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August 2019

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Remembering Ford's 1930s Classic Cars

Postal Address C/-73 Porangahau Road Henry Ford was a genius Waipukurau, 4200

when it came to making automobiles. He changed manufacturing processes used worldwide. For more than a century, the automobile has changed America's culture and lifestyle. From the horse and buggy days to the “Tin Lizzie,” 1932 Ford Phaeton Roadster (Ford Motor Company)

Americans have always used and depended upon basic transportation to get around. This story looks at the significance of Ford cars introduced during the 1930s, the time of the Great Depression which affected so many Americans. During this difficult time, Ford was manufacturing an automobile that many Americans loved and greatly appreciated. During the 1930s, the Model A was a very important car in the history of the Ford Motor Company. The car had so much power, and today, some automotive historians have said it set the tone for the V8 era that began after World War II. The Model A Fords were great looking cars, and their styling was created under the direction of Edsel Ford and Joe Galamb. Some automotive historians have said the V8 models looked like a scaled-down Lincoln design. During the early 1930s, Ford had sold more than five million Model As, despite competition from new Chevrolet and Plymouth models. 1932 was a very important year for the Ford, when the company introduced the famous and revolutionary new V8 engine. During its introduction, over six million people visited Ford showrooms across the country to see the new 1932 models featuring the V8 engine. In 1933, customers could order a brand new 1933 Ford Cabriolet model with either a trunk or rumble seat for $588.

NOMINATED POSITIONS CHAIRMAN Lynn Cross 06 858 9814 SECRETARY Ken Lyons 06 858 8093 TREASURER Kaye Carswell 021 124 3620 CLUB CAPTAIN Rod McKenzie 06 858 9562 COMMITTEE Bruce Poole 06 858 9940 Gary Weaver 06 858 9908 Iain and Eva Gollan 06 858 9105 Ruth Parker 06 858 5411 John Foot V.I.C. (I.D. Card) Coordinator 06 858 8301 PUBLICITY/WELFARE OFFICER Sandra Cross 06 858 9814

The 20 Millionth Ford, a 1931 Ford Model A (Ford Motor Company)

Henry Ford inspects an engine (Ford Motor Company)

Remembering Ford's 1930s Classic Cars The 1934 Ford models had minor styling changes, and the Ford Victoria offered trunk storage area space when travelling. By mid-year, the one millionth V8 model rolled off assembly lines, and sales were still going strong. Many automotive historians have said that the 1934 Deluxe Phaeton and the Deluxe Roadster were both great looking classic designs. The 1935-1936 Ford models offered the public still more great styling. The hood design was longer, and the grille was designed with a V shape style. The new Deluxe Fordor Touring sedan sold for $655. Some automotive historians have said that the 1935 and 1936 Ford models were very heavy looking compared to previous models. Ford also celebrated in 1935, when one of their convertible sedan models became the Official Pace Car for the Indianapolis 500. One of the greatest automotive advantages for consumers in 1936, was the use of pressed steel wheels to replace the wire wheels that had been standard since 1927. For 1937, once again Ford had introduced new models which were influenced by the beautiful styling of the 1936 Lincoln Zephyr V12 sedan models. The 1936 Lincoln models were some of Ford's best looking design models throughout its history. One design change occurred in 1937, when Ford moved their headlight design to the fender area location giving the car a better appearance. The standard five window coupe model was the lowest priced of the line at $585. Ford continued to create and design great products with much success during the years 1938 and 1939 with the celebration of the 27 millionth Ford automobile produced. Ford also celebrated at the 1939 New York World's Fair as well. the last of the Ford convertible sedans, first introduced in 1931, was last manufactured in 1939.

1936 Ford three-window Deluxe Coupe (Ford Motor Company)

1940 Ford Deluxe Convertible Club Coupe

The 1939 Ford models were divided into Standard and Deluxe models, which offered the consumer a more modern appearance that many customers really liked and enjoyed.

