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July 2019

See you all at Dave’s run on the 21st July at 1:00pm

Angus Pitkethley receiving the 2019 “Hard Luck” trophy

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Chairman Bruce’s notes Greetings all, Cheer up the shortest day has passed. All engines that are not being used over the winter months should have had their annual oil change and been replenished with fresh oil. This is so the engine doesn’t sit with contaminants inside during these months. On the Club Scene our June AGM has taken place. As this was an AGM I took the opportunity of inviting Peter Williamson, 1st Branch Chairman and Beaded Wheels Scribe 1954 - 1955, and Ian Drummond and Ian’s wife, both founder members and in their 90th year, as our guests for the evening. I invited both Peter and Ian to speak about early club days, meetings, 1st Clubroom, rallies and cars in general that were available in the early days of the Wanganui Branch. Remember 1931 was the cut off date for eligible club vehicles and still the case when I joined in 1967. A very enjoyable and entertaining evening. The only committee position not filled was Rally Secretary. We do need someone to take on this role and you have the full committee to help in this position. Please give it some serious thought and phone me asap.

The Saturday June working bee was well attended; spouting cleaned, blasting, leaves removed, gardens tidied, parts’ shed, even a load of rubbish went to the dump - thanks Ian C. An enjoyable event with morning tea. Club night was well supported and we were well entertained by Kyle Dalton (Wanganui History and Heritage). Did you know early Whanganui with all the boroughs had 5 Nixon Streets (I didn’t, nor did Neil Farrer who has lived in Nixon Street for yonks.) A small cake and a candle each for Frank and Elizabeth James who celebrated birthdays a couple of days apart. Elizabeth now has an extra card in her purse. Dave McDermid’s Sunday run is on 21 July 1pm at the Club Rooms. See you there. Cars for the 100 year Durie Hill Elevator celebration on Saturday 3 August: I have enough veterans for display but if you are prepared to give rides (gold coin donation) to people up and down Durie Hill please phone me. Don’t just turn up as there is limited space around the parking area at the top of the elevator. Rides are required to relieve the load on the elevator. Times 9am 1pm. Cars giving rides will be stationed in Rodney Street and at the bottom of the hill at the tunnel entrance parking lot. That’s my lot for this month, things to do. Got 5 grandchildren, 7 - 11 years, arriving this afternoon (Sunday) for the school holidays so I have to write up their job lists. No watching TV or ipads here. Chop chop.

Cheers Bruce . For Sale Size 8 vintage shoes in good condition . $25:00 phone number 0210746241

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More from Jack the Ariel. After our trip to Gisborne Mike parked me up at the back of the shed, I think I was in disgrace after failing to finish. It was dark and lonely back there but he would chat to me while he worked on his International truck, unless of course he was talking to himself! Then one morning he arrived towing the motor-bike trailer and said he was taking me to a motorbike surgeon in Pahiatua who would investigate my clutch problems. I asked Mike if Doctor John needed to give me any anaesthetic but he said not to be silly. It didn’t take long before Paul discovered the problem, a nut had come loose and released the tension on the clutch plates. A dab of “Loctite” and a twist of the spanner and I was as good as new. I am back home now parked proudly beside my older sister Auriel in Mikes line up of motor bikes ( not way at the back of the shed). I’m looking forward to our next biking adventure.

Cheers fro. Jack the riel.

When:&Monday'28th'October'to'Saturday''2nd'Nov'2019. Where:&Central'&'Lower/Mid'North'Island. Refer''2019'Events'–'Targa'NZ'2019'for'Draft'Event'Programme. What&&&Why:&Outstanding'opportunity'for'VCC'members'to' drive'iconic'North'Island'roads'as'a'time'trial.'This'is'not'a' race,'but'rather'an'exercise'in'precise'driving'to'maintain'a' set'average'speed'through'all'closed'tarmac'stages,'(similar' to'a'regularity'trial,'but'with'the'safety'of'knowing'that'all' participants'have'staggered'start'times,'drive'in'the'same' direction,'on'the'same'road,'with'nothing'coming'towards' them!)It’s'also'a'great'opportunity'for'VCC'branches'to'raise'public'awareness'of'the'VCC'&' hopefully'attract'some'new'&'younger'members. Eligible&Cars:&All'types'of'cars'with'a'current'WOF'&'minimum'thirdYparty'insurance'may'enter,'but' there'is'a'special'discount'available'for'VCC'eligible'cars'(30+'years'old)'with'a'VIC.'No'special' modifications'(roll'cage'etc),'are'required.'Refer''2019'Events'–'2019'Targa'Time'Trial' Terms'&'Conditions.Cost:&Substantial'30%'discount'of'entry'fee'for'VCC'members'with'VCC/VIC' eligible'cars'='$4,790'reduced'to'$3,353'+'Medical'Levy'&'RallySafe.'(All'entry'fees'are'+' GST).Please'note'discounted'entry'fee'increases'by'$140'from'1'July'2019,'so'we'recommend'entry' during'June'if'possible. Travel'&'accommodation'expenses'are'in'addition'to'entry'fee. Refer''2019'Events'–'2019'Event'Pricing'for'further'details'&'discounts. Contact:&Rod'Corbett'rod.corbett88@gmail'027'433'8772'for'further'details.

