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Wed 3 Apr

12:00 mid-week picnic at Tawharanui: the road is tarred all the way now

Thu 11 Apr

17:30 Club Night

Wed 17 Apr

10:00 Coffee & Cleaning; please turn up and help

Tue 16 Apr

19:00 Club Committee meeting

Sun 28 Apr

16:30 Sunday Twilight Run departs from Evelyn Street, opposite Mitre 10

Wed 1 May

12:00 Lunch at the new Bayside Café at the northern end of Snell’s Beach

Thu 9 May

17:30 Club Night

Wed 15 May

10:00 Coffee & Cleaning: please turn up and help

Thu 16 May

19:00 Annual General Meeting followed by Committee meeting

Sun 19 May

Triple Combined Rally, starting at our Club

Sun 2 June

Double 50 Rally

Wed 5 June

12:00 Mid-week Café lunch

Thu 13 June

17:30 Club Night

Wed 19 June

10:00 Coffee & Cleaning: please turn up and help

Thu 20 June

19:00 Club Committee meeting

Sun 23 June

Sunday Run

Sun 30 June

Auckland | North Shore Combined Rally




t has been good to get out and about again after the summer holiday break. A group of us enjoyed the sunshine at Sullivan’s Bay. Carrick and Margaret arrived by boat and left chasing a ball of fish!

The Are We There Yet? Rally took us meandering through the country side to Mangawhai for a picnic lunch between showers. The finish at Paul and Debbie’s home was missed by some who missed the first left of a keep left instruction! Anne and Doug Hamilton were the winners. Thank you, Paul and Debbie: it was most enjoyable and a cuppa on the deck in the afternoon sun completed the day. Also thank you to those who displayed at the A&P Show. The impression is that more visitors came so maybe this is a better date to attract people to the town. April is our last picnic of the season at Tawharanui Regional Park and it’s good to know that the road is now tarred all the way. Park by the Lagoon, midday as usual. The first of the winter cafes is arranged at the new Bayside in Snell’s Beach and we will try to get the rest of them arranged in time for next month so watch out for the venues. Frances has arranged the Twilight run on April 28th leaving at 4.30 from Evelyn St, Warkworth. Our venue for dinner is a surprise but will be 5.30 for 6.00. Leon’s report of the Executive Meeting will include some information about the International Rally in Taranaki in January 2021. For more information check their website It seems a long way off but we will try to get someone from the organising committee to come to one of our club nights to tell us what will be on offer. I know they are keen to get commitment from members even this far ahead. I found the day interesting, it is useful to be able to put faces to the names in the Beaded Wheels and club website. It made me realise that the branch delegate is crucial to ensuring that the club moves forward in line with the views of its members. Just another bit of a nag—very few people came to cleaning this month, please give consideration to coming to help. It is always the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 10.00 for about an hour. It is not much time to give to your club and is usually a chance to chat over a cuppa before we go home. If you are newish to the club it is a good way to add to the people you know. AND a reminder to consider how you can add to your participation by joining the committee and offering to take on a role at our AGM in May. All the Best for April Motoring; Anne. 4





his is an abridged version of the full delegate’s report. The full report will be emailed out with the minutes of the next monthly meeting. Anne Richardson and I missed the first part of this meeting due to our flight being delayed by 1½ hours. We can only report on proceedings from when we arrived. The Vero profit share for this financial year is $36,945.00 which is $8,000 up on last year. Matters arising from the Registrar’s Report: There have now been 11,341 VICs issued. Members are reminded that a VIC is essential for any vehicle entering a National or International event. Each VIC application must include 3 identical photographs. Hawkes Bay and Central Hawkes Bay branches are combining to run a first National Vintage Rally during 2020. Tentatively, this will include a run from Taihape to Napier followed by further activities in Hawkes Bay. NZTA have a new management team. WoF testing at larger VTNZ testing stations continues to become difficult due to the lack of technical knowledge relating to our vehicles that staff now have.

