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Far North Focus

September 2019

Rain was no deterrent for these beauties.


The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Far North Focus Who’s Who for 2019/20 Chairman

Murray Cormack

09 4077255

Vice Chairman

Winston Matthews

09 406 0203


Gloria Cormack

09 4077255


Robyn Mackay

wmackay116@gmail .com

09 406 1955

Club Captain

Graeme Moore

09 4061413


Peg Hills

09 406 1077

Communications Officer

Ruth Reid

09 4060 392

New Member Liaison

Murray Cormack

09 4077255

Beaded Wheels Scribe

Dave Duirs

09 406 1288

Area Rep North

Ruth Reid

09 406 0392

Area Rep South

Warwick Woollams

09 407 7494


Murray Cormack, Robyn Mackay, Winston Matthews, Graeme Moore, Vince Mason, Mike Pooley, Gloria Cormack, Warwick Woollams, Warren Mackay

Building Officer

Peter Mason

09 406 1409

A full list of elected officers was circulated with the minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting

Club meetings on the second Tuesday of the month at the Aurere Clubrooms at 7.30pm.

CLUB CLEANING ROSTER 2019-2020 During the month, and preferably before the main calendar event, please give the clubrooms a thorough check over, as in: Clean the toilets and hand basins, check kitchen, window ledges etc, and sweep the floors. Window cleaning, washing walls etc will be done at working bees.

Note any required maintenance and pass on to the Building Officer- Peter Mason, ph 406 1409. If your date doesn’t suit you, please swap with someone else. For any other enquiries please contact the Club Captain.

September Graeme Moore July

C Brownlie


D & P Hills


D & D Duirs


Graeme & Margaret


Graeme Moore




Everyone– working bee




W& R Mackay




P O’Dell




Calendar of Events 2018 / 2019 September 15th

Taipa Bay Caffeine & Classics


October 12th

Club Working Bee


October 20th

Taipa Bay Caffeine & Classics


November 2nd

Far North Tour

Northland Branch

November 17th

Taipa Bay Caffeine & Classics


November 17th

Classic Car Show

Classic Car Club

November 24th

Dunny Run

Northland Branch

December 7th

Christmas Rally


January 18th


Murray & Gloria

January 19th

Taipa Bay Caffeine & Classics


February 15th

Hokianga/ Far North


February 16th

Taipa Bay Caffeine & Classics


March 14th

Far North /Hokianga


March 15th

Taipa Bay Caffeine& Classics


April 11th

Brian Parker

Rex & Sandra

April 19th

Taipa Bay Caffeine & Classics


May 10th

Mothers Day

Terry & Sue (TBC)

May 12th

Club AGM


May 17th

Taipa Bay Caffeine & Classics


June 21st

Taipa Bay Caffeine & Classics


June 27th

Molloy Trophy Rally


Club meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month, at 7.30pm, at the Aurere Clubrooms, unless otherwise advised. The Far North Branch of the VCC does have a policy that pets are not brought to any Club events. We do ask that this policy is respected.

Please note: Robyn and Warren Mackay have changed their email address to


The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

From the Chair……. Greetings

vided on the first night (Tues 24 Sept) at the clubrooms, and members are invited to join this, and the Kaitaia to the Cape and back section, the next day. Looking forward to our involvement. th

The weather was not kind but it did not seem to matter for the Matauri Bay drive and lunch. Great to see some members whom we have not seen for a while, and this certainly added to a very happy event. A big thanks to Graeme, Warren, Margaret and Robyn for your time in the organisation of the day. A low winter turn-out to our last monthly meeting, but tremendous enthusiasm for upcoming club events by those who were present.

It’s a changing world for car costs. My WOF for the vintage car was $55 with the annual vehicle registration only $47. However, fuel costs are something else.

Matters mechanical: Tradies. Many of our trusted and long-standing trades people associated with our cars are no longer operating. A good number of us are dependThe Father’s Day Rally is on 1 September as a new event ent on these people for the continued enjoyment of our for our club, and promises to be a cracker. Please supvintage vehicles. Hope you can still access all the skills port this innovation. you require. As mentioned in our monthly meeting minutes, our club Enjoy your cars and friendship. will support the ‘Cape to Bluff Tour’ organised by Paul Collins from North Shore VCC. A light meal will be proMurray st


WORKING BEE OUR ANNUAL SPRING CLEAN OF THE CLUBROOMS It seems a long way off now, but please keep the date free. If you can give two or three hours of your time we would be very pleased to see you. More detail next month.