1938 Ford V8 Deluxe Convertible Cabriolet 2

PATANGATA lies forty-three miles south from Napier, and is seven miles from the railway station at Kaikora North, with which it is connected by coach. It has one hotel, a store, a post office, and telephone bureau, and there is a bi-weekly mail service. The Elsthorpe station, a large property in the district was cut up by the Government for closer settlement in the year 1896, and the settlers who were fortunate in securing sections have prospered amazingly, and speak in glowing terms of the richness of the land, and the splendid facilities offered for sheep farming. Elsthorpe, one of the Government townships in Patangata county, has a post office and telephone bureau, an accommodation house, two stores, and a public school with thirtytwo pupils on the roll. Tamumu, another district in the same county, has a bi-weekly coach service, a school, post office, and a library. The roads are suitable for cycling and motoring, as the streams are bridged, and the grades easy of ascent. Good trout fishing is to be obtained in the Tuki Tuki river, and hares are abundant in the Patangata Post Office, Hotel, Store and surroundingsurounding country.

Sunday 11th August Lunchtime run to Patangata Tavern Join with your fellow CHB VCC members for lunch at the Patangata Tavern. We imagine you should know how to get there if you are locally domiciled. However, from Waipawa enter Tamumu Rd and drive about 8km to go left at River Rd, then you will find it on the corner of Elsthorpe Rd and River Rd. There are no instructions to get you there [these are they], simply come along and grab some fish and chips or a pie and have a yarn with some other old car owners for an hour or so. You may even decide that an ice cream may be your Sunday fare if you want to arrive later.

Wednesday 21st August 2019 Club Dinner and Meeting To be held at the Waipukurau Club, Russell St, Waipukurau Arrive for refreshments from 6.00pm — Meal at 6.30pm followed by the meeting at 7.30pm. Main & Dessert:- $25.00 per person. Please pay on arrival


Roast Beef served with condiment Gingered pork hotpot with rice Potatoes Broccoli/cauliflower with cheese sauce Roast Vegetable Salad Beetroot, red onion, spinach and feta salad


Sticky date pudding with Caramel sauce and ice cream If you have any dietary needs, please advise when you book your meal.

Please contact Eva Gollan 06 858 9105 or by Sunday 18th August Eva is required to forward food orders and numbers attending, to the restaurant a few days before. PLEASE NOTE: The CHBVCC branch will make payment for any late dinner cancellations or no shows, then an invoice will be sent to the member/members concerned. Lynn Cross CHB Branch Chairman.




ENTRY FORM Sunday, 25 August 2019 Starting at 11.30am with a car display in James Street, Waipukurau Run will start from 1.00pm Entrant’s Name No. of Passengers Vehicle Rego. No.

How many years old is your car?

Email Phone No. ENTRY FEE Per car


Afternoon tea (per person)

$10 00

Afternoon tea (per child)


Total cost


Please make cheques payable to:—:Central Hawke’s Bay Vintage Car Club and post to: CHB Vintage Car Club PO Box 321 WAIPUKURAU

Or internet banking option: Central Hawke's Bay Vintage Car Club Bank A/C Number 02-0780-0035502-00 Please put your name in Please tick

Reference Section. Daffodil Rally, in Code Section. I agree to the Terms & Conditions

Guests are required to complete our official Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (Inc) entry form prior to an event taking place. By completing this form you are included under the club’s Public Liability Policy HO­LPL­6107528 with Vero Liabili ty Insurance Limited for property damage and personal injury .