NZFOMC (NZ Federation of Motoring Clubs) also continues to lobby for 12 month WoFs for vehicles over 30 years old. FOMC is working to update their constitution. We were reminded that as Historic Vehicles become more recognised as a group of vehicles, VICs will become more essential for folk wishing their vehicles to be recognised in this category. VCC National Day: The president led a discussion over what branches may require to support this year’s Daffodil Rally for Cancer. It is clear that there is a wide range of events used to promote the cause and that different branches have different requirements. Several branches suggested ways to increase the money raised. We certainly should contact the one-make clubs in our area more effectively. During the August Executive meeting a decision will be made as to whether we continue to support the Cancer Society or whether we elect to go with another charity. International Festival of Motoring 2021: Members can register their interest in participating in this event through the website The oneweek event is set down for 18 – 22 January, based in New Plymouth. Tony Haycock and Greg Terrill have offered to visit branches on their club nights to promote the event. There followed a lengthy discussion over the ruling that no other national events are to be held during a year when there is an international event in the country. This was prompted by the motorcycle enthusiasts wishing to hold their biennial national rally in 2021 as it would normally have been. It was finally agreed to allow a dispensation to the motorcyclists to hold their National Rally in 2021. Code of Conduct: The proposed change to the by-laws to provide for a Code of Conduct was approved. 6

The proposed remit for discussion to change the by-laws to allow the Executive to reject Notices of Motion before they went to the membership for consideration, was discussed. None of the executive spoke in support of the remit. Vehicles in VIC categories A1 to B5 may enter national and international events. C - Category vehicles are not permitted to participate as these in many cases are modern vehicles. The deciding factor is the chassis. C-Category vehicles are built on new chassis and as such have an unfair advantage over original vehicles. It was agreed to allow this correction. John L Goddard Trophy: There have been no nominations for the John L Goddard Trophy this year. Nominations will be called for in Beaded Wheels, however members may also nominate those nominated unsuccessfully in previous years. Branch Constitutions: The president reported that the draft constitution circulated is a guide and that one size will not necessarily fit all. The meeting was nearing its conclusion when we departed to catch our flight back to Auckland at 5.00 p.m. __________________________________________________________________________


elcome to our new members Brian Becroft and Tania Smith. They got a ride on the Are We There Yet? rally and joined us at Gibbs Farm, and we hope they will join in many more club activities.



iew of two of the huge sculptures at Gibbs Farm: see more on Pages 13-15.




n Saturday 9th March 2019 we held the ‘Are We There Yet?’ Rally competing for the Mike Brown Memorial Trophy. Umbrellas at the briefing did not bode well and clearly the weather put off some folks as there were only 8 cars, mostly moderns.

Last year’s winners Paul & Debbie set the course which started with a tour around Warkworth before heading for Matakana, Leigh, Pakiri and ultimately Mangawhai for the lunch stop. Roadworks on the Pakiri hill slowed us down somewhat but the countryside around there was looking particularly beautiful and made up for it. The rain held off, apart from a brief flurry as we set up for lunch, and the afternoon cleared up nicely. The way home was via Wellsford, SH16 and West Coast Road with the left turn by the railway line catching out some folks who almost made it to the finish but withdrew in frustration and so lost out on the lovely tea & scones on Paul & Debbie’s sunny deck. Paul & Debbie’s 1954 Austin Healey shares the garage with a Mark III Zephyr which is a work in progress and next in line for some TLC is a Rover 2000 waiting in the driveway. Doug & Anne in their feisty little Fiat 500 won the rally and for those who did not get caught out by that left turn and made it to the finish it was an excellent way to spend the day. 8




olling down the driveway of Dave & Barbara’s property is like arriving at Riley Heaven. Several Morris Minors and various Minis wait patiently for TLC but attention is focussed on the Rileys which look wonderful in the two-tone paintwork for which they were renowned.

Smallest is the blue and white 1965 Elf which sat at the top of BL’s tree of badge engineering, being a Mini with a single carb 998cc Cooper engine, an enlarged boot and a walnut veneer dashboard. The Elf was acquired in Auckland as a half-finished project which Dave completed and it’s Barbara’s daily drive. The cream and red 1936 Kestrel is a 12/4 6-light model with the 1.5 litre motor which was so successful in racing in the 1930s. It had two cams near the top of the block giving it a cross-flow head with hemi-spherical combustion chambers and it was more powerful than most of its competitors. The car originally came from Christchurch but Dave bought it in Kerikeri. The motor was in pieces and Dave put it all back together. The green and cream 1950 RMD Drophead Coupe is a rare car: a few more than 500 were made and it has a 2.5 litre version of the 4-cylinder Big 4 twin-cam engine which produces 100 bhp. Dave brought the car in from Australia in 2016, completely stripped and in pieces. It had been sandblasted in the 1970s but had not been repainted. It was covered in surface rust all over, but the panels were in good shape.


