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June 2019

Reliant Scimitar and Sabre Owners Club visit Horowhenua VCC and conduct scrutineering during their rally

PO Box 458, LEVIN 14 Tiro Tiro Road, LEVIN


Tom Hayes

06 367 9445


Des St Clare

0274 191412

Deputy Chair

Pete Collins

06 368 8656


Winton Cleal

04 293 3369


Jackie Job

06 368 2565

Club Captain (Joint)

Rex Williams Pete Collins

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Branch Delegate

Michael Gaffaney

04 905 2402


Derek Ransom Bob Barton Warren MacMillan John White Colin Brooks

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Custodian Groundspeople

Andrew Judd Wayne Thrower Julia MacMillan

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Spares Team

Callum Farmer Rex Williams Mike Khull Bob Barton Jeff Fox Colin Brooks Robert Cammish

06 364 7238

Library Archives

Don McLaren Pauline St Clare

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Spark Editor

Mark Gibson Bob Barton

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Spark Distribution VIC Team

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06 367 8216

Verdon Heath, Ivan Horn, Jeff Fox, Mark Morgan and Mike Khull Meeting Branch Night - 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 30 pm Committee Meeting - Last Wednesday of the month at 7 30 pm Working Bee - Saturday following Branch Night at 9 00 am Spare Parts - Open Saturday following Branch Night Club Bank Account No - 03 0667 0269227 00

The AGM has now passed and I thank you all for re-electing me as your chairman. I look at this position as an honour and take it very seriously, so will do my utmost to serve the club to the best of my ability. However, in making that statement, I need the help and guidance of not only the committee but all of you the club members. So if at any time you feel something is not right or there is a better way to do it please do not hesitate to contact me, I will always look forward to your feedback or suggestions. My thoughts were that the AGM went really well and was complimented with the attendance of our North Island Club Captain Kaaren Smylie and her husband Jim. They were both taken aback by our wonderful club rooms, library and spares department. We are so fortunate to have such a great facility. Welcome to John White who is now our Vice Chairman and also to Bruce Lawrie who is now our club captain. However, we still need help for Bruce and are asking members to step forward to form a working committee on arranging, outings, rallies etc. If we can get a group interested in this idea it would not be such a time-consuming job and would give a small group a chance to participate together and enjoy what the club is about. On the Saturday morning of Queen's Birthday weekend, we hosted the Reliant Scimitar and Sabre Owners Club of NZ at our club rooms. They were having a rally around Levin and used our club grounds to scrutineer their cars. We supplied morning tea for them and also the library and spares were open. This was a very social morning and they had 17 cars present. They have sent us a very nice email thanking our club for our hospitality and have extended a welcome to our club to use their facilities just south of Rotorua if ever required. (Bluff Sports Recreation Club). They have also sent photos of their cars which we will post in this issue of Spark. The speaker for the July meeting is George Laris who is from the Levin Testing Station and the topic will be on Vinning and Warrant of Fitness. The Saturday morning Working Bee was again well attended by about 25 members and the morning tea was a very social gathering. Next Sunday the 16th June is our mid-year dinner and I hope to see you all there. Regards

Des St Clare

Horowhenua Branch Chairman’s Report 2018/19 I take great pleasure in submitting my Chairman’s Report to the club which covers the past year’s activities. Being my first year as Chairman and also a reasonably new member to the club I stepped into this position with very little knowledge on the running of the club and also not knowing many club members or their names. However I have been well rewarded with the help and assistance of a wonderful committee and several club members who have at all times given me great advice and guidance. My special thanks must go to Colin Brooks who has helped me so much with his expertise and knowledge. He has always been available and has never hesitated in spending time and helping me. Also my wife Pauline; she is my rock, and is a wonderful inspiration and help to me, especially when something isn’t going as it should and my moods become quite unbearable. To Pauline I am sorry, but thankful to have you by my side. To sum it up I could not fulfill my duties as chairman without the help and the backing of the whole club, and to me the past 12 months have been very rewarding, so I thank you all. A major highlight of the year was my first official duty as Chairman. It was the mid-winter lunch held last June, where two 50 year Membership Badges were awarded and one 60 year Membership Badge. These were presented by Diane Quarrie, our National President who travelled from Hawke’s Bay to present the awards. It was a wonderful occasion, marred only by the fact that there were to have been three 50 year badges presented. Unfortunately Warren Birch was very ill in hospital, and he passed away a month or so later. Our Spares Department was officially named The Disher Family Spares after the family’s generosity over the years of donating so many spare parts etc. A very nice plaque in their honour is now over the door. My feelings are that the club is following along the right track and we are also seeing an influx of new members on a monthly basis. In the past year our Treasurer Jackie Job has done a wonderful job and very successfully set us up with online banking, which is a huge step forward into the future. Our Secretary Winton Cleal has also done a great job and has helped the club so much with the introduction of online communication. This must be our most valuable tool in notification of coming events, rallies, outings, meetings etc.

