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Far North Focus

December 2019

She’s all class!

We wish all our members a safe, peaceful and joyful Christmas and holiday season, and health and happiness in the New Year.


The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Far North Focus Who’s Who for 2019/20 Chairman

Murray Cormack

09 4077255

Vice Chairman

Winston Matthews

09 406 0203


Gloria Cormack

09 4077255


Robyn Mackay

wmackay116@gmail .com

09 406 1955

Club Captain

Graeme Moore

09 4061413


Peg Hills

09 406 1077

Communications Officer

Ruth Reid

09 4060 392

New Member Liaison

Murray Cormack

09 4077255

Beaded Wheels Scribe

Dave Duirs

09 406 1288

Area Rep North

Ruth Reid

09 406 0392

Area Rep South

Warwick Woollams

09 407 7494


Murray Cormack, Robyn Mackay, Winston Matthews, Graeme Moore, Vince Mason, Mike Pooley, Gloria Cormack, Warwick Woollams, Warren Mackay

Building Officer

Peter Mason

09 406 1409

A full list of elected officers was circulated with the minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting

Club meetings on the second Tuesday of the month at the Aurere Clubrooms at 7.30pm.

CLUB CLEANING ROSTER 2019-2020 During the month, and preferably before the main calendar event, please give the clubrooms a thorough check over, as in: Clean the toilets and hand basins, check kitchen, window ledges etc, and sweep the floors. Window cleaning, washing walls etc will be done at working bees.

Note any required maintenance and pass on to the Building Officer- Peter Mason, ph 406 1409. If your date doesn’t suit you, please swap with someone else. For any other enquiries please contact the Club Captain.


Graeme and Margaret


C Brownlie


D & P Hills


D & D Duirs


Graeme & Margaret


Graeme Moore




Everyone– working bee




P & Z Mason




Graeme & Margaret




Calendar of Events 2018 / 2019 December 7th

Christmas Gymkhana


January 18th


Murray & Gloria

January 19th

Taipa Bay Caffeine & Classics


February 15th

Hokianga/ Far North


February 16th

Taipa Bay Caffeine & Classics


March 14th

Far North /Hokianga


March 15th

Taipa Bay Caffeine& Classics


April 4th

Brian Parker

Rex & Sandra

April 19th

Taipa Bay Caffeine & Classics


May 10th

Mothers Day

Terry & Sue (TBC)

May 12th

Club AGM


May 17th

Taipa Bay Caffeine & Classics


June 21st

Taipa Bay Caffeine & Classics


June 27th

Molloy Trophy Rally


We acknowledge the passing of Sylvia Garrett, and offer our sincere sympathy to Adrian and all the family.

Club meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month, at 7.30pm, at the Aurere Clubrooms, unless otherwise advised. The Far North Branch of the VCC does have a policy that pets are not brought to any Club events. We do ask that this policy is respected.


The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

From the Chair……. Where has the year gone? Firstly, our sincere condolences to Adrian Garrett and family for their loss of Sylvia. It was always such a pleasure to see her at any Club event.

Matters Mechanical: Just do it. Whether you are driving, fixing, restoring, looking, dreaming, or just remembering, do ‘what floats your boat’.

One of the quiet success ventures of our club over time are the pot-luck dinners organised by Warwick in the Forty-nine vintage vehicles participated in the Far North Kerikeri area. These are really appreciated by local Tour organised by Northland branch. Tremendous members who rotate the hosting in their own homes. As weather and approximately 135km of scenic Northland a courtesy to the hosts Warwick provides numbers who roads both sealed and unsealed. Five vehicles from the will attend to ensure appropriate facilities are availaFar North branch all had a great day catching up with old ble. A big thankyou to Warwick and all the members friends and appreciating the drive. who have enjoyed the dinners. If you can supply an addiAt the time of preparation of this report the Dunny Run tional hosting venue or wish to participate in the dinners has not happened, but I am sure it will be a great success please contact Warwick at or 09 4077494. under the control of Doug and Bev Grant from Dargaville. On behalf of Gloria and myself we wish you a merry As the calendar year draws to an end I am reminded of Christmas and the best of health and motoring pleasure the enormous effort our members have made to keep in the new year. supplying rallies, contributing to and preparing club Enjoy your vehicles and the friends associated with magazines, and myriad other things that the club must them. do to keep functioning. Just turning up supporting the events is also truly appreciated. A big thanks to you all. Murray

