensure we receive the service we require. PLEASE NOTE: Due to catering considerations, catering company policy the CHBVCC branch will make payment for any late dinner cancellations or no shows, then an invoice will be sent to the member/members concerned.

Lynn Cross CHB Branch Chairman.

Sunday 24th March 2019—Club Run—organised by Bernard and Chris Murphy A LITTLE BIT of COUNTRY, A LITTLE BIT of TOWN, A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY AND A LITTLE BIT of SHOPPING We will start the day at the Silky Oak Chocolate Factory , Links Road, Waiohiki. Please make your own way there at your leisure for coffee, and a look in the shops “if you want to". Please be ready for a 10.30am start. For lunch you will need to bring a picnic and a chair. — Tea and coffee will be supplied.




Events Calendar

Other District's Events

Date Monday 11th

North Island Club Captain's Tour passes through CHB

Date 7th to 13th

North Island Club Captain's tour.

Mon 18th

Committee meeting

2nd March

Manawatu Ruahine Ramble.

Wed 20th Branch Dinner and Meeting


Taupo Rally [part of Club Capt's Tour]

Sunday 24th

Murphy's run to Napier.

29th to 31st

Model T Club Rally in CHB

Cross's Church visit

19th to 22nd

Easter Rally South Island

Sunday 14th

Wed 15th Branch Dinner and Meeting


Sat 4th

Twilight rally [Bruce Poole and other helpers] 4th May Manawatu Post-Vintage Rally

Wed 15th Branch Dinner and Meeting


Wed 19th Branch Dinner and Meeting TBA

Nothing arranged yet



Nothing arranged yet



Nothing arranged yet



Nothing arranged yet

The Triumph TR2 The original TR2, built from 1953 to 1955, set all the standards for later versions of these cars, which were retained. Harry Webster's engineers produced a remarkable chassis, Walter Belgrove's body designers offered a smart semi-traditional sports car style (complete with removable side curtains and cutaway doors), while Ken Richardson's diligence helped sort out every development problem. The heart of the car was the extremely robust 90bhp/1,991cc engine, which had easily removable 'wet' cylinder liners, and was closely related to engines used in the Standard Vanguard and, indeed, in the current Ferguson tractor. Body shells were produced by Mulliners in Birmingham, and final assembly was at Standard-Triumph's Canley plant. As expected, most TRs were always sold in the North American market, where the optional laycock overdrive, and centre-lock wire wheels, were always popular. Changes to the body structure, which resulted in the original full-depth passenger doors being changed to a 'short door' layout, came late in 1954, while a removable hardtop option became 4 more and more popular.

NORTH ISLAND CLUB CAPTAIN’S TOUR For those of you who are intending to take part in daily sections of the tour and HAVE NOT ALREADY ENTERED please note the following: Day 4 Sunday 10th of March Taupo to Napier: You can either join this days tour from Taupo or the Tarawera Cafe. If you are joining at the Tarawera Cafe you would need to be there by 9.30am. .(Waipukurau to Tarawera approx. 141Km 2 hours). The lunch is being catered for us by the Tutira School and there is a cost of $12.00 per person. The evening meal is being catered by the Hawke’s Bay Branch at their clubrooms with a cost of $20.00 per person. Day 5 Monday 11th of March Napier to Waipukurau: You can join today’s section at the Rose and Shamrock hotel corner of Porter Drive and Napier Road Havelock North at 10.00am. Today is a B.Y.O. lunch with the evening dinner being catered by the Waipukurau Bowling Club, Mount Herbert Road at a cost of $25.00 per person. Day 6 Tuesday 12th March Waipukurau to Palmerston North: Join today’s section at the rear of Thornton Lodge Motel Takapau Road at 9.30am. Today’s lunch is being catered by Totara College at Dannevirke at a cost of $14.00 per person and we are expected at approx 12.00 o’clock. The Manawatu Branch will take over from here to Palmerston North and they are also catering the evening meal at their clubrooms in Kelvin Grove Road at a cost of $25.00 per person. Please note: All evening meals and lunches need to be prepaid and I have volunteered to do this for the North Island Club Captain. Please make Cheques payable to J Smylie For booking and payments post cheques and dietary needs to: John & Shirley Foot 3 Fergusson Avenue Waipukurau 4200 NO LATER THAN 11TH FEBRUARY 2019 Sunday 10th March Lunch at Tutira Evening meal at the HB Branch Clubrooms

$12.00 per person $20.00 per person

Monday 11th March Evening Meal in Waipukurau

$25.00 per person

Tuesday 12th March Lunch in Dannevirke Evening Meal in Palmerston North

$14.00 per person $25-00 per person

Regards John Foot, my Contact Details: 06 858 8301 or


Chairman's Report The month of February has hurried through and along the way we’ve had a very successful shed visit organised by Wayne McDonagh. A great turn out of our local numbers was bolstered by about half a dozen cars from over the other side which Glyn Clements had organised, combining their sports car run with our function. Art Deco went off great as Art Deco does. A good number of our members participated and looks like the Fords were about the only cars that gave no trouble. Michael and Vicky Harding had a serious problem with their Sunbeam while Bruce Poole and I had battery problems.

