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THE MOTORING SPIRIT The Wellington Branch Newsletter April 2019

Alastair McCarthy. 1935 Riley. Giving it some welly at the recent branch Gymkhana

Bill Pinkham presenting Norma and Ernie Pailthorpe with a cake, at the Gymkhana,on the occasion of their 60th Wedding Anniversary.

60 years of Vintage motoring 1958—2018

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Bill Pinkham

I hope everyone learnt something from my brief talk on emergency evacuation from a building and is now a little bit more knowledgeable. I attended the VCC Executive meeting in Wellington on 24 March, along with 40 others made up of branch Management committee, branch delegates, observers and helpers. There was a lot of paper to read. Did you know that the VCC has 8512 members (276 of those belong to the Wellington Branch) and own 20228 vehicles. Vero insurance paid out $36945 to the VCC in commission. The North Island Club Captain is looking at a north Island version of the Irishman Rally for 2020, to be based in the central north island and likely to be called a Highland Frolic. Thirty four 60 year badges and Certificates have been presented . Twenty two VCC members entered the Targa Time trial in the South Island and VCC members have been invited to the next one to be held this year between Rotorua and Palmerston North. VCC members are also getting a substantial discount on their entry fees. There are plans for a National Vintage Rally to be held in 2019 in the North Island. Twelve month WOF’s for older cars are still on the back burner. The VCC Facebook page has gained 1300 followers. Check it out search/top/?q=vcc%20nz&epa=SEARCH_BOX While Electric Vehicles are knocking at the door, and some manufacturers are heading that way, there is still a glimmer of hope. Both Shell and Mobil are working on alterna-

tives to Diesel. Let’s hope they look at Petrol as well, or touring will be a thing of the past, at best, you will travel today and walk tomorrow while your car is on charge for 16 hours. Kevin Clarkson, the Beaded Wheels Chairman asked that when sending photographs, please think of the good photos with high resolution, preferably with cars and people in them, and please provide info on who, where and what the photo is about. A number of items were discussed including the 2021 international Rally. The Executive copped a bit of criticism from the organiser for not doing much to promote the event. They are right; we haven’t done a good job of that. Now at the top of my To-do list, so watch this space. In the meantime, check out the web site http:// We have had an offer for Greg or Tony to talk to the branch about it if we so wish. A hot topic was the National Motorcycle Rally 2021. The M/C group had requested that we bring up the subject . The rally had been moved

on the long-term calendar to 2022 as there is a ruling in place that there would be no national rallies held in the same year as an international rally. Cont. over. 3

After much discussion a motion was put forward to make an exception to the rule for the event to take place in 2021. This was PASSED. I attended the Gymkhana on the 25th, as an observer, and then got the job of congratulating Ernest and Norma Pailthorpe on their 60th wedding anniversary. As usual, Diane White had baked and decorated a cake for the occasion. Congratulations once again to Norma and Ernest. That should do me for this month. Bill Pinkham


Selwyn Warren

Fairly short on space this month, as a lot of stuff has been happening and I have had to do some juggling to fit everything in. I went to the Gymkhana last weekend—the first outing I have been to since my return from the U.K in July 2016. Main reason was I didn't have a car, but now I have. Anyway, I have some results from that event, but due to limited space, I have only put in class winners and overall winner. Space allowing, I might put the complete list in next month. VINTAGE:

Greg Haines:

1930 Ford Model A:

Total. 334



Murray Hislop:

1957 Jaguar:

Total. 359



Lyn Baines:

1972 Triumph Spitfire:

Total. 284



Mike Patterson:

1987 Chevron:



Overall winner was Lyn Baines in the Spitfire There were 24 cars at the event, which was good. A sunny day and a great atmosphere. There were 15 competitive cars, and 3 who did the tests but were non-competitive. Thank you Marshalls, organisers and helpers. Ed.


March Kapiti Mid Week Run

Roderick Kinghorn

Our morning “tea meet and greet” in the Bentley Room at Southwards this month, provided interesting surroundings for 21 members to catch up with each other. Southwards Manager, Craig Andrews, outlined the multi-function aspects of Southwards diversity of working towards Southwards as a destination. Craig also said that at the moment, Southwards were in discussion with governing auto identities with this in mind; a flurry of interesting questions was forth coming from the group.