KERIKERI KICKBACK SATURDAY 18TH JANUARY A non-competitive rally around the Kerikeri district followed by a picnic lunch at the Cormack’s home The afternoon includes chin-wagging and non-competitive lawn activities suitable for all Kick back after the silly season! Meet at Waipapa car park (next to the toilets) at 10.00am for a 10.30 start There could be some metal roads Bring morning tea and a picnic lunch Contact:: Murray and Gloria Ph. 09 4077255 or email

Thanks to all of you who have contributed items of interest this month– what a treat for the editor!


Club Captain’s Reportplaces our “Autospectacular”. It is hoped that our Club Members support this event by displaying their cars on the day. We should hear more about the event closer to the time.

Hello and Season’s Greetings to all Club Members. Here we are at the end of another Calendar year and all of the good intentions of your Club Captain planned for the past 6 months have not come to fruition. It is true, the older you are the quicker time passes by.

While in Cambridge, I was taken to see the “Stragglers Rod and Custom Club” Charity event. This event attracted in excess News and events of the month. of 1600 vehicles on display. The event was staged at the Lake It is with sadness that I acknowledge the passing of Sylvia Gar- Karapiro rowing venue and park. There were estimated to be rett on the 16 November. Her funeral was held on Saturday well in excess of 5000 people attending on the day. Most no23 . A number of our members cut short their time on the ticeable were the families involved with the cars and vehicles “Dunny Run” and attended the service. Sylvia will be remem- on display. How do we as Vintage Car Club members generate bered as a lovely lady seen riding alongside Adrian in one of this amount of interest? January’s event at Taipa will be interthe two Rolls Royce that Adrian and Sylvia brought out to esting to see. many of the Club events. The Club members extend to Adrian their deepest sympathy and trust that we will see him on fuYour Club Captain will be seen driving a different set of ture rallies. wheels. I drove Warren’s EK Holden for 2 weeks and I have never attracted so much attention in driving a vehicle since my The Classic Car Show held at the Kaitaia Show Grounds on the TF MG days. The number of people who asked me about the 16 November is reported to have been a great success with car and told me stories of their memories of similar cars was many cars and a good attendance of people enjoying the day. amazing. If you want to be noticed, drive a 1960’s vehicle. If Many visiting cars were to be seen driving around Mangonui. you prefer to be one of the crowd, drive a Nissan X Trail. There The “Dunny Run” is reported to have attracted a good attend- are many on the road, and being a very clean dark metallic ance of Club Members. Regretfully Margaret and I had to miss Blue doesn’t even raise an eyebrow. th



it having a prior engagement in the Cambridge / Hamilton district and then later travelled over to Papamoa, returning Tuesday 26 . One comment regarding the running of the “Dunny Run” event is the need to change the date so that it does not clash with the Keri Keri Marathon. I am told that there was considerable congestion and vehicles backed up for approaching 1 km at the KK roundabout. This happens every year and the large increase of traffic travelling on our roads is compounding the problem for members travelling to the start of the event in Kawa Kawa. Congratulations to Dave, Dorothy and Phyllis on their win. th

The “Far North Rod and Custom Club” are to run a “Taipa Show and Shine” on the 4 January 2020, 9am – 2pm. This re-

This being the last “Focus” for the year, on behalf of Margaret, Warren, and Robyn, I wish to thank all Club Members for attending the events that have been staged during the past 6 months. We thank those who have taken the time to organise events and would ask for all members’ assistance in staging even an impromptu event, coffee morning get together midweek etc. We welcome your ideas and help. (The MG Car Club calls these events “Gallivanting”). We wish you all a Very Happy and Safe Festive Season. Please drive with care and we look forward to seeing you at the coming events. Safe Motoring Graeme.