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From the desk of Frank James, Wanganui Branch Club Captain Hello to you all. Thank you to everyone who came along to the Club working bee on Saturday 22 June – a great turnout of willing members and we achieved a lot – well done to you all. The old saying of many hands make light work couldn’t better describe the effort and results. Cheers to all. Kyle Dalton came along to our most recent Club Night and gave a very interesting insight to the history of Wanganui and where we are moving to now. Thanks Kyle great stuff. The two sites he mentioned were “Papers Past” which goes back to News papers in the late 1800s and “Digitalnz” which has 30+ million free photos available. Dave McDermid has kindly agreed to take us out for a Club Run on Sunday 21 July 2019 and we look forward to what secrets Dave will ‘spring on us’! Meet at the Clubrooms by 1 o’clock for a 1:30pm departure – bring a plate of afternoon tea to leave at the Clubrooms for us all to enjoy following the drive. August will be a busy month with the celebration of 100 years with the Durie Hill Elevator – Saturday 3 August from 9am to 1:00pm – some cars to display and some to transport people from their ride up on the Elevator back down to the City. Our Club Night on Wednesday 7 August will enjoy an interesting talk from Keith Thomson from the Wanganui Police on the security of our Cars, sheds and tools. Come along - there will be a little for all of us. Daffodil Day is looming fast – we need some helpers for our deliveries on Wednesday 28 August – please let me know if you can help – job is delivering Daffodil Day goodies around town to businesses – an hour and half of fun from 10:00am with a cuppa to follow. Daffodil Rally on Sunday 25 August is a must – please get your entries through to those ‘good boys’ Peter and Keith. See page 6

Its about time we said hello to some of our new members,:• Haydon & Diane Meade 1936 Morris • Colin & Tracey Matthews 1927 studebaker • Steve Hibberd, • Geordie McGregor junior, 1959 bedford caravan bus, Good motoring and see you all again soon.


The$Grand$Hotel$rich$in$history$and$full$of$atmosphere THE$GRAND$HOTEL Cnr$St$Hill$&$Guyton$Street$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Bed$and$continental$Breakfast$from$$$99$for$single$and$$110$for$twin$or$double All$rooms$are$ensuited$with$tea$and$coffee$making$$facility’s$and$free$view$T.V$ P.O.$Box$364$ The$Hotel$offers$the$Grand$Irish$Bar$with$its$famous$lunch$menu$and$best$Guinness$ Wanganui$4541 and$a$Family$café$and$Bar$with$daily$meal$specials$$ New$Zealand We$also$offer$conference$rooms$and$the$grand$dining$room$for$preTorganised$ $ private$dinners$ Ph:$0800$THE$GRAND$(0800$843$472) Ph:$06$345$0955$Fax:$06$345$0953 Email:$THE>GRAND>

This actually happened to an Englishman, in France, who was totally drunk. A French policeman stops the Englishman's car and asks if he has been drinking. With great difficulty, the Englishman admits that he has been drinking all day, that his daughter got married that morning, and that he drank champagne and a few bottles of wine at the reception, and many single malt scotches thereafter. Quite upset at his obvious lack of concern, the policeman proceeds to breathtest the Englishman and verifies that he is indeed completely hammered. He asks the Englishman if he knows why, under French law, he is going to be arrested. The Englishman answers, "No sir, I do not! But whilst we're asking questions, do you realise that this is a British car and my wife is driving on the other side?"

On the international front this is a photo of two of my relatives, Barry and Liz Aistrop who organised the Spalding and Est Alloe Classic Car Club 22 Annual Rally. The event attracted 70 cars and ended up at the Spectacular Burghley House. (A bit like a very big, and old, farmstead, Ed) The house was built between 1555 and 1587, (Builders don’t change, do they Ed) and comprises of 35 major rooms and 80 lesser rooms with numerous halls corridors and kitchens in addition. The lead roof extends to three quarters of an acre. Car of the Day was won by James & Carol Coward in their 1939 Armstrong Siddeley, with the Lyons Pride of Ownership trophy being won by Charles & Celine Cornish in their 1988 Mercedes.

Cheers Peter


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Wanganui VCC Purpose built Parts Shed We have an outstanding collection of engines, gearboxes, body parts, spares, new and used, from a vast range of manufacturers. These parts span from the early 1900’s to more modern production vehicles. If you are looking for anything, large or small, to keep your car on the road call us to see if we can assist, you will find our prices unbelievable. Trevor Dave Chris

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Club Calendar All Club Runs meet at 1pm at the club rooms unless otherwise noted.

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21st Sunday Run. Dave Mc Dermid 3rd Durie Hill Elevator 100 years celbration 7th Club Night, Keith Thomson, NZ Police Sunday 25th, Daffodil Rally 2019 Wednesday 28th Daffodil Deliveries 4th Club Night, Shiny Parts Auction 15th Sunday Run, Visit to Mike Marshals 2nd Club Night Tony Haycock, International Rally 20th Sunday Run 26th Westmere School Celebration 31st Targa Wanganui VCC visit 6th Club Night, night trial Ed Boyd, Ian Chamberlain 17th Ladies run Glynis Robinson

AT VTNZ WANGANUI we can’t wait to get you on the road again Monday–Friday: 8am–5pm Saturday: 8am–12noon 19 Heads Road, Wanganui Ph: 06 348 7108


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Wanganui VCC - July 2019  

Wanganui VCC - July 2019