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March 2020 Don’t forget it the Blue Smoke & Pedals / Posh Picnic on 22nd,

Winner of this year’s (2020) Gymkhana, Stewart Parsons

Official Magazine of the Wanganui Branch of the V.C.C. of NZ P.O. Box 726, Wanganui . Street address – Patapu St, Wanganui East.

Wanganui@vcc.org.nz Patron

Alan Bates

Chairman: Vice Chairman:

Bruce Ardell Dave McDermid

Secretary: Treasurer: Club Captain: Rally Secretary/Trophies

Liz James 063442221 Neil Farrer 06 343 6248 mob. 027 457 9634 Frank James 021349074 Steve Hibberd 0276791140

Motorcycle Convenor:

Bill James

0273532190 heatherandbilljames@gmail.com 02777 54644 zilda552@hotmail.com 06 3487335 cgandkrwhite@gmail.com

Health & Safety

Linda Kendrick Chris White 0274431184 Dave McDermid

Branch Delegate:

Neil Farrer

06 343 6248

Kitchen Manager: Hall: (Custodian/Bookings)

Heather James

06 3452447

Doreen Hardy Sue Voss Rob O’Keeffe Shane Hobman Dave Austin Dave McDermid Chris White Trevor Roberts Peter Hardy Toni Jenkins Dave Austin

0211702962 0274332626 06 344 5915 06 3447513 06 3476915 whanganuiriverboats@xtra.co.nz 06 3487335 06 345 8897 0212723444 pedorhardy@xtra.co.nz 021945020 tonijenkinsnz@gmail.com 06 3447513

Shane Hobman Bruce Ardell Linda Kendrick Frank James

06 344 5915 06 342 7713 02777 54644 021 349 074

Committee: Trophies Manger

Truck Custodians: Librarian Parts’ Custodians: Editor: Beaded Wheels Scribe Archivist: Vehicle I. D. `s RIVET Distribution Coordinator

06 342 7713 06 3476915 Whanganuiriverboats@xtra.co.nz liznfrank@xtra.co.nz nfarrer@xtra.co.nz liznfrank@xtra.co.nz wanganuirally@gmail.com

06 3476915 whanganuiriverboats@xtra.co.nz

Official VCC Website: www.vcc.org.nz VCC Branch Mags http://vcc.org.nz/news-from-our-branches/ Facebook Wanganui Vintage Car Club https://www.facebook.com/whanganuivcc/? VCC Codes for discounts: Bluebirds Cook Strait Ferry Interislander


Chairmans Notes Greetings everyone. Jennifer and I had the pleasure of attending Harry and Laura Lockyers wedding in their hometown of Ohakune in February. Laura had requested my 38 Chevroley fire engine to carry the bride and maids to the wedding and me to speak on behalf of the Lockyer family. Some club members will remember Harry’s father Russell who lived in Raetihi and had a large collection of vehicles. On Russell’s passing I purchased some of his vehicles and inherited his two sons, Harry and George. I managed to take a rare morning off last weekend to attend The Vintage Machinery Show at Manfield. Most makes and every model of tractor, bulldozer, Commercial Vehicle and machinery were on display. Stationary engines, steam and displays made for an enjoyable morning. Parades of makes and models all circulating was well worth watching. Young and old and women all driving something. Nearly every vehicle was a runner. Well done the machinery club, a credit to the organisers. March club night we had a very good turnout of members to hear Graeme Hall speak about his passion, Model Engine Building. Something he has been doing for many years. One engine was at the entrance to the clubroom and as members arrived they were able to see it running. At club night he had a number of engines on display he spoke in detail on every one. No castings, all billet steel. Graeme has around 35 engines he has built in his collection. All engines run and he even makes his own spark plugs. Great viewing. During the meeting I requested a showing of hands from members who had bought tickets in the $50,000,000 lotto draw last Saturday. Out of the 60 present 38 put their hands up, yes 38. Question, who won anything. 1 a bonus ticket and 2 Mr Farrer $25 in what, was that all. Next time I will take all your donations and put it towards resealing my Dublin Street bridge. Each month the committee approves the applications for new membership. One approved last month and that brings our membership up to 225 members, keep it up. April Club night speaker is club member Marion Johnston. She is the Immediate Past Governor of Rotary. Should be entertaining, let’s have a good muster.