Cape to Bluff Tour 24th September

Tuesday September 10th

A light meal will be served at the Clubrooms for participants.

The monthly meeting of the Club will be held at the Bay Sport Complex, Harmony Lane, off Waipapa Road, at 7.30pm.

Members will be free to join in, and travel to the Cape and back with them the next day.

More details by email later.


Club Captain’s ReportGreetings all. Another month has quickly passed us by. I have enjoyed a very busy and satisfying month with a couple of highlights. The first would be the Matauri Bay Drive and luncheon at the Matauri Bay Café. This was attended by 23 members and 2 visitors. While the weather was not the best for viewing the spectacular coastal scenery, the value for money lunch by a cosy fire was enjoyed by all. The winner on the day was the Club’s Whangarei member Graeme Whiteman, who came up in his beautiful 1957 FE Holden which was admired by all. The success of this day is encouraging, so be on the lookout for more spur of the moment drives and lunch outings. Any member can organise this type of event. Is there a Café or place of interest in your area worth a visit? I had an interesting couple of days sorting out the engine problems of Warren’s Mustang. It is now running like the “Pony” in the Grille, and Warren is smiling. I have taken Margaret to Auckland. She flew to the UK on the 20th Aug. with her daughter to attend a family get-together for her brother-in-law’s 100th birthday. The Club Cleaning Roster has to be revamped to replace members who are no longer able to assist. Can I please have some volunteers who would be able to carry out the cleaning duties of the Clubrooms at some time. The rooms are cleaned once a month on a roster system and the greater the number on the roster, the greater the time between turns. Your assistance in this matter would be appreciated. In last months “Focus” there was an interesting

article on “ The Festival of the Unexceptional”, cars and vehicles that our parents owned and drove. Is this a type and class of vehicle that we can promote an interest in within the Far North? Any ideas or comments would be welcome. A coincidental article in the NZ Herald of Saturday 17th August in the “Driven” Motoring section, featured our Club Member Rex Graham and his 1937 2 door Morris 8. An excellent presentation and photos of this great example of a very popular car in its time. I can recall making a trip to Tauranga at Christmas 1944 in the back of a four door model with my Mother, Father, and baby brother in the pram, taken out of its frame, wedged in alongside of me. I remember the Red 2 Gallon petrol cans strapped to the luggage carrier, and having to stop on Trafford’s Hill for my Dad to refit the original main jet back into the carburettor to give the engine sufficient fuel to drive over the top of the hill. He had installed a smaller jet in an attempt to save fuel. These were the days of petrol rationing, and one could only purchase small volumes of fuel using petrol coupons. Through my dad’s association with the transport industry in Gisborne, he was given sufficient coupons from some of his clients to enable us to holiday in Tauranga. Something very special in those years. I hope that we don’t see this happening again due to the push to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Happy motoring in your vintage / classic car while you can. Graeme.

THE CLEANING ROSTER I am having to revamp the cleaning roster. Some listed members are no longer with us and I think it prudent that I remove some others. You will see that I have asked for volunteers in my report.


Should any member not be available, or a member wish to assist, please contact me on 09 406 1413. Please look on page 2 to see when it’s your turn.

Many thanks, Graeme. 5

To access the Club facebook page go to: or type Vintage Car Club of New Zealand into facebook search.

THE VCC FACEBOOK PAGE The vintage Car Club’s facebook page is now two years old and has over 1500 followers. It has interesting stories, posts on events, and photos of classic and vintage activities from around New Zealand and the world. One of the photo posts on the last Irishman rally achieved a reach of 8,253 people. 1.


Our facebook page includes notifications of up-coming events but it’s not a buy, sell and exchange page. There are other avenues for that information.

For those who already have a facebook account: go to the VCC facebook page and LIKE it. Posts will then ap- It would be great if you could email us pictures and include a pear in YOUR facebook stream and you can share couple of words about the photo from your branch events or them with your friends. rallies you are attending around the country. These provide content of interest for enthusiasts around the world. Send For those who don’t have a facebook page or don’t pictures and stories to: want to set up an account: type in the link below and then save it in bookmarks in your internet browser. Thank you for your support. You will then have easy access to the page whenever you want to see the latest posts. VCC facebook team

MATAURI BAY LUNCH A pleasant diversion on a dreary winter day: 23 people made the effort, and were rewarded with a very satisfying meal of comfort food at the Matauri Bay Café. Graeme Whiteman was the winner for the day; good to see you out with us Graeme.