Our librarians, Don McLaren and Pauline have also done us proud with their knowledge and time spent in keeping the library up to date. Callum Farmer and his team in Spares continue to do a great job. Their expertise and knowledge is invaluable in keeping the Spares department running so smoothly and also helping with the financial income for the club. Pete Collins and Rex Williams who stepped up as Club Captains despite their other commitments to the club have done well, especially with the organising of the Swap Meet, which must surely be the club’s main event for the year and also our main income earner. They too have shown a major commitment to the club. Mark Gibson does a wonderful job in producing our monthly Spark, a very professional magazine which keeps us all up to date. It is always full of information with great detail. Thank you, Mark. I would also like to thank our Branch Delegate, Michael Gaffaney who attends the VCC meetings and reports back to the club on the events. I also thank the many other workers who dedicate so much time to the club. There are too many to name, but we all know who they are. Thank You! The club has had many good runs and outings this past 12 months. The last of these events was on the 11th May which was a parade round Levin to celebrate the Levin RSA on its 100 year celebrations. This event was well attended with 18 club cars present and was very well organised by the RSA. Another very enjoyable day. Sadly, during the year we witnessed the passing of our much-treasured members Warren Birch, Bob Disher, Rita Benge and Keith Staples. Our sympathy goes out to their families and they will be sadly missed by all. Finally, I look forward to another successful, busy, interesting year for the club. We have a fantastic facility here with our clubrooms which is the envy of many other clubs, so it is up to us to maintain them and use them for our own events as much as possible. Next Easter we are to host the North Island Easter Rally, which will give the clubrooms a bit of a workout! I would ask you all to get behind this event to make it a real success.

Des St Clare Horowhenua Branch Chairman

MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE HOROWHENUA BRANCH OF THE VINTAGE CAR CLUB NZ INC HELD AT 14 TIRO TIRO ROAD, LEVIN ON 5 JUNE 2019 AT 7.30 PM. PRESENT: Chairman Des St Clare welcomed 49 members APOLOGIES: Norm McBrearty, Michael Wintringham, Angela Biggs, Chris Winiata, Aaron Burns, Ivan Benge, Dave Bang, Derek Ransom, Jeff Fox, Clive Fordell, Margaret and Graham Lawton, Doug Ashwell, Robert Cammish, Colin Geange, Mark Gibson. VISITORS: Ed Curby, Robert Kinghorne. We also welcomed our North Island Club Captain Kaaren Smylie and her husband Jim, on their way back from the Irishman’s Rally in Fairlie. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Taken as read and approved. Winton Cleal / Colin Brooks MATTERS ARISING: None CHAIRMAN’S REPORT: Des read out his report which is printed in this issue. Des St Clare / Winton Cleal TREASURER’S REPORT: Jackie read out her report which is also in this issue. Jackie Job / Pete Collins CLUB CAPTAIN’S REPORT: Des explained to the members that we wish to set up a small committee to help the Club Captain. They will need to organise one or two runs each. Peter Nightingale said he can help members out with information. ELECTION OF OFFICERS: All positions were filled but a vote was required for Deputy Chairman position. John White was voted in. It was moved that the voting papers be destroyed. Winton Cleal / Graeme McKenzie ANNUAL AWARDS: Des awarded the Chairman’s Trophy to Colin and Cheryl Brooks for all their help. He then awarded the Tilson Trophy to Jackie Job for all her work in moving the branch over to internet banking. The Club Captain’s Trophy was awarded by outgoing Club Captain Pete Collins to Linda Barton for all her support during the year. GENERAL BUSINESS: Des asked again for names to help new Club Captain Bruce Lawrie form a small committee. He told people to come and see him after the meeting. The Night Owl Rally is on 14 July starting at 7pm at the club rooms. The Morris 8 which is in the parts dept is on Trademe. The Chairman read out an email that he had received from the Reliant Scimitar Car Club thanking us for the use of our club rooms and inviting us to their club rooms some time. They are situated just south of Rotorua. SPEAKER: Kaaren Smylie gave a very interesting report about the new vintage run being planned starting in Taihape. It is for pre 1932 cars only. She also urged us to support the International Rally in Taranaki in 2021 and with that in mind showed us a sign which we will be able to purchase. This sign advertises the event and may be placed on a door of your vehicle. She also urged us to get in behind supporting the North Island Easter Rally which our Branch is hosting next year from 10-13 April. We will need plenty of willing hands to make this happen. Meeting closed at 8.50 PM

