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PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020




“Ready, on the count of 3….” Jacqui and Diane, December Club Night.

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PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020


ROBERT CHAPMAN 021 038 3281 robman@orcon.net.nz STAN SMITH 0274 775 475 vintageaircraft@xtra.co.nz HAMISH ANDREW 027 296 9665 h.andrew@orcon.net.nz JACQUI GOLDINGHAM 09 445 8811 goldienz@orcon.net.nz GRAEME BANKS 027 500 3806 grabannz@gmail.com kandmbeesley@outlook.com KEVIN BEESLEY 021 765 860 goldienz@orcon.net.nz IAN GOLDINGHAM 09 445 8811 BRENDAN LAMAIN 021 132 4557 brendanandterry@gmail.com DI HUMPHREYS, MAX JAMIESON, MIKE GREIG, MIKE HOPE-CROSS and ROB SCOTT.

COMING EVENTS Looking Forward……… Month FEBRUARY


Shed Raid with a Twist & Lunch 2 Manunui Coastal Hill Climb 29


N.S. Airfield Sprint and Gymkhana 22


Monte Carlo tba Drive & See 26



Other Events

Ellerslie Concours 9 Napier Art Deco Weekend 19-20

Swap Meets

Wellsford/Warkworth Swap Meet 23

Levels Race Meeting Banks Peninsular 7-9 Brit & Euro Classic Car Show 1 Hooters BMMP Great Lake Taupo 28 Highland Fling B.O.P. 24-26 National N.I. Easter Rally, Horowhenua 10-13

Kaipara Airfield Wings & Wheels 10 Roycroft Trophy Races Hampton Downs 2 Branch AGM 4 The R’Oilcan 11


Vintage Vehicle Rally, H.B. 10-13 Targa Time Trials 13-18

Don’t Forget…

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PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

Club Night - Thursday 5th FEBRUARY Usual place, usual time.


See you at the RSA Room, King George V Memorial Hall, Library Lane, Albany.

But before then…

Shed Raid with a Twist & Lunch 2nd February 2020 Nothing could be finer than a drive in Carolina in the morrrrrning? Oops, mean New Zealand, a tootle around the countryside (which may also have some twists and turns) to the “Shed Raid with a Twist” and followed by lunch. The lunch is catered, and cost is $30per person and B.Y.O. tipple as the lunch venue is an unlicensed premises. Start is at the Clubrooms, Albany on Sunday 2nd February 2020 at 1030 a.m. Prepare yourselves for some driving and fun! Please R.S.V.P. no later the Monday 27th January if you/your navigator/passengers are partaking of the lunch as numbers are essential for the caterers.

E: vintageaircraft@xtra.co.nz Ph: 027 269 5660 After that… P a g e |3

PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

9 February 2020. Ellerslie Racecourse. Kevin Andrew is masterminding our Branch entry and rounding up suitable vehicles as we speak. Get along and support the team. And then‌

Manunui Coastal Hill Climb 29 February 2020. (Off Pakiri Road, near Pakiri)

Being a bash up a two-lane, sealed, private road with varied grading and numerous corners, over an approximate length of 1.2km. A fun course that will be an interesting challenge, with competitor numbers limited to ensure plenty of time on the hill. A BBQ and catering will be provided at lunchtime for drivers and volunteers, this covered as part of your entry fee (additional persons at $10 per head). All pre-1961 vehicles are eligible to enter and post 1960 at the discretion of the organiser. Eligible vehicles will need a VCC VIC/Logbook or a MSNZ COD/Logbook. Drivers require a relevant race licence. Entry form sent out with this newsletter. Get yours in pronto to avoid missing out. In keeping with the time of year, a fire tender ute has been secured for the event with a 400litre water tank. P a g e |4

PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

Coming Up…

North Shore Airfield Sprint and Gymkhana 22 March. Details to be announced shortly. Keep the date free. Not Forgetting…

Sunday 1 March 2020 10am-3pm Lloyd Elsmore Park, Pakuranga. As the web site says, hundreds of smooth-bodied beauties coming together for your viewing pleasure. Of which Waitemata Branch will be a part. Details to be discussed coming Club Night. The Auckland Brit & Euro Classic Car Show is a FREE day out, so no excuse for not turning up.