It became aware from questions raised; many New Zealanders were of a mind to think of Southwards as a national treasure, to have and to hold but not necessarily to visit. Over 70% of admissions to the Museum were tourists. Our visit to the workshop was of ongoing interest and Alan Blundell, with his knowledge, spoke to us about the cars which were destined for restoration. Len Fiseld, accompanied by his dog Toto, provided a unique insight to the Wurlitzer Organ, its origin, manufacture and the diverse sound effects, including the piano which appears to play by itself, of horn, bells and whistles. We were treated to a time of the silent movies which were overplayed with the Wurlitzer Organ providing sound effects, the organ platform rising and falling to the dramatic notes of the “Phantom of the Opera”. Len having mesmerised the audience, lingered longer, well after some of the audience had departed. The majestic presence of the displayed cars rounded off “Southwards Museum Revisited”

Photographs of the Southward Museum trip, taken by Ann O’Rorke


MOTORCYCLE REPORT 25 FEBRUARY Trevor Barnes 15 people attended the meeting: Apology from Peter Simpson, as he is overseas. Past Events: Polished Rockers: 3 March: A small attendance from us but over 500 motorbikes: Mail Run: Taupo to Napier, Saturday 9th March 2019: Wellingtonians competing were David Gwynn, Ashley Blair, Dennis Palmer, Adrian Macnee and Trevor Barnes. Backup drivers were Debra Palmer, Margaret Blair, Pauline Gwynn and Paul Switzer. Despite the torrential rain on Friday, Saturday was fine all day. There were about 53 bikes lined up at Taupo Marina for the start of a leisurely ride to Napier. Lunch was at Tarawera, some 40 miles, then on to the Art Deco Masonic Hotel in Napier, to display the bikes, another 48 miles. Dinner and prize giving was at the Napier RSA. David Gwynn was awarded pre-20s best bike (riders’ choice) and the overall trophy, the 'Alan Wakefield "Tin Man" Memorial Mail Run Bike of the Rally'. Ashley Blair was awarded a gift pack for riding a motorcycle over 100 years old. Both bikes completed the run successfully without mechanical mishap, though the Humber gas headlamp reflector broke during the ride. This was a very enjoyable ride, organised by Jim Lord and the Hawkes Bay Classic Motorcycle Club. Jampot Rally: 8-10 March: At Pohangina Valley. Aarons North Island Tour: 16 – 20th March 2019 (Flat Possum Tour): A very successful tour was enjoyed by 13 riders. Notably there were three riders in their 80s. Unfortunately for Ashley Blair his BSA went on the trailer on day three but he was able to sample the joys of a Sabiston sidecar courtesy of John Viner. Day one was to Taumarunui. Day two saw us riding to Waitomo via interesting back roads. Day three a “hub” run from Waitomo to Kawhia, Raglan and Hamilton was planned, with the option of gravel or seal from Kawhia. Because of delays at Kawhia, the gravel route was abandoned and Peter Simpson led a different sealed route to Hamilton where we visited the Classics Museum & Café. Day four saw us heading to Taihape for the night, again using back roads to take us to the start of SH4. On the final day we rode SH1 to Mangaweka then via the scenic route through the Pohangina Valley to Ashhurst, finishing the tour at the Murrayfield Café, Levin. Thanks Aaron for a trip well organised and executed. Coming Events: Ted Green M/C Rally: Horowhenua, Sunday, 14 April: NOTE the date! National calendar had 7th. This now clashes with the Whanganui Trial. I have asked Horowhenua for entry forms. A BBQ will be supplied at the lunch break, then back to the clubrooms for prize giving. Entry fee: $20.00; Briefing: 9:30 am; First bike away: 10:00 am; Rally Director. Graeme McKenzie 06 368 4888 Whanganui Motorcycle Trial, 13-14 April 2019: Note the date in the national calendar is wrong. Entry forms are available and have been circulated. Wairarapa Reliability Trial, 4-5 May 2019: This year it is going to the Sixtus Lodge, Apiti. 6

