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February 2020

CENTRAL HAWKE’S BAY BRANCH of the VINTAGE CAR CLUB of NZ (Inc) Lamb Country Branch Email: centralhawkesbay@vcc.org.nz

Contributions to the BLEAT should be emailed to the Editor no later than (25th of each month) joycecalder@gmail.com

Club Nights

7.30pm 3rd Wednesday of every Month

Vintage cars are making a comeback—BY THOMAS FALKINER 27 December 2019

Postal Address

of automotive electrification and autonomy, the classic car has become something of an antidote to the over-insulated products of the modern age, a sweet throwback to a time when the motor vehicle was more than just an expensive extension of our Smartphone's.

CHAIRMAN Lynn Cross secross@xtra.co.nz 06 858 9814

C/-73 Porangahau Road Everything old is new again. This is most certainly the case for car manufactur- Waipukurau, 4200 ers who have realised the value of embracing the past. In these fanciful days NOMINATED POSITIONS

SECRETARY Ken Lyons Ken.lyons@xtra.co.nz The interest in older cars seems to 06 858 8093

stem from our ever increasing appetite for nostalgia. Like watching an episode of Stranger Things, driving a classic car feeds our unexplained wistfulness for eras that sometimes ironically, we may have never even fully experienced or lived through. Long throw manual gearboxes, a lack of driver aids, and engines that voice their intent without the help of artificial sound symposers. These are just some of the many lo-fi features that make owning a classic car so appealing.

TREASURER Kaye Carswell wpkmotors@gmail.com 021 124 3620 CLUB CAPTAIN Rod McKenzie rod.mckenzie.wpk@xtra.co.nz 06 858 9562

COMMITTEE Bruce Poole And this appeal is why manufacturers like Porsche have set up dedicated busibrucepoole1930@gmail.com ness divisions to better cater to the desires of vintage enthusiasts. Porsche 06 858 9940

Classic has become an aftermarket force to be reckoned with, thanks to its ever-growing catalogue of parts, currently 52 000 listed, designed to renew and revive older models still in use today (interesting fact, over 70% of all Porsches ever made are still on the road).

Gary Weaver janetmweaver@gmail.com 06 858 9908

Iain and Eva Gollan nga-oki@xtra.co.nz Whether you drive a 356, 924 or an evergreen 911, you can find almost any- 06 858 9105

thing you need to fix or flatter your beloved ride. Porsche also offers specialised servicing tailored specifically towards older vehicles. Certain Porsche Centres have a Porsche Classic Partner wing attached to them. This means mechanics are equipped with the know how and tools to perform anything from a mi-

Ruth Parker brparkrz@xtra.co.nz 06 858 5411 John Foot V.I.C. (I.D. Card) Coordinator jsfoot@xtra.co.nz 06 858 8301

1956 Porsche 356A Carrera GS Coupe

PUBLICITY/WELFARE OFFICER Sandra Cross secross@xtra.co.nz 06 858 9814

Vintage cars are making a comeback—BY THOMAS FALKINER 27 December 2019 Although not yet operating on the same scale as Porsche (at least not in SA), Mercedes-Benz also has an impressive classic division that offers similar parts availability, with 50 000 currently listed in its inventory (and more being added regularly), owning a vintage Mercedes-Benz model comes with comparable peace of mind. The company is also using advanced technologies such as 3D printing to help remake parts for which the original factory tooling no longer exists or has been misplaced. Even things like seat upholstery are catered for, Mercedes-Benz recently announced that the distinctive chequered seat fabric for the iconic 300 SL Gull wing sports car will be reproduced by the original supplier, according to its original specification. Quite a thing when you consider that, on the other side of the spectrum, this famed Stuttgart marque is busy fettling the Mercedes-AMG ONE all-electric hyper car. Back on our shores, BMW has been busy rebuilding and preserving some of its uniquely South African models, cars built and only made available in our market. A few years ago, the Rosslyn based plant restored to working condition a 333i (basically a home grown alternative to the first M3) and the 325is iconic machines among local motoring enthusiasts. Its latest restoration project is an ultra rare 530 MLE a limited edition “homologation� racing special that achieved enviable success in our then premier Modified Production Car series between 1976 and 1985. Currently being assembled by those who worked on the original race cars back in the day, the restored model is set to be unveiled later this year. Along with other classic BMWs, you can expect to see this onceproud race-winner displayed at select motoring events soon. Indeed, forging a new future is important but so is preserving the past. Especially when it comes to these beautiful, steely boxes of nostalgia that will hopefully keep delivering dreams for generations to come.