CHRISTMAS LUNCHEON FNVCC CLUBROOMS SATURDAY 7TH DECEMBER Mini Gymkhana in Winston’s paddock, followed by a Pot luck lunch with a Christmas theme

Meet at 10.00am


up at a crossroads on whose direction we could not agree. Nick, who was acting as tail end Charlie and testing his good lady Shona's navigation skills put us in the right direction as we headed South through some spectacular big country down to Matiere which would also have been a busy railway, (to Stratford and now used for tourist rail buggies parallel to the Forgotten Highway out past Whangamomana), farming, school town once. A spot of seal took us in to the Okahukura Saddle road where we had a picturesque view across to Tongariro National Park with a good covering of snow. Over SH4 we followed the Ongarue river back towards our finish some 140kms later back at the airport. All survived the great run on some real "Peugeot" roads. The cars were covered in dust and we exchanged some ideas on the interpretation of some of the clues. We all joined again for a Thai dinner and more socialising before retiring for the RWC rugby final.

PEUGEOT INTERCLUB RALLY 2019 TAUMARUNUI NZ "Hey Nick. Are your Peugeot weekend plans on track? We have saddled the horse and will set off soon." Organiser of the Peugeot Interclub Rally 2019, Nick Watson of Taumarunui in the King Country duly replied that all was go and that he had ordered great weather. Our '55 203, A framed behind the Fiat Ducato Maxi van (Peugeot Boxer sibling), galloped down from Cable Bay in the Far North to Otorohanga for a night break followed by an easy run down to Taumarunui. Most comfort stops we had created a lot of’s always surprising how many people remember the 203 although several thought it was a Morrie, Jowet or even a Volvo.

Sunday was hot again as we met Nick and Shona who armed us with a Taumarunui town map, a bunch of questions about features of the town which we had to navigate to in order to find specific details. We had two hours and that went pretty quickly as we searched with help from locals (who often weren't sure of what we were looking for) and the 'I' Centre (which also had to refer to google for some clues). This was a great idea (thanks Shona) which gave us a really good idea of the town and some of its interesting features.

Settled in a camp and with 203 detached from the A frame (also of interest as we hook up directly to the front transverse spring which will stump which ever cop one day stops us for a check), we headed to town to meet fellow Peugeot colleagues from Northland, Auckland, Wairarapa, Taranaki, Christchurch and Wellington sporting old and new 203, 403, 404, 504, 505s, 306cabriolet, 307 SW, 508 SW and a Citroen C4 VTS trying to be a 207 GTI VVT. Dinner at the local RSA gave us good catch up time and some retired with the aim of watching RWC Japan progress.

The Druskovich crew from Auckland were overall winners, Cotterills from Whangarei came a close second and Duirs from the Far North third with the team trophy going to the Auckland club.

We all lined up early on Saturday at the Taumarunui airport for a briefing and in perfect conditions headed West in to the rugged hills which were looking green, devoid of weeds with the gravel roads in good order having recently been graded. Our host Nick works with Ruapehu District Council and may have whispered in the ear of the road maintenance guys. Without any wind at all, following too close in thick dust was not a good idea as we also had to check out some clues to accrue points and confirm we were heading in the right direction. Views were spectacular and we were encouraged to take time to stop and take in some of the vistas and places of interest.

Many thanks to Nick, with assistance from Shona for putting in so much effort for a great weekend, to fellow members for being good company and to Taumarunui and the King Country for sharing some real New Zealand and, of course, our Peugeots for giving us the excuse to tinker in the shed, get away on the road and enjoy some good tyre kicking......almost literally in our case when we heard an "expensive" racket outside which turned out to be a loose hubcap! We A framed our way back with several days in the Waikato, a stay on a 6,000 acre dairy farm and camped at the Whangarei Kiwi Park to finish a great week of camaraderie and catch up. Our 203 just loves the back country gravel roads and always runs so well after a long run which we give it as often as possible. Towing behind the van is an absolute breeze and far more positive than pulling a trailer.

