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THE MOTORING SPIRIT The Wellington Branch Newsletter May 2019

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60 years of Vintage motoring 1958—2018

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Bruce and Claire Benge.

or why it’s a good idea to get AA plus Insurance when you have a vintage vehicle. We had been in our 1946 Ford V8 Jailbar truck, to the southernmost point of the South Island (no - not Bluff but Slope Point in the Catlins) and visited the Richardson Transport Centre in Invercargill. We were with a small group of friends in various old cars and trucks. Some of us wanted to do the Nevis Rd, which goes from Garston to Cromwell and has a reputation as a very rough road (including 25 fords in 5 km). We turned off the main road at Garston into the Nevis Road. A stock gate blocked the road so I did my duty as leading car navigator, climbing out to open it. Two of the three other vehicles went through then it was our turn. Bruce dropped the clutch and there was loud bang. “What was that?” said Greg, the last one in the queue. “A broken back axle!” said Bruce as the truck stayed stationary. The two drivers got out and kneeled down on the gravel road to check. “Yep, it’s a broken axle” said Bruce. “I’ll call the AA”. The 1st phone call made, Bruce persuaded Greg to carry on and to let the others know what had happened. Thank goodness we were within cell phone range; if we had gone a few kilometres further we would have been out of range and probably tow truck range. AA rang back for further details, and with lots of toing and froing, we persuaded them the truck could not be fixed on site, but that we were accessible to the main road. They promised to send their First Response Officer as soon as possible. In the mean time I found that I had the job of opening and shutting the gate for several 4 wheel drive vehicles wanting to go over the Nevis Road. A small yappy dog from the farmhouse nearby came to say hello. A guy in a modern car pulled up to offer help and when told it was on its way he parked off the road and proceeded to take his cycle out of the station wagon in bits and put it together. He was going for a training ride to Cromwell and back before a big cross country race. Boy must he be fit! He chatted to us for a while then set off; leaving us to stand around till the AA arrived about an hour after the first phone call. He and Bruce lay on their backs on the road and agreed that the back axle left hand side was indeed broken. He contacted the AA and agreed to get a car carrier to take it to Invercargill, the only place where there was a big enough carrier (with Queenstown only 20 km or so away!). While we were waiting, the AA Officer decided that he could tow it around in a circle by the gate while waiting for a carrier truck. Bruce suggested that this type of vehicle shouldn’t be towed as he had heard that the wheel would fall off. The AA Officer looked under the truck and decided that it would be okay. The turn was successful but as we headed down the road there was a bump, the truck lurched to one side and stopped. The wheel had fallen off. Apparently a difficult decision to make, the AA Officer then helped Bruce jack it up to take the weight off the hub, and then left us to wait for the carrier. Cont. on pg. 13


More about the above photos in our article on this months club night talk on pg. 8


Selwyn Warren

Something of a busy month, this one, what with Easter and ANZAC day, plus school holidays thrown into the mix. The motorcyclists have been busy, and then there was the visit to a motorcycle museum. The club night speaker, Dr Michael Taylor, entertained us. (Report elsewhere in this mag.) and the Sunday run people enjoyed themselves at the military vehicle collection. I’ve been enjoying the last of the Summer wine—oops! Weather, until the last week, then today (ANZAC Day) I had to go out to Tawa and this morning, the weather turned absolutely brilliant, I continued on to Titahi Bay and caught the end of their ANZAC parade on the beach. No wind and the bay was sparkling in the sun and Mana Island looked fabulous. The view from the Richard St. lookout , over Rocky Bay is pretty breath taking. Amazing what's on our doorstep. Ed.