Also… P a g e |5

PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

AUCKLAND BRANCH MID-WEEK RUN Wednesday 12 February Note: a week earlier than usual, in order to get a group booking. Starts from The Warehouse carpark at Westgate. 10-00 am for a 10-30 am departure. We are going to the West Lynn Gardens. BYO lunch & chairs, hot water will be available. Start at Westgate, usual times. The Dewdrops tel. 09 232 0245

email dewdrops@xtra.co.nz

Further Out…

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PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

, luxury BMWs

And… Repeating a message from Tim Hill, note the forthcoming Taupo event – read, be informed and on notice! “We have some provisional dates for our VCC Hooters race series next season. Unfortunately, we cannot get a Pukekohe date as HRC only have one event there and it is oversubscribed already. • •

Saturday 28th March 2020 Saturday 2nd May 2020

BMMP Taupo Hampton Downs

Great Lake Taupo Roycroft Trophy Races

Please can you indicate to me if you intend entering this year and which events you are likely to be at. We really need to increase numbers of competitors entering our races as at present the events are unsustainable and we will lose our VCC grids is we don’t support the series. Any ideas of how to boost our competitor numbers are also welcome Cheers, Tim Hill. Series Co-ordinator. tim@hrcevents.co.nz 021 614600”

Further Out Still…

2021 VERO International Festival of Historic Motoring 17-22 January 2021 Mark your diary now. Planning for the next VCC international rally in Taranaki is well underway. Come join the fun. ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

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PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

PAST EVENTS Looking Back…. December Club Night & BBQ – 5 December The BBQ sizzled, there was an abundance of snacks, salads, tatties and sweets. There was chat and good humour and a modicum of speechifying. Being that it was both our last Club Night of the year, and Kevin Beesley’s 50-year membership presentation. Yours truly was honoured to have his presentation made by Club life member Norm Dewhurst, who attended with wife Pat. This was very fitting as Norm was a key player at the time of the formation of our Branch. Daughter Tracy was kind enough to also come along. Nice things were said, some of which may have been true and Norm, seasoned campaigner that he is, enhanced the occasion by striking the right balance between levity and dignity.

Attendees begin mustering at table

Thank you Norm, and Pat, on behalf of both the recipient and the Branch. Thanks also to the Branch ladies for their efforts and input.

Some good stuff in the car park

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PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

There was some good stuff in the carpark.

Two more Beesleys. Paul and Vaughan Weighty matters of state

Speechifying. Pat and Norm listen politely.

Thanks, Keith H, for the photos. Behind every good man…

New Year’s Eve Bash – 31 December This report from John King…

A better use for the things This century’s biggest growth industry, at least judging by visual evidence, is the manufacturing of orange plastic cones. They’re everywhere - blocking off otherwise perfectly good road lanes for reasons unspecified, causing Auckland’s already problematic traffic to grind ever slower and, being plastic, using up all that precious oil better converted into greenhouse gases through the medium of elderly engines.

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PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

So the chance to escape traffic woes with an evening in the countryside, enjoying the hospitality of Kris and Mike Hope-Cross up in Waitakere for the traditional Waitemata Branch New Year’s Eve bash, was most welcome. And what did we find there? A paddock full of bright orange plastic cones! Admittedly, on mature thinking after the initial shock had worn off, they did serve a benign purpose. Set out Mine host Mike H-C, Singer and… cones. in a more or less recognisable pattern, they were intended to be driven around, parked inside and used for other purposes which, we were assured, had much more relevance to vintage motors than random road blockages.

Kevin Andrew and MG trying not to burst the bubble.

One competitor who shall remain nameless thought he’d gain a real advantage by driving over the pointy stick used for popping the balloon signalling the completion of each round, thereby preventing any further competition. He was foiled, however, by the discovery in a HopeCross shed of a roll of duct tape and, suitably if slightly crudely repaired, the lance continued to demonstrate drivers’ prowess or otherwise at aiming at a smallish sphere

And so it proved. It also proved that whoever had set them out had short-wheelbase sports cars in mind rather than the more ponderous of long-wheelbase vintage motors built for genteel touring. The results were never publicly announced, but casual observation suggested the younger generation, full of the derring-do beaten out of silversides by years of bureaucratic repression, had something of an advantage.

The car park slowly fills.