Through the Mangakahu valley we passed through what was once a busy Ongarue railway, forestry and farming village where we headed North following the main trunk railway and back East through some big cattle country to picnic lunch at Mokauiti (physically just the local hall) where a local farmer we had earlier asked for directions, kindly endured an unexpected "interview" about his neck of the woods. His property was vast (stretched back 13 kms from where we stood) and his father and he had broken it in from scrub so he was quite passionate about his vocation and the impact of current local and global politics and the subject of water, environment and emissions etc. I could understand where he was coming from..... as a young guy I drove bulldozers in the area, cut tea tree nearby and further south, then bought the property up here and chased scrub with tractors, spray hose and helicopter and have reluctantly just done the exercise re perhaps replanting in tea tree for manuka honey!!. Oh well. If you don’t accept change you might miss out on progress. But of course driving an old 203 is looking back in a positive way, if that makes sense!

Dave and Dorothy DUIRS 12 November 2019

Back on more dusty gravel after lunch most of us ended


In case you forgot to look at the calendar on page 3……... Club Calendar of coming events. Please watch out for e-mails close to the dates. Saturday 7 December . Club Christmas Lunch at the Clubrooms. (See notice for details). th

Saturday 4 January. Far North Rod & Custom Taipa Show and Shine. th

Saturday 18 January. A Club event at Murray and Gloria’s Keri Keri. Details will be e-mailed. th

Sunday 19 January. th

Taipa Bay Caffeine and Classics.

Saturday 15 February. Hokianga excursion and explore with Keith Lyndsell. th

Note; The Bay of Islands Classic and Sports Car Club have invited us to join them on one of their “Breakfast Mornings” on the Green in Paihia. I will look to advising you of their dates and time. Their Club has a web site; boicarclub.

For Sale

2003 Holden Calais V6 79,000kms Immaculate condition Auto, air conditioning All Calais extras– leather upholstery, rubber mats, boot liner etc Registered and warranted to October 2020 $10,000 Contact Lloyd Morris, ph 09436 2505 Or 027 490 8747


From here we went through Opua, which was very busy and crowded because of Captain Cook’s ORGANISED BY CLAUDIA & BRUCE JEFFERY ‘Endeavour’ being in port and having an open day for the public. We couldn’t incorporate this in our 9TH NOVEMBER 2019 rally, so headed off through Paihia and travelling to What an absolutely perfect day we had. Vince and I Haruru Falls to Matt and Bev Sharpe’s home where left 8.30am for Kawakawa, picking up my brother in we all had lunch. A great time of relaxation. Moerewa, as he had a free day and wanted to come After lunch we headed off to Oramahoe Cheese facwith us. tory where we were able to taste some of the cheesWe met in Kawakawa Domain at 10.00am and had es. This concluded our Austin rally. It was a beautimorning tea together before heading off on our ralful sunny day and a wonderful rally. ly. We left heading towards Opua answering quesTo our surprise, we won a lovely little ‘Austin’ trotions as we went. Our first lookin was at Opua Industrial Estate where the ‘Minerva’ steam boat was phy, designed and made by Bruce and Claudia’s son. It looks so nice in our china cabinet and rebeing stored and renovated. John Clode, our host, gave us a detailed report on the history and current minds us of the lovely day we enjoyed.


restoration in hand. It had been a veteran ferry boat Many thanks to Bruce and Claudia for all the work in Auckland in 1910 used as a ferry in the Manukau you put into this rally and giving us a wonderful harbour. After its days as a ferry, it was used for day. other purposes as a work horse in other areas. This Naomi was a very interesting and informative lookin.