Planning for the 2020 Biennial Rally: Date of the Biennial: 25-26 January 2020 (Auckland anniversary w/e). At the meeting the following roles were filled: Administration: Peter Simpson including liaison with branch committee, entry form, registrations etc. Prizes & trophies: Warrick Laing and John Neill. Advertising: Ashley Blair. Pub Charity: Hal O’Rorke. Two roles were not filled: Route for Saturday run, including Marshalls, route notes, Sunday ride. Catering: Note that the dinner will most likely be at the clubrooms but could be held elsewhere. Lunch arrangements will depend on where the route goes and will probably be a bag lunch. Festival of Historic Motoring 2021 and next National Motorcycle Rally: Trevor attended the National Executive meeting on March 23rd as an observer, to put our arguments for having the National Motorcycle Rally in 2021. There was strong support from the branch delegates for this to happen and a motion was passed to allow the rally to proceed. Wairarapa then applied to run the rally separately from the Festival and this was accepted. The date is yet to be set as Wairarapa have to manoeuvre around other major events. Other Business: Ashley provided photos of the Flat Possum Tour to those who requested them. Next Meeting: April: 3rd Monday 15th. 4th Monday is Easter Monday, at Butcher and Brewer, 7:30pm. Future meeting dates: May 4th Monday 27th June 4th Monday 24th July 4th Monday 22nd

OBITUARIES Alan Dray, a former Wellington Branch member, passed away last week, in the Far North, where he had been living.

Alan, along with his Brother, Colin, was a founder member of the Wellington branch Our condolences go to his wife, Prue.


MARCH CLUB NIGHT Aleck Jenner entertained us with some magic tricks—well, he had a box full of weird bits and pieces that he passed around for us to try and guess as to their uses in the past and present. There were the retractors from early seat belts, a light bulb he had made, and some items that looked suspiciously like some painful looking needles to extract blood from unwilling arms, or maybe for liposuction, but which actually turned out to be spikes used in police road spikes: the hollowness allowing air to escape the tyres. Next, Bill Pinkham had decided that we should really have a demonstration of how and where to escape from the building in the event that an alarm should go off. Illuminated exit signs were demonstrated and designated exits were pointed out. Building safety rules were explained and then the fire alarm was set off so that we hear the sound and to also hear the voice activation explaining that it was an evacuation and that we should head for the nearest exit and assemble at the meeting point that is indicated on the evacuation cards. Thanks to Aleck and Bill.

February Kapiti Mid-Week Run:

Photo courtesy of Brian and Gill 8



Details yet to be finalised but we will be travelling through the Haast Pass Expressions of interest to Diane Ross, email; Address 38 Keenans Road RD 2, Ashburton: Phone 03 3082356

From Brian and Gill Ward: Feb. Mid-week run. It was an absolute pleasure to host the Run again this year. As can be seen from the photographs the weather was wonderful and we had a stunning collection of cars to see and talk about. It looked like a Jaguar Car Show. My SS had to stay in the garage because I had left the lights on and the battery went flat. We had Paul Wilson’s C Type Jaguar, my E type Coupe (that I was reminded was getting a bit frayed round the edges like its owner). Alan Pratt and Ken Savilles’s great MK2s and Murray Hislop’s very desirable Mk 1 and my XK8 Coupe. Roland Ward brought along his XK150 coupe with rare fitted luggage in the boot, which was a pleasure to examine. Down on the bottom lawn, we had a wide variety of cars from Ian McCulloch’s rare Oakland coupe, a 1957 Lincoln Premier, a BMW Roadster, a Riley and the Jollife’s Triumph. It was all in all, a great turnout. Alan Freeman also turned up and it was great to see him, he must be well into his ‘90s It was an excellent start to the year and our heartfelt thanks go to Ann and Hal O’Rorke and Trevor Barnes for putting in the hard yards to organise our runs. Brian and Gill Ward.