Lynn Cross has a fetish for early Bedford Trucks

Bring on the LED bulbs. Currently I am going down this route with the Auburn. The monthly meeting was held at the Waipukurau Club, a good venue with good catering. The Club Captain’s tour will overnight in Waipukurau on 11th March and will be catered for by the Waipukurau Bowling Club. An expected number of nearly eighty will put their catering to the test and we may consider this as an alternative venue. Unfortunately it is not available on Wednesdays and would involve a change of night for such occasions. Having recently been to Woburn Rest Home and given pleasure to some of the residents by giving them a cruise in our cars, we are now going to do the same for clients of the Pakeke Centre. It is a few years since we last did this. We’d like a few cars, preferably easy for old people to access at 1.30 pm on the 18th March. Smoko to follow. The AGM is not far away and members should consider putting themselves forward for election to the committee. Some of the current committee have indicated their intention to stand down and it is important that new blood comes on each year. To paraphrase John F Kennedy, “Ask not what the Club can do for you – ask what you can do for the Club”. Keep your warrant of fitness up to date, and that includes your cars.

Lynn Cross CHB Branch Chairman 6

All dressed for the occasion Young sailor chatting to Lynn Cross

Rod’s Rattling's Wayne and Linda McDonagh hosted members to their home following a very successful visit to four sheds, including theirs [and ours], on Sunday 12th February. Around 30 vehicles fronted up and the folk enjoyed a visit to members’ sheds and gardens. I spoke to those interested about my collection of New Zealand number plates when the entourage called by, enlightening some with a minor automotive history lesson. Thanks to all the hosts of the day. On Wednesday 13th February, 10 cars fronted up at Woburn Rest Home and gave a few of the residents there a taste of motoring from the days when they were kids [or even perhaps their parents for that matter]. Seton Thomsen turned up in their 1972 Mini delighting the lady who had owned it from new, and who is now resident at the home. A good number of our branch members attended the “ART DECO” weekend in Napier on 15 th to 17th February and were amazed at the throngs of people in Emerson St during the parade of around 350 vintage cars. Coming up over the next few weeks is the “North Island Club Captain’s Tour”, which has been well publicised, however, if you want to be involved [and fed], you should be getting in touch with John Foot pronto. Later in the month of March, Chris and Bernard Murphy are arranging something of interest for us all. We are both off to the South Island this weekend [22 nd to 24th] to attend the annual Model T Ford Club of NZ rally being held this year in Nelson. We hope the fires have subsided by then! And following an extended tour of the lower South Island with a visit to Richardsons’ truck museum, we join with a few of our old car owning friends to tour to D’Urville Island in the Marlborough Sounds. We shall return in time for the March Club meeting. And speaking of Model T’s, John and Margaret Cleland have arranged a run for Ford T’s here in CHB for the last weekend of March. If the weather holds, it will be another fabulous weekend of motoring as several cars are entered from all over the North Island. Cross’s are looking forward to taking us all to church in early April. This is a rather neat venue they are arranging for us to visit, so pack up your lunch and come along.

Rod McKenzie CHB Branch Club Captain

Rod McKenzie, (Branch Club Captain) Scarlett McKenzie, Sandra Cross, and Lynn 7 Cross (Branch Chairman) looking rather debonair for the 2019 Art Deco event

Sunday 10thFebruary—CHB VCC Shed Run—written by Gary Weaver. On Sunday 10th February at 12.45pm 32 cars and 64 people assembled at Tavistock Place for a Shed Run organised by Wayne McDonagh.

Gary Weaver explains to our Secretary, Ken Lyons, the workings of the small V8 in Iain Gollan's 1964 Daimler.

Wayne’s Shed and his Chev’s

Our first visit was to Ian and Eva Gollans place at Fergusson Ave. There on display was a Daimler 250 V8, a Landrover powered by a 6 cylinder Holden motor and a Falcon XR6 Ute. Ian spoke about the history of the Daimler versus Jaguar saga and how Jaguar took over the Daimler V8. Then on to Rod and Scarlett McKenzie’s at Francis Drake St. On display was a Model T, Model A and Model “ H”. Not sure what it was all about. Rod and Scarlett have owned Fords for years, now they have gone to the “dark side “ with a 1988 Holden Berlina. Rod gave a very interesting talk on his collection of NZ number plates. He “pointed out “ the plates of special interest and explained what locality they were issued to and for what vehicle. Not much Rod doesn’t know about number plates! Also on display was a map of NZ fabricated from Number plates, well made by Rod ! Then on to Neil and Carol Sloan’s place at Mt Herbert Rd. A brilliant line up of cars on display, not all Neil’s. He had invited friends to display their cars also. On display were two late model Jaguars, a Porsche Carrera, a Daimler 250 V8, a Valiant Charger,a Holden Statesman, a late model Holden Monaro, and a Triumph Stag. Neils 1960’s Jaguar 2.4 Manual was on display and is for sale if you are looking for a new project.

