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Wed 7 Aug

12:00 Mid-week café lunch at the new Bayside Café, Snell’s Beach

Thu 8 Aug

17:30 Club Night—Prizegiving after Bangers & Mash dinner

Wed 14 Aug

10:00 Cleaning & Coffee

Thu 15 Aug

19:00 Club Committee meeting

Sun 25 Aug

DAFFODIL DAY RALLY: participants & volunteers contact Club Captain

Wed 4 Sep

12:00 Mid-week Café lunch at The Wade Hotel, Silverdale

Thu 12 Sep

17:30 Club Night

Wed 18 Sep

Cleaning & Coffee

Thu 19 Sep

19:00 Club Committee meeting

Sun 22 Sep

Sunday Run

Wed 2 Oct

12:00 Midweek Café lunch then Summerset Falls Golden Day at 14:30

Thu 10 Oct

17.30 Club Night

Wed 16 Oct

10:00 Cleaning & Coffee

Thu 17 Oct

19:00 Club Committee meeting

Sun 27 Oct

Coast to Coast

Midweek café lunches at Snell’s Beach 7th August and Silverdale 4th September. Bangers & Mash for dinner on Club Night 8 August before the Prizegiving: $5 at the door. Please help with Cleaning & Coffee on Wednesdays 14 Aug, 18 Sept & 16 Oct.




he Winter Woollies Wander was blessed with a beautiful day. The feedback from participants was good and the change of venue for the dinner seems to be popular too. We will be looking carefully at the accounts for the weekend as it looks as if we will make a loss for the first time in a long while. We need to be sure we learn so this doesn’t happen next year, although it is not intended that we make a profit. We were happy to host the North Island Club Captain Kaaren Smylie and her husband. They took part in the Rally and presented the prizes for us. Thank you to all those who helped make the rally a success; too many to mention. We now look forward to August. The details are elsewhere in this newsletter so look for the information so you can enjoy our activities. I hope many of you will come to the Annual Prize Giving evening and support those who have won trophies since July last year. The National Rally for Cancer has become an important event for us, so please give it your full support either as a participant or helper. We are trying hard to make Warkworth Town Wharf the place to be on 25 August and for car enthusiasts and the public to fill our buckets with money. We are continuing to look at how we engage with you, and will be updating the branch members’ information soon. We will need to up-date the information we have so that it is accurate when first distributed. Peter is setting up a pack of information to give to all new members so they can get involved and meet fellow vehicle enthusiasts. It won’t be long now until spring arrives. I hope to have a “going” motor this season. It takes a lot of TLC to keep our steeds in good form, so I guess these last cold days are being used to maintain and repair them to be ready for action- and polish them after the Winter Woollies Wander! Happy and Safe Motoring: Anne __________________________________________________________________________

OBITUARY—SHARYN WILSON Our Branch lost a member on July 11th. Sharyn Wilson, one of our more recent members, suffered a stroke and passed away. She was remembered by a large gathering of her family and friends at the Warkworth Bowling Club on Friday July 19th. Some members will recall Sharyn and her husband David, attending the last Branch Picnic at Mahurangi, on the Nicolls farm, in their Ford Falcon V8. They also attended one of our dinner evenings together. She was a fun loving person, and a loving wife to David. James Lawrie 4



his month’s mid-week cafe run was on 3rd of July and saw a good number of members cruise out to Omaha for lunch at The Farmer’s Daughter.

Then, on the 6th of July, after a week of atrocious weather, the day dawned fine, clear and crispy for the Winter Woollies Rally. Approximately 50 cars were entered from various clubs and were treated to 115 miles worth of scenic highlights of our area. We had a wonderful lunch at the Tapora School that was followed by an excellent dinner and prizegiving at the Warkworth Golf Club. Congratulations to everyone involved in getting this event organised and making it the success it turned out to be. The Sunday morning saw a drive out to the Morris & James pottery at Matakana and then back to the clubrooms for lunch and a review of the previous day’s efforts. As to events coming up… •

Mid-week cafe run will be to the Bayside Cafe in Snell’s Beach at 12:00 noon on Wednesday 7th September. •

Club night, which is also our annual prize-giving, will be on Thursday 15th of August.

Daffodil Day Rally, raising money for Cancer Society will be on Sunday 25th of August. All participants should arrive at the Caffeine & Classics display at Smales Farm, Takapuna around 10:00am. Check out the cars, register for the run and then away at 11:15 for the run back to Warkworth and the display at the Wharf. For those who would like to display cars at the Wharf in Warkworth, but choose not to do the run from Smales Farm, please be at the Wharf by 11:00 am. Please contact me if you wish to help with any of the arrangements for the rally, ether in Takapuna or Warkworth.

May all the hills be downhills… Till next time, Paul




s the Waitemata branch’s R’oilcan Rally was heading north this year, Brendda and I decided to join in. We had a chilly 7.00 a.m. start from the Dairy Flat air port, conforming to the rule that all vehicles participating must have their hoods down for the duration of the rally. At the briefing we were advised that applications to raise the hood at any stage during the event could be made, in triplicate, to the organisers but approval may not necessarily be given.