March Sunday Run: Richard Davies Seven cars and two motorcycles took part in this months Sunday run. Some of us chose to meet up at the Mayfair CafĂŠ in Upper Hutt, for morning tea, at around 10.00am. At around noon, we all left for the tractor collection in Upper Hutt, arriving about 30 minutes later. What a great display! Twelve tractors and one vintage truck, a 1928 Morris. Of the twelve tractors, eleven were wheeled and one was a crawler. Our host Ken was able to start two of the tractors. We left at about 2.00pm and some of us decided to go to Harcourt Park for a picnic lunch and a natter in the sunshine, before going our different ways. Thank you to Ken and to Ian McCulloch for organising the day.

FORD CARS NEEDED! We have been approached by the Hutt District Council to provide up to six Ford cars as part of a support display, in conjunction with a Business Expo promoting Lower Hutt as a business destination. A very small part of this is to celebrate the industry of Lower Hutt in days gone by. For this, the Council is using the example of the Ford Motor Company assembly plant in Seaview. This part of the exhibit is outdoors, at the specially-designed container exhibition site in Andrews Ave, in the Lower Hutt city centre. There is space off the road for probably a maximum of six cars to participate. The cars should ideally have been built at the Ford Seaview plant, between its years of operation 1936 to 1988. The Expo opens on Wednesday, 22 May and ends on Sunday, 2 June. INTERESTED? We are awaiting some further details from the Hutt City Council. Once we have those, we will be able to put it to members a little better. They would like the cars there for the full period, if possible, but that will be dependent upon what security is arranged. What we suggest for now is that, if you are interested in participating, that you let me know by email or phone. I will then make a list and once we have all the details, we will put it to you. At this point there is no obligation; you can make your decision later, once we know the details. So, if you would like to know more, please contact John Stokes‌. Email 10

Phone 027 5379491

Here is part 2 of the article started last month, on Gabriel Snubbers and Watson Stabilators.


COMING EVENTS ========================================================================

National South Island Easter Rally.


Contact Alastair McCarthy for details and entry forms. ========================================================================== 26th -27th April: Maunga Moana Rally: New Plymouth.

Contact Alastair McCarthy for entry forms. ============================================================== Prior Notice National Veteran Rally will be held in Timaru in October 2019. For more information, contact Alastair McCarthy. ===========================================================================

Examples of what would be ideal for the Ford Motor Company display, mentioned earlier in the newsletter article by John Stokes. Ed.


Photos from the Gymkhana. 24 March 2019

Photos from the M/C Flat Possum Tour.

(1) (2) (3)

John and Dave after lunch at the Yellow House, Whanganui. Trevor and Hal discussing Trevor's fetching Lemon attire!. Our Senior member, Des Vinten.

Good to see some photos from the Motorcycle fraternity. Ed.


Ashley Blair


National Motorcycle Rally: Blenheim 15th-17th February Thursday 14th, 8.45am, we are all set to go but first I have a 10pin bowling league to play, then it is all go. League finished, so we head into the Ferry for the 2.45pm sailing. Being Valentine’s Day, the crew were all jovial and at the end of the sailing, wore dress-up hats and handed out mini bars to every passenger as they disembarked. We headed to Blenheim and checked into our motel on arrival. As it was tea time, we went to a local pub for a very nice meal, before heading back to the motel. Friday dawned bright and sunny and after a few chores and lunch, we went to rally headquarters to pick up our rally pack, check on who was entered and reminisce with some of the entrants who were there at the time. Back to the motel for a bit of tea and then on to the meet and greet, for a chat. We met up with lots of older established friends, but as it was an early start the next day, we didn't stay long before going back to the motel for the night. Saturday was another hot day. I took Bill down to rally headquarters to meet up with David Williams from the Auckland branch, who was taking Bill as his sidecar passenger/navigator, or should I say aggravator. They were doing the medium run. The run contained a lap of the Hawkesbury Circuit, before heading toward Nelson, turning right at Havelock, onto Queen Charlotte Drive and on to Picton via the tourist route. From there they headed back towards Blenheim, to the lunch stop at Tuamarina School. After lunch there was a lot of touring before getting back to the rally finish. Dinner that evening was at the Marlborough Convention Centre with a guest speaker, Graham Crosby, who had the audience in fits of laughter with his talk. While Bill and David were on the run, I went on a shopping tour (didn't buy anything) in the morning and after lunch I went to the local 10pin bowling alley and played 4 games of bowls, then it was time to go and collect Bill from the rally finish. Sunday, was another long day, with gymkhana events, a public display and if you wanted to, a look through the aircraft museum, before the evening dinner and prize giving. Bill and Maureen Bull were honoured to receive a trophy each for having attended every rally, or in Bill's case, competing in every rally. Monday saw us heading home while some of the more hardy went on to do the after rally tour. Bevney Munro.