Rod McKenzie giving a history lesson on NZ car number plates

From there and up the road to Wayne and Linda McDonagh home on Mangatarata Rd where we were treated to an excellent afternoon tea. On display there was Wayne and Linda’s immaculate Chev Impala and Chevy pickup, complete with shotgun in the back window area. Also on display was a Ford Escort race car and a TVR from the Kelly’s next door. Thanks to Wayne for organising the run and Linda for the wonderful afternoon tea. A short run that was enjoyed by all !

Steel's Vintage Essex from Otane joined in on the "Shed Raid".

Rex and Pam Ellmers late 1970's Mitsubishi was out for the first time with the branch on the "Shed Raid".

“When I was a teenager this is Laurie and Gloria Malcolmson arrived at the "Shed how it was” Raid" in their 1965 Vauxhall Velox 3.3, quite a rare 8 !!! car these days

Waipukurau ART DECO weekend

written by John Foot

The Waipukurau Information Centre requested that we supply some cars for display on Saturday 16th February when the Art Deco Railcar came to town. We had three cars on display from 10.00am until 4.00pm and my thanks goes to Jim Spicer and Rex Ellmers for the supply of their cars for this event.

Rex Ellmers 1939 Desoto

Jim Spicer 1946 Vauxhall and John Foot 1985 Nissan

Restored RM31 Railcar at Waipukurau

To whom it may concern We would like to pass on our sincere thanks to the members of your club that provided us with Vintage Cars at the Railway Station on Saturday 16th February 2019. The Art Deco passengers really enjoyed this, as did a number of locals and visitors that were passing through. We had a lovely day here and really appreciate the effort it took for your members to bring the vehicles down and have them looking exceptional. Once again, sincere thanks to you all.


Warm regards, Angela Doody CHB Visitor Information Centre.

Napier ART DECO weekend 2019 -- CHB Branch members and their cars looking amazing

Gavin and Vivienne Harris in their 1918 Ford T "Buttercup" which finished up leading the parade when the lead car packed up a short distance from the start.

Graham and Heather Cheer at Art Deco parade in their 1928 Ford Model A tourer

Geoff and Diane Quarrie in their Studebaker.

Rod and Scarlett McKenzie at Art Deco with their Ford Mode T

Bruce Poole with his friend John Hastilow from Christchurch in the 1930 Chrysler 77 Roadster pass by the Masonic Hotel.

Neil and Pat Malcolm in their 1929Ford A Tudor 10

ART DECO weekend 2019- - - CHB Branch members and their cars looking amazing

Bill and Janet Rendle in their 1937 .Hudson. The Rendle family being presented with a certificate for winning the best dressed family prize. “Congratulations�

Rod and Carol Naylor in their 1926 Dodge roadster.

Paul and Judy Jensen in their 1930 Ford Model A Tudor. Several of the featured veteran cars parked up at "Clive Grange" where we had lunch on the Friday Rally. Includes Rod McKenzie's 1913 Ford T

Tony Prebensen's 1903 Holley


ART DECO weekend 2019 -- -General Photo’s

Chilean family on holiday


NATIONAL VETERAN RALLY TIMARU 18-19-20 October 2019 FOR ALL VEHICLES OVER 100 YEARS OLD Entry forms will be available from 1st June 2019 Please register your interest to: Rally Director: Alistair Day – phone 03 688 6108 Rally Secretary: Pauline Young – phone 03 686 1833 or Email:

The first National Veteran Rally was hosted by the South Canterbury Branch in 1975. “This year South Canterbury will again be your host”. Cars, Motorcycles and Trucks, all over 100 years old, will meet in Timaru as a celebration of over a century of motoring. The rally will be held on scenic gentle country roads with low traffic in the South Canterbury region, especially suitable for vehicles with single and two cylinder engines.

Make a holiday of it and enjoy a range of things to do. Make your accommodation and travel bookings “NOW” Members of the VCC of NZ, have the privilege of special Ferry prices Just quote your membership number. This is the weekend after the Canterbury Branch’s McLean's Island Swapmeet. The week of the Prince Henry Tour, and the weekend before the South Canterbury Branch Mt Cook Rally. (free entry to Veteran Rally entrants)


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Central Hawkes Bay VCC - March 2019  

Central Hawkes Bay VCC - March 2019