Chairman’s Trophy

Club Captains Trophy At the AGM Northern Region Club Captain Kaaren Smylie addressed the meeting

Tilson Trophy

Roster for July 2019 Neil Bowater, Dick Boyd, Rick and Jill Burke, Aaron Burns and Ian Butler. PLEASE, if you are unable to make it for either kitchen duties on club night, 3 July or the Working Bee on Saturday morning 6 July, 9.00 am till 12 noon let me know on 027 4191412 or

Speaker for July 2019 George Laris from the Levin Testing Station will speak to the club regarding the vinning of vehicles and the issue of Warrant of Fitness. Both subjects dear to our hearts.

Many thanks to Cheryl Brooks who has collated and published last month’s Spark for members. She has gathered all the relevant items in preparation for your current issue to keep you informed in my absence. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much Cheryl. Ed

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______________________________________ From: <> _________________ Subject: Scenic Train Offer to VCC Members Hi everyone We have managed to obtain a discount offer for all members, through Great Journeys of New Zealand. Extension of this offer will be determined by the support of this offer from members. Please let your members know. The attached should be kept at the front of your Branch Manual (in the clear sleeve), just like the Interislander and Bluebridge offers. Regards Julie Cairns-Gee Administration Manager VCC National Office

Mangatainoka Motors Brexit vs EU Car Day Sun 26th May 10:00am - 4:00pm

On the last Sunday of the month get over to the Tui Brewery to see some of the finest cars around or, if you have the finest car around bring it for display for other like-minded car enthusiasts to check out. There will be live music, cars to check out, prizes to be won (if you are bringing your ride) and the kitchen will be open to provide you with a top notch meal. Free entry to the public or $10 to register your vehicle for these events, registration will go to towards a local cause. You can pre-register your vehicle here Timetable: 9.30 am

Gates open for Cars only.

10.45 am

All cars to be parked.

11 am

Registrations close

12.30 pm

Prize giving

1 pm

Photos with the tower

4 pm

HQ Closes as normal

Prizes offered for the following categories: Furthest Travelled: Most Original:

Local Star: People's Choice: Star of the Show:

The mid Winter dinner is on again. Meet and greet at midday. Dinner served approximately 1 pm. Please pay at the time you register. Register by emailing Rex Williams or speak to the Club Captains. Pay by cash or internet banking. A/c No 03 0667 0269227 00 quote your ‘Surname’ and event ‘MWinter’. Payment must be made before the dinner, no door sales for catering purposes! Cutoff date 11 June.

From: To:

Subject: Wheels Hello I received this request via facebook from Justin. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Photos attached. Ross

Hi, I’m trying to find this type of wheel hoping you can help, it’s a 4 stud pattern with a pcd of 110mm. Ross Holden Communications & Marketing Officer Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (Inc.) Email: Phone 021 2638488

Editor’s Note: If you can assist, please reply to Ross Holden, he hasn’t included any contact detail for the enquirer. Thank you.