The SS Minerva was built in 1910 by Charles Bailey Jnr sawmill, towing logs on the Kaipara right up until the to ferry passengers between Auckland’s Queen St 1940s.’ wharf and Howick. The vessel was intended to be an Americas Cup viewThe country’s most vintage and oldest running steam ing boat but was sold to the Kerikeri Steam Trust a boat is set to attract attention from thousands after its decade ago under the condition they restored it to near restoration in Kerikeri, Northland. original condition. ‘She stopped being a ferry in the late 1920s and that was because of increased road transport. She then went to the Kaipara and worked for the Helensville

It was built by using ‘traditional techniques’ and will be restored the same way ‘as a piece of living history.’

The very cool V8 barbeque mounted on the drawbar of a retro caravan seen by Graeme at the Stragglers Rod & Custom show at Karapiro last Sunday.


I had a very welcome note from Cecelia recently, which I thought you’d all like to see. The Apartments are amazing! I’m keeping tabs on you all via the newsletter. It’s been such a long time since we’ve been on a rally due to Pete’s involvement with the renovation of the Firestation in Gore. Thankfully, it’s completed but still a few compliance issues to resolve before we can move on. We’ve now decided to sell the Firestation as it’s too far for us to get to on a regular basis. It’s been stressful and expensive yet hugely satisfying project especially for Pete and we’re pleased to have survived it intact. Well, we hope we’re still in one piece. Click on the following link if you’re interested. We’ve just returned from putting some finishing touches to the apartments. Hope to catch up with you all more often soon. Arohanui Cecelia Check out this video link for a neat story about The Chev we used to own:

The Dunny Run Saturday 23rd November The Far North Branch made it a clean sweep of the placings. 1 . Dave and Dorothy Duirs and Phyllis Crisp. 2 . Warren and Robyn Mackay. 3 = Rex Graham and Sandra Trafford 3 =Keith and Sandra Taylor 5 Bruce, Claudia and Terry Rogers. st

nd rd rd th

A classy line-up Another classy line-up

Is coaching allowed??

Some take it seriously 9

Ex Owner Buys Back Car More Than 40 Years On

big smile on my face.”

“When (the owner) realised I was one of the previous owners he was pleased, then Aaron and I got one of the transport outfits to bring it down to Greymouth.”

Peter and Cecelia took this car on numerous rallies before selling it to Brian, who then sold it to Viv Sheehan. What a great story. As Cecelia says, ‘It was meant to be.’

The 1939 Master Deluxe Chevrolet Coupe runs an original 6 cylinder engine, comes with hydraulic After more than 40 years apart, Viv Sheehan has brakes and has a foot starter and dip switch on the been reunited with the 1939 Master Deluxe Chevrofloor. It even has manual air conditioning. let Coupe he last owned back in the 1970s. “I originally bought it from a relation in Templeton Greymouth resident Moe Bowes spotted the car for in the 1970s and sold it to a fellow in Ashburton sale on Trade Me, and recognised the local signifiwhen we were shifting from Stillwater to Cheviot. cance when he saw Mr Sheehan’s name on the orig“We won’t be driving it every day, but Betty and I inal ownership papers so he alerted him that his will bring it out to go on the vintage car rallies. It ‘old girl’ was for sale again. will now stay in the family. We have three sons, and “I talked it over with my wife Betty and Aaron my that was the idea of bringing it home.” son, and I decided it would be great to bring the This is the link to the neat video clip that goes with old girl home,” Mr Sheehan said. this story: Forty years after he last saw it, the coupe had turned up in Kaitaia in the Far North, and after con- tacting the owner the wheels started turning.

Mr Sheehan was thrilled with the condition it was in when it arrived back in town. “It had been done up from when I originally had it. It’s in beautiful condition. When buying on spec you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get, but when it arrived in all her pride and glory I had a


I’m disappointed that in all my considerable archive I

Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Far North VCC - December 2019  

Far North VCC - December 2019