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PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

bobbing about in the gentle breeze of a perfect afternoon. This reporter didn’t do an actual head count, but there seemed to be a couple of dozen branch members attending, the numbers a bit confused by late arrivals and early departures for various reasons, including lack of generator power after dark. And while listing all the names would be tedious, it was nice to see Harold Kidd after all this time.

Hamish doing as Hamish does.

Others drifted off after an excellent barbecue dinner (we hope nobody was too fond of the sacrificial lamb) and only a dozen or so stalwarts actually welcomed in the new year (and, if you’re not too pedantic about maths, decade). No fireworks in the tradition of all those Gairdner celebrations, though—rural Waitakere tends to be high in manuka/kanuka concentration, and the headlines and videos of calamitous bushfires across the Tasman were all too stark. But much was discussed in the way of

politics, philosophy and, yes, vintage motoring, and Kris and Mike HopeCross once again showed their organisation and hospitality, for which the branch is most grateful. John King

The Last Supper (for 2019) is served

Shane Jones channelling his inner Mike Greig

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PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

Chairman Chapman’s Riley Special in the gloaming

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PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

Contemplative. Above and right.

Thanks to Keith Humphreys and John King for the photographs

HRC Tasman Revival Vintage Race Series Round 2 – 5 January No word received about this event prior to publishing so the report will have to wait for another day.

Lochinver – 18/19 January From the Model A Perspective. Lochinver - a Scottish name for sure - and there is a poem named Lochinver which has a first line -- “The end of the track”--. For us, the entrance to Lochinver Station was the start of the track In early January 2020 an opportunity popped up to join a run with some members of the Waitemata VCC Club into and through Lochinver Station to a block of land in its natural undeveloped state for an overnight stay at a Hunting Whare. My wife and I had a very brief chat about this and along with Terry and Joss Costello we leapt at the chance and booked! When one drives the Taupo Napier highway the Lochinver entrance is seen, but the extent of this property is simply huge and cannot be taken in at a glance! The flat grassed area seen from the highway eventually gives way to rolling hills and then to some natural native bush. There is also some pine forestry up there Vehicles assembled at the briefing. too. P a g e | 13

PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

The run started at the Lochinver gate on the highway where we met with our travelling companions and our hosts Tom & Liz Loughlin - the group of cars included a ‘27 Lea Francis - a ‘25 Alvis - a ‘24 Sunbeam - all open with tops down - and three Model A’s - a brief intro and we headed off . The farm roads were almost dust free with a breeze cleaning them off and the dust which remained was easily put into the back of my Wagon. As we toured some of Lochinver the size of the individual paddocks impressed as did the numbers and (to my eyes) the condition of both the cattle and sheep. We had a short stop at a lake /wetland area where quite some effort is being made to introduce native bush with a dedicated “We’re going in!” Sunbeam, Model A, Alvis and Model A again line planting program and wildlife is increasing astern as well. Onwards we went through the farm and past the forestry to where the land became plateaus of pumice ash. We stopped at a large prominent rock which is reputed to have been placed there as a result of the Taupo eruption many years ago - The road was by now not as well maintained as those on Lochinver and there was one particular steep drop and care was needed - good brakes were also handy! At one point we drove around a bluff with a pumice ash face about 40 feet high and with charcoaled remnants of logs embedded Team view from the top of the rock. wow! Taupo as a volcano must have been huge! The few fords on the way in were easily handled and after a couple of hours at low speeds we arrived at our destination. My calculation put us about 20 miles as the crow flies south and slightly east of Taupo - close to the “black stump”. It was cool as we were about 2500 feet up and the growth was mainly scruffy sub-alpine manuka.

We pulled up at an grassed airstrip and our host Tom welcomed us to our destination in Te Reo and it was up to the Hunting Whare for a lunch - a sort out of accommodation and the afternoon was free to check the oils, water etc., and stroll the area which we did, in P a g e | 14

PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

absolute silence!! Down the hill to the waterfall, clambered back up and relaxed!! Tom fired up the hangi pit and heated the rocks - then with a couple of helpers placed the evening meal. A misty rain had taken the edge off strolling and our group used the lodge lounge / dining area for a good old sit around and chat session.

Like water off a duck’s back. The Bren Alvis fording.