For any further enquiries please contact SANDRA CROSS 06 858-9814

Entries CLOSE on the 19th August 2019 Afternoon tea numbers are limited

Late entries will be accepted for the car display and will be able to take part in the first half of the run. 5

Friday 30th August 2019—DAFFODIL DAY—Main street car display For some years now CHB VCC has supported the local “Cancer Society” by a number of our members parking their vintage cars in the main St [Ruataniwha St] in Waipukurau for their Public Daffodil Day. They have asked if we could arrange a few of our people to park their vintage cars in the street in front of the building which houses “Harcourts”, a travel shop and the premise that was the “Envy Shoe Shop” on the morning of Friday 30th August. The cars will need to be in place relatively early in the morning, say, about 8:30am and be there until early afternoon. Towards the end of proceedings, a couple of youngsters dressed in clown outfits will need to be transported by vintage car to the two rest homes, “Woburn” and “Mt Herbert”, to visit the residents there. If you are able to assist with this community initiative, please let Rod McKenzie [06 858 9562] know that you can help out. We could do with about 6 or 8 vehicles. Please Note: This is additional to what is planned for Sunday 25 th August.

Sunday 8th September—Our Club Annual Daffodil Run—organized by Bruce Poole and Mya Wairau Meet in Tavistock Place at 11.00am. From there a short run is planned finishing up at Taniwha Daffodil's situated on SH2, halfway between Waipukurau and Takapau, arrival time is around mid day. There we will have a picnic lunch among the Daffodils. Pick your own Daffodils, around 30 flowers for $10.00, proceeds going to Plunket. Southern members can meet at Taniwha Daffodils if desired.

Friday 25th October to Monday 28th — Cooks Sestercentennial Rally Cook Sestercentennial Rally to be held in Gisborne at Labour Weekend (October 25-28) commemorating 250 years since Captain James Cook sighted New Zealand in October 1769. This run will be the basis of the Hawke's Bay Branch Annual Safari who will be responsible for the entry forms. Please Note: there are two starting points for the rally on the Friday October 25th, one from Napier organised by the Hawke's Bay branch and one from Opotiki, organised by the Eastern Bay of Plenty branch in Gisborne. The Gisborne branch will organise the Saturday and Sunday runs. Organisers: Malcolm and Lesley Blair 021 576 3606or 0272207096 Email: malcolm.lesley


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Other District's Events Date

Sun 11th

Casual run to the Patangata Tavern for lunch

Wed 21st

Branch Dinner and Meeting—Waipuk Club

Sun 25th

Cancer Society/Daffodil Run/National VCC Day

Sun 8th

Daffodil run to Taniwha –organised by Bruce Poole and Mya Wairau

Mon 16th

Committee meetings


National VCC Day all braches

Wed 18th Branch Dinner and Meeting (Dannevirke)


Extended mid week run to Taranaki and be15,16,17th yond 25—28th HB Branch Safari to Gisborne Tues 15th h Branch Dinner and Meeting: Venue-TBA

Sat 5th

Manawatu Swap Meeting, Fielding

11,12,13t Canterbury Swap Meeting h Cutler Park 18,20th 28th Oct to 2nd Nov


Sat 16th

CHB Veteran Rally (Organisers please) Could go to Pahiatua??

Sun 17th

Homestead Run to Two homesteads inc Oruawharo

National Veteran Rally in Timaru

Targa NZ—Time Trial

Sun 17th HB Homestead run into CHB

Wed 20th Branch Dinner and Meeting Venue-TBA


Jan 2020



Reliability or similar -organisers Seton and Judy Thomsen


Christmas Party at Gary and Janet Weavers Home

Tue 31st

Some of our members will be attending the Annual Taihape New Year Rally Tue 31st


Beach run—Herbertville ??

Wed 21st

Branch Dinner and Meeting -Venue TBA


Shed raid // Museum visit?