April Kapiti Mid Week Run

Trevor Barnes

This run started with an early lunch at Murrayfield Café, just out of Levin. A number of the twenty two attendees also had a look around the grounds and museum before we headed to the Thomson Motorcycle Museum via some Horowhenua and Manawatu back roads. Peter Thomson gave us a “briefing” on the museum before we spread around examining the bikes, which dated from 1904 (an Indian) onwards. I didn’t count the bikes but there would be around 100, being very jammed in on two floors of the building. Most of the pre WW2 bikes were collected by Peter’s father Andy, with the later models being added after Peter and Jennifer took over the museum. The majority are unrestored, and sometimes incomplete, but they are mainly very original but worn condition. There are many rare makes, and a collection of memorabilia and models. Some are racing bikes such as the two Manx Nortons, one of which was ridden to second place in the Isle of Man Senior TT. Others would be lucky to exceed the round-town speed limit but were attempts to provide people with transport. All in all it was a good turnout to visit an interesting collection. Thanks Peter and Jennifer.

These pics from the museum, were supplied by Trevor Barnes. Ed


MOTORCYCLE REPORT 15 APRIL: Trevor Barnes Past Events: Whanganui Motorcycle Trial, 13-14 April 2019: Of 33 entries, there were 3 Wellington entrants. On rally day all bikes followed sealed roads to the lunch stop at Mangamahu School, via Turakina Valley Road. After lunch the short route followed sealed roads, while the long route tackled nine miles of gravel on Mangamahu Road and Burma Hill. Warwick chose the short route and Peter completed the long route without incident. Trevor ran into a slip, after clipping a rock. Damaged pride, but bike and rider were OK Dave Henwood won the overall trophy, Peter was 3rd PWV, Warwick won a raffle prize and Trevor won the Hard Luck trophy and a prize for the first entry. The Sunday “place of interest” was a car restorer who also does m/cycle petrol tanks and certifies vehicles for VINs and Low Volume Certification. A very informative discussion on the requirements and pitfalls of rust repair and structural modifications. Ted Green M/C Rally: Horowhenua, Sunday, 14 April: There were five Wellington attendees – John Neill, John Viner, Paul Switzer, Ian Munro and Ashley Blair. See the separate report from Ashley Blair. Coming Events: Wairarapa Reliability Trial: 4-5 May 2019 - “The Far Side”: It is going to the Sixtus Lodge, Apiti. Entry forms have been circulated. Note the 8.30 start time at Clareville. First bike at 9:00. Total mileage from Clareville to Clareville, is 314. Taranaki Rubber Duckie: Saturday 21st September: The date has been confirmed. Planning for the 2020 Biennial Rally: Date of the Biennial: 25-26 January 2020 (Auckland anniversary w/e). The following main roles have been filled: Admin: Peter Simpson; Prizes & trophies: Warwick Laing and John Neill; Advertising: Ashley Blair; Pub Charity: Hal O’Rorke. Two roles were not filled: Route for Saturday run, including Marshalls, route notes, Sunday ride: Trevor is not prepared to do this a third time but will assist. This role MUST be filled soon or there cannot be a rally. Catering: Note that the dinner will most likely be at the clubrooms but could be held elsewhere. Lunch arrangements will depend on where the route goes and will probably be a bag lunch. There is no urgency for this role. National Motorcycle Rally 2021: Peter Simpson and Trevor Barnes are to meet with Willie James and the committee for the Wairarapa 2021 National Motorcycle Rally, to provide support for organising it. Next Meeting: May: 4th Monday 27th, at the Butcher and Brewer, 7.30pm Future meeting dates: June: 4th Monday 24th July: 4th Monday 22nd August: 4th Monday 26th 6

2019 Ted Green Memorial Rally: Ashley Blair Great weather was a bonus for the four Wellington VCC riders who entered the 2019 Rally, organised by the Horowhenua Branch. Entries were down this year because date changes meant a clash of events but the organisers assured riders this will be rectified next year. Ashley, Paul, John N, John V and Ian were among the 15 entrants. It was good to see John Viner’s 1939 Ariel back on the road again after a lengthy period of workshop surgery and recuperation. The organisers set a challenging route taking riders to Waitarere then under the Whirokino Trestle and along Buckley Road which had been heavily re-gravelled after the course was set. Easily the highlight of the day was the spectacular ride up the metaled Heights Road into the Tararuas. The stunning vista of rolling country between Shannon and Levin and right over to Lake Horowhenua could really only be appreciated by stopping on the way back down. This was after an early lunch of barbecued sausages organised by the Horowhenua club captains. One rider commented, “Who knew there were such great roads in the Horowhenua!” Results Vintage winner: Post Vintage winner: Post War winner: Post 1960 winner: Post 1980 winner: Guest winner: 2019 Ted Green Memorial Rally winner:

Don MacDonald: John Viner: John Rapley: Derek Ransom: Paul Switzer: Paul Robinson: John Rapley:

Norton. Ariel. Enfield Nzeta Honda Honda Enfield

Some photos on back page. Ed.