Tom did not need practice with “how to hangi” - the food was simply fantastic with plenty for all and the evening ended with a relatively early night. Now, who snored and what sounds they made stays on the tour! I saved a few folk from too much exposure from it with an early rise and a stroll. There was plenty of deer signs right up to the Hunting Whare and Tom and Liz who had retired to the Hilltop Hilton had one at their door when they arrived. I understand

there is good shooting to be had, if that is your thing. Mounted antlers abounded. In the morn we were able to be driven up to the Hilltop Hilton in a 4 WD - Ian coined the words “vertical ascent” which was pretty accurate - aside from being a pretty rough tack I seriously doubt that any two wheel drive would have held on to grip the road on the way up. It was steep coming down too! Brakes would have been severely tested !!The mist had stayed in overnight and the view from the Hilltop was restricted but on a

FOB’s John and Zelma Stanley piloting the Sunbeam long ago owned and restored by brother/brother-in-law Richard.

clear day it would have been pretty good (my guesstimate was 3600feet up!)

Inseparable pair. Tony Prebensen and his beanie. Oh, and Model A.

All too soon it was time to tell all of our thoughts of the visit and load up for the drive out. The steep drop we found on the way in became a steep hill on the way out - the Alvis may have suffered from not having ideal gearing and struggled a tad. A quick tow over the hump and we were back onto improving roads and after a stop at Lochinver’s office area we departed, having had a lovely time in surrounds we had never P a g e | 15

PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

been in before and in good company - our hosts truly impressed us. Our thanks to Tom & Liz (and to Tom‘s niece and friend.) We also thank the folk who put it all together being Ian & Jacqui Goldingham and we can only add our thanks to all the company who made this unique adventure so enjoyable Cheers, Steve Driver, Model A Club.

Below. A steep pinch but nothing that the Alvis can’t handle.

Bright and shiny Model A

Sunbeam ascending gracefully

Right. Woody descending - twice

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ P a g e | 16

PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

FROM THE THRONE I hope you all celebrated a happy and healthy New Year and that the rest of 2020 will provide you with good vintage motoring, good travel and good friends. By the time you read this the Branch’s first event of the year, Lochinver, will have been held. I am really looking forward to attending the next, which is the forthcoming ‘Shed Raid with a Twist and Lunch’ on the 2nd February. It will be a good event for me to kick the year off with, having had the car hibernate over the Christmas Period. A week later is the Classic car show at Ellerslie. The club has entered a stand again this year. Last year the stand was constantly busy with enthusiasts and old friends of the club from around New Zealand. It is a good way to meet other clubs and share ideas. If you are thinking of entering a car see Kevin Andrews on club night. Chelsea Hill Climb has gone unfortunately. However, a lot of time and effort has been put into finding an alternate venue. And, one has been found that promises to be equally as good as, perhaps even better, than Chelsea. The Manunui Coastal Hill Climb. Manunui is very near Pakiri Beach and the event will be held on a private sealed road over a distance of approximately 1.3 Km. Everyone who has seen the course has been impressed, so it is well worth entering. Catering is provided in the form of a BBQ lunch. The club timing lights have been serviced so everything is ready for a fun day. So, see you there. Happy Motoring, Robert. ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

FROM THE ED. Greetings Flock and with this first ‘Phoenix’ of 2020, compliments of the season! 2020. It has a pleasant ring to it. Rounded even numbers. Bodes well for the coming year and let’s not enter debate as to it being the end of an old decade or the start of a new one. (But, surely, as we begin with the year 1, how can any decade ending in 0 mark anything other than a decade end?) Whatever, it is a year full of activity for the Branch, with a calendar providing exciting and interesting events of the type we enjoy most. The forthcoming Manunui Coastal Hill Climb has all the makings of a real classic - location, length, challenge – up to us as individuals, by way of participation, to ensure it is so. Entries of course, but also marshals and helpers to assist on the day, not to mention spectators. As the poem says, they also serve who only stand and wait. The North Shore Airfield Sprint and Gymkhana scheduled for 22 March is another event to be excited about. Nothing quite like blatting around the wide-open spaces of an aerodrome to aid your adrenaline pressure. Meantime, spare a thought for those who organise these events. The Branch is fortunate to have always had a core of members prepared to do their bit for the cause. Long may it so continue. The June A.G.M. may seem a long way off, but now is a good time to start thinking about putting yourself forward to assist in providing the spirited motoring we are all about. Kevin Beesley. ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ P a g e | 17

PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

There’s nothing new under the sun … Italian Poster art by Marcello Dudovich – 1907, for the, wait for it… Turin Society of Electric Automobiles. Thanks to Keith H.