Branch Dinner and Meeting Venue TBA

Taihape New Year Rally

19th 21st Art Deco Napier Leadfoot Festival at Hahei

January 2021—International Rally Taranaki 7 to see details visit —

Chairman's Report The new committee had their first meeting on 15th July, where Rod’s Club Captain’s report set out quite a lot of the programme of our monthly runs into the future plus an October three day trip away into the depths of Taranaki and the King Country. There seems to be great interest in this one already. The monthly dinner meeting was this time held at the Takapau R.S.A, we were well fed and watered in a warm and comfortable venue, which was large enough for the nearly forty of us who attended. The monthly run was very well organised by Ella and Hank Domper, who plotted a route through the back country east of the highway. More about this elsewhere. The Daffodil Rally planning is progressing well and, as mentioned last month, the afternoon tea venue has a limit on the number that can be accommodated, as do the caterers (ie the Cancer Society volunteers). It is therefore important that members enter early as at some point the smoko number will hopefully be reached. Late entries will be accepted for the car display and will be able to take part in the first half of the run. Members intending to enter veterans (cars, that is) need to let me know and I’ll prescribe a short cut. On the health front, we all are theoretically getting older and some are finding mobility more difficult, and others are forgetting more than they used to. On the other hand, some members have had good news recently and have a new spring in their step. I remember saying after I’d had a knee replacements that I felt ten years younger than I had felt ten years previously. Such is the relief physically and mentally of some of the procedures available these days. Many members will know by now that our Auburn has been sold. It will join a collection in Hawke’s Bay and hopefully will be seen out and about. By the time you read this, the vacant space in the shed will probably be taken up by a not very common P.80v. While we are on the subject of P of one kind or another for all you older men, the message is “keep checking the condition of your prostate”.

Lynn Cross CHB Branch Chairman

At our 2019 Annual General Meeting, Sandra Cross was elected as Welfare Officer. This new position is to assist our club to keep in touch with members who have become unwell, unwell and hospitalized, bereavements or something special (eg silver or golden wedding) to celebrate. To assist Sandra with her new position please advise her if you know of any members who would fit the description above.

Please Contact Sandra Cross 06 858 9814 or 8

Rod’s Rattling's The mid-winter Xmas run with thanks to the McCool’s and Harris’s, at Otane, was enjoyed by a number of our crew. They planned for rough winter weather and got close to a summer’s day. Additionally, we had a couple of interesting visits. We had a week in Auckland during the school holidays looking after our two Auckland based grandsons. It was great to be with them for a time with a visit to the zoo being a highlight for them. Teaching the eight-year old lad the game of “Monopoly” was also a lot of fun. Somehow, I don’t think that I will always win! The best part of an Auckland visit to my mind is the view in the rear-view mirror as you leave the place! On Sunday 21stJuly we lined up with about twenty other CHB VCC member’s cars for Henk and Ella Domper’s run to Norsewood for lunch. When we arrived at the Norsewear factory there was waiting for us all a choice of two soups and buns courtesy of Henk and Ella, along with a barbequed sausage being cooked by the resident wood carver who works from the shop/factory. Following lunch we attended a concert in the old dairy factory put on by the “New Zealand Guitar Quartet”. They are very clever musicians who played a variety of concert pieces. Thank you Henk and Ella. On Sunday 11th August a number of the branch members will head out to Patangata Tavern for lunch where they will partake in fish’n’chips or a hot pie, or an ice cream for the late comers. See the note elsewhere in the “Bleat”. The following weekend I head to Greymouth for the National VCC AGM as your branch representative. On Sunday 25th August there will be the “Annual VCC National Daffodils for Cancer Rally” which is being organized for the branch by Sandra and Lynn Cross along with a number of helpers. This day is a window into what the VCC does and the public are all invited to take part with their cars during the day as we raise funds for the local “Cancer Society”. Most of the branches of the Vintage Car Club of NZ will be taking part in some form or another, and it would be great if the sum raised last year [about $60,000 nationally] can be surpassed. Many of our families have been touched by cancer at some time or another, so it would be great to support this most worthwhile cause. Sunday 8th September brings us to the Daffodil Picnic run which this year will ultimately end up at “Taniwha”, the wellknown daffodil fields 10km west of Waipukurau, for a picnic lunch. Bruce Poole and his teenage grand-daughter and CHB VCC member, Mya, will take us on a short run through the rolling farmland of Hatuma where we will also quite likely spot other groups of flowering daffodils around the farms, homesteads and fields. The Monthly meeting in September will be held at the Dannevirke Club as we have done for quite a few years now where we are able to mix with some of the Manawatu VCC members for the evening. It is hoped that a guest speaker will be arranged for the night. In mid-October, Scarlett and I are organizing a three day “Extended Mid-week run” which will take us into the hinterland of Taranaki. Details of what we are planning are printed elsewhere within the “Bleat”. Please note the alteration to the dates from those printed last month, due to opening times of some of the places we will visit being unavailable at the times we initially planned.