Anyone wishing to include The Saddleback CafĂŠ, in Ohariu Valley, as a meal stop on an outing, note it is now closed permanently. Ed. 15

Johnsonville Christmas Parade: By John Pace Due to some technical difficulties with emails etc, this report from John was delayed, but I can now present it. Ed Hi guy`s, this is me, "John Pace", and my Son Harry at the Johnsonville Christmas parade with the good old fire engine. This is my first opportunity to sally forth in the old beast, and a different experience it was. I had three 30 minute driving lessons in it before the event and all I can say is they must have been tough blighters in those days. Small differences like, the brake pedal on the right and the throttle in the middle make for interesting driving. The steering feels like it had been set in concrete, and the less said about the crash gear box the better, but, I must not be a whinging Pom on this grand occasion, Son Harry and I had a great day out, much waving, and the kids loved the siren, thanks for giving me the opportunity to drive the old girl, would I do it again, you bet. Safe riding and driving: John. 16

Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run (last Wednesday of the month)

24th April 2019 Visit to Thomson Motorcycle Museum 1154 Rongotea Road. Kairanga. RD5. Palmerston North. We will assemble for an early lunch at the Murrayfield Café, Potts Road, Levin. Please be there by 11:30. We will depart from there at 1:00, for a country drive to the museum. Our hosts are Peter & Jennifer Thomson. There is a $5 per head charge for the museum, collected at the café. Directions to Murrayfield: From Ohau: Turn right onto SH57 towards Shannon and follow. From the sign posted entrance to Levin (Queen St) it is approximately 5.5 km/3.4 miles to Potts Road. Take the right turn lane as the road curves uphill. Murrayfield is signposted on the right. From Levin or the north: Turn left onto SH57 from Queen St, then as above. Important: Please let Hal or Ann know by text, email or a call whether you’re coming by Thursday April 18th as catering numbers are needed by then. (NB This is needed earlier than usual for the café because of the Easter weekend.) If you wish to attend the museum but not the lunch, please still advise us: Maximum 40 people. Hal. 0274118162. Ann. 0274731136, or 045651162 or

Coming up next club night Dr Michael Taylor will be talking about the restoration of his Packard, which was runner up in the Restoration Of The Year completion, this year.

Contributions for the Motoring Spirit are always welcome Articles, photos, reports or titbits. Electronic versions are preferred, but photos and text can be scanned or typed up. Send to the editor—Selwyn Warren, or arrange by phone with me, to get a hard copy by mail or at Club Nights. Contacts on inside front cover. 17

FOR SALE 1974 Triumph 2000 MKII 4 speed manual. 1000000kms, yellow. One small rust spot on the bottom of one door. Asking $4500.

1990 Jaguar XJS C. 3.6 litre 4 speed auto. 96000kms. 2 owners. Maroon. Good condition. Asking $22000.

1914 Matchless 1000cc Motorcycle with side car. Has been owned by the same family since new. Asking $60000 ono. Contact Jim Boaden. Mob. 0274578158 or 034372525. Oamaru. The perks of reaching 60 or being over 70. (1)

Kidnappers are no longer interested in you.


In a hostage situation, you’re likely to be released first.


No one expects you to run anywhere.


People call at 8pm and ask “Did I wake you?”


People no longer view you as a hypochondriac.


There is nothing left to learn the hard way.


Things you buy wont wear out.


You can eat supper at 5pm.


You can live without sex but not your glasses.


Your supply of brain cells is finally down to a manageable level.

