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November 2019

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Verdon Heath, Ivan Horn, Jeff Fox, Mark Morgan and Mike Khull Meeting Branch Night - 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 30 pm Committee Meeting - Last Wednesday of the month at 7 30 pm Working Bee - Saturday following Branch Night at 9 00 am Spare Parts - Open Saturday following Branch Night Club Bank Account No - 03 0667 0269227 00

It is a pleasure to welcome another two new members this month, so a big welcome to Richard and Sharon Meredith. This month’s meeting was well attended. Bruce Lawrie's presentation on navigation was well prepared and was explained with great expertise. The majority of members present were greatly enthused and not only learnt a lot but now understand straight line navigation. They are looking forward to the Tararua Trundle to put their new-found knowledge into gear, so many thanks to Bruce who must have spent a lot of hours preparing this preparation. Our reward for him will be to have a great turnout for the Trundle and demonstrate what he has taught us. Make sure that you have your entries in and costumes on, and make it a great day. Our Saturday morning working bee was again well attended with about 26 members present and again led to a very social morning tea and chat. The 2020 Easter Rally committee is still working hard and has a great event organised. Please get behind them and get your entries in early, they need to have some idea of how many to expect. If anyone would like to billet other club members from outside our area let us know. If you would like to participate in the trip to Summerset Rest Home Levin where some of the residents go for a short ride in the cars, contact myself, Bruce Lawrie or Don McLaren. This is on Saturday 30 November. It is a very social and rewarding occasion followed by a great afternoon tea. Then on 14 December the club has been asked to supply cars to attend the opening of the new bridge at Foxton. This will be a great occasion and 6 to 8 cars around the 1930’s vintage will be used to take dignitaries across the bridge. This is a great chance to not only show our club off but maybe get a picture of your pride and joy in the paper, maybe even on television. We do need the names of anyone who is interested in attending this event. On 15 December is our Christmas Dinner. Admission is by ticket only and these will be available at our next club night which is 4 December. Money can be paid online or to Jackie Job. Price is $30.00 each. As our next club meeting is the last one for this year, we will not be having a speaker but will have a “bring a plate supper” and hopefully a very social evening. Regards

Des St Clare

Des St Clare

Roster for December 2019 Paul Greenaway, Russell and Priscilla Halliday, Stephen Halliday, Alton and Leah Harrison, Gerald Harvey. PLEASE, if you are unable to make it for either kitchen duties on Club Night, 4th December, or the Working Bee on Saturday morning 7th December, 9 00 am till 12 noon, PLEASE let me know on 0274 191412 or

Speaker for December 2019 There is no speaker this month; however please bring a plate to contribute to an end of year social evening. This will be a great end of year occasion.

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At our clubrooms on Sunday 15 December. Meet and greet at midday and sit down to a meal at 1 pm. BYO drinks, fruit Juice supplied. $30 per person, tickets must be pre-purchased prior to or on December club night for catering purposes. There are no door sales. Bring a small unisex present of $10 or less for Santa to give. Contact: Bruce Lawrie Please come in period dress, there will be a prize for the best dressed male and female. Notify us if you want to enter a car.