OTHER NEWS…… P a g e | 18

PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

In discussion with fellow long time vintagents recently we found ourselves lamenting the decreasing availability of vintage vehicle related repair expertise. Increasingly, you head off to your ‘go to‘ person for a particular service only to find they are no longer there to go to. So herewith an extract from Issue 6, 2019, of the Federation of British Historic Vehicles Clubs’ newsletter. Would that we had similar initiatives here! The VCC is pushing it but our lack of critical mass doesn’t help. We’ll need increasingly rely on traditional Kiwi ability by way of shared home skills and talent.


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PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

And now for something completely different… Sent in by Keith Humphreys. Read on and enjoy…

If dog owners tend to choose animals that are visually similar to themselves, or similar in characteristic's, do old car enthusiasts do the same? Read on: Mr Austin Seven-Chummy: a fithering puddle jumper, but loveable and always willing to help anyone. Master MG Midget-Magna: hirsute, keen, a little flashy, thinks he can achieve more than is possible from humble upbringings. Miss Morgan: she still looks so young, must have had a bit of cosmetic surgery to look that good for so long, but I did hear her teeth are always coming loose! Mr Bentley: move over, get out of my way, I did not pay £150000 to look at the back of an Austin Seven. Updated versions today drive BMWs (need I say more). Mr Alvis: always ex-services, usually a Major/Winco. Very enthusiastic but likes others to salute first. Tradition you know! Mr Humber: bit off the wall, can often spend days trying to save 50p usually racking up £20 to do so. Often involved with the local church, or even a vicar, but never religious. Mr Fraser-Nash: Bald, bad tempered, oily fingers, always glancing at motorcycles, looking for an unstretchable chain. Mr Riley: rather staid, keeps himself to himself, has sheds full of spares, so many you could build three new version of his car. But tells no-one. Only smiles when he knows no-one is watching. Miss Bullnose: pert and loveable maiden Aunt, has spent much time over the years on the farm. Mr 30-98: spends most of his time plotting the downfall of Mr Bentley, in the ruff he gives him a bloody good thrashing. Miss Lancia: drop dead gorgeous, former beauty queen, but has been linked with much scandal. Miss 328: a smooth operator, former spy and accomplished ice skater. Mr Ford: cantankerous old buffer, calls black white, often to be seen looking for woodworm in his front porch. Mr Lagonda: used to model cravats for Harrods, has spent time in South Africa. Mr Invicta: so handsome, straight men have wavered, momentarily! Mr G-N: wiry old bird, once smite seven with one blow! Ms 8c Alfa-Romeo: linked to Mussolini, shot four lovers, available if you dare! Mr Trojan: asthmatic maker of shoes. Mr SS: junior partner to Mr Bentley, also detests Mr 30-98. Has been seen in terrible rages. Often seen at VSCC events standing on a chair in the corner. Drinks from a hipflask, often. Miss Kitkar: a right little go-er, but would you be seen out with her? Mr Sunbeam: somewhat like Mr Alvis/Mr Humber, but a little better off and has rather too many friends. Often a bit red round the gills. Mr Rolls-Royce: always immaculately dressed but smells of mothballs. Has one wife, and five Mistresses. His house has a three-mile drive but no food in the larder (we always eat out my boy). Ms Hillman: pretty little thing, has a party frock in every colour. Often seen in the company of older men with P a g e | 20

PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

smart suits but scruffy shoes. Once drove round the world in reverse just for the hell of it! Mr AC: never talks about his past but is believed to have worked for MI5 or HMSS. Captured by the Germans in WW2, escaped from Colditz Castle using a home-made hot air balloon. Sent the camp commandant a postcard from Switzerland thanking him for his help with the escape, he (the commandant) was later sent to the Russian front.