Sunday 9th February 2020—Shed Raid around Waipukurau—organisers—Wayne and Geoff Please assemble in Tavistock place at 1.00pm for shed raid instructions.

We are visiting 5 very interesting sheds in and around Waipukurau. The run is approx 25km Please bring a cup and a chair for afternoon tea at our last call.

Wednesday 19th February 2020—Club Dinner and Meeting To be held at Oruawharo Homestead, 379 Oruawharo Road, Takapau Arrive for refreshments from 6.00pm—Meal at 6.30pm followed by the Meeting at 7.30pm Main & Dessert—$30.00 per person. Please pay on arrival. Eftpos available.


Herd Encrusted Roast Lamb—or—Stuffed Chicken Breast. Gourmet Potatoes. Seasonal Vegetables. Green Salad served in a bowl on each table.


Pavlova with Cream and Fruit Salad

Tea and Coffee

If you have any dietary needs, please advise when you book your meal.

Please contact Eva Gollan 06 858 9105 or nga-oki@xtra.co.nz by Sunday 16th February 2020. Eva is required to forward food orders and numbers attending to the restaurant a few days before. PLEASE NOTE: The CHBVCC branch will make payment for any late dinner cancellations or no shows, then an invoice will be sent to the member/members concerned. Lynn Cross CHB Branch Chairman. 3

1931 Hawkes Bay Earthquake—Tragedy to Treasure A massive earthquake. 7.9 on the richter scale, ravaged the Hawke’s Bay region on 3rd February 1931 at 10.47am. This horrific natural disaster is still classed as the most tragic disaster in New Zealand. Centred 15km north of Napier, and lasted for two and a half minutes. The death toll included 161 people in Napier, 93 in Hastings, and 2 in Wairoa. Thousands more were injured, with over 400 hospitalised. Fires subsequently engulfed the stricken areas, leaving only a few recently built reinforced concrete buildings standing. Although its wooden housing stock was relatively undamaged, Napier/Hastings as functioning towns had ceased to exist. The fires began in chemist shops where gas jets were in close proximity to flammable liquids. One hour after the earthquake the fires were spreading rapidly. In Napier, the water supply was lost and there was little that firemen could do. In Hastings the water supply remained intact so the fires were contained. The Royal New Zealand Navy played a significant role in the aftermath of the quake. HMS Veronica was moored at West Quay and immediately assisted the stricken people of Napier. HMS Dunedin and HMS Diomede left Auckland with medical sup- Comparison map of the extent of Ahuriri plies and personnel at 3.00pm that day and arrived in Napier port at Lagoon before left and after right the 1931 8.30am on Wednesday. People afraid to enter their homes camped in Hawke's Bay earthquake their gardens, on the road-sides, in Nelson Park and on the Marine Parade Beach. Interestingly the Napier area tilted upwards, a maximum of 7 feet, just over 2 metres and 2230 hectares (5575 acres) were raised to sea level. Since then, apparently, the area has continued to creep up at the rate of 1cm per year, so that it is now 60cms (or two feet) above sea level. Aftershocks continued to shake Hawke's Bay frequently until July 1931, where the average aftershock occurrence dropped to less than one daily. Aftershocks continued for several years, with the last major jolt shaking the Bay in April 1934. The government quickly realised that the Napier borough council at the time would be overwhelmed with organising the rebuild and appointed two commissioners for this task, John Barton and Lachlan Bain Campbell. When the commissioners were due to leave in May 1933, they were petitioned to stay, and Barton was invited to stand for the mayoralty, which he declined. The earthquake prompted a thorough review of New Zealand building codes which were found to be totally inadequate. Many buildings built during the 1930s and 1940s are heavily reinforced, although more recent research has developed other strengthening techniques. Building regulations established as a result of this event mean to this day, there are only four buildings in Hawke's Bay taller than five storeys, most of the region's rebuilding took place in the 1930s at a time when Art Deco was very fashionable. Napier was almost rebuilt within two years of the disaster. The Napier Art Deco Trust was established in 1985 to promote and preserve what is now recognised as a world-class collection of Art Deco architecture. The annual highlight is the Art Deco Weekend held on the third weekend of February when the town turns back the clock and dresses in Art Deco’s finest. Vintage vehicles and planes, picnics and jazz concerts, parades and dancing in the street, good food and wine are some of more than 100 events that help celebrate Napier's unique heritage.