We will be requiring a new RIVET Editor at the next AGM. Give it some thought. Maybe a couple of members getting together to do articles for the mag. The main part is organising the content, obtaining the photos and resizing them for electronic publication. Back to the painting, yes. Cheers

Bruce A


We build our service on fair cost

24 HOUR PHONE 06 3438428 10 Kaikokopu Road, Wanganui I decided to stop calling the bathroom , “The John”, and renamed it the Jim.Its so much better saying I have been to the Jim again. I didn’t make it to the Gym today, that makes 5 years in a row. My girlfriend thinks I’m a stalker, well she’s not actually my girlfriend yet. Just got back from my mates funeral, he died after being hit on the head with a tennis ball. It was a lovely service. I bought some rocket salad yesterday but it went off before I could eat it.


The Taranaki Branch invites entries to their


MAUNGA MOANA RALLY NEW PLYMOUTH MARCH 27TH-28TH 2020 The 2020 Maunga Moana Rally will start from the

PLYMOUTH INTERNATIONAL HOTEL Motoring over a route of a little more than 100 miles within the urban and rural areas of North and Central Taranaki. A small section of the route will be on metal roads.


STEVEN & VERONICA OLIVER Because of the clash of dates with the inaugural ‘Highland Fling’ Rally at the end of April, it has been decided to bring the date of the annual Maunga Moana Rally forward to a day in March, hoping daylight saving and better Taranaki weather may add to the success of the event.


PLYMOUTH INTERNATIONAL HOTEL HAS GIVEN IN SUPPORT OF THIS EVENT. Entry Forms available by e-mail from; railmodels1@xtra.co.nz or by post from; RALLY SECRETARY 7 LEATHAM AVE NEW PLYMOUTH 4312


Auto Electrical Ltd

191 Guyton Street Wanganui p: 06 345 5992 m: 021 215 6889 Dean f: 06 345 8758 e: amtautoelectrical@vodafone.co.nz


on all battery purchases

Not available in conjunction with any other offer or redeemable for cash. 1 voucher per transaction • • • •


The Grand Hotel rich in history and full of atmosphere THE GRAND HOTEL Cnr St Hill & Guyton Street Bed and continental Breakfast from $99 for single and $110 for twin or double All rooms are ensuited with tea and coffee making facility’s and free view T.V P.O. Box 364 The Hotel offers the Grand Irish Bar with its famous lunch menu and best Guinness Wanganui 4541 and a Family café and Bar with daily meal specials New Zealand We also offer conference rooms and the grand dining room for pre-organised Ph: 0800 THE GRAND (0800 843 472) private dinners Ph: 06 345 0955 Fax: 06 345 0953 Email: THE-GRAND-HOTEL@xtra.co.nz www.thegrandhotel.co.nz

From the desk of Frank James, Wanganui Branch Club Captain

Hello to you all. The visit to Whanganui Enterprises on Wednesday afternoon of 26 February 2020 was a very interesting and inspiring experience for the dozen people who came along – they are doing some wonderful work there and producing amazing wooden and metal products. If it’s a dog run, kennel, letterbox or bird box etc pay them a visit in London Street and buy a great locally made product. Thanks to Andy and his team for giving us an informative tour of the factory.

The Gymkhana out at Charlie and Kathy Anderson’s property at Matarawa held on Sunday, I March was attended by some 50 people with 22 vintage vehicles there. Some vehicles had more than one driver so the number of vehicles which completed the course would have been at least 30. Lots of fun and humour with the overall standard of driving being very good. Stewart Parsons in his 1930 Model A Coupe was the winner and took home the spoils of victory. The afternoon tea and accompanying BBQ ‘topped-off’ a brilliant day. Special thanks to Charlie and Kathy for letting us use their property and for their outstanding hospitality. Don’t forget to come along to Williams Park next to the VCC Clubrooms on Sunday 22 March for the Blue Smoke and Pedals with a Posh Picnic to add – we will see you all there by 1:30pm that day. Its great fun even if you don’t have a bike and you have a chance to show you vehicle at a “Posh Picnic” Club Night on Wednesday 1 April will include an insight into Marion Johnston’s work with Rotary NZ amongst other things so we look forward to seeing you there. There’s plenty of events coming-up so keep an eye on the dates in the ‘Calendar’ and if you have any enquiries just contact me.