We have yet to get a volunteer to co-ordinate the Annual Veteran Rally for the branch in November. Most of the planning work has been done and there are members who can assist with much of the work. Unfortunately, should there be no one prepared to come forward to co-ordinate this event, it looks as though it may have to be canned. You don’t have to own a veteran to do this! The following day will see the CHB branch join with the Hawke’s Bay Branch who will be visiting this district on a “Homestead Run”. I have arranged afternoon tea for both the branches at “Oruawharo Homestead” where, for a small cost, we will be hosted for tea/coffee and scones, including a tour of part of the house and grounds. If you haven’t been to the Oruawharo Homestead before, it will be worth coming along for the day.

Rod McKenzie CHB Branch Club Captain


16th 17th 18th October — Extended Mid-Week Run for CHB VCC Rod and Scarlett McKenzie are putting together a three-day trip into the bowels of the Taranaki area for mid -October. We will be away for two nights and three days of motoring with a few interesting visits of things to see and do. This run will obviously entail some fairly full days of motoring [eg up to 350km per day!], so it will be more suitable for P45, P60’s and P80’s vehicles, but that is not to say that you shouldn’t drive your Vintage or PV vehicle on the run if you know it is up to it. But, if you must, bring your TPV*. You will need to have a good road map or electronic GPS at hand when you start the run. And it will be cheaper if you pack a picnic lunch in the car for our first lunch stop before you leave home. The run will be in the form of a “Tour” and will be non-competitive. Visits will include shopping and sightseeing in Te Kuiti [eg. Colin Meads statue], lunch at the Whangamomona pub, and a visit to the Tawhiti Museum near Hawera.

The Motels we intend staying at are: Night of Wednesday 16th October, in Te Kuiti, Panorama Motor Inn ph 07 878 8051 Night of Thursday 17th October, in Hawera, Kerry Lane Motel ph 0800 537 795 You are advised to have your bookings done well in advance, but you are free to stay at any other motel or camping ground as you see fit. It is suggested that you phone your booking in to the motel so you can tell them you are on this trip, and they can place us all closer together at their complex. You will, of course, need to budget for all of your smokos, tea/coffee stops, lunches, your evening meals, and other motoring costs, etc. Initial Instructions Leave from your home in your own time on the morning of Wednesday 16 th October, [we suggest 8.00am if departing from Waipukurau] and pass through Napier and Eskdale to ultimately assemble for morning tea/coffee in Tarawera *about 10.00am+ at their café. If you haven’t taken your lunch with you, you will need to pick up something in Whakamaru where we will regroup for lunch. Fuel available there too. Once at Tarawera, we will hand out the instructions for the rest of the journey/adventure. But as you can see above, we will be over-nighting at Te Kuiti and Hawera. It would be helpful that you confirm with Rod and Scarlett [ ] that you will be coming on the trip so they then know how many instruction sheets to print out and also to advise people, at any of the stops we intend making, how many of our folk are likely to turn up. Additionally should you desire to enter the King Country Branch VCC “Journey Through Time Rally” around Taumarunui district on 19th October, contact John and Shirley Foot who are holding “Entry Forms” for the event. Please phone them on 06 858 8301 for details, or email them at * By the way, “TPV” is a “Tin and Plastic Vehicle”……..a modern!!!


Sunday 30th June—Mid Winter Christmas Run—by Michael and Vicky Harding Vicky and I decided to take the old Studebaker as it was a short run in the Otane area. The Studebaker does not like starting on frosty mornings, so she was towed out of the shed and up the hill. With enough elevation Vicky released the tow rope and the Studebaker started as usual after about 50 metres.