Ed Boyd Photo – H&A Print We first meet Ed in 2009 when both Ruth and I were appointed to the committee for the International Rally being held in 2012. It was Ed’s idea for it to be held in Wanganui and he put the case to National Office. Well Ed turned out to be one of those people who just knew so many people it was truly amazing. We would be having a meeting in the Grand Hotel upstairs and we would be saying we need someone or something to do this. Most of the time Ed would say, “I know” and pull out his phone and it would be sorted there and then. One of my jobs was to find people who would lend cars to overseas attendees and as you know Ed had quite a collection. So these cars were slowly brought to life and made roadworthy for these people to use. It just shows his generous nature. I think his biggest contribution to the rally was the organising and printing of the rally instructions. These instructions were amazing and of course he could not have done it without the great help of his wife Hinemoa. At the rally there were two things that stand out:  When Ruth and I arrived at the accommodation, we found it consisted of a small room with one set of bunks. Ed took one look at it and said “leave it to me, I’ll be back”. About two hours later he was back with a trailer and a very nice double bed for us to use.  We had 33 children on the rally and the person who was to be doing the rally packs for them had become very unwell and was in hospital. A few days before the rally the problem was discovered, so Ruth and Wendy Heffey were asked to sort the problem out. In walked Ed and when told he said “leave it to me” and off he goes. Two hours later Ed turned up with a box of the children’s bags with Disney characters in them. When asked, all he would say was, he found a sponsor! Yeah right Ed, your pocket. That just shows the character of the man. Our thoughts are with Hinemoa. Rest in peace our friend.


From: Stuart Fox <> Subject: Fwd: Help need finding 1930 Tudor Model A Hi Winton, Could you share this around? Thanks Brendon ---------- Original Message ---------To: Stuart Fox <> Subject: Help need finding 1930 Tudor Model A Brendon, Back home and nearly over jet lag. Had a great time at Hershey and visiting car museums etc. But I think it will be the last time at Hershey for a while. I was wondering if you can keep an eye out for a 1930 Tudor Model A for Kay. Her uncle Leo who is in his late 80s now and lives in Taupo used to own a 1930 Model A. His uncle who lived in Tauranga bought it new and I think Leo got it off him in some time about 1950. He had it for about 20 years and still talks fondly of it. He saw it again in 2005 when the then owner who had restored it drove it up to Taupo to show Leo. Leo gave him paperwork from when it was new. The car has licence plate 302Dor. It looks like its dark blue with black guards. Kay and I had a go at finding it about 3 years ago and on one of our trips to NZ we went to the Wanganui Car Club and found someone there and talked to them about it but didn’t turn anything up with members there. So maybe it’s been on sold to someone else. So Kay was wondering if you can keep your eyes out for it. Quite a distinctive licence plate. Kay’s family still goofing around about a family reunion in March next year so will keep you posted when even I know! Ian

MINUTES OF A MEETING OF THE HOROWHENUA BRANCH OF THE VINTAGE CAR CLUB NZ INC HELD AT 14 TIRO TIRO ROAD, LEVIN ON 7 NOVEMBER 2019 AT 7.30 PM. PRESENT: Chairman Des St Clare welcomed 64 members. He also welcomed new members Ivan Huntley and Linda Lambess. APOLOGIES: Fred Carrick. Sandra and Rod Tombleson, Robert Cammish, Doug Ashwell, Aaron Burns, Chris Winiata, Ivan Benge. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Taken as read and approved. Winton Cleal/Cheryl Brooks CORRESPONDENCE: Winton read out the correspondence. TREASURER’S REPORT: Jackie read out her report Jackie/Andrew Judd CLUB CAPTAIN’S REPORT: The run to Auto Classics had 8 cars. Ross Church put on a quiz and provided a prize to the winner. We need two people to man a check point on the Tararua Trundle. At the Christmas lunch dress up in period clothes and bring a unisex present up to the value of $10. You must purchase a ticket prior to the lunch. We will be judging the best restoration for the year. At the opening of the new bridge near Foxton (December) we have been asked to provide up to 8 cars they must be from the mid 1930’s and newer. LIBRARY: Things going OK. But not a lot to report. SPARES: Nothing to report. GENERAL BUSINESS: If anyone is doing a restoration please let Peter Nightingale know. Andrew Judd is organising Xmas Trees in Levin and suggested the club should do one. We need three people and a theme contact Des if you can help. The Club Captain is introducing a yearlong competition along the lines of how they do it in Wellington. You accumulate points as the year goes on. On Labour Weekend a number of local cars went to the Hawkes Bay and up to Gisborne. On December club night please bring a plate of some Xmas Cheer to share. Club Captain gave a power point presentation on Straight Line navigation. SPEAKER: None.