THE SQUEAKY WHEEL… Maybe you also saw it. A broadcast on TV3 under the ‘Muscle Garage’ section of the 1 December 2019 edition of the television programme ‘CRC Motorsport’ wherein the question was posed – ‘where do V8’s fit in the Government’s fossil fuel plan’. I wouldn’t have normally watched this show, (indeed, was unaware of its existence) but was alerted to it by Ian Goldingham, who thought it may be of interest. As I understood it, the short answer to the posed question was, ‘nowhere’. The gist of the broadcast’s message, presented by one Andrew Ferrier-Kerr who is a, if not the, leading light in a company known as the ‘Special Interest Vehicle Association Of New Zealand Limited’, (SIVANZ) was that the muscle car fraternity, indeed the entire ‘special interest’ motoring fraternity is not recognised by the Government and must convince the authorities we are deserving of specific attention. We must differentiate ourselves from mere ‘old cars’, make the Government aware of our existence and that ‘hobby type’ vehicles constitute something like 8 % of the vehicle fleet. We must do this in order to maintain our rights to motor and to have continued access to fossil fuel. The option? Do nothing and be ignored. Andrew went on to lament that apathy is our biggest problem, noting that most of the owners who present their classics at the Whangamata Beach Hop, one of the largest ‘old car’ events in N.Z., are not members of any motoring club and therefore have no voice. Haven’t we heard the substance of this message before? Yes, the VCC is also emphasising the historic nature of our vehicles within the aged NZ fleet. And yet the VCC, the largest and most influential historic motoring organisation in N.Z. did not get a mention in the programme. Nor, from memory, did Andrew make any reference to our FOMC, (but I might have missed it). Admirable as SIVANZ’s aims and efforts may be, and you might argue that the more who stand up the better, surely, to plagiarise Benjamin Franklin, it is best we all hang together, or we risk hanging separately. Working in silos cannot be the best way forward in defending our rights and interest. Our presentation is most effective, our position is strongest if all ‘old car’ special interest groups work together, a united force rather than one fragmented by speciality or ignorance of or, indeed, apathy, as to the efforts of others. ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

DESPATCHES…. If you aren’t mentioned in despatches it means you aren’t telling the Editor what you are up to. P a g e | 21

PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

➢ Insult of the month, from when insults had class.

"I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But I'm afraid this wasn't it." - Groucho Marx ➢ Did you know… apparently 30 million SUV’s are sold every year. That equates to about one per second. The market has spoken.

➢ Sent in by Rob Chapman. Captions included “Hi Kevin, Don an old guy [older than us] (Heaven forbid! Ed.) sent us some photos which you may be able to use in Phoenix which I just forwarded to you.”

Sykes – Pinner 31 Speedway at Wimbledon. (Love the crash hats. Like pimples on a pumpkin. Ed.)

P a g e | 22

PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020


➢ Not sure how many Branch members knew him but with sadness we report that Derek Winterbottom, father and father-in-law to FOB’s Stephen and Tracy Winterbottom recently passed away, aged 92. Derek was a long-time prime mover in the Sunbeam Talbot Darracq Club and owned the very nice 16.9 Sunbeam tourer familiar on Branch events, campaigned with vigour by Stephen and Tracy. ➢ Also for those who may not know – Norm Dewhurst suffered a stroke recently, spent a week in hospital but is back carrying on in his indomitable manner and advises that the outlook is good. Long may it remain so! ➢ And this (these) in from Tom King:

“Geoff Edwards has scanned some Poynton album photos, and here are some of interest. Cheers,Tom.” The name cast into the rocker box says it all.

P a g e | 23

PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020

Simply entitled ‘Maserati’. Any more information? Sunbeam with plates current circa 1935

Sunbeam and Hotchkiss behind with bonnet up and wheel off.

➢ Sent in by Keith H with caption ‘VCC Brian Johnstone’s Kaukapakapa Kaper & clubrooms Sept '81’. Obviously, these photos were not taken in the clubrooms. Does anyone know who owned the rather straight looking and apparently little used 6-light Riley Kestrel, either 12/4 or 15/6? And what became of it?


P a g e | 24

PHOENIX Number 292 FEBRUARY 2020


CLUB NIGHT THURSDAY 5 February 8.00 pm at the RSA Room, King George V Memorial Hall, Library Lane, Albany. Take Exit 410 Oteha Valley Road. Travel west along Oteha Valley Road, ahead through 2 roundabouts and straight ahead at Traffic Lights into Albany Highway then almost immediately RIGHT into Library Lane then very soon go right again into the parking area. The RSA Room is at the rear.

Period shot of our very own Ron Roycroft, sent in by Tom King, ex the Mike Poynton collection.

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Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Waitemata VCC - February 2020  

Waitemata VCC - February 2020  

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