______________________________________ _________________

Another year has just zoomed by and as you all know, Rex and I are standing down from the Club Captains position. But before we go we will still be doing the Mid Winter Dinner and assisting with the Night Owl. As for May, both events were very well supported. Firstly was the parade for the Levin RSA celebrating their 100 years. 16 cars turned out and this was very well received by the RSA and the general public, who came along to watch. My thanks go to Wayne Kaye of the RSA for this invitation. Then the next day was our first “Ladies Run”. The first stop was at the Levin Art Society club rooms for a wonderful morning tea which was presented by our very own ladies. It was delicious and exquisite. It was followed by a briefing from Linda Gill. Our second stop was at Sue and Graham Lang’s property in Denton Road. Not only a walk around a huge garden but a look at Graham’s model railway, which is in its own shed. The third stop was at Dave Bang’s art studio which should not be missed. Very impressive Dave! To all the ladies who had an input to the day, thank you very much for such a tremendous effort. JUNE ACTIVITIES; 16 June Mid Winter Luncheon. Book now! $30 per head. Midday meet and greet. Dinner served around 1 pm. Please pay when booking. You can pay online. No door sales. JULY ACTIVITIES; 14 July Night Owl Rally. Meet at the club rooms at 7 pm. No later. First car away at 7.15 pm. Bring a plate for a pot luck supper. Thank you. Finally, a huge thanks to everyone who has helped Rex and I over the last year. Thank you!

Pete and Rex

LADIES’ RUN - MOTHER’S DAY A morning out on a “Levin City” town tour to celebrate Mother’s Day! Why not! We started at the club rooms and drove to The Arts Centre in Bath Street. A fabulous Devonshire type morning tea was provided before we viewed the amazing artwork and paintings by local artists. Thanks to the two Linda’s and helpers. We were even able to vote in the current month’s art competition with the subject being an animal. Linda B and Linda G both gave a little talk about some of the work and the artists and both Linda’s had some fabulous work on display. Then we carried on to Denton Road and were given a guided walk around Sue and Graham Lang’s large garden. It was slightly wet under foot but in perfect weather would be ideal venue for a wedding setting with views of the Tararuas and some ingenious garden artwork to investigate. Graham is also working on a Model Railway project in his spare time! Next stop was at Dave and Linda Bang’s art gallery. Dave does some fabulous pen and ink drawings and is also working with beer, wine and coffee. Many of us were also able to view another of Dave’s latest projects, his second Oldsmobile, a very close relation to his first. It was then back to the club rooms for picnic lunch if you wished. This was a pleasant start to Mother’s Day with a friendly group of members and partners.


Left – Dave Bang’s art work. Right – The Lang’s beautiful gardens. Below – Men interested, ladies not! The Model Railway is opened!

Brigid! What tickle does Rex like in this situation?

Men Behaving Badly! And on a Ladies day out. Typical!

A collection of photos from their visit on 1 June 2019

Photos: Courtesy Mark Gibson


…… and God promised men that good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the World. Then He made the earth round ….. and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed….. What's the difference between a BMW and a porcupine? A porcupine has the pricks on the outside.

When insuring your valuable items (property, car etc) with Vero, quoting this number results in a commission being made to the Horowhenua Branch. Thank you for your support.

Number HO/300137

The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand invites you to attend the 2021 Vero International Festival of Historic Motoring

Visit the website and register your interest

Targa 2019 Time Trial When: Monday 28 October to Saturday 2 November 2019. Where: Central & Lower/Mid North Island. Refer 2019 Events – Targa NZ 2019 for Draft Event Programme. What &Why: Outstanding opportunity for VCC members to drive iconic North Island roads as a time trial. This is not a race, but rather an exercise in precise driving to maintain a set average speed through all closed tarmac stages, (similar to a regularity trial, but with the safety of knowing that all participants have staggered start times, drive in the same direction, on the same road, with nothing coming towards them!) It’s also a great opportunity for VCC branches to raise public awareness of the VCC & hopefully attract some new & younger members. Eligible Cars: All types of cars with a current WOF & minimum third-party insurance may enter, but there is a special discount available for VCC eligible cars (30+ years old) with a VIC. No special modifications (roll cage etc), are required. Refer 2019 Events – 2019 Targa Time Trial Terms & Conditions. Cost: Substantial 30% discount of entry fee for VCC members with VCC/VIC eligible cars = $4,790 reduced to $3,353 + Medical Levy & Rally Safe. (All entry fees are + GST). Please note discounted entry fee increases by $140 from 1 July 2019, so we recommend entry during June if possible. Travel & accommodation expenses are in addition to entry fee. Refer 2019 Events – 2019 Event Pricing for further details & discounts. Contact: Rod Corbett rod.corbett88@gmail027 433 8772 for further details.