And remember never take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night! From Age Concern Wellington. 18




FOR SALE Lucas Alternator 12 volt, model G17ACR. A factory rebuild of some years ago and never used. Suitable for many small to medium sized cars and will mount on left or right hand side of the engine. $110,contact Paul 04 907 4904. 3/4

FOR SALE 1. Band saw: homemade, for wood, solid construction, 340mm throat, 160mm height of cut, table 360mm square, tilts to 45 degrees, no guard on blade. Not been used for some time, Motor runs. $90. 2. Old reel mower: Looks like an Atco with Villiers engine, 520mm cut, differential split roller, kick start, clutch lever, did run 30 years ago. $70. Contact: Warren Corkin: 021 712 008. 1/4

A budget airline flight was delayed for nearly two hours. When the plane finally took off, the passengers asked the flight attendant the reason for the late departure. ‘Well,’ she explained, ‘the pilot was worried about a noise he heard coming from one of the engines and it took us a while to get a new pilot.’

Don’t worry, flying is still the safest way to travel!.


Gemac Motor Services 5 Parliament Street, Lower Hutt, 04 589 5483 Ring Gordon for WOF and minor repairs on both vintage and modern vehicles


your one stop automotive shop We can offer almost any service required on a motor vehicle and all under one roof. We do complete engine rebuilding. We can service modern, vintage and classic cars, performance and muscle cars, hot rods, micro cars and most importantly, your car. Other services we offer:  Upholstery  Vintage Wooden Bodies Contact us at:

40 Ward Street

Upper Hutt Ph/Fax 04 528 2580




For details refer to the noticeboard in the Clubrooms or contact the Branch Secretary


 POWDER COATING We are the company that offers you Total immersion stripping of Car bodies and panels WE TAKE CARE OF ALL YOUR NEEDS Contact: Warren Leslie Phone: (04) 232 6880 Fax: (04) 232 6882 11 Wall Place, Tawa Email:

VERO INSURANCE If you arrange your car and household insurance through Vero, the Wellington Branch gets a commission. Last year it amounted to $2,300.00.


66 Killarney Rd

Apex Auto



0800 10 27 39

FOR HARD TO SOURCE CABLES, BRAKE PARTS OR HOSES Speedo cable, Handbrake cable, Accelerator cable, Choke cable Reline shoes, Cylinder repair Stainless Re sleeving, Booster overhaul Brake hoses, Braided hoses, Power steering hoses

Call the Specialists

Mention this ad and receive 10% discount BLUEBRIDGE COOK STRAIT FERRY Now to 30 June 2019 Bluebridge has notified us of the latest discounts for vehicles on their ferry between Wellington and Picton for Vintage Car Club members as follows: The VCC code is ANTIQUECAR. It excludes travel between 15 Dec. and 15 Jan. Plus Easter weekend.: Discounted - 10% off all available fares. Ring 0800 844 844, for conditions. NOTE; Remember to get this discount. For this you must present your VCC membership card when you check in on the day of your trip. It is not enough to have quoted it when you booked and paid for the ticket. Also it may not be enough to have booked electronically unless you have a printed copy of your electronic booking on the day.If not you may have to pay again then go for a refund for the original booking These rules may apply to the Interislander also. BEWARE.

THE INTERISLANDER Code WH5465 The Interislander has sent an updated quote. There is not enough space to list it all, so we

suggest if you are planning to book from now

to 15 December 2019

ring the Interislander for quotes or click on Group Bookings at the foot of their home page www.interislander. 22

WELLINGTON BRANCH—CALENDAR OF EVENTS Club nights are on the 3rd Tuesday of every month in the Clubrooms, Halford Place, Petone (eastern end of Jackson St) at 7:30pm. The Clubrooms are also open Wednesdays from 9:30 to 12:00, and for Noggin & Natter Fridays from 7:00pm ($1 for biscuits, tea and coffee free) Motorcycle Meetings are usually held on the 4th Monday of the month in the Butcher & Brewer, 175 Jackson Street, Petone at 7:30pm.

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Supper Roster.

Bruce Benge & Tasi.

MAY 2019 CLUB NIGHT John and Jenny Jackson on their trip overseas last year. June 2019

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Supper Roster


Some of the vehicles at the Wards place. Feb. Kapiti mid-week run. Photos, courtesy of Brian and Gill Ward.


Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Wellington VCC - April 2019  

Wellington VCC - April 2019