Brucie’s Burblings Now that summer has arrived it is time to dust off those cars and motor bikes that have been in storage during winter. (another name for not started or run cos it’s too cold to go out into the shed) A short run after dinner is now possible as most won’t need to rely on lights to make it home. The run/rally to Auto Classics was completed by 8 cars and 20 members. Starting in Otaki and heading south it was an ideal opportunity for those members in the southern part of our area to take part in a short run without the 45 minute travel to Levin to start a traditional club run. After a short section in Otaki the vehicles headed south on SH1 to Peka Peka, turning off to follow Tulip Diagrams through Waikanae beach, south to Paraparaumu via Southwards Car Museum and then a short section of straight line navigation to Auto Classics. Ross Church provided a short multi-choice quiz and some liquid prizes. The rally was won by team Peach in their Impala. Afternoon tea was enjoyed at 180 ° Café within walking distance from Auto Classics.

Coming events: November 17 (Sunday) Tararua Trundle. Starting at the clubrooms, briefing at 9 am, first car away 9.15 am. 140 miles. Bring lunch, will finish back at our clubrooms. Free entry. December 15 (Sunday) Our Annual Christmas Party at our clubrooms. Meet and greet at Mid-day. Seated for lunch at 1 pm. Tickets must be pre purchased at $30 per person by the December club night. (no ticket no meal no door sales) Turn up in period dress, prizes for best male and female. Combined with the Christmas Party is the Best Restoration Competition. Let us know your intention to enter at the December meeting or call me to register, please. I intend reinstating a competition for drivers and navigators who take part in our rallies and runs and also represent our branch at other branch rallies and national events. Those who organise or marshal at an event will also be included as they cannot compete. There will be a simple points system used similar to other branches. Entries for Wanganui’s Burma Rally are now open. A few teams are needed to defend our inter-branch challenge which is combined with that event on Wellington Anniversary weekend. Please get your entries in for the North Island Easter Rally that our branch is hosting next year.


There we stood in the middle of the street At the appointed place to meet Cars lined up ready to rumble All could be heard was the navigators' mumble We hope the instructions aren’t too hard This is great there is no driver’s card Through the sand hills and past the sea Counting sponsors, now how many should there be Back through the old town at leisurely pace Always remembering that this is not a race Identifying what is opposite number ninety two The fire station was in plain view Now back to join the highway lines The finish at Auto Classics always on our minds Turning off at Peka Peka to find some silent signs Be careful though this road produces lots of fines Passing cyclists and ladies pushing prams “oh no” he has included Tulip Diagrams Motoring south another checkboard in sight This will mean that we must be all right Next instruction is that awful Straight Line navigation This will really confuse our imagination Twisting and turning leaving streets left and right At least we got through it without having a fight Now we can stop and park up the car Talk to each other, discuss how we made it this far We thought today the challenges were over But Ross has one more next to his Rover Another set of questions to attempt to answer But this time it’s more like “who is Paekakariki’s principal dancer?”

Remember these events please; 1930â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cars for Foxton Bridge opening. To carry dignitaries across. Contact Bruce Lawrie. Saturday 14 December. Summerset Rest Home Levin rides. A rewarding day out. Cars required. Contact Don McLaren. Saturday 30 November. A Christmas tree decorating on behalf of us. Theme will be based on the VCC. Contact Andrew Judd. Date to be arranged. 3 or 4 people required please. December club night. Bring a plate and have a merry and social evening. BYO if desired, tea and coffee is available. Wednesday 4 December.