Dave has sandblasted it again and painted it. He had to hand-make new quarterlight window frames and rebuild the motor, also make door catches, pram irons (someone had ‘borrowed’ them as were not with the car) and an all-new interior except for the seats. The next big job is for Barbara to sew a new hood for it, and it is close to being on the road. The elegant 1953 RMF 4-door saloon which Dave displayed at the recent Swapmeet was originally imported into Wellington by a doctor in 1957. In 2015 Dave retrieved it from behind a house in Auckland where it was rotting away. He replaced the roof (with a secondhand one from Australia), the floor, woodwork, repaired panels and repainted it. He replaced all the interior except for the seats and all this took about 15 months. The last of the ‘real’ Rileys before BL dumbded them down too much, it has the same gutsy 100 bhp 2.5 litre twin-cam Big 4 motor as the RMD and is a pleasure to drive. As if all this activity was not enough to keep a man busy, on the day of my visit there was a Sunbeam Talbot up on the hoist which Dave was fixing for a mate.




e were fortunate to have a perfect day for our visit to Gibbs Farm on 21st March. Leon handed out tickets at our rendezvous at the intersection of West Coast road and SH1, a short distance from the entrance to the farm. Several hundred other visitors were already there and the parking marshals had it all very well organised. The scale of the place and the size of the sculptures is breath-taking, with people looking like ants next to the larger pieces. Building some of them, and then erecting them on site, must have required some innovative engineering and considerable equipment. Those who were fit enjoyed a healthy walk around the Park while Ian Cunningham kindly ferried the less fit around the circuit in the luxury of his Honda Odyssey. It was a treat to see these famous installations in their beautiful setting on the shore of the Kaipara harbour and it was an excellent day out.





What car is this ?


ast month’s Mystery Motor was a 1960 Panhard PL17, PL for Panhard et Levassor and 17 because 5 CV + 6 passengers + 6 litres per 100 km add up to 17. It looks like a goldfish but was quite a remarkable car: its 848 cc twin cylinder boxer motor developed 50 bhp and it was good for 90 mph due to its light weight (830 kgs owing to lots of aluminium and plastic) and its low Cd which was said to be 0.26 (the Audi 100 launched in 1982 had a Cd of 0.30). In design it was quirky and typically French with the exhausts in front of the engine and the gearbox behind it. Its looks belied its toughness and in the 1961 Monte Carlo Rally the car placed 1st, 2nd & 3rd and proved it was more than a match for heavier and more powerful cars. Jay Leno is an enthusiastic owner of the white one in this picture and in his video at

he extols the car’s virtues and explains its many unusual features. He also takes it for a drive along the freeway in Los Angeles where it is more than able to keep up with modern traffic.




n Saturday 16th March, James and I had the pleasure of escorting Owen Treadwell to his 80th Birthday party in the Chandler. The reason being, Owen's grandfather purchased the Chandler new from W S Miller in Khyber Pass in 1925. Owen remembers the Chandler from his childhood so it seemed appropriate to his granddaughter to surprise him with a treat. We drove Owen around Wellsford arriving at the RSA for lunch. In the photo, Owen is with his older brother. James and I enjoyed lunch with the family and also had a good catch up with Ken Woodcock who is a foundation member of our club.

Grant Stott _________________________________________________________________________


he family of Harry Heaven would like to invite members and families of the Wellsford Warkworth VCC to an afternoon tea to celebrate his 90th birthday. Date: Sunday 28th April

Time: 2pm - 5pm

Place: Wellsford Fire Station, Rodney Street, Wellsford RSVP to Gary Heaven to help with catering. Ph: 021 896698 Email: 16


iley 4/72 , 1974 model. Car in very good condition, no rust & good paintwork. Front car seat belts. Good tyres. 4-speed centre gear shift. Twin SU carburetors. Good brakes with new booster. Motor recently had new bearings. Some spare parts are also available. Car registered & WOF. Price $7,200. Phone 09 425 7216

THE GREAT B.M.C. CLEAN-UP GARAGE SALE 10.00am to 2.00pm Sat / Sun 4th & 5th of May at 45 Ngarahana Ave, Paremoremo.


ll the cars have gone and this is the one and only clear-out of the large collection of miscellaneous mechanical components, body parts and extraneous tools of the late Captain Ian Bradley’s estate. Some of you will remember that during the 1980s Ian used to run Devonport Motors Ltd and The Morris Minor Centre. Also on sale will be the bulk of his extensive Motoring library. With Ian’s fascination for most marques of Post War British Cars it is likely that there will be parts right across the range of BMC, Standard Triumph etc. All you need is to know what you are looking at! First in first served, no reasonable offer refused, take it away on the day and cash is king! Happy Hunting. Contact either Sarah Bradley Ph: 021 413 910 or Ian Goldingham Ph: 09 445 8811 17

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Wellsford VCC - April 2019  

Wellsford VCC - April 2019