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PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021


NUMBER 305 April 2021


Ernie Williams, Matchless mounted at Mangere Mountain, early 1970’s.

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PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021


ROBERT CHAPMAN 021 038 3281 robman@orcon.net.nz STAN SMITH 0274 775 475 vintageaircraft@xtra.co.nz GRAEME BANKS 027 500 3806 grabannz@gmail.com JACQUI GOLDINGHAM 09 445 8811 goldienz@orcon.net.nz GRAEME BANKS 027 500 3806 grabannz@gmail.com 027 24 55 786 michael.john.greig@gmail.com MICHAEL GREIG 094456760 goldienz@orcon.net.nz IAN GOLDINGHAM 09 445 8811 BRENDAN LAMAIN 021 132 4557 brendanandterry@gmail.com MAX JAMIESON, MIKE HOPE-CROSS, HAMISH ANDREWS AND ROB SCOTT.

COMING EVENTS Looking Forward……… Month April


Other Events

Shed Raid on the 25th

Ak Branch Mid-Week Run

Stan’s Airfield 2pm18th

North Shore Branch, Northern Raid. 24th

Swap Meets

Whangarei 11th

HRC VCC Taupo Meeting 11th May

Kaipara Airfield Event 15th Roycroft Trophy 16th


AGM 3rd 16 Lunch Run TBA R’oil Can 10th (Sacred Event)


Brit Euro 11th

Northland Branch Far North Tour

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PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

Club Night 1st April. See you at the RSA Room, King George V Memorial Hall, Library Lane, Albany, 7.00 pm 1st April.

HRC Jack Nazer Meeting - TAUPO Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park, TAUPO Sunday 11 th April 2021 HRC SEASON FINALE – Hampton Downs VCC ROYCROFT TROPHY RACES Sunday 16th MAY 2021 -----------------------------------------

AUCKLAND BRANCH MID-WEEK RUNS Wednesday 21st April. Starts 10.00am at Westgate, Old Carpark. Good time to exercise the vehicle, share the trip with a friend, and take your own lunch. Jack Nazer 09 378 4580 Mike Loosemore 02102708848.

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PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

A Touch of Nostalgia by William Hearne I’ve been looking back at Phoenix Number 1. September/October 1982 The final lines of a poem composed by the late Terry French for the occasion entitled “Some thoughts on the birth of the Waitemata Branch” … Will this new branch, as time goes by, become, to the rest who are watching, a star in the crown of the VCC, or a blot on its escutcheon? Enough years have gone by for those of you in the branch at present, to be able to answer that question. My comment would be that the former is the case and not the latter. I have been requested to contribute to Phoenix and, having been in the position of bulletin editor in the past, I know how helpful it is to receive copy. My wife June and I have been living in England for the past 16 years, so have been out of touch with club events. However, we have been fortunate to receive Phoenix, so have some ideas of the activities during that time. The branch has progressed, and we have grown older. It’s so good to see many new members and different events. Also, good to see that the spirit of the Waitemata Branch has been retained. It was originally formed for the more enthusiastic motorists amongst the members – those who wanted more than rallies around the suburbs. On a personal level, I have been a vintage car enthusiast for 60 years. The Auckland Branch was our only choice when I joined. I worked in publishing, so it was a natural move to become involved in the production of the Bulletin of the Auckland Veteran and Vintage Car Club [Inc]. We have collated and folded many issues and licked hundreds of stamps. In February 1966, I produced the 100th issue. When the North Shore Branch was formed in the 1970s, I transferred my skills to name and produce the first issue of “Progress” and again, in September/October 1982 I named and produced the first issue of “Phoenix”. Back to the 1960s. Auckland was growing, and the North Shore was booming since the construction of the Harbour Bridge. Harold Kidd and I were both on the committee of the Auckland Branch, although we both lived “on the Shore”. We were both concerned that the events were getting rather boring and agreed that we should organise the first semi-sporting event and decided on a Gymkhana. We did not have the backing of the committee but being two of many members residing on the North Shore, we knew that we have support from them – so we went ahead with the event. The venue was to be a grassed paddock adjoining one of Orewa beach’s camping grounds belonging to a Mr Maire. Quoting from my article for Beaded Wheels in September 1967. P a g e |4

PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

“Sunday 21st May dawned a beautiful day on the North Shore of Auckland but more beautiful still was the appearance of many sporting machines heading north from the city to Orewa Beach. Entries totalling 37, were well above the average number expected at a monthly rally. The vehicles comprised: 20 Vintage, 9 post-vintage [pre-1939 at that time] and 8 motorcycles. Vintage entries produced examples of Bentley [2] Bean, Vauxhall, Sunbeam, Lea Francis, Delage, Velie, along with Austin, Ford, Chevrolet, Hudson, Hupmobile, Grahame Paige and Whippet. Post-vintage makes represented were Lagonda, Alvis [2], Triumph [2], Singer and Jowett. Motorcycles were Harley Davidson [2], Matchless, Excelsior, Douglas, Indian and B.S.A. [2]. The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the arrival of John Stanley’s Delage Boattail. This was a fully restored D.I. mobile chassis fitted with a hastily prepared [6 hours before the event] mock-up wooden planked body constructed of light timber framing and carboard, which was painted with a woodgrain finish and suitably adorned with aero screens, wire lacing and all manner of period fittings. This could well be frowned upon in some circles, but when all is considered it would be a poor show indeed if we cannot raise a laugh or two occasionally. Part of the success of the event can be attributed to the running of four events in the morningWiggle Woggle, Mail Delivery, Bottle Dragging and Garaging Tests, and four in the afternoon – a Le Mans dash, Wheel positioning, Width judging and the Serpentine, these running consecutively so that no competitor was kept waiting for too long a period at any stage. It was the success of this event that in many ways lead to the formation of the North Shore Branch. Captions to Pictures [not already captioned]. The Motorcycle lads lined up. Lawrence Poolman and Garth Bagnall in the 1934 Lagonda Rapier. Tim Secombe in the 3 litre Bentley [2]. The writer’s 1928 Lea Francis Hyper. Pat Wood with Big X Dolomite in background.

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PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

Taken by Dave Hocking of the Hearne in the Lea Francis. Driver and car campaigned for many years.

The Reids in an Alvis Speed 25

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PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

The Seacombe 41/2 Bentley.

Laurie Poolman and Gath Bagnall in the Lagonda Rapier.

Photos from Will Hearne and two from the period Beaded Wheels. I may be incorrect, but was the Seacombe car the ex-Hamilton car that Brian Johnstone had at one time? May we hear from the Bentley pundits in correspondence. The Lea Francis, I was told the story of its purchase in the 1960’s. Great tale. It left these shores many years ago. Anything about the Alvis Speed 20?

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PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

Fillers from the Brooke Bond Tea card collection as promised.

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PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

WHANGAREI SHED RAID Sunday April 25 Meet at 240 Ngunguru Road at 10:30 to see the Don Nightingale collection of cars 1925 to 1965 This is about 2-3km past the Whangarei falls and you will need to leave Auckland around 8:00am Bring a picnic lunch and cost is $5/head

Contact: Keith Humphreys 446 0916 or modelaspeedster@gmail.com

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PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021


An old Shed Find from long ago. It was back in 1986, November, I did a trip to North Otago. At that time, I was working at North Shore Hospital in the Laboratory. This was a time of a lot of social activities at the hospital, and I joined a team to go to a national inter hospital games event. It was held at Christchurch; having a subsidised flight there and back with accommodation, could not turn it down. It was a chance to attend the games and visit an old friend who was teaching at a school on the Waitaki River many miles in from Oamaru. After an enjoyable time with much fun and partying, I picked up the rental car, a small Honda, and proceeded south. I had recently completed and had the WD Riley running and went to visit the original owner of the car, still alive in Timaru, Mr. J. O. S Millar. I had been in contact with him through George Calder (of Riley and engineering fame in Christchurch), who had met his son, who sent contact details. I had very interesting correspondence and was supplied period photos of both WD’s that came through Mr. Millar to NZ. Mr Millar was an interesting and fit Scot with, I remember, a scotch terrier. After a whiskey, he took me to the garage where his hobby was displayed. It was a scale model steam train; I am unable to remember the scale. It sat on its rails and was able to fit into the Austin Maxi he had to take it to the model group where it would tow passengers. He said he wanted to be an engineer but was ridiculed by his father and had taken this interest when he came to NZ where he was a sales representative for Youngs who sold sheep dip. From conversations I had with some people in Oamaru, they knew of Mr. Millar and his involvement with model steam, and he was highly regarded. I proceeded to the school where my old friend, Stu Amato, taught at up the Waitaki. It was at high-country estate with very grand buildings from the late 19th Century. When it was turned into a school, it had all the accommodation for P a g e | 10

PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

staff, the ability to produce food and since it took the youth at risk, if they tried to run off, it was near 40km to the main highway which resulted with them coming back after a few miles. These were tough kids; from hard and sometimes brutal lives, they had escaped to arrive here, and with little activities, except for cross country running and fly fishing and an education system not set up for their needs. My friend said they were so formidable in the cross country; they were banned from school level competitions. Stu was a great friend, an immigrant of traditional form, almost a 19th century remittance man. An Old Edmundian, from St. Edmond’s College, a British public school, he came to NZ after many adventures and worked in primary schools in South Auckland and devoted his work to youth at risk and learning disabilities. In this end of the earth, he taught the kids fly fishing, a middle-class activity which they enjoyed. At this time there was no support for the kids when they returned to the Big Smoke and they would fall back into previous lifestyles. They still appreciated how they were treated by Stu and when they would see him many years later as large, patched gang members they were always polite and pleasant to him. I did some failed fly fishing, but, of course, it got away, but I was given a certificate to prove the partial capture. While in this area below Benmore, I was introduced to a vintage car club member, who with time, I have forgotten his name. He took me to see this small collection of cars along the river. Set back from the road, a non-descript farm with associated out buildings, it was inhabited by an elderly lady. I was told on the trip to the farm that the car club member was very protective of the old lady and did not want her disturbed by the unwashed masses. He kept an eye on the cars and their condition and access to her. Once the introduction was done, I was led to the shed and there was a late 20’s Vauxhall, a four door 20/60 in complete order and a late 30’s/ 40’s Austin, perhaps a 10hp. Also was a complete bullnose Morris roadster, complete and shrouded by cobwebs and the dust. A Ford Model T with an attached implement, and I was told how once it stopped in a field and refused to P a g e | 11

PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

start. The old lady described that as it was in gear, she would crank it every time she passed it. Eventually it arrived back at the shed. This part of Otago is very dry, and the conditions of the vehicles was good. I wonder now what the fates of these have been. This is all I can recall from my aged memory cells. Perhaps a correspondent from the South could enlighten us?

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PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

Chairman’s Voice…. Well, we got stung with the tail of Covid last month which saw cancelation of our club night, Airfield Grasskhana and The Brit Euro Show. All these events have been rescheduled for April and dates are above. This month we have three events over three weekends in a row not planned something we can thank Covid for. If you can attend all P a g e | 13

PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

three, please do. Hopefully, we have seen the last of this pesty virus with the roll out of the vaccination jab. With this in mind the R'oil Can is well past the planning stages and something that we can plan for with some certainty. A big thanks to Dean Salter to have been able to organise the Manunui Coastal Hill Climb once again. With more property being sold on the estate it has been a minefield to keep everyone happy, he managed to step through it. Well done Dean. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The next round of the VCC Hooters Vintage Race Series will be at the HRC Jack Nazer (Great Lakes) Meeting to be held at Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park on 10th and 11th April 2021. A full-on Classic Race meeting with many Historic cars and drivers taking part. Central to the meeting will be Jack Nazer – New Zealand Saloon Car Champion in 1976 and 1977. As well as the opportunity to meet Jack, there will also be a display of some of his race cars. The meeting features Historic Muscle Cars, Historic Saloon Cars, Alfa Trofeo Series, ERC (European Racing Classics), Improved Production Series, Prowear Superlaps, Formula Open / NZ Sportscars, 2KCup, Pre 65 /Mini, NZ 6 /HQ Holden and the Hooters Vintage Race Series. Come along for a great weekend of racing. For the HRC events, enter online at www.motorsportentry.com which has the regs as well. Call Tim at tim@hrcevents.co.nz, 021614600, 09 3770732. I can send them out as well, but it would take up another quarter of the newsletter to publish it. Any problems call. Michael. P a g e | 14

PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

An acknowledgement to our host at the Lochinver Event, Master of all he surveys and does, Kaumatua Tom Louglin. Sorry it is a bit late.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Below the first Riley 9 WD in NZ.

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PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

Stan’s Airfield Grasskhana Sunday 18th April 2pm.

The event is a gymkhana and timed event, i.e., wiggle woggle in various directions on the grass and standing still, acceleration through 440 yards to finish gate, on North Shore Airfield. The runway will be closed to all aircraft operations from 4.30 to 6 pm. For our unrestricted use. courtesy of the airfield owners., North Shore Aeroclub. Looking at arrival time at 2pm. From the motorway North, off at Silverdale, left into Dairy Flat Road, Wilk’s Road on the left, Postman Road opposite the Bus depot, Bayes, Gate 9. Follow directions of airfield staff. Requirement is that we wear Hi-vis jackets (we can supply some but bring your own) and follow directions of airfield staff. Tar seal quarter mile sprint, chicane sprint. Grass gymkhana, BBQ evening meal with cash bar and aircraft flights if required. Come on, what more could be offered! Please support them in the lounge as they are supporting us.