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Answer later in this issue of Spark

On 28 and 29 September the Tararua Rodders of Levin held their Bi-annual Hot Rod Show. Many members of our branch pitched in and helped them. It was held at the local events centre. Our branch was invited to erect the display shed and show six of our cars. Included were two of Jeff Fox’s motor bikes. Chris Clarke did a marvellous item for the display by ‘crating’ his very original 1929 Morris just as it would’ve come off the ship into New Zealand. The wheels were removed just as would’ve been done. It was shown along with an original photo of the unloading. It came with cobwebs and even a spider!

Fifty four years ago, the late Bryce Johnson of Te Aroha was running his small motors business. He needed more storage space in his large workshop. He decided to use a small alcove in the building to construct shelves. There was sufficient space at the back to create storage for a car. Except it needed to be dismantled! He set about dismantling his Ford Model T Pickup and stacking it into the confined space. A timber wall was placed over the alcove and the shelving built. It remained unseen for those fifty four years. Mr Johnson, known as a bit of a hoarder, passed away two years ago at the age of 95. Due to some problems with the settlement of his estate, the truck remained in the wall. I was contacted once the alcove was allowed to be opened and the parts on sold. I had been aware for a number of years that the car was present and finally I was contacted with the request of opening it up Mike Khull’s and removing the parts. woodwork This was largely because Mr Johnson’s son knew that the T would go to a genuine enthusiast rather than be wasted. Once the alcove was opened and the parts revealed it became clear there were actually three Model T’s inside! The condition was pretty remarkable with only minor surface rust. There were a large number of parts missing but certainly enough to build one pickup. A search of the under house space found a heap of other parts, mostly mechanicals, possibly those Mr Johnson was unable to squeeze into the wall. All the longer parts including the chassis were in the wall. I was invited to take my pick. We negotiated a price and I had myself a new truck plus surplus other parts. Both Andrew Heffey and Bob Barton have now benefited from some parts they required. Progress on the truck is going well, my photographs show where I’m at with it. Mike Khull is helping again with the woodwork. I hope to be able to show the truck soon. This has been great fun and a true ‘Barn Find’.

The Diff is fitted

Bob Barton’s Model T is now officially on the road! Great news! It needs a few adjustments made which are now being done. The clutch adjustments have shown up some wear and Bob with a workshop manual in one hand is discovering how it all ticks. Some new parts have been ordered and when fitted will fix the problem. He is also cleaning up another motor and again enjoying tinkering with this. It’s a great way to learn about your car. Mark Morgan has his 1933 Chev Pickup back and now has a workshop full of Chev’s. I am still looking for a couple of old 21 inch tyres and tubes for the Model T. This is just while I work on it. I’ll buy a new set on completion of the restoration. Any help here would be appreciated.

Mark’s beautiful ’33 Chevrolet

Jeff Fox has just completed a large propeller that has now been shipped to England. It’s very nice, all in black Walnut. His imported South American Ford A Phaeton has been wheeled out and maybe on the way to be restored. This car has a lot of different features as Jeff’s very rare Ford Model A Phaeton shown in the photo. A wide door on both sides, but no back doors! It has a windscreen wiper and a water pump. The back body and hood are some of the differences. I’m looking forward to the car being on the road. Jeff has some of the background bits done including motor, upholstery kits etc. Just watch this space! It is quite a bit different from the ones we have, check out the photos to see.

Unusually wide doors

He has also acquired a 1975 127 Fiat in great order. It looks to me like a compromise for Kerrie, who if my memory serves me correctly, is still waiting for the Model A promised a couple of decades ago! Gerry Harvey, who is next door to Jeff, is restoring a Series 1 Land Rover that has been converted into a fire engine.


Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had a visit from descendants of the first owners of my TT truck and they were able to enjoy a ride. The first owners were Stanley and Elizabeth Sharp who immigrated to New Zealand in 1906. They moved from their first home to Bulls and started a rural delivery business. Part of the business was to deliver the Feilding Star and picking up paying passengers and The Sharp family descendants taking them to and from Feilding. The body was built with a special wide cab for this purpose. The truck was sold to them by Wackrill and Stewart the Feilding Ford Agents. At one stage I am told that it carted reinforcing steel for the construction of Ohakea Air Base.