OBITUARIES Bob Ewing, who was a branch member and a campaigner for the branch with regard to the leasing of our clubrooms site, from the Council, passed away recently. The branches condolences go to Bobs wife, Elsie, and to family.

Contributions for the Motoring Spirit are always welcome Articles, photos, reports or titbits. Electronic versions are preferred, but photos and text can be scanned or typed up. Send to the editor—Selwyn Warren, or arrange by phone with me, to get a hard copy by mail or at Club Nights. Contacts on inside front cover. 7

APRIL CLUB NIGHT Michael Taylors 1930 Packard Super 8 Michael brought along a superb example of this replica Waterhouse bodied Convertible Victoria. This car was the runner up for last years Restoration Of The Year. This 6.3 litre Straight 8 restoration was started in 1998 when Michael and two friends decided to build 3 similar cars. The chassis, engine, guards etc were purchased in Whangarei and the woodwork was completed on all 3 cars, by the same body builder. Michael went to the U.S and took many measurements from a car owned by Otis Chandler, who was the owner of the N.Y Times. After some time, all 3 cars were duly completed and this car had its first outing in late 2016 and was completed in 2018. Accompanying the showing of the car, was a slide show of the restoring progress, plus a history of the Packard company. Thanks Michael for an interesting night. Ed.



April Sunday Run: Richard Davies Seven cars attended the run on the 7th, most meeting at the Mayfair CafĂŠ in Upper Hutt, for morning tea, before setting off for Mangaroa Valley, to view several Military vehicles, one of which was the Scorpion Tank that was the subject of a recent Club night talk. Also at the property were a Ferret Scout car, a Military Landrover and a Fordson truck that was being restored. At about 1.30pm, everybody left for home, but a couple of us went to Maidstone Park for a picnic lunch. Thanks to Brett and Phil for the viewing, and to Ian McCulloch for organising the day.

Please note the date has been changed to 11th May. This event is for high ground clearance vehicles. Meet at the Remutaka Forest Park, Wainuiomata, at 10.00am, just inside the gate, on the grass.

Bring your lunch, hot drink, warm clothes and a camera. This event will be going on some rough roads to somewhere we haven't been before. Four wheel drive vehicles will be welcome and might be put to work. If weather does not look good, contact: Ray Betteridge. 027 484 6738. or Roger White. 021 146 1706 after 8.30am to see if cancelled.


Here is part 3 of the article started last month, on Gabriel Snubbers and Watson Stabilators. Sorry about the abrupt endings, but that’s how the pages end.



This is a big event for the Club this year. Fifty years ago, Pam McLean decided that the Ladies of the club should have a Rally. Pam organised this event which was very successful and has continued on, with the 50th on Sunday 26th May. Angelica and Alastair are the organisers this year and would love to see as many as possible out for this special event. Ladies, have a drive in your club eligible car. If you can’t drive it or your husband won’t let you, come along in your modern. You will not be eligible for the trophy, but we would love to see you. For the first event there was a great turnout, with some men even dressed as women so they could enter. So, don’t stay at home; please come out for the afternoon. Remember, the men must make a cake or similar for afternoon tea, so that saves you cooking. The competition amongst our budding choux chefs over the last few years has been very fierce. See you all on Sunday 26th May at 12.30 for 1.00pm start at the Clubrooms. Ladies, practise your driving and men, look out and try a fantastic recipe to win the bake-off. __________________________________________________________________________

An elephant was walking through the jungle, but with each step he took, he trampled dozens of ants under his huge feet. The ants became so angry that they started crawling up the elephant’s legs, and then up his body, hell-bent on revenge. As the elephant felt their presence on his skin, he shook his body violently, causing all the ants to plunge to the ground, except one. This one ant clung on bravely to the elephant’s neck while all the other ants started to yell: “Strangle him! “Strangle him!”