Good motoring and see you all again soon.


2020 Wanganui VCC Gymkhana. Thanks to the kindness of Charlie and Kathy Anderson we were all invited to their new paddock to take part in the Wanganui VCC annual, weather permitting, Gymkhana. Despite the rain a few days prior to the event the paddock was inspected by the scrutineers on Saturday afternoon and declared to be in a fine state. A healthy turnout of at least 22 vehicles, according to Frank, with at least 30 participants. (Shame Bruce was busy painting but it didi leave time for my Granddaughter to have her first driving lesson) An interesting course had been set with a nearly invisible electric fence that very nearly shocked some of us but evasive action was taken and disaster averted. Now I mentioned 30 entrants but I’m not certain how the scrutineers viewed the situation when two drivers are using the same car at the same time, perhaps the head judge, Frank, can enlighten us?

It was an extremely pleasant afternoon with lots of participation and a great amount of fun followed by afternoon tea on Charlie and Kathy’s veranda. After some time the results were all checked, double checked and finally Stuart Parsons was declared the winner after navigating his Model A around the obstacles. He was presented with his Trophy by David McDermid, senior scrutineer, Well done Stuart. Cheers


13 - 18 OCTOBER 2020 Photo : Proshotz Photography – 1957 MGA

Outstanding opportunity to drive iconic North Island roads as a Time Trial This is not a race, but rather an exercise in precise driving and time keeping to maintain a set average speed through all closed tarmac stages, (similar to a regularity trial, but with the safety of knowing that all participants have staggered start times, drive in the same direction, on the same road, with nothing coming towards them!) Entry: Discount entry fee for VCC members in VCC eligible, road-legal cars (30+ years old), with a VIC (Vehicle Identity Card), and minimum third-party insurance. No special car modifications (roll cage etc), are required. Refer www.vcc.org.nz Na i al E e for details. For more information check out www.targa.nz 2020 E e Rod Corbett rod.corbett88@gmail.com 027 433 8772

Targa 2020 VCC Scrutineering & Documentation Checklist Time Trial Entrants-: Print & Check for Mon 12th & Tues 13th October 2020. 1. Scrutineering/Car Safety-: 1. Current Registration; 2. Current WOF; 3. First Aid Kit; 4. Reflective Safety Warning Triangle; 5. Tow Rope/Strop (preferably with clearly visible/identified towing eyes/straps front & rear); 6. Fire Extinguisher (minimum 1 kg securely mounted to vehicle within reach of driver/co-driver, preferably with two (2) metal quick-release retaining straps); 7. Car Battery securely mounted to vehicle with li e terminal covered; 8. Headlights (which must be constantly illuminated on low beam in all special stages); 9. Vehicles must have a thorough mechanical check prior to this event, especially Tyres, Brakes & Fluids; 10. Car Tools & Spares.

2. RallySafe Power Cable-: To be fitted by Entrants pre-event, to ensure a continuous 12 volt power feed (regardless of whether vehicle ignition is switched on or off), with in-line 5 amp fuse (max).

3. Livery-: Windscreen banner & Door banners may be posted to Entrants for fitting, prior to the event (tbc).

4. Documentation required for both Driver/Co-Driver-: 1. NZ Civil Driver Licence current; 2. VCC Membership Card current; 3. VCC Vehicle Identity Card (VIC) current; 4. Copy of current Vehicle Insurance Policy (Minimum Third Party insurance); 5. Next of Kin contact details will also be checked.

