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Committee Members for 2018-2019 Chairman

Steve Dyson


Vice Chairman

John Dawson



Owen & Lorraine Richardson



Robert Todd


Club Captain

Suzanne Anderson


Parts Department Keith Blackman


Peter Bootsma


Bill Ryan


Club Room Convener Margaret Rogers

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Barry Anderson



Coming Events November 16th

Swap Meet



Mt Aitken Run


December 7th

Windsor Rally




Next Meeting: The next meeting will be: 21st November Business Meeting 7.00pm

Cuppa & Parts Morning 1st Thursday and 2nd Saturday of every month 9:45—12.00 noon

National Veterans Rally 2019

Chairman's Report HI Everyone Another month down Christmas just around the corner I hope everyone is ready for it First of all well done to Peter and Ann for bringing home The teapot trophy a great start for a new member At our last meeting we had a lengthy discussion about the Swapmeet Suzanne and John are going to get in touch with Other clubs and see if they are interested in booking a site. So we will wait and see what the outcome is when we get some Feedback and more information we can then hopefully discuss this And work something out,will be discussed as soon as we have something To go on Saturday of labour weekend was very busy for six of us having to do pre race checks On all the vintage race cars we were all flying blind (not sure what to do) All seemed to work out ,in all a very good weekend With Christmas coming up fast has anyone given a thought to a Christmas dinner,outing , Maybe just a potluck dinner at the clubrooms .If anyone has any thoughts please let suzanne Or me know I received an email from positive waimate regarding the Christmas parade they what to know If we will participate again will discuss at the meeting. Margaret has made a good start on the wallaby rally entry forms venue etc,she will need help With rally routes,field tests etc so please keep this in mind so you can help (many hands make light work) Thought for the month ONE DAY YOU WILL LOOK BACK AND REALIZE YOU WORRIED TOO MUCH ABOUT THINGS THAT DIDN’T MATTER THANKS FOR YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT STEVE

Club Captains Report The few hot days this month has given drivers an incentive to get out and about in their cars. While on the road myself, l have seen a number of lovely vehicles, both old , and not so old. But lovely to see owners making the most of sunny weekends. One group of Vintage Car Club members who were not so lucky with the weather were the group of intrepid travellers from the North Shore, travelling down the lsland to the Deep South. Our club had the pleasure of their company for afternoon tea on the 14th of last month. What a lovely bunch of people they were. We did enjoy entertaining them, and a big thank you to those who provided afternoon tea, and helped to make their visit enjoyable. Think Keith was pleased to do some business in the spare parts shed! Teapot rally, run by Oamaru this year, was held on a beautiful spring day, and travelled through some picturesque country. Thank you Oamaru, for a lovely run, great afternoon tea, and company. Sorry you didn’t keep the teapot, always next year. The run to Mt Atkin will have been and gone by the time this report comes out, unless it is wet, when it will be on the 24th of Nov.

Winners of the Teapot Rally from Waimate Pete & Annie

I hope you were able to view the display of OLD vintage cars on the 19th of last month at Caroline Bay. Beautiful shiny vehicles and a lovely sunny day made for a great Event. Barry will have a few photos of the various events for you all to see what you missed. The end of the year is nigh, and I still haven’t planned anything for our end of year get together! Sorry, will try to come up with a date and an event. Keep safe on the roads. Regards Suzanne

Ready to Go for the Teapot Rally

PS. The teapot was won by our new members Pete and Annie. Afraid Barry drove too fast, or too slow not sure which!!

The Mt Aitken Run due to be held on the 10th November due to rain has been has been postponed to the 24th November

Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Waimate VCC - November 2019  

Waimate VCC - November 2019