Avery Motors Ltd, Wellington. Ref: 1/2-036649-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

As a Ford apprentice with Avery Motors in Taranaki Street, Wellington in the late 1950's and early 1960's, I heard of a customer who came in to buy a new Ford Zephyr. When asked if he had a trade in, he said he had a Model A, but it hadn't run for many years. The salesman was a bit dubious about taking it as trade in! So came into the workshop and asked if anyone was interested in it to fix up? One of the mechanics said he might be interested, so it was arranged a pair would go and take at look at it. When they arrived at the customer's place, they were escorted to a garage that looked like the front door had never been opened for many years! They went in a side door to look. The car didn't look like a Ford, although the salesman was assured by the owner it was a Model A, that his father had bought it new! The salesman said he would see the senior salesman and find out what he thought about it as a trade in? When he described it to the senior salesman he then rang the Ford Motor Co in Seaview. He was told it was indeed a Model A Ford, a 1903 model! He was instructed to get hold of it, even if he could trade it for a new Zephyr, effectively

a ‘swap’! A deal was struck to accept it as a trade in. However the sales staff remained ‘coy’ on what they bought it for! It was recovered and brought into the workshop. It was worked on to get it up and running. The two cylinder motor was located under the front seat with the crank handle inserted through a hole on the side. It had a column change, but not like a normal column change, just a lever to push forward for low gear and forward again, for top gear. Pulling the handle hard back, selected reverse. It had chain drive onto one rear axle, with an external brake band on the other rear axle. No differential being fitted of course! It had a tonneau body and could seat a driver plus passenger in front. There was seating for four adults in the rear, facing each other. A door was fitted in the middle back with a single coach type step for access up into the rear. New wheels and tyres were installed and the foreman and mechanic took it out for a run. The old Hutt Road was the main highway back then, so the throttle was opened wide with a company car following behind. The foreman mentioned after the ride, it reached a top speed of 30mph (50kph) clocked by the accompanying car! With the steering having one turn lock-to-lock, it was a real ‘hairy’ thing to control as you can imagine keeping it on the road. Subsequently, the Model A is, or was, located in Len Southward's Museum on loan, but still owned by the Colonial Motor Company which was the parent company of Avery Motors at that time.

________________ ________________ ________________ ____________________ _______ The oldest Ford motor vehicle in New Zealand carries from left: CMC ____________________ retired chairman Peter Gibbons, CMC historian and secretary Roger Gardner and Ford sales manager Stuart Oulton. This was on the _______________ occasion of the 2009 Model T Ford Rally commemorating 100 years since the first Model T was built.

Photo: Courtesy

This is the only 1903 Model A Ford in New Zealand. There were 1706 Model A’s produced and this particular vehicle was number 1016 off the line. The car is owned by CMC which acquired it in 1951 after it was found in a shed under a pile of rubbish. It is said when the car was found the wheels were rotting off to the hubs. It has since been restored to its former glory. Historian Roger Gardner said when the car was first produced in 1903 the car cost $850. Now about 200 exist in the world and he estimated it was worth at least half a million dollars and maybe as much as a million. For further information please see the Stuff link below.