5. On-Event Essentials-: 1. Mobile phone & charger; 2. Sunglasses, reading &/or driving glasses; 3. Notebook, pens, highlighters; 4. Stopwatch, calculator & alarm clock; 5. Parka & umbrella; 6. Water bottle & snacks; 7. Anti-nausea/car sickness medication (eg. Sea Legs tablets/bracelets etc); 8. Intercom system for driver/co-driver communication if wearing helmets &/or car is noisy inside; 9. $2 coins for passage controls; 10. $5 notes for car wash at the end of each day.

6. VCC Time Trial Rally Pack Provided at Documentation will include-: Rally pack checklist, Road book, List of all stages with distances & set average speeds/times for each stage, Time card set, Driver/co-driver wristbands, Daily itinerary, Driver/co-driver briefing notes, Lunch/function tickets including Legends of Targa & Prize Giving dinners, Car display instructions, Phone list. (Driver/Co-Driver to check contents complete before leaving Documentation)

Targa NZ & the Vintage Car Club invite you to

The Ul i a e Ti e T ial 2020 13th - 18th October 2020 North Island starting & finishing in the Auckland area


Ash Price & Grant Simpson in their 1968 Volvo 131

Fraser Kear & Daniel Steel in their 1987 VW Golf

An outstanding opportunity for some spirited driving while matching set times for Special Stages. Not a race, but rather a test of precise driving & time keeping. Open to all road legal cars 30 years or older, street or race car alike. No special car modifications are required.

New members to VCC are very welcome. Contact VCC member Rod Corbett to find out more!


targa.nz Peter Martin 0274 525 643 peter@urg.co.nz

Photo Credits: Proshotz

Rod Corbett 0274 338 772 rod.corbett88@gmail.com

Targa 2020 VCC Time Trial Itinerary & Accommodation Suggestions (Some Itinerary details may change slightly, but hopefully this outline helps with your planning). Accommodation here Anne

I e booked is highlighted yellow, with alternate suggestion/s below).

Monday 12th October: 2pm: Please arrive at the North Shore VCC Clubrooms, 40 Masons Rd, Oteha, Albany, North Shore, by 2pm for our VCC meet & greet, vehicle scrutineering, RallySafe installation, afternoon tea etc. (Exit 410 Oteha Valley Rd off the Northern Motorway). Overnight: Albany Executive Motor Inn, 15 Corinthian Drive, Albany. Tel 09 414 1156 Alternate suggestion: Ramada Albany, Cornerstone Drive, Albany. Tel 09 974 4568 Tuesday 13th October: 9am: Documentation for VCC at North Harbour Stadium, Stadium Drive, Albany followed by car display & compulsory driver/co-driver briefing during the afternoon, (time tbc). 7pm: Legends of Targa Dinner at North Harbour Stadium. (Two tickets included with entry fee). Overnight: As for Monday above. Wednesday 14th October: Targa 2020 starts from North Harbour Stadium & travels west before heading north for lunch at Mangawhai Heads on the East Coast, then on to Whangarei for the first of two nights. Approximately 120kms of special stage & 170kms off touring. Overnight: Kensington Motel, 85 Kamo Rd, Kensington, Whangarei. Tel 09 437 0555 Alternate suggestions: Distinction Hotel Tel 09 430 4080 or Discovery Settlers Hotel Tel 09 438 2699 Thursday 15th October: Starts and finishes in Whangarei with a lunch stop at Russell. Approximately 170kms of special stage & 270kms of touring. Overnight: As for Wednesday above. Friday 16th October Starts in Whangarei & heads south back to Auckland. This is a short day to allow plenty of time to arrive back in Auckland ahead of the rush hour traffic as we overnight in Manukau City. Approximately 80kms of special stage & 130kms of touring. Overnight: Rayland Motel, 12 Lakewood Court, Manukau. Tel 09 263 8738 Alternate suggestions: The Sebel, Manukau Tel 09 261 1821 or Ramada Manukau Tel 09 942 6000 Saturday 17th October Starts from the Vodafone Events Centre, Manukau & heads south with a lunch stop at Hampton Downs Race Track (tbc), before heading east to the Coromandel Peninsula, stopping overnight in Whitianga. Approximately 140kms of special Stage and 250kms of touring. 7pm: VCC Time Trial Participation Awards Dinner at the Mercury Bay Club, Whitianga. The Mercury Bay Club at 69 Cook Drive have offered a set menu choice for approx. $25pp + drinks. Hopefully we can all be there together to enjoy a great meal, share stories & experiences from 4 days of our event, along with presentation of Participation Awards for our Targa 2020 VCC Time Trial. Overnight: Albert No. 6 Motel, 6 Albert St, Whitianga. Tel 07 866 0036 Alternate suggestion: Oceans Resort, Whitianga. Tel 07 869 5222 Sunday 18th October Starts from Whitianga & heads south to Waihi Beach & then west to finish in Pukekohe Town Centre. Approximately 120kms of special stage & 220kms of touring. 7pm: Targa Prize Giving Dinner at The Indian Community Centre, 59 Ward St, Pukekohe, including our VCC Time Trial Competition Awards (Two tickets included with entry fee). Overnight: Parkview Motor Inn, 75 Queen St, Pukekohe. Tel 09 238 4068 Alternate suggestion: Aveda Motor Lodge, Pukekohe. Tel 09 239 0074