FEBRUARY 19th—23rd-2020-ART DECO WEEKEND A SPECIAL INVITATION FROM HB VCC Come to Napier to join the HB VCC for Art Deco Weekend 2020 from February 19th—23rd Kindly sponsored again this year by Euro City Ltd In 2020 the Featured Group will be an A-Z of Motor Vehicles. We are aiming to have a motor vehicle representing each letter of the alphabet. This may be a make or model. There will be a mixture of cars, commercials and motorcycles. Also we expect a mix of veterans, vintage and PV’s manufactured in UK, Europe and USA. We currently have several cars coming in 2020 that have not been to an Art Deco Weekend before. These include NZ’s second Duesenberg, our first L29 Cord, and a Stutz to name a few. We are still looking for a “Napier” vehicle to represent the letter “N”. I am also trying to find the owner of the Willys Knight roadster circa 1929-31 era that has the unusual paint design on the doors. We would also like to get leads on vehicles or vehicle models starting with letters Q, U, X, Y, Z. Please email any leads or ideas to stevetrott@xtra.co.nz asap. For 2020 the annual rally is again on Friday and we plan to have a touring run plus a picnic lunch at a great lunch venue. On Saturday we will have the morning tea and car show and popular choice at the HB VCC clubrooms, followed by the grand parade. Sunday events include a breakfast surprise at the HB VCC Clubrooms and the Gatsby picnic in the afternoon. There are many other Art Deco Weekend events to choose from on Friday and Saturday nights. Come and join the other 180 plus club eligible vehicles we expect to enter in the 2020 event. Go to the HB VCC website for an Entry Form. (www.hbvcc.org.nz). Entry forms for 2020 are available now. Accommodation in Napier is already filling up for the Art Deco Weekend so book now to avoid disappointment. We suggest you plan to arrive in Napier on Thursday 20 th so you can attend the Dinner at the HB VCC Clubrooms that evening. We have prizes for the best dressed couples again this year. Contacts:


stevetrott@xtra.co.nz stevedon@xtra.co.nz 5

Hawke’s Bay Branch On Sunday 10th May 2020, the HB Branch

Proudly presents Back to Basics Swap Meet Meeanee Speedway Pit area 7 Sandy Road, Meeanee       

New and Used Automotive Parts. Automotive Memorabilia + Collectables. Models, Books + Brochures. Car Corral for the sale of cars—$20.00 at the Meeanee Speedway pits. Sellers to set up at 7.00am. Public Entry 8.00am—entry $10 00per person. Site $20.00, includes one person. For any enquiries Please Phone Steve Donovan on 027 217 7730 Or contact HBVCC at www.hbvcc.org.nz

MANAWATU BRANCH RUAHINE RAMBLE RALLY Saturday 7th March 2020 For vehicles from all VCC vehicle classification categories 6ENTRIES CLOSE—Thursday 27th February 2020


Events Calendar Date


Sun 9th

Other District's Events Date

Shed raid around Waipukurau-organiserWayne and Geoff 8th 9th

Leadfoot Festival, 280 Link Road, Hahei, 3591

11th-16th Model T Club Rally in Gisborne Wed 19th Branch Dinner and Meeting Venue TBA