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PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

The Way We Were!

From the 1980 International Rally. I attended as part of the crew of the Auckland Branch Veteran Renault Charabanc. A life altering experience! Exposed to such a variety of vehicles, I returned home wiser, (keep off the turps) knowing that I needed a vintage car. I had deep and meaningful discussions with Hearne on appropriate vehicles. I was impressed by the duck tailed 12/50 Alvis but was convinced by robust arguments with the use of Tennets Lager, (Tui’s Brewery from Mangatainoka), to the path of the WD Riley. Joyful ever since. The car pictured below the second WD brought in, mine. The Ed.

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PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

Highland Frolic 1999 This fearsome instrument was let loosen the unsuspected public many times during the tour of the North Island by the brave band of kilted warriors who during the decimation of many braincells took on the legendary Laird of McGillicuddy Serious Party brutally fighting with newspaper swords and water balloons. Many ceilidhs, much feasting and over acting. The Branch was involved in some of the planning and a notable number of entrants. Overseas participants were included.

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PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

MUMBLINGS. Still in the process of attempting to clear spaces at home due to the sort out of various material, printed. I have rediscovered an apple box/ banana box of steam related books, hardback, noted authors and covering both NZ and overseas trains and assorted material. An elderly gentleman gave these to me as he was forced to move to smaller premises. He had this passion for many decades. A small donation to a charity before uplifting. Call the Editor to collect. Belonging to many diverse groups and interests I received some very interesting material from the Velocette group I belong to. The autobiography of Phil Irving and a guide to Velocette single Amal carburetters. Both fine and important topics to worshippers of the Marque. The Muriwai Event, cancelled due to the lockdown, will return at a time to be announced. You will be kept in touch. May be looking towards the end of the year. Start the preparation for the R’oil Can and ensure you are prepared for an excellent, well organised event. The entry forms will be in the next issue of the Phoenix!! P a g e | 19

PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

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PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

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PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

From the North Shore Branch NORTHERN RAID 2021 SATURDAY 24TH APRIL (ANZAC DAY IS SUNDAY) This year’s event will be of a similar format to last year’s enjoyable rally. The rally will start from and finish at our club rooms. We have simplified the rally to encourage those less experienced to come and join in the competition on the day. This rally is all on sealed roads and will have only 1 timed section and only 1 short straight line navigation section, with the usual questions and silent checks on route. We will of course have a touring route for those who perhaps enjoy a more relaxed day of sightseeing. Meet: At NSVCC club rooms at 10 a.m. for a short morning tea. Club rooms will be open at 9.30 a.m. Cars will get away after a short briefing at 10.45. We will be stopping for lunch on route at the North Harbour Sports and Country Club (De-Hot Bar and Grill— prepaid with your entry form.) After lunch we will continue on stage 2 of our rally which will lead you back to the club rooms around 3.30 p.m. We will have a relaxed social evening tour of our sheds and dinner will be served around 5.30 followed by the prize giving. We certainly hope you can join us on this Main Calendar Event, to have an enjoyable day’s motoring and a friendly social evening and meal.

Remember the winner does not have to plot next year’s rally—so please come along and support the branch and give it a go!!!! Please thebeckenhams@gmail.com

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PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

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PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

The photos in this issue are acknowledged and some are my own. Happy to put in some of your old snaps with notes and comments of the past. Often these personal shots which the photographer may consider underrated pictures give a new perspective of the subject and are memories of past occasions, late friends, and often historic moments. If you have some data, articles that may be useful to others, please submit them to the editor. Progress on restoration will be excellent and comments on skills developed and suppliers for material and accessories will be very helpful to all. I am at present making a luggage carrier for the Riley and using some of the skills and equipment at the local Men’s Shed, the Claystore in Devonport. I am under the direction of an elderly blacksmith whose skills amaze me. We continue to learn new things from everyone.

A contribution from The Automobile.

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PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021


CLUB NIGHT THURSDAY 1st April 7.00 pm at the RSA Room, King George V Memorial Hall, Library Lane, Albany. Take Exit 410 Oteha Valley Road. Travel west along Oteha Valley Road, ahead through 2 roundabouts and straight ahead at Traffic Lights into Albany Highway then almost immediately RIGHT into Library Lane then very soon go right again into the parking area. The RSA Room is at the rear.

21st May 1967 at Orewa, Auckland Bike Boys.

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PHOENIX Number 305 April 2021

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