Moves by Pauline to reduce the number of books for sale is proving positive with sales being made. This continued over Queenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Birthday Weekend during a visit by the Reliant Scimitar Club on Saturday morning. Please continue with your efforts in scanning the media for any references about our Branch so they can be added to our already amazing archives.

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With May being a quiet month leading up to the Horowhenua Vintage Car Club Branch AGM, it allowed me time to put together a small team of motorcycle members to partake in the auction of the late Clive Phillips collection. He was a collector and antique dealer from Carterton, who’s collection included six unrestored British Motorcycles. They consisted of four BSA’s, starting with a 1937 BSA B20, 1939-1945 BSA Military M20, 1952 BSA B31 plus a late 1940’s BSA C11, along with two 1959 James Flying Cadets. The Auction was in Greytown on 25th May at the Wakefield Auction room. Horowhenua members had a successful day! Two of the motorcycles have found homes in our area! Over the course of May the Spares Department went about getting a WOF for the 1936 Morris 8, which was issued on the 20th May. Hopefully I can report a sale sometime soon. Safe travelling everyone.

Callum ______________________________________ _________________ George McLean is offering prize money to anyone who can answer these two questions correctly:  How many GI’s are pictured?  How many Jeeps are there waiting for the crusher? Don’t fancy ya chances!

Library Merchandise HVCC Dashboard Stickers Iron on fabric badges HVCC blue and white caps Name Badges (fill out form)


$ 4 $ 3 $10 $12 For Sale on behalf. Body shell of 1936 Austin Seven Ruby. Very good condition cleaned and primed. Small amount of panel work to do. Has metal turret top. Some wood work. No dash or instruments. Sale includes door shells, spare wheel cover, windscreen assembly, wiper and full set of mudguards. Extra two front guards. New running board rubber left and right. $950.00 or near offer. Contact: Peter Nightingale 06 3687160 evenings.

FOR SALE 1936 Morris 8 Series 1 Being sold on behalf of. Never restored and in excellent condition inside and out. Current WoF. Paper work and original manual with car. Spares is open to sensible offers. Advertised elsewhere. Callum Farmer 021 155 3445 or 06 36 47 238 or email Hupmobile 1925 E Model 8 cylinder Roadster Registered and Warrant of Fitness. Mechanically restored including full engine restoration. Cosmetics largely untouched. Owned since 2008 and previously shed stored since 1973. Only one known in New Zealand. Enquiries to Michael Gaffaney Ph 04 9052402 or Picture taken on opening of Kapiti Expressway 2017.

Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run (last Wednesday of the month)

Wednesday 26 June 2019 Mid-Winter Xmas Lunch at Masonic Village CafĂŠ Levin Meet at 11.30am for a midday lunch. Traditional fare; roast lamb, ham, roast vegetables, peas, carrots, broccoli with cheese sauce, green salad, and dessert. Cost $35 per person (cash only as there will be only one account). We will collect the cash from you. They are not BYO or licensed but they will provide glasses. Directions: From the South, travel through Levin and turn right at the second set of lights into Queen Street East (Clock Tower on the corner). Take second exit at the two roundabouts you encounter on Queens Street East and the cafĂŠ is 400 metres on the left from the second roundabout. If you would like to come, please let Ann or Hal know by Sunday 23rd June 2019. E-Mail: or Text: Ann 0274731136 or Hal 0274118162

______________________________________ _________________ CALENDAR of COMING EVENTS June


Mid Winter Christmas Dinner. Midday meet and greet. Meal served approx 1 pm. See Notices this issue. rd July 3 Horowhenua Club Night. th July 14 Night Owl Rally. Arrive 7 pm at the club rooms. First car away a 7.15 pm. Pot luck supper. Please bring a plate. See Club Captains Report. th July 28 Tui Brewery Mangatainoka Vintage Car Day. th August 7 Horowhenua Club Night. th August 25 VCCNZ National Day 2019 - Daffodil Rally for the Cancer Society. Further to be advised. th September 4 Horowhenua Club Night. nd October 2 Horowhenua Club Night. Any enquiries to: Pete Collins Phone 06 368 8656


the print bureau 06 367 9330

Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Horowhenua VCC - June 2019  

Horowhenua VCC - June 2019