Meet Luigi, the Fiat 500 that we admired at the home of Greg and Mandy Newman

Greg and Mandy Newman's 1957 Chevrolet Bel Aire. (Magnificent!!)

Stopped for coffee at the BP station then onto Otane. Parked with the other cars near the playground at 10.30am after enticing Vicky away from the farmers market, and there we received our written instructions. After driving through Otane we then took the scenic route onto Te Kura road and arrived at Greg and Mandy Newman’s magnificent home. The parking marshals organised the parking by getting cars with power steering to back around the corner of the house and being carefully lined up in rows in order to fit all the cars in. Non power steering cars parked in the front. We were welcomed and given a run down on Newman family history, and then all about the families two late 1950s Chevy’s in mint condition and collectors’ items in the garage which we were invited to view, plus garden ornaments (old cars) parked in strategic places on the drive up to the house. About 11.30am we drove back towards Otane and arrived at our next property to visit, which was Maitland and Helen Manning’s 20acre block. Once again there was a warm welcome and we were given a fascinating history lesson about the original HOMEWOOD station. We visited the large original woolshed with a rare water-powered wool press, plus stables and sheds. Most buildings were in very good condition for their ages. About 1.00pm we then drove to Peter and Suzanne McCool’s for lunch. Because the weather was warm and sunny we all sat in their lovely garden/wedding venue and were treated to an excellent meal provided by club members. The theme was mid-winter Christmas so a few members dressed up. Before Lunch we were invited to check out the McCool’s sheds and projects. Peter started the old Fordson tractor, but he must have forgotten to put on the exhaust manifold, as the engine noise was extremely noticeable. A big thank you to Peter and Suzanne MC Cool and Santa’s helpers Viv and Gavin Harris for an enjoyable day out organised for the club members. Very good turn out with twenty two cars attending.


Sunday 30th June—Mid Winter Christmas Run—by Michael and Vicky Harding

The host at our second stop was Maitland Manning, who addressed the participants about their Otane property. Here he is meeting with branch chairman Lynn Cross and Neil Malcolm. In the background, in front of the 100 plus year old harness sheds, is the 1965 Vauxhall of Laurie and Gloria Malcolmson from Dannevirke.

Ken Lyons. recently purchased Jaguar XJS recently purchased Jaguar XJS of Ken Lyons.

"You know, Ken", says Michael Harding, " I was having a quiet chat to that alien over in the corner and couldn't get one darned word out of the blighter! I reckon Greg has emasculated the poor chap. Not only that, but his one and only arm has flexibility issues". "Yeah", answers Ken Lyons, " it seems he only speaks Chevrolet and a little bit of Fiat, so Studebaker must be a totally different language. I tried to speak to him too, and he obviously doesn't speak Jaguar either!". 12

CHB Vintage Car Club Southern Ramble 21st July 2019—Organised by Henk and Ella Domper — article written by Laurie and Gloria Malcolmson Nineteen vehicles assembled at Tavistock Place in Waipukurau, on a clear winters morning. After receiving our instructions from Ella we walked or hobbled to our cars and left in what could be described as a Pensioners Le Mans style start. We drove through Waipukurau and then headed South through rolling farm country with a few new lambs and calves on the ground. We passed Woburn Homestead an exquisite 7 bedroom home with 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. They invite their guests to step back in time to enjoy Victorian Country LivViv Atkinson chatting to Ken Eason and Colleen Duning on a grand scale. The fully restored 1893 homestead is can beside her 1972 MGB GT. registered with the NZ Historic Place Trust. We also passed Pahiwi Sheep farm. Continuing on we turned onto Maunga Road one of the most famous gravel roads in the Tararua Area. This road which gives magnificent views of the hill country and the valleys in pristine condition, was very favourable to the older cars because it was in such smooth condition.