Many thanks to Bruce Hutton QSM FPSNZ

Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run The last, and first, time I went to the NZ Police Museum, I took our nine year old grandson with some other children. They keenly played detective with the mysteries on display, and dressed up in the uniforms as well as climbing on the police motorbike. Well, this time we had 23 adults, members from Wellington and Horowhenua and I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think any of them dressed up! We had a beautiful day for the October run and gathered first in the Kaizen cafe by the Pataka Art+Museum. Lots of chatter, good food and coffee for everyone before driving over to the museum. Nick, the Curator, gave an interesting tour. It's amazing to see how the uniforms have changed over the years and are still changing. For instance, the first bullet-proof vests were incredibly heavy with a lot of weight around the waist but now pockets near the shoulders distribute the weight more evenly and must be easier for the police driving a car. A highlight is the photograph of three early women officers at the races to uncover betting crimes dressed to the nines, fashionable hats and all. The weapons owned by the Aramoana gunman, David Gray, are displayed as are the chilling photographs of Jan Molenaar's wired house in Napier. The museum will be worth visiting again in the near future; it's 40 years since the Erebus disaster and a new exhibit was being built while we were visiting. The police had a major involvement in the identification of the deceased after the crash. A lovely day out with a great group of people. Ann O'Rorke

Central Hawkes Bay Branch VCC Veteran Rally 2019 Where: Based at Gavin and Vivienne Harris’s home 16 Petersen Place, Waipukurau (Off Porangahau Rd, Follow the signs) When: Saturday 16th November Friday Evening: Meet and Greet. Bring your fish and chips and come to Gavin and Vivienne’s place and catch up with other Veteran car lovers. Note: We buy ours from Ted’s on Racecourse Road, Blondies Fish and Chip shop is on Porangahau Road just down the road. Saturday: Meet and mingle at 09:30am. Tea and Coffee available. Be prepared to go on a journey around Central Hawkes Bay with a lunch stop at a country pub ending back in Waipukurau. Approx 75 miles, (but there are short cuts available: Just ask) Meals $10$30 your cost. Saturday evening: You are all welcome for a BBQ at Gavin and Vivienne’s home. Bring your own drinks and meat, we will supply the salads. It may pay to bring a chair! Entry Fee: $5 per vehicle. Saturday Dinner $5 per person. Bank account: 02 0780 0035502 000. Please put your surname in the reference section and Vet Rally as the Code. Eligible Vehicles: While this rally has been organised for Veteran Vehicles (pre 1919) we welcome 2 wheel braked Vintage Vehicles to take part. Other Vintage vehicles are welcome to follow on but we would appreciate all non-veteran vehicles to please park separate from Veterans to allow for photos. Thanks. Billets: Some Billets may be available Closing Date: 3rd November. Please email your entry to Gavin Harris email : Entrants Name………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Passengers Names……………………………………...………………………………………………................ ………………………………………………………No. coming to Sat BBQ …………………………………….. Entrants Address………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Phone No Hm…………………………………Mob…………………………………………………………………. E-mail………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Vehicle Make and Year……………………………… Reg No…………………………………………………

SOUTH WAIKATO VINTAGE CAR CLUB ANNUAL T. T. T. RALLY SUNDAY 24th NOVEMBER 2019. PROGRAMME:  Start at South Waikato Vintage Car Clubrooms  09:00 Hrs: Begin registration & cup of tea  09:45 Hrs: Briefing  1000 Hrs: First car leaves designated start area. At completion of run{approx 3.0hrs} lunch {byo} Sausages sizzle / bread, tea, coffee, hot water & milk available at finish then presentation of prizes. RALLY INFO: The rally will once again be set through pleasant country and where possible, Forestry Roads. As is usual it is a family event. No fiendish navigational rules or instructions written to get you lost. PERIOD DRESS: We encourage you and your team to dress for the period when your vehicle was built or most typically used. We will award a prize for best crew/vehicle combination. ENTRIES: To assist with organisation, entries should be sent by November 18. However we will accept them up to starting time. START LOCATION: South Waikato Vintage Car Clubrooms Vospers Road, Lichfield. (Off SH1 over railway line opposite Pottery shop) FUEL: The rally distance is approximately 120 kilometres. Please ensure you have sufficient fuel to complete the event.