Cont. from pg. 3 The day was very hot and we were in for a wait of at least two hours, so we got out our picnic chairs and sat a little way down the road on the edge under a shrub. I rescued my diary and sat writing it up to date while Bruce mostly paced the road, coming to sit down every now and then, to cool down. Several vehicles passed, mostly 4WD vehicles, stopping to see if we had help, and chatting which relieved the wait. A few of them had been in to the Nevis and turned back. None of them had seen the others in our group but they were all certain that they wouldn’t get through as the road was the worst it has been for ages, cut up by other 4-Wheel drives after the recent rain. Six hours after our first phone call to the AA, the carrier arrived. We made sure all our belongings were safe in the truck tray while the driver sorted how to get our truck on to the back of his truck. He and Bruce jacked up the truck to slide a length of very thick timber under the backing plate. The driver hooked up the truck and slowly towed it up the ramp onto the tray with the broken side being supported by the large length of timber skidding up its side of the ramp. After it was all firmly tied down (with Bruce’s eagle eye checking to see it was sufficient) we all hopped into the truck cab to head to Invercargill. An hour and a half later we arrived. The very co-operative driver took us to the airport to pick up a rental car provided by the AA Plus scheme. We then followed him to the company’s yard nearby, grabbed stuff for overnight, and drove to a hotel, also provided by the AA. We sorted out our stuff, rang the group with a progress report, and to hear that they had a successful trip down the Nevis Valley although it been a near thing with one 1937 Ford V8 truck stalled initially in a ford then recovering before it had to be towed out. We then went down to the main street, which had plenty of restaurants to choose from. The Speights Restaurant and Bar looked good so we found a quiet corner and ordered the Southland favourite; blue cod and chips, with a bottle of red wine, relaxing for the first time that day. We had a reasonable night’s sleep after all the excitement and were up at 7 am so Bruce could check out the NRG Garage recommended to him by the carrier driver. By nine he had talked to the owner of the garage, quizzed him about his experience with old V8s then when he passed the test, arranged with the owner that any parts needed should be obtained from AJ’s Ford V8 Parts in Paeroa, with the bills being sent straight to Bruce. The decision to have it fixed in Invercargill was made because Bruce was concerned that the truck could receive more damage during transfers between the several changes of transport vehicles necessary to deliver it to Lower Hutt. We returned to the carrier’s yard to grab some stuff, and then back to the Rental Car office to extend the three free days paid for by AA Plus so we could complete the run on our expense. We were on the road by 10.30 to be reunited with the rest of the group at Cromwell. We continued with them for the rest of the tour from Cromwell to Picton, arriving home a week after the mishap. We had enjoyed the rest of the tour but it wasn’t the same travelling in a modern car. Catch the end on pg. 18 . 13



This is on again: SUNDAY 25TH AUGUST.

Following on from our successful display last Year at QE2 Park, we have again booked the same venue. The Tramways Museum and Kapiti Stables will also participate. WE NEED EVERYONE TO PARTICIPATE! (All cars are eligible irrespective of age or club affiliation.) Last year we had over 150 vehicles and raised over $4000.00!!! We can do better, how about 200 cars and over $5000.00 raised! If you can help with the organisation or on the day please call Diane White 5636236 or

PLEASE CALL NOW ————————————————————————————————————————-

The Branch fire engine was a special guest at a wedding recently Photo from John Pace, courtesy of the Bride and Groom. 15

Annual General Meeting Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (Inc.) Wellington Branch To be held at the clubrooms, Halford Place, Petone, On 18th June, at 8.15pm.

Please forward nominations for office holders or committee members and notices of motion or resolutions to be proposed to the Secretary, Alastair McCarthy by email to or by post to P O Box 38-418, Petone Mail Centre prior to 12th June 2019. Nomination forms can be obtained from the Secretary. AGENDA Present Apologies Election of Meeting Chairperson Minutes of previous AGM Matters arising Chairman’s report Treasurer’s report Club Captain’s report Election of officers (Chairman, Secretary, Club Captain and Treasurer and between six and nine committee members) General Business

Alastair McCarthy, Secretary: VCC Wellington Branch.


Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run (last Wednesday of the month)

29th May 2019 Visit to Stackhouse Knives: Shea Stackhouse specialises in creating handmade Damascus cutlery, sculpture and jewellery. His wife, Lena, is a noted bone carver. Shea's passion for steel work includes creating Damascus steel, also known as Pattern Welded Steel, to push his materials and practice further. He also offers workshops, classes and private tutoring in Damascus steel, knife making and blacksmithing. Today we’re visiting his forge where he will demonstrate and talk about his work as well as showing many examples of their work. For more details about Shea and Lena, see 10.30am: Shea’s forge: Directions from SH2 Lower Hutt From north or south take SH2 Maungaraki exit. From the north, take the first exit at the roundabout. From the south, take the third exit at the roundabout, down the curved ramp and right at the roundabout. Continue on Hutt Rd, veering right into Railway Ave. Get into a right turning lane with care as you go over the river bridge then take the second exit from the roundabout into Woburn Rd which veers into Ludlam Cres. At the roundabout take the first exit into Whites Line East. Continue straight on at the lights and the road veers into Wainui Rd (direction Wainuiomata) which will lead you over Wainuiomata Hill. (You’ll have an opportunity to use a stopping bay on the return to see a glorious view of the city.) At the roundabout, take the first left into Parkway and then first left into Waiu St. Shea is at unit 1, 11 Waiu St on the left. Lunch 1pm at the Petone Working Men’s Club Bistro: We’ll leave Shea’s place at 12.30pm. Return by the same route until the roundabout just before the Railway Ave Bridge. Get into the left lane at the roundabout to take the first exit and veer left down Victoria St to avoid the bridge. Continue 2km down Victoria St which becomes Cuba St. Turn right into Udy St and PWMC is on your right at no.47. Please let Ann or Hal know if you’re coming, by Saturday 25 May, as the Club will need catering numbers.

Hal 0274118162: Ann 0274731136: or 045651162: or


FOR SALE 1974 Triumph 2000 MKII 4 speed manual. 1000000kms, yellow. One small rust spot on the bottom of one door. Asking $4500. 1990 Jaguar XJS C. 3.6 litre 4 speed auto. 96000kms. 2 owners. Maroon. Good condition. Asking $22000. 1914 Matchless 1000cc Motorcycle with side car. Has been owned by the same family since new. Asking $60000 ono. Contact Jim Boaden. Mob. 0274578158 or 034372525. Oamaru.


Coming up next club nigh John and Jenny Jackson will be talking to us about their trip overseas last year. This should be a good night, so come along and be entertained. __________________________________________________________________________ Cont. from pg. 13 Back home life carried on without the truck. One of the neighbour’s boys dropped in for a chat with Bruce in the garage and asked where “Big Blue” was, thus changing its unimaginative nickname of “The Truck” for ever. Just over two weeks after the axle broke we had a phone call to say that the truck was fixed. We flew down to Invercargill to pick it up then headed north on SH 1 for an untroubled and leisurely trip home. Big Blue was pleased to be home PS: This story is a lesson for anyone with an old car – get the AA Plus insurance cover! It includes $800 for transporting the vehicle to a place nominated by the owner, three nights’ accommodation while things are sorted out, and three days of rental car hire. It saved us almost half of the expenses needed after breaking down approximately 1000 miles from home. We have had to use it twice now and wouldn’t travel in Big Blue without it.