14th-16th Gisborne—Three Rivers Rally 19th 23rd Art Deco Napier


Sun 15th

Joyce and Gary’s run to an interesting shed near Pakowhai

Wed 18th Branch Dinner and Meeting Venue TBA


Sat 4th

Takapau: National ploughing match /car display


Wheels on Windsor Hastings

Sat 14th 13-1415th

Horowhenua Swap Meet Levin


Nth Island Easter Rally Horowhenua


Highland Fling Taihape Vintage & Veteran Only

Taupo "Country Roads" Rally

Wed 15th Branch Dinner and Meeting: Venue TBA



Farm visit. Neil and Pat Malcolm.

Sat 9th

Twilight Run? Organisers Bruce Poole and Mya Wairau 10th

Back-to-Basics" Swap meeting Meeanee

Wed 20th Branch Dinner and Meeting: Venue TBA


Wed 17th Branch AGM. Dinner, meeting. Venue TBA TBA

John and Shirley Foot, Run to Pongaroa

International Rally—Taranaki—January 21st—2021 7 see www.historicmotoring.co.nz for details

Chairman's Report The month started with members’ cars from Central Hawke’s Bay and Dannevirke in Taihape for the annual New Year’s Day Gumboot Rally. Their format has changed over the last two years to put less emphasis on skill and observation and more on “luck of the draw” cardwise and the flip of a coin. No problem with that, and some of us still come home with minor prizes. Notably, Bruce Poole didn’t win the raffle for once. A good time was had by all attending. On Monday the 13th our Management Committee meeting was held and everything is rosy within the Branch, the only matter of concern being a few members with subscriptions overdue. One of these appears to be a clerical error. On Wednesday, the 15th our monthly dinner meeting was held at yet another new venue, that being Riverside Park at Tamamu, formerly the headquarters of the CHB Motor Cycle Club and now upgraded to be called an events centre. It suited our purpose very well but has the potential to be cold if the weather is unkind. However, the 47 diners felt well catered for and enjoyed the place. Sunday the 26th saw a clash between the Dannevirke Wheels with Attitude show (which about eight cars attended) and our monthly run organised by Iain and Eva Gollan. This turned into a big day for the nineteen or so cars attending and required hydration at a country pub. The AGM is only a few months away and my position as Chairman is compulsorily ended after a three year term. Other positions are up for grabs and so members should give some thought to coming forward. Currently, two of us have been on committee since inception (nine years) and one has done eight years, so change will be good for the Branch. English comedian Tommy Cooper said, “It takes 8,460 bolts to assemble an automobile and one nut to scatter it all over the road.”