Cleland’s 1929 Model A Ford—McKenzie’s 1930 Model A Ford—Cheer’s 1930 Model A Ford. and McCool’s 1967 Ford Mustang.

Coming out onto State highway 2 near Dannevirke we headed North and turned towards Makotuku and Ormondville. We passed the Ormondville Railway Station which was built in 1880, and has a Category Two Listing with the NZ Historical Places Trust. We them continued onto our lunch destination at the Norsewear factory in Norsewood. Lunch along with what we ourselves supplied was vegetable and bacon soup and potato and leek which went down a real treat. Also for a small donation towards the wetlands project, one could have a BBQ Sausage and onions. We all sat outside in beautiful sunshine and with good company we all had a lovely relaxing lunch. After browsing through the Norsewear Shop, some of us went to a musical concert in the old Dairy Factory played by Arts of Tour, New Zealand Guitar Quartet.

Entrance to the Wet lands

All in all a great day out with a big thank you to Henk and Ella. Following are comments from some of the participants. “Great drive, great scenery” “We loved it, first class lunch area” “A very good run, gave the Model A's steering box a work out” “Fantastic, haven't been on some of the roads before” “Great scenery” “Fantastic” “Beautiful Sunday Ramble”

you to everyone who took part in the Sunday Ramble. The entrants sitting down for lunch in the sunshine at Thank 13 “Norsewear” in Norsewood.

Here is a question for all of you who may be interested in Military Vehicles. Where did the “Humvee” get its name from? In 1979, the US Army drafted final specifications for a “High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle”, thereby requesting a HMMWV. That is, of course, modified to “Humvee”. Simple really, isn’t it? The vehicle was to replace all the tactical vehicles as one “jack-of-all-trades light tactical vehicle to perform the role of several existing trucks. The specification called for excellent on and off road performance, the ability to carry a large payload, and improved survivability against indirect fire. AM General were awarded an initial contract in 1983 for 2,334 vehicles, the first batch of a five year contract that would see 55,000 vehicles delivered to the US military, including 39,000 vehicles for the army. 72,000 had been delivered to US and foreign customers by the Persian Gulf War of 1991. Compared to the Jeep, it was larger and had a much wider track, with 410mm ground clearance, double that of most sport utility vehicles. The new truck was to climb a 60% incline and traverse a 40% slope. With a kerb weight of 2,400kg, and a payload of 1,100kg, it is powered by a 6.2 litre []V-8 diesel engine with a three speed automatic transmission. The air intake is mounted on top to allow the vehicle to pass through 1500mm [five feet] of water with electronics protected to drive through 2.5 feet [76mm] of water. The M1025/1026 armament carriers provide mounting and firing capabilities for the M134 Minigun, the Mk 19 grenade launcher, the M2 heavy machine gun and the M249 light machine gun. This would be a superbly interesting vehicle to add to your fleet of P80 vehicles. It would probably be eligible to use on VCC runs, but be hellish expensive on fuel! And we do wonder then if we would have to hand it in if it had a full complement of armaments!!


Outstanding opportunity for VCC members to drive iconic North Island roads as a time trial This is not a race, but rather an exercise in precise driving to maintain a set average speed through all closed tarmac stages, (similar to a regularity trial, but with the safety of knowing that all participants have staggered start times, drive in the same direction, on the same road, with nothing coming towards them!) It’s also a great opportunity for VCC branches to raise public awareness of the VCC & hopefully attract some new & younger members. Eligible Cars: All types of cars with a current WOF & minimum third-party insurance may enter, but there is a special discount available for VCC eligible cars (30+ years old) with a VIC. No special modifications (roll cage etc), are required. Refer 2019 Events – 2019 Targa Time Trial Terms & Conditions. Cost: Substantial 30% discount of entry fee for VCC members with VCC/VIC eligible cars, + Medical Levy & Rally Safe. Travel & accommodation expenses are in addition to entry fee. Refer 2019 Events – 2019 Event Pricing for further details & discounts. Contact: Rod Corbett email rod.corbett88@gmail or 027 433 8772 for further details