There was still more to come!

It’s all about catching up and enjoying our friendships.


The FIVA. Last month I wrote that Rod Brayshaw had produced a report from the FIVA General Assembly Meeting held in Gibraltar in November 2018. I wondered, “what is the FIVA”? FIVA-“ The Federation International des Vehicules Anciens”(English: International Federation of Ancient Vehicles) was founded in 1966 when several historic vehicle associations and classic car clubs in a number of different countries felt a need for a worldwide body to promote and direct the interests of a historic vehicle movement internationally. It is the worldwide federative association of historic automobile clubs, be they for veteran, vintage, pre-or post-war classic cars, at least 30 years old. FIVA’s primary objective was to; “encourage the safe use of self-propelled, mechanical vehicles, more than 30years old, on the roads for the benefit of both their owners, dedicated enthusiasts and the general public”. The FIVA’s three main goals and objectives include;

 Promoting historic vehicle culture, including international events, forums and seminars.

FIVA member clubs represent more than 1.5 million old timer enthusiasts in 64 countries through more than 85 member organisations. In 2013, all 61 national member organisations of FIVA ratified and enacted the so called “Turin Charter”, set forth by The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage (TICCIH) “To preserve and safeguard the history of vehicles including their engineering, form, functions, and documented histories of vehicles and their many and diverse relationships with society and social environments”. This organisation has been looking into the impact on the use of vintage and classic cars because of the drive to get rid of fossil fuel as a cause of Climate change. Over the coming months, I will attempt to reproduce the main points as reported. Please feel free to ask me to see the copy of the report.

 Protecting responsible use of historic vehicles, The FIVA has a web site; ( for interthrough policies and legislation, specific supportive ested members to check out. actions relations with authorities .


 Preserving historic vehicles, related artifacts and records including research and cataloguing

NATIONAL NORTH ISLAND EASTER RALLY Horowhenua Vintage Car Club 10th—13th April 2020 Based in Levin and covering quiet rural roads.

The start,

An option for an evening out, without driving, to Southwards Museum for dinner and Wurlitzer organ recital. Gymkhana Sunday afternoon and prize giving dinner.

CONGRATULATIONS REX! It was so good to see the article on Rex and his Morris 8 in the NZ Herald on the 17th of August. Well deserved recognition for a guy who loves his cars and gets the best out of them.

Contact Michael Gaffaney

Google NZ Herald’s ‘Driven’ supplement for Saturday The finish, 17th August to see the full story and pictures.

See BeadedWheels for more detail

Ph 04 905 2402


GORDON KEEBLE G T In 1960, this was the most electrifying car the British magazine Autocar & Motor had ever tested. Designed by Guigiaro in Italy and built in an aircraft hangar in Southampton, it boasted good looks, a glass fibre body, and a 5.4 litre, 300bhp V8 Chevrolet Corvette engine. But, despite plenty of publicity, good looks, epic performance, and a glamorous clientele, the Gordon Keeble was a commercial disaster, with only 104 built. “The car built to aircraft standards”, read the advertising copy. And time has proved the Keeble’s integrity; a space-frame chassis, rust-proof body, and that unburstable V8 has meant that over 90 Gordons have survived, with 60 still regularly used today. (Source published in 2001). Born in an era when beauty mattered more than balance sheets, the Gordon Keeble failed for two reasons. Firstly the workers could not make enough of hem, and secondly the management forgot to put a profit margin in the price. How the motor industry has changed………..

Radio New Zealand Interviews

Last year Lynne Freeman, from Radio New Zealand, interviewed Life Member Roger White from Wellington Branch, and Dianne Humphreys from Waitemata Branch, for her Summer Days radio programme. The following are links to the interviews, plus there are lots of great photos as well. These links can also be found on the Club’s facebook page. Regards, VCC facebook team.

G T MULLER State Highway 10, Coopers Beach


Fred owned a bar in rural New Zealand and a customer came in and asked “What is the Wi-Fi password please?” to which he replied “You have to buy a drink first.” The customer ordered and paid for a beer, then asked again, “What is the Wi-Fi password please?” to which Fred replied, ”You have to buy a drink first, that’s no spaces and all lower case.”


Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Far North VCC - September 2019  

Far North VCC - September 2019