LYNN CROSS CHB Branch Chairman

8 with members enjoying a break for morning tea CHB Branch Chairman

Rod’s Rattling's It has taken a few weeks for the branch to get going this year with runs for our older vehicles, but the year has now kicked off nicely with a “Herbertville Beach Run” arranged by Iain and Eva Gollan, and that was quite an adventure as it turned out. A trip through the farm tracks of Tautane Station near Herbertville was quite an experience for the 19 participating vehicles and their crews, but what a great day out in the summer heat of Central Hawke’s Bay. It is quite some privilege to be able to travel a track such as this, and to visit lovely family homes. It is certainly something the ordinary member of the public would hardly be likely to do. One of the things I thoroughly enjoy about having an old car is going to places and properties we would never ever get to without a membership of the VCC. Socialising with like-minded people is another. So what is coming up for us to check out these coming few months? In a week or so, Wayne McDonagh and Geoff Kelly are taking us on a short tour through some sheds of CHB. I think this will be a bit of an eyeopener to many of us. I haven’t seen these sheds and collections, so we look forward to the day. Later in February, Scarlett and I will join a few other CHB VCC folk at Gisborne for their “Three Rivers Rally” which follows the “Annual Model T Ford Club Rally” there a few days prior. This will be followed by attendance at the “Art Deco Weekend” in Napier the following weekend. And if it doesn’t rain, then the lawns won’t grow which will be a bonus. There will be a show for those interested the following weekend at Sanson, I have been told, then, look out for the “Wheels-on- Windsor” car show on 8th March in Hastings at Windsor Park. This is usually quite a big affair with all manner of vehicles on show. The branch run on 15th March is being organised for us by Joyce Calder and Gary Parker to a rather splendid shed near Pakowhai. Here you will see a cosmopolitan range of vehicles from the modest Ford Model T, some other veteran cars, to some beefed up Hot-Rod styled machinery. I believe there may be a motorcycle or two in the collection as well. Other members have stepped up to the plate to entertain us during the following months. Neil and Pat Malcolm have something planned in April. Bruce Poole and Mya Wairau are planning the “Annual Twilight Rally” in May, and John and Shirley Foot have something up their sleeves for mid-June. There appears to be a couple of slots available for someone to put on a run in July and August if you have an inspiration. I will be attending the National VCC AGM in Wanganui in August as your Branch Delegate, for which a report will be written up in the Bleat” subsequently. Later in August will be the “Annual National VCC Daffodil/Cancer Day” which the branch will be supporting again. Some help from members will be required to make this as successful as it has been the last three years. Keep in mind the Annual General Meeting in June too. You may be able to contribute to the running of the branch and it would be healthy to have some new blood, some new ideas and new contacts of places you may be able to take the branch for a visit. There will definitely be vacancies on the committee, and most of the positions are not too onerous, even for a new-comer. Take care out there, and keep a watchful eye on the rear-view mirror if you are travelling slower than other motor vehicles.

Rod McKenzie. CHB Branch Club Captain 9

CHB Branch Club Captain giving run instructions to members

1st January 2020—Gumboot Rally—Taihape—by Bruce Poole This is a very enjoyable three days away seeing new country in the Central North Island. This is the 5th Gumboot Rally that several CHB members have participated in and this year was no acception. The plan this year was to meet in Woodville at 10.00am on the 31st December 2019 for coffee etc with a 10.30am departure. John and Shirley Foot, Lynn and Sandra Cross, Jim Spicer, Phillip and Maryanne McNally and friends Peter and Irene and myself set of across the Saddle road, through Ashurst, Colyton, Cheltenham and onto Kimbolten to join Glyn and Cath Clements for lunch. After lunch Glyn had planned a run which took us to various roads around Kimbolten, along McBeth Road onto Rangiwahia to Pemberton Corner for a history lesson. Pemberton, judging by the sign posting board could have been a town the size of Otane but did not eventuate. We turned onto Otara Road to get onto Main State Highway 1 . Just before Mangaweka we turned left into Tekupa Road which does a 14 mile loop to come back on to SH1. A very dusty road, great country but must be terrible to farm. Arrived at the Motel, had a happy couple of hours sitting under the large plum tree at the Motel, then off to the Gretna Hotel for dinner. None of us saw Midnight but we were up early in the morning for a 9.30am Rally Start. A total of 27 cars started the rally from the sports ground and proceeded South to turn into Ruahine Road and then by various roads to go through Hunterville and then onto an old primary school which is now used as a farm training centre where we had lunch. We were then on part of the Turakina Valley road, Colliers Junction, Mataroa and back to Taihape to a new venue for the BBQ which is next to the old Gumboot Manner Cafe. Here, an unfortunate incident happened when one of our members got off the BBQ table the three on the other side tipped up resulting in minor injuries, plenty of helpers to pack and bandage them up. As most of the eating houses were closed on the 2nd of January we did find the Apiti Hotel was open. More dusty roads but great scenery on the way and a good feed. After leaving the hotel, we had a very pleasant drive down the Pohangina Valley East road to Ashhurst. We all left to travel back to CHB in a sort of convoy with several members dropping off on the way. A very enjoyable 3 days away, great company and definitely a must on your rally list for 2021 10

THE THIN EDGE OF THE WEDGE—FOOD FOR THOUGHT—by John Foot In the latest rates demand for our property there was a small item at the bottom right hand corner of one page headed Kiwi bank going cheque free. There is no charge for cheques but from the 28 th February 2020 Kiwi bank will no longer accept cheques as payment into your account or allow the issuing of cheques. This is the first bank to bring this about so I wonder how much longer we will be able to use cheques at any of the other banks.