Club Calendar

All Club Runs meet at 1pm at the club rooms unless otherwise noted.


22nd Blue Smoke & Pedals and Posh picnic, 1:30pm


1st Club Night, Guest Speaker Marion Johnston 11-12 National Easter Rally, Levin 18th Castrol Motor Cycle trial 19th Road Rodders Park up 24-26 Highland Fling Rally with BOP Branch


6th Club Night, Speaker from the mens shed 17th Sunday Run, Courtesy Keith Turner 31st Annual Rally


3rd AGM / Club Night. 21st Sunday Run.

AT VTNZ WANGANUI we can’t wait to get you on the road again Monday–Friday: 8am–5pm Saturday: 8am–12noon 19 Heads Road, Wanganui Ph: 06 348 7108


off your WoF ROAD READY

For Sale ROVER P6 V8 1971 Mexico Brown, on original plates almost 25 years in storage (on blocks) Original upholstery in great condition,3 speed auto been reconditioned, new diff and tyres, Original papers available. Open to Offers. Contact Neil Farrer 0274579634 or Tony Hughes 0274449820 Various 1100 parts and body panels Call Stephen Voss 06 3443442 3 Humber 80’s, all need restoration, one $500. one $400 and the other $250. Call Trevor on 06 345 8897

1960 ish Morris Oxford same shape as the Austin A55. Good upholstery,blue front seat needs building up and sewing . $300:00. Stephen 0272414994 1969 Jaguar 240. 6 cylinder capacity 2483. Imported into New Zealand 1975. Two New Zealand owners.Fully restored 1997. Equipped with Power Steering. Current WOF & Registration. Immaculate condition. $19.000 or near offer. Phone 3484914 1958 Rover 90 Good Condition, Tony Flynn 06 272 2001, 0211871022 1983 Renault Fuego, 83,000km, REG and WOF. Call Dane Sewell 3436195 1993 Nissan Skyline GT. 112,000km Reg and WOF Call Joy Johnson 0225143026 Morris Minor Convertible, 1962, 1100cc with Reg and WOF - $14000. ono Contact 0211138249

199 Guyton Street | Wanganui | Ph 06 3484340

Lighting Design Consultancy Lighting Plan & Design Service Architectural | Commercial | Domestic


Wanganui VCC Purpose built Parts Shed

We have an outstanding collection of engines, gearboxes, body parts, spares, new and used, from a vast range of manufacturers. These parts span from the early 1900’s to more modern production vehicles. If you are looking for anything, large or small, to keep your car on the road call us to see if we can assist, you will find our prices unbelievable Dave

06 3476915 0275554201 whanganuiriverboats@xtra.co.nz Chris 06 3487335 cgandkrwhite@gmail.com Mobile 0274431184 Trevor 06 3458897 If we don’t have it we may know someone who does!

Profile for Vintage Car Club of New Zealand

Wanganui VCC - March 2020  

Wanganui VCC - March 2020