Sunday 22ndSeptember 2019 — ONGAONGA HISTORICAL VILLAGE

SPRING FAIR AND MARKET The society would like to invite the members of the Vintage car club to the SPRING FAIR AND MARKET to be held on Sunday the 22nd of September 2019 in the Museum Complex, Old Coles Factory and Main street of ONGAONGA. Reserved parking will be available for your cars in the main street and when full other parking is available nearby. Period costumes will be the theme if desired. Over to you. There will be plenty of food and drink stalls and demos to see so come and have a day in the Historic Village of Ongaonga, view the Museum and Old Coles Factory, met your old friends and new ones, give the old car a run and have some fun. Starting time 10 am till 4 pm and if the weather is not kind a cancelation will be announced over the local radio. The purpose of the festival is to raise awareness of the Historic village, Museum complex and the Coles Factory restoration. For any further information ring 15 Robin Mackie on 06 856 6871.

NATIONAL VETERAN RALLY TIMARU 18-19-20 October 2019 FOR ALL VEHICLES OVER 100 YEARS OLD Entry forms will be available from 1st June 2019 Please register your interest to: Rally Director: Alistair Day – phone 03 688 6108 Rally Secretary: Pauline Young – phone 03 686 1833 or Email:

The first National Veteran Rally was hosted by the South Canterbury Branch in 1975. “This year South Canterbury will again be your host”. Cars, Motorcycles and Trucks, all over 100 years old, will meet in Timaru as a celebration of over a century of motoring. The rally will be held on scenic gentle country roads with low traffic in the South Canterbury region, especially suitable for vehicles with single and two cylinder engines.

Make a holiday of it and enjoy a range of things to do. Make your accommodation and travel bookings “NOW” Members of the VCC of NZ, have the privilege of special Ferry prices Just quote your membership number. This is the weekend after the Canterbury Branch’s McLean's Island Swapmeet. The week of the Prince Henry Tour, and the weekend before the South Canterbury Branch Mt Cook Rally. (free entry to Veteran Rally entrants) 16

For Sale

For Sale


One of 60 imported new from Canada R/H drive Six months rego and new WOF.

1972 Hillman Hunter. Excellent original condition. Only 47300 miles. Polar white with red upholstery. Automatic transmission. Been used on a number of VCC events for a number of

$28.500 Please phone Jim Spicer 0272468715

1948 MG TC


Also wanted a front bumper for a 1946 Vauxhall J 14

$7500.00 Contact Ray Freemantle 06 858 865.

For Sale

Competing in the CHB Veteran Rally, February 2016

1948 MG TC

1914 Overland Model 79T Touring Fully Restored A great motoring vehicle, Spare parts and information Won best restoration award in 2008 at the Willys Overland Club Victoria, Australia.

1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray


Phone: Neil Cox 021 023 33948



Gavin Harris Ltd


Architectural Designer (LBP 113360)

For all engine reconditioning and parts supply

16 Petersen Place Waipukurau 4200

298 Broadway Avenue Palmerston North

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Contact 0274 784 215 Email:

Luxury Res trooms Four luxurious units available to hire Contact us now so we can show you how to add luxury to your event

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Angela Annear An authorised Travel Broker for Searle Travel Ltd. Consultations are by appointment.

Angela Annear Travel Broker PO Box 264 Waipukurau, Central HB 4242 New Zealand For more details: Email:

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Free Advertising available for members OR non members for PRIVATE SALE Vehicles, parts, machinery etc —please contact Lynn Cross, Rod McKenzie, Ken Lyons or “The Bleat” Editor to place your advertisement.

Car Club Stickers


for Sale


Central Hawke's Bay Branch of the Vintage Car Club of NZ


$3.00 each

CHB Information Centre at the Old Railway Station Phone 06 8586488

Contact—Kaye Carswell 021 124 3620


Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Central Hawkes Bay VCC - August 2019  

Central Hawkes Bay VCC - August 2019