VEHICLE IDENTITY CARDS As there have been changes made to the application forms that you fill in for the VEHICLE IDENTITY CARD could you all PLEASE MAKE SURE that the forms you fill in have the DATE OF 09/2019 IN THE TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER of each page underneath the page number. If you need a set of papers please contact me on (06)858-8301 or email jsfoot@xtra.co.nz or download a set from the Club website.

John Foot—Branch Vehicle Identity Card Coordinator 1947 Vauxhall Restoration I'm restoring a 1947 Vauxhall 10, and the starter motor has packed up on me, so I was wondering if you, or any of the club members could help me to locate another one? the part no is M418GR27 it is a 6 volt starter, and I'm told that the later model 12 volt wyvern starter motor would fit ok. I am also looking for the top hose of the radiator for this car as well. If you could help me, I would very much appreciate it. My name is Colin Potts, and my mobile number is 022 315 5090 or home 06 356 3294 Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Cheers, Colin Potts.

On the 7th December 2019 our branch entered into the Waipukurau Christmas street parade, there were about twenty club vehicles arrive to take part along with numerous floats from local organisations. To our surprise the CHB VCC Branch was presented with a cheque for $200.00,11plus a certificate for recognition.


Wairarapa VCC’s

3rd Annual “Stretched Gymkhana” To be held on Saturday February 22nd 2020—”

Building on the success of the last 2 year’s events (and originally inspired by some of the “off-tarmac” events reported in the Beaded Wheels) We are inviting members from the lower North Island VCC branches to enter this event. Do you like the excitement of gymkhana style driving, on grass? Would you enjoy the challenge of trying to navigate at a constant speed, through a winding course, against the clock? The course will be sufficiently challenging to ensure unsafe speeds cannot be obtained – this isn’t a “Speed Event”. Can you meet the challenge of driving a course consistently, so as to maintain, as far as possible, the same time each lap? If you answer YES to all of these, then the Stretched Gymkhana is an event not to be missed. Event outline: Driver’s briefing will be at 8:45am, with the event expected to finish mid/late afternoon (BYO lunch.BBQ sausages and bread will be available). The course will be around a ½ mile in length The course will be on grass, a bit like a classic gymkhana’s cones course, there will be lots of sharp turns, to ensure that excessive speeds (i.e. greater than the speed limit) cannot be obtained All drivers will have 3 (or more) timed runs over the course, after which the best time for each driver will be calculated (this becomes their individual target time). From then on drivers have to try and match their target time, with 1/2 the field dropping out each time, until a winner is found For example, if there were 16 drivers, once each driver’s target time has been determined (from the practice runs), all 16 drivers have another run. Then the 8 drivers whose time was closest to their target time would move into the next round. These 8 drivers would have another run, and the 4 whose time was closest to their target time would have another run etc. Notes: This event is not a “Speed Event”. It falls under section 20 of the Branch Manual, as a driving test. For more information please contact the organiser, Simon O’Hara ((06) 3708844 or simonsandieohara@gmail.com). The event is limited to 32 combinations (driver + vehicle), so please register early to ensure you don’t miss out The event is reliant on ground conditions being suitable. The organiser may cancel the event at late notice if necessary, as dictated by the weather. Photos and results from last year’s event are available on our website: https://www.sporty.co.nz/wairarapavcc/2019-STRETCHED-GYMKHANA-FOOTAGE All vehicles are required to carry a fire extinguisher, due to time of year and dry grass conditions. All drivers will be required to sign an indemnity waiver statement on the day. A copy can be Emailed if required prior to the day of the gymkhana, upon request. If your vehicle is fitted with seat belt/s, they must be worn. 13

Wairarapa VCC’s

3rd annual “Stretched Gymkhana To be held on Saturday February 22nd 2020—”