For further information and the full Entry Form email:


With no working bee in October Spares has had a quiet month, with little to report on. The Manawatu Swap Meet was a nice day out for those Horowhenua members who went, however from reports I have heard very few treasures were found on the day. Of interest however are the comments from Wanganui Chairman Bruce Ardell in their October magazine about the Manawatu Swap Meet. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s about what impact TradeMe is having on the quality of parts at Swap Meets, a worthwhile read. On a different note the Hot Rod Show run by the Tararua Rodders back in September was a highly successfully day, with the Spares shed being kept very busy all day Sunday. Safe travelling everyone.


Library Merchandise HVCC Dashboard Stickers Iron on fabric badges HVCC blue and white caps Name Badges (fill out form)


$ 4 $ 3 $10 $12

WANTED - clutch actuating fork and a front windscreen for 1977 Morris Marina 1.8 Contact Barry 027 3487661

advertisements Now I’ve got your attention ... did you know, if you’re a member you can advertise your car, your parts or your whatever FOR SALE here? You could’ve had this space to sell your stuff for free!

Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run (last Wednesday of the month)

Wednesday 27 November 2019 This advertisement is being written before we know whether the word ‘rugby’ brings sorrow or jubilation but, whatever the outcome, our November’s run is taking us to a very special place for aficionados and museum junkies. The NZ Rugby Museum in Palmerston North is viewed as the leading sports museum in New Zealand, with a collection in excess of 40,000 items, world class displays and activities and strong visitor numbers. As someone who was fortunate enough to be invited to the 2011 opening of the current museum (and who has no interest in rugby - Ann), I can attest to the fascinating displays and activities for both fans and non-fans. Do join us! 10.45am Arrive at the NZRM, located on level one in the Te Manawa complex, between the Globe Theatre and the Palmerston North Convention Centre at 326 Main Street, Palmerston North. Pay and display public car parks are located on Main Street and directly in front of the main entrance of the Museum building on Main Street. Entrance fee: $12.50 payable at the reception desk on the ground floor before going up to the museum. 11 – 11.30am Arranged tour of the museum. 11.30-12.30pm Time to browse. 12.40pm Leave museum for lunch. 1pm Arrive at The Verdict Café, 114 The Square, Palmerston North. Easier entrance from Maple Lane. Cabinet food and lunch menu. There will be a reserved seating area for us. If you would like to come, please let Ann or Hal O'Rorke know by Sunday 24th November. Email, phone or text: Ann 0274 731136 or Hal 0274 118162


Tararua Trundle. Free entry, however entry forms are required. The event will take most of the day. Please dress in vehicle period costume. See October issue for entry form. Start at clubrooms, briefing 9 am. th November 27 Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run. th November 30 Summerset Rest Home Levin. Cars to visit and provide rides to the residents. Please contact Don McLaren. th December 4 Horowhenua Club Night. Please bring a plate to contribute to supper and a drink if you choose. We’ll have a convivial evening to finish the year. Tea and coffee available. December 15th The Annual Christmas Party and Restoration of the Year. Lunch at the club rooms meeting at 12 noon and eating at 1.00 pm. Tickets must be pre-purchased before or on December club night. $30 per person. Prizes for best dressed in period costume. Please advise Club Captain if entering Restoration of the Year. st January 1 No club night in January. th January 17-20 Whanganui Branch Burma Rally and Vintage Weekend. See ad and contact detail in the September issue. A few teams are required to defend our title against Wellington and Wairarapa Branch. The Wellington Club Captain’s Safari will be run again. Further detail to be advised. See our Club Captain’s Report. th February 5 Horowhenua Club Night. th March 12 Horowhenua Club Night. March 14th Horowhenua Swap Meet. See the ad in this issue. April 1st Horowhenua Club Night. th April 10-13 National North Island Easter Rally 2020. Hosted by Horowhenua Branch. rd August 23 VCCNZ National Day – Daffodil Rally for the Cancer Society. Any enquiries to: Bruce Lawrie Phone 027 4762489


the print bureau 06 367 9330

Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Horowhenua VCC - November 2019  

Horowhenua VCC - November 2019