Motoring north to Waiwera, with a clear sky dawning, we then followed much of the same route the Winter Woollies took just a week earlier. An early challenge was staying on the road as both sides of the windscreen fogged up climbing the hills. Sunstrike added to the fun. Dropping into second gear eased the load on the engine, allowing the vacuum wiper to do its best on the outside. The potholes had not received any attention since we had last driven these roads. We departed from the Winter Woollies route on Old Wookcocks Rd, taking Old Kaipara Rd, passing a small group surreptitiously trying to extricate their vehicle from the drain unnoticed, before climbing Smythe Rd to follow the road through the Mahurangi Forest, emerging on SH 1 in the Dome Valley. Morning tea, with welcome hot soup, was at Tomarata School. From there we headed north over Ryan and Pritchard Rds and took Cove Rd through to Waipu Cove. We diverted around through McLean Rd, passed through Waipu and straight across SH 1 to follow the road up past the Waipu Caves, emerging briefly onto SH 1 at Mangapai before heading for the lunch stop at the Maungakaramea Rugby Club. The afternoon run took us across to Maungatapere then north to the Hikurangi Swamp area where we took a private farm road along the top of the stopbanks, emerging close to Hikurangi. From there we motored out toward Whananaki North before turning south to finally come on to the Ngunguru – Whangarei Rd then heading for our accommodation at 6

R’OILCAN RALLY—CONTINUED the Discovery Lodge Motel in Whangarei. Some took a longer route over Mt Tiger to enter Whangarei on the Whangarei Heads Rd. It was a great run put together by Stan and Gilly Smith and team - a sort of Far North Tour on steroids. It helped that the drizzly rain that appeared during the afternoon didn’t develop enough to dampen anyone’s spirits.

The dinner was a formal affair. Prizes were awarded using some secret formula, the winner needing to be someone who has not set a R’oilcan previously. Other measures which qualify a winner remain quite obscure. Similarly with the award for the best presented vehicle. How we won this award when lined up alongside Sunbeams, Rileys, MGs, a Talbot or two, a Hotchkiss and a Bugatti defies logic. It could be something to do with the quantity of oil left by each vehicle at the lunch stop or something… Leon




ay back in 1971, whilst operating a motor garage business in the small town of Matamata, an Austin 3 Litre arrived at our workshop with an engine fault. Our brief was to smooth out an annoying miss in the motor. I had never seen this model before and after successfully retuning the engine I road tested the car. I was astounded at the ride and comfort of this machine. Time moved on and l guess I forgot all about this drive in 1971. In 2015 a Chrysler collector friend from Tauranga, who generally attends the Christchurch swap meet, looked at an Austin 3 Litre for sale in Christchurch. The short end of this story is that, after a tense family meeting, we jumped on a plane and bought this car from Peter Harris in Christchurch. Peter is an Austin collector but after the earthquake was downsizing. We drove it home: that in itself was a great adventure. The engine and other parts leaked copious amounts of oil and overheated on every upward incline. The go was to keep our speed up on the easy terrain and to use minimum throttle on the inclines. The backup plan was we bought a 6 pack of 1-5 litre bottles of water and if we were losing in the temperature stakes I trickled water over the radiator. This worked well and we arrived home without frying the beast.

At this stage the managing director (Eileen) wasnʼt convinced we had a bargain. I think the incessant rattle in the left front door put her off a bit but It was a telltale that we were moving, although disappointing. The car needed lots of work but has good bones. Three or so years later I like to think it’s coming along, aside from this. Iʼve become a little addicted 8

AUSTIN 3 LITRE—CONTINUED to these Austins. My plan for this car is to keep the machine as original as possible but have no mechanical defects. I guess Iʼve overhauled almost everything . The paint is pretty well original and has what is called patina: it is apparently cool to have patina these days and we now enjoy traveling in this car. The Austin 3 Litre, the last luxury Austin to be manufactured, some say was an orphan: maybe, but l like it. There is a lot of engineering in these cars that made them expensive so price was against them, plus the development was stalled meaning that the body style was out of date at production time. This was at the beginning of the amalgamation of British Motor Corporation with Leyland Motors to form British Leyland. Just imagine sitting in the boardroom and competing with all of the other brands in the stable: Morris, MG ,Wolseley, Riley , Rover, Triumph, Jaguar. Wouldnʼt it be a butchers picnic? Anyhow in 1971 , driving down the road in that Austin 3 Litre, I was impressed and still like this car for its ride and handling enough to have bought a few more of them. Yep, Iʼm a collector, and will always be a petrol head . The good thing about working on old cars is that we can fix them up in the back shed—no computer needed. Ian

The Austin 3 Litre looks like an Austin 1800 that was simply extended front and rear but in fact it was developed in the early sixties as a very different car, being a replacement for the conventional Austin A110 Westminster. BMC needed a ’big Austin’ to compete with the likes of Jaguar and Rover in the market for executive cars but cost constraints at the time of the amalgamation of the BMC brands into British Leyland along with Rover, Jaguar and Triumph dictated cost savings so the very rigid and spacious central body of the Austin 1800, along with its distinctive doors and windows, formed the basis of the car. The FWD E/W 4cylinder engine of the 1800 gave way to a conventional RWD N/S 6-cylinder engine. Styling was always contentious, but the car was very spacious—even with the transmission tunnel required by RWD—and with its self-levelling Hydrolastic suspension the car set a new standard for road holding and ride comfort which is still remarkable today, 50 years later. 9





hat car is this?

Last month’s Mystery Motor was the Aurus Senat, the new Russian luxury vehicle which has taken over from the long-serving ZIL as the ride of the Russian government officials. Developed with technical input from Porsche and Bosch, it has a 4.4 litre bi-turbo V8 and a 6.6 litre V12 is still in development. It will be available as a sedan, minivan, SUV, cabriolet (perfect for taking the salute at Mayday parades) and as a 6,200 kg armoured limousine like the one in the picture, which is President Putin’s official car. Styling reminiscent of the Rolls-Royce Phantom is surely not coincidental. Expect to see more of these imposing cars ferrying tin-pot dictators around the third world.


NEW MEMBERS We welcome the following new members to the Club and hope they will enjoy participating in the various events we organise: Jim & Kathy Honeybone Brian Becroft Tania Smith __________________________________________________________________________



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