Location: Masterton A & P Showground's, off York Street, Solway, Masterton. Driver Briefing: 8:45 am First timed lap: 9:00am Limited to 32 entries. Early bird entries close 16th February 2020 Post entries to: Simon O’Hara Rally Organiser 36 Ranfurly Street Solway Masterton Email entries to: simonsandieohara@gmail.com Organiser: Simon O’Hara (06) 3708844, or mobile: 0211412332


Entry Form

Wairarapa VCC—Stretched Gymkhana 2020

Names of Driver(s): ............................................................................................................................................... VCC Branch: .......................................................................................................................................................... Contact details (Phone number and or email): ..................................................................................................... Make, model and year of vehicle: ......................................................................................................................... Entry Fee: $20 00 (per combination driver + vehicle) Late entry fee: additional $5 00 (for entries after 16th February) TOTAL:

$ ................................... $ ................................... $ ...................................

Please make cheques payable to Wairarapa VCC or pay by internet banking to A/C 03-0687-0323649-01 Please put your “NAME” and “STGYM” in the reference. Camping Options The A & P Showground's have camping / camper van sites available on the Friday and Saturday nights. Please let the organiser know early if you would like to book a site.



For Sale

Wanted Wanted, a front bumper for a 1946 Vauxhall J 14. Please phone Jim Spicer 027 2468 715 or email rustypatch.wpk@xtra.co.nz

1972 Hillman Hunter Excellent original condition Only 47300 miles Polar white with red upholstery. Automatic transmission. Been used on a number of VCC events for a number of years $5500.00 Contact Ray Freemantle 06 858 865.

For Sale

For Sale

Competing in the CHB Veteran Rally, February 2016

1966 Mercedes Benz 250s 1914 Overland Model 79T Touring

A comfortable reliable touring car, well maintained and comes with a selection of spare parts.

Fully Restored A great motoring vehicle, Spare parts and information Won best restoration award in 2008 at the Willys Overland Club Victoria, Australia.

Interested parties Please Contact Bryan Malcolm, Phone: 06-8585-005 or Email: malcolm-b-j@xtra.co.nz 16

Phone: Neil Cox 021 023 33948



Gavin Harris Ltd


Architectural Designer (LBP 113360)

For all engine reconditioning and parts supply

16 Petersen Place Waipukurau 4200

298 Broadway Avenue Palmerston North

Phone: 06 35 71182

Contact 0274 784 215 Email: gavinharris@xtra.co.nz

Fax: 06 356 6722 Email: office@bandhengines.com

Luxury Restrooms Four luxurious units available to hire Contact us now so we can show you how to add luxury to your event

06 857 8757 or 027 235 5996 karen@premierloos.co.nz

Angela Annear An authorised Travel Broker for Searle Travel Ltd. Consultations are by appointment.

Angela Annear Travel Broker 10 Brooker Place, Waipukurau 4200, Central Hawkes Bay Email: angela@searletravel.co.nz Webpage: www.Angelas-Travel.co.nz Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/SearleTravel/1571631546431063 06 858 9082 or 027 281 1306

Travel News for the Car Enthusiasts. The new Air NZ routing to Chicago is a great opportunity to visit the major car manufacturing areas of the United States of Chicago and Detroit. As well there are interesting cruises on the Great Lakes of Lake Huron others. THE IMPORTANCE OF SUITABLE TRAVEL INSURANCE. 17


Free Advertising available for members OR non members for PRIVATE SALE Vehicles, parts, machinery etc —please contact Lynn Cross, Rod McKenzie, Ken Lyons or “The Bleat” Editor joycecalder@gmail.com to place your advertisement.

Car Club Stickers


for Sale


Central Hawke's Bay Branch of the Vintage Car Club of NZ


$3.00 each

CHB Information Centre at the Old Railway Station info@lambcountry.co.nz: Phone 06 8586488

Contact—Kaye Carswell 021 124 3620 wpkmotors@gmail.com


Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Central Hawkes Bay VCC - February 2020  

Central Hawkes Bay VCC - February 2020