FOR SALE Lucas Alternator 12 volt, model G17ACR. A factory rebuild of some years ago and never used. Suitable for many small to medium sized cars and will mount on left or right hand side of the engine. $110,contact Paul 04 907 4904. 4/4

FOR SALE 1. Band saw: homemade, for wood, solid construction, 340mm throat, 160mm height of cut, table 360mm square, tilts to 45 degrees, no guard on blade. Not been used for some time, Motor runs. $90. 2. Old reel mower: Looks like an Atco with Villiers engine, 520mm cut, differential split roller, kick start, clutch lever, did run 30 years ago. $70. Contact: Warren Corkin: 021 712 008. 2/4

A piece of black tarmac walked into a bar and said to the barman: "Give me a pint and make it quick because I'm tough and I'm scared of nobody.” Just then, a piece of green tarmac walked in, whereupon the black tarmac immediately fled to the toilet. Ten minutes later, the black tarmac re-emerged and asked nervously if the red tarmac had gone. The barman laughed: “I thought you said you were scared of nobody, so what’s the deal with the red tarmac? “The black tarmac said: “Trust me, nobody messes with him, he’s a cycle path!” So appropriate for Wellington these days! Ed.

Gemac Motor Services 5 Parliament Street, Lower Hutt, 04 589 5483 Ring Gordon for WOF and minor repairs on both vintage and modern vehicles


your one stop automotive shop We can offer almost any service required on a motor vehicle and all under one roof. We do complete engine rebuilding. We can service modern, vintage and classic cars, performance and muscle cars, hot rods, micro cars and most importantly, your car. Other services we offer:  Upholstery  Vintage Wooden Bodies Contact us at:

40 Ward Street

Upper Hutt Ph/Fax 04 528 2580




For details refer to the noticeboard in the Clubrooms or contact the Branch Secretary


 POWDER COATING We are the company that offers you Total immersion stripping of Car bodies and panels WE TAKE CARE OF ALL YOUR NEEDS Contact: Warren Leslie Phone: (04) 232 6880 Fax: (04) 232 6882 11 Wall Place, Tawa Email:

VERO INSURANCE If you arrange your car and household insurance through Vero, the Wellington Branch gets a commission. Last year it amounted to $2,300.00.


66 Killarney Rd

Apex Auto



0800 10 27 39

FOR HARD TO SOURCE CABLES, BRAKE PARTS OR HOSES Speedo cable, Handbrake cable, Accelerator cable, Choke cable Reline shoes, Cylinder repair Stainless Re sleeving, Booster overhaul Brake hoses, Braided hoses, Power steering hoses

Call the Specialists

Mention this ad and receive 10% discount BLUEBRIDGE COOK STRAIT FERRY Now to 30 June 2019 Bluebridge has notified us of the latest discounts for vehicles on their ferry between Wellington and Picton for Vintage Car Club members as follows: The VCC code is ANTIQUECAR. It excludes travel between 15 Dec. and 15 Jan. Plus Easter weekend.: Discounted - 10% off all available fares. Ring 0800 844 844, for conditions. NOTE; Remember to get this discount. For this you must present your VCC membership card when you check in on the day of your trip. It is not enough to have quoted it when you booked and paid for the ticket. Also it may not be enough to have booked electronically unless you have a printed copy of your electronic booking on the day.If not you may have to pay again then go for a refund for the original booking These rules may apply to the Interislander also. BEWARE.

THE INTERISLANDER Code WH5465 The Interislander has sent an updated quote. There is not enough space to list it all, so we

suggest if you are planning to book from now

to 15 December 2019

ring the Interislander for quotes or click on Group Bookings at the foot of their home page www.interislander. 22

WELLINGTON BRANCH—CALENDAR OF EVENTS Club nights are on the 3rd Tuesday of every month in the Clubrooms, Halford Place, Petone (eastern end of Jackson St) at 7:30pm. The Clubrooms are also open Wednesdays from 9:30 to 12:00, and for Noggin & Natter Fridays from 7:00pm ($1 for biscuits, tea and coffee free) Motorcycle Meetings are usually held on the 4th Monday of the month in the Butcher & Brewer, 175 Jackson Street, Petone, at 7:30pm.

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JUNE 2019 CLUB NIGHT Mr. Bill Guthrie will be talking to us about Prostate Cancer. July 2019

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Big Blue with the Blues!

Bruce, the AA man and Jack, after a six hour wait.

On the Ted Green Memorial Rally Left. Derek Ransom. NZeta Scooter. Right. John Neill on Heights Road.


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